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Murder on the Key Book Exposes Rigged Manatee County Grand Jury That Let Mayor Harry Higel's Killer Rube Allyn Go Free, Rube Always Wanted to be Famous

New Book and Screenplay in Process, it Solves the 100 Year Old Unsolved Murder on Siesta Key of Sarasota Mayor Harry Higel and the Rigged Kangaroo Manatee County Grand Jury that Let Killer Rube Allyn Go Free. FBI Needed to Investigate Kangaroo Manatee County Grand Jury that returned 'No True Bill" on murder suspect Rube Allyn. Background for New Book and Screenplay for Movie Implicates Newsman Rube Allyn in Pistol Whipping Murder of Sarasota Mayor Harry Higel on Jan 7, 1921. Rube Allyn did it and got away with it, the Colt revolver murder weapon has been found 100 years later in November 2019 on Siesta Key Fl.

photo credit Tampa Daily times via associated press newswire .
Newspapers in the 1920's were a lot different that the newspapers of today. Most Daily's in large markets had a morning and a evening edition delivered to your house or the local newsstand. When a big story broke over the AP newswires, like Harry Higel's murder, an extra edition was printed that day Jan 7th 1921 by the Tampa Daily Times and delivered to your house and to the corner newsstands. Reporters in the old days were a lot more aggressive and dug for info on big news stories like the murder of Harry Higel. The information provided in this investigation will help provide the who, what, where, when, and why of the unsolved murder on Siesta Key Fl of mayor Harry Higel 100 years ago. Rube Allyn arrested Friday afternoon Jan 7th, 1921 in connection with the death of former Mayor Harry Higel on Siesta Key, Sarasota Fl 100 years ago. The media continued to support newspaper editor Rube Allyn from the day of his arrest Jan 7th to the day the he was released March 9th 1921. Newspapers blatantly influenced the 18 members of the Manatee County Grand Jury with repeated stories of how "Rube could have never done it" for 61 days. The only form of information in 1921 South West Florida was your daily newspaper with stories 'composed' by reporters and editors and Rube Allyn was their hero, he was one of them.

Unsolved murder Sarasota Mayor Harry Higel by Rube Allyn & Rigged Manatee County Grand Jury finding 'No True Bill' that frees Rube Allyn, should have been investigated by FBI in 1921. If a Movie was ever cast for the unsolved murder of Harry Higel on Siesta Key Fl, Leonardo DiCaprio would be a shoe in for the tall, erratic, hard drinking Irish newsman Rube Allyn character. Leonardo Dicaprio and Martin Scorsese's new block buster mystery murder movie 'Killers of the Flower Moon' takes place in the same time period as the unsolved murder of Sarasota mayor Harry Higel, the 1920's. In Sarasota Fl during the early 1900's you had dirty politics with newsman Rube Allyn doxing Sarasota mayor Harry Higel during 3 different elections, anti-German sentiment in America & Sarasota from 1912 to 1918, Lusitania passenger ship sunk by German U Boat in Atlantic in 1915 carrying Rube Allyn's mentor, German themed Higel-Hurst Hotel on Siesta Key burned to the ground March 1917 (Rube Allyn suspect), America enters WWI against the Germans in 1918, the 1918–1920 Spanish flu Pandemic, Prohibition in 1920 bad news for hard drinking Rube Allyn and Noel Mitchell, unsavory Noel Mitchell's Private Investigators in St Pete and Sarasota Fl in 1920 linked to Allyn, Rube's best pal Noel Mitchell elected St Pete mayor in 1920 kicked out of office by Nov 1921 after drunken party, unsolved Harry Higel pistol whipping murder on Siesta Key in Jan 1921 Rube Allyn arrested, rigged Manatee County Grand Jury frees Rube Allyn 61 days later in March 1921, and finally a loaded .32 caliber Colt revolver with a broken grip found buried 100 years later on Siesta Key that links to Harry Higel's pistol whipping murder in Jan 1921. FBI should have investigated the murder of Harry Higel on Siesta Key Fl. You can't make this stuff up, it all really happened from 1912 to 1921 in Sarasota Fl. The FBI was established in 1908 as the Bureau of Investigation, the BOI or BI for short. What happened on Siesta Key with the murder of Harry Higel and the Manatee Fl Grand Jury freeing murderer Rube Allyn in 1921 should have been investigated by the FBI, maybe it still could be.
Sarasota mayor Harry Lee Higel was murdered by newsman Rube Allyn during a pistol whipping on Friday morn Jan 7th, 1921 at the north end of Siesta Key Fl. "Gun Buried on Siesta Key": 1920's Era Colt Revolver Found Buried on Siesta Key Verified by Sarasota County Sheriff Cold Case Detective as Possible Link to Murder of Sarasota Mayor Harry Higel. Get real here, nobody buries a perfectly fine, loaded gun (6 live bullets in cylinder) with a broken grip on Siesta Key unless it was used in the bludgeoning murder of former Sarasota Mayor Harry Higel on Friday January 7tth, 1921. The Colt revolver went into the muck and mud of the salt water wetland on Siesta Key in 1921 looking real shiny and pretty as seen in the top photo and came out of the ground 100 years later a rusty mess. But 6 live bullets remained in the cylinder of the Colt revolver, I have it on my desk.

PISTOL WHIPPING: Which in my opinion indicates Harry Higel was held up by one hand of the assailant, (grabbing a shirt collar), while multiple blows were reigned down to Mr Higel's face and head from all sides with the assailants free hand holding a hard object, up close and personal, a pistol whipping. Rube Allyn was 6' 2' tall with long arms, Harry Higel much smaller man at most 5' 6" tall, lots of deadly wounds on top of Harry Higels' head. Rube Allyn Sr did the dastardly deed, he murdered Harry Higel in my opinion during a pistol whipping. Rube Allyn Sr. had motive (default on loan to Mr Higel and he hated Germans), opportunity (lives near Mr Higel and was there Thursday night) and the physical ability (big strong man) to beat Harry Higel to death most likely with the loaded Colt revolver with the broken grip found 98 years later in November 2019 buried on the north end of Siesta Key. PRIOR BAD ACT: Rube Allyn Sr admitted in sworn testimony before a Senate Committee in Feb. 1918 that he had been arrested for 'Attempted Murder' during a Hate Crime at the Hogs Island PA shipyard, he hated German speaking people, he hated Germans.
MANATEE COUNTY GRAND JURY TANKS ON RUBE ALLYN MURDER CASE: Rube Allyn was arrested for murder of Harry Higel after Coroners Jury examines the evidence and Mr Higel's body on Jan 7th, 1921. At least 4 witnesses corroborated on the fact that Rube Allyn was near the murder scene on foot before 8:00am. Rube Allyn was sent to County jail in Bradenton and spent 61 days there awaiting the Manatee County Grand Jury to Convene on Wednesday March 9, no bail was allowed. Grand juries have more of an advisory role to the prosecutor. They help to determine if there is enough probable cause in a case for an indictment for criminal charges. Grand juries do not determine guilt. They only ascertain if there enough evidence for a trial and a conviction. If you’ve ever sat on a grand jury, this may not be a surprise. The grand jury’s job according to prosecutors is simply to decide whether there is reason enough to bring an indictment, this includes any circumstantial evidence and witness statements. Jurors generally agree there is enough to indict. As the saying goes, "most grand juries will indict a ham sandwich". Yet in the case of Rube Allyn the Grand Jury deliberated for only 10 minutes after 6 1/2 hours of evidence put before them including witness statements and failed to indict with NO TRUE BILL.

If a Movie was ever cast for the Unsolved Murder of Harry Higel on Siesta Key Fl, Leonardo DiCaprio would be a shoe in for the tall, erratic, hard drinking Irish newsman Rube Allyn character. Rube Allyn's alibi was that he was back at home the morning of the Higel murder by 8:00 am on Friday Jan 7 as confirmed by his wife Rose and could not have done it as Higel was killed sometime between 8:10 am and 8:30 am. Interestingly Rose Allyn did not show up Wednesday morn March 9th to be questioned by the Grand Jury, she sent a statement instead. Appears Rose Allyn was too busy getting Rube's 'Florida Fisherman Magazine' ready for press over in Tampa, what the hell? In 1921 a felony conviction for Murder in Florida meant the death penalty and the execution method was hanging. In 1923 a bill was passed in Florida and placed all executions under State control instead of County and changed the method from hanging to electrocution. It appears to me that this Manatee County Grand Jury was nothing more than a "Kangaroo Court", a court held by a legitimate judicial authority which intentionally disregards the court's legal or ethical obligations and evidence. According to the Tampa Tribune on March 9th, 1921 the Manatee County Grand Jury was made up of 19 men; M. C. Davis, George N. Brown, J. A. Howse, J. A. Henry, T. B. Gallup, C. A. Rowlett, C. F. Edwards, Carl Hendrix, Guy Jones, C. L. Davis, W. O. Edwards, H. T. Glazier, Iron Ross, E. P. Lloyd, H. D. Horney, E. J. Bright, James G. Foster and Frank Kennedy. J. A. Howse was chosen Foreman. The murder case of Harry Higel by supposed suspect Rube Allyn was not carried forth to trial due to a tainted Manatee County Grand Jury as claimed by (Harry Higel's brother) George Higel who said: "One of the members of the Manatee Grand Jury investigating the murder of Harry Higel and the suspect Rube Allyn was a fellow newspaper man and personal friend of Rube Allyn, the fix was in".

According to a Nov 28, 1919 article of the Tampa Tribune, Sarasota's rube Allyn wanted to be a famous actor, he had small part in the 1913 silent movie version (short) of "The Scarlet Letter" (1913) Drama, release date May 17, 1913, filmed in Color (Kinemacolor). The Scarlet Letter is a 1913 silent film that was based on the 1850 novel of the same title by Nathaniel Hawthorne. It was produced by the Kinemacolor Company of America and directed by David Miles. It starred Linda Arvidson, Murdock MacQuarrie and Charles Perley. The film tells the story of a noble but poor woman who arrives at Boston in the 17th century. There she marries an old but quite rich doctor but does not become happy. {The basic plot of the Hawthorne novel.} Hester Prynne, a Puritan woman, is forced to wear a scarlet A on her clothing when she gives birth to a daughter, Pearl, out of wedlock. The townspeople do not know who the father is, because Hester has chosen to keep secret the fact that the Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale was her lover. RUBE ALLYN WANTED TO BE FAMOUS: Sarasota's Rube Allyn had a small part in the 1913 silent screen version of "The Scarlet Letter", he was the murderous man leading the mob that burned witches. Rube Allyn would have had to be in the NYC area in 1912 - 1913 to be part of the movie production for "The Scarlet Letter" release date May 17, 1913 .
 photo credit screenshot Pach Bros 841 Broadway New York NY at this location 1885-1890
Rube Allyn grew up working as a type setter for the small newspaper in Mt Forest Canada but the draw of the big cities of Philadelphia and New York City was too much for Rube, so off he went in 1889 when he was in his 20's. Rube took up drama classes and public speaking, he had professional photos taken at Pach Bros 841 Broadway New York NY, SEE ABOVE, and gave them out to talent agents, Rube wanted to be a star. Ironically the Pach Brothers was a family-run photography studio by German-born brothers Gustavus and Gotthelf Pach, Rube hated Germans. Rube Allyn wanted to be on the stage and in movies, (The Scarlet Letter 1913) he wanted to be famous, he wanted to be a star. Rube Allyn devolved a stage act in New York and hit the road with his long suffering wife Rose and their son, Rube Jr in tow. Rube Allyn loved to see his name in the papers with a review of his stage act. One of the first reviews of Rube Allyn's stage act, when he was 26, was in the Manitoba Free Press Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on March 15 1892. Rube Allyn editor and publisher at the Sarasota Sun from 1913 to 1916.

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