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Monday, February 08, 2010

Why Have So Many Scammers Like Daniel Prewett, Neil Husani, Art Nadel and Gary Brown Been Able to Steal Over $500 Million From Banks And Residents of Sarasota FL ?

Why Have So Many Scammers Some With Criminal Records Like Daniel Prewett and Neil Mohamed Husani along with Art Nadel and Gary Brown Been Able to Steal Over $500 Million From Banks And The Residents of Sarasota FL ?

What is it, the high heat and humidity or the salt air from the Gulf of Mexico that makes normally sane individuals and banks in Sarasota turn over hundreds of thousands of dollars to men, some have criminal records, to make investments without checking them out ?

Just recently it was revealed by the Sarasota Herald Tribune that one of the individuals scammed by ex-con Danile Prewett was a Sarasota police office Todd Perna , who did not bother to check Prewett's background.  Perna knew adviser Daniel Prewett as the head of the local Jackson Hewitt tax franchises, a guy who did his taxes and offered investments on behalf of the nationally respected chain.  But the chief called Perna to his office and had a different story: Federal agents had just arrested Prewett on money laundering charges, and the chief wanted to know why Perna's name was in his paperwork.

Background checks of anyone one who handles your investment monies are simple to obtain and fairly inexpensive.

Sarasota Scammer Art Nadel Indicted On 15 Counts Of Fraud, Cash Was Stashed In New York City Then Wired To Florida.

Sarasota money manager Arthur G. Nadel was indicted Tuesday on 15 fraud counts, accused of running a 10-year scheme that bilked investors out of hundreds of millions of dollars.  Nadel kept a N.Y. disbarment a secret, Sarasota's Art Nadel Paid $50,000 to Mob Loan Sharks From Clients Escrow Account. To pay off loan sharks, New York attorney Arthur G. Nadel violated a basic tenet of legal ethics — he dipped into an escrow account and took $50,000 that did not belong to him.

That was in the late 1970s, and Nadel was subsequently disbarred for "dishonesty, fraud, deceit and misrepresentation."   But in 2004 by which time Nadel was living in Sarasota he never disclosed his legal disgrace to investors in his Scoop Real Estate Limited Partnership. Thus, many were blindsided last week when the 75-year-old Nadel vanished, along with an estimated $350-million managed by him and his companies.

Had prospective investors known of Nadel's past, they might have been far more wary about entrusting their money to a man who promised unusually high, steady returns even as the stock market tanked. And should Nadel ever turn up, he, his partners and even Holland & Knight, the law firm for Scoop Real Estate, could be held liable by investors claiming they were misled about Nadel's background.

If convicted, he faces a combined 280 years in prison and the loss of his Sarasota home, bank accounts and other property he amassed with money from the alleged scam.

The federal grand jury's indictment in Manhattan comes more than three months after Nadel fled Sarasota as his hedge funds collapsed.

From the outset of the scheme, and continuing throughout its operation, NADEL obtained investor funds through interstate wire transfers from financial institutions located in the Southern District of New York and elsewhere and through mailings delivered by the Postal Service.

In connection with this scheme, ARTHUR G. NADEL, the defendant, created and caused to be created false and fraudulent documents including, but not limited to, client account statements that reflected fictitious positive returns consistent with the returns that had been promised to investors in the Funds.

NADEL caused money to be transferred by wire from New York, New York, to bank accounts located outside New York for the purpose of executing the scheme to defraud the investors in the Funds, as set forth below, see sampling:

03/25/08, Wire transfer of approximately $200,000 from New York, New York, to a bank account in Florida.
04/02/08, Wire transfer of approximately $100,000 from New York, New York, to a bank account in Florida.
06/24/08, Wire transfer of approximately $400,000 from New York, New York, to a bank account in Florida.
07/02/08, Wire transfer of approximately $50,000 from New York, New York, to a bank account in Florida.
08/22/08, Wire transfer of approximately $900,000 from New York, New York, to a bank account in Florida.
11/06/08, Wire transfer of approximately $75,000 from New York, New York, to a bank account in Florida.
12/02/08, Wire transfer of approximately $350,000 from New York, New York, to a bank account in Florida.
01/05/09, Wire transfer of approximately $179,000 from New York, New York, to a bank account in Florida

Sarasota Scammers Neil Mohammad Husani, Art Nadel and Gary Brown Take SRQ Area for $400 Million. Cash is Now in Foreign Banks.   Neil Husani's name came up repeatedly during the daylong proceedings against Larry Nardelli, a Tampa businessman indicted in July along with Husani, Sarasota lawyer John Yanchek and Manatee County builder Michael Tringali for mortgage fraud and money laundering.

The men were accused of inflating land values to get $83 million in loans from banks and pocketing about $40 million (Husani has cash in the "Arab Bank"). Muslim commercial real estate flipper Neil Mohamed Husani, who almost single handedly triggered an economic downturn in Sarasota Fl and jeopardised several Sarasota banks, was living the high life in Amman Jordan with his Scamed Millions of Sarasota Dollars sitting in the terrorist linked "Arab Bank" ! 

Wednesday, February 04, 2009 FBI Arrests Another Sarasota CEO Scammer, Gary Brown Skylynx Communications, On Stock Manipulation Charges To Fool Investors.

FBI Agents from New Jersey and Florida arrested Sarasota resident Gary Brown, 60, Tuesday February 3rd 2009, at his BOCA POINT DR home on charges of inflating the shares of Delaware-based Skylynx Communications (to fool potential investors).
A criminal complaint had been filed against Brown, the company's chief executive, in New Jersey. Potentially there might be some victims in the Sarasota area," said David Couvertier, an FBI spokesman. "If anyone believes they have been victimized we are asking them to contact the FBI," call the FBI Office in Atlantic City, NJ.  According to a criminal complaint filed in New Jersey, Brown and his co-defendants purchased a "significant" number of shares in Skylynx, a Delaware-based wireless communications company.

The complaint alleges that Brown, Joseph Morgan and Edward McPhee did so without the knowledge of the other shareholders. Then the men paid brokers in cash and/or Skylynx shares, in return the brokers would purchase those shares in their customers accounts, investigators said.

Brown gave Morgan and McPhee free-trading shares of the stock in return for their cooperation in promoting the company, according to the FBI.  Anyone who believes they may have been swindled by these men is urged to call the FBI Office in Atlantic City, NJ Office at (609) 677-6400, or the Newark, NJ office at (973) 792-3000.

UPDATE ON CONVICTED SARASOTA DRUG DEALER DANIEL PREWETT AND HIS JACKSON HEWITT TAX BUSINESS, Lawsuit targets Jackson-Hewitt   LAWSUIT: Corporate offices ignored warnings about Ponzi scheme, they say. SARASOTA COUNTY Daniel Prewett had already been in prison on a tax fraud conviction when he began running the area’s Jackson Hewitt tax service franchises.
Then the felon started selling real estate investments out of the same office with a confusingly similar name: JH Investment Services.

Those who invested with him, and were ultimately ripped off, say he used the company’s national reputation to draw 130 investors and more than $18 million into a broad Ponzi scheme, the first of several fraud artists to strike the Sarasota investment market.

SARASOTA COCAINE DEALER LUCIANO ANGRILLI “PLED AND FLED” ON MAJOR TRAFFICKING IN COCAINE CHARGES, DRUGS SOLD THROUGH SARASOTA BARS OWNED BY DANIEL PREWETT.  TAMPA – A federal jury relied on overwhelming evidence to convict Sarasota businessman Daniel Prewett of federal drug charges of Trafficking In Cocaine and money laundering charges, Prewtt Ran his cocaine operation out of his “front” an accounting firm at 5777 Beneva Rd Sarasota Fl during regular office hours, Prewett was the “main guy” in the Sarasota Cocaine powder Business.

A confidential informant (CI) for Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) recorded video of a meeting with Sarasota businessman Daniel Prewett about laundering $100,000 in supposed drug money. On the video, Prewett tells the confidential informant to write down his full name on a form. “Felipe,” the informant says. “You know, no full names.”

Later on the tape, Luciano Angrilli (his pic, he has fled), the manager at Prewett’s two nightclubs (Khrome and Ecstasy), tells the confidential informant (CI) about the benefits of Costa Rica and laundering the money through a loan. The confidential source then has an undercover agent bring in the $100,000 cash and tells Prewett he will go the loan route. Prewett, 58, former owner of Jackson Hewitt tax franchises and two Sarasota nightclubs, got a federal prison term of 16 years and is currently in the Fort Dix NJ facility .

Prewett also wired $80,000 to an undercover bank account so Luciano Angrilli, a man who ran his nightclubs, could buy 10 kilograms of cocaine from undercover agents.

Hard Drinking Neil Mohamed Husani Still in Amman Jordan, Husani Left a Trail of DUI's, Felony convictions, Domestic Violence Charges, Probation Violation and Oh Yeah, He Scammed Sarasota Banks Out of $82.8 Million in Cash !
Neil Mohammad Husani, the real estate investor who ran off to Amman, Jordan, after allegedly masterminding one of the largest mortgage fraud schemes in Florida history, also was a frequent customer at Zoria’s restaurant in downtown Sarasota, dropping thousands of dollars each month for high-end meals with associates. “He was here five or six times a week and would stay for hours,” says Arthur Lopes, the owner and co-founder of Zoria’s restaurant in downtown Sarasota. “He did an awful lot of business out of here.”

Husani was flamboyant and presided over the bar area like a sultan. “He was a big tipper. That’s how people on the wait staff remembered him,” Lopes said. “I would say 90 percent of the staff knew him by name and he wouldn’t have to ask for anything. Food and drinks would simply be brought to him because the staff knew what he liked.” Husani often arrived at 3 p.m. and might stay until after 8. When the bar got too crowded, he and his entourage would move outside under the awning. Husani became so much a part of the Zoria’s scene that Lopes hired his girlfriend, Star Allen, to be a hostess.

From information obtained from the public records of the Sarasota County Clerk’s office and the Sarasota Sheriff’s Department it appears that Neil Mohamed Husani’s personal life was fueled with alcohol and violence. 

The hard drinking Neil Mohamed Husani was arrested on a DUI charge, Jan 8th, 2004 at 2:37 AM while driving his 1995 black Porsche on Swift Rd in Sarasota, he was already on State of Florida Probation for stealing $14,000 in furniture in Manatee County during 2002. Neil Mohamed Husani was so drunk he had a hard time standing, he had a strong odor of alcohol on his breath, his eyes were bloodshot and glazed and he dropped almost everything from his wallet looking for his drivers license, the Sarasota Sheriff’s Department had all of this on video tape. Neil Mohamed Husani should have been violated by his Parole Officer, but he tied up the Sarasota Courts with his DUI case (he pled innocent) until he fled Sarasota for Amman Jordan with $82.8 Million in Cash, the DUI case is still open.

Eight years ago, Husani was so strapped for cash that he wrote bad checks, a crime he pleaded guilty to in circuit court in Manatee in 2002. The next year, he was placed on two years' probation after pleading guilty to stealing $14,000 in furniture from a vendor who supplied Husani's Palmetto furniture store.

Husani started using slightly different names that involved changes in order or spelling. He would be "Neil Hussani" in one document and "Neal Mohamed" in another. The name changes helped Husani to hide his past, but trouble followed him and his financial woes persisted. In October 2002, Gwendolyn Newbloom sued Husani in circuit court in Hillsborough County, claiming that he was trying to cheat her out of buying an Apollo Beach apartment.
Husani told Newbloom he owned the Apollo Beach apartment and there were no liens or encumbrances on it, the suit says. But after she signed the contract to buy the apartment and made a $12,500 deposit, she discovered that Husani did not own it and the actual owner had not kept up to date with mortgage payments.

Bill Warner Director of CSPI..Covert Surveillance by Private Investigators at WBI Inc.