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Sunday, November 19, 2023

Private Investigator Bill Warner Tells US Sun & Daily Mail Kaitlin Armstrong’s Sister Could Face Prison Time if She Helped Murder Suspect on The Run.

UPDATE November 18th 2023, Kaitlin Armstrong convicted of murder gets 90 years in prison! US SUN News: KAITLYN Armstrong's friends and family members could be criminally charged if any of them are found to have made contact with the accused murderer during her 43 days on the run private investigator Bill Warner warns. veteran private investigator Bill Warner told The US Sun that anyone who was in contact with Kaitlin Armstrong or privy to her whereabouts during her time on the lam could be charged as an accessory if they failed to alert authorities prior to her capture. "Because it [was] well known she's a fugitive, then anyone who had contact with her during that time should expect to be charged by the authorities," said Bill Warner. "She seemed to have a real tight network of people and friends, and her family seemed to be standing by her too, insisting she was innocent. "So I'm sure someone must've been in contact with her at some stage," Bill Warner claimed. After Kaitlin Armstrong’s arrest in Costa Rica, Zachary Paulsen told Inside Edition he found items in a locker that included her passport, a second passport belonging to her sister Christine Armstrong, and the cosmetic surgery receipt (two passports and a $6,350 receipt for cosmetic surgery to her face). Deputy US Marshal Brandon Filla had previously said that Armstrong used a valid, active passport belonging to someone with “very similar physical descriptions (her sister)” when she hopped a flight out of Newark, NJ to Costa Rica last month. He did not say who the passport belonged to or how Kaitlin Armstrong got it. The sister appears to be involved with Kaitlin Armstrong fleeing the USA.

Fugitive Kaitlin Armstrong had nose job, plastic surgery, she paid $6,350 at AVA surgical center. Kaitlin Armstrong, 34, used her sister's passport to get to Costa Rica and to get the plastic surgery. A witness to her arrest claims two passports were found amongst her belongings. One belonged to Armstrong and the other to her 31-year-old sister, Christine. Police confirmed she traveled to Costa Rica using an active, valid passport. Witnesses also say Armstrong got a nose job in Costa Rica and dyed her hair. During her arrest Kaitlin Armstrong sported short drown hair, more similar to the hairstyle depicted in Christine's passport photo. Who helped Kaitlin Armstrong in NYC for 4 days, from May 14 to May 18, who dropped he off at Newark Airport EWR on May 18? Christine Armstrong did. Fugitive Kaitlin Armstrong's New York City connection from May 14th to May 18th was her sister Christine Armstrong, she gave Kaitlin her passport to use on flight from Newark to Cots Rica. The sister whom Kaitlin Armstrong visited before fleeing the country could be in big trouble, retired cop Lenny DePaul said he hopes for her sake she cooperated with authorities.

Ex-cop Lenny DePaul is the retired former commander of the U.S. Marshals Service’s New York/New Jersey Regional Fugitive Task Force. "If not, she's facing significant time," he said. "They could certainly charge her with harboring a fugitive or aiding and abetting. It's a significant amount of time in a federal penitentiary, so I'm hoping she jumped onboard Team USA...[and] did the right thing."

Sarasota private investigator Bill Warner told FOX3, the US Sun News and the Daily Mail that anyone who talked to Kaitlin Armstrong or knew where she was while she was on the run could be charged as an accessory to the crime if they didn’t tell the police before she was caught. “Because everyone knew she was on the run, anyone who talked to her during that time should have expected to be charged by the police,” Bill Warner said. “She looked to have a really tight network of individuals and friends, and her family seemed to be standing by her, saying that she was innocent. She appeared to have a lot of support behind her.” Bill Warner stated that he was confident that someone must have communicated with her at some point in her life, like her sister Christine Armstrong in New York. “At this point, investigators will be going over past phone records to determine whether or not that was the case, said Bill Warner.” The United States Marshals Service has been asked for comment by FOX3 in order to explain whether or not detectives believe that Armstrong was in communication with anyone while she was on the run, but get no response.

In Texas, the law that criminalizes the act of harboring a fugitive is known as Hindering Apprehension or Prosecution. This is a very broad state law that could subject a person to criminal charges if they harbor, conceal, provide or aid in providing a person with the means of avoiding arrest or effecting escape; or even warns someone of impending discovery or apprehension. This law could even land parents in legal trouble if the person they are “harboring” is their own child. Hindering Apprehension or Prosecution is a Class A misdemeanor unless the harbored person is wanted for a felony, in which case it is a Third-Degree Felony punishable by 2-10 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine.

For the past 25 years, Bill Warner has worked as a private investigator. He speculated that USMS may have been keeping an eye on Amstrong’s family, particularly his parents, younger sister Christine, and any close acquaintances. According to private investigator Bill Warner, “They will be looking to see who that person is contacting in addition to watching for any new phone calls to unrecognized numbers, which may have been a burner phone.” “They will be trying to see who that person is calling in addition to who they are and where they were.” “They are going to check for any odd phone calls, such as whether or not she called her parents. Has she placed a call to her sister? Has she gotten in touch with any of her old pals from Austin?” Bill Warner stated that in the event that any calls of this nature were made, U.S. Marshals would have employed a device known as a stingray, also known as an ISMI catcher, in order to trace the location of the burner phone or unusual phone number. Private Investigator Bill Warner, who has been involved in investigations conducted by the FBI in the past, indicated that the “stingray” is the most effective technique used by the US Marshals Service to capture fugitives. “They locate a phone number that fugitives call, such as a mother, a sister, or a sibling, and they’ll watch the activities of that phone and finally they’ll track it down to where that individual is, often with accuracy within ten yards of where he/she is,”

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