Friday, January 29, 2021

Serial Killings Along Interstate Highway System FBI Claims a Long Haul Truck Driver Is Responsible

Unsolved Murders of Woman Along Florida I-4 Interstate Highway FBI Claims a Long Haul Truck Driver Is Responsible. Sarasota Private Eye Bill Warner was Featured in Part 6 of the Edgy A&E 8 Part Docu-Series 'The Killing Season'. I have been Focusing on the I-4 Serial Killer Who Appears to be a Trucker Roaming the Roads. A&E SERIES THE KILLING SEASON "A Killer On the Road: After private investigator Bill Warner's alarming revelation that there exists long haul truckers moonlighting as serial killers terrorizing America’s interstate system. I have done extensive research into multiple unsolved murders, mostly young women involved with drugs and prostitution along the I-4 corridor.

According to the FBI, four killings along I-4 near Orlando are among 28 in Florida that are unsolved and connected to serial killings that the bureau suspects were committed by long-haul truckers.Those include 19 deaths along the Interstate 4 corridor between Tampa and Daytona Beach, although all but one local law-enforcement agency denies any serial-killer cases on its books.The FBI report documents dozens of serial killings of people whose bodies were dumped near popular trucking routes.The report is accompanied by a map that shows the FBI plotting more than 500 serial killings — mostly prostitutes and female drug users — across the United States.

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