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Saturday, September 21, 2013

.Convicted Sexual Offender Stephen Mizner Got a 20 Year Prison Term But Got Out on a Supersedeas Bond Now in South Gate Ridge Sarasota at 3910 Meadow Creek Lane.

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Supervised - FL Dept of Corrections 4614 SLOAN AVE
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Source: Dept. of Corrections
Received: 01/15/2013
Type of Address: Permanent

Offender Photo WISE, RONALD R.
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Released - Required to Register 4623 HOLLINGSWORTH AVE
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Source: Registration
Received: 04/12/1999
Type of Address: Permanent
Predator Photo MIZNER, STEPHEN (reclassified to Offender)
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Released - Required to Register 3910 MEADOW CREEK LN

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Source: Dept. of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle
Received: 06/05/2013
Type of Address: Permanent

Offender Photo MAGNER, DANIEL P.
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Supervised - FL Dept of Corrections 3933 SAWYERWOOD RD
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Source: Dept. of Corrections
Received: 08/04/2012
Type of Address: Permanent

Offender Photo CHESMORE, NORMAN E.
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Released - Required to Register 4510 FALCON RIDGE DR
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Source: Registration
Received: 04/06/2007
Type of Address: Permanent

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Released - Required to Register 4717 HOLLINGSWORTH AVE
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Source: Dept. of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle
Received: 08/23/2013
Type of Address: Permanent
BOLO: Convicted Sexual Offender Stephen Mizner DOB 3/14/1970 is Now Living in South Gate Ridge Sarasota Fl at 3910 Meadow Creek Lane, see map click here.  Stephen Mizner got a 20 year prison sentence on March 13, 2013 but this dirtbag is out on a Supersedeas Bond roaming the streets of Sarasota, WTH?  A supersedeas bond is a writ that suspends the authority of a trial court to issue an execution on a judgment that has been appealed. It is a process designed to stop enforcement of a trial court judgment brought up for review. The term is often used interchangeably with a stay of proceeding. See the Twitter page of this Convicted Sexual Predator Stephen Mizner , looks like he does surveys of some sort for work:
Awesome week! Earned $287.07 doing surveys this week :))
The Sarasota County Sheriff's Office arrested a 41-year-old Sarasota man Nov 8th, 2011 for arranging to have sex with a 10-year-old girl, the sheriff's office said.
  • Soliciting a parent to participate in sexual activity with a minor;
  • Traveling to meet a minor to engage in unlawful sexual conduct with a child;
  • Attempted sexual battery;
  • Unlawful use of two-way communications to facilitate, a felony offense.
According to the sheriff's office, Mizner initiated instant messaging conversations and spoke by phone with an undercover Sarasota detective posing as the child’s mother. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) Computer Crimes Division, working with the Hardee County Sheriff’s Office, had posted an Internet personal ad seeking someone who wanted to have “discreet family fun.” ID: 44130543
DOB: 3/14/1970
Gender: M
Race: W
PIN: 0200693012
Booking Number: 201100015167
Booking NumberOffense DescriptionArraign DateBond AmountBond TypeIntake Date/TimeCourt Case NumberRelease Date/Time
201100015167OBSCENE COMMUNICATION: USE COMPUTER SOLICIT PARENT GUARDIAN CONSENT12/9/2011no bond available2/1/2013 5:23:58 PM2011CF014792NC-0001
201100015167OBSCENE COMMUNICATION: TRAVEL TO MEET USE COMPUTER SOLICIT GUARDIAN12/9/2011no bond available2/1/2013 5:23:58 PM2011CF014792NC-0001
201100015167SEX ASSLT: BY 18 YOA OLDER SEX BATTERY VICT UNDER 12 YOA (ATTEMPT)12/9/2011no bond available2/1/2013 5:23:58 PM2011CF014792NC-0001
201100015167PUBLIC ORDER CRIMES: USE 2 WAY COMM DEVICE TO FACIL FELONY12/9/2011no bond available2/1/2013 5:23:58 PM2011CF014792NC-0001

Current Prison Sentence History:
Offense Date Offense Sentence Date County Case No. Prison Sentence Length
11/01/2011 WWW/ASK PARENT:SEX W/MINOR 03/21/2013 SARASOTA 1114792 5Y 0M 0D
11/04/2011 TRVL MEET WWW FS 794,800,827 03/21/2013 SARASOTA 1114792 15Y 0M 0D
11/01/2011 2-WAY COMM.-COMMIT FELONY 03/21/2013 SARASOTA 1114792 5Y 0M 0D
11/01/2011 SEX BAT BY ADULT/VCTM LT 12 03/21/2013 SARASOTA 1114792 20Y 0M 0D

Incarceration History:
Date In-Custody Date Out-of-Custody
06/03/2013 Out on Supersedeas Bond

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bradenton's Most Wanted Dirtbag is Allen J. Nichols DOB 1/30/1991 Suspected in Stealing the Olympic Gold Medal of Sprinter Demetrius Pinder.

This POS, Allen J. Nichols, is suspected in stealing the Olympic gold Medal of Demetrius Pinder, who won first place in the 2012 London Olympics with the Bahamas' 4x400 relay team, reported the medal stolen on Sept. 11.  The medal, valued at $45,000, was stolen from his truck's center console while it was parked outside a Bradenton apartment complex, according to police. Pinder is training at IMG Academy. Detectives expected the medal to be pawned, but it has not been found.
This POS Allen J. Nichols with a DOB of 1/30/1991, he is only 22 years of age but has already compiled an extensive felony criminal record and is currently on FeLony probation, prison time for this dude, see below.

Offender Picture

DC Number: S28664
Hair Color: BROWN
Eye Color: BLUE
Height: 6'00''
Weight: 165 lbs.
Birth Date: 01/30/1991
Supervision Begin Date: 06/27/2013
Current Location: SARASOTA
Current Status: ACTIVE
Supervision Type: PROBATION FELONY
Scheduled Termination Date: 06/26/2014
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Current Verified PERMANENT Address:

2009MM005474AXNICHOLS, ALLENDefendantMisdemeanor11/12/2009CLOSED1991
2011MM006400AXNICHOLS, ALLENDefendantMisdemeanor11/16/2011CLOSED1991
2008DR009991AXNICHOLS, ALLENRespondentDomestic Relations10/20/2008CLOSED1991
2009TR029745AXNICHOLS, ALLEN JDefendantTraffic Infractions9/14/2009CLOSED1991
2008CT006046AXNICHOLS, ALLEN JDefendantCriminal Traffic12/19/2008COLLECTIONS - CLOSED 1991
2010MM001582AXNICHOLS, ALLEN JDefendantMisdemeanor4/15/2010CLOSED1991
2010MM005564AXNICHOLS, ALLEN JDefendantMisdemeanor12/13/2010CLOSED1991
2009CT004679AXNICHOLS, ALLEN JDefendantCriminal Traffic9/14/2009CLOSED1991
2010TR006054AXNICHOLS, ALLEN JEFFERYDefendantTraffic Infractions2/24/2010COLLECTIONS - OPEN 1991
2011CF001663AXNICHOLS, ALLEN JEFFERYDefendantFelony5/11/2011CLOSED1991
2013CF001283AXNICHOLS, ALLEN JEFFREYDefendantFelony4/8/2013CLOSED1991
2013CF001655AXNICHOLS, ALLEN JEFFREYDefendantFelony5/1/2013CLOSED1991
2010CT002078AXNICHOLS, ALLEN JEFFREYDefendantCriminal Traffic5/10/2010CLOSED1991
2010TR014720AXNICHOLS, ALLEN JEFFREYDefendantTraffic Infractions5/10/2010COLLECTIONS - OPEN 1991
2010TR015248AXNICHOLS, ALLEN JEFFREYDefendantTraffic Infractions5/14/2010COLLECTIONS - OPEN 1991
2012CF001859AXNICHOLS, ALLEN JEFFREYDefendantFelony5/25/2012CLOSED

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

NYPD Designates Mosques In NYC as Terrorism Organizations While Everyone Looks the Other Way at Sarasota Mosque and Imam Muneer Arafat.

Sarasota Imam Muneer Arafat and roommate Ziyad Sadaqa aka Ziyad Khaleel had been fund raisers for Hamas through the Holy Land Relief Foundation in Texas. Osama bin Laden al-Qaeda Agents Prior to 9/11 in Sarasota Fl Were Imam Muneer Arafat And His Roommate Ziyad Khaleel. Law Enforcement Sensitive, Ziyad Khaleel aka Ziyad Sadaqa and roommate of Sarasota Imam Muneer Arafat is verified as a procurement agent of Osama Bin Laden, why did Muneer Arafat get a pass.

Muneer Arafat was the Imam at the Islamic Society of Sarasota and Bradenton (ISSB) Mosque from early 2000 to the end of 2003, he showed up just prior to Mohamed Atta and the rest of the 9/11 terrorists in nearby Nokomis Fl. Imam Muneer Arafat quotes “I’m not opposed to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s goal of destroying Israel and replacing it with an Islamic state”. “Muslims need to stay unified, and they should support the Palestinian uprising known as the intifada”.  Muneer Arafat, 50, said he had spent months and months talking to a Sarasota suspect in another case (stolen car scam shipped to Middle East) at the request of the FBI, which collected much of the evidence in the Sami Al-Arian case, Muneer Arafat was paid $35,000 by the FBI as a CI.

WWSB ABC7 SARASOTA FL....The New York Police Department has secretly labeled entire mosques as terrorism organizations, a designation that allows police to use informants to record sermons and spy on imams, often without specific evidence of criminal wrongdoing. Designating an entire mosque as a terrorism enterprise means that anyone who attends prayer services there is a potential subject of an investigation and fair game for surveillance. Since the 9/11 attacks, the NYPD has opened at least a dozen "terrorism enterprise investigations" into mosques, according to interviews and confidential police documents. The TEI, as it is known, is a police tool intended to help investigate terrorist cells and the like.  The revelations about the NYPD's massive spying operations are in documents recently obtained by The Associated Press and part of a new book, "Enemies Within: Inside the NYPD's Secret Spying Unit and bin Laden's Final Plot Against America." The book by AP reporters Matt Apuzzo and Adam Goldman is based on hundreds of previously unpublished police files and interviews with current and former NYPD, CIA and FBI officials.

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