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Unhinged Lunatic Fringe Sovereign Citizens Cop Killer Movement on Rise in Florida with Sarasota County General Jural Assembly in Englewood

The FBI considers sovereign-citizen extremists as comprising a domestic terrorist movement, (COP KILLERS) which, scattered across the United States, has existed for decades, with well-known members, such as Terry Nichols, who helped plan the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, bombing. Sovereign citizens do not represent an anarchist group, nor are they a militia, although they sometimes use or buy illegal weapons. Rather, they operate as individuals without established leadership and only come together in loosely affiliated groups to train, help each other with paperwork, or socialize and talk about their ideology. They may refer to themselves as “constitutionalists” or “freemen,” which is not necessarily a connection to a specific group, but, rather, an indication that they are free from government control. They follow their own set of laws. While the philosophies and conspiracy theories can vary from person to person, their core beliefs are the same: The government operates outside of its jurisdiction. Because of this belief, they do not recognize federal, state, or local laws, policies, or regulations. 

TALLAHASSEE DEMOCRAT: Deputy killer remains an enigma. What may never be understood is why Curtis Wade Holley unleashed his act of terror that Saturday morning. After the 12-minute gun battle, Holley was finally brought down by off-duty Tallahassee police officer Scott Angulo. Holley died on a strip of grass at the entrance to the dead-end street in Plantation Woods, a subdivision of 30-year-old single-family homes affordable for retirees and young families. Speculation has emerged suggesting Holley may have been aligned with a loose-knit group of anti-government extremists known as "sovereign citizens," whom the FBI classifies as domestic terrorists. Bill Warner, a private investigator based in Sarasota, said Holley may have shared the same beliefs as sovereign citizens. He said Holley may have drawn inspiration from others with anti-government views, including so-called "doomsday prepper" Martin Winters, recently sentenced to federal prison for stockpiling explosives at his Tampa-area home for use in the apocalypse.

ABC NEWS VIDEO ABOVE Sarasota private investigator Bill Warner disputes group linked to Sovereign Citizens. The sovereign citizen movement is a loose group of anti-government activists, litigants, tax protesters, financial scammers, and conspiracy theorists based mainly in the United States. HERALD TRIBUNE WRITES Sarasota County's Charter Review Board is giving credibility to the sovereign citizen movement and aiding in its recruiting because the board refuses to dismiss the so-called “people's common law grand jury” concept, says a national expert who has tracked sovereign citizens and their crimes for the past 18 years. “They are using your recent hearings as marketing tools, since you are the only governmental organization to even suggest that they are offering a legal and valid system,” JJ MacNab wrote in an email sent Tuesday to each Charter Review Board member.

Email received today, May 7th 2024, from Sarasota County Jural Assembly in Englewood Fl, website scgja.com. Unhinged Lunatic Fringe Sovereign Citizens Cop Killer Movement on Rise in Florida with Sarasota County General Jural Assembly in Englewood. They use website scgja.com which is very similar to the real Sarasota County website scgov.net. They claim; "Did you know that Sarasota County is being run by, and you are being ruled by, an unlawful, unconstitutional corporation" (Incorporated 1921, D-U-N-S # 073192924). The sovereign citizens movement is a large anti-government extremist movement whose adherents believe the government is the illegitimate product of a conspiracy that subverted the original, lawful government. They claim people can take steps to divorce themselves from the illegitimate government, after which it has no authority or jurisdiction over them. 

Sovereign citizens groups like, Sarasota County General Jural Assembly, are known for their abstruse pseudo-legal arguments, as well as other unusual behaviors, such as inserting gratuitous punctuation marks in their names or flouting motor vehicle regulations while proclaiming they are “travelers,” not “drivers.” In the United States, sovereign citizens come in two main varieties: “traditional” sovereign citizens and “Moorish” sovereign citizens. Moorish sovereign citizens are primarily Black and often pepper standard sovereign citizen beliefs with additional concepts or terminology derived from the Moorish Science Temple, a religious sect, or other fringe Black groups or religious sects. Sovereign citizens engage in a large amount of criminal activity, including 1) harassment and retaliation tactics collectively known as “paper terrorism,” 2) scams and frauds, sometimes large in scope, and 3) violence, including armed standoffs with police, shootouts, murders and terrorist plots. see link

MIAMI FLA: Andres Lopez-Escobar, 22, faces charges of driving without a valid driver’s license, having a counterfeit license plate, motor vehicle registration or sticker and resisting an officer without violence. At the time of his arrest, Lopez-Escobar was with Cecilia Selina Mercado — a 32-year-old Latin singer known as Sessi — who had been pulled over Tuesday on Sunny Isles Boulevard, driving an Audi that also had a counterfeit diplomat license plate. Mark Pitcavage with the Center on Extremism at the Anti-Defamation League told Local 10 News that Mercado and her boyfriend were using language that aligns with the Sovereign Citizen Movement in cellphone video taken during her arrest. Pitcavage said the greater Miami area is a hotbed for Sovereign Citizens and that the movement is an extreme antigovernment movement that emerged in the 1980′s. He added that bogus license plates are the most common and visible thing people see. The video recorded during the traffic stop shows officers yanking Mercado out of the car after a back-and-forth in which her boyfriend argued Mercado is “not a United States citizen.” Mercado, who was born in the Bronx, New York, left the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in the Maybach sedan driven by Lopez-Escobar. Sovereign Citizen Movement, Licenses? We ain't got no licenses! We don't need no licenses! I don't have to show you any stinking licenses! Lunatic fringe - Sovereign Citizen movement, "I know you're out there, You're in hiding, And you hold your meetings, I can hear you coming, And we know what you're after, We're wise to you this time".

Sovereign citizens have been labeled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as a serious domestic terrorism threat. The sovereign citizen movement is a right-wing anti-government extremist movement that dates back to 1970. Sovereign citizens may issue their own driver’s licenses and vehicle tags, not obtain required insurance for their vehicles, create and file their own liens against government officials who cross them, question judges about the validity of their oaths, challenge the applicability of traffic laws to them (running stop signs and traffic lights) and, in extreme cases, resort to violence to protect their imagined rights. The sovereign citizen movement is a large anti-government extremist movement whose adherents believe the government is the illegitimate product of a conspiracy that subverted the original, lawful government. They claim people can take steps to divorce themselves from the illegitimate government, after which it has no authority or jurisdiction over them. They speak an odd quasi-legal language and believe that by not capitalizing names and by writing in red and using certain catch phrases they can avoid any liability in our judicial system. The Sovereign Citizen Movement is a growing threat among millennials, the ones that I have encountered are easily influenced by the anti-government rhetoric. 

Sovereign Citizens alive and kicking in Sarasota Fl; A Donna Barcomb Sarasota County Charter Review Board vote may haunt her in a House campaign. Barcomb voted in favor of advancing a “Sovereign Citizen” charter amendment in 2015. That came despite concerns from the Anti-Defamation League and others that the movement behind the measure was responsible for killing police officers and federal agents. Barcomb’s chief opponent in the House District 72 Republican primary, Fiona McFarland slams the vote in her new ad. “The fact that Donna voted to support an anarchist group that the FBI classified as domestic terrorists should be alarming to any Sarasota voter who cares about the well-being of our brave men and women in blue,” said Maryann Grgic, a McFarland spokesperson. “Career politician Donna Barcomb is chairing a hearing on whether to amend the county charter to include representation from Sovereign Citizens, a known domestic terrorist organization,” the narrator continues. “The anarchist group notorious for killing cops, for beating cops, for kidnapping cops.” “Barcomb votes yes for the motion.”

SARASOTA HERALD TRIBUNE 2016: Campaign contributions are essential for most candidates, but they also can come with baggage. State House candidate Joe Gruters learned that when his opponent, Steve Vernon, went after him as an establishment shill beholden to his well-heeled donors. Now Gruters and his allies (PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR BILL WARNER) are raising questions about whether Vernon shares the fringe views of a major donor, a man who has been pushing a concept associated with extremist groups. Manatee County resident Rodger Dowdell gave Vernon $1,000, the maximum allowed by law. Last year, Dowdell brought a proposal to the Sarasota County Charter Review Board that has roiled the normally low-key elected body. Dowdell wanted the board to support putting a referendum to voters that would create a “people's common law grand jury.” Such a system would allow average citizens to indict government officials on corruption without going through a judge or law enforcement agencies. The people's grand jury idea has been linked to the sovereign citizen movement, which does not recognize government authority in many areas. Gruters won the race over Vernon.

ABC7 SARASOTA 2020: Sarasota County school board sued by man linking sovereign citizen values over ‘obscene’ library materials. Robert Craft, in his civil suit filed in Sarasota County Circuit Court July 1, alleges the school board has ignored complaints from citizens about certain books, and charges the school board is guilty of “purchasing and propagating obscene, lewd, and lascivious materials for distribution to children.” The suit asks the court for an emergency injunction “to stop children’s exposure” to the more than 50 listed books; for the sheriff to confiscate the books as evidence; and to ask a grand jury for a criminal indictment. In the suit Robert Craft claims he is "a Natural Person, Free Resident, Free Citizen & Taxpayer and the Judge in the case is only a 'referee'. The 'Craft' case was dismissed by the Judge who had jurisdiction court. Robert Louis Craft, 45, initially wanted a sheriff to remove a slate of books including “Gender Queer,” “Ground Zero: A novel of 9/11,” “Kite Runner” and “Michelle Obama: Political Icon.” Craft is not a resident of Sarasota County and has no children in the school system. His legal filings showed an address in Englewood, outside the Sarasota County line, and his email signature describes him as a philosopher and constitutional common law expert. Judge Maryann Olson Boehm, on the 12th judicial circuit, ruled in August that Craft had no standing. Craft filed a motion to reconsider, which was denied. Then, on Sept. 9, he filed a “notice of intent to bring action at law” against the judge herself, accusing her of depriving his rights, of fraud and breach of the peace. The documents cited common law acts and statutes dating back to 1706, 1789 and 1854.

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