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Unsolved Murders During 2011 of Karen Swift in Dyersburg TN and Jessica Lewis in Memphis TN Strikingly Similar to M.O. of Unknown Serial Killer

Unsolved Murders During 2011 of Karen Swift in Dyersburg TN and Jessica Lewis in Memphis TN Strikingly Similar to M.O. of Unknown Serial Killer in Memphis. South Memphis serial killer struck during early 2011. Private investigator Bill Warner was back on CNN Headline News Jane Velez-Mitchell's show GONE on December 12th, 2011 talking about the unsolved murder of Karen Swift whose nude body was found on Dec 10th, 2011 in Dyersburg TN, with her panties pulled down. Karen Swift was beautiful, her photo above, she had shoulder length blonde hair. Karen Swift looks some what like murdered Jessica Nicole Lewis in Memhis TN in 2011, just sayin. CNN Jane Velez-Mitchell, "Bill Warner, you find it very significant that Karen`s body was found near a cemetery". There's a little dirt road off of Harness Road that leads up to the old Bledsoe Cemetery.

There is a little dirt road that separates where Karen Swifts body was found in Dec 2011 and from where the headstones are in the old Bledsoe cemetery. It's within 30, 40 feet. The problem I have, is that I was aware earlier in the same year in -- from January through March 2011, that there was serial killer in the Memphis Tennessee area who killed three women (Jessica Nicole Lewis) and dumped their nude bodies (panties pulled down) in a cemetery in Memphis, Tennessee, the old Mount Carmel Cemetery. Jessica Nicole Lewis, was murdered in South Memphis in Feb 2011, her body dumped in the old Mt Carmel cemetery. Kinda looks like the Memphis serial killer has a signature to his murders. I find this a little disturbing, being that Memphis is only maybe a 1 1/2 hour drive from Dyersburg TN, and the Memphis TN serial killer was never caught!

UPDATE JUNE 17th, 2024: MEMPHIS TN SERIAL KILLER STILL OUT THERE HE HAS NEVER BEEN CAUGHT. The Memphis TN serial killer was described as a black male with cornrow hair, he was clean shaven in 2011 but would most likely have facial hair in 2024, he would be now 37 years old.

After roughly 11 hours of deliberation, the court declared a mistrial in the case of the State of Tennessee vs. David Swift. The jury was hung on charges of voluntary manslaughter and could not reach a verdict. David Swift was found not guilty of charges including 1st-degree and 2nd-degree murder, and 1st and 2nd-degree attempted murder. Judge Mark Hayes declared a mistrial. Following adjournment, statements regarding the day’s court proceedings were issued by District Attorney "General" Danny Goodman and defense attorney Daniel Taylor.

UPDATE; June 20, 2024 David Swift indicted by the Dyer County Grand Jury for voluntary manslaughter and aggravated assault against/on Karen Swift, David not guilty at trial of her murder, so what's up "General Danny"

DYER COUNTY TN JUNE 2024: General Danny's end run around the current 8 year Statute of Limitations for Voluntary Manslaughter in TN by charging David Swift for the supposed crime in 2011 on Karen Swift, violates David Swift's 6th Amendment Right to a Speedy Trial for the same supposed crime. It looks like anything goes in Dyer County TN. US Constitution’s Sixth Amendment’s Right to Speedy Trial Clause: In 2011 in the State of Tennessee, the Statute of limitations on Voluntary Manslaughter was 4 years, David Swift left Tennessee in 2015. In 2016, the Tennessee Supreme Court specifically overruled its prior holding on ex post facto laws and held that “the ex post facto clause of the Tennessee Constitution has the same definition and scope as the federal ex post facto clause.” In other words, if a new Tennessee law were to extend a statute of limitation for a certain crime, it could now apply to both future crimes and also past crimes for which the statutes of limitation had not already expired. Past cases have considered how the US Constitution’s Due Process and Speedy Trial Clauses affect criminal statutes of limitations. Statutes of limitations apply to the time period before criminal proceedings are started while the right to a speedy trial applies to the length of time between the start of criminal proceedings and cases going to trial. The US Constitution’s Sixth Amendment’s Speedy Trial Clause provides that in all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial. On its face, the protection of the amendment is activated only when a criminal prosecution has begun and extends only to those persons who have been accused in the course of that prosecution. 
Accordingly, as a non-party citizen to the Swift murder trial, I am free to speak to the public and the media about the Swift murder trial under the First Amendment to the Constitution. Simply put, my rights to freedom of speech cannot be restricted by persons known and unknown. Criticism of the government, political dissatisfaction, and advocacy of unpopular ideas that people may find distasteful or against public policy are nearly always protected by the First Amendment.

David Swift not guilty at trial June 6 2024, his D-Day, so who killed Karen Swift? Maybe David Swift DIDN'T kill Karen Johnson Swift - The Context Of Things. see via @tedbauer2003.

Prosecutor DA Goodman claims in his opening statement Tuesday, that David Swift on the morning of Oct 30th, 2011 went into the bedroom where his wife was sleeping in their home, stripped her down to her panties and then dragged her to their garage where David Swift put Karen Swift down on the concrete floor and stomped on Karen Swift's head with such force that he cracked her skull in two places, there would have been blood spatter everywhere. Medical examiner Dr. Marco Ross testified to a depressed skull fracture on the right side of her head, that he said killed Karen Swift in the David Swift murder trial, but said there was no way to determine the weapon. I suppose it could be from a hammer or a baseball bat or even from a possible pistol whipping as a weapon to cause a depressed skull fracture (bones forced into the brain). Dr. Marco Ross also testified there was no way to determine if she'd been sexually assaulted. An autopsy report provided to Court TV said Karen Swift died from “blunt force injury of the head”, depressed fracture to the temporal bone on the side of the head, the the hardest bone in the human body. 

17-page autopsy revealed Karen Swift died from a hit to the right front side of her head causing a depressed fracture sending broken bones into her brain. Looks like a left hand perp hit her with a gun butt. A gun butt from a pistol whipping would definitely cause a depressed fracture in the head of Karen Swift. I think that of all the suspected murder weapons, like a hammer or gulf club or baseball bat that have been bantered around by web-sleuths, bloggers, pod-casters and wanna be cops the most obvious weapon that is prolific in the State of Tennessee is a handgun.

DA Goodman claims David Swift stomped on the head of Karen Swift while she was lying on the concrete floor of their garage, there would have been blood everywhere. BUT wouldn't they have been damage to both sides of Karen Swift's head and not just on the right side? The medical examiner testified Thursday May 30 in the David Swift murder trial, providing graphic details from Karen Swift's autopsy. The medical examiner stated that Karen Swift had a depressed fracture to the right side of her head that was the basic cause of death. A depressed fracture to the head causes bone fragments forced into the brain, M.E. was unable to determine exactly what kind of weapon caused the head wound. Depressed fracture wound was found on the right side of the head above the right eye of Karen Swift. The human skull can withstand 6.5 GPa of pressure while oak holds up under 11 GPa. Frontal bone: this bone comprises the forehead and the upper orbit of the eye. It joins the parietal bones at the coronal suture. Two temporal bones: These bones are located at the sides and base of the skull, and they are the hardest bones in the body. A supposed murder weapon that caused the wound would be a hammer or a baseball bat or even from a possible pistol whipping. The killer of Karen Swift would have been most likely left handed if he used a weapon as wounds were on the right side of her head, David Swift is right handed.

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