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SIX WOMEN FOUND MURDERED ALONG TRUCK ROUTES NEAR PORTLAND LOOK HARD AT TRUCKERS WHO TRAVEL ROUTE 205 TO ROUTE 18. Potential serial killer after the deaths of six women under the age of 40 within the last three months near Portland OR. ViCAP: Over the years the FBI has connected unsolved murders of women involved in the drug and prostitution trade found along the nations highways to serial killers who drove trucks, Violent Criminal Apprehension Program. The FBI suspects that serial killers working as long-haul truckers are responsible for the slayings of hundreds of women nationwide. Law enforcement agencies in Oregon and Washington are investigating several suspicious deaths. Investigators in Multnomah, Clark, Clackamas and Polk counties found the bodies of six women, Ashley Real, Bridget Leann Webster, Kristin Smith, Joanna Speaks, Charity Lynn Perry and unknown victim in the last three months from February to May 2023. Joanna Speaks was killed by blunt force trauma or blunt head and neck injuries. The cause of death of the other 5 murdered women has not been revealed by the cops.

On April 24, a few weeks after Joanna's death, Charity Perry, 24, was found dead near Ainsworth State Park. The same day, an unidentified woman who police believe is of Native American or Native Alaskan descent, was found dead near Interstate 205. Kristin Smith, 22, was found dead near Southeast Deardorff Road and Flavel Street in Portland on Feb. 19. She had been missing since December 2022. Bridget Leann Ramsey Webster, 31, was found dead on April 30 near Harmony Rd. Police say she was known to frequent central Portland. The last body to be found was that of Ashley Real, 22. Her remains were spotted by a fisherman in a heavily wooded area in Eagle Creek on May 7.

The FBI suspects that serial killers working as long-haul truckers are responsible for the slayings of hundreds of prostitutes, and drug addicts along America's highways. If there is such a thing as an ideal profession for a serial killer, it may well be as a long-haul truck driver. FBI Crime Analyst Christie Palazzolo is quick to point out that long-haul trucking is an honorable profession and that the overwhelming majority of drivers are not murderers—but it does happen, and the pattern is unmistakable. More than a decade ago, analysts for the FBI’s Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (ViCAP)—the only national database of serial crimes—began to see a marked increase in the number of bodies recovered along the side of the road. A majority of the victims were truck-stop prostitutes, and it turned out that many of the suspects were long-haul truckers.

DNA is connecting the dots on hundreds of unsolved murders of women found along highways to long haul truckers that criss-cross the interstate system. According to the FBI, four killings along I-4 highway near Orlando are among 28 in Florida that are unsolved and connected to serial killings that the bureau suspects were committed by long-haul truckers. Those include 19 deaths along the I-4 corridor between Tampa and Daytona Beach, although all but one local law-enforcement agency denies any serial-killer cases on its books. The FBI report documents dozens of serial killings of people whose bodies were dumped near popular trucking routes. The report is accompanied by a map that shows the FBI plotting more than 500 serial killings — mostly prostitutes and female drug users — across the United States. 

NY Post writes Sunday May 1st, 2022, A good number of serial killers are believed to be truckers like the “Happy Face Killer” Keith Jesperson long-haul drivers who target prostitutes and take advantage of being on the road for weeks at a time to hide their crimes. “They can work a circuit,” cold case investigator Paul Holes said. “Picking up sex workers is something that has been seen over and over again. ‘Hey, you need a ride?’ And the victim gets in their vehicle and they’re done.” The creation of the FBI’s Highway Serial Killings Initiative in 2009 underscores the pervasiveness of truck-driving predators, he said. “It’s a huge aspect.” At least 25 long-haul truckers are currently imprisoned for serial murders. In 2009, the FBI revealed their database, the Highway Serial Killings Initiative, which tracks information about hundreds of murders that have taken place along US highways and tries to link some together by details.

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