Saturday, June 02, 2012

Watch Out New York City Your Taxi Driver Could Be FBI Most Wanted Murderer Yaser Said Who Works the Graveyard Shift Anytime Anywhere.

In a scenario right out of the movie "Taxi Driver" it has been discovered that Texas "Honor Killer" Yaser Said would only work the graveyard shift from midnight to 7:00am, Anytime Anywhere. Yaser Said never owned his own cab, he always leased a cab from someone else, even the cab he murdered his daughters in.

Jack Beasley, manager at Yellow/Jet Cab, says that Yaser had been fired in August 2003. The company banned Yaser from future leasing because customers complained that he was "crazy," Beasley says. "Other cab companies would not hire him because nobody wanted to work with him anymore."

King Cab owner Massoud Nasseri was an exception, and he continued to provide Yaser work. Nasseri, who came to the United States in the 1970s from Iran, says Yaser worked long hours, but would not leave the house unless Islam was there to make sure the girls stayed home at night. He worked the graveyard shift six or seven days a week.  He wasn't a sissy man," Nasseri says. "He worked night clubs, and he knew the danger of driving at night. He would work places others wouldn't work, Anytime Anywhere.

Yasser Said would drive cab anywhere, anytime.... Memorable quotes from Taxi Driver; Ten years at night. I still don't own my own cab. You know why? Because I don't want to. That must be what I want. To be on the night shift drivin' somebody else's cab. Wanna work uptown at nights? South Bronx? Harlem? I'll work anytime, anywhere.  it just makes sense that on the run Yaser Said would only work nights driving taxi, picking up drunks coming out of nightclubs and strip joints in Manhattan.

A week before Christmas 2007, Yaser Said dropped his taxi off at the King Cab body shop in Deep Ellum, leaving without paying back fees of $700 or $800. Nasseri didn't worry. Yaser, who had leased taxis from him for about seven years, usually traveled to Egypt over the slow holiday period. He made up the deficit when he returned.

In the summer of 2007, both sisters got jobs at a Kroger a few blocks from their home, where Tissie had been working for about five months. "They were a joy to work with," says their former boss. "They were my best employees." Amina met Eddie, an 18-year-old Hispanic who mowed lawns and was attending junior college. They started seeing each other from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. when she had tennis class, the only time they could get together. Amina warned Eddie: "My father is really psycho." He continually asked his daughter if she was still a virgin.

But, passionately in love, Amina and Eddie had started having sex. Their intimacy brought Amina anxiety. In November, she sent him a text-message saying that they had to talk immediately. You're probably going to think I'm dirty and won't look at me the same way," Amina said. "My dad had sex with me and my sister Sarah." Crying and ashamed, Amina told Eddie it had ended about 10 years earlier. She talked about him with so much hatred," Eddie says. "She wanted him to die." 

"Amina didn't want to be a Muslim," says Eddie. "She felt cursed, like it was something she was born into." Her father prayed every Friday with his son but not with his daughters. They never went to mosque or talked about religion. I don't believe any of it," Amina told Eddie, "because I see how their women are treated. They have to walk behind the men. They beat up their wives."On Christmas Eve 2007, Amina and Sarah, crying hysterically, ran into the Kroger to tell their mother their father was waving a gun and threatening to kill Amina.  Tissie learned that both her daughters were sleeping with their boyfriends. Her only reaction: She had to get them to Planned Parenthood for contraception. Yaser Said shot and killed both girls on January 1st, 2008,  a source with the American Embassy in Cairo says Yaser has not entered Egypt on his own passport, so where is he.

Yasser Said would work places others wouldn't work, anytime, anywhere and always with a gun in his cab. The persona of "Travis Bickle" lives on with nutcase Yaser Said, anytime, anywhere.

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