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PHYSICAL EVIDENCE: Colt Revolver With Broken Grip Found Buried on Siesta Key Proves Rube Allyn Murdered Mayor Harry Higel During Pistol Whipping 100 Years Ago.

Sarasota mayor Harry Lee Higel was murdered by newsman Rube Allyn during a pistol whipping on Friday morn Jan 7th, 1921 at the north end of Siesta Key Fl. "Gun Buried on Siesta Key": 1920's Era Colt Revolver Found Buried on Siesta Key Verified by Sarasota County Sheriff Cold Case Detective as Possible Link to Murder of Sarasota Mayor Harry Higel. Get real here, nobody buries a perfectly fine, loaded gun with a broken grip on Siesta Key unless it was used in the bludgeoning murder of former Sarasota Mayor Harry Higel on Friday January 7tth, 1921. The Colt revolver went into the muck and mud of salt water wetland on Siesta Key in 1921 looking real shiny and pretty as seen in the top photo and came out of the ground 100 years later a rusty mess. But 6 live bullets remained in the cylinder of the Colt revolver, I have it on my desk.


PHYSICAL EVIDENCE: 1920's era Colt Revolver With Broken Grip Found Buried on Siesta Key Proves Rube Allyn Murdered Mayor Harry Higel During Pistol Whipping 100 Years Ago. When one man hits another man about the head with a revolver in one hand while holding him up with the other, multiple depressed fractures of the victims skull will result, this is called a pistol whipping, with death the most likely result. Harry Higel was murdered on Jan 7th, 1921 not Jan 6th. "Others" in the Sarasota area may claim they know the "Real History" of the facts surrounding the brutal bludgeoning murder of Harry Higel on Siesta Key 100 years ago that actually occurred on Friday Jan 7th, 1921, but I have the "real" murder weapon that was found buried near the crime scene in Nov 2019.

        photo credit Ocala Evening Star via associated press AP newswires
News papers in the 1900's, 1910's, 1920's, 1930's, 1940's, 1950's, 1960's and 1970's were a lot different that the newspapers of today. Most Daily Newspapers in large markets had a morning and a evening edition delivered to your house or the local newsstand. The local paper 'Sarasota Times' was a weekly edition published on Thursdays. When a big story broke over the AP newswires, like Harry Higel's murder, an extra edition was printed that day Jan 7th 1921 and delivered to your house and to the corner newsstands. Reporters in the old days were a lot more aggressive and dug for info on big news stories like the murder of Harry Higel. The information provided in this investigation will help provide the who, what, where, when, and why of the unsolved murder on Siesta Key Fl of mayor Harry Higel 100 years ago. Harry Higel was found badly beaten around the head, bleeding and unconscious on Mangrove road (Siesta Dr) near Higel Ave at 8:30 am the morning of Jan 7th by Bert Luzier and his son Merrill as they were on the way to the shell pit. Rube Allyn arrested Friday afternoon Jan 7th, 1921 in connection with the death of former Mayor Harry Higel on Siesta Key, Sarasota Fl almost 100 years ago.

FLORIDA NEWSPAPER DELIVERY SYSTEM IN 1920's WAS HANDS ON: In the US the heyday of print newspapers was during the early 20th century, (1920's). The 'paperboy' was often a young person's first job, perhaps undertaken before and/or after school. Most large newspapers like the Tampa Tribune and St Pete Times had an early AM delivery and an evening PM delivery directly to your house. There was also the newsboy or newspaper hawker who would sell newspapers to passersby on the street in urban areas, like in Tampa or St Pete in 1921, with very vocal promotion. 'Newsboys' were common when multiple daily papers in every city and as many as 50 in New York City alone competed in the 1920's. The number of 'Daily Newspapers' in Florida was 33 in 1921. The St Pete Times was/is the largest daily newspaper in Florida it began publication as a twice daily in 1920. In 2012, the St. Petersburg Times changed its name to the Tampa Bay Times to more accurately reflect the geographical area it served. Then, in 2016, the Tampa Bay Times bought its long-time rival, the Tampa Tribune, which then ceased publication. The Sarasota Times newspaper in 1921 was a weekly published on Thursdays and then mailed by USPS to your house with subscriptions of $2.00 per year, not very timely news reporting.

Sarasota Fl Jan 7th, 1921, Dr Halton's medical report on murdered Harry Higel indicates at least 5 blows to his head from a heavy solid object, most likely a pistol whipping. Harry Higel was not hit by a car, he was targeted by what appears to be Rube Allyn, his neighbor. Wounds were found on the right side of the head above the eye and on the left side of the head also above the eye indicating Mr Higel was facing his murderer (Rube Allyn) when struck. Multiple wounds were also found on the top and back of Mr Higel's head indicating he most likely was hit when he was on the ground. The multiple wounds on Mr Higel's head appear to be depressed fractures from Dr John Halton's report, caused from a pistol whipping. I contacted the District 12 Medical Examiner Office that covers Sarasota, Manatee and DeSoto County to try and obtain an autopsy report and/or more detailed information on Mr. Higels head wounds, their response, "our office has no records or reports that go back to 1921".

"The Smoking Gun Buried on Siesta Key", Colt Revolver Verified by Sheriff as Possible Link to Murder of Sarasota Mayor Harry Higel. As in other kinds of pistol-whipping, the scalp wounds may be associated with fractures of the skull and even with brain contusions. Twelve Months ago on November 26th, 2019 I turned into the Sarasota County Sheriff Department a loaded gun that appears to have been buried for decades on Siesta Key Fl. The results of the Sheriff Departments investigation concerning the old, rusted, and corroded parts of an antique small frame Colt Police positive revolver (over 100 years old) on Siesta Key buried near a salt water canal off of Higel Ave sometime in 1921 is seen below.

I have not indicated the exact address off of Higel Ave on Siesta Key where the broken Colt revolver was found as the homeowner had his house up for sale and I did not want to create undo attention to the address. The Sarasota County Sheriff report indicates that Harry Higel was found unconscious in the middle of the road of Siesta Dr and Higel Ave, (where I have claimed all along the exact location of the crime scene).
A). The Sarasota County Sheriff report revealed today indicates the firearm that I tuned in on Nov 26th 2019, is in fact a 1900's era Colt revolver produced between 1907 and 1922, as I have claimed in numerous reports.
B). The Sarasota County Sheriff report indicates that back in 1921 investigators were unable to determine the instrument used to injure Higel.
C). The Sarasota County Sheriff report indicates injuries to Higel were from a solid object and above the neck (as in a pistol whipping).
D). The Sarasota County Sheriff report indicates the weapon used to kill Higel was never located.

 E). The Sarasota County Sheriff report indicates that rumors had it, the weapon used to kill Higel was buried somewhere on Siesta Key.
F). The Sarasota County Sheriff report indicates that to this date, no weapon has ever been found, aside from this Colt revolver.
G). The Sarasota County Sheriff report indicates that the location of the Colt revolver was approximately one (1) block of Higel's location.
H). On 3/24/2020 The Sarasota County Sheriff report further states by writer: "I retrieved the weapon from Property and inspected it's parts. Upon review and through my own independent research, I believe, as reported by Warner, these parts are to a Colt revolver produced in the early 1900's".

Dr Halton's medical report to the Coroners Jury on Friday evening Jan 7th, 1921, the day Harry Higel was murdered, indicated multiple depressed fractures to the skull, multiple broken facial bones, and at least one compound skull fracture. Mr. Higel suffered multiple depressed fractures all over his head as per Dr Halton's report. "The mark of the weapon was clearly shown with a hole in the skull made by the pointed end of the weapon". The holes in Mr Higel's skull are called depressed fractures. Mr Higel's injuries, that led to his death, most likely would have been caused by a pistol whipping, the butt of the Colt revolver has a pointed end, see photo above.

The Violent Legend of Rube Allyn the Man who Murdered Sarasota Mayor Harry Higel on Siesta Key FL. The most infamous unsolved mysteries in Sarasota history, the murder of Harry Higel on Siesta Key. The evidence was circumstantial. People remembered a history of antagonism between the two men and a footprint found in the sand next to Higel's body appeared to match one of Allyn's size 13 canvas shoes. The size 13 footprints in the sand next to where Harry Higel's body had laid, led in the direction of Rube Allyn's house at the north end of of what is now Gulfmead Dr and 'Fishery Point'. Manatee County Deputy Sheriff D. R. Brown and Sarasota City Marshal Leon Davis Hodges (L. D. Hodges) were first on the scene, they appear to have arrived at the Siesta Key crime scene at about 10:00 AM on Jan 7th. The footprints, tracks in the sand near the where the body of Harry Higel had laid at the cor of Mangrove and Higel Ave on Friday morn Jan 7th 1921 leading in the direction of Rube Allyn's house are very significant as Rube Allyn was one of the few men on Siesta Key who wore a size 13 shoe.  

A search of Rube Allyn's house on Friday January 7th 1921 at about 11:00 am found a pair of trousers belonging to Rube Allyn Sr that had been recently washed and were still wet. When examining Rube Allyn’s house the Deputy Sheriff noted a pair of canvas shoes with a rubber sole that appeared to be similar to those that left tracks at the scene of the crime. This was enough evidence for Rube Allyn Sr to be arrested. Apparently no photographs of the size 13 footprints in the sand next to where Harry Higel's body had laid were taken to match with Rube Allyn's size 13 canvas shoes. This would have been direct evidence that Rube Allyn was at the crime scene. Rube Allyn's violent history includes multiple arrests for attempted murder, an arrest for plot to murder a Tampa Tribune reporter, involed in multiple barroom brawls and multiple arrests for public drunkenness.


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