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FBI Agent Tells Me 'There Ain't No Coincidences in Terrorism' About 9/11 Hijackers al-Hijji Saudi Support Network in Sarasota Fl

FBI Agent Tells Me 'There Ain't No Coincidences in Terrorism' About 9/11 Hijackers al-Hijji Saudi Support Network in Sarasota Fl. Welcome to 9/11 terror control center in Sarasota Fl with the al-Hijji clan. 9/11 pilots Ziad Jarrah, Mohamed Atta and Marwan al Shehhi were frequent flyers to the Abdulaziz al-Hijji aka "Azziz" Saudi party house at 4224 Escondito Circle Prestancia Sarasota Fl from July 2000 to January 2001. "Someone knows the secrets of Sarasota in regards to 9/11". Hijack pilots Mohamed Atta and Marwan al Shehhi learned to fly at Huffman Aviation Venice airport Sarasota County Fl and Jones Aviation in Sarasota Fl. Abdulaziz al-Hijji aka "Azziz" shows up at Huffman Aviation Venice airport Sarasota County Fl same time as Al-Qaeda terrorists Mohamed Atta and Marwan al Shehhi. 9/11 pilot Ziad Jarrah learned to fly at the Florida Flight Training Center Venice airport Sarasota County Fl. And, radical Jihad preaching Imam Muneer Arafat had his pilots license from Parks Flight School in St Louis before coming to the Sarasota Mosque in early 2000. 'There Ain't No Coincidences in Terrorism'. 

In late September 2000, Mohamed Atta and his pal Marwan al Shehhi decided to enroll at Jones Aviation in Sarasota. According to the instructor at Jones, the two were aggressive, rude, and sometimes even fought with him to take over the controls during their training flights, investigators reported. In early October 2000, Mohamed Atta, Marwan al Shehhi took the Stage I exam for instruments rating at Jones Aviation and failed. Very upset, they said they were in a hurry because jobs awaited them at home. Atta and Shehhi then returned to Huffman in Venice. 'There Ain't No Coincidences in Terrorism'.

July 2000: 9/11 hijack pilot Ziad Jarrah opens an account at the First Florida National Bank with a $2,000 deposit in July 2000, he is taking flight lessons at the Florida Flight Training Center at Venice airport Sarasota County Fl. The school’s owner, Arne Kruithof, later says Jarrah is enrolled there until January 15, 2001. December 15-18, 2000: 9/11 hijacker Ziad Jarrah attends Aeroservice Aviation in Miami, Florida where he takes lessons in Boeing 727 and 737 simulators. 'There Ain't No Coincidences in Terrorism'.

FBI needs to stop hiding what happened in Sarasota before 9/11, Biden Signs Order to Release 9/11 Classified Documents. Friday Sept 3rd, 2021 President Joe Biden has signed an executive order directing the FBI to release long-awaited classified documents regarding Saudi Arabia’s connection to the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks, a source close to the Biden administration told Newsmax on Friday. “The families of those murdered on 9-11 have waited far too long for these documents to be declassified by the federal government, and I salute President Biden for doing the right thing,” Senate Leader Chuck Schumer said in a statement to The Post. Biden’s decision to move on the executive order this week comes after 9/11 victims’ families on Thursday asked an inspector general in the Department of Justice to investigate their claims. The only specific document President Biden ordered to be reviewed for public release “no later than September 11, 2021” is an April 4, 2016 “electronic communication from the subfile investigation,” of the FBI that’s also known as Operation Encore. That report is said to be a 16-page summary of Encore’s findings about possible Saudi government complicity in 9/11. Encore was a secret offshoot of PENTTBOM, the code name for the FBI of the Sept. 11, 2001 al Qaeda attacks, the largest criminal inquiry in the nation’s history."We'll See".

March 2000: THE FLYING IMAM: Jihad Preaching Imam Muneer Arafat Had Pilot's License Before Coming to the Sarasota Mosque in March 2000. Muneer Arafat was a graduate Parks College a division of St Louis University with 4 year B.S. Degree in Aerospace Engineering. Parks College aviation program candidates are able to fly within weeks of their freshman year. Parks College of Aviation grad Muneer Arafat arrived in Sarasota just prior to 9/11 Kamikaze Terror Pilots Mohamed Atta, Marwan Al-Shehhi and Ziad Jarrah arrival in July 2000 in Venice Fl. Mohamed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi then moved to W Laurel Ave Nokomis Fl in late July 2000 until Jan 2001. Suiciders Mohamed Atta, Marwan Al-Shehhi and Ziad Jarrah all took pilot training courses in Venice and then Sarasota Fl. Imam Muneer Arafat is the 'Forest Gump' of Al-Qaeda, wherever he shows up so did Al-Qaeda agents, in Missouri, Illinois and Florida. Muneer Arafat is currently in Amman Jordan. 'There Ain't No Coincidences in Terrorism'.

The flying Imam Muneer Arafat was a 4 year Grad of Parks College a division of St. Louis Univ with a BS in AeroSpace ENG, Sept 1986 to April 1990. Parks College of St Louis Univ is a flight school. In Muneer Karem Arafat's current 'bogus' online resume, (Muneer K looking for work), he claims that while he was the Imam at the Sarasota Mosque and the Boca Raton Mosque in Florida that he worked there as a "financial advisor". Muneer Arafat was and is a Jihad preaching Imam. "A sheikh named Muneer Arafat came to St. Louis talking all that jihad talk prior to the September 11th, 2001 terror attacks". 'There Ain't No Coincidences in Terrorism'.

VIDEO ABC7 NEWS SUNCOAST WWSB: Six years ago, Sarasota Private Investigator Bill Warner Exposes Muslim Cleric Muneer Arafat Links to Terrorism. Sarasota Mosque Imam Muneer Arafat came to Sarasota in March of 2000 his prior roommate in St Louis was al-Qaeda procurement agent Ziyad Sadaqua aka Ziyad Khaleel who purchased a satellite phone in the USA and had it shipped to Africa so that it could be used by Osama bin-Laden in the 1998 US Embassy Bombings in Africa. In June of 2000 Mohamed Atta and his 9/11 hijack pals followed Muneer Arafat to Sarasota FL, while Ziyad Sadaqua went to Orlando Fl small world, eh.

Muneer Arafat the flying Imam: Parks College of Engineering Aviation and Technology trains students to become skilled pilots as well as strong industry leaders. Parks College Flight School a leader in aviation, planes, hours, certification. The Center for Aviation Science is housed at the St. Louis Downtown Airport, located at 4300 Vector Drive in Cahokia, Illinois. Students enrolled in SLU’s Parks College aviation program are able to fly within weeks of their freshman year, and continuously gather more and more certification throughout each year of the flight science degree program. Muneer Arafat would have had enough flight training after 4 years at Parks College to be an instructor. 'There Ain't No Coincidences in Terrorism'.

ISLAMIC CHARITIES FUNDING AL-QAEDA & OPERATIVES IN USA: “Procurement Agent” for bin Laden, Ziyad Khaleel (a.k.a. Ziyad Sadaqa). In November 1996, the FBI monitors the progress of bin Laden buying a new satellite phone and tracks the purchase to Ziyad Khaleel, a US citizen and radical militant living in Missouri with Imam Muneer Arafat (later in Sarasota Fl). Newsweek will later say that this puts the Sudan-based charity Islamic American Relief Agency (IARA) “on the FBI’s radar screen” because Ziyad Khaleel is one of IARA’s eight regional US directors. Furthermore, Ziyad Khaleel (his roommate is Imam Muneer Arafat) is working for the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP), a Hamas-linked organization cofounded by Mousa Abu Marzook. US intelligence will later reveal that in the late 1990s, IARA is regularly funding al-Qaeda. For instance, it has evidence of IARA giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to bin Laden in 1999. December 1999 Police in Jordan detain Ziyad Khaleel, who the FBI calls a Florida-based “procurement agent” for Osama bin Laden. The FBI says Khaleel’s role is to “procure computers, satellite telephones, and covert surveillance equipment” for al-Qaeda leaders, his roommate was Imam Muneer Arafat who moved to Sarasota Fl in early 2000. Ziyad Khaleel and Muneer Arafat were fundraisers for Islamic African Relief Agency and the Holy Land Foundation both designated terrorist supporters of Hamas and Al-Qaeda. UPDATE August 11th, 2021 ABC Action News Tampa I-Team Investigator Adam Walser and Photojournalist Matt McGlashen appear to have some interest in my involvement in a 2002 Sarasota Fl investigation into a terrorist support network that included Imam Muneer Arafat, "We'll see".

9/11 GLORIFIED ON SARASOTA MOROCCAN NATIONAL'S 2003 CALENDAR RETRIEVED FROM TRASH. "S.WAT" (SWT) IS AN ARABIC ABBREVIATION MEANING GLORY TO HIS NAME, PRAISE ALLAH; S.WAT is a shortened version of "subhanahu wa ta'ala" which in Arabic means Glory to His name Allah. S.WAT is used exclusively for God. The 9/11 Calendar (and phone records) were obtained from trash put out by the Moroccan National living in Sarasota Fl who had been under Federal investigation. FBI Sarasota has the original calendar. Sarasota Imam Muneer Arafat knew this guy, they met several times a the same house in South Sarasota. The Moroccan National living in Sarasota Fl has disappeared, possibly deported. Odd, but this dude from Casablanca Morocco living in Sarasota had also drawn attention to the date March 11th in 2003, circled in red, see calendar above. One year later on March 11th 2004, 193 people are killed and nearly 2,000 are injured when 10 bombs explode on four trains in three Madrid-area train stations during a busy day. March 3rd and March 7th in 2003 are also circled in red, possible alternate days for the March 11th, 2004 Madrid Bombing, did this dude have prior knowledge? The Moroccan National living in Sarasota made numerous international calls to several cities in Morocco like Casablanca and Tetouan (hot bed for terrorism), then Switzerland, Italy and France EVERY MONTH, he appeared to be unemployed. Calls were made from Sarasota phone of the Moroccan National to 4 land lines in the Moroccan city of Tetouan, "Where Boys Grow Up to Be Jihadis" according to a NY Times article. Numerous reports indicate many Tetouan youths went to Spain to seek their fortunes, but they became famous as key suspects in the bombings of four commuter trains in Madrid that killed 191 people on March 11, 2004. The Moroccan dude in Sarasota had been calling Tetouan in 2003 the exact place where the Madrid Train bombers of 2004 had been living. In June 2008, for example, 29 individuals from the “Tetouan cell” were convicted of belonging to a terrorist group and of recruiting for Iraq. NBC NEWS WROTE FEB 20 2007, about two dozen men from Tetouan and nearby towns in the Rif Mountains have traveled to Iraq in the past 18 months to volunteer as fighters or suicide bombers, according to local residents and officials. Moroccan authorities said the men were recruited by international terrorist networks affiliated with al-Qaeda that have deepened their roots in North Africa since the invasion of Iraq.

UPDATE SEPT 9th, 2021: ABC ACTION NEWS 9/11 SUPPORT NETWORK IN SARASOTA: Click image above for ABC News video and print story. $4,000 phone bills fished from the trash/ Sarasota private investigator Bill Warner started his own investigation in 2002. “They were here, in my neighborhood. So I had to look at it, kept looking at it,” Bill Warner said, he partnered with police, sheriff’s deputies and was eventually paid by ICE for providing surveillance photos and phone bills he collected from the garbage cans of people of interest. Bill Warner said some of the cell phone bills he collected were 35-to-40 pages long, with calls made to phone numbers located all over the world. At that time, cell phone and long-distance companies charged by the minute for calls. “The bills you could see they were $1,200, $1500, $2,000, sometimes even $4,000 a month,” Bill Warner said. ”These are guys living in duplexes, driving old cars, who don’t have a job, see more CLICK HERE.

Most of the Madrid Train bombers were from Casablanca and Tetouan Morocco and directly linked to Al-Qaeda, and at least two of them linked to 9/11 attack in USA, small world, eh? Madrid Train Bombers: suspected mastermind Rabei Osman Sayed Ahmed or “Mohamed the Egyptian” is from Italy where he is in jail for belonging to a terrorist group. Moroccan national Jamal Zougam was convicted of terrorist murder, Said Rehou, 27, born in Casablanca, Morocco, was indicted along with Mustapha Maymouni, Abdelaziz Mouratik and also Amer Azizi, a Moroccan who is wanted by authorities in connection with the September 11 attacks and the Madreid train bombings. The indictment also listed as a suspect in the cell the Moroccan native Driss Chebli, 33, who is already on trial in the al Qaeda case in Madrid, where he is charged with helping to plan the September 11 attacks. Moroccans Amer Azizi and Driss Chebli were linked to planning the 9/11 attacks. On January 4, 2001, Mohamed Atta left the United States from Miami International Airport for Madrid, Spain to meet with Ramzi Binalshibh. Six days later, on January 10, 2001, Mohamed Atta re-entered the United States at Miami Airport from Madrid. Mohamed Atta made two trips to Madrid, paid for with al Qaeda funds. The Atta - Binalshibh meeting was held at a hotel in the Catalan town of Reus Spain, Moroccans Amer Azizi and Driss Chebli were also there. ''We know Atta was here on two occasions,'' Juan Cotino, director general of Spain's National Police Corps, said in an interview in Madrid. When Mohamed Atta returned to Florida on Jan 10th, 2001, Marwan al-Shehhi left for Morocco, traveling to Casablanca Morocco in mid-January 2001, same place all the terrorists linked to the Madrid bombing lived. As far back as 2001 Spanish telephone intercepts showed Moroccan Jamal Zougam in contact with the accused leader of the Spain al-Qaeda cell, Imad Eddin Barakat Yarkas, who was charged with assisting the hijackers in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks in New York and Washington, around and around it goes.

April 3rd 2002 FBI report indicates that at least two people linked to the al-Hijji house in Prestancia Sarasota Fl were taking flight lessons at Huffman Aviation with the 9/11 hijackers in the year 2000. Individuals tied to Huffman Flight School and 9/11 Hijackers by FBI linked to 4224 Escondito Circle Sarasota as family members appear to be Abdulaziz al-Hijji and Adel Ghazzawi son of Esam Ghazzawi. In the year 2000, Sarasota Saudi’s Abdulaziz al-Hijji then age 27 and his brother in law Adel Ghazzawi then age 30, were contemporaries of 9/11 Hijack Pilots Ziad Jarrah then age 25, Marwan Al-Shehhi then age 22, and Monamed Atta then age 32 who all appear to have taken Flight Training in Venice Fl at Hoffman Aviation at the same time, small world, eh? It appears the Adel Ghazzawi had been staying at 4224 Escondito Circle Sarasota, he also was linked to a address in nearby Longboat Key Fl. Interestingly the flying Imam Muneer Arafat at the Sarasota Mosque who has direct ties to al-Qaeda members before coming to Sarasota Fl in 2000, also had taken advanced flight lessons, small world, eh? 'There Ain't No Coincidences in Terrorism'.

In St. Louis, 1996 to 2000, Muneer Arafat became a well-known lecturer at different Masjids and built up quite a following. Muneer Arafat  gave lectures at local Mosques on Fridays that almost exclusively focused on Jihad week in and week out and this got him into trouble with Sheikh Muhammad Nur of the Islamic Foundation of Greater St. Louis. Sheikh Muhammad Nur at one point banned Muneer Kazem Arafat from giving lectures at the Gateway Masjid. Jihad preaching Imam Muneer Arafat banned in St Louis but welcomed in Sarasota in March 2000, what the hell? 'There Ain't No Coincidences in Terrorism'.

Imam Muneer Arafat was arrested on November 22nd 2002 in Sarasota Fl for visa violations and taken by ICE and FBI agents to St Louis for a Federal Grand Jury investigation into terrorism ties. Muneer Arafat was still working for the Islamic Society of Sarasota and Bradenton 4350 N. Lockwood Ridge Road, Sarasota FL in November 2002. Imam Muneer Arafat was a well know Jihad preacher in the East St Louis area prior to coming to Sarasota in spring of 2000, after he purchased a blue Isuzu Trooper SUV in January 2000. Muneer Arafat gave testimony before a Federal Grand Jury in St Louis in December 2002 that was looking into ties to terrorism and his former roommate Ziyad Sadaqa, an al-Qaeda procurement agent. It appears that Muneer Arafat came into the US on a student visa around 1986 to go to Parks College, a Flight School in St Louis. Muneer Arafat claims he is a graduate of Parks College with a B.S. degree in aerospace engineering. 'There Ain't No Coincidences in Terrorism'.

Muneer Arafat gave testimony before the Federal Grand Jury that he moved from the St Louis area in 2000 to Sarasota Fla to become the Imam of a Mosque. Only Mosque in the Sarasota area in 2000 is the Islamic Society of Sarasota and Bradenton 4350 N. Lockwood Ridge Road, Sarasota FL. Imam Muneer Arafat was arrested on November 22nd 2002 in Sarasota Fl for visa violations and taken by ICE and FBI agents to St Louis for a Federal Grand Jury investigation into terrorism. Muneer Arafat was still working for the Islamic Society of Sarasota and Bradenton 4350 N. Lockwood Ridge Road, Sarasota FL in November 2002. During the time from when Muneer Arafat was arrested in Sarasota Fl on November 22nd, 2002 until he was released back to Sarasota on December 18th, 2002 he was confined to the local jail in St Louis.

Muneer Arafat was allowed to continue his work at the Sarasota Mosque upon his release from the St Louis jail in December 2002, while he was working for the FBI. Considering all his links to terrorism and terrorist roommates who worked for Al-Qaeda and the volition of his visa and lying on voter registrations, Muneer Arafat should have been deported, but he was not. Muneer Arafat went to work for the FBI as a confidential informant in a Sarasota terrorism investigation starting in late December 2002 while he was still working at the Sarasota Mosque. FBI paid Muneer Arafat $35,000 for his undercover work. 'There Ain't No Coincidences in Terrorism'.

Muneer Arafat was arrested in Sarasota Fl on November 22nd 2002 and sent to face a Federal Grand Jury investigation into his ties to terrorism in St Louis. Muneer Arafat was not in Brooklyn or the NYC area in November 2002 like he claims on resumes, he was in the Jennings City Jail
5445 Jennings Station Rd, St. Louis, MO from November 22nd till December 18th 2002 while he testified before the St Louis Federal Grand Jury concerning his ties to terrorism. Muneer Arafat's arrest was Federal that's why he is still listed on the Federal Bureau of Prison website, see above. Why was Muneer Arafat not deported after his return to Sarasota Fla in December 2002? 'There Ain't No Coincidences in Terrorism'.

At the Federal trial of terrorist Sami al-Arian, during 2005 in Tampa, Sarasota Imam Muneer Arafat said he meet terrorist Sami al-Arian at a conference of the Islamic Committee for Palestine (ICP) in St. Louis in 1988. Muneer Arafat rejected Sami Al-Arian's invitation to join Palestinian Islamic Jihad as he was already a member of a another terrorist group, both men are Palestinians. Under cross-examination by Al-Arian’s attorney, William Moffitt, Arafat admitting lying in the past on resumes, job applications and a voter registration form, he was not a US citizen. Muneer Arafat also testified at the Al-Arain trial that the government, (FBI), has paid him a total of $35,000 to cooperate with them, wearing a wire, while working as a confidential informant in Sarasota Fl. The infamous FBI secret Sarasota 9/11 investigation commenced in September/October 2001 and continued through all of 2005, at least. Muneer Arafat was involved. 'There Ain't No Coincidences in Terrorism'.

Muneer Arafat purchased a 2000 Isuzu Trooper SUV, plate number 3678625, on January 24th 2000 listing an address on Anthony Dr Apt C Maryville IL 62062 which is about 15 miles from East St Louis IL. No one buys a new car in 2000 to drive to and live in Brooklyn NY (like he claims on his resume) for a number of years, a car in NYC is a liability and must be registered in the State of New York after 30 days, never happened. Muneer Arafat purchased the 2000 Isuzu Trooper to drive to Sarasota Fl in March 2000, and for him to use and get around on a daily basis, a vehicle is a necessity in Sarasota Florida. The 'Flying Imam' Muneer Arafat shows up at an apartment complex on Central Sarasota Prky Sarasota Fl on Feb 25th, 2000 about 4 months before 9/11 pilot Mohamed Atta and his 'Flying Circus' shows up. 'There Ain't No Coincidences in Terrorism'.

According to a FDLE report of December 8, 2003 given by
Sarasota FBI agent Thomas Baugher, “The source (CI) also spoke to Muneer ARAFAT as the Imam of the local Sarasota Mosque and that Muneer ARAFAT was a member of the Kuwaiti Islamic Brotherhood (in Kuwait same time as 9/11 head of operations KSM). Arafat follows a radical belief and teachings of Saudi Arabian Islamic scholar AL-BAZ (Abd al-Aziz ibn Abdullah ibn Baz), and wishes harm to the United States”. AL-BAZ was the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia from 1993 until his death in 1999. AL-Baz issued a fatwa authorizing a wealth tax to support the Mujahideen (Taliban) in Afghanistan. None of that is on Muneer Arafat's online resume. Muneer Arafat would have had direct contact with Sarasota FBI agent Thomas Baugher and the Sarasota Police Dept and Sarasota County Sheriff Office Detectives during the 2002 – 2003 Sarasota investigation. 'There Ain't No Coincidences in Terrorism'.

September11th, 2001: 9/11 HIJACKERS WERE HORNDOGS: Three Arab men spewed anti-American sentiments in a Daytona Fl bar and talked of impending bloodshed the night before the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, a Daytona Beach strip club manager interviewed by the FBI said. "They were talking about what a bad place America is. They said 'Wait 'til tomorrow. America is going to see bloodshed,"' said John Kap, manager of the Pink Pony strip joint and Red Eyed Jack's Sports Bar. Kap said they made the claims to a bartender and a patron. The 9/11 Vegas mystery: Why DID 9/11 hijackers visit Sin City strip clubs five times before attacks? A number of the 9/11 hijackers apparently drink alcohol heavily in bars, sleep with prostitutes, and watched strip shows in the US in the months and especially the days leading up to 9/11. Terrorists Nawaf Alhazmi and Khalid Almihdhar often frequent Cheetah’s, a nude bar in San Diego. 9/11 hijackers, like Mohamed Atta were horndogs, men with strong sexual desires. 'There Ain't No Coincidences in Terrorism'.

July 2000 to Janauty 2001: Investigators believed some of the 9/11 terrorists frequented bars and strip clubs in Sarasota, most likely horndog pilots Mohamed Atta, Ziad Jarrah, Marwan Al-Shehhi and local Saudi, Abdulaziz al-Hijji. EARLE KIMEL, MICHAEL WERNER and ANDY CRAIN STAFF WRITERS Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Page: A1. Mohamed Atta did patronize local Sarasota bars and businesses. He told the manager of the Outlook bar, across the street from American Legion Post 159 in Venice, that he was from Germany and came to Venice to learn to fly because it was “more cheaper”. A dancer at the Cheetah Lounge in Sarasota also reported seeing one of the 9/11 terrorists at the strip club. Several other Cheetah employees, shown pictures Friday of the 9/11 terrorists who trained in Venice, said they looked somewhat familiar but that the dancer who had recognized one of them wasn’t at work. A club manager escorted a Herald-Tribune reporter out of the club shortly afterward, saying the Cheetah had no comment. 'There Ain't No Coincidences in Terrorism'.

February 25-March 4, 2001: 9/11 Horndog Hijacker Ziad Jarrah Stays in Jacksonville, Frequents Strip Club. After returning to the US for the fifth time, 9/11 hijacker Ziad Samir Jarrah flies immediately to Jacksonville, Florida, where he stays at the Ramada Inn for a week. He had previously visited Jacksonville (January 22-26, 2001), as had Mohamed Atta and Marwan Alshehhi (October 2000)). While in Jacksonville, 9/11 Horndog Hijacker Ziad Jarrah frequents Wacko’s strip club. A club worker there will later say that the FBI comes to the club after 9/11 to ask questions and show pictures “of the 9/11 terrorists,” and a dancer recognizes Jarrah from a photo line-up. Horndog Ziad Samir Jarrah’s whereabouts after he leaves Jacksonville are unknown for a week and a half (most likely spending time with one of the dancers). 'There Ain't No Coincidences in Terrorism'.

March 15th 2001: Pompano Beach Fl, Horndog Ziad Jarrah stays at a hotel previously used by Mohamed Atta and Marwan Al Shehhi for two weeks using the name variant Ziad Samir, most likely frequents the Cheetah nightclub in Pompano Beach. Horndog Ziad Jarrah appears to have a thing for strippers. Interviewed two days after 9/11, Rudi Dekkers, at whose flight school Mohamed Atta and Marwan Alshehhi initially trained, will comment, “After the training they had here they went to another flight school in Pompano Beach and they had jet training there, simulator or big planes, but there is where they conducted the training to do what they had to do.” Dekkers will say that he has heard this “from several directions.” However, the Pompano Beach school is not named.  

ATTA RENTAL CAR ROADS TRIP JUST PRIOR TO 9/11: On July 22, 2001, Atta rented a Mitsubishi Galant from Alamo Rent a Car, putting 3,836 miles on the vehicle before returning it on July 26. On August 6, Atta and Shehhi rented a white, four-door 1995 Ford Escort from Warrick's Rent-A-Car, which was returned on August 13th, 2001. From August 29th to September 9th, 2001 (two days before 9/11 attack) Mohamed Atta and Marwan Shehhi rented a Pontiac car from Warrick's Rent A Car in Pompano Beach Fl and put 1,035 miles on it, why? Atta would have been able to travel about 517 miles from Pompano Beach Fl with a return trip of 517 miles by September 9th, 2001. Brad Warrick of Warrick's Rent A Car in Pompano Beach Fl said he rented cars to Mohamed Atta a total of three times while Atta still owned a car that he had purchased in Vencie Fl, odd? “Atta spoke English very well, said Brad Warrick. Later Horndog Marwan Alshehhi is seen in the Cheetah nightclub in Pompano Beach, Florida, on July 1, 2001. Six dancers who work there will later claim to have seen him. 'There Ain't No Coincidences in Terrorism'.

20th 9/11 Hijacker stopped in Orlando: Saudi-born Mohammed al-Qahtani (sometimes transliterated as al-Kahtani) arrived at OIA on Aug. 4, 2001 on board a Virgin Atlantic jetliner carrying $2,800, Mohamed Atta was there to pick him up. At the time, Melendez-Perez was a immigration inspector for Immigration and Naturalization Service, which later became part of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Melendez-Perez questioned Mohammed al-Qahtani, but after the visitor refused to answer some questions, couldn’t produce a return ticket and had no specific plans for his visit to the U.S., Melendez-Perez put him back on a plane to Dubai. It wasn't until January 2004, while Melendez-Perez was testifying before the 9/11 Commission that he and the public learned al-Qahtani would have been the fifth hijacker on Flight 93 which was piloted by Ziad Jarrah which crashed in Pennsylvania. Mohammed al-Qahtani was later captured in Afghanistan in the battle of Tora Bora in December 2001. Mohammed Mana Ahmad al-Qahtani born November 19, 1979) is a Saudi citizen who has been detained as an al-Qaeda agent for 19 years (since June 2002) in the Guantanamo Bay detention camps in Cuba. 'There Ain't No Coincidences in Terrorism'.

On August 4, 2001 Mohamed Atta was at Orlando International Airport waiting to pick up suspected "20th Hijacker" Mohammed al-Qahtani from Dubai, who ended up being held by immigration as "suspicious." At one point, al-Qahtani said that someone was waiting for him elsewhere at the airport. After 9/11, surveillance cameras show that Mohamed Atta was at the Orlando airport that day. Seizing the Orlando airport's CCTV surveillance recordings, the FBI claimed they were able to identify the car registered to Mohamed Atta at the airport, a red 1989 Pontiac Grand Prix LE purchsed in Vencie Fl with Fl tag #D79DDV, believed to be there to pick up Qahtani. Mohamed Atta had Florida drivers license A300-540-68-321-0 linked to the red 1989 Pontiac Grand Prix. Mohamed Atta was believed to have used a payphone at the Orlando airport to phone a number "linked to al-Qaeda" after Mohammed al-Qahtani was denied entry. Mohammed al-Qahtani will later confess to being sent to the US by 9/11 mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed (KSM). 'There Ain't No Coincidences in Terrorism'.

August 13-14 2001: the lead horndog hijackers, Mohamed Atta, Marwan al Shehhi, and Ziad Jarrah meet in Las Vegas for a summit a few weeks before 9/11. A stripper at the Olympic Garden Topless Cabaret in Las Vegas, Nevada, will later recall Marwan al Shehhi being “cheap,” paying only $20 for a lap dance. Investigators will believe that this is the “most crucial planning in the United States,” but will not understand why the hijackers choose Vegas, since they are all living on the East Coast at this time. Cops say the group -- which chillingly included a 'horndog hijacker' from each of the four flights -- made at least six trips here. 'There Ain't No Coincidences in Terrorism'. 

Reference Book: The Garden of Last Days by Andre Dubus III, is based in Sarasota Fl at a strip club located on Washington Blvd called the "Puma" (Cheetah). In the fictional Puma Club, in Sarasota Florida, a fictitious twenty-six-year-old Saudi named Bassam al-Jizani (Mohamed Atta and or Abdulaziz al-Hijji) watches Spring, a stripper, undress, and finds his "hatred for these kufar rising with the knowledge of his own weakness." Dubus's portrait of Florida is carefully observed as well, from the beautifully landscaped suburbs (Prestancia) where no one knows their neighbors to the arid erotic-economic rituals of the strip club, the “seamy underside” of society is the beautiful dancer Spring and 'Bassam' is her Saudi customer. He has a lot of cash. He is in Sarasota Florida learning how to fly airplanes. It is late Summer 2001, up ahead on the southbound side of Washington Boulevard was the neon sign for the Puma Club. More specifically, it is September 2001. The Saudi customer 'Bassam' thread is a marvelous, at times chilling evocation of the mind of a suicidal terrorist. From Andre Dubus III description of the parking lot and rear door entrance for the strippers to the description of the interior of the 'Puma" club and the multiple strippers on parade, up to 16 at a time, I know for a fact he is talking about the Cheetah strip club in Sarasota Fl, I've been there multiple times to confirm. In the epilogue of this some what fictitious book The Garden of Last Days by Andre Dubus III, he claims in real life "Agents from the Sarasota office of the FBI did interview some of the women who danced for these men (9/11 hijackers) at the Puma Club (Cheetah) on N Washington Blvd Sarasota Fl". No doubt that Andre Dubus III did the research for his book in Sarasota Fl after 9/11. 'There Ain't No Coincidences in Terrorism'.

If Mohamed Atta and his 9/11 horndog hijack pilot pals along with local Saudi Abdulaziz al-Hijji visited the Cheetah strip club at 3939 N Washington Blvd Sarasota then they sure as hell also showed up down the street at the Scoreboard Lounge Strip Club at 323 S Washington Blvd Sarasota where the drinks were cheaper as well as the lap dances, I know this for a fact. The Scoreboard Lounge strip joint (Now Closed)- what will you see when you walk in Scoreboard Lounge, first thing was the pool table by the end of the bar. This strip club, located at 323 S Washington Blvd Sarasota Fl, (CLOSED) offered the usual smorgasbord of lap-dances, catwalk routines, and maybe some "private" sessions. Just bring money. Lots of it. If the girls find out you don’t have any green, it’s funny how their interest wanes.
'There Ain't No Coincidences in Terrorism'.

August 4th, 2001: 9/11 hijacker Ziad Jarrah telephones Ayub Usama Saddiq Ali in Germany, he is an Imam and an Islamic Jihad leader wanted for murder in Egypt. No details about the call are known except that it lasts 13 minutes. Jarrah also called Ali in November 1999. Jarrah’s two phone calls to Ali will be mentioned in a classified 2002 FBI report about the 9/11 hijackers. Imam Ali was convicted of murder in Egypt in 1996, but he fled to Muenster, Germany, and received political asylum there in October 1999, Ayub Usama Saddiq Ali is a close associate of al-Qaeda second in command Ayman al-Zawahiri. 'There Ain't No Coincidences in Terrorism'.

August 21, 2001: Walid Arkeh, a Jordanian serving time in a Florida prison, is interviewed by Orlando FBI agents after warning the government of an impending al-Qaeda attack. The FBI office in Tampa oversees the Orlando agents who had questioned Arkeh's credibility. Federal authorities close to the Sept. 11 investigation confirm that Walid Arkeh of Altamonte Springs, had knowledge during the summer of 2001 that Osama bin Laden was planning a spectacular attack on America that involved the World Trade Center in New York and government buildings in Washington, D.C. But after the Sept. 11 attacks -- and after Arkeh told his story to the Orlando Sentinel -- he was moved from the Seminole County jail to Florida's prison system and then into federal custody. He wound up May 2002 in New York City's Manhattan Correctional Institution, just blocks away from Ground Zero, where federal prosecutors are investigating the Sept. 11 attacks. 

Walid Arkeh had been in London's Brixton Prison from September 2000 to July 2001, and while there had befriended three inmates, Khalid al-Fawwaz (who links to Ziyad Khaleel aka Ziyad Sadaqa former roommate of Sarasota Imam Muneer Arafat), Adel Abdel Bary, and Ibrahim Eidarous. US prosecutors charge, “The three men ran a London storefront that served as a cover for al-Qaeda operations and acted as a conduit for communications between bin Laden and his network.” 'There Ain't No Coincidences in Terrorism'.

Ziyad Khaleel purchased in 1996 a $7,500 INMARSAT satellite telephone at the instruction of senior al-Qaeda lieutenant Khaled al-Fawwaz and had it sent to Osama bin Laden in East Africa for use in the 1998 US Embassy bombings. Ziyad Khaleel moved to Orlando in late 1999 and his roommate Imam Muneer Arafat moved to Sarasota in spring of 2000. Walid Arkeh tells the Tampa FBI that he had learned from these three men, Khalid al-Fawwaz (who links to Ziyad Khaleel roommate of Sarasota Imam Muneer Arafat), Adel Abdel Bary, and Ibrahim Eidarous. that “something big [is] going to happen in New York City,” and that they call the 1993 attack on the WTC “unfinished business.” Tampa FBI agents determine that he had associated with these al-Qaeda agents, but nonetheless they do not believe him. According to Arkeh, one agent responds to his “something big” warning by saying: “Is that all you have? That’s old news.” The agents fail to learn more from him. The Tampa FBI agents will have a second interview with him hours after the 9/11 attacks, but even long after 9/11 they will claim that he cannot be believed. On 6 February 2015, Adel Abdel Bary (former London cellmate of Walid Arkeh) was sentenced to 25 years in prison as a result of a plea bargain for his part in the 1998 US Embassy bombings in East Africa. Bary was released on 9 October 2020. He later returned to live in London. 'There Ain't No Coincidences in Terrorism'.

On January 6, 2002, the Tampa FBI will issue a statement: “The information [was] vetted to FBI New York, the Acting Special Agent in Charge of the Tampa Division and the United States Attorney for the Middle District of Florida. All agreed the information provided by this individual was vague and unsubstantiated… Mr. Arkeh did not provide information that had any bearing on the FBI preventing September 11.” However, a different group of FBI agents will interview him in May 2002 and find his information credible. March 12th, 2003, Immigration Judge Keith Williams said Tuesday in a Manatee County courtroom that even though Arkeh a Palestinian Muslim tried to warn FBI agents about terrorist attacks before Sept. 11, he will be deported to his native Jordan. Former Sarasota Imam Muneer Arafat (a Palestinian Muslim) is currently living in Amman Jordan. 'There Ain't No Coincidences in Terrorism'.

August 2001: The Saudi al-Hijji family flee 4224 Escondito Circle Prestancia Sarasota Fl. On Aug 27th 2001 a moving truck appeared and moved the subjects out of the house​. he residence is owned by a Saudi couple, Esam Ghazzawi and his American-born wife, Deborah, and is occupied by Esam’s daughter, Anoud, and her husband, Abdulaziz al-Hijji. An unnamed counterterrorism officer will, in 2012, describe, “The car registration numbers of vehicles that had passed through the Prestancia community’s North Gate in the months before 9/11, coupled with the identification documents shown by incoming drivers on request, showed that Mohamed Atta and several of his fellow hijackers [Marwan al-Shehhi, Walid al-Shehri, and Ziad Jarrah]—and another Saudi terror suspect still at large [Adnan Shukrijumah]—had visited 4224 Escondito Circle on multiple occasions.” 'There Ain't No Coincidences in Terrorism'.

The Sarasota counterterrorism officer will also say that “link analysis… tracked phone calls—based on dates, times, and length of phone conversations to and from the Escondito house—dating back more than a year before 9/11. And the phone traffic also connected with the 9/11 terrorists—though less directly than the gate logs did.” “The counterterrorism agent said Ghazzawi and al-Hijji had been on a watch list at the FBI and that a US agency involved in tracking terrorist funds was interested in both men even before 9/11.” 'There Ain't No Coincidences in Terrorism'. The American people won’t get the “fullest possible account” of 9/11 until the Justice Department and the FBI let us see for ourselves what happened in Sarasota. A 2002 FBI document that said agents found “many connections” between the Sarasota al-Hijji family and 3 of the 9/11 hijack pilots who took flying lessons at Huffman Aviation and Jones Aviation in Sarasota Fl and Florida Flight Training Center Venice airport Sarasota County Fl. Explain why some of the 9/11 hijackers, including infamous ringleader Mohamed Atta, had been in contact or visited al-Hijji’s home several times. 'There Ain't No Coincidences in Terrorism'.

The only Sarasota FBI terrorism investigation I am aware of that took place from Feb 2002 through all of 2003 is the one run by FBI agent Thomas Baugher and involved Abdulaziz and Anoud al-Hijji who just happened to have attended the same Mosque where the Imam was terrorism linked Muneer Arafat from March 2000 to Feb 2005. It became known that Muneer Arafat later worked for the FBI as an undercover CI wearing a wire in late 2002 through 2003. Muneer Arafat would have had direct contact with Sarasota FBI agent Thomas Baugher and the Sarasota Police Dept. and Sarasota County Sheriff Office Detectives during the 2002 – 2003 Sarasota investigation. According to a FDLE report of December 8, 2003 given by Sarasota FBI agent Thomas Baugher, “The source also spoke to Muneer ARAFAT as the Imam of the local mosque and that ARAFAT was a member of the Islamic Brotherhood (in Kuwait same time as KSM), who follows a radical belief and teachings of ALBAZ, and wishes harm to the United States”.

Al-Qaeda terrorist leader Adnan El-Shukrijumah knew some of the 9/11 terrorists who were in training at Venice Airport, according to a former friend who provided the information to an FBI agent and a Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office detective in 2004. The informant, Sarasota cellphone store owner Wissam Hammoud, made the claim while awaiting trial in the Hillsborough County Jail on federal charges. He is now serving a 21-year sentence in federal prison after pleading guilty in August 2005 to charges of plotting to kill a federal agent and a confidential informant. Through the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Hammoud arranged to be interviewed by Sarasota sheriff’s Detective Michael Otis and FBI agent Leo Martinez, who worked in the agency’s Fort Myers field office, according to a 2004 investigative report file by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. See FDLE report

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