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Friday, June 15, 2012

Occupy the IRS, Is Occupy Movement Behind Billion Dollar Nationwide IRS Refund Tax Scam.

Occupy the IRS, Is Occupy Movement Behind Billion Dollar Nationwide IRS Refund Tax Scam. "We see a lot of gang members who are now involved in tax refund identity schemes because it's easy. It's easy to do. It's less violent and it's very lucrative," said Wifredo Ferrer, a federal prosecutor in Florida. It is easy to do, especially with electronic filing. And the IRS does not automatically cross-check all returns against employers' payroll records before a refund is issued. U.S. Postal Inspector Tom Boyle has even seen cases where multiple returns were filed using one stolen ID.

Facebook; Occupy the IRS, Occupy this Occupy that, we need to Occupy the Strong ARM of the FEDERAL RESERVE too! Are you AFFRAID! If we continue supporting illegal organisations we will get what we deserve. The IRS is a collection agency for the federal reserve which is not a federal organisation and there are no reserves! In order to stop a machine that is rolling over humanity, we need to stop feeding it. Educate yourself on how to separate yourself from this robbery legally and stop paying for your own slavery today. Send us a message on our wall (if you are not scared) and we will show you how.

Website; Tips on how to cheat the IRS, the latest player to debut in that crowd: a website called, which resembles the hybrid offspring of the Occupy movement.  According to Business Insider, two ex-Wall Streeters formed the site in January 2012, in part to strengthen their ties to the Occupy movement. Co-founder Jen Powers, a Columbia grad who worked in finance in the 1980s before decamping to social work, has said taxKilla operates under the motto "Occupy The IRS." Powers says her co-founder is Fred Buddemeyer, but failed to elaborate on his bio, saying only that a LinkedIn page that lists him as a graduate of Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business was "created as an SEO test." (That page, and another for him, have since been removed from LinkedIn.) Buddemeyer was not made available for comment.

Facts; Occupy Tampa RNC Sets Up Shop at 2101 W Main Street Right Next to Main Street Grocery Ground Zero for Multi-Million Dollar IRS Tax Fraud. The Occupy Movement recruits in and around homeless shelters and in the county jail system to find like minded individuals who have a grudge against cops and the US government system. See article, Sunday, June 10, 2012, Occupy Movement Labeled Domestic Terrorists By FBI as Tampa RNC Braces For Black Bloc Exposed by Fox 13 News Gloria Gomez. With the high-profile arrest of Black Bloc “activists” on terrorism charges in Cleveland on May Day and in Chicago during the NATO summit there, evidence is mounting that the FBI is unleashing all the resources they have to protect the upcoming Tampa RNC from these dirtball “activists”.  “Activist” is code for Domestic Terrorist.

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