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Thursday, October 27, 2016

SPLC Advises Media To Cut Ties with Anti-Muslim Extremists Pamela Geller, David Horowitz, Ryan Mauro, Robert Spencer and Others of the Islamophobia Network

Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) Calls Out Anti-Muslim Extremists Pamela Geller, David Horowitz, Ryan Mauro, Robert Spencer and Others of the “Islamophobia Network” in New Report. The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is really hitting Anti-Muslim Extremists Pamela Geller, David Horowitz, Ryan Mauro, Robert Spencer and 11 others where it hurts the most, by advising the media, print and TV, to back off using and cut ties to the “Islamophobia Network” and if they do happen to use them on air, Fact Check Them. Pamela Geller must have had a hissy fit just thinking of the possibility that she won't have her mug on TV or in the newspapers anymore, OMG! The SPLC depicts Robert Spencer in a orange prison outfit for his caricature mugshot, LOL. The profiles of 15 members of the “Islamophobia Network” are on the SPLC website, they can be seen here

Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) Covering Anti-Muslim Extremist Groups Issues Field Guide to Anti-Muslim Extremists:
Anti-Muslim extremist groups count on the media to cover their efforts and messaging as fact-based and backed by the majority of Americans. Too often, television networks, newspapers and other media organizations turn to these groups’ spokespeople as credible sources on national security, immigration and religious liberty, and valid counterpoints to real issue experts. Typically missing from the coverage of and interviews with these extremists is critical contextual information about their defamatory and false rhetoric and their hate group associations. News consumers need to know that these groups and their leaders are far outside the mainstream, and that their factual assertions are very often completely baseless. As the Columbia Journalism Review pointed out in “Countering Misinformation: Tips for Journalists,” political misinformation “may pollute democratic discourse, make it more difficult for citizens to cast informed votes, and limit their ability to participate meaningfully in public debate.” The magazine added, “Use credible sources; don’t give credence to the fringe,” and pointed out that the more false claims are repeated, the more difficult it is to undo their pernicious effects. In the case of anti-Muslim extremists, false claims about a whole range of issues have the effect of fueling hatred of Muslims and, ultimately, criminal hate violence against them.

Hosts, reporters and editorial boards should consider the following steps in order to avoid giving these groups and their spokespeople a fa├žade of legitimacy.
1. Research the background of extremist spokespeople and consider other sources. Before you book a spokesperson from an anti-Muslim extremist group or quote them in a story, research their background — detailed in this in-depth guide to 15 of the most visible anti-Muslim activists— and consider the consequences of giving them a platform. Relying on their spokespeople, even if they are countered by another guest or a quote from someone who disagrees, can introduce a troubling false equivalency in reporting. When there is no question about the facts in such matters — the claim that Shariah law can be imposed on American criminal courts, for example, is completely false; that is not possible under the Constitution — the he said/she said style of simply presenting opposing viewpoints is actively harmful. It is also worth noting that most of those profiled in this guide are self-described experts only, and have no formal or real-world expertise in the subjects they purport to know. Consider alternative sources who are credible experts and leaders from a variety of backgrounds, including Muslim researchers, advocates and community leaders. They can provide essential context for who extremist speakers are and verified facts to illuminate the real-world effects of anti-Muslim hate fueled by these speakers’ rhetoric and so-called “research.” They also can provide a good reflection of the diversity and authenticity of American Muslim experiences.

2. If you do use anti-Muslim spokespeople, point out their extremism.
If you do choose to rely on an extremist group’s spokesperson in your reporting, make sure that readers or viewers know who they are, beyond their self-identified areas of expertise. Referring to a guest only as a “conservative blogger” or a “think tank director,” for example, suggests to audiences that the person’s views are legitimate and effectively hides their extremist positions. This guide offers extensive evidence of the extremist views of various spokespeople that can be cited as a way to counter this. You may also want to include the fact that the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has designated many of their organizations as hate groups. (In this guide, those organizations that are recognized as hate groups are marked with asterisks; three that will be listed as hate groups for the first time in 2017 are marked with a cross. The SPLC defines a hate group as an organization that has “beliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people, typically for their immutable characteristics.”) The SPLC also has an extensive collection of “Extremist Files” on its website,, that provide detailed profiles of hateful activists and organizations. You may also consider highlighting the link between anti-Muslim rhetoric and anti-Muslim hate crime violence. In 2010, for example, anti-Muslim hate crimes shot up by 50 percent, according to the FBI. It seems clear that the reason for that surge was the controversies generated by anti-Muslim propagandists about a proposed Islamic center in lower Manhattan (which they called the “Ground Zero Mosque”) and about an alleged Muslim conspiracy to impose Shariah religious law on American courts. More recently, the anti-Muslim rhetoric in Donald Trump’s 2015-2016 campaign for the presidency has almost certainly inspired anti-Muslim hate violence.

3. Prepare to challenge hateful rhetoric and misinformation.
The anti-Muslim extremists and groups profiled in this guide have long histories of hateful, harmful rhetoric targeting American Muslims, immigrants and other communities. Before interviewing their spokespeople, prepare yourself to challenge and fact-check their claims — both new and recycled. If, during the interview, they tone down their rhetoric in an attempt to reach a more mainstream audience, viewers and readers would benefit by knowing what they have said and done in the past. Some additional resources you may want to consult are the Center for American Progress’ “Fear Inc., 2.0” report, which tracks the money trail of the “Islamophobia Network”; the SPLC’s “Extremist Files” profiles of extremists; and surveys of and about the Muslim community, conducted by the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding and the Bridge Initiative at Georgetown University, respectively.

4. Don’t rely on opposing guests to challenge extremists.
If an extremist spokesperson is booked for a show or quoted in a story, don’t rely solely on another guest or counterpoint source to refute their claims. Viewers and readers count on you to also provide appropriate context for who they are and the cold, hard facts that illuminate the problems in their rhetoric and research. 

A shocking number of anti-Muslim, self-described “experts” are seen regularly in the media, where they spread falsehoods that too often go uncontested. Their rhetoric has toxic consequences, from promoting xenophobia, to poisoning democratic debate, to inspiring hate violence. “We hope journalists will use this guide to learn more about these extremists and the damage they cause to society and either deny them a public platform altogether or be better prepared to publicly challenge their hateful rhetoric and misinformation,” Beirich said. “The public really should know who these extremists are and the damaging impact they have with a platform to spread hate and bigotry.” The guide is not an all-encompassing list of extremists, but highlights those in the center of a large and evolving network of anti-Muslim activists, including the following: 

1). Frank Gaffney Jr., a former Reagan administration defense official, who founded the Center for Security Policy (CSP) in 1988. In recent years the CSP has gone from a hawkish think tank on foreign affairs to a promoter of baseless conspiracy theories and groundless accusations. One example is a CSP poll, cited by Donald Trump, which claimed that 25 percent of Muslims agreed that violence against Americans in service of jihad was justifiable.

2). Ryan Mauro, a “national security analyst” with the Clarion Project, an organization that makes and distributes millions of anti-Muslim films that portray, among other things, the threat of Islamism as akin to Nazism. The New York Times editorial board called one film, “The Third Jihad,” a “hate-filled film about Muslims.”

3). Brigitte Gabriel, founder of Act for America, is a radical Islamophobe who has said that “any practicing Muslim who believes the word of the Koran to be the word of Allah … who goes to mosque and prays every Friday, who prays five times a day – this practicing Muslim, who believes in the teachings of the Koran, cannot be a loyal citizen of the United States.” In her book Because they Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America, Gabriel wrote that “the Arab Muslim world, because of its religion and culture, is a natural threat to civilized people of the world.”  

Other anti-Muslim extremists profiled are Ann Corcoran, Steven Emerson, Pamela Geller, John Guandolo, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, David Horowitz, Robert Muise, Maajid Nawaz, Daniel Pipes, Walid Shoebat, Robert Spencer and David Yerushalmi.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

FBI Offers $50,000 Reward to Identify 'Golden State Serial Killer' He Would be 65 years Old Today See A&E's 'The Killing Season' Nov 12th

FBI News Release: Although four decades have passed since a prolific serial rapist and murderer terrorized California communities from Sacramento to Orange County, the FBI and local law enforcement announced a national publicity campaign today—and a significant reward—in the hopes of locating the suspect and finally bringing him to justice. Between 1976 and 1986, the violent and elusive individual known as the East Area Rapist, and later as the Original Night Stalker and the Golden State Killer, committed 12 homicides, 45 rapes, and more than 120 residential burglaries in multiple California communities. His victims ranged in age from 13 to 41 and included women home alone, women at home with their children, and husbands and wives.

At a press conference today in Sacramento, the FBI and local law enforcement agencies announced a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the killer along with a nationwide multimedia campaign to once again bring the case to the public’s attention.“Regardless of the amount of time that has passed,” said Sgt. Paul Belli, the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department detective assigned to the case, “the sheriff’s department never gave up on the investigation. This person ruined a great number of lives, and he should be held accountable.” During the time he was operating in Sacramento, between 1976 and 1978, the East Area Rapist struck fear and anxiety into the community. “Everyone was afraid,” said Special Agent Marcus Knutson, who was born and raised in Sacramento and now heads the FBI's portion of the investigation. “We had people sleeping with shotguns, we had people purchasing dogs. People were concerned, and they had a right to be. This guy was terrorizing the community. He did horrible things.”

If he is still alive, the killer would now be approximately 60 to 75 years old. He is described as a white male, close to six feet tall, with blond or light brown hair and an athletic build. He may have an interest or training in military or law enforcement techniques, and he was proficient with firearms. Detectives have DNA from multiple crime scenes that can positively link—or eliminate—suspects. This will allow investigators to easily rule out innocent parties with a simple, non-invasive DNA test. “Just like any homicide investigation,” Belli said, “our lifelines are people who give us information. It all boils down to people helping.” He added that the $50,000 reward could motivate someone to come forward. “It may push somebody over the edge who knows something. It could provide us with that one tip we need.”

It is known that the East Area Rapist took things from crime scenes—coins and jewelry in particular. The public is asked to be mindful of that. “We know that our guy took items,” Knutson said. “So if for some reason people—whether their family member is deceased or they’re cleaning out a storage unit—come across a weird collection of items such as women’s ID’s, rings, earrings—anything that’s out of the ordinary—it could be significant.” In addition to supplying the reward money, the FBI is assisting local investigators by following leads all over the country, Knutson said, ruling out suspects based on DNA tests and other evidence. When the crimes were committed, DNA testing was not available, nor was other technology such as cell phones, neighborhood surveillance cameras, or, in many areas, the 911 emergency call system.

Burglaries and rapes began occurring in the eastern district of Sacramento County—hence the name East Area Rapist—in the summer of 1976. The subject ransacked homes and took coins, jewelry, and identification. Neighborhood burglaries were often followed by clusters of sexual assaults. Then, on February 2, 1978, Brian Maggiore and his wife, Katie, were on an evening walk with their dog in their Rancho Cordova neighborhood when they were chased down and murdered. Ray Biondi, a retired Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department detective, investigated the double homicide, which was quickly linked to the East Area Rapist. “This threw a whole different light on the rape series,” said Biondi, who spent 17 years as a homicide detective and investigated hundreds of murders.

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8 Years Ago I Warned About Islamic Extremist Web Sites While So Called Intelligence Experts Balked at My Efforts Now ISIS Rules the Internet

8 Years Ago I Warned About Islamic Extremist Web Sites While So Called Intelligence Experts Balked at My Efforts Now ISIS Rules the Internet. ISIS Global campaign, According to a web-based data mining software, a large number of pro-Isis tweets originated in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other Gulf countries. In its Twitter feed, Isis gives extensive details of its operations, including the number of bombings, suicide missions and assassinations it has carried out, and of checkpoints and towns it controls. In April 2014 ISIS developed a free internet application called The Dawn of Glad Tidings, which automatically posts tweets - approved by Isis media managers - to the accounts of the application's subscribed users.The posts include hashtags, links, images, videos and other content. Almost 40,000 tweets were posted in a single day during the recent clashes in Iraq. One post which went viral was of an image of an armed jihadist gazing at the Isis flag flying over Mosul with the inscription in Arabic: "We are coming, Baghdad."
FOX NEWS March 22, 2008  Cyber Vigilantes Like Private Investigator Bill Warner Track Extremist Web Sites, Intelligence Experts Balk at Effort. Cyber vigilantes typically troll the Internet, searching message boards, Web sites and media sharing sites for incendiary postings from people with ties to terror groups like Al Qaeda. Using Arabic translation software, they monitor postings and even assume fake identities to join online conversations. One of them is Bill Warner, a Sarasota, Fla.-based private investigator and a self-proclaimed cyber-crusader. Just last month alone, Warner was instrumental in helping shut down three Web sites hosted by a Tampa Internet service provider (ISP) that contained text, images and video related to attacks on U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Click here for more on Bill Warner.

One site contained footage of a U.S. military mine sweeper being blown up by an Improvised Explosive Device (IED), this was on Samir Khan's Al-Qaeda support website in Charlotte NC. According to Bill Warner, the site claims that all the troops aboard the vehicle were killed. ( The same site, which is still operational, shows what appears to be footage of fighters in Afghanistan firing on U.S. troops and what is believed to be the destruction of an American mine sweeper in Iraq. 
Bill Warner said the popular site is nearing 19 million hits over the last 10 months, and is among a growing number meant to incite would-be followers to join the ranks of extremist groups like Al Qaeda and provide information on how to carry out attacks and build weapons. "This is what Al Qaeda does now (and ISIS)," said Bill Warner. He said the World Wide Web is where the real fight for global jihad is being fought. Sites such as these are often hosted by ISPs in the U.S. because they have large bandwidth, making posting and viewing large videos easier. Because of the anonymous nature of the Internet and foreign language content, U.S.-based ISPs can't provide sufficient screening and oversight. Bill Warner said he alerted the local police and the FBI in Tampa after he identified three Web sites hosted by the Florida ISP. In some cases the sites were removed within hours. But he said others remained online for days after he reported their presence.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

BOLO: Used Car Scam Online Again with Email 'There ain't no Coupe deVille Hiding in the Bottom of a Cracker Jack box'.

WARNING: Used car buyers who continue to buy cars online and unseen: You’ll never find your gold on a sandy beach,You’ll never drill for oil on a city street, I know you’re looking for a ruby in a mountain of rocks But there ain’t no Coup deVille Hiding at the bottom of a Cracker Jack box, Sellers can and will lie. Buy used cars where you can go to a public place and see, touch, sit in and drive the vehicle and at least make sure Title VIN is a match for VIN on car.
in San Jose, CA  and everywhere in the USA

Posted 20 hours price $2,000 

I will not respond through Offerup website, please contact me directly at: Laura27mcferrin@gmail dot com…she claims to be in the US Army. Odometer Status..ACTUAL  
Fuel Type: Gasoline  
Cylinders: 6 Cyl  
Engine:3.5L V6 FI DOHC 24V F4  
Drive Line Type: 4 Wheel Drive  
Vehicle: Automobile  
Body Style: Wagona

Condition Used (normal wear)
Hi again the car is stored with all the paperwork in eBay warehouse number 16, in Lynnwood WA headquarters in container, sealed and ready for delivery. The transaction will be made thru eBay because they can protect both of us and they also offer 10 days inspection period. You’ll have 10 days to test/drive the car before decided to keep it or not. If the vehicle is not like I described you’ll ship it back on my expense and they will give you a full refund. eBay will hold the funds until you receive the car with all the papers work. Only after you confirm them that you wanna keep it they will release me the funds. In this way you will be able to inspect the vehicle before committing to buy it. If you want to start the transaction with eBay reply me your full name, delivery address and your ph#no,then eBay will contact you with further instructions.

Thank you!

Staff Sgt. Laura Mcferrin…BULL CRAP
128th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment
Utah Army National Guard.

This is a Organized Crime Syndicate scam, used car email deal has been going on for years, different names, different cars, same result, money lost by consumers. All leads will dead end, scam is most likely run from outside USA, most likely East European country of origin is Ukraine, Nigerians are also still active in this type of scam.

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KAREN SWIFT UNSOLVED MURDER 5 YEARS LATER: Sheriff Box Leads Fizzle in Halloween Murder of Karen Swift Dyersburg TN

karen swift body found
Sheriff Box New Leads In Karen Swift Murder Investigation Fizzle. Local 24 TV spoke with Sheriff Jeff Box back in February 2016. He said a number of people have recently come forward with new information and that the case is still active. In fact, he says a detective works the case every day and that the case is not considered cold. Sorta heard all of this before from Sheriff Box including he was close to an arrest, several times, in the past. Problem is with this “new information” is that Sheriff Box was never able to determine where the actual crime scene was located and what was the actual murder weapon and on top of all that Sheriff Box released the car back to the bank that Karen Swift was last known to be driving during the early morning hours of October 30, 2011, he lost the chain of any evidence obtained from that car.
On Friday February 19th, 2016, the same day that WATN did the story on Dyer County Sheriff Box New Leads In Karen Swift Murder Investigation, Mary Jo Ola a reporter for Local 24 Memphis TN contacted me at 4:32 pm and asked me to do a Skype interview concerning the unsolved murder of Karen Swift, I agreed and she Skyped me at 5:24 pm and we did a 21 minute interview that she video tape recorded. Mary Jo Ola at Local 24 Memphis TN never released the taped interview in which I went into great detail about all the circumstantial evidence that I have discovered that indicates David Swift did not kill Karen Swift and that others who should have been looked at by law enforcement in the murder of Karen Swift and have not been interviewed.
Five years ago Karen Swift went to the Dyersburg Country Club Halloween party on Saturday October 29th, 2011. The next day, Sunday, she went ‘missing’ and ends up dead, her body found above ground in the weeds, near a Cemetery on December 10th, 2011, she was not buried. You would think that if you murdered a well known woman in the small town of Dyersburg TN you would have at least buried the body to cover your tracks or just maybe, was the killer  just sending a message.
KAREN SWIFT CAUSE OF DEATH- INJURIES TO HER BODY: Last Update 09/02/2012-Official Press Release -Dyer County Sheriff’s Office Swift Murder Investigation. As per Sheriff Box, Dyer County TN investigators observed injuries the body of Karen Swift sustained that appeared to have caused her death. An autopsy was performed on Karen Swift’s body by the Shelby County Medical Examiner’s Office in Memphis, the results of the autopsy was sealed under a court order for certain reasons and that the case is still under investigation. Early in the investigation we recovered Karen Swift’s cell phones after they were processed by lab personnel for latents and dna, we then requested the assistance of United States Secret Service in retrieving and processing information from her cell phones used to pinpoint the times and her movements at the time of  her disappearance. “This processing with the Secret Service may provide highly detailed data, which may include the time of every movement that was made before, during and after her murder.”
Dyer County TN investigators “observed injuries” the body of Karen Swift sustained that appeared to have caused her death, obvious such injuries that “one could observe” would be gunshot wounds, stab wounds, and/or injuries to the body beaten with a weapon, or even run over with a car, all of which would cause blood spatter at the crime scene. So, if the cause of death for Karen Swift was injuries to her body where is the blood spatter in the house or on or near her car, none was supposedly found by TBI forensic agents. Multiple injuries to the body of Karen Swift would have caused blood spatter. If blood spatter belonging to Karen Swift was found in the house or on or near her car the husband, David Swift, would be on trial right now.
The murder of Karen Swift apparently occurred in the Dyersburg family home or so claims Sheriff Box but he can not prove it. Dyer County District Attorney Phil Bivens, he in photo above on right, was with Dyer County Sheriff’s investigators and TBI agents during the a Nov. 10, 2011 search of the Swift’s house on Willie Johnson Road. On that day, agents with the TBI’s Violent Crimes Response Team in Memphis TN processed potential evidence at the residence. Forensic agents were reportedly at the house because it was one of the last places Karen Swift was seen alive and a part of the process of the investigation, the forensic agents found nothing, no blood, no indication that a fight or a murder took place in the house. There are no prior reports of Domestic Violence at the Swift house.
DA Bivens says there has not been enough evidence presented to him to warrant an arrest. Cops searched the home of David and Karen Swift multiple times since she went missing on October 30th, 2011, cops found no indication anything suspicious had occurred in the home, no blood spatter etc, so where was the crime scene, where was Karen Swift murdered? It was not where her car was found, no blood spatter again, no drag marks on the dirt near the car, nothing. 
Stymied Dyer County Sheriff Investigators with nowhere else to go point finger at murdered Karen Swift’s husband, but David says “You Say You’re Lookin’ for Someone to Pin It On, But It Ain’t Me, No it Ain’t Me Sheriff Box, I’m Not The One You Want, I’m Not the One You Need, It Ain’t Me You’re Lookin’ For.“
It does not appear from Dyer County sheriff reports that the crime scene was near the access road to Bledsoe Cemetery where the body of Karen Swift was found on December 10th, 2011, so how did she get there? David Swift could not have carried the body of Karen anywhere, he was on crutches due to recent knee surgery, I have the medical evidence.
MONEY TRAIL: Karen Swift was not on the Mortgage or Title to the house she shared with her husband, she was driving a 2004 Nissan white Murano SE 2WD that she did not own, it was owned and registered to her husband. Karen Swift had very few household bills to pay if any and yet she was heavily in debt on at least 3 bank credit cards issued in HER NAME ONLY, in fact all 3 bank credit cards were maxed out and had been charged off and Karen Swift was being sued by all 3 of the credit card banks, FOLLOW THE MONEY, FOLLOW THE CREDIT CARD TRANSACTIONS, WHO WAS SHE MEETING, WHERE DID THE MONEY GO? THE FILING OF THE DIVORCE IS NOT SO MUCH A RED FLAG AS IT IS THE SECOND TIME SHE HAD DONE SUCH A THING. I have the evidence in copies of the various Karen Swift lawsuits filed in Dyer County.
Karen Swift had as many as 3 cell phones at a time, two were on her husbands account, not hers, one was pre-paid and untraceable given to her to keep in touch with her ‘new friends’, some that she met on the internet. Karen Swift was working as an Aerobic Instructor at the Y in Dyersburg, Karen Swift had begun teaching an aerobics class called Silver Sneakers which is a fitness program for older adults. Karen Swift also had a house cleaning and yard cleaning business, in fact on the morning she went missing she was headed to a house cleaning job to finish up so that she could collect $250.00, she was not paying any of the credit card bills in her name, the car payment, the phones, the mortgage, food, gas all paid for by her husband, I have the evidence.
One of the other last places Karen Swift would have known to be alive or dead, would have been in the car she had been driving, the Sheriff released her car to the bank that owned it in June 2014. I am aware of a letter received from the Bank that held the loan on the white 2004 Nissan Murano SE 2WD with the VIN# JN8AZ08T64W219710 that Karen Swift was driving the morning she disappeared. The Bank forgave the debt in June 2014 so Mr. Swift will not be responsible for the balance, the Bank sent a Form 1099-C to the IRS so the debt will be taken off of Mr. Swift’s credit report.
The white 2004 Nissan Murano SE 2WD was quickly resold in June 2014 by a used car dealer. I would be concerned that Karen Swift’s vehicle was released to the Bank before anyone was indicted or arrested in her unsolved murder and rightly so. A friend of murdered Karen Swift, Laura Jane, told The Huffington Post: ‘They found her Halloween costume in the car. ‘Some other articles of clothing that belonged to her – a pair of jeans and a gray zip-up – were found in some brush not far from her car, see photo above. How can any evidence pulled from Karen Swift’s vehicle be cross-examined in Court if the vehicle is no longer in the property of the Sheriff or the District Attorney, it can’t, and as such a defense attorney would have all such evidence thrown out.
In any police investigation of a murder or even a missing person case, the cops always want to know who was the last person the victim had contact with and were there any surveillance tapes of recent activity, if she was at home who did she talk to, if she had gone out for the night, a night of dancing and drinking like at the Dyersburg Country Club Halloween party then who was she with. It surely was not her husband who was back at their home unable to walk, so who was she with, did she get into any altercations with anyone inside or outside of the Dyersburg Country Club Halloween party, where are the surveillance tapes? 

Did Dyer County Sheriff Box request the video tapes from the interior and exterior surveillance cameras at the Dyersburg Country Club-The Farms, does Sheriff Box have the video tapes from the surveillance cameras at the Dyersburg Country Club Halloween party of October 29th, 2011 and if he does not, why not? Information from my sources indicates there was a break in at the Dyersburg Country Club on November 1st, 2011 and the burglars stole the surveillance cameras and the recording devices and a few golf clubs, the purpose of the break in at the Dyersburg Country was to steal the surveillance equipment, what the hell?
According to one of the Club Managers at the Dyersburg Country Club-The Farms there was a break-in sometime during the night of November 1st 2011, the break-in was discovered the morning of November 2nd 2011 by one of the club managers who noticed that the outside surveillance cameras had been smashed and the lines cut. Inside the Dyersburg Country Club-The Farms some golf clubs were taken along with all the interior surveillance cameras and the surveillance recorder, the total value was $1,600. The break-in was not reported to the local newspaper the State Gazette as a filed police report. The TBI and the Dyer County Sheriff Dept arrived at the Dyersburg Country Club-The Farms to investigate Karen Swift’s disappearance, however this was AFTER the break-in of November 1st 2011 and all the surveillance equipment was stolen, could it have been the “Hamburglar”, who knows?

The break-in has never been solved and it appears that several of the employees who were working the Dyersburg Country Club Halloween party on Saturday October 29th 2011, that Karen Swift attended, were never interviewed by Law Enforcement. Gee, as a licensed private investigator I would view the break-in at the Dyersburg Country Club-The Farms and stolen surveillance equipment as sort of a “Big Red Flag” considering it happened only 2 days after murdered Karen Swift had been there at the Halloween party without her husband. But what the hell, there were a lot of very influential people at the Halloween Party at the Dyersburg Country Club on Saturday October 29th 2011 and I’m not Dyer County Sheriff Jeff Box, he only has one target for the murder of Karen Swift and obviously did not want to ruffle the feathers of the Dyersburg elite.
KAREN SWIFT LIFESTYLE: “I don’t want to speak badly about Karen,” said attorney Steve Farese. “But were some things going on that were quite unusual.” Attorney Farese thinks little of talk David Swift could be his wife’s killer. “A lot of people say that. Those people are ignorant and don’t know what they are talking about,” he said.  I have been a private investigator for over 20 years doing hundreds of ‘Cheaters Cases’, I was hired by a friend of the Swift family to investigate the murder of Karen Swift and her lifestyle. Karen Swift was living free and easy with no household bills to pay, she was working 3 jobs for her own money, she was away from home a lot, she was involved in various parties with a lot of booze and without her husband, she was not paying for the 3 bank credit cards issued in her name only and yet she was broke all the time, where did all her cash go and to whom? Karen Swift was living the party life, just like the night she went to the Dyersburg Country Club Halloween Party as ‘Cat woman’ in a skintight black costume without her husband on Saturday October 29th, 2011 and stays until about 11:58 pm, early next morning Sunday October 30th, 2011 at about 5:00 am she is up and out of the Swift home and on the road, she ‘goes missing’ at 5:30 am and turns up dead, her body found dumped in the weeds near the access road to Bledsoe Cemetery and not ‘found’ until December 10th, 2011. Karen Swift may have just come between a Dyersburg married man and his wealthy family, who knows, maybe we never will.
I am still seeking information about the unsolved murder of Karen Swift in Dyersburg TN, you can email me at  Private Investigator Bill Warner investigative reports are featured Nationwide on TV News Programs such as ‘Inside Edition’, ‘Fox News NYC’, ‘John Walsh’s AMW’‘Fox News Tampa Fl’, “WBTV-3 Charlotte NC” “My Fox Tampa“, “ABC Action News Tampa“. 

I filmed a 8 part series with A&E called “The Killing Season” on serial killers and the I-4 Serial Killer, I shot our sequence inside the Acme Truck Stop in Orlando at the Red Rooster Diner 9565 S. Orange Blossom Trail with Rachel Mills and Josh Zeman. Release of A&E’s 8 Part docu-drama”The Killing Season” is scheduled for it’s premiere on Saturday November 12th, at 9:00 PM. I will be featured in Part 6 “The Killing Season” on the subject of the I-4 Serial Killer, which has been investigated by the FBI. I have done extensive research into multiple unsolved murders.

Bill Warner Private Investigator Sarasota SEX, CRIME CHEATERS & TERRORISM at

Monday, October 24, 2016

Big Turn Out Today for Early Voting Sarasota County Supervisor of Elections 101 S Washington Blvd Sarasota Fl Heard Trump's Name a Lot

Big Turn Out Today for Early Voting Sarasota County Supervisor of Elections 101 S Washington Blvd Sarasota Fl, Heard Trump's Name a Lot.
Many of the younger parents brought their children with them to show how the voting system works.
Republican candidate Alex Miller and her crew had the corner staked out to the parking lot at the Sarasota County Supervisor of Elections 101 S Washington Blvd Sarasota Fl. Sarasota Republican Alex Miller is running for the District 72 state House seat. 

Team Miller had a great time sign waiving today! Come join us every Friday at the kissing statue from 3:30 to 6. Also, a big thank you to Dr. Probstfeld for our tour of the beautiful, State College of Florida last week!

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

James T. Golden Fl House District 73 says Joe Gruters lacks requisite judgment to represent us and his support of Trump should set off alarms, Attorney Golden was up for disbarment in 1990.

In the Bradenton Herald Newspaper on October 18th, James T. Goldn Fl House District 73 says Joe Gruters lacks requisite judgment to represent us and his support of Trump should set off alarms but Attorney James T. Golden was up for disbarment in 1990 and he tys to hide this from the voters. The Bradenton Herald allows candidates who did not receive the Editorial Board’s recommendation the opportunity to respond. Candidate James T. Golden claims Joe Gruters not fit to represent all of us in Florida House Seat, what the hell? Attorney James T. Golden Dem Candidate District 73 Florida House of Rep Was Suspended for 90 Days by Florida Bar in 1988 Who Then Sought his Disbarment in 1990. James T. Golden was supposed to be an officer of the Court, he borrowed money from client and did not pay back the money for over a year, he took money from a client and tried to represent the client in Manatee County Court when Golden had already been suspended by the Florida Bar, Golden had repeated complaints and public reprimands and yet he has the nerve to claim "Joe Gruters lacks requisite judgment to represent us", your bull crap James T. Golden. According to the Public Bio posted for James T. Golden he received his Juris Doctorate degree in 1974. Admitted to the Florida Bar in 1975 and James T. Golden was a practicing attorney until he felt the call of a different vocation in 1981, according to his bio he stopped practicing law in 1981 on his own accord but he was suspended in 1988 by a court order and faced disbarment in 1990. James Golden did not stop practicing law in 1981, this is a lie, more bull crap from James T. Golden.
As in all elections, the general public is entitled to have some vetting of candidates for public office, the who, what, where, why, and how come is relevant. So why did the Florida Bar seek the disbarment of Attorney James T. Golden in 1990? Elections for the Florida House of Representatives will take place in November 2016. The primary election took place on August 30, 2016, and the general election will be held on Tuesday November 8th 2016.  James T. Golden and Joe Gruters are running in the Florida House of Representatives District 73 general election. James T. Golden ran unopposed in the Florida House of Representatives District 73 Democratic primary. Attorney James T. Golden currently is a member of the Florida Bar in good standing.

In the Bradenton Herald Newspaper on October 18th, James T. Golden, Florida House, District 73 Says: Apparently you endorsed Joe Gruters for House District 73 because he is more conservative than I am. This is a slap in the face to voters who value substance and competence over labels. As Sarasota GOP chair, he led efforts to honor Donald Trump as “Statesman of the Year” twice. Trump is described by Steve Schmidt, a respected Republican strategist, as “manifestly unprepared for the duties of the office of the President of the United States, who has no idea what he is talking about from a policy perspective, who lacks the requisite dignity required of someone who wishes to be the head of state of the government of the United States, and someone who lacks the capacity to be the commander in chief of the most powerful military and the world’s most potent nuclear arsenal.” Further, Schmidt described Trump’s candidacy as a “disgrace to the country” which exposes the “intellectual rot in the Republican Party.” Mr. Gruters lacks the requisite judgment to represent all of us because he has said that he looks forward to a third “Statesmen of the Year” honor for Trump should he become president. Mr. Gruters’ belief in the policies of Donald Trump should set off alarms for voters. As presidential nominee, Trump has gone from conservative outlier to divisive and demeaning demagogue, and, if elected, is bound to cause lasting damage to the fabric of this nation. It’s troubling that Mr. Gruters fails to recognize the destructiveness of Trump and dangerous that he provides him with unwavering support, even now, as Trump’s Florida campaign co-chair.
Attorney/Pastor/Politician James T. Golden is the Democrat Candidate for District 73 Florida House of Representatives in the November 2016 Election. Attorney James T. Golden was suspended from the Florida Bar for 90 Days by the Supreme Court of Florida in 1988 and in 1990 the Florida Bar sought his disbarment. According to the filing of the Supreme Court of Florida, attorney James T. Golden was accused of Dereliction of Duty in a Malpractice case in Manatee County and did not file an amended Complaint for his client in a timely matter, again and again. On October 24th, 1988 attorney James T. Golden was suspended from practice as an attorney for 90 days and was fined $1,331.41 with a stipulation that upon paying the fine James T. Golden will be on probation for 1 year, so says the Supreme Court of Florida., see
Despite his Suspension and Probation James T. Golden continued to practice law in Manatee County Fl. On February 21, 1989 the Florida Bar filed its Motion For Order to Show Cause, see

The Florida Bar v. Golden 563 So. 2d 81 (1990) THE FLORIDA BAR, Complainant, v. James T. GOLDEN, Respondent.
Supreme Court of Florida. May 31, 1990.
Rehearing Denied July 26, 1990.
John F. Harkness, Jr., Executive Director, and John T. Berry, Staff Counsel, Tallahassee, and Jan Wichrowski, Bar Counsel, Orlando, for complainant. Richard T. Earle, Jr. of Earle and Earle, St. Petersburg, for respondent.
PER CURIAM. In this proceeding we are concerned with whether Golden practiced law while under suspension and, if so, the determination of appropriate discipline therefor. We have jurisdiction. Art. V, § 15, Fla. Const. On September 22, 1988 this Court suspended Golden from the practice of law for ninety days, beginning October 24, 1988, and until paying the costs of the proceeding. The Florida Bar v. Golden, 530 So. 2d 931 (Fla. 1988). We also placed Golden on a one-year probation to begin upon his reinstatement, but, although we usually do so, we put no restrictions on Golden’s securing new clients during the thirty-day hiatus between the filing of our opinion and the beginning of his suspension. On October 16, 1988, prior to the effective date of the suspension, a man contacted Golden about representing him on two separate traffic offenses. Golden agreed to represent him for a fee of $1,800 ($900 per case). The client paid him $600, and Golden drafted and filed two pleadings: a “written plea of not guilty, waiver of personal appearance” for one offense and a request for a continuance” for the other offense. The client signed the pleadings as pro se and, approximately two weeks later, paid Golden an additional $200.

On December 16, 1988 Golden arrived in Manatee County Court with his client, and the presiding judge notified Golden that he was aware of Golden’s suspension and asked him to leave the courtroom. The bar thereafter filed a motion for order to show cause why Golden should not be held in contempt for failing to abide by his suspension. Golden contends there is no clear and convincing evidence that he practiced law while suspended. We agree that his practice was minimal, but declare that counseling and attempting to assist his client in requesting two continuances constituted the unauthorized practice of law. It appears that Golden shut down his office because the client unsuccessfully sought to find him there. There is a dispute in the testimony on whether Golden told the client he had been suspended for ninety days. Golden claimed he did while the client testified otherwise. The referee found that Golden had not notified this client of his suspension. We also note that there is no evidence that Golden furnished his clients with a copy of the order of suspension as required by rule 3-5.1(h), Rules Regulating The Florida Bar. Although the bar initially requested a ninety-one-day suspension, the referee recommended a one-year suspension due to the seriousness of Golden’s failure to abide by his suspension, failure to inform the client of his suspension, failure to refund the $800, lack of remorse, and his lengthy history of past disciplinary actions. The Florida Bar v. Golden, 530 So. 2d 931 (Fla. 1988) (ninety-day suspension); The Florida Bar v. Golden, 502 So. 2d 891 (Fla. 1987) (ten-day suspension); The Florida Bar v. Golden, 401 So. 2d 1340 (Fla. 1981) (public reprimand).
In The Florida Bar v. Golden 401 So. 2d 1340 (Fla.1981) Complaint- James T. Golden was publicly reprimanded for borrowing $3,000, with his client’s permission, for a supposedly short period of time and then failing to repay the loan for approximately two years despite repeated requests for repayment. The funds had been placed in Golden’s trust account for a real estate transaction, which then fell through. Golden also failed to keep adequate records of trust accounting procedures for two years. The Florida bar, pursuant to action by the board of governors, now seeks disbarment of Attorney James T. Golden. SEE
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Supreme Court of Florida Ruling:  We believe the referee’s recommendation is appropriate and should be approved. Had Golden’s practice been more direct or more substantial, we would agree with the bar. Unfortunately, Golden’s actions indicate he may have difficulty in fulfilling his role as an officer of the court, but we do not believe his presently determined malfeasance should cause disbarment. We therefore approve the referee’s findings that Golden violated the terms of his ninety-day suspension. As penalty therefor Golden is suspended as a member of The Florida Bar for one year and thereafter until he has proved that he is rehabilitated. This suspension is to begin thirty days from the date this opinion is filed, thereby giving Golden time to notify his clients and close out his practice. He shall accept no new business during that thirty-day period. He is enjoined from practicing law until reinstated. Judgment for costs in the amount of $1,271.86 is hereby entered against Golden, for which sum let execution issue. It is so ordered.
SHAW, J., recused.

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