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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Headline Grabbing Media Whore Attorney Fletcher Long Complains About Access To Holly Bobo Murder Suspect Even After Long Set Up Unapproved Media Interview With Jason Autry in Prison

NEWSCHANNEL5.COM by Nick Beres. NASHVILLE, Tenn. - The war of words has escalated, and it could jeopardize the case against one of the Holly Bobo murder suspects. The attorney for suspect (career criminal) Jason Autry said he may ask the judge to dismiss the indictment, claiming Riverbend Maximum Security Prison is hindering Autry's right to a legal defense. Jason Autry has been charged with the kidnapping and murder of Holly Bobo. He talked to NewsChannel 5 by closed circuit TV from Riverbend Maximum Security Prison. But Autry's attorney Fletcher Long wants better access. The state response read: "Mr. Long was granted a video conference with his client, but, unfortunately, Mr. Long chose to squander his time when he circumvented TDOC policy by allowing a member of the media to conduct an unapproved interview with an inmate." This referred to him allowing NewsChannel 5 to interview Autry.

This 'attorney' for Jason Autry, Fletcher Long, is nothing more than an a headline grabbing media whore who is trying to shed some sympathetic light on his client, violent meth dealer Jason Autry. Jason Autry is a thug who described his former self in a newspaper story as a serious drug addict, “using needles, stealing, running drugs.” Jason Autry’s statewide criminal record includes more than 20 arrests, with 22 felony charges in Decatur County alone. A Tennessee Bureau of Investigation summary of his criminal records showed that Jason Autry has been arrested on charges of Aggravated Burglary, Theft, Criminal Trespassing, Possession of a Weapon with Altered Serial Number, Possession of Schedule II Drug Meth with Intent to Manufacture/Sale, Domestic Assault, Possession of Anhydrous Ammonia used to make meth, among other charges.
Fletcher Long
WSMV.COM: Ex-employees claim attorney Fletcher Long sexually harassed them bounced pay checks and used the N word. CLARKSVILLE, TN (WSMV) - A Channel 4 I-Team investigation has obtained official audio recordings of former employees of the law firm  claiming lead attorney Fletcher Long sexually harassed them and used racial slurs. The Channel 4 I-Team obtained the recording after attorney Fletcher Long was arrested in December 2013 on a harassment charge from his former office manager Christie Hill. Hill also obtained an order of protection saying Fletcher Long sent her threatening text messages that included racial slurs. In the hearing, the first employee said, "He [Long] referred to the employees as his n----s." 

Fletcher Long has represented some of the biggest accused criminals in recent Middle Tennessee memory - from the so-called "Wooded Rapist" Robert Burdick, to Vanderbilt rape suspect Brandon Vandenburg. Hill says she worked for Long up until last month, when she was told her contract had ended with the firm. When she says her last four paychecks bounced from Fletcher Long, Hill went for help. "I went to the DA. The Channel 4 I-Team has confirmed Long and his former law partners are under investigation by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.


Zach Adams and Jason Autry have been charged with Aggravated Kidnapping (with a weapon) and the Murder of Holly Bobo, both men claim it was not them who kidnapped Holly Bobo or who eventually killed her. What's wrong with this picture Zach Adams at 6'3" tall and 170 lbs and Jason Autry at 6'7" tall and 250 lbs do not match Clint Bobo's eyewitness description of the man who kidnapped Holly Bobo.  Clint Bobo, Holly's brother, described the kidnapper as approximately 5'8" to 6'0" tall and 200 pounds. Holly Bobo is only 5'3" tall and 110 lbs, Zach Adams and Jason Autry would look like giants compared to Holly Bobo as she was led into the woods by the kidnapper, so who is the third guy in this conspiracy?  During the commission of a Felony such as Aggravated Kidnapping all of those involved in the Conspiracy to commit the crime will be equally charged, if the the victim dies during the commission of the Felony all of those involved in the Conspiracy will/can be charged with Capital Murder, Death Penalty can be applied.

FBI: Holly Lynn Bobo was last seen early on the morning of April 13, 2011, outside of her home in Darden, Tennessee. She was seen being led away from the carport of her home toward a wooded area by a man described by her brother Clint as approximately 5'8" to 6'0" tall and 200 pounds, wearing camouflage clothing. Holly Bobo was last seen by a family member being led across the carport of her home on Swan Johnson Road toward a wooded area by a man wearing camouflage clothing. Holly is 5’3”, weighs 110 pounds and was last seen wearing a pink shirt and light blue jeans at approximately 7:30 am. Holly Bobo, 20, was confronted Wednesday by a man in hunting camouflage who forced her to go with him into the woods, said John Mehr, spokesman for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. “What we believe, and I’ll tell you he actually had an arm holding her and so we feel that she knew that she was in fear of her life so she was complying with his commands,” he told a news conference.

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