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SARASOTA QAnon COVEN "THEY'RE HERE" Cyber Ninjas, Doug Logan, Michael Flynn, Donald Trump, Roger Stone, Caroline Wetherington, Joe Flynn, Patrick Byrne, Emily Newman, Charlie Kirk, Alfie Oakes, Ann Vandersteel

UPDATE SEPT 28, 2022, Martin Hyde crushed in primary vote against Vern Buchanan. REWARD INCREASED FOR QAnon JAN 6 RIOTER FROM LAKELAND. The Federal Bureau of Investigation Tampa Field Office and the Washington, D.C. Field Office have doubled the reward being offered for wanted fugitive Jonathan Daniel Pollock, 23, of Lakeland, Florida. A reward of up to $30,000 is available in exchange for information leading to his arrest and conviction, see more on this goon below in article!

THE FLIP-FLOPPER FLIPS AGAIN, UPDATE MARCH 5TH, 2022, Sarasota's Martin Hyde indicated in a Thursday evening 3/3  interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson that he's still running against U.S. Rep. Vern Buchanan in a GOP primary for the 16th District congressional seat after all.

UPDATE FEB 25TH, 2022 Sarasota Herald Trib writes: Martin Hyde campaign consultant Roger Stone says Martin Hyde quitting Florida congressional race after threatening Sarasota cop. As the astute wise philosopher Forest Gump says, Stupid is as Stupid does. "I got a message indirectly from Martin Hyde last night that he had decided to withdraw his candidacy," said Roger Stone.

JAN 6 PROUD BOYS THUGS AT CAPITOL RIOT: Daniel Scott aka Milkshake led charge on West side of Capitol, Ryan Samsel led charge on East side, Milkshake arrested in Englewood Fl. More than 100 Capitol and Metropolitan police officers were injured by the rioters. One died, and two others died by suicide after the attack. One rioter was shot and killed by Capitol police when she tried to breach a barricade inside the building.  Milkshake was arrested in Englewood Fl on May 20, 2021 for attack on Capitol, he was living on Perry Lane in Englewood. Englewood Fl appears to be the home base of the Proud Boys Florida Zone 5 coven led by Bobby Van, real name Robert Vanreyendam Beneditti. Englewood Fl appears to be training ground for the Proud Boys in South West Fl and home to Michael Flynn.

QAnon SARASOTA COMMUNITY BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME, "THEY'RE HERE" Cyber Ninjas, Doug Logan, Michael Flynn Englewood Fl, Donald Trump, Trump Media & Technology Group Corp., Truth Social, Roger Stone, Caroline Wetherington, Joe Flynn, Patrick Byrne, Maria Zack, Emily Newman, Charlie Kirk, Alfie Oakes, and Ann Vandersteel will all be backing Republican Congressional Candidate Martin Hyde (NOT ANYMORE - HE LOST IN PRIMARY). Trump's man in Sarasota Republican Congressional Candidate Martin Hyde hired Roger Stone as his campaign consultant and secured Michael Flynn's endorsement, Hyde's is largely self-financing, SO FAR, the Republican primary was Aug 23rd, 2022. "Build it and they will come". Michael Flynn lives in Sarasota County along with his brother and founder and uber–conspiracy theorist and Trump supporter Patrick Byrne who recently purchased six properties in Sarasota country, (Venice, Nokomis), all at extremely inflated prices. Cyber Ninja boss Doug Logan is running the bogus 2020 election audit in Phoenix AZ to prove Trump really won the Pres election, also lives in Sarasota County, his house was recently paid off and millions of dollars poured in for all the expenses linked to the bogus audit. Cirsten Weldon, a QAnon influencer and Trump supporter with a large social media following owns two homes in south Sarasota, records show. Cirsten Weldon told her fans not to get vaccinated and wanted Dr. Anthony Fauci executed. She died of COVID on Jan 6th 2022. A charity Michael Flynn runs called America’s Future gave $976, 514 to the Sarasota-based Cyber Ninjas for the Arizona audit. That charity solicits donations from a UPS store in North Port but is not registered with the state of Florida. Former Trump staffer named Emily Newman has been living in Sarasota off of Proctor Rd, Emily Newman is also on the board of the America Project. The America Project, registered in Florida as a charity, has given $3.25 million to Cyber Ninjas and Doug Logan in Sarasota. Patrick Byrne, the former CEO of is one of the America Project's founders. 

QAnon CAPITAL: “Sarasota County has somehow become the Conspiracy Capital of the World." NY Times Investigation: "Trump had plans with Flynn to have military seize voting machine in disputed states like some South American Dictator". The Times piece says Trump ordered Giuliani, six weeks after the election, to ask if Homeland Security could impound the voting machines in crucial swing states. Acting Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli told Rudy he didn’t have the authority to do that. In an earlier Oval Office meeting, Trump asked William Barr if DOJ could seize the machines. Barr told the president "that the Justice Department had no basis for seizing the machines because there was no probable cause to believe a crime had been committed." Trump also pressed state lawmakers in places like Michigan and Pennsylvania to use local law enforcement to seize voting machines, but they refused as well. Finally, in mid-December, Michael Flynn and Sidney Powell (currently linked to Sarasota area and politics) handed Trump a draft executive order, in the Oval office, directing the military to seize voting machines. The president called in Giuliani, who warned the military could be used only if there was clear evidence of foreign interference in the election. Powell said she had such evidence involving China and others.

Do Not be surprised to see the money flow in for Sarasota resident Martin Hyde's Congressional run (NOT NOW - HE LOST) from an assortment of dark money PAC's linked to QAnon supporters. In August 2019, Martin Hyde and the Sarasota GOP were ordered to pay fines for election law violations, according to the Palm Beach Post. Hyde and the local Republican party settled two of several complaints against them, while the Florida Elections Commission determined another case would continue on. Martin Hyde was accused out scheming to get around the prohibition on partisan campaigning for the nonpartisan Sarasota city elections by moving money from Martin Hyde to a PAC, which paid for a mailer saying the Republican party backed Martin Hyde during his failed 2017 run for office. Martin Hyde was ordered to pay $1,500 and the Sarasota GOP was ordered to pay $2,000. “Documents filed during Martin Hyde’s lengthy 2010 divorce reveal accusations, later dropped, that he threatened his ex-wife, and police reports detail heated exchanges with officers during traffic incidents,” reporter Zach Murdock wrote, (Martin Hyde has multiple moving traffic violations in Sarasota County) “Despite the accounts, Martin Hyde has never been charged, investigated or arrested. Allegations about his threatening behavior during his divorce were included in a request for an injunction, which was turned down by one judge, and a separate motion for contempt, which was withdrawn later, records show.” Martin Hyde appears to own Gulf Business Systems in Sarasota Fl

 photo credits NBC News national and CBS News national.

Caroline Wetherington and Pro-Trump protesters gather in front of the U.S. Capitol Building Jan. 6, 2021 Washington, DC. just before the riot broke out. UPDATE Feb 6th, 2022 HERALD TRIBUNE WRITES: Defend Florida co-founders Raj Doraisamy and Caroline Wetherington self styled voter registration police, “God Bless the Proud Boys”. This group, 'Defend Florida', has taken it upon them selves to canvas neighborhoods, knock on doors, and determine if the person who voted in an election is living at the address listed on voter roles, what the hell? Caroline Wetherington runs her groups out of her homes based in Lakewood Ranch Florida and Newport Beach CA. Defend Florida has mobilized an army of volunteers to collect “affidavits” that raise questions about whether voters cast legal 2020 ballots. The group has collected more than 5,000 affidavits in 34 counties, implying each is a possible instance of voter fraud but never presented the 'evidence' to County election supervisors. Yet the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office and the Manatee County Supervisor of Elections office say they’ve seen no evidence indicating that election fraud is a problem in the county. “We looked into (it) and found no evidence of a crime,” Manatee County Sheriff’s spokesman Randy Warren said in an email.

QAnon AT YOUR FRONT DOOR: Sarasota resident Doug Logan and Cyber Ninjas the AZ election auditors had plans for door-to-door canvassing to validate voter information, but may also violate federal laws aimed at preventing voter intimidation, same tactic Defend Florida has used to gather Intel. Caroline Wetherington's group Defend Florida hosted prominent individuals involved in trying to overturn the 2020 election results, such as former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne and Trump adviser Roger Stone, at a conference in Tampa Fl. Defend Florida grew out of Wetherington’s 'Women for Trump' activism. Wetherington traveled to Washington, D.C., for Trump’s rally on Jan. 6, 2021 and watched the violence at the U.S. Capitol unfold. Raj Doraisamy, a Sarasota resident who co-founded Defend Florida with Wetherington, also was outside the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. Defend Florida formed in January 2021. In April 2021, the group helped coordinate a rally that featured Flynn and Stone. The rally attracted a large number of individuals from the far right nationalist Proud Boys, some of whom appeared on stage with a pro-Trump rapper. The Proud Boys are a self-described “western chauvinist” group. A number of their members, including some from Florida, were arrested for storming the Capitol on Jan. 6. Wetherington once wrote “God Bless the Proud Boys” in a Facebook post that is no longer viewable, according to a screen shot shared with the Herald-Tribune.

QAnon supporter and Collier County business owner Alfie Oakes calls D.C. trip to Trump protests 'amazing,' surrounded by 'great Americans', QAnon supporters. A controversial Collier County business owner, returning from Wednesday's riot in Washington, D.C., said protesters were "supporting liberty and freedom" and blamed left-wing activists for the siege on the U.S. Capitol Jan 6. 2021. "The trip was amazing," Alfie Oakes stated in an email Thursday. "I have never been surrounded by so many great Americans." Oakes, owner of Seed to Table, is an outspoken supporter of President Trump. He has fought Collier County’s mask order since July. He has called COVID-19 a “hoax” and has sued the county, claiming the mandate is illegal. QAnon is a cluster of far-right conspiracy theories that emerged on the internet in late 2017 and was embraced by former President Donald Trump and some of his most vocal followers. One core theory revolves around Satan-worshipping pedophiles plotting against Trump and a coming “storm” that would clear out those evil forces. Several predictions of specific dates when President Joe Biden would be overthrown and Trump restored to office have gone unfulfilled. “Q” is supposedly a person, a Manson-type leader, and there are many who believe “Q” is Gen. Michael Flynn, who owns two homes in Englewood Fl.

DOES SARASOTA REPUBLICAN MARTIN HYDE FIT THE QAnon PROFILE? In late November 2019, Martin Hyde got caught on video berating a teen Puerto Rican tennis player at a private Sarasota Florida club for speaking Spanish. This led to Hyde’s permanent removal from the Sarasota club. Eventually, he apologized, saying, “If I got enough balls to tell people off and to be aggressive towards them, I have to face the reality that my behavior was wrong. It was racially insensitive. It was inappropriate.” At that time, Hyde said the he would not run for Sarasota City Commission, but since then he’s changed his mind. On Sunday Dec 17 2019, the board of the Sarasota County Democratic Party Hispanic Caucus published a letter in The Herald Tribune demanding that Sarasota City Commission candidate Martin Hyde quit his run. “It is unacceptable for a candidate for the Sarasota City Commission to show such insensitivity and such a level of racism,” the letter reads. “Mr. Hyde’s behavior, unbecoming to any person, is particularly inappropriate for anyone intending to pursue a position as a city commissioner. We therefore request that he withdraw his candidacy, and call upon all members of our constituency to support our request.”

QAnon COMMUNITY BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME TO SARASOTA: QAnon Sarasota residents Doug Logan of Cyber Ninjas is Voice Over in Conspiracy Movie "Deep Rig" while Ann Vandersteel Hosted Movie premiere. "The Deep Rig" movie shows that Sarasota based Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan is the Anon of QAnon. Sarasota CEO Doug Logan of Cyber Ninjas Appears in 2021 Election QAnon Conspiracy Movie the "Deep Rig". Doug Logan CEO Cyber Ninjas Sarasota Fl aka QAnon Douglas Jay Logan, has been in the Sarasota Fl area since at least 2014, two years before 2016 presidential election. The Cyber Ninjas have stated that they do not have to comply with public records requests. The QAnon conspiracy theories have been amplified by Russian state-backed troll accounts on social media, as well as Russian state-backed traditional media, RT News aka Russia Today News. 

QAnon COMMUNITY BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME TO SARASOTA: Lt General Michael Flynn (Q) appears in "The Deep Rig" conspiracy theory movie with Sarasota Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan. QAnon Sarasota Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan aka 'Anon' worked with Michael Flynn who also moved to the Sarasota Fl area. Lt General Michael Flynn recently purchased a house on Weiskoph Dr Englewood Fl. “The Deep Rig,” features Michael Flynn, the disgraced former national security adviser who has become one of the leading figures within the QAnon movement. The documentary’s press kit calls it a Zero Hour Alchemy Production, an Advanced Cinemagraphic Presentation, and a Roger R. Richards Film, produced, co-written, and co-directed by Steve Lucescu, and produced by Byrne. It also promises 100% of profits will be donated to Byrne’s The America Project. Gen Flynn’s presence at an anti mask signing event in Venice Fl Sept 13, 2021 may seem strange, but the former general and QAnon icon lives just 25 minutes away, in Englewood Fl, and is part of a growing cast of pro-Trump conspiracy theorists, insurrectionists, and election truthers who call Sarasota County home, they purchased homes. founder and uber–conspiracy theorist Patrick Byrne recently purchased six properties in the country, all at extremely inflated prices. In June, Byrne's company also purchased a 10,000 square-foot building at 959 E Venice Ave Venice, FL which was the former home of Bayside Gynecology. Cyber Ninjas, the company with no election audit experience currently running the recount in Arizona’s Maricopa County, is headquartered in Sarasota County at Doug Logan's home 1449 Myakka Rd. Charlie Kirk, head of the pro-Trump, far-right group Turning Point USA, which is targeting local school boards around the country, also lives in Sarasota county. And let’s not forget Maria Zack, the conspiracy theorist who believes that the 2020 election was somehow stolen through the use of Italian military satellites. She also now lives in Sarasota County. Back in 2017 Stephen K. Bannon, the scruffy-faced senior adviser to Trump listed an address on his voter registration as 31XX Casey Key Road Nokomis Fl. Sure would not be surprised to find Donald Trump had purchased a home in Sarasota County under a LLC, somewhere. "Build it and they will come".

QAnon bosses in Sarasota Fl Gen Mike Flynn and Cyber Ninja boss Doug Logan. SALON WRITES: GOP candidate for U. S. Senate in Pennsylvania Everett Stern claims Michael Flynn hoped to blackmail U.S. officials into pro-Trump "audits" like QAnon reptile Doug Logan's fake Phoenix AZ "audit'. QAnon backers Michael Flynn and Doug Logan both live in Sarasota County with multiple other QAnon advocates. Republican Senate Everett Stern candidate alleged over the weekend that Michael Flynn, the retired general and former national security adviser, has sought damaging information on elected officials in a number of states, with the apparent goal of blackmailing them into supporting conspiratorial election audits meant to reinforce Donald Trump's false claims that the 2020 election was fraudulent. Everett Stern, a businessman who owns a private intelligence firm called Tactical Rabbit and is running for the open U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania, held a press conference Saturday 11/6 to share his purported findings, later tweeting out a link to the video of his remarks titled, "Everett Stern Releases New Evidence of Ongoing Domestic Terror Threat Links to General Michael T. Flynn and QAnon."

screenshot photo credit ABC7 News Sarasota Oct 24, 2019 interview.

QAnon Cyber Ninjas' chief executive officer Doug Logan had tweeted support for conspiracy theories claiming Republican Donald Trump, and not Democrat Joe Biden, had won Maricopa County and Arizona. Bob Hughes of Cyber Ninjas is also working on the AZ 2020 Election audit. QAnon Doug Logan is a registered member of the Republican Party in Sarasota Fl. June 28, 2021 AZ Election Audit leader Doug Logan appears in conspiracy theorist election film "The Deep Rig". The documentary premiered over the weekend to a crowd of around 500 people at the Dream City Church in Phoenix AZ. Dream City Church is an Assemblies of God megachurch in Phoenix, Arizona. The weekly attendance is around 22,500. The CEO of a Florida-based firm chosen to conduct the review of Maricopa County’s election results appeared in a conspiracy theorist film riddled with falsehoods about the 2020 election and directed by a man whose previous work claimed aliens were behind 9/11. The B/S story of Q...QAnon purports that America is run by a cabal of pedophiles and Satan-worshipers who run a global child sex-trafficking operation and that former President Trump is the only person who can stop them. The information supposedly comes from a high-ranking government official who posts cryptic clues on 4chan and the even more unfettered site 8chan under the name "Q."

screenshot photo credit ABC7 News Sarasota Oct 24, 2019 interview.

The Deep Rig filmmakers are saying that 100% of all profits are going to Byrne’s American Project, the nonprofit entity raising money to pay for the AZ audit. Byrne’s American Project claims to have raised $1.9 million for the audit thus far. Firms hired to do audits of election hardware and ballots are generally accredited by the Election Assistance Commission or are Certified Public Accounting firms well-versed in technical specifications and audit organization. No such credentials are held by Cyber Ninjas. Arizona Republic newspaper has filed a lawsuit to obtain financial records and communications from the Republican-led state Senate and Doug Logan's Cyber Ninjas on July 1st, 2021.

UPDATE JULY 16, 2021 Doug Logan CEO of Cyber Ninjas and Ben Cotton of CyFIR claim hacking attempts and uncounted ballots in Phoenix AZ 2020 election. Contractors hired by Arizona Senate Republicans to oversee a partisan review of the 2020 election said Thursday that they don’t have enough information to complete their report, and urged legislators to subpoena more records and survey voters at home. Leaders of the GOP audit described a wide variety of reasons their review is taking months longer than the 60 days initially planned, including confusion about damaged ballots and a lack of access to certain data. The Cyber Ninjas auditors paid by Arizona Senate Republicans to review Maricopa County’s 2020 general election said Thursday they have found security flaws and want to dig further. County officials, however, said the auditors' announcements are the latest in a series of sham declarations meant to cast doubt on the results and spur a redo of the election. A hearing in Phoenix on Thursday July 15, 2021 consisted of only Senate President Karen Fann, R-Prescott, and Sen. Warren Petersen, R-Gilbert, asking questions of Ken Bennett, former Arizona secretary of state and liaison for the Senate in audit; Doug Logan, CEO of auditing firm Cyber Ninjas; and Ben Cotton of digital security firm CyFIR. Cyber Ninjas auditors requested a door-to-door canvass of voters, additional hardware they said the county was withholding, as well as other data they said would paint a clearer picture of the election. Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan and two others — Ben Cotton, head of the data forensics firm CyFIR and former Republican Secretary of State Ken Bennett, who is serving as a liaison between the Senate and the auditors — raised a number of issues, many misleading or wrong, that they said could be resolved with more data or cooperation from Maricopa County. The county's Republican-controlled Board of Supervisors has called the auditors incompetent and refused to cooperate. 

Ben Cotton is the CEO of the firm CyFIR, a digital security company working as a subcontractor for Cyber Ninjas, a Florida-based cybersecurity group. CyFIR is a spinoff of Cyber Technology Services; Ben Cotton, an election auditor who made and later recanted a claim that Maricopa County officials might have deleted election files from their computers before handing them over as part of a legislative subpoena, is CEO of both firms. As first noted by Arizona Republic reporter Jen Fifield, Cyber Technology Services’ website lists its address at a farmstead in Lake County, although other company materials refer to a headquarters in Manassas, Virginia. State property records show that Cotton owns the home, situated near the small community of Swan Lake. CyFIR’s address is listed in Ashburn, Virginia. On the CyFIR website they claim "CyFIR is led by a team of computer forensic practitioners with decades of experience serving the Federal Government (Special Forces, FBI, DEA, CIA) and Fortune 500 companies". No team members are mentioned by name. John Irvine was listed as CyTech's CTO in 2016.

Turns out that 'Anon' is … wait for it ...Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan. The Arizona Mirror’s Jerod MacDonald-Evoy, who covered Saturday’s premiere of "The Deep Rig" at Dream City Church in north Phoenix, reports that Logan, in the film, says he believes the CIA, or perhaps former members of the spy agency, may be involved in plying America with “disinformation” about election fraud. Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan had previously been speculated to be the voice behind “Anon,” in the film “The Deep Rig,” which was confirmed at the Saturday premiere of the film when he was revealed to be the voice of the anonymous person mid-way through the movie. “The Deep Rig” seeks to prove that the 2020 presidential election was rigged against Donald Trump, a claim that the former president and many of his supporters have echoed despite a total lack of evidence.  

CYBER NINJAS staffing has been an issue as well. Despite promises that an army of counters is imminent, only about a third of the 46 counting tables are being used. The Arizona State Senate agreed to pay Cyber Ninjas $150,000 in state money, but it is not clear how much more the audit will cost and who is paying for it. The pro-Trump One America News Network raised $150,000 in a single day in April and has continued to ask for donations. Mr. Logan has long since acknowledged the audit is costing more than the $150,000 authorized by the Senate. Outside interests tied to efforts to discredit the election results have been engaged in fundraising efforts. Logan has declined to detail financial information.

 >> Letter - House Committee on Oversight and Reform 

UPDATE WEDNESDAY JULY 14, 2021... Sarasota CEO Doug Logan & Cyber Ninjas Under Investigation by U.S. House Oversight Committee and DOJ Seeking Financial Records for AZ Election Audit Funding. Attorney General Merrick Garland separately expressed suspicion of post-2020 election audit efforts by Doug Logan & Cyber Ninjas, saying the Justice Department will become “aggressively involved” in investigating legal violations by Cyber Ninjas auditors. All the the election machines Cyber Ninjas handled during 2020 election audit have been decertified and new voting machines were purchased to replace them TODAY by State of AZ for $3 Million dollars that AZ taxpayers will have to absorb.

 “The Committee is particularly concerned that your company’s (CYBER NINJAS) actions could undermine the integrity of federal elections and interfere with Americans’ constitutional right to cast their ballot freely and to have their votes counted without partisan interference,” Oversight Committee Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney and Rep. Jamie Raskin wrote.

Arizona’s largest county approved nearly $3 million Wednesday July 14 for new vote-counting machines to replace those used in the 2020 election, which were given to legislative Republicans for a "partisan" review of the results. The GOP-controlled Maricopa County Board of Supervisors said the machines were compromised because they were in the control of Doug Logan and Cyber Ninjas based in Sarasota Fl as they are not accredited to handle election equipment.

Roger R. Richards a filmmaker known for a film that claims 9/11 was an alien conspiracy is directing a documentary promoting baseless election fraud claims — a movie that features people working for the Arizona Senate’s election 'audit', that was filmed at the 'audit' site and is based on a book written by a man who is raising money from Trump supporters to fund the 'audit'. The director, Roger R. Richards, has made a number of highly conspiratorial films featuring QAnon-related claims around the “Deep State” as well as the end of the world, as predicted by aliens and the CIA. The film Deep Rig is directed by Roger R. Richards, whose previous work includes a QAnon based film that claimed 9/11 was the work of aliens. Despite this track record, Richards and his crew received unprecedented access to the audit floor prior to and during ballot counting. At one point in the film, MacDonald-Evoy reported, the film shows a close-up shot of a voter’s ballot.
The host of Saturday’s premiere was QAnon believer Ann Vandersteel, who introduced “Az Deep Rig Field Operative”/felon Austin Steinbart, sometimes referred to as BabyQ. Steinbart was recently released from prison, where he served time for interstate communications with intent to extort. Another member of the Cyber Ninjas audit team, Bob Hughes, answered questions after the film aired.

photo credit above Joseph Cooke/The Republic
QANON COMMUNITY BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME TO SARASOTA: Ann Vandersteel joins the lunatic Q fringe in Sarasota Fl area with Lt General Michael Flynn, Doug Logan and Joe Flynn. Ann Vandersteel was all in on the Q movie the 'Deep Rig'. Ann Vandersteel is living in a beach house way out on the south end of Blind Pass Rd on Siesta Key Fl. When will Trump buy a house in the SRQ area, or has he already? Host of 'Steel Truth' Ann Vandersteel moderates a QAnon conspiracy influencer panel with Patrick Byrne, Joe Flynn, movie producer Steve Lucescu, Phil Waldron, Joe Oltmann, film director Roger Richards and Bob Hughes at "The Deep Rig" QAnon movie premiere at Dream City Church on June 26, 2021.
Donald Trump has retweeted QAnon-promoting accounts. Followers flock to Trump’s rallies wearing clothes and hats with QAnon symbols and slogans. TRUMP HAD HIS FLORIDA CAMPAIGN OFFICE ON STATE STREET SARASOTA FL IN 2016.

LOS ANGELES, Oct 20, 2021 (Reuters) - Former U.S. President Donald Trump will launch his own social media app, TRUTH Social, that he said would "stand up to Big Tech" companies such as Twitter and Facebook that have barred him from their platforms.TRUTH Social will be created through a new company formed by a merger of the Trump Media and Technology Group and a special acquisition company (SPAC), according to a press release distributed by both organizations.

SO WHO IS Q? QAnon's slogan is #WWG1WGA "where we go one we go all". Anon has been revealed as Sarasota's Cyber Ninjas boss Doug Logan. QAnon first received attention from mainstream press in December 2017, and in the early months of 2018 the conspiracy theory received traction from the mainstream right. Television host Sean Hannity spread news about QAnon to their social media followers. InfoWars host and far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones claimed to be in personal contact with Q. The presence en masse of QAnon adherents at a July 2018 Trump rally for the midterm elections in Tampa, Florida, marked the conspiracy theory's entry into the mainstream. QAnon followers have come to refer Pres Donald Trump as "Q+". The imageboard website 8chan, rebranded to 8kun in 2019, is QAnon's online home, as it is the only place Q posts messages. After Trump lost the election to Joe Biden, updates from Q declined dramatically. QAnon beliefs became a part of attempts to overturn the election results, culminating in the storming of the United States Capitol on Jan 6th 2021. The term 'Anon' is an anonymous or pseudonymous Internet poster. The radical far left has the Anonymous Group and the radical far right has the QAnon Group. 8chan's former administrator Ron Watkins, works with Q, knows Q's identity, or he is a Q

CBS News March 2021: When Jacob Chansley, the so-called "QAnon shaman," planted a spear-tipped flag in the U.S. Capitol during the January 6th insurrection his intent was to "capture and assassinate" elected officials, according to U.S. prosecutors. In an interview with 60 Minutes+, Chansley denied that, saying his actions "were not an attack on this country." The FBI has arrested well over 300 people so far in connection with the insurrection, dozens of whom belonged to the QAnon conspiracy group. The riot exposed the violent nature of QAnon. ABC NEWS JAN 19, 2021: QAnon emerges as recurring theme of criminal cases tied to US Capitol siege. Sarasota man Joseph Hackett is one of the latest persons indicted in connection with the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, court records show. Four names were added to the list including members of Oath Keepers Joseph Hackett, 51, of Sarasota and Graydon Young of Englewood Fl, already in custody in the case, also faces additional charges in the US Capitol siege

Daniel Lyons Scott, 28, of Bradenton Fl, a self-identified Proud Boy, was arrested on charges of assault on a federal officer, obstruction of law enforcement during civil disorder, and knowingly engaging in acts of physical violence on restricted grounds. The FBI first labeled QAnon and its fluid online community of supporters like Oath Keepers and Proud Boys as a "dangerous extremist group" in August 2019, and over the past two weeks it has featured prominently in criminal indictments filed against many of those alleged to have participated in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, mostly from Florida, including a number accused of egregious crimes.

UPDATE JULY 13, 2021 TAMPA, Fla. — The United States Capitol Police, a Federal agency, announced changes Wednesday in the wake of the attack on the U.S. Capitol in January, including plans to create regional field offices in California and Florida because of potential threats from those states. "The new USCP field offices will be in the Tampa and San Francisco areas," the agency said in an email. "At this time, Florida and California are where the majority of our threats originate from."More than 535 people have been arrested since the U.S. Capitol was violently breached six months ago. Fifty-five of those arrested were from Florida and approximately a dozen called the Bay Area home. Four people from the Tampa Bay area — Olivia Pollock, Joshua Doolin, Joseph Hutchinson and Michael Perkins — were arrested on June 30, prosecutors said, Jonathan Pollock is wanted and on the run. LAKELAND, Fla. July 12th, 2021 – IT"s POLITICAL, A day after his brother and sister were indicted on charges that could yield long prison sentences, Gabriel Pollock stood behind the counter at Rapture Guns and Knives in North Lakeland the family gun shop, relaxed and grinning. Pollock said he considers Olivia Pollock and Jonathan Pollock victims of politics after they were charged with assaulting law-enforcement offers during the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol, among other offenses.

BOLO: A fifth person, Jonathan Daniel Pollock, has not been apprehended. Justice Department lawyers said all of the defendants except Joshua Doolin attacked police officers on Jan. 6, at times using makeshift weapons like stolen riot shields and flagpoles. Prosecutors accused Perkins of thrusting a flagpole into the chest of a police officer. They charged Jonathan Pollock with dragging two police officers down a set of stairs and ramming a stolen police shield into an officer's throat. Jonathan Daniel Pollock is 5' 10" tall, DOB 2/22/1999, age 22, and was known to drive a 2016 silver Ford pick-up and links to Kathleen Fl and Marion County Fl.

BOLO WANTED BY FBI & CAPITOL POLICE: Jonathan Pollock aka #Magnolia aka #FullCamoKneePads on the run from Lakeland Fl a warrant listed Jonathan Pollock as armed and dangerous. Jonathan Daniel Pollock has multiple charges in connection with violent attacks on Capitol Police at the U.S. Capitol Riots on Jan 6th and is currently a fugitive from Justice. Jonathan Daniel Pollock is 5' 10" tall, DOB 2/22/1999, age 22, and was known to drive a 2016 silver Ford pick-up. Jonathan Pollock has had access to an assortment of firearms, long guns and hand guns. Jonathan Daniel Pollock of Lakeland Fl has relatives in Kathleen Fl and had been known to visit Marion County Fl, he remains at large. Jonathan Daniel Pollock links to QAnon which has members in the Sarasota and Bradenton Fl area. Florida is the leading state for arrests related to the attack, with at least 55 arrested so far. More than 100 Capitol police officers were injured during the January 6 attack. The agency told the News Service of Florida that the new offices — another is opening in San Francisco — will help them weed out potential threats to members of Congress.

The United States Capitol Police (USCP) is a CALEA nationally-accredited, federal law enforcement agency. Capitol Police to open office in Tampa Fl. Capitol Police are issued the Glock 22 which has 15 rounds per magazine capacity and chambered for the .40 caliber Smith & Wesson cartridge. Most likely the new U.S. Capitol Police office in Tampa will be linked to the FBI-FDLE Fusion Centers in Tampa, Orlando and Fort Myers, see Tampa Bay Regional Intelligence Center (TBRIC) and Central Florida Intelligence eXchange (CFIX) and Southwest Florida Fusion Center (RSIX). FDLE Fusion Centers, FDLE is composed of five areas: Executive Direction and Business Support, Criminal Investigations and Forensic Science, Criminal Justice Information, Criminal Justice Professionalism and Florida Capitol Police. Mission, to promote public safety and strengthen domestic security by providing services in partnership with local, state, and federal criminal justice agencies to prevent, investigate, and solve crimes while protecting Florida’s citizens and visitors.

NEWSWEEK June 27, 2021: The CEO head of the Florida-based firm chosen to conduct an election audit of Arizona's largest county is Doug Logan who was revealed as "Anon," of QAnon notoriety. Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan was confirmed as the voice behind "Anon" in the election conspiracy theory film 'The Deep Rig'. On his now deleted twitter account Doug 'Anon' Logan had identified himself as a "Follower of Christ and proud American". Doug Logan claims he is a Christian and the Cyber Ninjas hold Christian values. "Cyber Ninjas supports 'Hand to the Plow' Christian ministry work in Haiti because we believe in their mission, and their works embodies many of the core Christian principals that this company was founded on". Christianity, particularly evangelical Christiainity, is a huge thing in QAnon. QAnon promoters with names like “Praying Medic” frame QAnon in Christian terms, pulling even more people into the conspiracy theory. Some Christian pastors have introduced their congregations to QAnon ideas, with at least one ministry combining QAnon and Christianity in its services, like the Dream City Church in Phoenix AZ where the QAnon movie 'Deep Rig' premiered. A May 30, 2019, FBI "Intelligence Bulletin" memo from the Phoenix AZ Field Office identified QAnon-driven extremists as a domestic terrorism threat.

QAnon influencer Austin Steinbart aka BabyQ convicted felon. Perhaps the most controversial faction within QAnon centers on Austin Steinbart, a twenty something man nicknamed “BabyQ” who claims to be Q himself. Steinbart has a devoted fanbase, including a rotating cast of roughly a dozen acolytes who live with him in a house in Scottsdale, Arizona, and devote their lives to promoting him as the face of QAnon. Steinbart had been “hired” by a pro-QAnon film crew making a documentary about him. UPDATE April 6, 2021. A QAnon influencer who claims to be from the future was released after spending 225 days in prison. Austin Steinbart, 30, pleaded guilty last year to one count of interstate communications with intent to extort, a felony. Steinbart was sentenced to "time served," meaning the judge determined that Steinbart's time spent awaiting a sentence satisfied the punishment of the charge, the Department of Justice announced Monday.

PHOTO: Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan answers questions at a hearing held by Arizona Senate Republicans conducting an audit of Maricopa County votes from the 2020 election. [Howard Fischer/Capitol Media Services] Numerous online conspiracy theorist websites and popular QAnon forums had previously speculated that Doug Logan, who is now set to lead Arizona's self-audit, had deep ties to the "leadership" of the loose-knit group. "If we don't fix our election integrity now, we may no longer have a democracy," Logan says in the Rig film. He goes on to claim that current and former members of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) were involved with a "disinformation" campaign directed at the 2020 presidential election.

Doug Logan deleted his Twitter account, @securityvoid, sometime in January 2021, he had identified himself as a "Follower of Christ and proud American". But online archives show extensive activity in support of the Stop the Steal movement that has repeated false and unsubstantiated claims that Biden won the 2020 through election fraud. Biden defeated Trump by 10,457 votes in Arizona, making him the first Democrat to win the state’s electoral votes since 1996, and only the second since 1948. Doug Logan retweeted a tweet from his pal Michael Flynn, Trump’s former national security advisor who advocated the use of martial law to overturn the election results, asking “How many overseas connections are we talking about involved in our 3 NOV election? Are there any foreign countries NOT interfering in our elections, China, Serbia, Italy, Germany, Iran WTH!”

Former CEO and Trump ally Patrick Byrne is the main star of the film, which is based on a book Byrne wrote. Byrne is the founder of a Florida-based 501(c)(4) that is aiming to raise $2.8 million to fund the Arizona audit. “If we don’t fix our election integrity now, we may no longer have a democracy,” Logan says towards the end of the film. Logan also said in the film, before he was unmasked, that he believed that the CIA or former members of the intelligence agency may be involved with “disinformation” around election fraud. Logan did not provide any evidence to back up this assertion. During a question-and-answer session with the audience at Dream City Church in Phoenix, where the event was held, another member of the audit team, Bob Hughes, said he designed the paper evaluation system used by audit workers to examine the paper of the ballots for alleged anomalies such as bamboo fibers and evidence that the ballots were filled out by machines. A handful of Republican lawmakers attended the film’s premier, including Reps. Mark Finchem and Sen. Sonny Borrelli. Logan started Cyber Ninjas in 2013 in Indiana after working for two years for a cybersecurity firm called Cigital, according to his LinkedIn profile and Cyber Ninja press releases. He moved his firm from Indiana to Sarasota in 2014, according to the Cyber Ninjas website, which quotes Logan describing the firm as a "Christian company." Last year, when Cyber Ninjas received $98,000 in federal COVID relief money, it claimed five employees.

Anon of QAnon is Sarasota Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan. POLITICO JULY 12 2021: This past weekend, two promoters of QAnon conspiracy theories were given press credentials to Donald Trump’s MAGA rally in Sarasota, Fla. The men took selfies with their badges, taunted journalists covering the event as “fake news,” showed off their wristbands printed with the QAnon's slogan #WWG1WGA” ("where we go one, we go all,") and generally reveled in the access they’d scored. Trump’s press team said the two men, Jeffrey Pedersen and his podcast co-host Shannon Shadygroove:, were not welcome, and had registered for the rally with “Red State Talk Radio,” a network that has sent people who, a Trump aide said, “appear to be legitimate” to events before. Pederson and Grooove were later identified as QAnon followers by Alex Kaplan of progressive watchdog group Media Matters, after which Trump’s team said they are considering a new policy to verify reporters ahead of events to prevent people like the two men from gaining access.

Sarasota Herald Tribune editor Chris Anderson points out today that Cyber Ninjas the controversial Sarasota company in charge of the election audit sham in Arizona is veiled in secrecy. You know, the one where they were examining 40,000 ballots for traces of bamboo shoots to prove they came from Asia, LOL.

This fiasco began in January when the GOP-led Arizona Senate demanded that Maricopa County fork over everything that had to do with the 2020 election. By March, the Cyber Ninjas computer security company had been hired to examine it all, and they have been under national media scrutiny ever since, largely because no one seems to know who they are.

Cyber Ninjas play by their own rules: The Cyber Ninjas have recruited their hand-counters almost exclusively from the Republican Party. The Cyber Ninjas counting teams are not bipartisan. The Cyber Ninjas counting teams included one former Republican state legislator who ran on the very ballots being audited. The Ninjas staff also includes members of former President Donald Trump’s campaign team, and tours of the auditing area are regularly given to Republican elected officials. The Cyber Ninjas are only counting two races: the presidential and the U.S. Senate – both races in which the Democratic challenger beat the Republican incumbent. Prior to Arizona Senate President Karen Fann’s audit, the Cyber Ninjas had never before conducted any type of election audit. The Ninjas’ only subcontractor with any election audit experience – a group called Wake TSI – quit midway through Fann’s audit, and had only conducted one previous audit of 1,000 ballots. The Cyber Ninjas have given the pro-Trump outfit One America News Network special, exclusive access throughout the entirety of Fann’s audit, while other members of the media have been relegated to the distant bleachers at the coliseum. The Cyber Ninjas have stated that they do not have to comply with public records requests.

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March 2002 raid SAAR Network Herndon VA and Operation Green Quest Sarasota-Tampa investigation links to Saudi funded 9/11 attack.

March 2002 raid SAAR Network at 555 Grove St. Herndon VA and Operation Green Quest Sarasota-Tampa investigation links to Saudi funded 9/11 attack. Operation Green Quest was the U.S. Customs Service (ICE) task force formed after the Sept. 11 attacks to wage a financial war on terror. The Tampa FBI is whitewashing the Sarasota Saudi Family and Saudi Gov Connection to 9/11 as it all links directly to Operation Green Quest and Saudi Arabia funded think tanks IIIT and SAAR in Herndon VA. Saar Foundation was established as a charity in 1983 and was initially funded by members of the wealthy al-Rajhi family of Saudi Arabia who supports al-Qaeda. The S.A.A.R. network is named for Sulaiman Abdul Aziz Rajhi, the patriarch of the Saudi family that funded it. Government officials say the Operation Green Quest investigation of the SAAR groups, which began with a probe of anti-Israel activists members of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) in Tampa Florida in 1996 and intensified after the Sept. 11 attacks. 

Sami Al-Arian admitted that he performed services for the PIJ in 1995 and thereafter, when he was a professor at the University of South Florida Tampa and after he knew that the PIJ had been designated by President Clinton as a terrorist organization. Sami Al-Arian acknowledged that in late 1995, when Ramadan Shallah, co-conspirator and former director of Al-Arian’s “think tank,” the World and Islam Studies Enterprise (WISE) was named as the new Secretary General of the PIJ terrorist organization, Al-Arian falsely denied to the media that he knew of Shallah’s association with PIJ. Though federal agents uncovered staggering amounts of evidence against members of the SAAR network and links to Al-Arian in Tampa, (IIIT is a Muslim Brotherhood think-tank), political interference led to the case being dropped.

According to the federal affidavit filed by customs investigator David Kane, the SAAR network was funded with millions of dollars in Saudi cash and was then used to funnel money to terror organizations such as that of convicted terror financier Sami al-Arian, the North American representative of Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Additionally, at least $26 million was routed to suspicious accounts in the Bahamas and the 'Isle of Man' that may have been used to fund Hamas. In this way, wealthy Saudi backers of terrorism could use America’s own banking system to escape increasing financial scrutiny from the Saudi government. The prosecution of the SAAR network was inexplicably put on the back burner by the Bush administration, despite protests by the agents involved, and was ultimately dropped by the Obama administration. No one has ever explained why. But it is clear that the SAAR network has a great deal of political pull. SAAR figures such as Mirza, Barzinji, and Altalib have given tens of thousands of dollars of campaign donations over the years to US political figures, our political figures.

To understand why the FBI is withholding evidence of the involvement of the Sarasota Saudi Family and many others to the 9/11 Hijackers while they were in Sarasota Fl, one has to step back and look at the much bigger and broader picture involving Saudi Arabia. This coverup goes far beyond the suppression of the crucial 28-page chapter from the Joint Congressional Inquiry into 9/11, concerning Saudi support for the 9/11 hijackers, the concealment of which has continued under different Presidential Administrations to this day. The investigation into the Sarasota Muslim network and Sami al-Arian in 2002 to 2003 directly links to the Bureau of Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) 'Operation Green Quest" raid of IIIT. The Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) is yet another institution funded by Saudi Arabia. The IIIT Institute’s Herndon, VA, headquarters, located at 555 Grove St., were subject of a March 20, 2002 raid, along with 19 other Saudi funded business and non-profit entities allegedly related to an umbrella corporation known as the SAAR Foundation, as part of a joint FBI-ICE program known as Operation Green Quest. 

The Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations report also noted that at the same time that the Bosnia raid occurred, in March 2002, the FBI was also raiding the Northern Virginia offices of the SAAR Foundation, a front for the Al-Rajhi group, linked both to the Muslim Brotherhood and other hard-core terrorist cells around the globe. "Operation Green Quest" targeted SAAR and the affiliated Safa Group of charitable and business fronts, all tied to the Saudi Arabia regime. The FBI took over the Operation Green Quest investigation in late 2003, as it linked to terrorism, and excluded ICE, there was a huge stink over that move and the IIIT FBI investigation continued. In June 2002, the Washington Post will headline an article, “Infighting Slows Hunt for Hidden al-Qaeda Assets.” [Washington Post, 6/18/2002]. FBI Wants Control of Green Quest – With the creation of the new Department of Homeland Security (see November 25, 2002), the FBI and its parent agency the Justice Department are given a chance to gain total control over Operation Green Quest. I was there in April 2002 in Sarasota Fl working as a Confidential Informant for the Bureau of Immigration Customs Enforcement and ICE agent Alan Childers who at the time was based in Bradenton Fl. I was reporting directly to Sarasota Police Department Intel Detective Jim Laplante with an assist from the Sarasota Sheriff Department's Detective Mike Otis and Sarasota based SA FBI Agent Thomas Baugher who claimed he was just an observer.

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