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Women Flock to Gun Shops Amid Fears of Violent Rioters in Streets Looting and Burning Stores in All 50 States on Jan 20th

 NBC NEWS Jan 14th, 2021, WASHINGTON – All through downtown Washington, the primary sound for several blocks was the beeping of forklifts unloading more fencing.There were no cars or scooters and seemingly no tourists Wednesday, just the occasional jogger and multiple construction crews at work. The U.S. Capitol that proved such a soft target last week was visible only through lines of tall, black fence. Two blocks from the White House, a group of uniformed National Guard troops emerged from a tour bus and headed into a hotel as a state of lockdown descended on Washington that will last through the Jan. 20 inauguration. “Clearly we are in uncharted waters,” said Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser. Last week’s “violent insurrection” at the Capitol by supporters of outgoing President Donald Trump has “impacted the way we are approaching working with our federal partners in planning for the 59th inauguration,” Bowser said Wednesday. The FBI has warned that armed protests by violent Trump supporters were being planned in all 50 state capitals as well as in Washington for the days leading up to the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden. NBC NEWS: Gun sales to first-time buyers skyrocket amid fears of 'bloody' election and out of control rioters in the streets. “Whichever way this election goes, it could get really scary, and it could get bloody,” said a 61-year-old woman who started taking shooting classes this summer. “I want to be armed and dangerous.” Andreyah Garland, a 44-year-old single mother of three daughters, bought a shotgun in May for protection in the quaint middle-class town of Fishkill, New York.


GET GUN TRAINING, GET CONCEALED WEAPON PERMIT: Andreyah Garland joined a new and fast-growing local gun club to learn how to shoot. She has since applied for a pistol permit and constantly hunts for increasingly scarce ammunition — making three trips weekly to a local Walmart. “They’re always out,” she said. Like legions of other first-time buyers who are contributing to record sales for the U.S. gun industry this year, Garland’s decision to take up arms is driven in part by disturbing news about the coronavirus pandemic and mobs of rioters in the streets looting, burning stores, and the killing of police officers.


Tuesday Oct 27, 2020: The Philadelphia Police Department confirmed that at least 30 PPD officers had been injured during the riots, mostly from being hit by bricks, rocks, assorted debris and run over by a Black Pickup Truck. At least 30 Philadelphia cops were injured by early Tuesday as violent mobs torched squad cars. Other footage shows dozens of people chasing a large group of officers down the street, as well as clips of a line of officers behind shields being attacked with rocks, bottles and garbage cans.....bad guys chased the cops down the street in Philly, what the hell, time for cops to fight back. 

GUN SALES SKYROCKET: One of my favorites Smith & Wesson M&P .40 caliber 10 round capacity. Over 4.3 Million Guns Sold in Last 60 days of 2020. Over the top numbers of 1,797,910 Guns Sold in April 2020 and 2,583,238 Guns Sold in March 2020. foxnews Over Gun sales in April spiked by more than 70 percent from the previous year, with the purchase of more than 1.7 million firearms as concerns related to the novel coronavirus continued, recently released statistics show. ⁣An estimated 1,797,910 guns were sold in April 2020 – a 71.3 percent increase from April 2019. March saw an even higher surge in sales, with 2,583,238 firearms sold – or 85.3 percent more than the previous year, according to data released late Monday by Small Arms Analytics and Forecasting.

BULLET PLACEMENT: For too long, women were told that if they wanted to carry a sidearm they needed a “ladies’ gun,” usually a tiny .22 or .25 automatic with so little power it might or might not stop a charging gerbil. Then the trend moved toward the small .38 Special revolver. The snub nose .38 became a classic “ladies’ gun” for modem times. Smith & Wesson’s first “Lady Smith” since the 19th century became a roaring success in the 20th century based on the Chief Special, 2-inch barrel, five-shot, J-frame revolver. Professionals cannot stress too heavily that the primary determinant of stopping power is BULLET PLACEMENT. A cool, deliberate marksman with a little .380 Walther PPK will beat a panicky, inaccurate man with a .357 Magnum or $1200 customized .45 auto every time. Whatever firearm and caliber you select, you must practice firing hundreds of rounds in realistic defensive scenarios until you can confidently make disabling hits on your target. Tactics and marksmanship win gunfights – not having the latest ‘wonder bullet’ in your gun.
BULLET PLACEMENT: Shoot Em Up Day at High Noon Guns Bee Ridge Rd Sarasota with a Walther PPK/S .380 and Beretta .25 Caliber Pocket Gun, Practice, Practice, Practice, Lots of Bad Guys Out There. Often imitated but never duplicated. The elegant lines of the legendary WALTHER PPK/S have caught the imagination of the entire world for over 75 years. Developed in 1931, the WALTHER PPK continues to thrill the shooting public, and the legend lives on. The PPK/S with a longer frame for one additional cartridge, 7+1, and the PPK/S are now produced in the USA under license by Smith & Wesson.

BABY BERETTA: The Beretta 950 Jetfire is a great looking little pocket pistol. The tip-up barrel feature is great. You can load a round in the chamber or remove the round that is in the chamber without having to cycle the slide. Just cock the hammer and fire away. While the .25ACP cartridge is not the most powerful round, 9 rounds of .25ACP properly placed will certainly get the job done. With a concealed weapon permit you can carry this powerful little pistol while wearing just about any clothing, even a swim suit, great for Florida undercover work.

 photo credit Galco leather holsters are a must/
MY CHOICE FOR CONCEALED POCKET WEAPON OF THE WEEK IS THE SMITH & WESSON MODEL 642 AIRWEIGHT A .38 SPECIAL DELIGHT FOR POCKET OR PURSE. SMITH AND WESSON MODEL 642 AIRWEIGHT .38 REVOLVER. A revolver is a superior weapon for close contact. Shoved into the ribs of a bad guy, the little J-frame conveys its message of peace, love and understanding with surprising eloquence.
The Smith & Wesson Model 642 AIRWEIGHT is easily the most recommended variant of the J-frame line if the Internet counts for anything in gun selection. Call me old school but any confrontation that you get into were you feel that your life is going to be in danger is probably going to occur within 3 feet of your space i.e. next to your drivers side window or right in front of your face. I want a concealable weapon that can easily be produced, needs no on/off safety or slide action to engage, just pull and shoot and the weapon needs to be sturdy enough to pound nails into the coffin of your adversary after you dispose of him, it is just that simple.
I have two .38 caliber snub nose detective special revolvers, one is a Taurus all steel .38 special 5 shot revolver with exposed hammer and one is a Smith & Wesson Airweight snub nosed .38 special 5 shot revolver with a concealed hammer. S&W 642 Airweight is perfect for pocket or purse with hollow point ammo, up close and personal. The best selling firearm offered by Smith & Wesson was the Model 642, the Airweight (about 20 ounces loaded) version of the 640. It is often called hammerless which is a misnomer of sorts because it actually does have a hammer its just completely enclosed within the frame making the revolver double action only (DAO). It is a smooth, snag-free design which makes it ideal for pocket carry. Jim Supica, author of The Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson, said of the 642 that it was possibly the finest pocket revolver ever made. AVERAGE COST $470.00 - PROTECTION VALUE....PRICELESS.

Best Home Defense in Sarasota 12 Gauge Shotgun With .00 Buckshot, one Round Equal To 8 Round Burst From a Submachine Gun, When that homeless ex-con burglar breaks into your home and he brings a knife or a handgun you respond with 12 Gauge shotgun, that is what I use, case closed. If you simply want to know the best defense load, go out and buy: 12 gauge 2 3/4″ shell .000 buckshot. You shall live happily ever after, as this is the most effective man-stopping firearm cartridge yet devised by man. I recommend the Federal “Classic” (F127-00), Winchester Super-X (X12RB5) or Remington Buckshot (SP12BK-5PK00) as the best double-ought and triple-ought buckshot defense rounds.
Get Firearm Training NRA Certified Instructor Concealed Weapon Class and G Firearms License Certification at Derek Jones Security Firearm Academy Desoto Rd Sarasota Florida.

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ED SMITH STADIUM DEBACLE: Sarasota County Rejects $516,000 Gilbane Offer in Defective Flooring Lawsuit After Paying $1.1 Million to Replace Defective Flooring

ED SMITH BASEBALL STADIUM: Herald Tribune writes Jan 12, 2021, SARASOTA COUNTY – Sarasota County has rejected a $513,000 settlement proposal from the company that renovated Ed Smith Stadium. The county filed the lawsuit in 2016 against Gilbane Building Co. because of alleged cracks and defects in the concrete concourse at the Baltimore Orioles’ spring training home in Sarasota. The case is expected to go to trial in April or May. The county sued Gilbane after officials say work that began in 2012 to renovate the stadium led to repeated problems with cracks in the concourse and flooring resin that was later installed to fix the original issues. This amount of $513,000 in the Gilbane settlement offer does not take into account the $1.1 Million that Sarasota County paid to replace all the defective flooring on their own at Ed Smith Stadium in December 2017.

The $32 million stadium renovation project began in 2010, almost a year after the county and Orioles struck a deal to upgrade Ed Smith to keep the team in town. In early 2015, concrete floor and wall cracks were discovered in the left field picnic area, the county’s complaint continues. Cracks and settlement issues in the concrete stairways, both concourses and sidewalks also were discovered around the left field area. Despite attempts to mediate a settlement throughout 2016, the Sarasota County Commission unanimously authorized the lawsuit this fall, Nov 2016. A $100 Million dollar economic baseball boom for Sarasota County each year is generated from Ed Smith Stadium. The $100 Million dollar economic baseball boom for Sarasota County each year is all generated in 5 or 6 weeks each year, from late February through March at Ed Smith Stadium Sports Stadium.

You can not make this stuff up, Sarasota County sued Gilbane Contractor for defective concrete in all the concourses flooring at Ed Smith Stadium after Gilbane put in a resin flooring to cover all the cracked concrete. That Resin flooring went bad and made for trip points all over the stadium during the 2017 Spring Baseball Season at Ed Smith Stadium. So to cover their assets and protect the incoming Spring baseball fans for the March 2018 season, Sarasota County went ahead on their own, even while the Gilbnae lawsuit lingered in County court, and relapsed all the resin flooring (again 2nd time) at Sarasota County expense paying out $1.1 Million dollars. 

At the time County Commissioner Charles Hines said, no problem we will get the $1.1 Million back from Gilbane in conjunction with the lawsuit, no problem, LOL. Now Gilbane comes forward with a $516,000 settlement offer that does not come close to cover all the defects in the original lawsuit and doesn't touch any of the $1.1 Million Sarasota County paid for the new resin flooring, talk about throwing good County money after bad. Tourist development funds TDC are generated from a 5% charge on the revenue from rentals of six months or less. Last year in 2020 Sarasota County collected $23.5 million in tourist tax funds.

The money for the resin flooring replacement at Ed Smith Stadium, all $1,079,243.00, came from the Sarasota County Tourist Development Council (TDC) in 2017-2018. Sarasota County Commissioner Charles Hines heads up the Sarasota County Tourist Development Council, (TDC). TDC Purpose: The Sarasota County Tourist Development Council (TDC) recommends tourism policy to the County Commission and oversees the use of tourist development tax revenues (CASH), pursuant to Florida law. So Sarasota County Commissioner Charles Hines who Chairs the TDC recommended to himself as a member and now Chair of the Sarasota County Commission to spend $1,079,243.00 to replace all the resin flooring at Ed Smith Stadium with a "No Bid Single Source" contract with PremUS flooring company in Orlando, signed, sealed and delivered.

Paul Caragiulo, Chairman, District 2
Nancy C. Detert, Vice Chair, District 3
Michael A. Moran, District 1
Alan Maio, District 4
Charles D. Hines, District 5
Sarasota County Meeting Sept 13, 2017: To approve a construction contract with PremUs of Orlando, Inc. for the removal and replacement of the flooring system at Ed Smith Stadium, in an amount not to exceed $1,079,243.00, and authorize the County Administrator to execute the contract upon receipt of a performance and payment bond in the contract amount. Sarasota County had been aware of the ongoing and deteriorating MMA resin flooring condition since 2013, yep 2013. County Commissioner Charles Hines — chair of the TDC said that the Gilbane firm is responsible for the defective flooring at Ed Smith Stadium and that they would get back the $1.1 million the County paid to replace all the resin flooring in Dec 2017- Jan 2018. Did the Baltimore Orioles Baseball organization know about the unsafe conditions that their baseball fans were subjected to by Sarasota County for years?

County Commissioner Charles Hines, who chairs the TDC council, explained that the MMA resin flooring in Ed Smith stadium was defective. He and his colleagues felt the county needed to go ahead and replace it at their cost, he added, even though the county has continued to seek a resolution of the issue with the construction manager Gilbane that handled stadium renovations for the Orioles. “We don’t want you to think that … we’re not seeking to get [the money] back, $1,079,243.00 ,” Charles Hines told the council members. Delaying the installation to after Spring Training 2018 would require the additional cost of temporary and unsightly repairs to make the surfaces that are failing safe for the baseball fans. Sorry Charlie, Sarasota County is never going to see the $1.1 Million dollars you spent to replace Gilbane's defective resin flooring, way to go.

What's Wrong with the Baltimore Orioles Spring Training Facility at Ed Smith Stadium Sarasota Fl it's Sinking into the landfill. The stadium was originally built in 1989 on the former site of a landfill. Ed Smith Stadium was built over the site of the old Sarasota City dump. Rusting old cars and refrigerators are what Ed Smith Stadium was built over. BACK ON NOV 10th 2011 YOUROBSERVER WROTE: The city of Sarasota and the Baltimore Orioles are arguing over funds earmarked for a landfill cleanup at Ed Smith Stadium and what they can be used for. The city and Sarasota County entered into several interlocal agreements in 2009 and 2010 when the $30 million spring training complex was approved two years ago. The parties outlined the transfer of Ed Smith Stadium to the county under a number of conditions and included an agreement that $1 million the county owed the city would be placed in an environmental reserve account to be used to clean up the remains of an old landfill that sits under the stadium. The money, according to the agreement, is to be used to pump out contaminated water approximately 27-feet below the stadium. The city was making plans to pump and treat the water as early as December. Baltimore Orioles representatives, however, have sent e-mails to city staff this week explaining they believe the money should be used to fund a storm water improvement project that would allow them to tear up the stadium’s fields and build new ones. The old landfill under Ed Smith Stadium was never rectified. When you become head grounds keeper for a world-class baseball field, you don’t expect it to be built on top of a landfill. But, for Dan Thomas’ Ed Smith Stadium, training facility for the Baltimore Orioles in Sarasota, Florida, that’s exactly what happened. Beneath the 2.5 acres of manicured 54 Bermuda grass lies an old landfill. “We don’t have the best growing conditions,” admits Dan. “It’s been a difficult time to get the grass growing consistently. And, when we do renovations, it’s not unusual to find trash and maybe even a tire or two.”


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