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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sarasota Bradenton Home Invasion Intruder Made a Mistake with GeorgeAnn Smith, She Was Young, Not the Home Owner and a Black Belt in Karate.

Sarasota Bradenton Home Invasion Intruder Made a Mistake with GeorgeAnn Smith, 37, She Was Young, Not the Home Owner and a Black Belt in Karate. UPDATE...Tuesday, May 26, 2009, Masked Man Beats and Rapes Woman In Her Home On Siesta Key, The Attack Mimics 10 Other Sarasota-Bradenton Home Invasion Serial Attacks of Women.
From a previous post on the Sarasota-Bradenton Home invader, it has been verified by victims that the perp involved with these horrendous crimes is a white male, 5'10" to 6' 0" tall, about 175 to 185 lbs. He often wears dark colored clothing and a black ski mask and has made statements that he robs to feed a crack cocaine habit. In the prior attacks, victims expressed that the attacker was anywhere in age from 35 to 60, not a teenager.

The attacker appears to be targeting mostly middle-aged to elderly women, who live alone, creeping into their homes or yards and sneaking up behind them. He strikes them in the head with a gun, usually binds them with cords or rope he finds in their homes, then grabs cash, credit cards, jewelry and electronics, he took a large plasma TV from a Bradenton home invasion, (something a van or pick-up truck would be needed to transport)

The Sarasota Bradenton male perp (attacker) must be also able to access information on who lives in the houses he cases to identify single women in a certain age bracket, he knows who is supposed to live in the house, he is accessing Florida property records and cross referencing with data on gender and age. He is computer literate and has access to GPS equipment to re-locate the victims homes and the quickest escape route. The Sarasota -Bradenton Home Invader has been in the neighborhoods prior to the attacks.

I, Bill Warner, have driven the Sarasota streets where the Home Invasions took place, I had information on the approximate address but when driving the streets I had no idea as to which home would have housed an elderly female, there were no outward signs, all the streets looked the same.

I am a private investigator and in the business of doing surveillance on subjects in Sarasota and Bradenton, this is my job, but without some sort of inside information, there is no way I would have known which house on the street was the most vulnerable or where an eldery female lived, alone !

In Sarasota all the Home Invasion attacks are North of Clark Rd and South of Bahia Vista with Proctor Rd the center point, (see map above, click to enlarge). In Bradenton all the attacks are East and West of I-75 with quick access back to Sarasota Fl.

GeorgeAnn Smith, 37, had recently moved into the house on Jo-An Drive where she was murdered by the Sarasota-Bradenton Home invader, she was renting the house and was not the listed property owner (an elderly couple).

GeorgeAnn Smith was not the typical victim of the the Sarasota-Bradenton Home Invader, she was 40 to 50 years younger than the previous and subsequent victims, she was not listed as the owner of the house and she had a black belt in karate with multiple advanced degrees, 6th to 10th.

The Sarasota-Bradenton Home Invader (coward) had his hands full with GeorgeAnn Smith, she was a fighter, she was not going to take it lying down, she more than likely pulled off his mask, she was a black belt in karate trained in self defence but going up against an armed intruder who obviously had no qualms about maiming, or now, killing a woman.

GeorgeAnn Smith was a hero, she fought back, it may have cost her life, but there is no second guessing the situation, she was attacked and she defended herself, no black belt in karate (an expert in martial arts) is going to accept a hit in the head and possible sexual abuse without fighting back, it is just that simple.

The Sarasota-Bradenton home Invader is a woman hater with very possible issues with his mother that is why he has targeted elderly women living alone and has beaten all of them and raped (at least) one of them. Victims’ injuries from the attacks have included teeth getting knocked out and deep gashes on the head needing stitches from being beaten with various objects. In many cases, the victims give the attackers their valuables. "He beats them afterwards". The attacker remains at large, perhaps, plotting his next move.

God bless GeorgeAnn Smith, she is in a better place, she was a fighter;
Georgann Lee Smith, Nov. 18, 1971 - April 6, 2009. Georgann Lee Smith, 37, of Sarasota, formerly of Millersport, Ohio, died April 6, 2009. Services were at the Bee Ridge Baptist Church on Proctor Rd Sarasota Fl . Burial was in Suttons Bay, Mich. Survivors include sisters Sharon Chiles of Remington, Va., and Marjie Almeter of Suttons Bay; a stepmother, Lillian Huffman of Heath, Ohio; nephews TJ and James Rannebarger, Sam and Brendan Almeter; and a niece, Cathryn Almeter. She was employed with Gardens of Sarasota. For donations, contact Cheryl Swenney, 941-957-0842.

Bill Warner
private investigator