My Blog Posts dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes

My Blog Posts dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes

Monday, September 16, 2019

Saudi Tasked With Aiding 9/11 Hijackers al-Mihdhar & al-Hazmi in San Diego is Used Car Dealer Osama Basnan an Associate of Sam Mustafa

Saudi Tasked With Aiding 9/11 Hijackers al-Mihdhar & al-Hazmi in San Diego is Used Car Dealer Osama Basnan an Associate of Sam Mustafa in La Mesa. Osama Yousef Basnan boasted to the FBI that he had done more for the two future hijackers Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar than had al-Bayoumi in San Diego. Osama Yousef Basnan and his pal Osama Sam Mustafa were used car dealers in the La Mesa suburb of San Diego CA. Osama Basnan also had a used car lot in Alexandria VA.  

Osama Basnan befriended and funded the two 9/11 hijackers, al-Mihdhar and al-Hazmi. After the terrorist attacks, Osama Basnan, who was known as a vocal Qaeda sympathizer, "celebrated the heroes of September 11" and talked about "what a wonderful, glorious day it had been," according to a law-enforcement official. The FBI… had been made aware of him on several occasions. In May 1992, the State Department provided the FBI with a box of documents recovered from an abandoned car from Basnan's used car lot. The documents were in Arabic, and one, a newsletter to supporters of the Eritrean Islamic Jihad (EIJ) Movement, provided updates on the EIJ’s council and was marked “confidential.” 
The box contained letters addressed to Osama Basnan that discussed plans to export cars purchased in the US to the Middle East. The FBI opened a counter-terrorism inquiry on the EIJ, but, having failed to develop information that would predicate further investigation, closed the investigation in December 1992. In 1993, the FBI received reports that Osama Basnan had hosted a party for the “Blind Sheikh” [implicated in the 1993 WTC bombing] in Washington, D.C. in 1992. After September 11, the FBI developed information clearly indicating that Osama Basnan is an extremist and a Bin Laden supporter…The FBI also learned that the business owner of Sam's Star Mart Texaco used car sales Osama Mustafa had been associating with other persons with possible ties to the hijackers Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar, including Osama Basnan. In the 1980s, Osmam Basnan resided in the Falls Church/Alexandria VA area and established his own used car business, which consisted of buying cars at auction and shipping them to Jeddah Saudi Arabia for re-sale at a handsome profit. When asked about his ties to the contents of a car found in 1992 by the Fairfax County Sheriff's office, Osama Basnan claimed that the car was part of the inventory of his used car business and that he was not responsible for the terrorist materials it contained. He denies familiarity with any of the jihadist literature found in the car.
FLORIDA BULLDOG WRITES AUGUST 12, 2109 In a twist in the search for answers about 9/11, the Justice Department announced Thursday that it will not invoke the state secrets privilege to conceal the name of the person who “tasked” Saudis in San Diego with aiding a pair of 9/11 suicide hijackers, Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar. The name of that person, thought to be a ranking Saudi official, was blanked out of a heavily-censored October 2012 FBI summary report before it was released to Florida Bulldog in late 2016 amid continuing Freedom of Information litigation. The report is now the focus of a sprawling New York civil lawsuit brought by thousands of 9/11 survivors and victims’ families against Saudi Arabia. The notification in New York federal court followed a meeting Wednesday between President Trump and 22 representatives of those who were killed or wounded in the Sept. 11, 2001 al Qaeda terrorist attacks on New York and Washington. It was the first time in the 18 years since the attacks that 9/11 family members and survivors, as a group, were invited to the White House, one participant said. (LOOK HARD AT OSAMA BASNAN IN LA MESA SAN DIEGO CA).
UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICI OF COLUMBIA: Osama Yousef Basnan boasted to the FBI that he had done more for the two future hijackers Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar than had al-Bayoumi in San Diego. In late 1998 or early 1999, Osama bin Laden directed Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) to proceed with the operational planning for the September 11th attacks. Osama Bin Laden then personally selected several individuals to serve as suicide operatives, including Saudi nationals Nawaf al Hazmi (“Hazmi”) and Khalid al Mihdhar (“Mihdhar”). Hazmi and Mihdhar, were hardened experienced Al Qaeda veterans from the battle fields described by the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) George Tenet as “having trained and fought under Al Qaeda auspices in three different countries.” In 1995, Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar traveled to Bosnia to participate in jihad with other Muslims and later traveled to Chechnya to fight with the Chechen rebels. In April 1999, Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar obtained visas through the U.S. Consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Soon thereafter, they traveled to Afghanistan to attend a terrorist training course at Al Qaeda’s Mes Aynak camp which offered a full range of vigorous instruction to the future hijackers, including an advanced commando course. 
The support network that received al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar upon their arrival in the United States, and assisted them in settling in the United States and beginning their preparations for the September 11th Attacks, included Saudi officials Fahad al Thumairy, Omar al Bayoumi, and Osama Basnan. Saudi Officials Aided and Abetted the 9/11 Hijackers in the United States. Evidence further indicates that an additional source of Saudi government funding used to support the activities of Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar while in the United States came by way of Bayoumi’s relationship with used car dealer Osama Yousef Basnan, another agent of the Saudi government. FBI sources further report that in September 2000, Basnan was in phone and e-mail contact with senior Al Qaeda member and key facilitator for the September 11th attacks, Ramzi Binalshibh. Binalshibh himself confirmed his relationship with Osama Basnan during interrogations by U.S. officials following his capture in Karachi, Pakistan on September 11, 2002. According to U.S. intelligence reports, Osama Basnan’s wife, Majeda Ibrahin Dweikat, reportedly required thyroid surgery in April 1998. Osama Basnan contacted the health attaché at the Saudi Embassy in Washington D.C., requesting financial assistance for the surgery on his wife’s behalf. Soon thereafter, Osama Basnan received a $15,000 check from the Saudi Embassy to pay for the surgery. That amount was apparently insufficient to cover the cost of her treatments and Osama Basnan’s wife submitted her own request to Princess Haifa al Faisal, the wife of Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz al Saud, the Saudi Ambassador to the United States. 
Osama Basnan’s wife was placed on Princess Haifa’s charity list in January 1999, and began receiving cashier’s checks totaling between $2,000 and $3,000 a month (money to al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar). At the same time that Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar arrived in the United States in January 2000, Osma Basnan’s wife began signing her checks over to Omar Bayoumi’s wife, Manal Bajadr. Osama Basnan was in telephone contact with Omar al-bayoumi several times a day while they were both in San Diego. Basnan was also close other 911 hijacker associates, such as Omar Bakarbashat who the FBI called his brother in law.
According to Senator Graham: “Beginning in 2000, Osama Basnan’s wife began signing her checks over to a woman named Manal Bajadr – the wife of Omar al Bayoumi. It looked suspiciously like another backdoor way of channeling money to 9/11 hijackers Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar, radical Imam Anwar Al-Awlaki also shows up in this mix. This would also justify Osama Bassan’s boast to the FBI that he had done more for the two future hijackers Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar than had Omar al-Bayoumi.” Senator Bob Graham, Intelligence Matters, (2004). The payments, drawn from Princess Haifa’s account at Riggs Bank in Washington D.C., total nearly $150,000 and appear to have gone to Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar.
Witness testimony further confirms that Basnan had close ties to other persons connected to the hijackers, and made a number of in-person visits to the Saudi Consulate in Los Angeles. According to an October 3, 2001 FBI report titled “PENTTBOMB; MAJOR CASE 192,” Basnan also had telephone contact with Anwar Aulaqi aka Anwar al-Awlaki. In addition to being the point person to facilitate the future hijackers’ preparations in the United States, Bayoumi was responsible for introducing Hazmi and Mihdhar to certain members of the San Diego Muslim community that not only shared their extremist beliefs and hatred for the United States, but would also provide significant logistical and ideological support to the hijackers as they plotted the attacks. One such individual was Anwar Aulaqi aka Anwar al-Awlaki. Anwar Aulaqi aka Anwar al-Awlaki ,who was covertly acting as a senior recruiter for Al Qaeda and affiliated terrorist organizations and advocating jihad against the United States, had spent nearly five years in the public eye as the imam of the Al Ribat Al Islami Mosque (or “Rabat”) in La Mesa, CA, northeast of San Diego. Aulaqi had a following of approximately 200-300 people and would become an important to 9/11 hijackers Hazmi and Mihdhar. 

FBI: Sam Mustafa Aided 9/11 Hijackers Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar in San Diego, Sam Mustafa Sentenced 20 years Prison IRS Tax Scam & Fled, Sam Mustafa Senior Member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) Terror Group in Ramallah. How can one guy be so involved in terrorism and criminal activity for over 30 years in Chicago IL, San Diego CA and Tampa Fl and fly so low under the radar that investigative reporters have no clue on how big a fish Mustafa is in the world of terrorism. 
Osama Sam Mustafa owned several business in the La Mesa San Diego area, including  Sam's Star Mart Texaco where one of the 9/11 hijackers, Nawaf al-Hazmi, worked and at least 2 used car lots, he was a used car dealer and he associated with Osama Basnan another used car dealer in La Mesa and one of the Saudi's tasked with aiding and abetting 9/11 hijackers al-Mihdhar and al-Hazmi. California-based Saudis aided two 9/11 hijackers. Omar al-Bayoumi and Osama Basnan gave money and other help to two of the hijackers, Khalid al-Midhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi when they arrived in San Diego in February 2000, FBI officials told the 9/11 commission. "There are indications in the files that his encounter with the hijackers may not have been accidental, it was planned," the FBI reported.
Osama Mustafa previously had been the subject of FBI counter terrorism investigations dating back to 1991. The FBI conducted several investigations of San Diego business owner Osama Sam Mustafa prior to September 11, 2001. The first was opened in August 1991 upon receipt of reports from the San Diego Police Department that, during a traffic stop, Osama Mustafa had stated that the United States needed another Pan Am 103 attack and that he could be the one to carry it out. The San Diego business owner Osama Mustafa also said that all Americans should be killed for what they did to Iraqis. 
During the investigation, the FBI developed information that the San Diego business owner Osama Sam Mustafa was associated with members of the Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a known terrorist organization, in San Diego and Chicago and headquartered in Ramallah West Bank where Osama Mustafa has family. In 1994, San Diego police also received an anonymous call stating that the business owner Osama Mustafa was a PFLP member. The 2012 FBI 9/11 report recounts Osama Mustafa’s May 15, 2012, arrest in Tampa for Treasury check fraud filed by U.S. Attorney Joseph Mott in Virginia. Court records say the case involved a $17 million tax-refund fraud scheme, and that Osama Mustafa was found guilty in April 2013. 
Four months later, while out on bond, Osama Mustafa removed a monitoring bracelet and vanished. In June 2014, Osama Mustafa was sentenced in absentia to 20 years in prison. He remains a fugitive. The FBI received information in 1994 that Osama Mustafa had threatened to kill a former Israeli intelligence officer who resided in San Diego. The business owner Osama Mustafa informed the Israeli that he was a member of the Palestine Liberation Organization and that the orders to kill him had come from the PLO. The FBI closed its investigation of the business owner Osama Mustafa, but reopened it in 1997 when it received information tying him to a possible terrorist plot based in North Carolina. In February 2001, a stockbroker called the FBI to say that the business owner Osama Mustafa had closed his account, explaining that Osama Mustafa was sending the money to freedom fighters in Afghanistan. 
During its post-September 11 investigation, the FBI discovered that the business owner Osama Mustafa was associating with Osama Basnan and [classified], two other possible hijacker associates in San Diego. Osama Sam Mustafa a key player in the San Diego 9/11 investigation into a support network is now a fugitive from justice and wanted by US Marshal Service. If I was one of the US Marshal 'man hunters' looking for Sam Mustafa, I would 'shoot first and ask questions later'. When Sam Mustafa is found, cornered and caught he has to do 20 years in prison, Sam Mustafa is known to carry a firearm and has to do 20 when captured, "Go To Jail, Go directly to Jail, Do not pass GO", take him down hard,  just sayin.

ROANOKE, VA—A Tampa, Fla. man previously convicted of a scheme to profit from fraudulent United States Treasury checks was sentenced in absentia yesterday in the United States District Court for the Western District of Virginia in Roanoke. Osama “Sam” Mustafa, 51, of Tampa, Fla., was previously convicted of one count of conspiracy to defraud the United States for the purpose of impairing the lawful functions of the Internal Revenue Service, to receive fraudulent Treasury Checks, to commit wire fraud and to structure currency transaction, one count of conspiracy to commit bank fraud and one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering. U.S. District Court, Sam Mustafa was sentenced in absentia to 240 months of federal incarceration.
In addition, $17.7 million in assets were ordered forfeited from the defendant. Mustafa removed his monitoring bracelet and fled law enforcement following his conviction and while awaiting sentencing, and his bail bond has been forfeited. “Mr. Mustafa stole millions of dollars by obtaining fraudulent income tax refunds,” United States Attorney Timothy J. Heaphy said today. “Working with our investigative partners, we will do all we can to prosecute tax fraud and hold tax cheats accountable.” “Using the U.S. Treasury as a personal piggy bank to obtain millions of dollars in fraudulent refunds, Mustafa not only showed his blatant disregard of the law, but also for those taxpayers victimized,” said Thomas J Kelly, Special Agent in Charge, IRS Criminal Investigation, Washington D.C. Field Office.  
“This sentencing is a reminder that identity thieves who use the personal information of unsuspecting victims to file bogus tax returns and steal millions of dollars from the U.S. Treasury, will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.” Mustafa was convicted of purchasing fraudulent income tax return refund checks and checks issued for Refund Anticipation Loans, and then presenting those fraudulent checks for payment at financial institutions in the Western District of Virginia, Middle District of Florida, and elsewhere. The investigation of the case was conducted by the Internal Revenue Service-Criminal Investigations, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the United States Secret Service, the United States Marshals Service Asset Forfeiture Program, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations and the United States Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Florida. Assistant United States Attorney Joseph Mott prosecuted the case for the United States.

OSAMA MUSTAFA SENDS ME EMAILS: Fugitive Osama Sam Mustafa Tells Me $17.8 Million He Stole with IRS Check Scam in Tampa Went to support of terrorism, the PFLP in Ramallah. Osama Sam Mustafa Admits in an Email he sent me in March of 2017 that he told 'Fed's they deserved the 9/11 terror attacks. Prior to 9/11, Mustafa owned a TEXACO gas station in a suburb of San Diego where future hijacker Nawaf al-Hazmi worked for about a month in the fall of 2000, Osama Sam Mustafa has had a very long association with those in the criminal underground world of terrorism. On August 28, 2013, a federal arrest warrant was issued for Osama Mahmud Mustafa for violating the terms and conditions of his bond set forth by Magistrate Judge Robert S. Ballou within the Western District of Virginia, Roanoke Division. The warrant was received by the U .S. Marshals Service on this same date.
U.S. Marshals Obtain Federal Search Warrant For Tampa Fugitive Osama Sam Mustafa's Email Account Better Stop Contacting Me Sam. From early December 2016 and all through the Spring of 2017 federal fugitive Osama Sam Mustafa has sent me a series of emails from which is known to be his email account. On September 14th, 2017 the US Marshals Service obtained a federal search warrant to obtain any and all information contained in the email account of see above. Osama Sam Mustafa usually threatens me and others in his email rants but on special occasions like Christmas Eve and New Years Day he speaks about how he feels so isolated in Ramallah and how he misses his family, screw him.


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Thursday, September 12, 2019

STILL SEEKING INFORMATION 27 years After Pamela Ray Went Missing From White's Motel & Apartments Panama City Beach Look Hard at Serial Killers Mark Riebe and Bill Wells

STILL SEEKING INFORMATION 27 years After Pamela Ray Went Missing From White's Motel & Apartments Panama City Beach, Look Hard at Serial Killers Mark Riebe and Bill Wells. Sister of Pamela Ray Claims Gulf Coast Serial Killer Mark Riebe Kidnapped and Murdered Pamela at Panama City Beach Motel also known as White's Motel and Apartments 10719 Front Beach Road Panama City Beach Fl. Florida Gulf Coast Serial Killers Mark Riebe Raped & Murdered 13 Young Women From Gulf Breeze to Panama City Beach. Investigators in Illinois are searching for any remains of a woman who went missing from Panama City Beach in 1992. Pamela Ray disappeared from a Panama City Beach motel in 1992, look hard at dirtbag Mark Riebe.
   photo credit lost and found blog
See mugshot of Mark Riebe from around 1989 for a misdemeanor arrest in Santa Rosa Beach Walton County Fl, this is what he would have looked like in August of 1992. Mark Riebe has changed drastically over the years as per his current state prison photo, see below. According to the Associated Press, officers searched land in central Illinois for the remains of Pamela Ray. Pam Ray, 36, was from Georgia and traveled to Panama City Beach in August 1992. Police say the last time Pamela Ray was seen was when she stopped at the Wilhite Motel on Front Beach Road to check in, also known as White's Motel and Apartments 10719 Front Beach Road Panama City Beach Fl. The motel has long been torn down to make way for high rise condominiums. Mark Riebe and his half brother Bill Wells where from Defuniak Springs, FL where the family has property, they roamed from Gulf Breeze to Panama City Beach Fl raping and murdering at least 13 women.
Wilhite Motel also known as White's Motel and Apartments staff found Pamela Ray's children in the car. "The search may not have turned up any bones at this time because I feel like probably stuff had been moved," said Pamela Ray's Sister Rhonda Bishop. Bishop believes she knows what happened. She believes Ray was a victim of Mark Riebe, whose serving life in prison for another murder. "Him and his wife were partying at Club La Vela. They ran out of money. They went down to front beach road to rob somebody. That victim happened to be my sister," said Bishop. The cold case has remained open for 27 years. The department conducted the search after a request from Bishop, who's still trying to find out what happened to Pamela.
Florida Gulf Coast Serial Killers Mark Riebe & His Half Brother Bill Wells Raped & Murdered 13 Young Women From Gulf Breeze to Panama City Beach. Florida Department of Law Enforcement agent Dennis Haley believes Mark Riebe may have been involved in the deaths of as many as 13 women, including Lindsey O. Sams and Pamela Ray. Mark Riebe had been convicted in 1997 of participating in the murder of Donna Callahan a pregnant clerk who was kidnapped from a Gulf Breeze convenience store on Aug. 6, 1989.

Mark Riebe’s half-brother, William Alex Wells, led authorities in 1996 to Callahan’s body, buried on farmland in DeFuniak Springs, after pleading no contest to his role in her murder. Both men are serving life sentences. Haley said Mark Riebe’s mother called about a year after he was sent to state prison and asked that he speak to her son. Haley said Mark Riebe told him during the meeting that he’d killed 13 people (young women)

Mark Riebe — currently being held at the Blackwater River Correctional Facility in Milton — also confessed to killing Pamela Ray, who disappeared in 1992 from in front of a Panama City Beach motel room. He’s someone that has pathologically, psychopathically dragged women – sometimes pregnant women and mothers of young kids – and killed them for kicks, for a thrill.
Pamela Ray’s car was locked and her purse and two young children were left inside the vehicle. The case continues to baffle the Bay County Sheriff’s Office, as Ray’s body has never been recovered. Pamela Ray had parked her blue car at the former Wilhite Motel on Front Beach Road PCB on August 12, 1992. Haley also believes Mark Riebe could be responsible for the death of Bonnie Gayle Ryther, a 27-year-old whose body was found April 11, 1978, near Ferry Park in Fort Walton Beach.

During the early morning hours of August 12, 1992, Pamela Ray and her two children, ages five and twelve, left their home in Atlanta, Georgia, on a trip to Panama City Beach, Florida. When they arrived in Panama City, however, she was unable to find a vacant room (Summer is high season on PCB). She made contact with the night clerk at the former Wilhite Motel, also known as White's Motel and Apartments 10719 Front Beach Road Panama City Beach Fl, who advised her that he did not have any rooms left. At 3:30 AM, she parked in the parking lot for the remainder of the night. She was seen by seven witnesses including two police officers. At 5:30 AM, she locked her car door and left her children sleeping in the backseat in the parking lot. She walked through the building's lobby to the swimming pool, and was apparently followed by an unidentified man (Mark Riebe).

"I had stayed at the same motel apartment in early 1992 from January to April while attending Gulf Coast State College, it was actually called 'White's Motel & Apartments' 10716 Front Beach Rd, Panama City Beach, FL, see photo above" They offered 1 bedroom efficiencies by the week for $150. They had 3 buildings all with different street addresses. Human bones that were discovered by cadaver dogs in a wooded area of DeFuniak Springs in April 2000 had been sent for testing to Canada. Investigators believed that the bones were the remains of Pam Ray. They were found less than 100 feet from where the body of Donna Callahan. murdered by Mark Riebe, was discovered in 1996 but proved to be unfounded.
After Mark Riebe began his sentence at the Blackwater Florida penitentiary, he provided investigators with chilling insight into the mind of a violent killer. Mark Riebe was only behind bars for two months when he began to talk. He confessed to 12 killings in addition to the murder of Donna Callahan, providing gruesome details that only the the killer would know. And then, suddenly, Riebe recanted his confessions. Did authorities have another Henry Lee Lucas on their hands, a serial confessor seeking attention from the press? Despite going back on his confessions, the police believed that Riebe was a bonafide serial killer and was responsible for many more murders. The earliest case Mark Riebe is suspected in occurred when he was only 17-years-old. Bonnie Gayle Ryther was a 27-year-old cocktail waitress who disappeared after leaving a bar in Fort Walton Beach in April 1978.

Bonnie Gayle Ryther was missing for a week before her battered body was found in some woods about 30 feet from where her Ford Pinto had been abandoned. Mark Riebe went out of his way to tell investigators what kind of beer Ryther liked to drink. Cans of that brand were found near her body. 

Riebe also confessed (and, again, later recanted) to the abduction and murder of Jaqueline Brant, an 18-year-old from Illinois who was in Panama City Beach for Spring Break in April 1986. Brant’s body was found seven months later in a wooded area by a hunter. A law-enforcement official who investigated the crime and interviewed Riebe said, “He knows several things that only the killer would know.” Another cold case that Riebe has confessed to was the 1990 murder of Ronda Taylor. The 23-year-old woman had been stabbed to death and her body was left in the backseat of her car in Fort Walton Beach. The disappearance of 36-year-old Pamela June Ray is yet another case that investigators think Mark Riebe was involved in along with his half-brother William 'Bill' Wells.
William 'Bill' Wells, DOB 12/16/1967, was a one man crime wave from 1989 to 1991 along the Gulf Coast of Florida:

Current Florida Prison Sentence History William 'Bill' Wells:

Offense Date Offense Sentence Date County Case No. Prison Sentence Length
05/18/1991 AGG BATTERY/W/DEADLY WEAPON 10/10/1991 WALTON 9100254 7Y 0M 0D
05/18/1991 FALS.IMPRSN-NO 787.01 INT 10/10/1991 WALTON 9100254 5Y 0M 0D
05/11/1991 BURG UNOCC STRUC/CV OR ATT. 10/10/1991 WALTON 9100241 5Y 0M 0D
11/20/1990 BURG UNOCC STRUC/CV OR ATT. 10/10/1991 WALTON 9100240 5Y 0M 0D
11/20/1990 GRAND THEFT,$300 LESS &20,000 10/10/1991 WALTON 9100240 2Y 0M 0D
12/18/1989 BURG UNOCC STRUC/CV OR ATT. 10/10/1991 WALTON 9000022 5Y 0M 0D
12/18/1989 GRAND THEFT,$300 LESS &20,000 10/10/1991 WALTON 9000022 2Y 0M 0D
12/10/1987 BURG/DWELL/OCCUP.CONVEY 10/10/1991 WALTON 8700386 5Y 0M 0D
12/10/1987 GRAND THEFT,$300 LESS &20,000 10/10/1991 WALTON 8700386 2Y 0M 0D
11/25/1989 ROBB. GUN OR DEADLY WEAPON 02/28/1995 OKALOOSA 9301514 30Y 0M 0D

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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

BOLO: Do Not Do Business With Fake Used Car Dealer Mohamed Galal He Posts Photos of Exotic Cars From Public Auctions As His, Current Active Felony Warrants For His Arrest in Florida.

BOLO Do Not Do Business With Fake Used Car Dealer Mohamed Galal He Posts Photos of Exotic Cars From Public Auctions As His Current Active Felony Warrants For His Arrest in Florida. September 2, 2019: Received email from the latest victim of fake used car dealer Mohamed Galal aka Mohmed Galal aka Mohamed Jalal.
Mr. Warner, Thank you for your article on your homepage.
We have sent the article to the German N26 bank in the hope that they will block the account of this guy (Mohamed Galal).
Whether this works, the gods know ....
Without your help, we would not have had a chance.
In addition, it was important to us that not even more customers can be cheated (by Mohamed Galal).
We wish you all the best and remain with the deepest thanks.
Mohamed Galal obtained several vehicles in a scheme to Defraud & Grand Theft Auto in the past several years, he also posts fake ads on the internet of cars for sale, cars he does not have or own. Florida 'Felony Warrant For Arrest' Mohamed Galal aka Mohamed Jalal he is described in the Warrant as age 44 now, dark hair, 5' 4" tall and 155 lbs, the law is looking for you Mohamed. On the run used car dealer Mohamed Galal aka Mohamed Gala aka Mohmed Galal aka Mohamed Jalal DOB 2/24/1974 is wanted in Florida, he is a CON MAN'S CON MAN.
Two Active Arrest Warrants for Orlando Used Car Dealer Mohamed Galal aka Mohamed Gala aka Mohamed Jalal Internet Fraud Obtain Vehicle by Deceit, one warrant out of Seminole County Sheriff Dept Daytona Beach and one warrant out of Orange County Sheriff Dept. Orlando Fl. Both warrants are related to used car sale scams and obtaining vehicles with worthless checks. The FDLE database contains Florida warrant information as reported to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement by law enforcement agencies throughout the state concerning Mohamed Fawzy Galal and authorized for release to the public. FDLE and the reporting agencies strongly recommend that no citizen take any individual action based on this information concerning Mohamed Fawzy Galal, link to site

Mohamed Galal fake internet used car lots, none ever existed: 
1). Prestige Auto Repairables Orlando FL.
2). Royalty Luxury Rentals and Salvage Houston TX.
3). Luxury Salvage Masters at 4281 Express Ln Sarasota Fl

BBB Orlando pulled down the page on Mohamed Galal and Prestige Auto Repairables, Business: BBB Business Profile | Prestige Auto Repairables | Reviews › business-reviews › auto-dealers-used-cars › complaints. BBB's Business Review for Prestige Auto Repairables, Business Reviews and ... Principal: Mr. Mohamed Galal. Business Category. Auto Dealers - Used Cars ..NO LONGER EXISTS.
Fantasy land presentation photo of what Mohamed Jalal aka Mohammed al-Galal aka Mohamed Galal's Royalty Luxury Rentals and Salvage at 3155 West Loop S, Houston, TX is shown to be on his website, what a joke on us.
Mohamed Al-Galal aka Mohamed Galal, DOB 2/24/1974, FEDERAL PRISON SENTENCING/Judgment and Commitment Order of January 29, 2003 by Hon. Suzanne B. Conlon : Sentencing Mohamed Al-Galal (1) count(s) 1, 5 . The defendant is hereby committed to the custody of the United States Bureau of Prisons to be imprisoned for a total term of ten (10) months. Upon release from imprisonment the defendant shall be on supervised release for a term of three (3) years. Additional supervised release terms. The defendant shall make total restitution in the amount of $11,783.83. Mohamed F. Galal Used Fake Social Security Cards to Attended Flight Schools in Florida. Orlando Used Car Dealer Mohamed F. Galal Used 6 Fake Social Security Cards to Attended Flight Schools. Mohamed F. Galal obtained fake Social Security cards in October 1999 and in April 2000 and applied to flight schools in Texas, Virginia and Florida, just prior to 9/11 hijackers entering the USA in 2000. Used car dealer Mohamed Galal aka Mohamed Gala aka Mohamed Jalal, DOB 2/24/1974, age 44, dark hair, 5' 4" tall and 155 lbs, is currently wanted in Florida. 

Used car dealer Mohamed Jalal aka Mohamed Galal aka Mohamed Gala, DOB 2/24/1974, age 44, dark hair, 5' 4" tall and 155 lbs, does his best to make himself a ghost running "his virtual used car lots" never existed. Used Car Dealer Mohamed Galal: "I don't know where you are right now. I don't know what you are doing right now, but what I do know is how to find people like you. What I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career of tracking down internet frauds like you that sell bogus vehicles to unsuspecting innocent people. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. I will look for you, I will find you, and I will turn you over to the the police Mohamed Galal."

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