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Combined Forces of US Secret Service, Dyer County Sheriff and Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Can Not Solve the Murder of Karen Swift, Maybe They are Looking at Wrong Person

It is Police SOP 101 in the murder of a female to always look to the husband or boyfriend as the suspect, always. The combined Forces of US Secret Service, Dyer County Sheriff and Tennessee Bureau of Investigation can not solve the murder of Karen Swift on 10/30/2011 in Dyersburg TN, maybe they are looking at the wrong person, tunnel vision often misses very obvious clues to the right and the left.

FACT: Karen Swift had as many as 3 cell phones at a time some pre-paid and untraceable to keep in touch with her ‘new friends’, some that she met on the internet. Karen Swift was working as an Aerobic Instructor at the Y in Dyersburg, Karen Swift had begun teaching an aerobics class called Silver Sneakers, which is a fitness program for older adults. Karen Swift also had a house cleaning and yard cleaning business, in fact on the morning she went missing she was headed to a house cleaning job to finish up so that she could collect $250.00 later that day, see cell phone text message of  10/29/2011 above that she sent just 24 hours before she went 'missing' on 10/30/2011.

FACT: Karen Swift had multiple credit cards issued in her name only that she maxed out and she was being sued for in Dyer County Court, 3 of the credit cards are Credit One Bank, Chase Bank and Capital One Bank that she maxed out in 2010. Barclays Bank of Delaware had filed suit in Dyer County General Sessions Court, case #2010-CV-1905, with the case scheduled going to trial on May 25th, 2011. Karen Swift lived virtually free of any responsibility at the Swift Home, she drove the white 2004 Nissan Murano that was registered to David Swift, not her, he was making the monthly car payments and insurance payments and also the house payments. FOLLOW THE MONEY, FOLLOW THE CREDIT CARD TRANSACTIONS, WHO WAS SHE MEETING, WHERE DID THE MONEY GO?

FACT: Karen Swift was working up to 3 different part time jobs, yoga instructor at the Y, house cleaning business and a yard landscaping business, and yet she did not make the minimum monthly payments on the maxed out credit cards, this is a giant red fag, where was her cash going? If Karen swift was saving up to move out of the Swift home she was destroying her credit history by not paying the credit cards and ruining her chance to rent a decent apartment.

FACT: Karen Swift goes to Dyersburg Country Club Halloween Party as ‘Catwoman’ in a skintight black costume similar to the one seen above without her husband David Swift on Saturday night October 29th 2011 and stays until about 11:58 pm, early next morning Sunday October 30th 2011 at about 5:00 am she is up and out on the road and ‘goes missing’ at 5:30 am. Who was Karen Swift with at the Dyersburg Country Club Halloween Party, was everyone there interviewed by the Sheriff, I doubt it. WHERE ARE THE SURVEILLANCE TAPES.
FACT: Supposedly from information from my sources there was a break in at the Dyersburg Country Club on November 1st ,2011 and the burglars stole the surveillance cameras and the recording devices and a few golf clubs, the purpose of the break in at the Dyersburg Country was to steal the surveillance equipment, what the hell? In any police investigation of a murder or even a missing person case, the cops always want to know who was the last person the victim had contact with and were there any surveillance tapes of recent activity, if she was at home who did she talk to, if she had gone out for the night, a night of dancing and drinking like at the Dyersburg Country Club Halloween party then who was she with. It surely was not her husband who was back at their home, so who was she with, did she get into any altercations with anyone inside or outside of the Dyersburg Country Club Halloween party.

FACT: Attorney Steve Farese talks about Karen Swift murder case: “I don’t want to speak badly about Karen,” said attorney Steve Farese. “But there were some things going on that were quite unusual, and there could be more than one suspect. Karen Swift Unsolved Murder Cold Case Spotlight: I, private investigator Bill Warner, have been hired by a friend of the Swift family to investigate the unsolved murder of Karen Swift. David Swift the husband of Ark. native Karen Swift denies any role in her death as TBI fails to find a murder suspect. David Swift may not be talking to the media or the sheriff’s department but he told me in several interviews he had nothing to do with her murder, the media hype is all pure speculation.


It was Halloween 2011 when investigators found Karen's car a quarter of a mile from her home on October 30th 2011 at 5:30 am. Her tire was shredded and her purse was missing. Her Halloween costume was there, but Karen was nowhere to be found. Investigators immediately searched the couple's home and questioned David Swift, whom Karen had filed divorce papers against just three weeks prior on Oct. 10, 2011 (this was the second time she had filed for divorce), but cops found no indication that anything suspicious had occurred in the home. Cops also searched and impounded the car, a white 2004 Nissan Murano, that Karen Swift had supposedly driven just a short distance from her home to Millsfield Highway near the intersection of Harness Roadagain cops found no indication anything suspicious had occurred in the car. Cops kept the car Karen Swift had been driving for evidence and finally gave it up to the finance company, obviously the car was not the crime scene. One year and 9 months later at 6:18 p.m. on July 3, 2013, Dyer County Sheriff Jeff Box, sheriff's deputies and investigators, and a TBI agent went to the residence and served David Swift with a search warrant, again. David Swift reportedly left the residence while officers searched the house for nearly three hours. Box and the officers ended the search and left the house around 9 p.m.


Dyer County District Attorney Phil Bivens speaks with Dyer County Sheriff's investigators and TBI agents during the a Nov. 10, 2011, search of the Swift's house on Willie Johnson Road. On that day, agents with the TBI's Violent Crimes Response Team in Memphis processed potential evidence at the residence. Forensic agents were reportedly at the house because it was the last place Swift was seen alive and a part of the process of the investigation. Bivens says there has not been enough evidence presented to him to warrant an arrest. Cops searched the home of David and Karen Swift multiple times since she went missing on October 30th, 2011, cops found no indication anything suspicious had occurred in the home, so were was the crime scene, were was Karen Swift murdered? It does not appear from sheriff reports that the crime scene was near the access road to Bledsoe Cemetery where the body of Karen Swift was found on December 10th, 2011, so how did she get there?

The sheriff of Dyer County posted the following on his website on 9/02/2012: The investigation is still very active with many agencies involved in the preparation of the evidence for a murder trial. During the course of the investigation approximately between 50 to 100 pieces of evidence have been collected for lab processing (from search warrants of the Swift home). Our Investigators have received much of the lab results back, but we are looking forward to receiving everything back that is needed to prepare this case for trial. OurOurouOur department is being assisted by state and federal agencies and we are working diligently to bring this murderer to justice. Early in the investigation we recovered Karen Swift's cell phones (multiple) after they were processed by lab personel for latents and dna, we then requested the assistance of United States Secret Service in retrieving and processing information from her phones used to pinpoint the times and her movements at the time of her disappearance. The Dyer County Sheriff's Department and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation are jointly investigating Karen Swift's murder.

Since that time, 9/02/2012, the sheriff has not updated his post nor has he been able to prove the case he has established on a person of interest, the local District Attorney has refused to indict anyone for the murder of Karen Swift: It has been 3 1/2 years since the body of 44-year-old murder victim Karen Swift was found near Bledsoe Cemetery in Dyer County on December 10th, 2011Since that time, law enforcement has not made an arrest in the case. Some wonder why it has taken so long to bring her killer to justice and if there will ever be an arrest. Dyer County District Attorney Phil Bivens says, (on May 31st 2014) the decision lies with him when there is enough evidence in the case to make an arrest, and so far, there has not been enough. With no known witnesses to the murder of Swift, this case could be based mainly on DNA evidence. Bivens sated he could not comment on if there is any particular piece of evidence they are waiting on in the Swift case. Dyer County Sheriff Jeff Box said the case currently rests in Bivens' hands and he and his investigators have pointed out one person who they believe is Karen Swift's killer. "We have identified a person of interest to the district attorney and our investigators are working closely with him to render an indictment and seek a conviction," said Box. "Back some time ago, we made the DA aware of the results of our investigation and we have identified one individual that we believe is responsible for the murder of Karen Swift. And we will continually work closely with the DA and the TBI, until an indictment is made and the case goes to trial."

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Pam Geller Draw Muhammad Contest Garland TX Ends With Shootout 2 ISIS Followers Dead #Texasattack May Allah Accept Us as Mujahideen.

It appears that Pamela Geller and her American Freedom Defense Initiative goons finally got what they have been pushing for, dead bodies in the street. According to tweets from IS followers, the attack was carried out by jihadi militants loyal to the terrorist group.

ISIS supporters claimed on Twitter that one of the gunmen was a man calling himself Shariah Is Light on the social media site, but police have yet to formally identify the culprits

Shariah is Light (@atawaakul) | Twitter Elton Simpson https://twitter.com/atawaakul The latest Tweets from Shariah is Light (@atawaakul). 8th acct///Ahlus Sunnah/// News///We love hoor 24/7. -On a different tree branch.

View image on Twitter 
Suspect's vehicle has what appears to be explosion damage. Deceased suspects still in street. @FOX4

An IS fighter from the UK tweeted - "2 of our brothers just opened fire at the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) art exhibition in texas" and "They Thought They Was Safe In Texas From The Soldiers of The Islamic State," according to SITE Intelligence, an online watchdog of jihadist activities. One of the suspects in the shooting in Garland, Texas, late Sunday has been identified as Elton Simpson, an Arizona man who was previously the subject of a terror investigation, according to a senior FBI official. Overnight and today FBI agents and a bomb squad were at Simpson's home in an apartment complex in north Phoenix where a robot is believed to be conducting an initial search of the apartment. Officials believe Simpson is the person who sent out several Twitter messages prior to the attack on Sunday.


And the winner of the blood bath at the Draw Muhammad Contest in Garland TX is Bosch Fawstin, see drawing above. Bosch Fawstin, the winner of the $10,000 prize at the Muhammad art contest, is a former Muslim, looks like thay even kicked in some extra cash to pump up the award to $12,500.

'Extreme free speech': Geller's group was behind the contest that awarded a cash prize for a drawing of Muhammad in Garland, Texas on Sunday. The 56-year-old blogger has made a name for herself with such headline-grabbing 'extreme free speech' tactics
'Extreme free speech': Pamela Geller's group was behind the contest that awarded a cash prize of $10,000 for a drawing of Muhammad in Garland, Texas on Sunday. The 56-year-old blogger has made a name for herself with such headline-grabbing 'extreme free speech' tactics.

LA TIMES...Two gunmen were killed and a security guard wounded in an attack Sunday outside a controversial Dallas-area event where organizers were holding a contest for cartoons featuring the Muslim prophet Muhammad, police said, one was Elton Simpson who has priors; On January 13, 2010, a grand jury indicted Defendant Elton Simpson for knowingly and willfully making a materially false statement to the Federal Bureau of Investigation ("FBI"). The indictment also charged that the statement involved international and domestic terrorism. The indictment specified that on or about January 7, 2010, the Defendant falsely stated to special agents of the FBI that he had not discussed traveling to Somalia (Al-Shabaab), when in fact he had discussed with others traveling to Somalia for the purpose of engaging in violent jihad. The Government is charging Mr. Simpson with making a false statement in violation of 18 U.S.C. §1001. The Government is also charging that the false statement involves international or domestic terrorism as defined under section 2331, so that he is eligible for a sentence enhancement pursuant to 18 U.S.C. §1001. During the trial, the Government played some of the taped conversations between the informant, Dabla Deng, and the Defendant. One of these recordings was from July 31, 2007, more than two years before his indictment. In that recording, Mr. Simpson told Mr. Deng that Allah loves an individual who is "out there fighting [non-Muslims]" and making difficult sacrifices such as living in caves, sleeping on rocks rather than sleeping in comfortable beds and with his wife, children and nice cars. Mr. Simpson said that the reward is high because "If you get shot, or you get killed, it's [heaven] straight away." Mr. Simpson then said "[Heaven] that's what we here for...so why not take that route?" see http://az.findacase.com/research/wfrmDocViewer.aspx/xq/fac.20110314_0000473.DAZ.htm/qx

The Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest, led by prominent conservative, Pam Geller, her photo above, who is critical of Islam, was ending when two men drove up in a car and began shooting at a Garland school security officer, Bruce Joiner, who was apparently helping protect the building, city officials said. The shooting in Garland, a suburb about 20 miles from Dallas, was preceded by messages from two social media accounts that expressed radical Islamic viewpoints.
One tweet, sent at 6:35 p.m., used the hashtag #texasattack. The user wrote, “May Allah accept us as mujahideen.” Attendees at the contest didn’t get word about the shooting until about 6:50 p.m. The gathering was organized by the American Freedom Defense Initiative, which is led by Pamela Geller, a well-known conservative political personality who has been harshly critical of Islam. Classified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as an anti-Muslim hate group, the AFDI was behind controversial ad campaigns last year. Its ads on buses in San Francisco cast the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a “war between the civilized man and the savage.” Geller is perhaps best known for her opposition to what critics called the “ground zero mosque,” a cultural and prayer center that was to be built in New York about two blocks from the World Trade Center site.

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UPDATED Threatening Call Today From 731-285-0998 Dyersburg TN Caller Was Darrell Sells From His McDonalds Store Something About Murdered Karen Swift, WTH?

UPDATED Sunday May 3rd, 2015… Darrell Sells has history of threatening to kill people (Frank Burnett fears death threat by Darrell Sells) Mr. Darrell Sells appears to have a violent temper!

Body Found on Harness Road in Dyer County TN Could Be Karen Johnson Swift, Is There A Serial Killer On The Loose.
Threatening Call Today From 731-285-0998 Dyersburg TN, Caller Was Darrell Sells calling From His McDonald's Store, Something About murdered Karen Swift, WTH? The caller was an older man from his voice, late 60's early 70's, and his limited backwoods vocabulary indicates about a 3rd grade education, it appears to be Darrell Sells who is about 70 years old. Mr Darrell Sells went off the chain the minute I identified myself at 3:08 pm today, calling me a blank, blank, blank, blank, and that he was going to get me and cause physical harm, what a jerk. I have never mentioned the name Darrell Sells in my investigation of murdered Karen Swift in Dyersburg TN, so why is he calling and threatening me?  As a licensed private investigator in Florida I am also able to investigate cases in Tennessee, and I will until the persons or persons who murdered Karen Swift are arrested.

List of Reciprocity States for Florida Private Investigators. The following states have mutually agreed to recognize the right of Florida private investigators to conduct interstate business:
North Carolina

I called the number on caller ID, 731-285-0998 Dyersburg TN, and a young woman answered "McDonald's" I asked if an older man was there as he had just called me, she said that would be Mr. Sells and she went and got him, he picked up the phone and another violent outburst came out of his filthy red-neck mouth, I hung up. I have never met or had any interaction with this backwoods hillbilly Darrell Sells in Dyersburg TN, I do not know the man, nor do I want to. I can take care of myself Mr Sells but if you keep it up and continue to threaten me, I will have the law on you.


UPDATED: Frank Burnett fears death threat by Darrell Sells over loan accounting: AttorneyDyersburg businessman Frank Burnett is willing to testify in a lawsuit brought against him by Darrell Sells, but needs to be assured Darrell Sells won't harm him, his lawyer said Friday. Darrell Sells is the owner of McDonald's franchises in Dyersburg and elsewhere in West Tennessee and Missouri, (he is in his 70's), his son is Darron Sells. "When all the dust settles in this case money will be paid by Darrell Sells to Frank Burnett." The bulk of Friday's three-hour hearing was devoted to a motion by White that Sells be mentally evaluated and a guardian be appointed to look after him. "Mr. Burnett is not able to participate in his defense," White said. "That is caused by Mr. Sells' death threats to Mr. Burnett White said the impact of Sells' threat on Burnett is real. "The potential for an injurious impact on Frank Burnett and others is real," he said. "I think it is incumbent on the court to determine Mr. Sells' mental condition." "Whether Mr. Darrell Sells is insane or not is not the basis for Mr. Burnett's disorder," Young argued. ."  see http://www.stategazette.com/story/1117082.html

Map of D & B Sells Enterprises LLC

D & B Sells Enterprises LLC

D & B Sells Enterprises LLC

Darrell Sells photo from 2004.
D & B Sells Enterprises LLC
Address: 575 Mall Blvd # M, Dyersburg, TN 38024

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How the Tampa FBI is Stonewalling the Sarasota Saudi Family and the Saudi Gov Connection to 9/11 Using the IIIT-SAAR Grand Jury Investigation.

On Sept. 11, 2001—four teams of hijackers commandeered large passenger jetliners on coast-to-coast flights, and flew three of those planes into targets in New York and Washington, D.C., killing almost 3,000 people. Of the 19 men that made up the hijacking teams, 15 were Saudi Arabian. Three of the pilots had been taking flying lessons at well-known flight schools in the Sarasota Fl area. The Tampa FBI is stonewalling the Sarasota Saudi Family and Saudi Gov Connection to 9/11 because it all links directly to Operation Green Quest and Saudi Arabia funded think tanks IIIT and SAAR in Herndon VA. To understand why the FBI is withholding evidence of the involvement of the Sarasota Saudi Family and many others to the 9/11 Hijackers while they were in Sarasota Fl, one has to step back and look at the much bigger and broader picture involving Saudi Arabia. Terror Imam Anwar al-Awlaki, Sami al-Arian, Tarik Hamdi and Ziyad Khaleel were all subject to the Customs investigation into money laundering called "Operation Greenquest". Sami al-Arian refused, repeatedly, to testify before the ongoing grand jury investigation focusing on the Herndon, Va.,-based organization called the International Institute of Islamic Thought and the SAAR Foundation, in Alexandria, Va., Eastern District of Virginia, al-Arian claimed "the guys" would kill him and his family.
PHOTO: From left: King Abdullah, Prince Naif, Osama bin Laden, Prince Bandar, and Prince Turki all from Saudi Arabia. Sarasota Fl Saudi family patriarch Esam Ghazzawi was the actual home owner of the Prestancia house. Arlington VA real estate records indicate that Esam Ghazzawi also owned a two-story penthouse apartment in 'The Atrium' apartment building, on Key Boulevard in Arlington VA, which he purchased in 1992. The penthouse was deeded over to Zuhair Ghazzawi in 1997, and Zuhair Ghazzawi sold it in 2003. Distance from Arlington VA to Herndon VA is 19 miles. Esam Ghazzawi is also linked to addresses in Washington DC, the home in Sarasota Fl, Houston TX and Lexington KY. Esam Ghazzawi was a Saudi adviser to the nephew of then-King Fahd of Saudi Arabia.


GHAZZAWI, ESAM A1530 Key Blvd, Arlington, VA 22209
2101 L St, Washington, DC 20037 


GHAZZAWI, ESAM A4224 Escondito Cir, Sarasota, FL 34238

GHAZZAWI, ESAM A700 Louisiana St #7, Houston, TX 77002
GHAZZAWI, ESAM 201 Main St #1000, Lexington, KY 40507 

Zuhair Ghazzawi's addresses in Washington DC is at 2101 L St, NW Washington, DC 20037, this appears to be a office location, and is a 5 min ride to the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Washington, D.C. at 601 New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, DC 20037
This Sarasota Saudi family coverup goes far beyond the suppression of the crucial 28-page chapter from the Joint Congressional Inquiry into 9/11, concerning Saudi support for the 9/11 hijackers, the concealment of which has continued under the Obama Administration to this day. During 2002 there was an investigation by the Bureau of Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) that I initiated in Sarasota into a network of Muslim men in the used car business directly linked to convicted terrorist supporter Sami al-Arian, who were sending vehicles to the Middle East for resale, this all happened BEFORE Sami Al-Arain was arrested on February 20th, 2003 and appears to have links to the ongoing grand jury investigation focusing on a Herndon, Va.,-based organization called the International Institute of Islamic Thought, in Alexandria, Va., Eastern District of Virginia.
The investigation into the Sarasota Muslim network and Sami al-Arian directly links to the Bureau of Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) 'Operation Green Quest" raid of IIIT and the SAAR Foundation. Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) is yet another institution funded by Saudi Arabia. The IIIT Institute’s Herndon, VA, headquarters, located at 555 Grove St., were subject of a March 20, 2002 raid, along with 19 other Saudi funded business and non-profit entities allegedly related to an umbrella corporation known as the SAAR Foundation, as part of a joint FBI-ICE program known as Operation Green Quest. The Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations report also noted that at the same time that the Bosnia raid occurred, in March 2002, the FBI was also raiding the Northern Virginia offices of the SAAR Foundation, a front for the Al-Rajhi group, linked both to the Muslim Brotherhood and other hard-core terrorist cells around the globe. "Operation Green Quest" targeted SAAR and the affiliated Safa Group of charitable and business fronts, all tied to the Saudi Arabia regime.
While the leaders of IIIT-SAAR and Safa have not been charged, and the Grand Jury investigation is still ongoing to this day, the investigation did lead to the 2004 guilty plea by American Muslim Council founder Abdurahman Alamoudi, who is serving a 23-year sentence for illegal transactions with the Libyan government and assisting in a plot to assassinate then-Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah. Former Florida professor Sami al-Arian declined to answer questions before the IIIT-SAAR Federal grand jury in Alexandria in 2006 and again and again over the years, according to documents unsealed in federal court in Tampa. The FBI took over the Operation Green Quest investigation in late 2003 or early 2004, as it linked to terrorism, and excluded ICE, there was a huge stink over that move and the IIIT-SAAR FBI investigation continues to this day.
US Customs Agents carry out boxes of evidence from SAAR network businesses on March 20, 2002.
US Customs Agents carry out boxes of evidence from SAAR network businesses on March 20, 2002. SAAR stands for Sulaiman Abdul Aziz al-Rajhi, a Saudi banker and billionaire who largely funded the group beginning in the early 1980s (see July 29, 1983). He is said to be close to the Saudi ruling family and is on the Golden Chain, a list of early al-Qaeda supporters. Wall Street Journal. Investigators appear to be primarily interested in the connections between the SAAR network and the Al Taqwa Bank, a Swiss bank closed after 9/11 on suspicions of funding al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups (see November 7, 2001). They are also interested in connections between both SAAR and Al Taqwa and the Muslim Brotherhood (see December 1982). As a result of conflicts between the FBI and the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (the successor agency to Customs) over Operation Green Quest, in May 2003 the Attorney General and the Secretary of Homeland Security signed an agreement concerning terrorist financing investigations. In it, DHS acknowledged that the Department of Justice, through the FBI, was the lead agency in the fight against terrorist financing, and that any terrorist financing investigations would have to be conducted under the auspices of the FBI-led Joint Terrorism Task Force. DHS also agreed to disband Operation Green Quest by June of 2003 and not to start any investigations into terrorism or terrorist financing without the permission of the FBI.
Shortly after 9/11, the FBI begins to suspect that Anwar al-Awlaki, an imam to several of the 9/11 hijackers, may have had some connection to the 9/11 plot. Throughout 2002, Anwar al-Awlaki is subject of active Customs investigation (ICE) into money laundering called Operation Greenquest. The FBI will later admit they were “very interested” in al-Awlaki and yet failed to stop him from leaving the country. One FBI source says, “We don’t know how he got out.”

Imam Muneer Arafat was a 'Jihad Preacher' in the St Louis area Mosques and had been the roommate of Al-Qaeda procurement agent Ziyad Sadaqa aka Ziyad Khaleel. “Holy Man” Muneer Arafat shows up in Sarasota/Venice Fl area in March of 2000 to work at the Islamic Society of Sarasota and Bradenton, Mohamed Atta and 2 other Al-Qaeda 9/11 Hijack pilots show up in the Sarasota/Venice area in June 2000, small world, eh. From open court records in Tampa it has been revealed that Muneer Arafat had become an informant for the US Department of Justice in 2002 and they had paid him $35,000 to infiltrate a group of Muslim used car dealers in Sarasota Fl, but was Arafat working both sides of the street at the same time ?

Ziyad Khaleel aka Ziyad Sadaqa– A Designated Terrorist. Purchased a satellite telephone and the battery for Osama Bin Laden that allegedly facilitated the Al-Qaeda attack on the 1998 U.S. embassies in Tanzania and Kenya. Muneer Arafat, the Iman at the Islamic Center of Boca Raton and a frequent visitor in Sarasota Fl, was the roommate and long time associate of Ziyad Khaleel aka Ziad Sadaqa in Columbia MO and in St Louis. Tarik Hamdi was employed by Sami al-Arian in Tampa Fl at one of al-Arian’s Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) front and he took a replacement battery for the same satellite telephone to Osama bin-Laden.
Tariq (Tarik) Abdulmelik Hamdi a/k/a Tariq Hamdi Ismael Azami – Employed by IIIT, Hamdi delivered a replacement satellite telephone battery to an aide to Bin Laden in May 1998, that enabled Bin Laden to communicate with his followers in preparation for the US Embassy Bombings in Kenya and Tanzania. The two al-Qaeda operatives, Ziyad Khaleel and Tarik Hamdi, have been involved with both the CDLR and the ARC and both men were the subject of a 2002 active Customs investigation (ICE) into money laundering called Operation Greenquest. The Advice and Reformation Committee (or “ARC”) and the Committee for the Defense of Legitimate Rights (or “CDLR”) are both Saudi-dissident groups in London with ties to Osama bin Laden. Tarik Hamdi’s former employer the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) – IIIT is a core member of the Safa Group. IIIT employed Tariq Hamdi who corresponded directly with Al-Arian’s groups in Tampa. International Islamic Charitable Organization (IICO) – “Safa Group” corporation located at 555 Grove Street, #116, Herndon, Virginia, operated by Muhammad Ashraf, Ibrahim Hassaballa, Yaqub Mirza and Mohieldin Mohamed.

Sami Arian was arrested on a federal prosecutors indictment on February 21, 2003, he was acquitted in one of the nation’s highest-profile terrorism cases on most charges but pleaded guilty to a single charge of support of terrorism. Sami al-Arian believes his life would be in danger (al-Arian would be killed) if he testified before the IIIT Grand Jury (he never did), his attorneys told a judge. A criminal contempt indictment against former University of South Florida professor Sami Al-Arian was dropped Friday June 27th, 2014, clearing the way for his deportation after over a decade of being targeted by the U.S. Justice Department. Al-Arian's legal drama continued when prosecutors in Alexandria, Va., Eastern District of Virginia, sought his testimony in a separate investigation there. They sought his testimony in a long-running, terror-related grand jury investigation focusing on a Herndon, Va.,-based organization called the International Institute of Islamic Thought, which was raided by the FBI (ICE) in 2002 and had provided funding to the think tank Al-Arian founded

Sami Al-Arian was given the opportunity to appeal the determinations of Judge Lee in Virginia and Judge Moody in Florida that his plea agreement did not bar the government from compelling his testimony - - and he did so twice. United States v.Al-Arian 514 F.3d 1184 (11th Cir. 2008); In re Grand Jury Subpoena, No. 07-1155 (4th Cir. March 23, 2007). In light of these principles, any fear that the defendant may have had would be irrelevant to whether he committed the offenses charged. Accordingly, this Court should bar the defense from arguing or introducing evidence to establish that the defendant feared that complying with the orders to his safety put at risk his safety or that of his family.

On Feb 3rd 2015 Sami al-Arian was finally deported after repeatedly refusing to answer before the IIIT Grand Jury investigation for 12 years. Sami Arian was arrested on a federal prosecutors indictment on February 21, 2003, the DOJ kept al-Arian confined in one way or another for 12 years. Sami Al-Arian was deported from the United States late Wednesday Feb 3rd, 2015. According to a statement from Immigration and Customs Enforcement, he flew to Turkey "via a commercial flight from Washington Dulles International Airport in Fairfax, Virginia." According to an FBI memo a source whose name is redacted in the investigative file "advised that the IIIT, NAIT (North American Islamic Trust) and all the subsidiary and sponsoring Muslim organizations under the control of the IIIT and the SAAR Foundation are in fact IKHWAN organizations, aka Muslim Brotherhood". 

Ok, lets get real here, my name is Bill Warner I am a licensed private investigator in the State of Florida and have been since 1997. I was there in April 2002 in Sarasota Fl working as an informant for the Bureau of Immigration Customs Enforcement investigating a group of Muslim used car dealers in Sarasota Fl. I reported directly to a ICE agent who at the time was based in Bradenton Fl. I was also reporting directly to the Sarasota Police Department Intel division, with additional meetings with the Sarasota Sheriff Department's and a Sarasota based SA FBI Agent. We had meetings all through 2002 and 2003 and into 2004 regarding a support of terrorism network in Sarasota Fl that appears to have some links to Sami al-Arian and a grand jury investigation focusing on a Herndon, Va.,-based organization called the International Institute of Islamic Thought, and 9/11 Hijackers Mohamed Atta and his pals who where in the Sarasota Fl area from at least June of 2000 to February of 2001, or later.

I had found that Sarasota Imam Muneer Arafat had been visiting this group of Muslim used car dealers in Sarasota and Tampa Fl who were shipping vehicles to the Middle East with destinations like Dubai UAE and Jeddah Saudi Arabia. I even had surveillance photos of Imam Muneer Arafat's vehicle at one of the Muslim used car dealers in Sarasota in November of 2002 just before he was arrested by the Feds and shipped back to St Louis to testify before a Federal Grand Jury on terrorism links in the USA, in December 2002.

It became public knowledge after the St Louis Post-Dispatch news article of January 20th 2003, that Sarasota Imam Muneer Arafat, while working at the Islamic Society of Sarasota and Bradenton on Lockwood Ridge Rd Sarasota Fl, was directly linked to Al-Qaeda agents and support of terror funding. Muneer Arafat admitted in the St Louis Post-Dispatch article that he and his pal Ziyad Sadaqa aka Ziyad Khaleel raised $20,000 for the Holy Land Relief Foundation in Texas which turned out to be a front for Hamas, all the directors of Holy Land ended up with long prison sentences. Not one word of Imam Muneer Arafat's numerous confirmed terrorism links was ever reported in the Sarasota Herald Tribune, Arafat returned to the Islamic Society of Sarasota and Bradenton on Lockwood Ridge Rd Sarasota Fl and worked through the end of 2003 like nothing ever happened.

As a result of my independent investigation into the support of terrorism network in Sarasota Fl and what appears to be links to Sami al-Arian and a grand jury investigation focusing on a Herndon, Va.,-based organization called the International Institute of Islamic Thought, my name was submitted by an ICE Agent to the 'Rewards for Justice Program', not once but twice, it appears that the Tampa office of the FBI quashed the 'Reward' both times, if I had received the 'Rewards for Justice' payout ($Millions) the FBI would have to admit as to what was discovered by me in Sarasota Fl. To this day, the FBI alleges no link to the 9/11 hijackers to any support network in the greater Sarasota Fl area or in the USA, this is a lie. Instead of a $Million dollar payout from the 'Rewards for Justice Program' I was finally paid $2,500 by the ICE Bradenton Fl field office on April 29th, 2005 (10 years ago to the day) in old $100 bills that appeared to me had come from a drug deal (confiscated cash), also on this day, April 29th, 2005, I was officially inducted as a Confidential Informant for ICE at the Bradenton office, prior to this date I operated on my own with full knowledge of the FBI, ICE, the Sarasota Police Dept and the Sarasota Sheriff Dept.

The Rewards for Justice Program is one of the most valuable assets the U.S. Government has in the fight against international terrorism. The Rewards for Justice Program has been effective. Since the inception of the Rewards for Justice program in 1984, the United States has paid more than $125 million to over 80 people who provided credible information that put terrorists behind bars or prevented acts of international terrorism worldwide. The program played a significant role in the arrest of international terrorist Ramzi Yousef, who was convicted in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center. Today, the Rewards for Justice Program plays a critical role in the 2014 Afghanistan Transition Plan.

CIA Report Indicates Saudi Gov Behind 9/11 Attack But FBI Report Redacts Sarasota Saudi Family's Link to Mohamed Atta, It Was an Act of War. How the FBI is whitewashing the Saudi connection to 9/11.  Just 15 days before the 9/11 attacks, a well-connected Saudi family suddenly abandoned their luxury home in Sarasota, Fla., leaving behind jewelry, clothes, opulent furniture, a driveway full of cars — including a brand new Chrysler PT Cruiser — and even a refrigerator full of food. 

About the only thing not left behind was a forwarding address. The occupants simply vanished without notifying their neighbors, realtor or even mail carrier. The investigation into the prominent Saudi family’s ties to the hijackers started on Sept. 19, 2001, and remained active for several years. It was led by the FBI’s Tampa field office but also involved the bureau’s field offices in New York and Washington, and also the Southwest Florida Domestic Security Task Force.

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It is a 9 min walk from where Indiana University student Lauren Spierer was last seen to where Indiana University student Hanna Wilson was last seen, see map

In my 20 years as a private investigator I have always started any investigation of a missing person at the last known location for the subject. Lauren Spierer and Hannah Wilson both went missing from the same neighborhood, was Daniel Messel stalking both victims? It is a 9 min walk from where Indiana University student Lauren Spierer was last seen to where Indiana University student Hanna Wilson was last seen, see map above. The similarities between the two cases is focusing new attention on Spierer, 20, who disappeared June 3, 2011 after a night of drinking in Bloomington. Wilson also disappeared after a night of drinking. Her body was found hours later in a rural area not far from the university, with her skull crushed from blows to the head. A cellphone found near her body led police to Daniel E. Messel, 49, who has been charged with her murder. Police do not know where or how she encountered Messel. But the similarities to Lauren Spierer's disappearance are striking, said Michael Ciravolo, a private investigator with Beau Dietl & Associates, a firm hired by the Spierer family. "It's in the realm of possibility," said Ciravolo. "We're waiting to hear from police if they believe there is a solid connection between Hannah Wilson and Lauren." Ciravolo noted that Wilson was reportedly last seen leaving Kilroy's Sports Bar in Bloomington, where friends put her in a cab home. Lauren Spierer had been at the same bar the night she disappeared.

Thursday April 23rd, 2015, Indiana University student Hannah Wilson, 22 years old, went missing around midnight, she had been on her way to Kilroy’s Bar in Bloomington the same place Lauren Spierer was at before she went missing June 3rd 2011, Hannah instead was put into a cab and sent home to her apartment in the 500 block of East 8th Street Bloomington IN.

0612-LAUREN Friday June 3rd 2011 at 4:30am, Indiana University student Lauren Spierer went missing from around the 500 block of N. College Ave just down from East 10th Street Bloomington IN. Lauren Spierer lived in the 400 block of N. College Ave she had been at Kilroy’s Bar in Bloomington earlier. Lauren Spierer has long blond hair, she is 4′11″ tall and 95 lbs, 21 years old.

Daniel Messel is facing murder charges. Daniel Messel's arrest has provided BPD detectives with an avenue of investigation into Lauren Spierer's disappearance that will be "diligently pursued." Messel was formally charged Monday in the murder of IU senior Hannah Wilson. "Detectives provided assistance in the death investigation of Hannah Wilson, but an effort will be made to confer in more detail with Indiana State Police detectives to determine what, if any, similarities might exist in the two cases that may have not been released to the public," Qualters said in the press release.
Daniel Messel has a long criminal record, including a conviction in 1996 on battery with a deadly weapon and battery causing serious bodily injury charges, Indiana court records show. He was sentenced to eight years in prison on one charge and six years suspended on the other, but only served 3 years time. Released in 1999, he was charged again in 2007 with battery but pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor disorderly conduct. He was released after paying $210 in court costs. How many more unsolved murders of young college age females are there?

Daniel Messel is a psychopath. Court records obtained by the Call 6 Investigators show Hannah Wilson's murder suspect, Daniel Messel, 49, has an extensive criminal history of violence dating as far back as at least 1986. Call 6 Investigator Kara Kenney spent hours digging through his old case files in Monroe County on Monday, which included hundreds of pages of court records. In 1996, Messel was sentenced to prison time for battery with a deadly weapon after prosecutors say he beat Debbie and Wayne Thompson of Bloomington, breaking Debbie’s nose and causing Wayne to lose part of his ear. “Mr. Messel then returned again and began striking Debbie Thompson in the head with a 2 x 4 causing a severe laceration to her head which severed an artery on her scalp,” read a probable cause from 1995 from the Thompson case. He served just over three years in prison, from June 1996 to November 1999, according to the Indiana Department of Correction, and was under court supervision an additional six years. In 2006, Messel was charged with battery, but in 2007, he pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct after prosecutors say he beat his co-worker at Baxter Pharmaceutical, Brady Christian, in the face. As part of a plea agreement, Messel served no jail or prison time for that incident. Messel is currently employed at Fine Print printing 125 S Westplex Ave, Bloomington, IN.

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