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Thursday, July 11, 2024

Bryan 'The Ripper' Kohberger a sadistic sexual psychopath stalked his victims like serial killer Ted Bundy but his knife work mimics Jack the Ripper

Step into the mind of sadistic sexual psychopath Bryan Kohberger. "The Ripper" Kohberger, a wanna be criminologist studied serial killers like Ted Bundy, Zodiac, Dennis Rader, Gilgo Beach Killer and Son of Sam while working on his PhD thesis. His capstone project was about script theory, which in criminology, is a theory on how and why criminals commit their crimes. While studying at DeSales, Kohberger posted a since-deleted call on Reddit for ex-convicts to participate in what he said was a study sanctioned by the University on how "emotions and psychological traits influence decision-making when committing a crime." Monroe County, Pa., public defender Jason LaBar told CNN in late 2022 that Kohberger was "shocked a little bit" by the accusations against him. As a psychopath, Bryan Kohberger would not feel guilt or remorse for his crimes and in a way, considered them justified. Sadistic serial killer Jack the Ripper has been reincarnated into the person of Bryan Kohberger. Bryan Kohberger's murderous knife attack on Nov 13th and the bloody and horrific crime scene he left behind is a mirror image of Jack the Ripper's last murder on Nov 9th, over 134 years ago. Bryan Kohberger must have studied and emulated Jack the Ripper's legacy of murder and gore and specifically the last murder on Nov 9th 1888. Because Kohberger became the Ripper on Nov 13th 2022 with a carbon copy multiple murder! It's all too coincidental to just be a coincident.

The most notorious serial killer in all history that mutilated his victims was Jack the Ripper, no contest. The Ripper tore apart his 9 female victims during the fall of 1888, he didn't just kill his female victims, he dissected, decapitated and removed vital organs from his victims with a Liston razor sharp 7 inch fixed blade knife with a hard wood handle and textured grip, then vanished into the night. Late one night Jack the Ripper murdered two women within an hour of each other and within walking distance, out on the streets of Whitechappel London on Sept 30, 1888. His last know murder was on Nov 9 when he ruthlessly eviscerated the female victim. Fast forward to early morn Nov 13, 2022 and here comes along criminology PhD candidate Bryan Kohberger who stabs and murderers 4 IU college students, eviscerating at least two of the female victims in the exact same manner as Jack the Ripper did 134 years ago. Bryan Kohberger even used a weapon that replicates the Ripper's Liston razor sharp 7 inch fixed blade knife. Kohberger appears to have used a modern day military KA-BAR killing knife with a stacked leather grip handle. Troops today are issued more-modern blades, like the M7 bayonet, yet many soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines still opt to carry the KA-BAR into combat instead.

SERIAL KILLER CHARACTER TRAITS: By 1988, the first ever profile of Jack the Ripper was conducted in America by FBI profilers John Douglas and Roy Hazelwood. Taking the original police reports and medical evidence, they compiled a list of 10 character traits Jack the Ripper would have had, but they also could have been talking about Bryan Kohberger as he has the exact same character traits, Kohberger rings rings all 10 bells:
1). Jack the Ripper, local, resident male in his late 20s (Bryan Kohberger age 28, local, lived just 8 miles form his victims)
2). Jack the Ripper, probably employed as murders generally occurred on the weekends. (Bryan Kohberger full time PhD candidate and teacher his murders took place on the weekend)
3). Jack the Ripper, single, without family ties murders took place between 12:00 am and 6:00 am (Bryan Kohberger single, lived alone - no girlfriend ever- killed victims at about 4:15am)
4). Jack the Ripper, seen by family and acquaintances as a loner. (Bryan Kohberger poster boy for a loner)
5). The Ripper would be a White Male. (just like Bryan Kohberger)
6). A mental or physical disability, which made him feel different from others. (Bryan Kohberger, very heavy when young, mocked by others)
7). Solitary job, which kept him away from social encounters. (just like PhD candidate and part time teacher Bryan Kohberger)
8). Seen as quiet and timid to those who knew him, he would be perceived as a little odd. (Bryan Kohberger traits, no friends when teenager, gave people the creeps in Moscow bars, sat alone and stared.)
9). Beneath the surface would lie a deep and resentful aggression would explode during bouts of low self-esteem. (just like Bryan Kohberger)
10). He would not feel guilt or remorse for his crimes and in a way, considered them justified. (just like Bryan Kohberger on Nov 13, now he is
'shocked' by accusations against him)

And for just good measure, Jack the Ripper was believed to be between 26-38 years old with a pale complexion, dark eyes, and dark eyelashes, just like Bryan Kohberger, 28, who emulated the Ripper and wanted to be just like him.

Bryan "The Ripper" Kohberger's murderous work on Nov 13th is uncannily reminiscent of “Jack the Ripper's,”work. Jack the Ripper is the person behind one of the older and most notorious and bloody murder sprees in London history. Bryan Kohberger appears to me, to be a composite of two serial killers, Ted Bundy and Jack the Ripper. Bryan Kohberger must have studied Bundy and the London serial killer "Jack the Ripper" because the horrific knife wounds Kohberger inflected on his victims in 2022 are carbon copies of the Ripper's work in 1888. Jack the Ripper may have been of respectable appearance and he possibly possessed a disarming charm like other serial killers such as Ted Bundy who was able to strike up conversations with their victims, putting them at ease and off guard. Serial killer Ted Bundy was not so much a knife guy like Jack the Ripper and Bryan Kohberger. Sometimes Ted Bundy used whatever was handy or simply, slowly, strangled his female victims while he raped them.

Bryan Kohberger stalked and did surveillance on his victims just like Ted Bundy did, working like a private eye getting photos and video. Bryan Kohberger dug deep into the history of Ted Bundy to follow his playbook. Bryan Kohberger and Ted Bundy were/are both college grads, both had backgrounds in psychology, Bundy took law courses and could have been a lawyer, Kohberger was working on a PhD degree in Criminology. Jack the Ripper was thought to be a man of degrees - intelligence, possibly a doctor or a barrister and teacher with an interest in surgery, he could even have been a veterinary surgeon.  

Bryan Kohberger used a particular knife very much like the knife used by Jack the Ripper, a fixed straight edge knife made out of high-quality metal with a razor sharp edge and a blade length of 7 inches. The Ripper's victims throat had been cut twice, very quickly, and the abdomen mutilated with a series of violent, jagged incisions creating a massive incision from groin to breastbone. The victims were all physically overpowered, and swiftly had their throats slit, in populated areas, whilst making barely a sound, suggesting that Jack the Ripper possessed considerable physical strength. Sounds just like what Bryan Kohberger must have done on Nov 13th as no one heard any screams from the victims while they were being stabbed.

Jack the Ripper AI photo credit (Picture: Jeff Leahy / SWNS)
Bryan Kohberger is a murderous sadistic sexual psychopath who enjoyed cutting up pretty girls Maddie Mogen and Kaylee Goncalves, his first two victims early on Sunday morn Nov 13, 2022 in Moscow Idaho. He wanted to destroy Maddie and Kaylee because they represented the pretty girls he could only dream about and never have. AI has imagined the infamous killer Jack the Ripper using pictures of what may be his relatives and guess what, he looks like Bryan Kohberger. If you look at what sadistic serial sexual murderers do, they very often do things with the body of the victim above and beyond what is necessary to kill the person, just like what Bryan Kohberger did on Nov 13th. Devaluation is endemic to a psychopath’s sadism. 

Serial Killer David Berkowitz, known as the Son of Sam in NYC used a .44 caliber Bull Dog revolver to shot his victims in the face. In describing the murder of one of his five female victims, Berkowitz stated: “I wanted to destroy her because of what she represented, a pretty girl, a threat to me, to my masculinity, and she was a child of God, God’s creation". For decades, criminologists and true crime documentaries have attempted to understand what causes serial killers to commit the atrocities they do. Dennis Rader, John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Albert DeSalvo and Ted Bundy are just a few of more than 3,600 serial killers documented in the United States as of 2024 according to the University of Michigan. The Gilgo Beach serial killings have once again raised the question: How could someone do such a thing, murdering at least 10 young women? The Moscow ID murder autopsy reports of the four University of Idaho students revealed that they suffered “multiple stab” wounds from a “large sharp knife.” The Independent stated the victims were Kaylee Goncalves, 21, Madison Mogen, 21, Ethan Chapin, 20, and Xana Kernodle, 20. The official autopsy findings ruled their deaths homicides by stabbing. Kohberger's motive, rejection by females.

Jack the Ripper AI photo credit (Picture: Jeff Leahy / SWNS)
Latah County Coroner Cathy Mabbutt claimed that the attacker had stabbed them multiple times and that their wounds were “pretty extensive.” According to Fox 13, the coroner said, “It had to be a really big knife to inflict those injuries and kill four people.” She described the wounds as “tears” and “big open gouges.” 
The KA-BAR knife, this is not a civilian knife. … It was actually meant to tear apart bone, ligaments, organs. … So … this is extremely brutal … and something that you would never expect a person to walk in and want to commit unless they took some pleasure out of the brutality of it. The Ripper killer appeared in London’s Whitechapel district in 1888 and murdered 9 women and mutilated their corpses. Police surmised the killer was a surgeon, butcher, or someone skilled with a knife just like what we see in the work of Bryan Kohberger. 

Jack the Ripper was never caught or identified, the major problem the police were up against was that the killer was simply leaving no clues behind and so they had virtually nothing to go on, Bryan Kohberger would have been inspired by this. Did Criminologist wanna be Ph.D candidate Bryan Kohberger study "Jack the Ripper"? The Ripper female victims had their throats cut and were mutilated after they were killed, with deep long abdominal mutilations, gouges. All the murders occurred late in the evening or in the early morning hours. Most experts point to the deep slash wounds to the throat, followed by extensive abdominal and genital-area mutilation, the removal of internal organs, and progressive facial mutilations, “I wanted to destroy her", the distinctive features of the Ripper's modus operandi (MO).

Jack the Ripper AI photo credit (Picture: Jeff Leahy / SWNS).
The knife that Jack the Ripper used to murder 9 women in London, was a Liston knife, made out of high-quality metal with a razor sharp edge and had a typical blade length of 6 to 8 inches, it was used in amputations (also during the Civil War). The knife Bryan Kohberger used to murder 4 college students in Moscow ID was a KA-BAR military killing knife made out of high-quality metal with a razor sharp edge and had a typical blade length of 7 inches, it definitely could be used in amputations. The KA-BAR knife, this is not a civilian knife, it is a military killing knife, nothing more or less.
You can take it the bank for a fact that Bryan Kohberger studied Jack the Ripper, that is why he purchased the KA-BAR killing knife with the 7 inch razor sharp edge in April 2022 from Amazon, he had intent. Jack the Ripper & Bryan Kohberger used the same kind of large 7 inch fixed blade razor sharp edge knife to inflict gaping wounds. I have a KA-BAR knife, I know what it is and what it can do.

Morgue photo and Ripper letter credit MDPI. The photographic copy of “From Hell” letter postmarked 10/15/1888 from Jack the Ripper signed "Catch me when you can", sound familiar?

MOSCOW, Idaho - The father of slain University of Idaho student Kaylee Goncalves told Fox News Digital that the victims had "big open gouges" that were clearly the work of a "sadistic male" and called police "cowards" for not sharing more with the public. Steven Goncalves said he asked the coroner, Cathy Mabbutt, how many times the victims were stabbed. "She says, sir, I don't think stabs is the right word, it was like tears, like this was a strong weapon, not like a stab," he told Fox News Digital. "She said these were big open gouges. She said it was quick. These weren't something where you were going to be able to call 911. They were not going to slowly bleed out," he said. Mr. Goncalves said his daughter's injuries "definitely did not match" Maddie Mogen's wounds. "They may have individually died from the exact same thing, being stabbed, but there are more details," he added. "They're not even close to matching." It appears to be implied that Bryan Kohberger eviscerated Kaylee through an incision made across the abdominal area. The KA-BAR knife slashed open Kaylee Goncalves' liver and lungs, Mr. Goncalves said. Kaylee Goncalves was Bryan Kohberger's intended target on Nov 13th, 2022, or so it appears. 

Bryan Kohberger use of a KA-BAR killing knife and how he used it to murder 4 Idaho college students on the weekend of Nov 13th, 2022 early in the morn at about 4:20am is very significent. Maddie age 21 and Kylee age 21, were horrifically murdered in their bed that was flush against the bedroom wall with the KA-BAR 7 inch fixed blade razor sharp killing knife. The carnage was so great that some of this information was suppressed for the public inquest. The murders of Maddie age 21 and Kylee age 21 mimics exactly Jack the Ripper's technique with a Liston 7 inch fixed blade razor sharp killing knife 134 years ago on November 9th, 1888. The last known victim of Jack the Ripper in London was Mary Jane Kelly, age 25, on the weekend of Nov 9th, 1888 early in the morn at about 4:30am, she was horrifically murdered in her bed that was flush against the bedroom wall. The carnage was so great that some of this information was suppressed for the public inquest. Mary Ann Kelly is considered the final canonical victim of Jack the Ripper, and her murder was certainly the most gruesome. The sexually sadistic psychopath killer views his victims, not as human, but as objects for his enjoyment and has no consideration for his actions or results of his brutality of his victim. Who would know such ancient facts about Jack the Ripper but a guy like criminologist wanna be Bryan Kohberger. There ain't no coincidences when dealing with the mind of a sadistic sexual psychopath killer.

As you read further in my article you will notice that Bryan Kohberger (BK) heinous actions in Moscow ID appear to be a composite of the work of two famous serial killers, Ted Bundy and Jack the Ripper. BK shows traits of a very Organized Serial Killer and a Disorganized Serial Killer, he studied both of them to know how to throw investigators off his trail. Serial killer Ted Bundy, DOB Sunday Nov 24, 1946, was 27 when he supposedly committed his first murder in 1974. Bryan Kohberger DOB Monday Nov 21, 1994 was 27 when he murdered 4 college students at the Moscow Massacre on Saturday Nov 13, 2022, he turned 28 years old eight days later. Jack the Ripper's last known murder was on Friday Nov 9th, 1888. The Ripper focused his initial attack mostly on the throat and  genital region of the female body with his Liston razor sharp knife. Although Jack the Ripper did not have sex with his victims, none raped, the attack does have strong sexual suggestions. Just like what Bryan Kohberger did, none of the girls were raped on Nov 13th in Moscow ID  but were cut to pieces. Perhaps Bryan Kohberger and The Ripper both have/had some form of Erectile Dysfunction (impotence). Bryan Kohberger prepared for his murderous actions far prior to moving to take criminology Ph.D college courses in Pullman WA. Bryan Kohberger purchased the KA-BAR killing knife from Amazon in April of 2022 and had it shipped to his parents home in Pennsylvania were he was living at the time, that shows intent. Kohberger fashioned himself a superior knife to kill, just like Jack the Ripper did, I would also call that intent. SEARCH WARRANT RESULTS: Bryan Kohberger's cell phone 509-592-8458 pinged at the scene of the Nov. 13, 2022, quadruple homicide in Moscow, Idaho, just hours after the murders of four college students took place and at least 12 times prior to the massacre, according to an affidavit released. All of those visits, except for one, were in the late evening or early morning, (he was doing surveillance, those are surveillance times), according to the affidavit. "Further review indicated that the 8458 Phone utilized cellular resources on November 13, 2022, that are consistent with 509-592-8458 cell phone leaving the area of the Kohberger Residence at approximately a.m. and traveling to Moscow, ID," the affidavit states. "Specifically, the 509-592-8458 phone utilized cellular resources that would provide coverage to the King Road Residence between 9:12 a.m. and 9:21 am." I would call that intent.

I have made frequent posts about Bryan Kohberger and his choice of weapon to kill the 4 college students in Moscow Idaho on Nov 13, 2022. I made mention of the purchase of the KA-BAR knife was significant, it had meaning, on Crime Stories with Nancy Grace ... We also speak with the renowned private investigator Bill Warner. Why did Kohberger choose such a weapon as the KA-BAR killing knife? The originator of the KA-BAR trademark, Union Cutlery Co, began using the name in 1923, having received a letter from a fur trapper who had used the knife to kill a wounded bear which attacked him when his rifle jammed. Bryan Kohberger most likely studied the life of Jack the Ripper. Bryan Kohberger used a knife very much like the knife used by Jack the Ripper a Liston fixed straight edge knife made out of high-quality metal with a razor sharp edge and a blade length of 7 inches, just like the KA-BAR killing knife.

Wanna be criminologist Bryan Kohberger would have been intrigued and inspired when researching serial killer Jack the Ripper by the fact he was never caught and how he silently killed 9 women out on the streets of Whitechaple London with a knife, all within blocks of the police station. It appears to me that after doing years of research on serial killers Bryan Kohberger became desensitized by all the gore and took it upon himself to plan and execute a murder similar to what Jack the Ripper accomplished. On the map above you will see George Yard a dingy alleyway next to the White Hart pub on Whitechapel High Street in the heart of darkest Whitechapel, this is where first Ripper murder occurred on April 3rd 1888. On Friday Sept 30th, 1988 Jack the Ripper killed two woman Elizabeth Stride and Catherine Eddowes within minutes of each other. Stride's murder occurred less than one hour before the murder of the Ripper's fourth canonical victim, Catherine Eddowes, within walking distance

(1). April 3rd 1888, Tuesday, George Yard Alley, Unknown victim.
(2). July 16th, 1888, Monday, Unknown victim in Castle Alley,
(3). Aug 7th, 1888, Tuesday,
Martha Tabran
(4). Aug 31st, 1888, Friday, Mary Ann Nicholis
(5). Sept 8th, 1888, Saturday,
Annie Chapman
(6). Sept 10th, 1888, Monday, Unknown victim near police station.
(7 - 8).
Sept 30th, 1988, Friday, Elizabeth Stride & Catherine Eddowes.
(9). Nov 9th 1988,
Friday at about 4:30am Mary Jane Kelly.

The mother of Bryan Kohberger the suspect arrested in connection to the Moscow Idaho massacre murders, Maryann Kohberger, 62, has publicly expressed her opposition to the death penalty (for her son), State-sanctified murder is still just that — murder, she said.'

Bryan Kohberger ditched the KA-BAR knife used to murder the 4 Univ Idaho students and his bloody clothes, gloves, and shoes on early morn drive to Thorn Creek WA Nov 13, I'm positive of that! ROAD TRIP TO NOWHERE: The KA-BAR murder weapon from the Moscow Massacre is somewhere near Thorn Creek outside of Uniontown WA where BK drove on early morn of Nov 13th, 2022. BK would/could have tossed the knife and all the blood soaked clothes he had been wearing during the murders in Moscow of the 4 college students, shoes included, somewhere on this 8.5 mile stretch of rural road out in the middle of nowhere. Bryan Kohberger is regarded to be of high intelligence with his Ph.D in Criminology. So reasoning would be that he had planned an escape route after the murder of the 4 IU college students in Moscow Idaho, somewhere far away in another state. The escape route would be a means to discard and hide the murder weapon, a KA-BAR combat fighting knife, that would be covered in blood and DNA along with his bloody clothes and shoes.

Bryan Kohberger stalked Kaylee Goncalves: Bryan Kohberger's Initial Target on Nov 13 at the Idaho Univ Off Campus Murder House was Kaylee Goncalves he knew she was there and he knew she was leaving after Nov 13th he was acting like a private eye. Bryan Kohberger knew about the new car of Kaylee Goncalves, a silver 2016 Range Rover Evoque with a dark top, on Friday Nov 11th as she posted pics of her new car on TicTok, Instragram, and all her social media. BK was acting as his own private eye. Her new  car was parked out in front of 1122 King Rd on Friday Nov 11th, Saturday Nov 12th and Sunday Nov 13th. I am a private eye, when doing surveillance you always use the targets car and license plate number to verify where they are. Bryan Kohberger was stalking Kaylee Goncalves on all her social media and in person. I have previously indicated about whom the intended target would have been for accused killer, Bryan Kohberger on Nov 13, I had determined it was Kaylee Goncalves. In the very early morning (about 4:15am) of Sunday November 13, 2022, Kaylee Goncalves, 21, Madison Mogen, 21, Ethan Chapin, 20, and Xana Kernodle, 20, were fatally stabbed in their off-campus residence near the University of Idaho. Bryan Kohberger, 29, was arrested in December 2022 and charged with four counts of first-degree murder and one count of felony burglary. THE FATHER of Kaylee Gonçalves, a victim of the King Road Homicides, alleges that there is evidence that suspect Bryan Kohberger was stalking his daughter and the other residents of the house prior to committing the crimes.

Bryan Kohberger was acting like a private eye, he knew all the tricks of the trade, all you really need is your iPhone and a little telephoto lens attachment to obtain surveillance photos and video. In June 2022 Bryan Kohberger received a master's degree in criminal justice from DeSales University. One of his classmates at DeSales, Brittany Slaven, told The New York Times that Kohberger seemed rather interested in serial killers and developing theories on what happened at crime scenes based on photos presented in class. In April 2022, Kohberger interviewed for a job as a graduate research assistant at the Pullman, Washington, police department. Analysis of cellphone data found Bryan Kohberger had been near the students' home on King Road in Moscow at least 12 times in the six months before the killings, like a private eye doing surveillance. Jordan Serulneck, the owner of Seven Sirens Brewing Company claimed that Bryan Kohberger would often sit alone at the bar "observing and watching" other patrons and that he asked female staff and customers questions about where they lived and who they were at the bar with, like a private eye or a stalker. On May 8, 2023 Latah County investigators demanded "Amazon provide “detailed customer click activity pertaining to cameras, knives and accessories” for a redacted user between March 20 and March 30, 2022, and Nov. 1 through Dec. 6 that same year", the search warrant was viewed by the media. At the time of the murders in Nov 2022, Bryan Kohberger was a Ph.D student in criminology at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington, about eight miles from the Moscow, Idaho, residence where the four University of Idaho students were slain. I am a private eye and it appears to me that Bryan Kohberger had a "Private Eye Ph.D Degree" he knew all the tricks of the trade! By simply adding an inexpensive telephoto lens to his iPhone BK could obtain photos and video from a distance, day or knight, of Kaylee Goncalves and Maddie Mogen. NOTE A degree in criminal justice or legal studies can widen employment opportunities and increase starting salary for a private eye. Many PIs also hold backgrounds in psychology or links to law enforcement. Individuals hoping to work with criminal cases may benefit from crime scene investigation programs. Bryan Kohberger did all of this.

Kaylee Goncalves, of Rathdrum Idaho, a city close to Coeur d’Alene, was “the ultimate go-getter,” her sister, Alivea Goncalves, told NBC’s “TODAY” in an interview. She was a senior majoring in general studies in the College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences, and was in Alpha Phi sorority, Idaho university officials said. Kaylee Goncalves had recently bought a silver 2016 Range Rover Evoque from 1PRICE in Spokane Valley WA, she planned a trip to Europe for next year, and planned to move, probably to Texas, also next year, her sister said. “She had everything going for her, absolutely everything,” her sister said. “She had her job lined up. She had worked really hard for it, she just bought a new car, she had trips planned.” The silver 2016 Range Rover Evoque from 1PRICE was parked in front of 1122 King Rd by the front door on Friday Nov 11th, Saturday Nov 12th and Sunday Nov 13th, 2022. Bryan Kohberger would have been aware of the new car, the 2016 Range Rover Evoque from 1PRICE, as he had been doing surveillance on the 1122 King Rd address for months. Bryan Kohberger would have known where Kaylee's home town was and he would have checked to see where 1PRICE car sales was located and seen it was 20 some miles from Rathdrum Idaho, Kaylee's home town and known the car was Kaylee's. Bryan Kohbergr had been working like a private investigator, tracking Kaylee and the girls on social media, taking surveillance photos of the house, the cars and the girls. I would estimate that Bryan Kohberger had some access to Idaho DMV records to place and identify individuals to license plates on their cars. He knew.  

Bryan Kohberger stalked Kaylee Goncalves: Dad Steve Goncalves: We know the autopsy. We know the means of what is officially how she died. … she (Kaylee Goncalves) was assaulted and stabbed. Mom Kristi Goncalves: Several, several times … her death certificate (Kaylee Goncalves) is the ugliest, disgusting-est piece of paper that you will ever see in your life. Kristi and Steve spoke to Coroner Cathy Mabbutt before the gag order was issued, and they say she told them how the two friends were positioned in the bed. Mom Kristi Goncalves: The bed was up against the wall. The headboard was touching the wall and the left side of the bed was touching the wall. And we believe that Maddie was on the outside and Kaylee was on the inside. According to Mabbutt, the killer's first victim was Maddie, says Steve. Dad Steve says the coroner told him the killer's rampage started on the third floor where both Maddie and Kaylee had their bedrooms. Kristi thinks he wasn't expecting to find the two friends together in the same bed. Mom Kristi Goncalves: I do think that his (Bryan Kohberger) plan went awry. I do think that you know … he intended to kill one, our daughter Kaylee Goncalves, and killed four.

Bryan Kohberger stalked Kaylee Goncalves: Police previously released a probable cause affidavit used in Kohberger's arrest. It listed details regarding his cellphone pings near the 1122 King Road, where the crime occurred, as well as a DNA profile that was initially linked to his father after touch DNA was found on a knife sheath at the scene. Evidence released by police indicated that the knife sheath was found under Mogen's body and she was sleeping in the same bed as Goncalves when they were killed in what had been Kaylee Goncalves 3rd floor bedroom. Bryan Kohberger was obsessed with beautiful Kaylee Goncalves he stalked and DM'd her on Instagram until he knew she was leaving for good on Nov 13. Bryan Kohberger is a sexual deviant he derives pleasure in others pain. BK is a sexual sadist he exhibits a psychiatric disorder in which sexual pleasure is derived from inflicting pain, suffering, and/or humiliation on others. An Instagram account that belonged to Kohberger repeatedly sent Instagram messages to one of the college students found dead, (Kaylee G), but she never returned his advances, an investigator close to the case claimed. “He slid into one of the girls’ DMs several times but she didn’t respond,” the anonymous source said. “Basically, it was just him saying, ‘Hey, how are you?’ But he did it again and again.” The message were reportedly sent in October, were all rejected, bryan was rejected. There is no doubt BK took surveillance photos of KG from her bedroom window and downloaded all of them to his desk top computer (tower version) along with all the pics of KG which he screenshot from her Instagram page. There is a camera or camcorder missing somewhere loaded with KG pics. Bryan Kohberger was infatuated with beautiful Kaylee G, he knew she would be leaving Moscow for good on Nov 13th, so he killed her in the most horrific manner. 

Bryan Kohberger stalked Kaylee Goncalves: See NY Post article HERE. BK was obsessed with Kaylee's beauty, both in person and through her Instagram page photos and her TicTok page which he trolled methodically. Kaylee G most likely had no idea who this dirtball BK was. Kaylee Goncalves had purchased a silver 2016 Range Rover Evoque with a dark top, on Friday Nov 11th 2022, just 2 days before her slaying on Nov 13th. The luxury SUV symbolized the promising future that had awaited Kaylee who was set to graduate in December 2022. Kaylee had recently moved out of 1122 King Rd and she was only just returning for the weekend on Friday Nov 11th to see Maddie and go to a party. Steve and Kristi Goncalves talked with "48 Hours" correspondent Peter Van Sant for "The Night of the Idaho Student Murders," streaming now on Paramount+. They say they discovered "digital evidence" they say showed a tie of Kohberger to two of the victims. In the interview with Van Sant, the Goncalves family provided screenshots of an Instagram account they believe belonged to be Bryan Kohberger. Those screen shots include what they say is Kohberger's Instagram profile, and a list of people he was following, including Maddie Mogen and their daughter Kaylee Goncalves. Among the new documents are search warrant applications for Kohberger's accounts on Reddit, Google and TikTok, as well as the four victims' Snapchat accounts, and additional records from AT&T.

THE TRIGGER: Bryan Kohberger stalked Kaylee Goncalves: Bryan Kohberger knew what Kaylee Goncalves new car,silver 2016 Range Rover Evoque with a dark top looked like on Nov 11th because she posted pics on TikTok and all her social media. Bryan Kohberger stalked Kaylee G for what appears to be months starting in August 2022. BK was obsessed with just her overall looks and her social media accounts, and the fact that they (Kaylee and Madison) were close.” NewsNation senior national correspondent Brian Entin spoke with a vape shop manager in downtown Moscow, Idaho, who says that Kaylee Goncalves’ friends implied she had a stalker during a visit to the vape shop three weeks prior to her murder. He said Kaylee Goncalves and Maddie Mogen always came into the store with a group. “You could tell they were all obviously trying to keep Kaylee safe and be there for her as good friends,” the manager said. Kaylee Goncalves apparently told him the stalker was present at night when she was going to or from bars, “either by the campus or down on Main Street. At least 12 times Kohberger's cell phone pinged near Kaylee's location prior to Nov 13th, 2022. BK was reading the signs, with Kaylee's upcoming early graduation, her new car a new car a silver 2016 Range Rover Evoque, and out of Moscow for good in a few days. 

June 22, 2024 NEW BOOK GETS IT WRONG: "Bryan Kohberger, 29, was targeting college senior Madison Mogen when he allegedly broke into the home on King Road in Moscow in the early hours of Nov. 13, 2022, journalist Howard Blum suggests in his new book, “When the Night Comes Falling: A Requiem for the Idaho Student Murders" WRONG. “I think Maddie was his target,” Blum told ABC Newsnoting the suspect supposedly bypassed two other bedroom doors and made a beeline for Mogen’s when he entered the house. WRONG. “If he was just on a killing spree, it would have been natural, instinctive, to go to one of those doors on the 2nd floor,” Blum suggested. “Instead he goes up this narrow staircase and he turns directly into Maddie’s room.” WRONG. " Journalist Howard Blum suggests in his new book that the K-BAR knife sheath was found under Maddie Mogen's body". WRONG. 

Howard Blum gets it wrong in his new book, “When the Night Comes Falling: A Requiem for the Idaho Student Murders" that Bryan Kohberger was targeting Maddi Mogen. This was not the case. On Nov 13, 2022, The real deal as per Bryan Kohberger arrest affadivait and the Moscow Police officers on the scene, it is claimed that Bryan Kohberger entered the house at 1122 King Road Moscow Idaho thru the kitchen and went directly upstairs to the 3rd floor and to Kaylee Goncalves bedroom, BR #6 on the diagram above. Officers found the bodies of Kaylee Goncalves and Maddie Mogen in a single bed to the left of the door and up agasint the wall in BR #6, both females had been stabbed to death. Kaylee was on the inside of the bed agasint the wall and Maddie was on the outside of the bed. Maddie Mogen's BR #5 also on the 3rd floor was empty on Nov 13th, 2022. A KA-BAR knife sheath was was found lying next to the body of Maddie Mogen on her right side. It appears to me that Kaylee Goncalves was the target for Bryan Kohberger's obsession as BR #6 had been Kaylee's bedroom since BK stated stalking her months ago, he knew this.

Did Bryan Kohberger wash all the blood stains out of his hair from the Moscow Massacre before he laid his head on his pillow that day? During a search of Bryan Kohberger's Pullman, Washington apartment, investigators also found a pillow with reddish brown strains (blood from his hair?) on it. A dried blood stain is most difficult to remove from a pillow. Along with the pillow, investigators also seized a nitrite black glove, computer tower, possible strand of blonde hair, dust container from a vacuum and other items while searching the apartment on Dec. 30, according to court documents. They say the killer left his DNA on a "leather knife sheath" found on a bed next to Maddie Mogen. And, most hauntingly, they say a surviving roommate thought she heard crying and "saw a figure clad in black clothing and a mask." (no hat blood in his hair).

Blood is like oil on your hand, especially when stabbing multiple victims, your hand would tend to slip on the knife handle and inflict small cuts on your hand or loose total control of the knife! Bryan Kohberger used a KA-BAR US Army - Marines, 7 inch fixed blade leather handle killing knife to murder the four Iowa college students. Bryan Kohberger would have had to worn protective gloves during the blitz attack that also would have given him a sure grip to keep hold of the knife. Bryan Kohberger who faces four counts of murder and one count of burglary — recently claimed he was nowhere near the college house during the vicious killings, but was instead driving alone 40 minutes away, yeah like at Thorn Creek WA. 

It would seem to a reasonable person that BK's road trip going south to Genesse Idaho and then west 8.5 miles (14 min) to Uniontown WA would be an attempt to get out of cell phone tower range/service (dead zone) so that his movements could not be tracked, but they were. This area is very isolated, rural and remote, but BK's cell phone did ping in this remote area and law enforcement did get a detailed road map of where BK went and when. The road from Genesee ID to Uniontown WA at night is not a great ride, total darkness out here. Most likely he had been here previously.

Mystery Joy Ride Had a Purpose: Did BK dump the KA-BAR combat fighting knife used to kill the 4 college students in Moscow ID in Thorn Creek on a joy ride south of the murder scene on Nov 13? Bryan Kohberger (BK) was picked up by a cellphone tower near the 1122 King Rd Moscow ID property at least 12 times before the murders on November 13. Cops have yet to share further details of those subsequent visits. November 13, 2022, at 2:42am: Bryan Kohberger’s 8458 cell phone was picked up by a cell tower near his home 1630 Northeast Valley Road in Pullman, Washington and then east to Moscow ID. BK went south on ID 95 after the Moscow Massacre at about 4:30 am spending at least one hour on his trip to Genessee, Idaho, them west towards Uniontown, Washington and back north into Pullman, Washington. On the Uniontown East road from Genessee Idaho to Uniontown Washington on BK's joy ride the early morn of the murder there is a large creek just outside of Uniontown WA called 'Thorn Creek' which could be where BK could had thrown the KA-BAR combat knife on Nov 13. The one hour trip could have had a purpose, the KA-BAR knife murder weapon has not been found, as of yet!

  • Nov 13, 2:47pm: BK's cell phone pinged again, indicating that it had begun to travel south through Pullman. Moments later, the phone stopped pinging, indicating that it had been put on airplane mode, turned off, or dropped off the network.
  • 4:00-4:20am: Maddie Mogen, Kaylee Goncalves, Xana Kernodle and Ethan Chapin were all knifed to death at 1122 King Road, Moscow, BK heads out of town at about 4:30am.
  • 4:48am: Bryan Kohberger’s phone pings network again on Idaho State Highway 95, south of Moscow.
  • 4:50am-5:26am: Phone pings show it traveling south on ID-95 to Genessee, Idaho, them west towards Uniontown, Washington on Uniontown East Rd over/near Thorn Creek, and back north into Pullman, Washington.
  • 5:30am: Bryan Kohberger’s cell phone pings again at 1630 Northeast Valley Road, indicating that he’d arrived back home after his 1 hour joy ride, could be that the KA-BAR knife is in Thorn creek.

If I were involved in the search for the Moscow massacre murder weapon I would definitely be searching along the 8.5 mile stretch of road called Uniontown Rd (going west) that becomes Esser Rd that becomes Leon Rd that becomes Uniontown Rd East from Genesse Idaho to Uniontown Washington, especially around the Thorn Creek waterway, there is large pond there. BK would have tossed the knife and all the blood soaked clothes he had been wearing during the murders in Moscow, shoes included, somewhere on this 8.5 mile stretch of rural road out in the middle of nowhere. BK would have brought a change of clothes and shoes in his car, no way he is going back to the well-it parking lot of his apartment complex covered in blood at 5:30 am. Thorn Creek waterway is at an elevation of about 2,600 feet near Uniontown WA which has a total population of about 400 people. Why would BK drive way out here in pitch black darkness (no street lights) on a hilly, windy road in the bleak of winter on icy roads, for what conceivable purpose? BK drove to this very remote area right after the Moscow murders for a very specific reason! BK was outside Uniontown WA near Thorn Creek at about 4:50 am on Nov 13th to get rid of the evidence!

Why was Bryan Kohberger out in the middle of nowhere near Thorn Creek, just outside of Uniontown WA, at about 4:50 am on Nov 13th? Law Enforcement pinged BK's cell phone in this area in the early morn of Nov 13th, he was there. A better aerial map of the area around Uniontown WA shows that there is a large pond at Thorn Creek on Esser Rd aka Leon Rd, east of Uniontown WA. Just 515 feet from the split of Uniontown East Rd and Esser Rd there is a small access road off of Esser Rd to a large pond that is part of Thorn Creek Waterway, see map above. BK could have easily drove up the access rd to the large pond and dumped the murder weapon and his bloody clothes on Nov 13th, there are no homes of farms near this area. There are no street lights of any kind in the area. This area around Thorn Creek is rural and isolated. Most of Thorn Creek and the pond off of Esser Rd likely iced or frozen over by now on Jan 15th.

August 22, 2023 Bryan Kohberger, the man accused of killing four University of Idaho students in November 2022, has declined to provide a pretrial alibi in response to the state’s demand. Kohberger chose to exercise his right to remain silent on the issue and to possibly testify on his own behalf at trial (just like Ted Bundy), according to the filing signed by lead public defender Anne Taylor. The defense team “continues investigating and preparing his case,” she wrote. "Evidence corroborating Mr. Kohberger being at a location other than the King Road address will be disclosed pursuant to discovery and evidentiary rules as well as statutory requirements," Kohberger's defense attorney Anne Taylor wrote in the two-page court document filed late Monday (I call bullcrap). Psycho killer Bryan Kohberger a Ted Bundy / Jack the Ripper serial killer clone, asked Latah County Judge for more time to decide to offer an alibi for the murder of 4 Univ Idaho students "I ain't lying without an alibi" says Kohberger. BK needs more time to dummy up an alibi, he is still using the Ted Bundy playbook. BK will make a circus out of the murder trial, he claims he will be exonerated! During his Florida murder trial (as well as his other trials), serial killer Ted Bundy insisted upon his innocence as his own attorney. 

Parallels of Evil: The Bundy and Idaho Killings private investigator Bill Warner compares serial killer Bundy to Bryan Kohberger, see VIDEO above. Bryan Kohberger is currently in custody at the Latah County Jail awaiting trial, which is scheduled to begin on Oct. 2, 2023. On June 25th 1979, Theodore Robert Bundy went to trial for the second time for the FSU murders. This time in Miami, Florida after a change of venue from Tallahassee. Will Bryan Kohberger and his attorneys request a change of venue from Latah County Court Idaho, most assuredly!

Premeditated Murder Road Trip: Bryan Kohberger cross-country trip from Albrightsville PA to Pullmam WA in June 2022 with KA-BAR knife and protective mesh gloves in his car, this is intent. Bryan Kohberger purchased the KA-BAR razor sharp fighting knife from Amazon in April of 2022, just the thing a college student needs to further his education. Bryan Kohberger had worked for 4 months in a fish mart carving up fish with sharp knives and wearing protective mesh gloves, he knew what to do at the Moscow Massacre. Bryan Kohberger submitted his application to the Pullman police department at some point during the fall semester of 2022 at WSU, he took his first semester of classes at WSU after graduating from DeSales University with a master’s degree in psychology and cloud-based forensics in June 2022 and then hit the road for Pullman WA.
Ted Bundy was called a classic case of a sexual-sadist serial killer. Bryan Kohberger the man accused of the Moscow massacre last November 2022 fits the M.O. of a sexual sadist serial killer. As a child it appears BK had abnormal sexual fantasies and daydreams. Ninety-two percent of all sexual sadist serial killers were white, grew up in a two parent home, were mother stayed home. Eighty percent were of above average intelligence driven by need for sexual gratification with the first act of hostility or murder in the mid to late 20's. Bryan Kohberger rings all these bells.

I profiled Moscow Massacre Killer on Nov 27th 2022 with no knowledge of Bryan Kohberger or KA-BAR Murder Weapon, and I was right. In an interview with reporter Rachel Dobkin of The U.S. Sun on the morning of Nov 27th, 2022 I went into great detail of what kind of man would most likely end up being the killer in the gruesome deaths of Kaylee Goncalves, 21, and her roommates Madison Mogen, 21, and Xana Kernodle, 20, as well as Xana's boyfriend, Ethan Chapin, 20 in Moscow Idaho on Nov 13, 2022. I had no knowledge of a murder weapon but based on what little information that was revealed by the Moscow cops about the deep penetrating wounds of the victims, I deduced that a straight edge knife, like the KA-BAR fighting knife was most likely the murder weapon. As far as what the killer would look like or be, I deduced that "As far as I can ascertain, there is no link to any boyfriend of the three girl college students," said Bill Warner.  He added: "Appears to be a stalker targeted one of the girls, most likely Kaylee (Bryan Kohberger stalked the girls at least 12 times at the murder house at night)." PI Bill Warner shared his ideas of how the murderer went about their killing spree. "The stalker/serial killer knew where [Kaylee] lived and found easy access through a rear unlocked slider to the house and then went about killing anyone he found during his rampage," Bill Warner said. Private Investigator Bill Warner also gave a suspected profile of the copy cat killer in Moscow Idaho. "The man involved with the Moscow murder case that I researched appears to be a white male (Bryan Kohberger) most likely early 30's (Bryan Kohberger 28), above average height (Bryan Kohberger 6' 0" tall) and weight, powerful build (Bryan Kohbeger 180 lbs athletic build)," Bill Warner said on Nov 27, 2022, just days after the Moscow Massacre on Nov 13, 2022.
Psycho killers Bryan Kohberger and Ted Bundy both have the same creepy smile, even as teenagers. BK and Tb are same height, weight, color of eyes and hair. BK and TB both have wavy brown hair, similar hair styles parted on the right as facing them in photos. It appears that Bryan Kohberger groomed himself to look like Ted Bundy, a creepy clone. Both Bryan Kohber and Ted Bundy mutilated their victims inflicting deep wounds and showing no mercy of empathy as sexual sadists, completely dispatched from what they were doing. TB kept trophies, photos of his victims, BK took photos and video of his victims, downloaded sex snaps of girls from their Instagram pages. BK and TB were deep into voyeurism.

 photo credit Twitter An uncanny resemblance #BryanKohberger #Tedbundy The US Sun News: 'TWO OF A KIND' Moscow Idaho university killer Bryan Kohberger is serial killer Ted Bundy's clone, he was ‘following sick serial killer Ted Bundy playbook,’ says PI Bill Warner in Sarasota Fl. Hard to believe that Bryan Kohberger (BK) is so much like serial killer Ted Bundy (TB) in every possible way, he is much more into him (Ted Bundy) than when I first posted about the Iowa University college murders in November 2022. Bryan Kohberger is a Ted Bundy clone. Both BK and TB stalked and surveilled their victims, college students. Blue Eyed Devils: Serial killer Ted Bundy was 6 feet tall and 175 lbs with blue eyes and brown hair. Psycho killer Bryan Kohberger is 6 feet tall and 170 lbs with blue eyes and brown hair.

FBI file indicates Ted Bundy admired the Zodiac killer's rampage in northern California during the late 1960's. In the 1970's Ted Bundy often used the same technique as the Zodiac killer to disguise his fingerprints by putting airplane glue (super glue) on his finger tips to make for a smooth surface, no ridges. I'm sure BK did the same thing as no fingerprints of BK found at Moscow Massacre. Ted Bundy attended Temple University in Philadelphia between January and May of 1969. That semester, Ted Bundy took political science and theatrical arts classes at Temple. Serial Killer Ted Bundy graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in psychology in 1972. Bryan Kohberger in high school enrolled in the law enforcement program at the PA district's technical school during his sophomore year. Bryan Kohberger graduated from Northampton Community College in Bethlehem, PA with an associate of arts degree in psychology in 2018. Bryan Kohberger studied Criminal justice his major at DeSales University he obtained his master’s degree in June 2022. 

BK received his undergraduate degree from Desales University in 2020 it is located in Allentown, PA about 55 miles north of Temple Univ in Philadelphia PA were serial killer Ted Bundy studied, small world, eh? Serial Killer Ted Bundy spent a lot of time in and around Philadelphia PA when he was a small child and when a teenager and then in 1969 around Temple Univ in Philadelphia PA when he was 23 years old. During the time at Temple Univ, Ted Bundy lived in Roxborough North Philadelphia with his grandparents (his father - his grandfather), who also owned a beach home in Ocean City NJ, the Jersey shore. It is about a one hour drive from Philadelphia PA to Ocean City NJ, straight shot. After dropping out of Temple, Ted Bundy lived briefly with his aunt in Lafayette Hill PA in summer of 1969, he visited the Jersey shore often. Wonder if Bryan Kohberger ever visited the Jersey shore?

Their cars were instrumental in planning and carrying out murders for serial killer Ted Bundy and psycho killer Bryan Kohberger. Using his Yukon Yellow VW 'Beetle' car as a trap, Ted Bundy would often wear a sling or walk on crutches while luring potential victims toward his vehicle. He’d ask unassuming women for help with a simple task, like putting books in his trunk. And when they obliged, he’d bludgeon them and force them into his Beetle. Over time, Bundy essentially transformed the car into an accomplice. He removed the passenger seat so he could easily lay semiconscious women on the car floor. On the off chance they woke up, Bundy also took out the inside door handle so that they wouldn’t be able to escape. Ted Bundy also stuffed the trunk with tools like handcuffs, rope, trash bags, gloves, and an ice pick. Bunday sold the car in August 1975, but police tracked it down and confiscated it. Though Ted Bundy’s car remained in the hands of police, he soon stole another vehicle while he was on the run: a second Volkswagen Beetle, this one in orange. In February 1978, police pulled him over for a traffic violation in Pensacola, Florida. Authorities soon realized that the car had been stolen, and the thief was none other than Ted Bundy the man responsible for the massacre at FSU Chi Omega House in Tallahassee Fl.

UPDATE MAY 17, 2023: Bryan Kohberger has been indicted by a grand jury over the brutal murders of four University of Idaho students last year — meaning he will have to enter a plea next week. The Latah County, Idaho, grand jury indicted the former criminology student on charges of felony burglary and four counts of first-degree murder, a Latah County district clerk confirmed Wednesday. The 28-year-old stands accused of slipping into an off-campus home in Moscow, Idaho, and killing Ethan Chapin, 20, Xana Kernodle, 20, and 21-year-olds Madison Mogen and Kaylee Goncalves. Kohberger will now by arraigned in court at 9 a.m. local time Monday where he will have to enter a plea. He is expected to plead not guilty, and if that is the case a judge will set a date for trial, according to local station KXLY. Kohberger previously had a preliminary hearing scheduled for late June, which has been canceled.

UPDATE March 11th, 2023 Idaho Judge seals dozens of warrants for over 60 companies in accused Moscow Massacre killer Bryan Kohberger’s case. Interesting to see warrants verify that Bryan Kohberger was taking surveillance photos of girls in their bedrooms with his I-Phone; 

  • A). Two warrants to Verizon (email used to send girls surveillance photos to computer from I-phone).
  • B). Cloud networking company Extreme Networks Wireless (girls photos uploaded to computer and the cloud).
  • C). Verizon Wireless (cell phone service- phone used to take photos of girls in bedrooms).
  • D). Meta Platforms (owns Instagram, Bryan Kohberger searched girls risque photos online and downloaded all of them to his computer). 
  • E). Apple (Apple I-Phone used to take photos of girls). 
  • F). Kohberger Insta account he followed all three female victims — Maddie, Xana, and Kaylee — on Instagram. 

There were several Instagram accounts posing as Kohberger’s, but according to People the real one has already been deleted — as is often the case with murder suspects. But before it was taken down, the mag confirmed he followed all three girls. There is no doubt BK took surveillance photos of KG from her bedroom window and downloaded all of them to his desk top computer (tower version) along with all the pics of KG which he screenshot from her Instagram page. There is a camera of camcorder missing somewhere loaded with KG pics. Bryan Kohberger was infatuated with beautiful Kaylee G. His phone pinged in the coverage area of the student house “on at least twelve occasions prior to November 13, 2022. All of these occasions, except for one, occurred in the late evening and early morning hours of their respective days.” He was getting surveillance photos and/or video.

IS HE A SERIAL KILLER? Bryan Kohberger exhibited sexual sadistic tendencies in the Moscow massacre similar to his online mentor serial killer Ted Bundy an infamous Incel who choose his female victims by look-a-like appearance to a former girl friend who rejected him. Serial killer Ted Bundy was motivated by rejection after he was dumped by his first girlfriend, expert claims. Notorious serial killer and rapist Ted Bundy took the lives of innocent women because he "harbored a grudge" against his first girlfriend who broke his heart, Incel. The FBI's criminal profiling service, officially christened the National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime in June 1985, has evolved from informal beginnings in the late 1960's to become the world's clearinghouse for the pursuit and capture of irrational, abnormal serial killers, the most difficult of all criminals to apprehend. Integral to defining the serial sexual sadist is the sexual excitation response to another person’s suffering. From Ted Bundy, they learned that he was a sexual sadist, a killer who got sexual relief from the murder of his female victims. Much like what we see with Bryan Kohberger who stalked his female victims for months before the Moscow massacre. None of the victims at 1122 King Rd were raped. Sexual sadism is a form of paraphernalia a condition characterized by abnormal sexual desires, typically involving extreme or dangerous activities even murder. Part of the sexual sadist profile is that they can mimic honesty and sincerity. In terms of classification, Ted Bundy was a so-called power/control serial killer. The primary motivation of such a killer is to dominate his victims. Ted Bundy enjoyed torturing his prey and found it sexually arousing, but it was the act of murder that was his most satisfying and final expression of power and control over his victims. When Ted Bundy was asked why he took Polaroid photos of his victims he said, “When you work hard to do something right, you don’t want to forget it.” BK took surveillance photos through the BR windows of the girls at 1122 King Rd from the parking lot behind their house and downloaded them into his desktop computer. After being arrested in Colorado in 1975, Bundy engineered two dramatic jail escapes and committed further assaults, including three murders, before his ultimate recapture in Florida in 1978. Bundy was executed in the electric chair at Florida State Prison on January 24, 1989.

Bryan Kohberger: uncontrollable rage and anger linked to intermittent explosive disorder (IED) he reacts way out of proportion to rejection and kills. Bryan Kohberger has uncontrollable rage and extreme anger issues. BK appears to have intermittent explosive disorder (IED), he reacts way out of proportion to rejection and could/would kill over nothing. Intermittent explosive disorder involves repeated, sudden episodes of impulsive, aggressive, violent behavior or angry verbal outbursts in which you react grossly out of proportion to the situation. Road rage, domestic abuse, throwing or breaking objects, or other temper tantrums may be signs of intermittent explosive disorder. In an interview with the New York Post, former FBI agent Pete Yachmetz told reporters that he believed Bryan Kohberger was motivated by rage issues and misogyny, which supposedly led to him inflicting multiple stab wounds on his victims (19 times). FBI guy Yachmetz said. An Instagram account that belonged to Kohberger repeatedly sent Instagram messages to one of the college students found dead, (Kaylee G), but she never returned his advances, an investigator close to the case claimed. “He slid into one of the girls’ DMs several times but she didn’t respond,” the anonymous source said. “Basically, it was just him saying, ‘Hey, how are you?’ But he did it again and again.” The message were reportedly sent in October, were all rejected. BK stalked Kaylee G, his phone pinged where ever she was at least 12 times, he took video and photos of Kaylee G.

I figured big brain BK for a MacBook Pro laptop for his stalker pics but the perv went old school. BK told a childhood friend that he wanted to study “high-profile” criminals, like Ted Bundy. “I feel like an organic sack of meat with no self-worth,” he allegedly wrote on Tapatalk, a mental health forum, at age 16 in 2011.  Dirtbag stalker Bryan Kohberger took telephoto pics or videos of the girls at 1122 King Rd Moscow Idaho through the kitchen slider, Kaylee's MBR glass slider and Maddie's BR slider and windows. Phone records dating back to June 2022 also revealed that Kohberger could have stalked (he did) the victims before the murder. His phone pinged in the coverage area of the student house on at least twelve (12) occasions prior to November 13, 2022. Mostly you would spend 2 to 3 hours of surveillance each time you was there, that's how it works getting surveillance photos. All of these occasions, except for one, occurred in the late evening and early morning hours of their respective days, the exact time of day you would do surveillance on a location. Bryan Kohberger would be termed by FBI BAU profilers as a very organized offender, serial killer, who scripted and planned every aspect of the murders. BK most likely thinking through, visualizing the best entry method, and fastest method of escape. BK was obviously surveilling the girls, I pointed out this fact back on Nov 24th. These murders were premeditated. BK shows traits of a very Organized Serial Killer and a Disorganized Serial Killer, he studied both of them.

As per Nancy Grace crime stories on Fox Nation last night, Jan 11th, from 1122 King Rd Moscow Idaho, she was aghast has how close she could get to the rear of the house at 1122 King Rd, the location of the murder of the 4 college student and take video. Nancy Grace took a video with her phone and was shocked how she could look right into the girls BR, so was Bryan Kohberger. I'm sure BK had a field day with this access. I have said and I was adamant from Nov 24th that Bryan Kohberger was getting surveillance photos and or video of the girls at 1122 King Rd Moscow. BK has made statement in the past as to why he was in Moscow so much, he replied "because the shopping is so much better" yeah girls. FOX NEWS: Idaho murders Jan 11 2023: Bryan Kohberger search warrants sealed to prevent 'serious and imminent threat,' court docs The search warrants are expected to contain new evidence collected in the quadruple murder case of four University of Idaho students. Photographs show officers exiting with boxes and bags of evidence as well as his desktop computer

I totally agree with Harvey Levin on TMZ yesterday Jan 10th about BK. Harvey was dead on balls correct in his theory that the Moscow knife attack and murder of 4 college students in their sleep at about 4 a.m. on Nov 13, 2022 with a long blade fixed knife (Ka-Bar) is NOT Bryan Kohberger's first time! BK is a very organized serial killer. The woman FBI profiler on the show with Harvey yesterday also theorized that the Moscow massacre was not the first time for BK. Various FBI profilers and even serial killer BTK all claim that Bryan Kohberger possess serial killer traits. I would re-open any unsolved murders in the tri-state area that were by death by stabbing in the last 5 years.

  • Unsolved murder which left Travis Juetten dead and seriously injured his wife Jamilyn in Oregon. Authorities say an intruder attacked the couple in their sleep around 3 a.m. on Aug. 13, 2021. Travis Juetten, 26, fought back but succumbed to his injuries. His wife, who is 26 now, survived 19 stab wounds from long blade fixed knife (Ka-Bar). 
  • Sandra Ladd, 71, was found dead in her home in Washougal, Washington, later on Sunday June 14, 2020, look like actual murder occurred on Saturday night June 13, according to Oregon Crime Stoppers. Ms Ladd lived alone, her death was ruled a homicide after the medical examiner found multiple stab wounds in her torso by a long blade fixed knife (Ka-Bar).

3 deadly knife attacks in three adjoining states in the northwest appear to follow a pattern much like what a serial killer would do, using a fixed date on the 13th of the month. It seems likely that the same type of knife was used in the murders in Washington, Oregon and Idaho, a KA-BAR combat knife, that would be the killer's signature. The murders in Washington, Oregon and Idaho all occurred very early in the morning or very late at night while the victims were asleep, indicating to me the killed had done surveillance on the victims. BK is a very organized serial killer. The FBI investigators from the agency's Behavior Analysis Unit in Quantico VA who were assisting the Moscow cops will be collating all of this info. BK shows traits of a very Organized Serial Killer and a Disorganized Serial Killer, he studied both of them.

Back in 1968 young Harvey Levin was lobbying for gun control in Los Angeles, he was only 18, he did not want a replay of the assassination of Sen Robert F. Kennedy. If TMZ's Harvey Levin says there is a possible link to other murders by Bryan Kohberger in the tri-state area he then would be classified as a serial killer, that you can take it to the bank. Harvey Robert Levin is an American television producer, legal analyst, celebrity reporter, and former lawyer he has covered all the big stories from Los Angeles for decades.

Sarasota PI Bill Warner, says these murders of 4 Univ of Idaho college students appear to done by a power/control serial killer just like what Ted Bundy was in the 1970's in Washington state, see link for the Sun News Story CLICK HERE. Bryan Kohbeger kills 4 Idaho Univ college students in the early morning hours with a Ka-Bar combat knife, he is following in footsteps of serial killer Ted Bundy, Danny Rolling and others, BK studied them all. BK shows traits of a very Organized Serial Killer and a Disorganized Serial Killer, he studied both of them. In the early morning hours of Jan. 15, 1978, serial killer Ted Bundy broke into the Chi Omega sorority house at Florida State University and sexually assaulted and murdered two women. He then made his way down the hall and attacked Kathy Kleiner, and her roommate, Karen Chandler in their room, four victims in all at FSU, two survived. In August 1990, serial killer Danny Rolling murdered four students from the University of Florida during a burglary and robbery spree in Gainesville. He mutilated his victims' bodies, decapitating one. He then posed them, sometimes using mirrors. Rolling broke into the apartment shared by 17-year-old UF freshmen Sonja Larson and Christina Powell. Finding Powell asleep on the downstairs couch, he stood over her briefly but did not wake her up, choosing instead to explore the upstairs bedroom where Larson was also asleep. Rolling murdered Larson, first taping her mouth shut to stifle her screams, and then stabbing her to death with a Ka-Bar knife. She died trying to fend him off. Bryan Kohberger has Ph.D in criminal justice and criminology he studied mass killers and serial killers like BTK, Ted Bundy and Danny Rolling, BK is a combination of them all.


UPDATE Jan 8th, 2023 "Bryan Kohberger Has Serial Killer Traits" says BTK Dennis Rader -- who gave himself the moniker, "Bind, Torture, Kill," tells TMZ in a new email he believes Kohberger would lie in wait for his victims, stalking them and casing their home. All of this, BTK says, was "much like I did," (between 1974 and 1991, he killed ten people in Wichita) referencing Kohberger's "dark mind," which he can relate to. I first published an article on November 24th 2022 pointing directly at the unknown killer a the time as being a stalker and having serial killer traits much like serial killer Ted Bundy. Copycat killer -- Idaho University students killer ‘is following in Ted Bundy’s footsteps, says PI Bill Warner. The US Sun published their article written by Rachel Dobkin on November 27th 2022 concerning my findings. BTK Denis Radar and serial killer Ted Bundy committed their first murder in the same year, 1974. BK shows traits of a very Organized Serial Killer and a Disorganized Serial Killer, he studied both of them.

Bryan Kohberger Ph.D book smart but street dumb. Why didn't psycho Bryan Kohberger kill eyeball witness Dylan Mortensen aka D.M. when he walked right past her, face to face, on 2nd floor foyer (with knife in hand) on his way out the back door slider in the kitchen? Dylan Mortensen, D.M., went back into her bedroom on the 2nd floor at about 4:25 am after seeing Bryan Kohberger in the house and apparently she fell back to sleep with 4 dead bodies surrounding her and the bodies of Kaylee Goncalves, Madison Mogen, Ethan Chapin, and Xana Kernodle immediately going into "decomp" and then "rigor".

The first stage of human decomposition is called autolysis, or self-digestion, and begins immediately after death. As soon as blood circulation and respiration stop, the body has no way of getting oxygen or removing wastes. Excess carbon dioxide causes an acidic environment, causing membranes in cells to rupture. Rigor Mortis, after about 3-8 hours the body starts to stiffen, and from approximately 8-36 hours it will be stiff and cold. The body becomes stiff because of a range of chemical changes in the muscle fibres after death.

D.M. did not call 9-1-1 and the police until almost noon on November 13th, 2022 almost 8 hours after the murders, something is way wrong here! Dylan Mortensen victim, witness and something else. In a probable cause affidavit released on Thursday, Jan 5th, an investigator with the Moscow Police Department explained an interview he conducted with the victims' roommates, identified as D.M. and known widely as Dylan Mortensen. Footage from Washington State University showed Bryan Kohberger's white Elantra leaving the campus in the direction of Moscow, Idaho just before 3 a.m. on the morning of the murders, Nov 13. The white Elantra returned to WSU campus at around 5:25 a.m. the same morning. 

Xana Kernodle got a DoorDash order at the house at about 4 a.m., according to the affidavit. One of the surviving roommates D.M. said she woke up around 4 a.m. from what sounded like Goncalves playing with her dog, according to the affidavit. "A short time" after, the roommate said "she heard someone she thought was Goncalves say something to the effect of 'there's someone here,'" the documents said. But that could have been Kernodle on her phone because records showed she was on TikTok at about 4:12 a.m., the affidavit said. Bryan Kohberger would have been in the house at this time. BK shows traits of a very Organized Serial Killer and a Disorganized Serial Killer, he studied both of them.

In the interview, Mortensen, D.M. explained that she was awoken at around 4 a.m. local time on November 13 to what sounded like Kaylee Goncalves playing with her dog upstairs. "A short time later, D.M. said she heard who she thought was Goncalves say something to the effect of 'there's someone here," (Bryan K was stabbing her and Madison they were first kill) the affidavit said. "D.M. stated she looked out of her bedroom but did not see anything when she heard the comment about someone being in the house. D.M. stated she opened her door a second time when she heard what she thought was crying coming from [Xana] Kernodle's room. D.M. then said she heard a male voice say something to the effect of 'it's OK, I'm going to help you," the affidavit said. According to the affidavit, the roommate also told police that she opened her bedroom door for a third time after hearing crying from another room (Bryan K was stabbing Xana and Ethan) and noticed a "figure clad in black clothing and a mask that covered the person's mouth and nose walking towards her (from Xana's room on the 2nd floor). The male walked past D.M. as she stood in a 'frozen shock phase.' The male, Dylan K, walked towards the back sliding glass door and out of the house. D.M. locked herself in her room after seeing the male," the affidavit said. "This leads investigators to believe that the murderer, Dylan K,  left the murder scene at about 4:20 am." And D.M. did not call 9-1-1, WTH?

The KA-BAR combat fighting knife is a curious choice of weapon for the 'copy cat killer' Bryan K. You need to wear something like leather protection gloves when using the KA-BAR knife in a fight, in the dark, with multiple victims so as not to cut your free hand. Also you would need gloves on the stabbing hand to keep a firm grip on the leather handle of the KA-BAR combat fighting knife with the excess amount of blood as indicated in all reports. You need some training and skills to be proficient with this knife in a fight to the death. KA-BAR combat fighting knife is manufactured in Olean NY and has been since 1042, the knife is made for the Marines, Navy and US Army, mostly used by special forces now. In high school Bryan Kohberger claimed he wanted to be  US Army Ranger, special forces. The KA-BAR can be purchased on Amazon see link HERE, maybe law enforcement should check BK's Prime account for a delivery.

The KA-BAR has a razor sharp edge and carbon fused point that can puncture a car door with ease, I have one. The un-sub guy has some martial arts training and skills to be so proficient with the KA-BAR knife, he does not seen afraid to do the wet work with the knife, possible hunter. Most likely he left a lot of clues in Moscow Idaho. The KA-BAR encapsulates exactly what U.S. Special Forces seek in their knives, the Army Rangers still use them. 

Sadistic Disorganized Serial Killers Like Danny Rolling, who used a KA-BAR combat knife, their primary motive is not sexual in nature, but to make their victims feel helpless and thus, make themselves feel in control of the situation, just like Ted Bundy did in the 70's! Ted Bundy was a organized serial killer, a psychopathic killer with no empathy made him a very effective predator. BK shows traits of a very Organized Serial Killer and a Disorganized Serial Killer, he studied both of them.

NO ONE CALLED 911 UNTIL ALMOST NOON ON NOV 13: One of the roommates in the University of Idaho murder house came face to face with the killer just moments after the bloody slaughter of her friends as they slept in their beds, according to a police report. Dylan Mortensen, 21, described her creepy encounter with the black-clad figure, when she opened her bedroom door after hearing a noise a little after 4 a.m. A police affidavit reads: “[Mortensen] saw a figure clad in black clothing and a mask that covered the person’s mouth and nose walking towards her. “Mortensen described the figure as 5′ 10″ or taller, male, not very muscular, but athletically built with bushy eyebrows. The male walked past [her] as she stood in a ‘frozen shock phase.’ “The male walked towards the back sliding glass door. Mortensen locked herself in her room after seeing the male.” SHE DID NOT CALL 911, WHAT THE HELL?

JAN 4th, 2022 UPDATE MOTIVE: The King Rd homicides of 4 Idaho Univ college students took place at about 4:10 a.m. on November 13, 2022 at 1122 King Rd Moscow Idaho, all 4 victims were found in their beds. Why the attack on the college students on November 13, why early in the morning? Why inside the house and why in their bedrooms. Bryan Kohberger is/was a grad student at Washington State Univ getting his Ph.D in criminal justice and criminology. Bryan Kohberger studied mass killers and serial killers, why they did it, when they did it etc.. Dates and times of mass murders and when the serial killer strikes would be important to Bryan Kohberger, he wold have studied the following two notorious cases. Bryan Kohberger wanted to be famous. BK shows traits of a very Organized Serial Killer and a Disorganized Serial Killer, he studied both of them, used both tactics to throw off the cops investigating the murders.

  • Ammityville Murders: In the early morning hours on November 13, 1974 at about 3:00 a.m., Ronald DeFeo Jr. killed his entire family of 6 in cold blood inside the family home and claimed that demonic voices told him to do it. The home of the DeFeo family was located on 112 Ocean Avenue in Amityville New York. DeFeo shot all six family members around 3:00 a.m. and police found all of the victims of the so-called Amityville Murders lying face-down in their beds. DeFeo claimed that he killed them in self-defense because they were plotting against him and pled insanity, but he was sentenced to six counts of 25 years to life in prison, a movie was made of the Amityville Murders. 
  • In Cold Blood: In the early morning hours of November 15, 1959 around 3:00 a.m., four members of the Clutter family, Herb Clutter, his wife Bonnie, and their teenage children Nancy and Kenyon were murdered in their rural home, just outside the small farming community of Holcomb, Kansas. Two ex-convicts, Perry Smith and Richard Hickock, were found guilty of the murders and sentenced to death. Smith and Hickock were executed by the state of Kansas on the same day, April 14, 1965. The murders were detailed by Truman Capote in his 1966 non-fiction novel 'In Cold Blood' and several movies.

GAG ORDER ON MOSCOW POLICE, On January 3, 2023, Latah County Magistrate Judge Megan Marshall issued a nondissemination order in regard to the murder case against Bryan C. Kohberger. The order prohibits any communication by investigators, law enforcement personnel, attorneys, and agents of the prosecuting attorney or defense attorney concerning this case. The order is not expected to affect the unsealing of the affidavit, a spokesperson for the Idaho judicial branch told the Idaho Statesman, (we'll see). Real world, expect total black out on information of the Who, What, When Where, Why and How? The Latah County judge’s order prohibits “any statement which a reasonable person would expect to be disseminated by means of public communication that relates” to certain areas, including:

  • Evidence in the Kohberger case 
  • Character, credibility or criminal record (WHAT?)
  • Any opinion as to the case’s merits or “claims or defense of a party Any other matter reasonably likely to interfere with a fair trial.

Bryan Kohberger, DOB 11/21/1994, was the stalker Kaylee Goncalves was worried about before the horrific murders on November 13 2022. Stalkers Who Are they and Why They Won't Give Up. Psycho killer Bryan Kohberger stalked the 4 college students, especially Kaylee Goncalves, for months doing surveillance and obtaining photos and video from behind their house on King Rd before the attack on Nov 13th. Tactics he learned in his courses in criminal justice and criminology. Murder suspect Bryan Kohberger fascinated with the criminal mind, 'creepy' to women at bar'. Bryan Kohberger calls himself the Creeper! "Many serial killers began as lust stalkers", very fine line that can be crossed. Psycho killer Bryan Kohberger, Kaylee Goncalves, Madison Mogen, Ethan Chapin, and Xana Kernodle cell phones all pinged in the exact same location several times before the horrific murder on Nov 13th, Bryan was watching them from behind their house, up on Queen Rd. BK shows traits of a very Organized Serial Killer and a Disorganized Serial Killer, he studied both of them.

Bryan Kohberger accused of the horrific slayings of four University of Idaho students was allegedly stalking them in the weeks leading up to the murders and wore gloves in public places after the killings. Bryan Kohberger the prime suspect was stalking his victims ahead of the murders - with their cell phone locations matching up on several occasions.' Not sure if they ever interacted - but his cell phone pings followed their every move for weeks.' Bryan Kohberger was a 'lust stalker' which is a serial predator who stalks victim after victim. Bryan's target appears to have been Kaylee Goncalves. Serial rapists and murderers may begin as lust stalkers, for example Ted Bundy began as a lust stalker.

Stalker Bryan Kohberger would have parked on Queen Rd up behind 1122 King Rd to watch the girls. As a private investigator who has done a lot of surveillance, if I had the case to watch this house and it's occupants, that's where I would be. Rear of house wide open to parking lot behind tree line. BK would have made entry to the house through the open slider at the kitchen. The location of the house at 1122 King Rd in Moscow were the college students lived is in somewhat of a confusing series of narrow dead end streets. There is only one way to get to 1122 King Rd and it's driveway is physically on Queen Rd, see photo. Kaylee Goncalves had injuries that were "significantly more brutal" than her best friend who was killed in the same room signifying that Kaylee was possibly the target. 

Retired FBI special agent John MacVeigh said it is likely crime scene technicians had to first separate out the victims' and other people's DNA from the killer’s – which was a huge undertaking. Police ran the unknown DNA through the national CODIS DNA database but came up empty because Kohberger had no criminal history. That’s when sources say police had genetic genealogists upload the samples to a public database such as Family Tree DNA, looking for matching relatives. Genealogists then built a family tree using birth and death records, census records and other hints until they had a whole tree of that extended family going back generations. At that point, they move downward from great, great-parents to living people looking to see who is the right age, lives in the area, and could be a possible suspect. Sources said they narrowed the possible suspects down to Kohberger, and police determined he drove a white Elantra like that seen near the crime scene. That’s when the FBI started tracking him and apparently collected some discarded item with Kohberger's DNA on it which police say they’ve positively matched to the crime scene. That’s their clincher evidence — the genealogy is just the amazing tool that got them there.

STALKER BRYAN KOHBERGER IN PHOTO, LOCATION WHERE HE COULD WATCH THE HOUSE AND GIRLS, THIS IS WHAT STALKERS DO. Backyard of 1133 King Rd was wide open for a stalker who could watch from Queen Rd. Bryan Kohbeger was stalking the girls his phone pinged in same locations they were in several times. Photo above from Instagram page Kaylee Goncalves and Maddie Mogan, shows a location where Bryan Kohberger could watch and stalk the girls, simulation only. Location on Queen Rd where stalker would/could watch during girls photo shoot in backyard of 1122 King Rd Moscow Idaho. Moscow cops were looking for a white 2011 - 2013 Elantra that in the end a 2015 Elantra belonged to Bryan Kohberger. Steve Goncalves, the father of 21-year-old Kaylee Goncalves, said earlier this week that County Coroner Mabbott described the wounds to the victims as “open gouges.” “I’ve been a coroner for 16 years... we have had multiple [victim] murders in the past, but nothing, nothing like this,” she said of the wounds. Kaylee Goncalves’ father Steve Goncalves claimed that the vicious degree of the victims’ stab wounds indicated the perpetrator was a male. See FBI BAU profile of a 'Organized Serial Killer' below, that profile fits exactly to what is known about the 1122 King Rd crime scene and now, Bryan Kohberger! BK shows traits of a very Organized Serial Killer and a Disorganized Serial Killer, he studied both of them.

ON SUNDAY NOV 27 SUN NEWS UK EXCLUSIVE: Copycat killer murders Idaho University students ‘is following in Ted Bundy’s footsteps says Sarasota PI Bill Warner, these murders appears to done by a power/control serial killer just like what Ted Bundy was in the 1970's in Washington state, see link for the Sun News Story CLICK HERE. Serial Killer Bryan Kohberger Arrested in Pocono Mountains for Murder of 4 Idaho College Students In November. Bryan Kohberger, 28, was arrested Friday in Albrightsville, PA in connection with the Moscow, Idaho college murders, he fits the BAU profile of a 'Organized Serial Killer'. He was taken into custody early Friday at a home in the Indian Mountain Lakes development in Chestnuthill Township, Monroe County. BK shows traits of a very Organized Serial Killer and a Disorganized Serial Killer, he studied both of them.

KOHBERGER TAUGHT BY SERIAL KILLER EXPERT: While attending DeSales Univ, Kohberger was a student of forensic psychology Professor Katherine Ramsland, a known expert in serial killers who has written several books. She has also appeared in over 200 crime documentaries and worked with BTK serial killer Dennis Rader on his autobiography. Ramsland confirmed to that Kohberger was a former student of hers but said she could not make statements to the media at this time.
Before attending DeSales, Kohberger received an associate's degree in psychology in 2018 at Northampton Community College, said college spokeperson Mia Rossi-Marino.
Bryan Kohberger was following the Ted Bundy serial killer playbook.

Sources say that authorities knew who they were looking for and had tracked the man down to Pennsylvania. A white Hyundai Elantra was towed from the home where the suspect was arrested, law enforcement officials told NBC News. A SWAT team entered the location he was staying in order to take him into custody earlier today. Bryan Kohberger of Albrightsville, Pennsylvania appeared before a judge in Pennsylvania earlier Friday. The judge ordered extradition to Idaho where he will face criminal charges, court documents show. 

Bryan Christopher Kohberger, 28, was taken into custody by local police and the FBI at 3 a.m. a law enforcement source told FOX News Digital. Federal and local authorities are searching what's believed to be Kohberger's apartment in Pullman. Law enforcement is also searching a work space associated with him. Sources tell NonStop Local KHQ he graduated from a Washington State University (WSU) doctoral program, within the criminal justice department, in early December 2022.

Bryan Kohberger was following serial killer Ted Bundy's playbook, Kohberger even took the same and/or similar courses or curriculum at University, you can't make this stuff up. Ted Bundy was a highly educated serial killer just like Bryan Kohberger. Ted Bundy was studding for a law degree at University of Utah and killing college co-eds. Bryan Kohberger is a highly educated serial killer and was a grad student at Washington State Univ going for his Ph.D in criminal justice and criminology and he was also killing college co-eds. BK is a very organized serial killer.

The search warrant at Bryan Kohberger's apartment is being completed at the Steptoe Village apartments on the WSU campus. Kohberger’s DNA has also been matched to genetic material recovered at the off-campus house where the students were stabbed to death, according to the sources. An FBI team from Philadelphia has been tracking him for four days in the area where he was arrested. Serial killer Ted Bundy majored in the most ironic study possible psychology at the University of Washington. He graduated with his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1972 and then was a law Student at Univ of Utah. Serial killer Bryan Kohberger was listed as studying psychology in 2018 at Northampton Community College in Albrightsville PA, and was a grad student at Washington State Univ going for his Ph.D in criminal justice and criminology. Two of a Kind!

'Organized Serial Killer' like Ted Bundy or 'Disorganized Serial Killer' like Danny Rolling with Ka-Bar knife, Bryan Kohberger showed traits of both. Psycho killer Bryan Kohberger, DOB 11/21/1994, he is 6' 0" tall and 155 lbs, he was extradition to Idaho on murder charges. Bryan Kohberger, an Albrightsville, Pennsylvania native, was a graduate student at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington, not far from Moscow. Pullman is about a 10 minute drive from the rental home where the four students were stabbed to death. According to the WSU website, Bryan Kohberger was pursuing his Ph.D in criminal justice and criminology, looks like he thought he was smarter than the cops, just like serial killer Ted Bundy. In a since-removed post on Reddit from seven months ago, May 2022, Bryan Kohberger asked ex-cons to participate in a DeSales research project that sought to “understand how emotions and psychological traits influence decision-making when committing a crime” and “understand the story behind your most recent criminal offense.” Though he has no criminal record that would put his DNA on file, investigators were able to match genetic evidence to a family member of the suspect using genealogy databases, CNN reported, citing a source. Mr. Gilliam, a former FBI agent, said the details that have emerged of Kohberger's life led him to believe that the suspected killer had developed a fixation on dominating others that evolved over time. BK shows traits of a very Organized Serial Killer and a Disorganized serial killer, he studied both of them. 

Characteristics of the organized offender include a high birth order, inconsistent parental discipline, this is BK. Average or above average intelligence,
this is BK. poor work performance BK did not. The organized offender is socially adept and usually living with a partner, BK was not. He may report an angry state of mind prior to the murder and admit to being calm and relaxed after the crime, this is BK. The crime scene of the organized murderer shows a semblance of order before, during, and after the offense, this is BK. The victim frequently is a stranger and may be targeted because he or she is in a particular location or has certain characteristics, this is BK. Obsessive, compulsive traits surface in the organized murderer's behavior and crime scene patterns, this is BK

In contrast, the disorganized offender is likely to be of below average intelligence, BK was not, low birth order, and subjected to harsh parental discipline, BK was not. He is in a confused and distressed state of mind at the time of the murder, is socially inadequate, and sexually incompetent, this is BK. The crime scene shows that the crime was committed suddenly with no set plan of action for deterring detection, this is not BK, BK planned the murders. Facial destruction and sexually sadistic acts performed after the murder are typical, this is BK, he did mutilate bodies with knife. Disorganized offenders usually leave the victim in the same position in which he or she was killed and make no attempt to conceal the body, this is BK, he did just do that at 1122 King Rd on Nov 13.

Bryan Kohberger was listed online as studying psychology (like serial killer Ted d Bundy) in 2018 at Northampton Community College in Albrightsville, where he was a member of Psi Beta and got involved in “raising awareness of hidden disabilities.” He was also employed as a part-time school security officer by the Pleasant Valley School District for several years until last year. Serial killer Ted Bundy got his start in Washington state, he transferred to the University of Washington (UW) in order to study Chinese in '66, but reportedly dropped out two years later. Ted Bundy was a highly educated serial killer just like Bryan Kohberger. Ted Bundy was studding for a law degree at University of Utah and killing college co-eds. Bryan Kohberger is a highly educated killer, he completed his graduate studies in criminal justice this year at DeSales University, in Center Valley, Pennsylvania and was a grad student at Washington State Univ going for his Ph.D in criminal justice and criminology and he was also killing college co-eds. Ted Bundy was a serial killer, a psychopathic killer with no empathy made him a very effective predator, just like Bryan Kohberger.

MOSCOW MASSACRE HORROR HOUSE: Bryan Kohberger shows traits of a very Organized Serial Killer planning and surveilling the victims for months and a Disorganized Serial Killer who uses a blitz attack to kill, BK studied both of them. Disorganized Serial Killer leaves victims in the same position in which they were killed, like in bed, and make no attempt to conceal the body (bodies), like what BK did at the Idaho college students Moscow massacre. A common method used by Disorganized offenders is the "blitz" attack, which is where the offender uses extreme force on the victim(s) to gain control over them, like what BK did. 

The murder is sadistic, the disorganized offender uses overkill, like BK did in Moscow. A disorganized offender may stab their victim repeatedly, (19 times), even after death, like what BK did. The disorganized serial killer is prone to paraphilia, a sexual perversion or sexual deviation. Sadistic paraphilic fantasies can lead to sexualized violence including serial homicide this was a feature of Ted Bundy and like what BK did in Moscow. Mutilation of body parts is a standard feature of this paraphilia. The disorganized serial killer will dismember or cut the body, including parts of the face of the victim, like what BK did. University of Idaho stabbing victim Kaylee Goncalves’ injuries were “significantly more brutal” than her best friend Madison Mogen, sources told NewsNation on Sunday. Information as per the FBI BAU, FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin Volume: 54 Issue: 8 Dated: (August 1985) Pages: 18-25.

BOLO: White car seen near 1122 King Rd where 4 Idaho college students were murdered between 3:00 am and 4:00 am and then seen later at 3:45 am near the Mobil Gas station on White Ave and then turning down a side road, a white 2011 - 2013 Hyundai Elantra, Bryan K it turns out owns a 2015 Elantra. Stabbing victim Kaylee Goncalves had spoke of a stalker. Is this the case of a serial killer? Stalkers Who Are they and Why They Won't Give Up. "Many serial killers began as lust stalkers", very fine line that can be crossed. 

The gruesome quadruple murder of four university students has transfixed the nation and left the tiny town of Moscow, Idaho, frustrated and fearful. One of the nation's top criminal profilers, Dr. Casey Jordan is weighing in on who may have taken the lives of Kaylee Goncalves, Madison Mogen, Ethan Chapin and Xana Kernodle. “You could have somebody who is a potential serial killer (stalker) who has been thinking about doing this for a very long time." “If the fantasy was fulfilled, then the fantasy will bloom even larger and very often, we will find a perp who feels compelled to do it again.”

UPDATE MON DEC 12TH, 2022, KILLER'S PROFILE. Possible copycat Ted Bundy serial killer in Moscow Idaho attack. Information as per the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU), FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin Volume: 54 Issue: 8 Dated: (August 1985) Pages: 18-25. Due to the sloppy nature of the Moscow Idaho crime scene and the postmortem mutilation of the victims, law enforcement's profile will learn towards a disorganized offender, (serial killer) theorizing the attack was spontaneous not planned. In criminology as per FBI BAU, a disorganized offender is a type of serial killer classified by unorganized and spontaneous acts of violence. This type of serial killer appears to strike at random whenever an opportunity arises, like Ted Bundy did. 

They take no steps to cover up any signs of their crime and tend to move regularly from city to city to avoid being captured. The disorganized offender kills opportunistically. He will live in somewhat close proximity to the crime scene. A lack of planning before, during, or after the crime will be reflected in the spontaneous style of the offense and the chaotic state of the crime scene. They possess little to no interpersonal skills. These individuals kill for the sole purpose of control and dominance, a trauma response to the abuse they faced at a younger age. Disorganized serial killers are more likely to be loners, having few friends. Boyce Jubilan, associate professor and chair of DeSales University’s psychology program, told the Philadelphia Inquirer that he was a research supervisor to Bryan Kohberger, and said he was “a little awkward with his peers” and “liked to work alone.” Disorganized serial killers primarily live alone and feel isolated from others. They do not plan out who their victims will be, it is merely situational they are either chosen at random or are people they know personally.

Monday Dec 5th, FBI Criminal Profilers from BAU on the job working a serial killer profile in Moscow Idaho Massacre. More than 30 employees including detectives, patrol officers and support staff from the Moscow Police Department are working on the case. The FBI has devoted 22 investigators in Moscow, 20 agents through the country and 2 investigators from the agency's Behavior Analysis Unit in Quantico Virginia, police said. FBI profilers work in the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU), studying evidence obtained by police, like in the Moscow murder case, in an effort to build theoretical profiles of serial criminals

Profilers develop psychological and real-world portraits of likely suspects to assist in directing investigative efforts. Cops don't call in the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) unless there is a link to a serial killer! These murders appears to done by a serial killer using a large knife. Presumably knife attacks are easier to solve quickly than other kinds of murders. In Oakland, Calif., for example, 82 percent of stabbing murders that were solved were cleared within a week, compared with 32 percent of firearm murders. The FBI BAU will feed all their investigative information form the Idaho massacre into the Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (ViCAP) which maintains the largest investigative repository of major violent crime cases in the U.S. It is designed to collect and analyze information about homicides along with multiple other such crimes.

Bryan Kohberger wanted to be famous just like his hero serial killer Ted Bundy. Bryan Kohberger is acting as his own lawyer behind the scenes in this made for TV 'Sadistic Side Show' murder trial just like his hero serial killer Ted Bundy did. Bryan Kohberger is charged with murder and burglary for the deadly stabbings of Ethan Chapin, Xana Kernodle, Madison Mogen and Kaylee Goncalves on Nov. 13, 2022. The four victims were students at the University of Idaho when they were found brutally murdered in the home they shared. The court has scheduled two separate hearings in Kohberger’s case for Friday, Jan. 26, 2024 but has ordered that the first hearing be closed from the public. The first hearing, scheduled for 11 am PT will address a renewed defense motion to dismiss the indictment on the grounds of a biased grand jury, inadmissible evidence, lack of sufficient evidence and prosecutorial misconduct. The hearing will also cover a request by the defense to unseal their motion to reconsider the court’s denials. Bryan Kohberger is just like serial killer Ted Bundy, though he had a constitutional right to representation, Ted Bundy—the pathologically controlling serial killer and former law student—was determined to steer his own defense when he was inevitably tried for his many crimes in 1970 and 1980. These trials were at the heart of Netflix’s new film, Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, which told Bundy’s story from the perspective of his then-girlfriend, Elizabeth Kendall. And as the film dramatized, America’s first nationally broadcast court case was a complete circus.

12 Months ago Bryan Kohberger made a big mistake by not Attaching the KA-BAR combat fighting knife & sheath to his belt or strapped to his leg at the Moscow Murder Massacre on Nov 13, 2022. You don't carry the 7 inch fixed blade KA-BAR fighting knife and sheath in your bare hands if you are planning to get into a fight. It appears that naive first time knife fighter Bray Kohberger carried the KA-BAR fighting knife and sheath to the Moscow Massacew Murders in his bare hands. Once he removed the knife from the sheath with his right hand he nedded his left hand to fight off his victims. As he started his murderous attacks with Madison Mogen and Kaylee Goncalves the knife sheath ended up in thier bed in the darkened room and he was unbale to retreve it. The KA-BAR ultra sharp fighting knife with a black coated flat fixed 7" ground blade comes to a bowie style clip point and is made out of 1095 Cro-Van steel. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about the uniformly cut notches that may line up with your fingers. It turns out the notches enhance the grip. The length of the handle suits a blade of this length nicely, and the knife feels balanced and capable in hand. Sheaths are available that generally match your choice of handle material. The version with the stacked leather handle comes with a leather sheath. The leather sheath can come stamped with your chosen branch of service, Army or Marines.

Bryan Kohberger's DNA on knife sheath direct link to Moscow Massacre Murders. BK may have worn gloves in the savage attack during the Moscow Massacre Murders but he sure as hell touched the KA-BAR knife sheath with his bare hands when the package from Amazon arrived at his parents house in April 2022 before leaving for WSU in Pullman June 2022. Kohberger a fantasy of thinking about committing crimes for a long time with that KA-BAR knife. Bryan Kohberger seemed to want to create the perfect murder. He purchased a KA-BAR military killing knife with sheath from Amazon before he moved out of parents house and headed to Washington State Univ, he was ready to go. The same KA-BAR knife sheath which Bryan Kohberger purchased with the knife was later found to have Kohberger’s DNA on it, the leather sheath was found by police alongside the body of Madison Mogen on Nov. 13 2023. The murder weapon itself has never been found. Roommate Dylan Mortensen came face-to-face with the alleged killer BK as he exited the house, standing in a “frozen shock phase” as “a figure clad in black clothing and a mask walked towards her,” then “towards the back sliding glass door” of the house, a police affidavit stated. Bryan Kohberger didn't create and commit the perfect crime. What went wrong and what happened beforehand? Did he commit any crimes before he went out to Washington State U and Idaho Univ, and why out west? Why did Kohberger purchase a military combat killing knife, the KA-BAR, before going out west to college? Bryan Kohberger's hero, serial killer Ted Bundy, was captivated by the book Papillon. “Ted's favorite book was 'Papillon,' the story of an impossible prison escape from Devil's Island.” Bundy reportedly told author Ann Rule he had already read the heroic tale of escape four times and followed suit with his prison escapes.

An Idaho judge has denied a motion filed by Bryan Kohberger’s defence team to drop all charges against him. The 28-year-old criminology PhD student who is accused of slaughtering four University of Idaho students at their Moscow home on 13 November returned to court for the crucial hearing on Thursday. Earlier this year, Mr Kohberger’s attorneys filed the motion to dismiss the murder charges against him, citing a biased grand jury, inadmissible evidence and prosecutorial misconduct. Judge John C. Judge said that while he appreciated the defence’s argument which he called “creative,” he quickly ruled that the grand jury’s indictment would stand. “I appreciate the argument. I think it’s really creative and I appreciate the journey back through history,” the Judge said. “I mean, what it comes down to for me is that I am constrained by what I believe is settled law in Idaho. I may be wrong, but this is certainly an issue that you would have to bring up with a higher court, like the Idaho Supreme Court, and I look forward to getting that.” Prior to denying the motion, the judge made a decision that was not expected on the day. He said he would allow cameras in the courtroom for now, but added that he will “take more control” of them. He also asked people to have restraint and dignity when covering the case.

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