Thursday, May 25, 2023

Serial Killers Ted Bundy and Bryan Kohberger Two of a Kind Fox Nation Nancy Grace Analyzes The Parallels with Private Investigator Bill Warner

"Parallels of Evil: The Bundy and Idaho Killings". Nancy Grace explores parallels between serial killers Ted Bundy and Bryan Kohberger | Fox News. Crime Stories Fox Nation Two of a kind? Nancy Grace, privare investigator Bill Warner and survivors of Ted Bundy analyze the parallels between Bundy's tactics and the gruesome attacks in Moscow Idaho. See Fox News video CLICK HERE.

New York Post: Murder of 4 University of Idaho students captured the attention of the nation as suspect Bryan Kohberger awaits his trial, Sarasota PI Bill Warner says BK is a copycat killer

VIDEO ABOVE, Nancy Grace travels to Moscow, Idaho to investigate the eerie similarities from Bryan Kohberger's scene of the crime to serial killer Ted Bundy's traits. Don't miss Parallels of Evil: The Bundy and Idaho Killings, streaming now exclusively on Fox Nation. 

Bryan Kohberger was listed online as studying psychology (like serial killer Ted Bundy) in 2018 at Northampton Community College in Albrightsville, where he was a member of Psi Beta and got involved in “raising awareness of hidden disabilities.” He was also employed as a part-time school security officer by the Pleasant Valley School District for several years until last year. Serial killer Ted Bundy got his start in Washington state, he transferred to the University of Washington (UW) in order to study Chinese in '66, but reportedly dropped out two years later.

Ted Bundy was called a classic case of a sexual-sadist serial killer. Bryan Kohberger the man accused of the Moscow massacre last November 2022 fits the M.O. of a sexual sadist serial killer. As a child it appears BK had abnormal sexual fantasies and daydreams. Ninety-two percent of all sexual sadist serial killers were white, grew up in a two parent home, were mother stayed home. Eighty percent were of above average intelligence driven by need for sexual gratification with the first act of hostility or murder in the mid to late 20's. Bryan Kohberger rings all these bells.

Ted Bundy was a highly educated serial killer just like Bryan Kohberger. Ted Bundy was studding for a law degree at University of Utah and killing college co-eds. Bryan Kohberger is a highly educated killer, he completed his graduate studies in criminal justice this year at DeSales University, in Center Valley, Pennsylvania and was a grad student at Washington State Univ going for his Ph.D in criminal justice and criminology and he was also killing college co-eds. Ted Bundy was a serial killer, a psychopathic killer with no empathy made him a very effective predator, just like Bryan Kohberger.

SERIAL KILLER? Bryan Kohberger exhibited sexual sadistic tendencies in the Moscow massacre similar to his online mentor serial killer Ted Bundy an infamous Incel who choose his female victims by look-a-like appearance to a former girl friend who rejected him. Serial killer Ted Bundy was motivated by rejection after he was dumped by his first girlfriend, expert claims. Notorious serial killer and rapist Ted Bundy took the lives of innocent women because he "harbored a grudge" against his first girlfriend who broke his heart, Incel.

MOSCOW, Idaho - Bryan Kohberger's lawyer says media is grotesque wants to get him in front of the firing squad ASAP. Bryan Kohberger could face death by firing squad if he is convicted and sentenced to death for the murders of four University of Idaho students and lethal drugs are not available, according to Idaho State Rep. Bruce Skaug, hell yeah save me a spot! An attorney representing accused U of I killer Bryan Kohberger criticized media coverage as "grotesque" and "twisted" as he asked a judge to keep a gag order in place. "The media of 2023 is not a good place to go," defense attorney Jay Weston Logsdon said. "We're trying to resolve issues, not make them worse." Lodgson said "the push [by the media] is to show in every possible way that the state has it right, this is their guy and the question is how long until we get him to the firing squad. A firing squad is normally composed of several soldiers, all of whom are usually instructed to fire simultaneously. It's grotesque." Attorneys also argued about whether cameras should be allowed in the courtroom for the trial and future hearings.

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