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Serial Killer Leaves Bodies Along I-4 In Florida FBI VICAP Eyes Truckers Like Gary Artman

If there is such a thing as an ideal profession for a serial killer, it may well be as a long-haul truck driver. FBI Crime Analyst Christie Palazzolo is quick to point out that long-haul trucking is an honorable profession and that the overwhelming majority of drivers are not murderers—but it does happen, and the pattern is unmistakable. More than a decade ago, analysts for the FBI’s Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (ViCAP)—the only national database of serial crimes—began to see a marked increase in the number of bodies recovered along the side of the road. A majority of the victims were truck-stop prostitutes, and it turned out that many of the suspects were long-haul truckers.
Serial killers: 2,000. There are thousands of unsolved mysteries throughout America every year, many of which are homicides. Although it's impossible to arrive at an exact number of serial killers, officials at the Murder Accountability Project (MAP) estimate there are as many as 2,000 at large. "There are more than 220,000 unsolved murders since 1980, so when you put that in perspective, how shocking is it that there are at least 2,000 unrecognized series of homicides?" MAP's Thomas Hargrove asked Live Science. A serial killer is defined as anyone who has murdered two or more people.

August 24, 2022, Florida Trucker Garry Artman, 64, Arrested For Multiple Cold Case Murders Along Interstate Highways He Kept Women's Panties as Trophies, Possible Link as I-4 Serial Killer. Garry Artman 64 of White Springs Fl has way more than two bodies on him, it appears he started his rape and murder spree in 1981, he did 12 years in prison for rape in Michigan out in 1992. Next Artman raped and murdered Sharon Hammack in 1996 and left her body along I-96 in Michigan. Next, so far as is known, Artman raped and murdered Dusty Shcuk in 2006 and left her body along I-70 in Maryland. Gary Artman did not just take time off from his rape and murder spree from 1996 to 2006 and then again from 2006 till his capture in 2022, need to fill in the blanks, how many more bodies? Long Haul Trucker Gary Altman's M.O. is to kidnap, rape, hog-tie, strangle and stab young women to death. "Artman Kept Trophies": a search warrant of his storage shed in White Springs Fl turned up several different pairs of women's underwear.

We had an inordinate number of victims and offenders from this rather specific population pool,” Palazzolo explained. To make matters worse, these cases are extremely difficult to investigate. A long-haul driver can pick up a prostitute at a truck stop in Georgia, rape and murder her, and dump her body on the side of the road in Florida later that day. The victim has no connection to the area where she was found, and there may be no forensic evidence to collect because the crime was committed hundreds of miles away. The local police detectives investigating the case might have little experience dealing with a crime of this nature and may be faced with few, if any, leads.

Serial killer and long haul truck driver Oscar Ray Bolin was executed January 7th 2016 for 3 known murders of young women in Tampa Fl. Oscar Ray Bolin was "A Killer on the Road", he traveled the I-4 Corridor, I-75 and I-85 in Florida and multiple interstates across the USA, how many more on Oscar Ray Bolin? HOUSTON: Long Haul Trucker and Serial Killer Robert B. Rhoades picked up young females then raped and tortured them and left their bodies in Texas, Utah and Illinois. From 1975 to 1990 Rhoades is believed to have tortured, raped, and killed more than 50 women, .”A state trooper near Casa Grande, Ariz., stopped on I-10 to check on a tractor-trailer with blinking lights in April 1990. He discovered Rhoades inside the cab with a hysterical naked woman who had been chained and shackled to a wall. She later told investigators that she’d been tortured and whipped, that Rhoades told her he was known as “Whips and Chains” and had been involved in such activity for years”. The cab of long haul truck driver Bruce Mendenhall and suspected serial killer was “awash with blood” belonging to 10 different people, said a prosecutor who charged him with murdering a missing woman. Carmen Purpura’s body has not been found, but the prosecutor said her blood soaked the seats in Bruce Mendenhall’s cab, and that so much of her blood was there she could not possibly be alive.

I have done extensive research into multiple unsolved murders, mostly young women involved with drugs and prostitution, of victims whose bodies have been found along the interstate highways of the USA. FBI Report Highway violence; In the past four decades, over 500 unsolved deaths and 41 attempted homicides are believed to be linked to serial killers who are using the nation’s highways as truckers to find and dispose of their victims. 33 bodies n Florida, 38 bodies in Texas and 37 bodies in California are the top 3 in the body count nation wide. The FBI’s breakdown by state, click link to see interactive FBI:…&preview=false

FBI's seminar on Highway Serial Killings Initiative - The Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (ViCAP) consists of a database and web-based tool available to law enforcement agencies to link homicides, sexual assaults, missing person, and unidentified human remains that may be geographically dispersed, allowing police departments to better coordinate communication and investigative efforts on potentially linked crimes. The FBI maintains the database and our analysts assist investigators with case linkages and other analysis. Over 5,000 law enforcement agencies have participated in ViCAP—created in 1985—and have contributed more than 85,000 cases to the system.

In 2008 ViCAP made their database available to all law enforcement agencies through a secure internet link, providing real time access to the database and allowing agencies to enter and update cases directly into the database. ViCAP’s mission is to facilitate cooperation and coordination between law enforcement agencies and to provide support to those agencies in their efforts to apprehend and prosecute violent serial offenders, especially those who cross jurisdictional boundaries.

FBI Crime analysts—specially trained to study the database with the goal of identifying serial offenders—have developed extensive timelines on potential highway serial killer suspects and have provided this information to law enforcement nationwide. ViCAP requests that law enforcement agencies forward any information about cases meeting any of the following highway serial killings criteria:
1). Homicide victims whose remains were recovered along a highway or location associated with a highway such as a rest stop, gas station, or truck stop;
2). Kidnapped or missing persons whose last known location was along a highway;
3). Victims of sexual assault with a connection to a highway or highway location; and
4). Truck drivers or other individuals undergoing investigation or arrested for murder, kidnapping, or sexual assault of one or more victims along a highway or at a location associated with a highway.

I-4 Serial Killer a Long Haul Trucker Over 30 Cases Near I-4 and I-95 Says FBI. I have just recently filmed a Documentary with A&E on the “I-4 Serial Killer”, we shot our sequence inside the Acme Truck Stop in Orlando at the Red Rooster Diner 9565 S. Orange Blossom Trail, release of the A&E “I-4 Serial Killer Documentary” is scheduled for sometime this winter, now sure would be a good time to release the “I-4 Serial Killer Documentary” to tie in with the arrest of Cleveland Truck Driver Robert Rembert Jr. in October 2015 who Prosecutor Timothy McGinty claims is a over-the-road serial killer.

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