Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Sarasota Fl Sadistic Sexual Predator and Murderer John Waterman on the Road in His 2018 Black Ford Truck tag QBFN26

UPDATED Sept 5th, 2023. Monsters amongst us! One of the worst of the worst sexual predators, rape and murder conviction in Sarasota Fl, has been mobile and on the road in Florida since November 2021. Why would sexually violent predator John Waterman buy a 2018 Ford pickup truck and who backs him with cash? What's next "John's Handyman Service" so he can get inside people's homes? 

Sarasota Psycho killer John Waterman was sent to violent sex offender housing in “Treatment Center for Rapists” in Arcadia Fl after his release August 1st, 2011 from state prison. Registered sex offender, predator, convicted murderer and ex-con John Waterman is now mobile, his photo at top of post is from 2020 over three years old. Convicted murderer and sexual predator John Waterman has exhibited all the characteristics of a serial killer and now he is free to roam the State of Florida in his 2018 Black Ford pickup truck.

From Orlando to Sarasota Fl it is a 2 hr 57 min (131.2 mi) via I-4 W and I-75 S drive. Current verified address for JOHN BENSON WATERMAN 5389 Rose Ave Apt B Orlando, FL 32810-4038 Orange County as per the FDLE sex offender registry. John B. Waterman was involved in a traffic accident in the Orlando area on June 7, 2023. John B. Waterman was charged with FAIL TO YIELD - TO ONCOMING TRAFFIC/VEHICLE PASSING ON LEFT WHEN MAKING LEFT TURN. DRIVER FAILED TO YIELD TO ONCOMING TRAFFIC RESULTING IN A COLLISION. PROPERTY DAMAGE $13,000. INJURY TO OTHERS, YES. Looks like John Waterman got the newer 2018 Ford pickup on June 17, 2023, about 10 days after he was involved in the Orlando car accident of which he was at fault. Appears that John Waterman is going to be the subject of a automobile lawsuit in Orlando. There is no indication that John Waterman is required to wear a ankle monitor bracelet, there is no probation involved, there are NO travel restrictions.

The outrageous release of John Waterman for the 1991 Rape and Torture Murder of Jackie Galloway after John Waterman only did 16 years in prison and then sent to “Treatment Center for Rapists” in Arcadia Fl is unconscionable. John Waterman, 54, raped, tortured and killed Sarasota County woman Jackie Galloway and then kidnapped, raped and tortured, with a knife, another woman in the Hudson Bayou section of Sarasota Fl. 

After Jackie Galloway vanishes from her home in Sarasota, her body is found wrapped in a sheet tied with distinct, complex knots. The medical examiner determined Jackie Galloway was bound and tortured before being strangled. JOHN BENSON WATERMAN is now free to roam, current verified address is 5389 Rose Ave apt B Orlando Fl. JOHN BENSON WATERMAN, DOB: 05/06/1966. Registered sex offender, predator and murderer John Waterman is now mobile. Registered Sexual Predator and Murderer John Waterman purchased a black 2018 Ford pickup truck in Orlando Fl, tag number QBFN26. John Waterman registered a 2018 black Ford pickup truck, approx cost $27,500 on June 17, 2023. John Waterman appears to have purchased the truck and is making payments to ORANGE SPORTS CENTER INC Orlando Fl, sort of a buy here, pay here, used car lot. Where did John Waterman get the down payment money (at least $5,000 CASH) for the truck? Who would hire a guy like Waterman? Who is helping John Waterman financially? Will John Waterman move back to Sarasota? His Black 2018 Ford pickup truck has VIN: 1FTEW1CPXJFB96448 and Fl tag QBFN26.

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