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Friday, June 12, 2015

Dateline NBC Profiles Unsolved Murder of Michele Harris Which is Mirror Image of Unsolved Murder of Karen Swift That I Have Been Investigating.


Owego NY.. The Michele Harris-Cal Harris true crime case was the subject of the latest episode of Dateline NBC on Thursday June 11th, 2015. The episode entitled “Mystery at Empire Lake” will chronicle the events that led up to the disappearance of Michele Ann Harris, DOB 9/29/1965, a 35-year old mother of four who vanished in Upstate New York on September 11, 2001 after returning home from a night out. Michele Harris had filed for divorce from her husband but was still living in the family home. 

NY State Troopers and the Tioga county DA have only focused on the husband Cal Harris as a suspect. Her husband, prominent Owego businessman and car dealer, Calvin Harris was convicted twice in her disappearance and death. His third trial ended in a mistrial in May, 2015.  Cal Harris says that this whole ordeal has ruined his life. His four children all support their father and do not believe that he had anything to do with their mother’s disappearance or death.

Karen Swift, DOB 1/25/1967, a 44 year old mother of four vanished October 29th 2011 after returning from a night out. Karen Swift had filed for divorce from her husband Davis Swift but was still living in the family home, her body was discovered 6 weeks later, no one has been charged in her murder but the Dyersburg County Sheriff has only focused on one person, her husband David Swift. His four children all support their father and do not believe that he had anything to do with their mother’s disappearance or death.

Karen Swift and her husband have four children, two boys and two girls, Karen Swift was devoted to the children.

KAREN SWIFT CAUSE OF DEATH- INJURIES TO HER BODY: Last Update 09/02/2012-Official Press Release -Dyer County Sheriff’s Office Swift Murder Investigation. As per Sheriff Box, Dyer County TN investigators observed injuries the body of Karen Swift sustained that appeared to have caused her death. An autopsy was performed on Karen Swift’s body by the Shelby County Medical Examiner’s Office in Memphis, the results of the autopsy was sealed under a court order for certain reasons and that the case is still under investigation. Early in the investigation we recovered Karen Swift’s cell phones after they were processed by lab personnel for latents and dna, we then requested the assistance of United States Secret Service in retrieving and processing information from her cell phones used to pinpoint the times and her movements at the time of  her disappearance. “This processing with the Secret Service may provide highly detailed data, which may include the time of every movement that was made before, during and after her murder.” So, if the cause of death for Karen Swift was injuries to her body where is the blood spatter in the house or her car, none was found by TBI forensic agents. Multiple injuries to the body of Karen Swift would cause blood spatter. If blood spatter belonging to Karen Swift was found in the house the husband would be on trial right now.

Michele Harris and her husband have four children, two boys and two girls, Michele Harris was devoted to the children.

Michele Harris, her photo above with unidentified man, had been out drinking and partying at a local bar where she worked on the night prior to her going missing, it has been reported that she had taken up with younger men some of who also hung out at Lefty's, a rough-and-tumble bar and restaurant in Waverly, N.Y., some with criminal histories, some involved in the drug trade, she also had a younger somewhat steady boyfriend. A witness has come forward and claims he saw Michele Harris at the end of their long driveway talking to a young guy in his 20's on Wednesday September 12th at 5:30 am, hours after Cal Harris was supposed to have killed Michele Harris.  The vehicle of Michele Harris was found about a 1/4 mile from the family home abandoned.


Karen Swift goes to Dyersburg Country Club Halloween Party as ‘Catwoman’ in a skintight black costume similar to the one seen above without her husband David Swift on Saturday night October 29th 2011 and stays until about 11:58 pm drinking and partying, early next morning Sunday October 30th 2011 at about 5:00 am she is up and out on the road and ‘goes missing’ at 5:30 am, he vehicle was found abandoned a 1/4 mile from the family home. Who was Karen Swift with at the Dyersburg Country Club Halloween Party, was everyone there interviewed by the Sheriff, I doubt it. 

Supposed murder of Michele Harris apparently took place in the Owego NY family home. Calvin Harris claims he is innocent. An extensive search never located a body or a weapon. His defense attorneys have argued that any number of tragic circumstances could have unfolded in those uncertain hours after the Sept. 11 terror attacks in New York City, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania. Around 2:30 p.m. on Sept. 11, 2001, the 35-year-old mother of four was late — again — for her waitressing shift at Lefty's, a rough-and-tumble bar and restaurant in Waverly, N.Y.. Her waitressing shift ended at 9 that night, and she sat in the parking lot and shared drinks with two co-workers. The three talked about the day's terrorist attacks before parting ways, and Michele Harris made the drive to her boyfriend's apartment in Smithboro, a hamlet about 10 miles east of Waverly. At about 11, the boyfriend walked Michele to her gold 2000 Ford Windstar. She got in and shut the door, and he leaned in the window. On Sept. 12, 2001, a crisp summer day, sunrise was 5:40. Between 5:30 and 6, Kevin Tubbs, a 23-year-old farmer, was driving his 10-foot-wide hay trailer north on Hagadorn Hill. He drove slowly because his vehicle lacked brakes, and he noticed something unusual. An SUV was parked at the end of the driveway, and a pickup truck, black or dark blue, was parked behind it, perpendicular to Hagadorn Hill Road. A man and a blonde-haired woman appeared to be having an argument. The woman, Tubbs would later say, matched the description of Michele Harris. At about 6 a.m., Waverly resident John Steele also was driving along Hagadorn Hill Road. He and a friend, unsettled by the terrorist attacks, had spent the night driving around and talking about their lives. As his truck passed 381 Hagadorn Hill Road, Steele also saw a truck at the end of the driveway. "Get in the car, just get in the damn car," Steele thought he heard the man say, listening through the slightly open passenger window of his truck.


Supposed murder of Karen Swift apparently occurred in the Dyersburg family home so claims the Sheriff but he can not prove it. Dyer County District Attorney Phil Bivens speaks with Dyer County Sheriff's investigators and TBI agents during the a Nov. 10, 2011, search of the Swift's house on Willie Johnson Road. On that day, agents with the TBI's Violent Crimes Response Team in Memphis processed potential evidence at the residence. Forensic agents were reportedly at the house because it was the last place Swift was seen alive and a part of the process of the investigation. Bivens says there has not been enough evidence presented to him to warrant an arrest. Cops searched the home of David and Karen Swift multiple times since she went missing on October 30th, 2011, cops found no indication anything suspicious had occurred in the home, so were was the crime scene, were was Karen Swift murdered? It does not appear from sheriff reports that the crime scene was near the access road to Bledsoe Cemetery where the body of Karen Swift was found on December 10th, 2011, so how did she get there?

Attorney Steve Farese talks about Karen Swift murder case: “I don’t want to speak badly about Karen,” said attorney Steve Farese. “But there were some things going on that were quite unusual, and there could be more than one suspect. Dateline: Karen Swift Unsolved Murder Cold Case Spotlight: I, private investigator Bill Warner, have been hired by a friend of the Swift family to investigate the unsolved murder of Karen Swift. David Swift the husband of Ark. native Karen Swift denies any role in her death as TBI and Dyersburg County Sheriff fails to find enough evidence to indict a murder suspect. David Swift may not be talking to the media or the Dyersburg County Sheriff’s department but he told me in several lengthy interviews he had nothing to do with her murder, the media hype is all pure speculation.

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Sunday, June 07, 2015

Warwick RI's Nicholas Rovinski Linked to Plot to Behead Anti-Islam Blogger Pamela Geller Lists Making a Machete with No Power Tools on His Youtube Channel.


Warwick Rhode Island's Nicholas Rovinski has been linked to the plot to Behead Anti-Islam Blogger Pamela Geller, Rovinski lists Making a Machete with No Power Tools on his Youtube Channel 1 month ago and he subscribed to terrorist Sheikh Omar Bakri's Youtube channel also 1 month ago, Geller better watch her back Nicholas Rovinski appears to have a great interest in knives and preppers,


This Channel is dedicated to the works of Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad (hf)  

WARWICK, R.I. - The NBC 10 I-Team has learned through authorities that the Warwick man questioned by police and the FBI is the third man who met with two Boston terror suspects on a Rhode Island beach. Court documents released Wednesday said Usaama Rahim and David Wright met a then-unidentified third person on a Rhode Island beach Sunday during a heavy rain storm to discuss a plan which involved beheading an unknown victim and also attacking police officers. 
Two days later, Rahim was shot dead by Boston police and the FBI after they said he lunged at them with a military-style knife. The FBI said Rahim was under 24-hour surveillance by the Joint Terrorism Task Force. Wright was arrested a short time later in Everett, Massachusetts, and told the FBI, according to an affidavit, about the terror plot that was discussed Sunday on the beach. "They're connecting the dots there, and evidently one of the dots is connected to down here," said Bill Donnelly, a resident of the Governor Francis Farms neighborhood in Warwick, now saturated with police and reporters. 
“It took us a while to figure out what was going on,” said Jacqueline Ferrara, who lives nearby. “It was kind of scary for me because I was home alone and there were all these police officers, state troopers, [and] undercover cops all over the place.” Ferrara's bother, Brandon, led NBC 10 to a hidden place in the nearby woods, a place he showed police on Tuesday. He claimed Rovinski would often spend his time there. The area is heavily wooded, and contained a fire pit. Illegible writings were sprayed painted on old boxes and crates. Court documents from his case show the FBI was listening to phone conversations between the two, in which they claim Rahim planned to behead someone out of state. The documents obtained by NBC 10 also show the two met with another unnamed person on a beach in Rhode Island over the weekend to discuss the plan. CNN reported that Rahim was plotting to behead conservative blogger Pam Geller, her photo above. Geller recently drew national attention for hosting a drawing contest for Prophet Mohammad.  

NY Times Article 10/08/2010: PAMELA GELLER’S apartment, in the fashion of the blogosphere, doubles as her office. It is a modern full-floor unit in a luxury high-rise on the East Side of Manhattan that could belong to a socialite or the editor of a lifestyle magazine. Pamela Geller's antics have put everyone who even has the remotest link to her in jeopardy of a kidnapping, shooting or suicide bombing, not just the people who show up at her anti-Islam rallies but all the people who live in her high-rise apartment building Mid-Town on the East Side of Manhattan NY.

NBC News confirmed police and the FBI have been questioning a Rhode Island man since Tuesday. Authorities said he is the person referred to in court documents as having attended a discussion with Rahim and Wright last Sunday "on a beach in Rhode Island, in inclement weather" to talk about Rahim's plans. Separately, the NBC 10 I-Team has identified the Warwick man investigated by police as 24-year-old Nicholas Rovinski, who lives a short distance from Gaspee Point with his mother and younger brother on Aspinet Drive. The information was confirmed by a senior law enforcement official with knowledge of the investigation.

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