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COLD CASE: Orlando Cops No Help in Finding Missing Jennifer Kesse Since 2006 Her Parents Want Daughter Home.

International Human Trafficking Syndicate Seeks Out Young, Attractive, Blonde, American Females Like Jennifer Kesse, For Sale. Organized criminal groups traffic more victims and tend to use more violence like kidnapping than small scale traffickers. When organized criminal groups are involved, many more victims are trafficked, often for longer periods and across wider distance. These well-organized groups are typically involved in other crimes. West African groups trafficking victims to Europe,
for example, systematically engage in drug trafficking, money laundering, financial fraud and other transnational crimes. Kidnapping female victims may be more profitable than an annual average salary in a legitimate business. The market value attached to victims is higher when it reaches the exploitation phase. 

TRAFFICKED: There are examples of organized international human trafficking syndicates who seek out and kidnap young, attractive, blonde, American females who are sold for up to $95,000 in foreign countries, like Dubai UAE. Dubai UAE is the United Arab Emirates, the Las Vegas of the Middle East for those who don’t already know this. The organized, methodical, kidnapping of Jennifer Kesse in Orlando Fl by multiple perpetrators fits this pattern. Dubai in United Arab Emirates is a center of human trafficking run by organized international human trafficking syndicates.

COLD CASE TAKEN: Orlando Cops No Help in Finding Missing Jennifer Kesse Since Tuesday Jan 24th 2006, Her Parents Want their Daughter Home.
Jennifer Kesse Kidnapping Possible Sex Trafficked. Shortly after Jennifer Kesse vanished from her condo at the Mosaic at Millenia in Orlando, Kesse's car was discovered parked around a mile from her home at another condo complex. Jenn typically left between 7:30 and 8:00 in the morning and it was her habit to call her boyfriend Rob when she got in her car”. Security footage recorded a person parking Kesse's car and walking away on Tuesday Jan 24, 2006 at about noon, about 4 hours after Jennifer would usually leave for work. Where was Jennifer and her car for 4 hours“Her car was parked by a Suspect (on video) who pulled into a visitors parking space waited 32 seconds to exit her car and walked away, never looking back.” The perps who kidnapped Jennifer Keese had to be on site at her condo and in the parking lot by at least 7:00 am on Tuesday Jan 24, 2006. The time is significant as subcontractors working on a big job site like Mosaic at Millenia in Orlando, where Jennifer Keese lived, always start work at about 7:00 am. Sub-contractors like painters, sheet rock workers, carpet and tile people and carpenters on big construction sites are not vetted or vouched, most likely comprised of men with criminal histories, illegals and/or ex-cons, just the way it is in Florida, I know this for a fact.

The person walking away from Jennifer Kesse's car could not be identified due to poor camera quality and the person's face and any distinguishing physical features being obscured. The height approximations made by the FBI based on the video are are 5’3” to 5’5” tall. The person appears to be dressed all in white, shirt and pants, like painters do on job sites in Florida, but the 30 year old security camera quality is poor almost giving a black and white appearance to everything. Is the short guy/girl in the photo one of the sub contractors doing the punch list of repairs at Jennifer Kesse's condominium at the Mosaic at Millenia in Orlando, most likely yes. The person who dumped the car of Jennifer Kesse and walked away appears to be following orders of others, someone picked him/her up to leave the area. Multiple perps had to be involved in Jennifer Kesse kidnapping. 

“Detectives discovered there was extensive remodeling going on, including some work in Jennifer’s own unit, and Jennifer had complained to her family that some of the workers were making her feel uncomfortable. Asked what she said, Joyce says, “They would stop and stare. …Leering stares is what she would say.” “Were these guys mostly day workers?” Van Sant asks. “It was large groups of crews that had traveled together, carpenters, sheet rock workers, carpet and tile people and painters. And many of them were staying right there in several of the units in the complex itself.” Of the 447 units in Jennifer’s complex, only 250 were occupied at the time of her disappearance. Did Orlando cops interview each and every sub contract worker doing the punch list at Jennifer Kesse's condo at the Mosaic at Millenia in Orlando, most likely no. Orlando Cops claim no other fingerprints other than Jennifer's found in her condo and car, prints wiped down by perps, appears to be a professional kidnapping by at least 2 or 3 perps. Orlando cops came across a latent fingerprint that is not showing up anywhere and they came across a minuscule piece of thread DNA or material DNA that can not be used to form a profile, as of yet. Jennifer Kesse's condo at the Mosaic at Millenia in Orlando is a guard-gated community, how did perps get in? Where is the list of names the Orlando cops interviewed, there should be several. Drew Keese paid $18,000 to get this list Orlando cops stonewalled him.

Back on Feb 10, 2002, JOYCE KESSE, MOTHER OF JENNIFER SAID: Well, what we think is that she got ready to go to work. She locked the door to her condo and from there it's a mystery. She never showed up for work and we were actually notified by her employer about 11:15 inquiring as to was there some sort of family emergency, which there was not. Meanwhile, they had tried to call her cell phone, her home phone and no reply from Jennifer, which is not usual for her. DREW KESSE, FATHER OF JENNIFER: said her car was found two days later approximately a mile from her condominium, left at an apartment complex and found at midday. The condominium complex that she had recently moved into two months previous had a punch list for repairs and Jennifer had expressed some concern about an uneasy feeling about the amount of unknown workers (painters, carpenters) and that was something that she shared with family and friends. There are surveillance photos of an unidentified person seen near Jennifer's abandoned car and police are asking for public help to identify this person of interest.

FOX 10 Phoenix AZ Jan 1/24/2022 - Jennifer Kesse Kidnapping Possible Sex Trafficked. Drew Kesse revealed a theory many had not heard before. He said his daughter may have been taken by human sex traffickers. The family of missing woman Jennifer Kesse marked the start of another year with no answers. Jennifer went missing in Orlando, Fl on Jan. 23, 2006. Kesse’s father lives in Bradenton. The family is pleading for answers. “January 24, 2022 will mark the start of the 17th year we have desperately been trying to find our loved one, Jennifer Kesse. We will not stop until we have found her and bring her home where she belongs, even if it’s DNA! Our love for Jennifer is greater than this universe and Jennifer knows it. Jennifer, we love you!” reads a social media post. Kesse’s father, Drew, criticized Orlando Police’s investigation. “Almost four years ago we came to an agreement with the Orlando Police Department that they would, over the period of four months, generate a digital file of Jennifer’s case and give it to us at their requested cost of $18,000. We paid the price, in full, upfront. That four-month agreement has turned into three years and ten months and the department is still incapable of fulfilling their end of the agreement. Incompetency at its best. If we did that, we’d be in jail. Now imagine, over that time, fighting for unredacted copies with the city’s lawyers and trying to have our private investigators find Jennifer from all those files. Then finding out that the lead detective on Jennifer’s case did not write a single report or any document since 2010, 12 years!!! Nothing written is nothing investigated,” wrote Drew Kesse. Attempts to hire a private investigator, said Drew, have been thwarted, but the family says they refuse to give up hope and will continuing their fight.

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