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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Newtown Black Thug Shawn Tyson Smiles as he Leaves Court for Prison, Newtown Needs a Curfew and “Stop and Search” Law .

Newtown needs a curfew to keep murdeous teenage thugs like Shawn Tyson and his gang member pals off the street and “Stop and Search” Law to take away their guns "No Guns For Felons".  Tyson may be gone for life but his pals ain’t, what better example is there of the damage one thug like Shawn Tyson can do to a community and the friends and parents of murdered James Kouzaris and James Cooper who were Gunned down in the Ghetto of Newtown. There are a lot more "Shawn Tysons" out there in Newtown.

DAILY MAIL UK........Sneering teenager Shawn Tyson, nicknamed 'Savage', was today found guilty in the shooting deaths of two British tourists after days of damning evidence.  Shawn Tyson, 17, was charged with two counts of first degree murder for killing James Cooper and James Kouzaris in April 2011 and was sentenced to life in prison. The teen murdered the holidaymakers after he tried robbing the young men only to find that they did not have any cash on them.

The Copper and Kouzaris families released a statement, saying that they too have been given 'a life sentence when our sons were so brutally and needlessly taken from us.' 'Ours is a life sentence, with no chance of parole from a broken heart, and a shattered soul,' the statement continued.

The Sarasota, Florida jury of eight women and four men only deliberated for two hours (including a one hour lunch break) before coming to the guilty sentence for Tyson. After a week-long case, he was charged with first degree murder for both of the men. Before sentencing Tyson, the judge allowed friends of the two victims to speak directly to the killer.

The emotional disparagements show the extent of the pain felt by the young mens' friends and family.  'You've taken us all on a journey to hell the last 12 months,' said John Hallett, a friend of the two British victims.  'It was through your deadly action that you have taken us on a journey to hell... They were decent human beings. 'They will haunt your thoughts forever. You pierced both their hearts with bullets ... you have ripped the hearts out of so many of us.' MORE FROM THIS SOURCE.

The NYPD in New York City has a policy of “Stop and Search“. New York City cops are being criticized because the vast majority of their stop-and-search techniques are employed against black and Hispanic citizens. But Fox News Reporter Geraldo Rivera heartily endorsed the NYPD and its policies. “I support the Bloomberg administration,” Rivera said.

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