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Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) Had Jamal Khashoggi Killed to Keep Quiet 9/11 Secrets.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) Had Jamal Khashoggi Killed to Keep Quiet 9/11 Secrets. NY attorney James Kreindler claims WaPo columnist Jamal Khashoggi murdered by MBS because he knew Saudi Royal Family backed 9/11 attack. Secret FBI Investigation Into a terrorist support network for 9/11 Hijackers in Sarasota Fl was real deal, I was there. FBI continues to keep secret thousands of pages of Saudi support network for the 9/11 hijackers in Sarasota. U.S. judge orders release of FBI records in Sarasota probe that may tie Saudi royals to 9/11 hijackers. US Judge Zloch writes, “The pages also disclose an additional confidential source CI, other than the local law enforcement agency (Sarasota Police Dept), this source provided valuable information that is detailed and singular in nature. As discussed earlier, the disclosure of the identity of this individual is in direct contradiction to the interest of the FBI”. 

According to newly released documents in the Florida Bulldog Freedom of Information lawsuit filed on the Tampa FBI there appears to have been a Confidential Informant (CI) working along with local law enforcement (ICE & Sarasota Police Dept) in providing information to the FBI during the 2002 Secret Sarasota investigation into a support network for the 9/11 hijack pilots when they were in the Sarasota Fl area. During the time period from late 2002 to end of 2003 Imam Muneer Arafat was paid $35,000 by the FBI to work as a CI in a Sarasota investigation, he revealed this information in open court during the Sami Al-Arain trial in Tampa as reported by the Tampa Trib, ‘Cleric Testifies in Al Arian Trial’ By MICHAEL FECHTER. Arafat was arrested in Sarasota Fl in Nov 2002 by ICE for overstaying his visa, he was shipped off to St Louis to testify before a Federal Grand Jury investigating people with links to 9/11 including his roommate Ziyad khaleel as reported by the St Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper. When Arafat returned to Sarasota in December of 2002 he was now working for the FBI.

FLORIDA BULLDOG WRITES: “Jamal Khashoggi was killed not because he was a dissident, but because of his contact with us,” said James Kreindler, a prominent New York attorney who represents thousands of 9/11 family members and survivors who are suing Saudi Arabia. A month after Saudi-born Khashoggi was allegedly killed and dismembered by a Saudi hit team on Oct. 2, 2018, the U.S. intelligence community disclosed intercepts of communications with Khashoggi’s phone to others. One exchange was with Khalid bin Salman, Crown Prince Mohammed’s younger brother who was then serving as the Saudi ambassador to the U.S. The Post reported that unnamed intelligence sources said Khalid told Khashoggi “he should go to the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul to pick up the documents he needed” for his planned marriage to a Turkish woman he’d met in May 2018. KBS, as Khalid is also known, “gave him assurances that it would be safe to do so.” The disclosure was part of a story that reported the CIA had concluded that Crown Prince Mohammed ordered Khashoggi’s death – a charge Mohammed had denied. 9/11 Terrorist Support Network in Sarasota Fl. “Khashoggi was part of the intelligence community and we knew he knew a lot about the Saudi government’s involvement in 9/11. He was connected to the Muslim Brotherhood and to [former Saudi Crown Prince] Muhammad bin Nayef, and that’s the reason our investigator went to speak with him,” said Kreindler. “She said would you come to New York and talk to my boss? He said yes. “I’m sure that as soon as she left, he called KBS [Khalid bin Salman] and said, ‘Look, the 9/11 lawyers are on to me. They know that I know what you guys did and I didn’t give ‘em anything, but you’re holding my kid in Saudi Arabia and if you harm him I will.’ So my belief is that Khashoggi was killed not because he was a dissident, there are lots of dissidents, but because he was holding this ax over the Saudis’ heads about 9/11.”

White House Report: Saudi Crown Prince Approved Journalist Jamal Khashoggi's Killing. The U.S. government is accusing the effective leader of Saudi Arabia a very important ally of approving an operation for a very brutal killing of this prominent journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, who was living in the U.S. at that time. It could have a long-lasting effect because Mohammed bin Salman, the crown prince, is just 35 years old. His father, King Salman, is 85 and not in good health. So the expectation is that the crown prince will take over in the not-too-distant future and could be in power for decades. For almost two decades, controversy has brewed over how the 19 men, 15 of whom were Saudi nationals, could have flown literally under the radar for almost two years. To many investigators, it appears that the 9/11 attackers were either extremely lucky or had a lot of help, or both. Based on several media accounts, the team of 15 Saudis arrived in Turkey aboard jets owned by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman (known as MbS). Several members of the team allegedly provided personal security for MBS and are said to have been directed by MbS’s closest lieutenants, including adviser Saud al-Qahtani and Saudi deputy intelligence chief Maj. Gen. Ahmed al-Assiri. 

Although the links between the Saudi military and government in the Khashoggi killing appear to evident, the links between Saudi government officials and the 9/11 attacks remain somewhat murky. That doesn’t mean they aren’t there. In a 2017 investigation, Politico documented one lawyer’s quest to prove Saudi Arabia bankrolled the 9/11 attacks. New York attorney Jim Kreindler, who represents the families of more than 800 victims of the attacks believes the terrorists had help from the Saudi government. He is not alone in this opinion. Former Sen. Bob Graham (D-Fla.), co-chair of Congress’s 9/11 Joint Inquiry, is on record stating, “I’ve stopped calling what our government has done a cover-up. Cover-up suggests a passive activity. What they’re doing now I call aggressive deception.” Graham further notes, “I came to the conclusion that there was a support network (in Sarasota and San Diego) by trying to assess how the 19 hijackers could pull it off with their significant limitations. Most couldn’t speak English, most had never been in the United States, and most were not well educated. How could they carry out such a complex task?"

Prince Salman bin Sultan bin Fahd was a young royal living in Sarasota, Florida, and studying at the University of Tampa’s American Language Academy in the year 2000 he would have been 24. His pal Abdulaziz al-Hijji in Sarasota was 27 and his brother in law Adel Ghazzawi then age 30 were contemporaries of 9/11 Hijack Pilots Ziad Jarrah then age 25, Marwan Al-Shehhi then age 22, and Monamed Atta then age 32 who all appear to have visited al-Hijji's house in Prestancia Sarasota Fl. Salman bin Sultan Al Saud born 2 February 1976 is the former assistant secretary general of the Saudi Arabian National Security Council for intelligence and security affairs as well as the former deputy defense minister. He is a member of House of Saud. Salman bin Sultan began his career as a lieutenant in the Saudi royal air defense force, he was a pilot. He later worked as platoon commander in an air defense unit. Then he served as a military attaché with the rank of first lieutenant at the Saudi Embassy in Washington, D.C. during the Prince Bandar's tenure as ambassador to the United States at the beginning in the year 2000. Prince Salman later served as the assistant secretary general of the National Security Council (NSC) for intelligence and security affairs in Saudi Arabia.

Much has been made about a secret 2002 FBI investigation into the Sarasota Saudi Connection. The FBI never questioned members of the Saudi Royal Family before allowing them to flee the United States in the days immediately following the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Aboard the plane were two princes -- one of whom allegedly had been in contact with al-Qaeda before the the attacks and another whose father's longtime adviser owned a house in Florida that was allegedly visited several times by some of the hijackers. What's more, the FBI's detailed report to Congress and President George W. Bush on the Saudi exodus was so flawed, it didn't even correctly identify one of the princes, according to new reporting by MSNBC. On the day of the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, there were two members of the Saudi Royal family on American soil. One, Prince Ahmed bin Salman, a media baron with vast wealth and a passion for racing expensive horses, was in Lexington Kentucky for the annual sale of thoroughbred yearlings. 

The second, Prince Sultan bin Fahd, was a 22-year-old royal living in Sarasota, Florida, and studying at the University of Tampa’s American Language Academy. Saudi Prince Prince Salman bin Fahad bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al Saud used the name Fahad in Sarasota Fl. Both men, MSNBC reports, were later found to have troubling connections to the men who hijacked four planes on September 11, 2001. Al-Qaida had allegedly been in contact with Prince Ahmed before the attacks, according to statements made by one of Osama bin Ladin's top aides, Abu Zubaydah, MSNBC reported. More strange is the fact that Prince Ahmed died in July 2002 at age 43 of heart failure. The circumstances of his death remain unclear to this day. Prince Sultan, meanwhile, had links to Esam Ghazzawi -- a top adviser to his father Prince Fahd. Of special interest is the Ghazzawis’ boss, the chairman of Eirad Holding Co. Ltd.Saudi Prince Prince Salman bin Fahad bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al Saud used the name Fahad in Sarasota Fl is a prominent member of the ruling Saudi royal family he was living in Sarasota from 2000 to 2001. He is a great-grandson of King Abdulaziz (commonly referred to as Ibn Saud), founder of modern Saudi Arabia, and grandson of the current king. Ghazzawi owned a home in Sarasota that was visited several times by Mohamad Atta, the leader of the September 11 hijackers, and his group. On the day of the attacks, Prince Sultan bin Fahd was in Sarasota. He received a call from his uncle who told him to make it to Lexington as soon as they could so they could leave the country amid mounting anti-Saudi sentiment. A former Florida police officer and a former FBI agent were hired to provide protection for the young royal and his colleagues. In the hours after the September 11 attacks, the Federal Aviation Administration grounded all flights until 11am September 13. Though it has been reported that the Saudis flew during this air prohibition, according to MSNBC, Prince Sultan and his friends actually didn't leave on a chartered jet until five hours after the flight ban was lifted. The FBI report to Congress and President George W. Bush lists another method of travel entirely. The FBI claimed that the prince hired a car and drove the 900 miles north to Kentucky. But the two men who worked for the prince's security detail said the FBI got this all wrong, MSNBC says. Another key detail the FBI got wrong was Prince Sultan's identity. The FBI said the young prince was the son of Prince Ahmed. However, Prince Sultant is actually the older royal's nephew. Three days after prince touched down in Lexington, Kentucky, he and Prince Ahmed, along with 12 other Saudis boarded a Boeing 727 and flew back to Saudi Arabia. None of the men was ever questioned by the FBI before they were allowed to leave the country, according to MSNBC.

Saudi Prince Prince Salman bin Fahad bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al Saud used the name Fahad in Sarasota Fl. RE Esam Ghazzawi’s son, Adel Ghazzawi, 46: Individuals tied to Huffman Flight School and 9/11 Hijackers by FBI linked to 4224 Escondito Circle Sarasota as family members appear to be Abdulaziz al-Hijji and Adel Ghazzawi son of Esam Ghazzawi. In the year 2000, Sarasota Saudi’s Abdulaziz al-Hijji then age 27 and his brother in law Adel Ghazzawi then age 30, were contemporaries of 9/11 Hijack Pilots Ziad Jarrah then age 25, Marwan Al-Shehhi then age 22, and Monamed Atta then age 32 who all appear to have taken Flight Training in Venice Fl at Hoffman Aviation at the same time, small world, eh? It appears the Adel Ghazzawi had been staying at 4224 Escondito Circle Sarasota, he also was linked to a address in nearby Longboat Key Fl. 

April 3rd 2002 FBI report indicates that at least two people linked to the al-Hijji house in Prestancia Sarasota Fl were taking flight lessons at Huffman Aviation with the 9/11 hijackers in the year 2000. When “big poppy” Esam Ghazzawi left the U.S., Adel Ghazzawi apparently took over the family’s affairs here. It was Adel, then 30 and an American citizen, who tried to get a Prestancia lien lifted so the house could be sold. The lien came after the series of brushes with Prestancia’s community association in Sarasota Fl, they all just slipped away right under the noses of the FBI. Quote: “A U.S. agency involved in tracking terrorist funds was interested in both men even before 9/11” the US Agency is ICE, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) which enforces federal laws governing international money laundering. 

ICE along with the Sarasota Police Intel unit and the Sarasota County Sheriff Department were the nexus of a 2002 investigation in Sarasota Fl that was taken over by Sarasota FBI agent Thomas Baugher when it eventually linked to support of terrorism. Same time frame as the so-called 2002 FBI Secret Sarasota Investigation of Abdulazziz al-Hijji’s clan in Prestancia Sarasota Fl. A’int no coincidences in terrorism as FBI agent Thomas Baugher told me on several occasions in 2002 and 2003. Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs Funds 9/11 Via Cash from HLF to Global Relief to WSRA.

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