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Thursday, March 08, 2012

San Antonio High School Hoops Fans Accused of Racism Over “USA, USA” Chant, Occupy Movement and ACLU Gloat, WHAT THE HELL?

Last time I looked at a map of the USA, San Antonio Texas was part of the USA. So what the hell is wrong in San Antonio Texas when you are accused of racism for chanting USA at a ball game.

SAISD files complaint over taunting at Edison-Alamo Heights playoff game. A group of Alamo Heights students chanted "USA, USA, USA" as the Mules were presented with the Region IV-4A boys basketball championship trophy Saturday night after defeating Edison. 

"A high-profile high school in one of the wealthiest districts of the San Antonio region finds itself under fire after its fans chanted "USA, USA, USA" following its boys basketball team's regional final victory against a team made up predominantly of Hispanic players.  As reported by, the Alamo Heights (Texas) High boys basketball team's regional title celebrations were marred by the aforementioned "USA" chants, which came from the school's fan section in the school's Littleton Gym".
During the 1980 Olympics the U.S. team won Olympic gold to the chant of the fans screaming USA, USA, USA. What the U.S. hockey team did to the Soviets on the ice at Lake Placid in 1980 hardly compares to what they did to the hearts and minds of American people. "It's the most transcending moment in the history of our sport in this country," gushed Dave Ogrean, former executive director of USA Hockey. "For people who were born between 1945 and 1955, they know where they were when John Kennedy was shot, when man walked on the moon, and when the USA beat the Soviet Union in Lake Placid."

The 1980 U.S. team, consisting of college players and long-shot pro aspirants, won Olympic gold.  No other Olympic performance has touched America the way that hockey team did, not even Jesse Owens's brilliant runs in front of Adolf Hitler in Berlin in 1936. Thanks to the advent of television, Eruzione's goal in 1980 triggered a spontaneous national celebration of amazing proportion. People wept, strangers hugged each other, and groups around the country broke into stirring renditions of "God Bless America" and "The Star-Spangled Banner, and USA, USA, USA."

Now we have to deal with Communist led groups like the Occupy Movement goons in New York City, Chicago, Sarasota Fl and elsewhere and their mouthpiece the ACLU who want to shut us up whenever anyone shows the least bit of patroism, "America Love it or Leave it".

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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

FBI Director Mueller Has to Check Whether The "Targeted DOJ Killing Rule of Terrorists" is OK inside the USA, Top 5 Picks For Termination Inside the USA.

FOX NEWS...Attorney General Eric Holder's "three criteria" for the targeted killing of Americans may also be applied to Americans inside the U.S..

Pressed by House lawmakers about a recent speech in which Holder described the legal justification for assassination, Mueller, who was attending a hearing on his agency's budget, did not say without qualification that the three criteria could not be applied inside the U.S.

Indeed, Holder's Monday speech at Northwestern University seemed to leave the door open. While Holder speaks of Americans who lead al Qaeda overseas, the implications of the speech seem broad.

"First, the U.S. government has determined, after a thorough and careful review, that the individual poses an imminent threat of violent attack against the United States; second, capture is not feasible; and third, the operation would be conducted in a manner consistent with applicable law of war principles," Holder said.

Holder said the feasibility of capturing a U.S. citizen terrorist is "fact-specific and potentially time-sensitive." "Given the nature of how terrorists act and where they tend to hide, it may not always be feasible to capture a United States citizen terrorist who presents an imminent threat of violent attack. In that case, our government has the clear authority to defend the United States with lethal force," he said. In other words, take him out with extreme prejudice, MORE FROM THIS SOURCE

Top 5 Picks For Termination in USA, these guys all link to USA cities.
1). Members of Islamic Thinkers Society New York City NY
2). Adnan G. El Shukrijumah relatives in Miramar Fl
3). Omar Hammami relatives in Daphne AL
4). Jude Kenan Mohammad relatives in Charlotte NC
5). Adam Yahie Gadahn linkes to the Orange County CA area.

Islamic Thinkers Society Members (ITS) linked to Al-Qaeda; Abu Talhah Al-Amrikee aka Zachary Chesser was a member of the Islamic Thinkers Society just like convicted terrorist Syed Hashmi in Queens NY.

Zachary Chesser In April 2010, under the online username Abu Talhah al-Amrikee,  posted a "warning" to the creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, suggesting that they would be killed for depicting Muhammad in their 200th episode. In July 2010, Chesser was arrested on charges of aiding Al-Shabaab, which has been designated a terrorist organization by the U.S. government. On February 24, 2011, he was sentenced in federal court to 25 years in prison.

ITS member Syed Hashmi, 30, got 15 years in prison on one count of providing material support to a terrorist organization. The former Brooklyn College student was arrested in London in 2006 and has been held in solitary confinement. The feds said he was a radical who was in cahoots with ITS terrorists when he lived in New York City and later when he went to London for grad school.  On 27 April 2011, Hashmi pleaded guilty to a single terrorism charge in Federal District Court in Manhattan. He was subsequently sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Islamic Thinkers Society member and Queens NY Terrorist Mohammed Junaid Babar who trained 7/7 London Bombers was arrested in New york City and turned informant on other ITS members, he has since gone into the FBI witness protection program.
The Islamic Thinkers Society is a radical Muslim group based in New York City that seeks the goal of restoring the Islamic Caliphate to create what they call "an ideal Islamic society." They are located mainly in Jackson Heights, Queens, New York City. Islamic Thinkers Society is an offshoot of Al-Muhajiroun, a pro-al Qaeda British Islamist extremist group.

Before he founded Revolution Muslim, Yousef al Khattab was the chief ideologue of the Islamic Thinkers Society. Bryant Neal Vinas, a Hispanic Catholic convert to Islam from Long Island who was convicted of participating in and supporting Al-Qaeda plots in Afghanistan and the U.S., moved in Islamic Thinkers Society circles in New York before he left the U.S.

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Radical Activist Lisa Bergmann Boasts of Communist Leadership in "Occupy Movement" in Every City Where They Exist, including Sarasota Fl.

It appears that the requirements to be a member of the "Occupy Movement" (in Sarasota Fl and elsewhere) are to be Anti-America, Anti-Corporations, Anti-Government of any kind, Anti-Law Enforcement, Anti-DEA, Anti-FED, Unemployed or Unemployable but on Government subsidies such as Disability or Section 8 Free Housing, linked to the Young Communist League USA and of course it also helps to be an ex-con with leadership qualities.

The "Occupy Movement", the name in it's self is an oxymoron, they are not moving in any known direction, they only Occupy public parks which they use as public toilets and fight with the cops who are doing their job evicting these bums.


While addressing a gathering of the international communist front World Federation of Democratic Youth in Lisbon Portugal, November 10, 2011, Young Communist League USA organizer Lisa Bergmann, boasted of communist leadership in the US “Occupy” movement and their desire to harness the movement.

Addressing the assembled young comrades, Bergmann made no bones about communist participation in, and initiation of, “Occupy” encampments all over the United States. My name is Lisa Bergmann from the Young Communist League USA. On behalf of our organization I would like to thank WFDY and the Japaneses Communist Party for hosting this inspiring, well-organized event and for ensuring that the YCLUSA could be here with all of you today. The Young Communist League USA stands firmly, as it always has, united with all of you against U.S. imperialism, greed, and war…

Youth in the United States are shouting at the top of their lungs that the U.S. capitalist economic system has failed them… thousands of youth in the United States are taking to the streets to demand a better world. Inspired by the “Arab Spring” and other youth movements in Europe and Latin America, the Occupy Wall Street Movement began in the heart of the U.S. capitalist system, and has now spread to more than 300 cities in the United States. Occupy is predominantly a youth movement, calling attention to the unprecedented wealth inequalities that exist in our country…

While the participants in the Occupy movement are members of a wide variety of groups, they all identify as part of the “99” percent of people who do not have access to the country’s wealth. The labor movement in the U.S. has been one of the strongest allies to the Occupy movement. Other participants in the Occupy movement include peace activist groups, veterans, elected officials, immigrant rights groups, and of course the Communist Party and the Young Communist League!

The Young Communist League, even though we are in a re-building phase, has participated in Occupy in every city where we exist, and has even initiated the Occupy chapters in some cities. Leaders of the Young Communist League and leaders of the Communist party have been arrested in Chicago on two separate occasions during police raids on the Occupy movement.
For all the Occupy Sarasota supporters and others like Shane Eagan and Stacey Krepcio Olivieri who feel that somehow Occupy Sarasota poster boy Chris Young had his civil rights “violated” when cops arrested him, perhaps with just a little research on your own you may discover what the COP-HATERS Occupy Movement really stands for and why cops are forced to react to the Occupy Movement provocations the way they do, see link CLICK HERE.

SARASOTA HERALD TRIBUNE 3/01/2012….Chris Young has retained criminal defense attorney Derek Byrd, who took the case pro bono. On Sunday, the ACLU announced it was starting an investigation into Young’s arrest, and on Monday the group made numerous public records requests related to the arrest and hired a private investigator who is interviewing witnesses. ACLU and attorney Derek Byrd keeping the Communist Leadership in the "Occupy Movement" happy defending Chris Young for free.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Occupy Movement Goons Stab Cop in New York City, Occupy Goons in Sarasota Clash With Cops During Arrest of Chris Young, ACLU Dogs Whine.

For all the Occupy Sarasota supporters and others like Shane Eagan and Stacey Krepcio Olivieri who feel that somehow Occupy Sarasota poster boy Chris Young had his civil rights "violated", read on to as what the COP-HATERS Occupy Movement really stands for and why cops are forced to react to the Occupy Movement provocations the way they do.

NY POST..Some 800 Occupy Wall Street protesters began the new year by trying to retake Zuccotti Park , starting a massive clash with police in which one officer was stabbed in the hand with a pair of scissors.

A suspect was arrested in the 11:30 p.m. incident, according to a law enforcement source. Hundreds in the crowd of occupiers then surrounded the ambulance as it tried to leave with the wounded officer, the source said.

The officer, who was not identified, was taken to Bellevue Hospital in stable condition. Shortly before midnight OWS protesters took to Twitter to proclaim their assault on Zuccotti — from which they were booted by cops in November.  “Barricades being torn down at liberty [Zuccotti] park,” they wrote. “Happy new years!!” 

They later tweeted: “Big crowd at liberty square. We have taken back the park.” Some 100 cops initially responded to the scene, including mounted police to maintain crowd control.  At one point, some of the protesters surrounded the circle of cops, before reinforcements were called in.

These P.O.S. Occupy Movement creeps in New York City tried to keep the ambulance that contained the stabbed cop from leaving the area by surrounding the vehicle.  In Sarasota when Officer John Neri took down Occupy protester Chris Young after he resisted arrest, a crowd of 10 or 12 Occupy Sarasota goons surrounded SPD Officer Neri yelling, screaming and endangering his safety by taking his attention away from the disguised suspect Chris Young and causing him to call in other SPD units in a fast matter for assistance. 

Occupy Movement goons have trashed public parks from New York City NY to San Diego CA.  An on site 5 Point Park witness in Sarasota who wrote in a sworn statement that the "group of Occupy Sarasota people were out of control towards the outnumbered officer",  same tactics in New york City as seen in Sarasota Fl, cops need to taser these goons next time.

The far left tactics of the “Occupy” goons should not be tolerated for one second, we do not need the garbage and filth strewn around downtown Sarasota like what happened in New York City and elsewhere.

Christopher M. Young baited and verbally harangued SPD Officer Neri, Christopher M. Young was combative from the start when SPD Officer Neri approached him. SPD Officer Neri ordered Young to stop writing on the sidewalk and leave the park, not once but twice, Chris Young completely ignored SPD Officer Neri.
SPD Officer Neri then attempted to arrest Young for trespassing after warning, Young pulled away from SPD Officer Neri and attempted to defeat his actions, Chris Young appears to have a problem dealing with cops, read it all above. This whole "arrest protest" thing looks like a set-up by the Occupy Sarasota goons to get some face time on TV.
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Monday, March 05, 2012

Eric Holder and DOJ Justify Targeted Citizen Killings of Terrorists Samir Khan and Anwar al-Awlaki in Yemen Drone Attack, ACLU Ass Clowns Whimper No Way.

Terrorists Samir Khan and Anwar al-Awlaki in Yemen orchestrated at least 4 terror attacks that hit or missed inside the USA.  Anwar al-Awlaki was linked to Mohamed Atta and the 9/11 hijackers. My pal Samir Khan put me on a hit list and posted death threats about me along with a YouTube terror video dedicated to me. Do I care that Samir Khan and  Anwar al-Awlaki were blown to tiny bits, nope, but the ass clowns at the ACLU whimper and whine like the dogs they are about the terrorists civil rights.

CBS NEWS (AP) WASHINGTON - Attorney General Eric Holder is expected to outline the legal framework for the use of lethal force in targeted killings of Americans overseas in a major speech at Northwestern University law school, an Obama administration official said Sunday night. Holder's speech Monday comes five months after the killing of U.S.-born al Qaeda cleric Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Khan in Yemen in a drone attack.

The official said the attorney general plans to say that lethal force is legal under a Sept. 18, 2001, joint congressional resolution. The Authorization for Use of Military Force enacted a week after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks authorizes the use of all necessary force in order to prevent any future acts of international terrorism against the United States.

The administration has provided some details about what al-Awlaki was doing that made him so dangerous to the United States. In that vein, the Justice Department disclosed that a Nigerian man who tried to blow up an international flight on Christmas 2009 told FBI agents that his mission was approved after a three-day visit with al-Awlaki. The man, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, was sentenced last month to life in prison after admitting he attempted to blow up the plane with a bomb in his underwear as the plane approached Detroit.

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