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FBI Arrests Two Romance Scam Gals Rosanna Lisa Stanley and Gina Guy/Stanley that duped over a dozen elderly men of $7M in NYC and Miami.

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Two women, Rosanna Lisa Stanley and Gina Guy/Stanley, have been charged in yearslong “romance schemes” to dupe a number of elderly men out of more than $7 million, Manhattan federal prosecutors said in a court filing. The women, identified as Roseanna Lisa Stanley and Gina Guy/Stanley, defrauded at least 16 victims out of millions of dollars in a scheme that spanned from 2009 until this year when they were arrested, according to a criminal complaint filed in the Southern District of New York. Stanley and Guy/Stanley, (sisters or sisters in law) were both arrested on June 25 in North Miami Beach, Florida, and New York City, respectively, according to a release from the U.S. attorney’s office. Roseanna Lisa Stanley aka Rosanna Lisa Delman aka Rose Stanley aka Hannah Stanley age 48 and Gina Guy aka Gigi Guy/Stanley aka Gina Stanley age 37. Stanley and Guy/Stanley lured their elderly victims “into purported romantic or close personal relationships through in-person meetings, phone calls, text messages, and an online dating platform,” the complaint said. Roseanna Lisa Stanley aka Rosanna Lisa Delman aka Rose Stanley aka Hannah Stanley age 48 is currently the subject of a $250,000 lawsuit filed in Miami Dade County Court for extorting money (fraud) from a man in Port Charlotte Fl, when Rosanna Delman lived in that area in 2011. Roseanna Lisa Stanley aka Rosanna Lisa Delman made additional lies and continued to receive money from 2011 to 2021 from the elderly man in Port Charlotte Fl. Roseanna Lisa Stanley and Gina Guy/Stanley are sisters or sisters in law, a family affair. see

In one alleged instance, prosecutors say Roseanna Lisa Hannah Stanley connected with an “elderly male” victim who believed he was in an “exclusive, romantic relationship” with her. Stanley repeatedly requested money for things like rent and living expenses, which the victim paid, according to the complaint. The victim eventually provided Stanley with credentials for one of his credit cards and the card itself, leading Stanley to change the account’s password and rack up thousands in charges, prosecutors said. He also wired Stanley thousands after she requested funds for a purported catering business, Ella’s Catering Palm Beach FL, according to prosecutors, $220,000 of which Stanley used to pay off loans for her boat and luxury car. Roseanna Lisa Stanley aka Rosanna Lisa Delman opened fake business called Ella’s Catering in Palm Beach Fl using daughter's name. see

To All and Singular the Sheriffs of said State:
YOU ARE HEREBY COMMANDED to serve this Summons, together with copy of the Complaint or petition in this action on Defendant, Rosanna Lisa Delman a/k/a Roseanna Stanley:
Rosanna Lisa Delman a/k/a Roseanna Stanley
3953 NE 171st Street #1A
Miami, FL 33160

In another alleged example, prosecutors say Roseanna Stanley conned another victim out of at least approximately $1,000,000 while pretending to be a psychic who told the victim his money was “tainted with bad influences.” Stanley allegedly told the victim that she could “untaint” and “protect” his money and would eventually return it to him cleaned if he wired it to her. Rosanna Stanley in 2004 was the Registered Agent for Psychic Boutique Inc. 3953 NE 171stSt North Miami Beach FL 33160 dissolved in 2004. Based on interviews with the Victims and witnesses, review of bank records, Florida Department of Motor Vehicle (“DMV”) records, law enforcement records, reports, and databases, conversations with other law enforcement officers, and participation in this investigation, I have learned that: Victim-1 has a photograph of himself and a woman (“Photograph-1”), who was identified as “Rose,” the woman with whom Victim-1 believed Victim-1 had been in a relationship and to whom Victim-1 has provided hundreds of thousands of dollars, as described above. 

Based on comparison of the woman depicted in Photograph-1 with surveillance footage of ROSANNA LISA STANLEY, the defendant, conducting in-branch bank transactions for bank accounts held in STANLEY’s name, a photograph of STANLEY from STANLEY’s driver’s license (the “Stanley DMV Photograph”), and law enforcement photographs of STANLEY found in her criminal history records, “Rose” is the same individual as STANLEY. “Gina Guy/Stanley and Roseanna Lisa Stanley allegedly took advantage of innocent individuals seeking companionship and exploited them for their own benefit,” said James Smith, FBI assistant director in charge. “Collecting millions of dollars from their victims, the perpetrators allegedly gained and betrayed the trust of primarily elderly individuals to fund their luxury purchases.” see

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