My Blog Posts dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes

My Blog Posts dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes
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Showing posts with label Cop Hater Michael Barfield is New Prez of Sarasota ACLU Who Couldn't Pass a Background Check to Flip Burgers at McDonald's. Show all posts

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Cop Hater Michael Barfield is New Prez of Sarasota ACLU Who Couldn't Pass a Background Check to Flip Burgers at McDonald's

Cop Hater Michael Barfield is New Prez of Sarasota ACLU Who Couldn't Pass a Background Check to Flip Burgers at McDonald's. A convicted felon by his own admission and barred from calling himself a lawyer by the Florida Bar Association, Barfield serves as President of the Florida ACLU Sarasota and chair of the Legal Panel of the A.C.L.U.’s Sarasota Chapter. He currently works for the law firm of Andrea Flynn Mogensen, P.A., filing predatory law suits against local governments and public officials in Sarasota and Manatee Counties and elsewhere in the state of Florida. In Sarasota Fl the ACLU media face is represented by attorney Andrea Mogensen, paralegal (ex-con) Michael Barfield and Susan Nilon an 'investigative researcher'. Susan Nilon is a Board member of the ACLU in Sarasota Fl, "Secretary – Susan Nilon", she writes favorable reviews of Michael Barfield and the ACLU under the cover of the "Nilon Report" and appears on local media as the owner of the Nilon Report (without revealing she is a board member of the ACLU) and siding with all things ACLU. Susan Nilon is also a State Board Representative of the ACLU.  See
original photo credit Sarasota Herald Tribune.
DARK MONEY PAC Susan Nilon Sarasota Future Generations Inc and Student Achievement First LLC, State Rep Joe Gruters' House Bill 1057 would end that: HERALD TRIBUNE: August 22, 2016. Outside committees pour money into School Board race. A political committee called Future Generations paid for mailers chastising Mast for failing to vote during a March 2014 special election on the school district’s property tax referendum. Only about 15 percent of Sarasota County registered voters participated in the 2014 referendum. Registered to Susan Nilon. The committee responsible for the mailer against Mast is registered to prominent Sarasota Democrat Susan Nilon, a board member on of the Americans for Civil Liberties Union’s Sarasota chapter. That PAC, Future Generations, Inc., has collected $60,000 from Student Achievement First LLC, which was incorporated in June in Wilmington, Delaware, a state known for allowing corporations to shield information. Susan Nilon would not reveal donors behind the LLC to the Herald-Tribune earlier this month but said the PAC, established to support “progressive candidates,” is backing Zucker. More dark money in PAC. A political action committee run by prominent Sarasota Democrat Susan Nilon recently received another $30,000 check from a group whose donors are secret. Nilon has declined to reveal the donors behind the LLC, saying they want to remain anonymous. A political action committee called Future Generations Inc. recently paid for a mailer supporting Alcock. The committee is run by two prominent area Democrats — Susan Nilon and Morgan Bentley — and is largely funded with a $50,000 check from Democratic donor Frank Brunckhorst. But it also received a $30,000 check from an organization called Student Achievement First LLC, which was incorporated in June in Wilmington, Del., a state notorious for allowing corporations to shield information. Delaware records list the LLC’s registered agent as The Corporation Trust Company.
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Joe Gruters is a man of many titles: State representative, Sarasota GOP chairman, former co-chairman of President Donald Trump’s Florida campaign, former vice chairman of the Republican Party of Florida. Now, Gruters is looking to add state senator to that list. Joe Gruters Seeks to Short-Circuit "Dark Money" in Campaign Financing, Look at Sovereign Citizen Group Says PI Bill Warner. It appeared to me in the the Manatee County race for House Seat District 73 2016 Primary Election between Joe Gruters and Steve Vernon that money from and members of the Sovereign Citizen Group, (Rodger Dowdell), were solidly behind Steve Vernon. On May 13, 2015 Sarasota County's Charter Review Board member Steven Fields moved to create a special committee to study Roger Dowdell's proposed amendment to include a people's common law grand jury. The board voted 4-4 on Field's motion, which failed because of the tie, what a bunch of fools. ‘People’s jury’ idea gains traction in Sarasota Fl, what the hell, giving cop killers power to indict judges and politicians in Sarasota Fl? At the May 13th, 2015 meeting of Sarasota County’s Charter Review Board, Rodger Dowdell, a Bradenton resident with ties to the national sovereign citizen movement, gave a lengthy presentation and proposed amending the county charter to include a people’s common law grand jury. Anyone who thinks the Suncoast is immune to the actions of sovereign citizens is being naive says private eye Bill Warner.
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Sarasota Herald Tribune reporter Zack Anderson writes: Locked in a tight GOP primary last year, state Rep. Joe Gruters, photo on left above, was pummeled down the stretch by a series of hard-hitting attack mailers while promoting his opponent Steve Vernon. Gruters still isn't sure who had it out for him. The mailers -- which he estimates cost roughly $100,000 -- were paid for by shadowy political committees. It was a close contest. Gruters won by just 385 votes. Now he's trying to ensure that what he calls the "dark money" campaign against him doesn't happen to anyone else.It's often difficult to trace the source of political ads in Florida because the money can be funneled through multiple political committees, obscuring where it originally came from. Gruters' House Bill 1057 would end that. "This will stop a lot of the games that are being played," Gruters said. Corporations, political opponents, special interests groups and others involved in the political process likely would be more reluctant to launch attacks if those attacks can be traced back to the original source. Anonymity also makes it easier to stretch the truth. Accountability and transparency tend to make people more cautious in what they say.

From the Sarasota Pheonix:"BARFIELD TRIO SHAKE DOWN VENICE TAXPAYERS. After serving three years in prison of the 10 year sentence Judge Lazzara imposed on him, Michael Barfield returned back in Sarasota and connected with another ex-con, Anthony Lorenzo. This duo "hooked-up" with local attorney Andrea Mogensen to discover that Venice City Commissioners were in violation of some nebulous Florida Sunshine Law. The trio eventually garnered over a million dollars from the taxpayers of the City of Venice and ended the careers of three progressive-oriented Venice City Commissioners." Michael Barfield, served three separate sentences in the Florida prison system. BARFIELD, "A CON MAN'S CON MAN." This is how U.S District Judge Richard Lazzara, who prior to sentencing Barfield to 10 years for his third term in a Florida state prison, described Barfield and those who get involved with him.
VIDEO ABOVE: ACLU feeds info to fake news RT News in Moscow. "American Civil Liberties Union released a new report on how license plate reader surveillance has become the most widespread location tracking technology in the US. Usually the trackers are mounted on cop units, bridges and light poles and most commuters are unaware that their every move is being monitored." During my segment on License plate readers Wednesday, March 21st, 2018 on ABC7 News at 7, Alan Cohn was joined by Susan Nilon of the ACLU and private investigator Bill Warner, all Susan Nilon of the ACLU could talk about was how you are being tracked here, and here, and here, by License Plate Readers and all your information is cataloged and stored, total nonsense, no such database exists, the LP Readers access your DMV records that you supplied and that is it. 
SARASOTA COUNTY (WWSB) - License plate readers. LONGBOAT KEY, FL March 20th, 2018 (WWSB) by Ray Collins- The police chief of Longboat Key says solving crimes got a lot easier when the town installed surveillance cameras that can read license plates five years ago. Chief Pete Cumming said it helped catch the man who killed two workers last August at the Zota Beach Resort. He says they were able to check the tape and see a car speeding off the key shortly after the homicides.
License plate readers aren’t just to catch you running red lights, they can also be used in criminal investigations. They were a key element in catching the man charged with a double murder last year in Longboat Key. But the city of Sarasota has voted not to add license plate readers to its systems, big mistake! MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) - March 7th, 2018, The University of South Alabama is using a new tool to help prevent crime on campus. License plate reading cameras have been installed at six entrances to the school. They've been there since January. USA Police Chief Zeke Aull says during that time they've been quite effective at allowing police to monitor for people who may be banned from campus. The ACLU wants to take away every possible investigative tool used by law enforcement to apprehend violent criminals.
Michael Barfield and the ACLU in Sarasota are attempting to disrupt investigative techniques used by Law Enforcement to catch violent felons. A city circuit judge dismissed a lawsuit seeking applications to the Florida state court and the state court’s orders, approving the use of “StingRay” devices capable of surveillance of entire communities. But the judge did not resolve the issue of the United States Marshals Service seizing copies of records from the Sarasota Police Department so the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) would not be able to get them. Detective Michael Jackson is, according to US Attorney Sean Flynn of the Justice Department, a “sworn special deputy” of the US Marshals Office. He is assigned to a “federally created regional task force”—the Florida/Caribbean Regional Fugitive Task Force (he covers the area where fugitive Andre Neverson is thought to be). He was working out of the Sarasota Police Department. According to FBI officials, the Stingray technology helps apprehend fugitives, provides information for complex drug investigations and can help lead to the rescue of kidnapped children. It’s also an “important tool in the Federal Government's efforts to protect and defend the United States against terrorism and other threats to our national security,” he said. According to FBI officials, the release of the information would allow “criminals and terrorists to piece together information about cell site simulators' use and capabilities and thereby develop methods to evade them.”
Michael A. Barfield, a paralegal and litigation consultant, plead guilty on May 12, 1999, to five Federal felony offenses, including conspiracy, obstruction of justice, perjury before a federal grand jury, and two separate wire fraud schemes. On October 25, 1999, Michael A. Barfield was sentenced to ten years in the Federal Bureau of Prison system, fined $7,500, and ordered to pay $50,500 in restitution. Michael A. Barfield did 6 years of the 10 year sentence. The Federal conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and perjury convictions stem from Michael Barfield’s role in concocting a false accusation in 1997 against then-United States District Judge Lee P. Gagliardi, now deceased, and Assistant United States Attorney Kathleen A. Haley, in an attempt to disqualify the judge from presiding over a pending criminal case. Michael Barfield hired two private investigators, Deana Scapaccino and Dana Corum, to help carry out the illegal scheme. Michael Barfield, Scapaccino and Corum falsely claimed that the judge and prosecutor met at a restaurant where they discussed details of the pending prosecution and exchanged case-related documents. During the federal grand jury investigation triggered by this accusation, Barfield and his co-conspirators repeatedly attempted to bolster their false accusation by providing false information to the FBI and false testimony and Michael Barfield and his pals fabricated documents to the grand jury.
In late 1998 and early 1999, while working for a Florida attorney, Michael A. Barfield falsely represented to two convicted criminal defendants that he could secure leniency for them in exchange for substantial monetary payments. After obtaining approximately $50,000 from the defendants’ families, Michael A. Barfield made preparations to flee the country. He was arrested by the FBI in January 1999 and was incarcerated. Michael Barfield appears to not like cops.
National Lawyers Guild & ACLU are anti-US Gov, anti-US Military, & anti-Cops Should Have Their HQ in Moscow with media connection RT News. Russia, Russia, Russia, that's all we hear about daily with any and all investigations of the Trump Administration, but what is really behind all this rhetoric, where is the real source of the 'fake news', the conspiracy theory-peddling info wars. The National Lawyers Guild (NLG) and it's offshoot the ACLU are first in line when it comes to defending the rights of the homeless (criminals) from the police, violent Black Block anarchists, and oh yeah, Al-Qaeda terrorists. The National Lawyers Guild was created as an alternative to American Bar Association. The National Lawyers Guild (NLG) and ACLU want to take away every possible investigative tool used by law enforcement to apprehend violent criminals.
In a scene right out of the current Showtime HOMELAND series from Sunday March 25th, 2018, Andante, the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) and it's (ACLU) operatives feed disinformation to fake news media source Russia Today (RT) in Moscow. RT also known as Russia Today is a government-funded (COMMUNIST) global multilingual television news network based in Moscow Russia and London UK. Source: Activists protest Trump's decision to end DACA. Several activists who blocked 5th Avenue in front of Trump Tower were arrested, the National Lawyers’ Guild (NLG) confirmed to RTMOSCOW/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Kremlin-backed television station RT America registered Monday with the U.S. Department of Justice as a “foreign agent” in the United States. News outlet RT has registered as an agent of a foreign government in America, after years of accusations that it was a propaganda arm of the Russian government.
Sunday Jan 7th, 2018, CBS News "60 Minutes" Exposes Russia Today (RT) Fake News Similar to Nazi Propaganda, RT News Targeted Me, PI Bill Warner At Tampa RNC after I called them "Fake News" in 2012. In a Published August 23rd, 2012 RT News Article: Scared of Anonymous: Tampa police prepare for mass arrests during Republican convention. Florida-based private investigator Bill Warner is weary, to say the least. He doesn’t see the bricks and pipes as possible construction site components, but weapons or destruction, see article

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