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Toxic Topix Dyersburg Tried to Cancel Me in 2014 for My Support of David Swift Who Later Found Not Guilty of Murder of Karen Swift

Topix Dyersburg Tried to Cancel Me in 2014 for My Support of David Swift Who Was Later Found Not Guilty of Murder of Karen Swift in 2011. David Swift found NOT GUILTY of murder of Karen Swift at trial in Dresden TN June 6th 2024. Anonymous posters on Topix/Dyersburg TN tried to put me out of business, Bill Warner private investigator in 2014, for my support of David Swift. "December 18, 2011 Topix/Dyersburg TN, Karen Swift Murder.... Topix in Dyersburg is/was a cesspool and possibly a means of tainting the jury pool for David Swift". Various local governments censured the Topix forums. Many lawsuits resulted from content posted on Topix. I believe that the so-called anonymous posters on Topix/Dyersburg TN were a coordinated effort by the actual people linked to the murder of Karen Swift to place all blame on David Swift. On March 20, 2012, online gossip was the subject of a story called "Innocent Man's Life Destroyed by Anonymous Topix Poster" on Good Morning America. One thing I have learned in the last 10 years dealing with people living in Dyersburg, Dyer County TN is that one guy, and one guy only, pulls all the strings in Dyersburg. Money talks in Dyer County TN and law and order takes a back seat. Unsolved Karen Swift Murder a Tale of Sex, Lies, Missing Video Tapes and Misbehaving Private Eyes in Dyersburg TN. Topix Dyersburg is the reason Judge Mark Hayes granted a change of venue request for the trial against David Swift for the murder of Karen Swift. The trial, originally scheduled for January 2024 in Dyer County, started May 28, 2024, in Weakley County, about 50 miles northeast of Dyer, David Swift was found not guilty of murder.

Bloggers, wanna be detectives, super hero Jessica Jones PI clones, and podcast show runners in the Memphis TN to Dyersburg TN area try to tell me what I can write and post about concerning the David Swift murder trail, just like "Topix Dyersburg" that tried to cancel me in 2014, deja vu all over again. Haunted by a traumatic past, Jessica Jones uses her gifts as a hot tempered, sardonic private eye to find her tormentor before he can harm anyone else in Hell's Kitchen (Dyersburg TN). I have been involved with the Karen Swift murder case in Dyersburg TN since before December 10th, 2011 when her body was found in Bledsoe Cemetery. I went public on CNN Headline News (HLN) in Dec 2011 with my theory of who murdered Karen Swift and it was not her husband. I was hired in June 2014 to investigate the murder of Karen Swift in Dyersburg TN. Guess what, 13 years later on June 6, 2024 David Swift was found not guilty in the murder of wife Karen Swift, I was right. See, CNN Transcript & Video: ISSUES WITH JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL Missing Mother, 44, Found Murdered in Tennessee Aired December 12, 2011 - 19:00 ET.

DYER COUNTY TN JUNE 2024: General Danny's end run around the current 8 year Statute of Limitations for Voluntary Manslaughter in TN by charging David Swift for the supposed crime in 2011 on Karen Swift, violates David Swift's 6th Amendment Right to a Speedy Trial for the same supposed crime. It looks like anything goes in Dyer County TN. US Constitution’s Sixth Amendment’s Right to Speedy Trial Clause: In 2011 in the State of Tennessee, the Statute of limitations on Voluntary Manslaughter was 4 years, David Swift left Tennessee in 2015. In 2016, the Tennessee Supreme Court specifically overruled its prior holding on ex post facto laws and held that “the ex post facto clause of the Tennessee Constitution has the same definition and scope as the federal ex post facto clause.” In other words, if a new Tennessee law were to extend a statute of limitation for a certain crime, it could now apply to both future crimes and also past crimes for which the statutes of limitation had not already expired. Past cases have considered how the US Constitution’s Due Process and Speedy Trial Clauses affect criminal statutes of limitations. Statutes of limitations apply to the time period before criminal proceedings are started while the right to a speedy trial applies to the length of time between the start of criminal proceedings and cases going to trial. The US Constitution’s Sixth Amendment’s Speedy Trial Clause provides that in all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial. On its face, the protection of the amendment is activated only when a criminal prosecution has begun and extends only to those persons who have been accused in the course of that prosecution.

Accordingly, as a non-party citizen to the Swift murder trial, I am free to speak to the public and the media about the Swift murder trial under the First Amendment to the Constitution. Simply put, my rights to freedom of speech cannot be restricted by persons known and unknown. Criticism of the government, political dissatisfaction, and advocacy of unpopular ideas that people may find distasteful or against public policy are nearly always protected by the First Amendment.

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I just have a weird feeling that somehow, this  unsavory cr@p with the PI (Bill Warner) is the beginning of some actual movement in this case.  Something is going to come of this: not sure what, but something. Anybody with a  tad bit of sense would notice what a sleazy website he has, (thank you). Topix trolls Otis and Homer

Less damaging than the bullsht rumors Bill Warner wannabe detective, the gingers and many other liars that were called out all along. So much for the drunken binge ehhh? So much for all the drugs ehhh? So what discrepancies are you referring to since the one's against Karen aren't at the forefront of your tiny brain? If you read slower you'll see they didn't release the evidence. Duhhh

Bill Warner is a crazy person for not seeing all the facts In fact he might need to retire from lack of intelligence A sand flea has a better intel on beach front properties Nothing to do with Dyer County 

"He took my money and did not finish the job." Fake PI.

Who is they? Umx7. Who broke into the farms clubhouse and stole the security system? Don't you think the break in is related? You live in Dyersburg and see and talk to a lot of people. What really is going on with the investigation and the Justice for KS? Autopsy has been released. Sad to hear, but it only confirmed what I suspected from what news was floating around at the time.

Don’t you just love how gutless cowards post comments using phony names. I would not be surprised one bit if it turns out that one of these goofball posters on the Dyersburg Topix forum had something to do with the murder of Karen Swift. Like I said my Dyersburg TOPIX troll pals, “Y’all ain’t gonna like me in Dyersburg TN.”
Bill Warner Sarasota Private Investigator. Topix Dyersburg is the reason Judge Mark Hayes granted a change of venue request for the trial against David Swift for the murder of Karen Swift. The trial, originally scheduled for January 2024 in Dyer County, will now start May 28, 2024, in Weakley County, about 50 miles northeast of Dyer. 
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UPDATED, October 31st, 2014. Originally posted on website on 10/25/2014, I am the hired private investigator on the unsolved Karen Swift kidnapping and murder, her family hired me to look into her unsolved murder that so far has eluded the TBI and Sheiff Box. CNN HLN had profiled the unsolved murder of Karen Swift on Jane Velez Mitchell and Nancy Grace numerous times and I have been on the panel discussing the case three times since November 2011. First let me tell you that I plan on using my connections with the National media to focus a burning spotlight on those responsible for introducing Karen Swift to a ‘lifestyle’ that ultimately led to her murder on or about October 30th, 2011, I am going to follow the money trail, multiple cell phone activity and the unpaid, maxed out credit card activity of Karen Swift. DYERSBURG: Attorney Steve Farese talks about Karen Swift murder case: “I don’t want to speak badly about Karen,” said attorney Steve Farese. “But were some things going on that were quite unusual, and there could be more than one suspect.
Unsolved Karen Swift Murder a Tale of Sex, Lies, Missing Video Tapes and Misbehaving Private Eyes in Dyersburg TN. From the beginning of my on-air commentary on December 12th, 2011 on CNN's HLN with Jane Velez Mitchell concerning the still unsolved murder of Karen Swift, I have been inundated with threats sent to me via email, phone call hang-ups, extreme negative online reviews of my business, attacks by anonymous posters on Topix/Dyersburg a real cesspool, and actual threats communicated to me in cell phone conversations from people in Dyersburg TN, right up to Friday March 1st 2024. If you did or do speak out is support of David Swift's innocence in Dyersburg TN your putting a real target on your back. David Swift Murder Trial June 6, 2024: Jury in Dresden TN Decides David Swift Not Guilty of 1st or 2nd Degree Murder and Not Guilty of Attempted Murder, Told You So.

Unsolved Karen Swift Murder a Tale of Sex, Lies, Missing Video Tapes and Misbehaving Private Eyes in Dyersburg TN. I was hired in 2014 to investigate the unsolved murder of Karen Swift in the small southern town of Dyersburg TN, and it has been 10 years of hell with late night calls and hangups, fake negative reviews of my PI business in an attempt to cancel me, threatening voice mails on by business cell phone and multiple death threats! The Topix/Dyersburg website was used to bash and intimidate anyone who spoke in any positive way of David Swift from 2011 to 2018 when it was shut down. Topix was the internet site that allowed sickos, troublemakers and muckrakers to post anything they wanted anonymously. The Topix local news and forums were shut down on December 20, 2018.

May 31, 2024 David Swift murder trial Dresden TN Day 4; Two different reporters testified they interviewed David Swift in the years (2014 interviews) since his wife's murder and he told them he had hired a private investigator and discovered new facts but would not reveal what he had learned.

In 2014 I told David Swift that his image and reputation was being dragged through the mud by anonymous posters on the Topix/Dyersburg website and that it would be to his advantage to contact local TV or Newspaper reporters to tell his side of the story regarding the unsolved murder of his wife Karen Swift and that he had hired a private investigator. I also told Mr Swift that I had been contacted by a local TV station (Memphis) to do an interview about the unsolved Karen Swift murder.

Back on May 31, 2024 David Swift murder trial Dresden TN Day 4; At a meeting in December 2014 in Arkansas David Swift told Mike Smith the former publisher for the Dyersburg State Gazette newspaper that he had hired a private investigator. That would be me, so what? During testimony May 31, 2024 Mike Smith the former publisher of State Gazette Newspaper in Dyersburg TN, told D.A. "General" Goodman that David Swift had hired a private investigator in 2014, that would be me. NEWS Dyersburg State Gazett; David Swift breaks his silence Friday, October 31, 2014 story by MIKE SMITH, David Swift hired private investigator.

UPDATE on Friday March 1st, 2024 at 12:24 PM got a call from (731) 285-0285 Dyersburg TN, caller hung up before I could answer, I waited for voicemail, no message. I called the Dyersburg TN number (731) 285-0285 and it belongs to McDonald's Offices in Dyersburg TN, the recorded answer offers you to dial #3 for Darrell Sells, why does the harassment continue from this man? The listed phone number for McDonald's Offices in Dyersburg TN is (731) 285-0032. A reverse search of the Dyersburg phone number that called me, (731) 285-0285, reveals no listing, it is an unlisted phone number on the McDonald's Offices exchange of (731) 285 XXXX.

  YOUTUBE CLICK HERE ....2,206 views as of June 13, 2024

Sept 27, 2023 Message from cell phone number 731-445-0576 on Youtube video seen above is from Darrell Sells, 85, in Dyersburg TN. Sells called me on Wednesday, September 27th 2023 at 3:49pm seems to be some sort of a veiled threat concerning what appears to be the murder trial of David Swift in Weakley County TN that started on May 28th. David Swift’s attorney, Daniel Taylor, expressed concerns about David Swift receiving a fair trial for the 2011 unsolved murder of his wife Karen Swift in Dyersburg TN, no doubt. Darrell Sells did not indicate exactly what trial he was talking about in his call to me, but, Darrell Sells 85, appears to think I am on a witness list for the upcoming David Swift murder trail. Does Darrell Sells, 85, have access to the witness list for this upcoming murder trail of David Swift in Tennessee that started May 28th 2024 and if he does, why does he?


I don't have any business dealings with this 85 year old man, Darrell Sells in Dyersburg TN, never did, but I thought it best to publish his voicemail left on my business cell phone line on Wednesday September 27th 2023 at 3:49pm. An interpretation of Darrell Sells voicemail message could be seen as witness intimidation, if I really am on a witness list for the murder trail of David Swift. Darrell Sells, 85, called me from cell phone number 731-445-0576, the number may or may not belong to him, it does. 

Previously: Back on Friday May 1, 2015, Threatening Call Today From 731-285-0998 Dyersburg TN, Caller Was Darrell Sells From His McDonald's Store, Something About Murdered Karen Swift, WTH? I have no knowledge as to who murdered Karen Swift. The caller was an older man from his voice, late 60's early 70's, it appears to be Darrell Sells who was about 75 years old in 2015. Mr Darrell Sells went off the chain the minute I identified myself at 3:08 pm today, Friday May 1, 2015, calling me a blank, blank, blank, blank, and that he was going to get me and cause physical harm, I hung up. I called back the number on caller ID 731-285-0998 Dyersburg TN to determine who called and a young woman answered "McDonald's". I asked her if an older man was there as he had just called me on this line 731-285-0998, she said "that would be Mr. Sells" and she went and got him. Darrell Sells picked up the phone and another violent outburst came out of his mouth, I hung up again. I do not have any business interaction with Darrell Sells in Dyersburg TN. I do not know the man, nor do I want to. I have never mentioned the name Darrell Sells on my website, till today Friday May 1, 2015, so why is he calling and threatening me? Posting threats to kill or injure another using interstate communications (phone) could land you in jail for up to five years.

Previously: Back on Friday, June 18, 2021, STATE GAZETTE NEWSPAPER TENNESSEE WRITES: On June 14, the Dyer County Grand Jury indicted Darrell Sells and Chastity Brandon on a charge of stalking by electronic communications. According to the indictment, Sells and Brandon between April 15, 2020 and February 16, 2021, “unlawfully, knowingly or intentionally took willful course of conduct involving repeated or continued harassment of [victim] by electronic communication that would cause a reasonable person to feel terrorized, frightened, intimidated, threatened, harassed, or molested, in violation of TCA 39-17-315.” As a matter of law, accurately identifying someone as a “suspect”—as opposed to a perpetrator—is not defamatory. CHARGES LATER DROPPED. On January 25, 2022, the State of Tennessee dismissed the charge of stalking by electronic communications against Darrell Sells and Chastity Nicole Brandon (former private investigator). see

Previously: Back on September 7th 2005, STATE GAZETTE WRITES; Darrell Sells has history of threatening people. "Frank Burnett fears death threat by Darrell Sells". Mr. Darrell Sells appears to have a violent temper! Frank Burnett fears death threat by Darrell Sells over loan accounting, says his Attorney Edward K. White III. Dyersburg businessman Frank Burnett is willing to testify in a lawsuit brought against him by Darrell Sells, but needs to be assured Darrell Sells won't harm him, his lawyer Edward K. White III of Nashville, told Dyer County Chancellor J. Steven Stafford during a hearing on Friday. Darrell Sells is the owner of McDonald's franchises in Dyersburg and elsewhere in West Tennessee and Missouri. "When all the dust settles in this case money will be paid by Darrell Sells to Frank Burnett." The bulk of Friday's three-hour hearing was devoted to a motion by attorney White that Sells be mentally evaluated and a guardian be appointed to look after him. "Mr. Burnett is not able to participate in his defense," attorney White said. "That is caused by Mr. Sells' death threats to Mr. Burnett, attorney White said the impact of Sells' threat on Mr. Burnett is real. "The potential for an injurious impact on Frank Burnett and others is real," he said. "I think it is incumbent on the court to determine Mr. Sells' mental condition." "Whether Mr. Darrell Sells is insane or not is not the basis for Mr. Burnett's disorder," attorney Young argued" see

In 2021 Darrell Sells filed a Lawsuit on David Swift and two others for Defamation relating to a complaint David Swift filed with the Tennessee Private Investigation and Polygraph Commission about private eye Chastity Brandon. Mr. David Swift had an interest in protecting himself and his family from private eye Chastity Brandon who was acting unlawfully and harassing him and his minor children, Chastity Brandon links to Darrell Sells. Former private eye Chastity Nicole Brandon (Bryan) of Dyersburg, Tennessee

Further, as a victim of Ms. Chastity Brandon’s improper campaign and unsanctioned investigative tactics, which ran afoul of applicable professional regulations, see Ex. 1 p. 16–18 (recommending that Ms. Chastity Brandon’s license be voluntarily surrendered due to her misbehavior), Mr. David Swift acted in good faith to alert the appropriate regulatory authority that was empowered to take action. Name comes up both ways, Chastity N. Brandon aka Chasity N. Brandon. Former private eye Chastity Nicole Brandon (Bryan) of Dyersburg, Tennessee.

Put another way: Mr. David Swift filed a complaint in good faith in order to ensure that Ms. Chastity Brandon was held accountable for her professional misconduct, and upon review of that complaint by the regulatory authority that was responsible for licensing Ms. Chastity Brandon, she was. Consequently, even if Mr. Darrell Sells could establish a prima facie case for defamation, Mr. David Swift’s statements to the Tennessee Private Investigation and Polygraph Commission were protected by the qualified common interest privilege, and the TPPA compels their dismissal as a result. (“The respondent Chastity Brandon is subject to discipline for failure to cooperate with our investigation. The respondent also appears to be subject to discipline for running an investigation company without licensure for that company, for making public statements that are not completely truthful, and revealing information for a client obtained in an investigation for another client. Therefore the recommendation would be to authorize formal charges, and offer to settle this matter with voluntary PI license revocation.”)Former private eye Chastity Nicole Brandon (Bryan) of Dyersburg, Tennessee. "Sex, Lies, Missing Video Tapes, Murder, and Misbehaving Private Eyes", ain't Dyersburg, Dyer County TN GRAND!

Memphis TN Serial Killer who left 3 nude female bodies, with panties pulled down, in Mount Carmel Cemetery in 2011, he was never caught. Time doesn’t heal all wounds. Sometimes it causes them to fester. This week will mark 13 years since my friend, Jessica Nicole Lewis, was murdered in South Memphis in 2011. Jessica Lewis was beautiful, her photo above on the left, blonde hair. She often flat-ironed her shoulder-length, strawberry-blonde curls, and she had style — her closet was full of body-hugging jeans and cute tops to adorn her near-hourglass, athletic figure. Thirteen years of unanswered questions. Thirteen years knowing the man who took her life was able to continue living his, freely and without consequence. On February 20, 2011, Jessica’s body was found in Mt. Carmel Cemetery, an old unkempt graveyard at Elvis Presley and Elliston, about three miles north of Graceland and as many miles south of the Stax Museum of American Soul Music. There was evidence of a struggle; she’d been dragged through the grounds and shot in the head, the only clothing left on her battered body was underwear (panties pulled down) and a single sock. The murder weapon, a gun, is probably in a river somewhere, or sitting on a shelf said Sgt. Robert Wilkie of the Memphis Police.

In less than a month in early 2011, one man murdered three women and tried to kill a fourth in South Memphis. He fired a single round into each one of them, then left two of the bodies in Mt. Carmel Cemetery in South Memphis. The final victim, and the only one to survive, was shot just across the street from Mt. Carmel. He's never been caught. And as far as police know, he hasn't killed since. 'There's four that I believe ... are the work of the same (killer),' said Sgt. Robert Wilkie, the Memphis Police Department homicide detective assigned to the cases. 'Two of them are actually linked by forensic evidence. The other two, to make a total of four, because of the location and the types of injuries, motive more than anything.' His crime spree began on Jan. 27, 2011. 

Around 5:30 a.m. on Feb. 24, the groundskeeper at Mt. Carmel made another grisly discovery: The body of Rhonda Wells, 44, was found on one of the roads in the northwest corner of the cemetery. Then, on Feb. 26, two days after Wells was found, the killer struck again, across the street from Mt. Carmel. This time, though, he made a mistake. His victim lived, and she told police what he looked like. From her description, police were able to put together the composite sketch of a young black man, about 24 years old with his hair in cornrows. He was driving a dark Dodge Charger or Chrysler 300. Police also had evidence from the scenes. Memphis TN serial killer's dump site in 2011 was at the old Mt. Carmel Cemetery which looks a lot like the old Bledsoe Cemetery in Dyersburg TN where Karen Swift's body found in Oct 2011, just sayin.

Private investigator Bill Warner was back on CNN Headline News Jane Velez-Mitchell's show GONE on December 12th, 2011 talking about the unsolved murder of Karen Swift whose nude body was found on Dec 10th, 2011 in Dyersburg TN, with her panties pulled down. Karen Swift was beautiful, her photo above, she had shoulder length blonde hair. Karen Swift looks some what like murdered Jessica Nicole Lewis in Memhis TN in 2011, just sayin. CNN Jane Velez-Mitchell, "Bill Warner, you find it very significant that Karen`s body was found near a cemetery".

There is a little dirt road that separates where Karen Swifts body was found in Dec 2011 and from where the headstones are in the old Bledsoe cemetery. It's within 30, 40 feet. The problem I have, is that I was aware earlier in the same year in -- from January through March 2011, that there was serial killer in the Memphis Tennessee area who killed three women and dumped their nude bodies (panties pulled down) in a cemetery in Memphis, Tennessee, the old Mount Carmel Cemetery. Jessica Nicole Lewis, was murdered in South Memphis in Feb 2011, her body dumped in the old Mt Carmel cemetery. Kinda looks like the Memphis serial killer has a signature to his murders. I find this a little disturbing, being that Memphis is only maybe a 1 1/2 hour drive from Dyersburg TN, and the Memphis TN serial killer was never caught!

Could the 24 year old Memphis TN rapist serial killer who left his nude female victims bodies in a cemetery have left Memphis TN and relocated to a possible family member in the Dyersburg TN area? They found Karen Swift's Halloween costume from the Farms Dyersburg Country Club party in her car on Sunday Oct 30th, 2011. Some articles of clothing that belonged to Karen Swift, a pair of jeans, a bra and a gray zip-up sweatshirt were found in some brush not far from her car. They confirmed [the clothing items] belong to her. They took DNA from her mother and compared it to DNA on the clothes," Swift's friend Laura Jane told The Huffington Post. When Karen Swift's body was found on Dec 10th, 2011 near the Bledsoe cemetery she was nude except for her panties pulled down below her knees. Who killed Karen Swift, was it the Memphis serial killer who left his victims in a cemetery or a clever copycat killer in 2011?
Memphis TN serial killer's dump site in Feb 2011 was the old Mt. Carmel Cemetery which coincidentally looks just like the old Bledsoe Cemetery in Dyersburg TN where Karen Swift's body was found in Dec 2011. Karen Swift looks some what like murdered Jessica Nicole Lewis, both very attractive white females with shoulder length blonde hair. Jessica Nicole Lewis was murdered in Memphis TN in Feb 2011. Both Karen Swift and Jessica Nicole Lewis bodies were found nude other than their panties pulled down below their knees.
UPDATE JUNE 16th, 2024: MEMPHIS TN SERIAL KILLER STILL OUT THERE HE HAS NEVER BEEN CAUGHT. The Memphis TN serial killer was described as a black male with cornrow hair, he was clean shaven in 2011 but would most likely have facial hair in 2024, he would be now 37 years old.

David Swift not guilty at trial June 6 2024, his D-Day, so who killed Karen Swift? Maybe David Swift DIDN'T kill Karen Johnson Swift - The Context Of Things. see via @tedbauer2003.


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