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Saturday, April 09, 2011

Tampa Police Report On Stop Of Dontae Morris Who Vowed To Stay Free After Killing Two Cops, No Snitchin Kept Dontae In The Wind.

Detectives asked Cortnee Brantley why she fled after Dontae Morris killed two cops, she shook her head. And when he asked whether she would turn in Dontae Morris, she said this: "Naw, I can't do him like that. That's my man."  "NO SNITCHIN".

ST PETE TIMES, TAMPA — With two Tampa Police officers dead, amid the largest manhunt in this city's history, Dontae Morris called a friend and told her this: "(They) think they're going to take me alive?... I'm going out with a bang. Tampa gonna remember me. I'm one step ahead of the snitches and I'm one step ahead of the police."
He succeeded for four days, and in those days, he imposed a code of silence upon those who might help the police. He commanded loyalty and fear. Those who knew him believed he wouldn't hesitate to kill.

Newly released court documents give 745 pages worth of glimpses into the investigation of the June 29 murders of officers Jeffrey Kocab and David Curtis. They don't answer some big questions, like how Morris was captured, where he hid and who brought him to justice. Morris, 25, sits in solitary confinement, facing death if convicted. He is also charged with the unrelated murders of Harold Wright, Derek Anderson and Rodney Jones. Detectives reassure witnesses that he will never breathe free air again.

But some still don't believe they're safe. In an interview last July with one woman who knew Morris intimately, detectives asked her why she had been so reluctant to help. He had beaten her. He had used her. But when they had talked to her before about other crimes, she had kept silent. (No Snitchin). "Do you love Qwalo?" asked Detective Mike Kirlangitis. "No." "This is just a curiosity thing: How come you never told us?" "I didn't want to have nothing to do with it." "Out of loyalty to Qwalo (D. Morris)?" "If I was to tell and he found out, I know he'd probably try to come for me." READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE HERE.

TAMPA TRIBUNE....Dontae Morris case puts spotlight on 'no-snitch' culture. Though the amount of tips coming into investigators exploded after Curtis and Kocab were killed and a $100,000 reward was offered, Morris wasn't captured until he surrendered. "It was surprising that he was able to elude us for so long, especially when the reward was so large," McElroy said. "People have been motivated to come forward for less."

Even Delores Keen, Renee Roundtree and Wislande Louis-Paul - the women who rushed to help the mortally wounded officers - faced a backlash. They said some people asked why they would help the fallen officers and said they would never cooperate with police.

NO SNITCHING DA RULE IN DRUG UNDERWORLD OF TAMPA COP KILLER DONTAE MORRIS AND HIS GANGSTA PALS, DWAYNE CALLAWAY, ALAINA RIGGINS AND CORTNEE BRANTLEY.  Tampa cop killer Dontae Morris had built up a network of drug dealers during his time in the Tampa Fl area, 18 drug related arrests and a stint in the Florida State prison system for dealing drugs have expaned his “Gangsta’s reach.

Dontae Morris rode his bike through the projects of east Tampa, Filas on his feet, crack in his pocket, money on his mind. He hung out under the stairs at Jefferson and Kenneth Court, gray concrete-block buildings near his grandmother’s house, where rent is $400 a month and the signs say no trespassing, loitering, gambling or alcohol.
DONTAE MORRIS drank Seagrem’s gin from the bottle, smoked weed with his boys, and when police stopped him to ask for ID, they got his Florida inmate release card, see link click here. He cut a few rap tracks in a group called Gangreen. He bounced shirtless on the hood of a car in a music video. He rapped about the drug game and dead friends and not snitching. Treat my gun like a pit bull, shake ‘em baby.

No Snitching” is the rule in the ”Gangsta’s drug dealing underworld, no one will ever talk to the cops, even if they are threatened with jail time, hell, jail time is a badge of honor were you can hone your jail tattoo’s.

“No Snitching” campaign an attempt by criminals to intimidate witnesses..There is a phenomenon sweeping this country called the “No snitching campaign” A grassroots campaign to discourage crime witnesses from talking to police. T-shirts and hats with the message “Stop Snitching” have popped up all over the country from cities like LA, Jacksonville and New York. The trend has frustrated police and prosecutors, who say the intent is to intimidate witnesses.

The no-snitching message also has been found in the lyrics of rap songs and by the actions of hip-hop artists like Busta Rhymes, who has refused to cooperate with police about the murder of his bodyguard, on Feb. 5th, outside a Brooklyn studio where Rhymes was recording a video with performers such as Missy Elliott and Mary J. Blige. Police say, that although, Rhymes and as many as 50 others may have seen the shooting, no one came forward – an echo of the silence that followed the unsolved murders of rappers Tupac Shakur, the Notorious B.I.G. and Run-DMC’s Jam Master Jay.

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Friday, April 08, 2011

Orlando Florida Sex Offender Christopher T. Sayre Faces Additional Child Porn Charges, Sayre Was Arrested in Johnson City NY.

Johnson City, N.Y. and Orlando Fl, April 8, 2011...The New York State Police at Binghamton in conjunction with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, Orlando, Florida have been conducting an investigation into the production, sharing and distribution of child pornography in Broome County, N.Y. and Orange County, Florida.

Johnson City is an extension of the Binghamton NY area.  Christopher T. Sayre, 27, of Johnson City is charged with felony Promoting an Obscene Sexual Performance by a Child and Possession of an Obscene Sexual Performance of a Child. Sayre was producing child pornography and distributing it both in Broome County, New York and Orange County, Florida.

On April 6, 2011, as a result of this investigation, the New York State Police at Binghamton arrested Christopher T. Sayre, age 27, of 843 Oakdale Road, Johnson City, New York for Promoting an Obscene Sexual Performance by a Child, a Class D felony, and Possession of an Obscene Sexual Performance of a Child, a Class E felony. In addition, Sayre was arrested as a Fugitive from Justice as a result of related criminal charges being filed in the State of Florida. Sayre was arraigned in the Village of Johnson City Court and remanded to the Broome County Jail without bail.

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Outlaws Motorcycle National President Jack Rosga Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison on Racketeering and Violent Crimes Against the "Hells Angels".

WASHINGTON – The national president of the American Outlaw Association (Outlaws) motorcycle gang was sentenced today to 20 years in prison for leading a violent criminal organization.

U.S. Attorney Neil H. MacBride of the Eastern District of Virginia; Assistant Attorney General Lanny A. Breuer of the Criminal Division; and Rich Marianos, Acting Special Agent in Charge of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ (ATF) Washington Field Division made the announcement after sentencing by U.S. District Judge Henry E. Hudson.

“Jack Rosga led an outlaw motorcycle gang that was violent at its core,” said U.S. Attorney MacBride. “As the gang’s national president, Mr. Rosga declared war on the rival Hell’s Angels and ordered violent acts on rival gang members. Mr. Rosga admitted to undercover federal agents that he expected to go to jail for leading this violent motorcycle gang, and the jury convicted him of conspiracy to commit racketeering and violent acts. He spent decades dedicated to a criminal way of life, and he’ll now spend decades in prison paying for those crimes.”

“The Outlaws motorcycle gang that Jack Rosga led is responsible for numerous crimes across multiple states,” said Assistant Attorney General Lanny A. Breuer of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division. “Mr. Rosga’s conduct, and the violent activities of his organized criminal enterprise, must have severe consequences. Today’s sentence reflects that. We will not tolerate organized criminal gangs in our communities.”

“This investigation is one of many that reinforces ATF’s commitment to fighting violent crime,” said ATF Acting Special Agent in Charge Rich Marianos. “In partnership with the U.S. Attorney’s Office, we will continue to focus our efforts on putting the worst of the worst violent criminals behind bars so that our neighbors can feel safer in their communities.”

The national president of the Oulaws organization, Jack Rosga, aka “Milwaukee Jack,” 53, was found guilty on Dec. 21, 2010, of conspiring to engage in racketeering activities and conspiring to commit violence in aid of racketeering. To date, 27 individuals have been charged as a result of a long-term investigation into criminal activities of the Outlaws motorcycle gang. Twenty have either pled guilty or were convicted at trial.

According to court documents and evidence at trial, the Outlaws motorcycle gang is a highly organized criminal enterprise with a defined, multi-level chain of command that is ultimately overseen by Rosga, the national president. Leaders and members of the Outlaws in multiple states including Wisconsin, Maine, Montana, North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina and Virginia are charged in a June 2010 indictment. Under Rosga’s leadership, the enterprise is alleged to have engaged in violent racketeering activities with the intent to expand its influence and to control various parts of the country against rival motorcycle gangs, particularly the Hell’s Angels.

Court records indicate that the Outlaws planned multiple acts of violence against rival motorcycle gangs like the Hells Angels, including shows of force at the Cycle Expo in Henrico County, Va., in 2006; Dinwiddie Racetrack in Virginia in 2008; the Cockades Bar in Petersburg, Va., in 2009; Daytona Bike Week in Florida in 2009; and the Easyrider Bike Expo in Charlotte, N.C., in 2010. The indictment alleges that in the Cockades Bar show of force, members of the Pagans Motorcycle Club joined the Outlaws in the assault against rival gangs.

In addition, the evidence showed that in 2008, the Outlaws established a clubhouse in Rock Hill, S.C., in territory traditionally controlled by the Hell’s Angels. The Outlaws understood that this act would create violent friction between the two organizations.

Court records also established that in September 2009, two members of the Outlaws were assaulted in Connecticut by members of the Hell’s Angels. This caused the Outlaws to increase their already violent approach to the Hell’s Angels in retaliation. In October 2009, this led to the alleged attempted murder of a Hell’s Angels member outside the Hell’s Angels’ clubhouse in Canaan, Maine. The victim was seriously injured from gunshot wounds to his neck.

In addition, the evidence showed that on April 17, 2010, Outlaw members of the Milwaukee and other Wisconsin chapters in the Gold Region, participated in a charitable event known as the Flood Run, crossing from Wisconsin into Minnesota where they brutally beat members of the Hell’s Angels and stole their club patches, also known as “colors.”

Witnesses at the trial also testified that the Outlaws regularly used and distributed narcotics and regularly used firearms or other dangers weapons. The case was investigated by the ATF’s Washington Field Division; the FBI’s Washington Field Office; the Virginia State Police; the Chesterfield County Police Department; the Maine State Police, and numerous other law enforcement partners throughout the country. The prosecution was handled by Assistant U.S. Attorneys Dennis Fitzpatrick and Peter S. Duffey, Special Assistant U.S. Attorney Sam Kaplan, and Trial Attorney Theryn G. Gibbons of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division’s Gang Unit.

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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Congress Questions Handling of 9/11 hijackers mentor Anwar al-Awlaki Dropped Arrest Warrant, al-Awlaki linked to al-Qaeda terrorist Ziyad Khaleel and Sarasota Imam Muneer Arafat.

Congress Questions Handling of 9/11 hijackers mentor Anwar al-Awlaki Dropped Arrest Warrant, al-Awlaki linked to al-Qaeda terrorist Ziyad Khaleel and Sarasota Imam Muneer Arafat.

An investigation by the Fox News Specials Unit revealed that the commission investigating the Sept. 11 attacks was likely never told by the FBI about an arrest warrant filed and then dropped against American-born radical Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki – the spiritual guide to at least two of the hijackers.

Now, lawmakers on Capitol Hill want details on the handling of the Awlaki case – particularly why information on the possible arrest was never provided to the 9/11 Commission. The New Mexico-born cleric, now working as a recruiter for Al Qaeda in Yemen, is believed to have been a mentor for 9/11 hijackers during his time as an imam at mosques around San Diego and Washington, D.C.

Despite his possible role in the attacks and inconsistencies in his passport, a warrant for al-Awlaki’s arrest was dropped on Oct. 10, 2002, the same day he returned to the U.S. after a seven-month stay in Yemen.

"The FBI investigated al-Awlaki from June 1999 through March 2000 for possible fundraising for Hamas, links to al-Qaeda, and a visit in early 2000 by a close associate of "the Blind Sheik" Omar Abdel Rahman (who was serving a life sentence for his role in the 1993 World Trade Center attack and plotting to blow up NYC landmarks). The FBI's interest was also triggered because he had been contacted by an al-Qaeda operative who had bought a battery for bin Laden's satellite phone, Ziyad Khaleel who had been rooming with Imam Muneer Arafat who took over the Mosque in Sarasota Fl in 2000, near the 9/11 hijackers flight training ground in Venice Fl."

Two senior investigators with the 9/11 Commission told Fox News that they were actively considering whether Awlaki was part of a pre- 9/11 support cell in the U.S. for the hijackers. Asked if documents on the decision by federal authorities to drop the charges should have been shared, one of the investigators said yes, adding the decision to pull the warrant on the same day Awlaki returned in October 2002 demanded further investigation.

There is no mention of the Awlaki arrest warrant in the 9/11 Commission report itself. There is a lengthy footnote about the cleric which has one reference to an FBI internal memo that was circulated Oct. 8, 2002 – just two days before the cleric’s return. Fox News sought those documents through a Freedom of Information Act request in 2010. Twenty-seven pages were produced for Fox News’ investigative team, but nearly all the text was redacted – citing an executive order – that the material should remain secret for national security reasons.

The Justice Department has maintained that Awlaki’s re-entry to the U.S. was a string of coincidences. The Department told Fox News in a statement last May that there was not enough evidence to keep the warrant against Awlaki active. Two current and former investigators familiar with the case have disputed that claim. New details about the cleric’s American life and his connections to the 9/11 hijackers will be part of an upcoming Fox News special.

Sarasota Imam Muneer Arafat Linked To And Roomed With Al-Qaeda Terrorist Ziyad Khaleel For Over 10 Years.

MUNEER KAZEM ARAFAT 28523-044 44 White M DOB 5/10/1963 NOT IN BOP CUSTODY  Federal Bureau of Prisons inmate loacter website.

Muneer Arafat was the Imam at the Islamic Society of Sarasota and Bradenton (ISSB) Mosque from early 2000 to the end of 2003, he showed up just prior to Mohamed Atta and the rest of the 9/11 terrorists in nearby Nokomis Fl. Imam Muneer Arafat quotes “I’m not opposed to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s goal of destroying Israel and replacing it with an Islamic state”. “Muslims need to stay unified, and they should support the Palestinian uprising known as the intifada”. Imam Muneer Arafat was also linked to the Masjid Al-Ihsaan Mosque at 977 Fulton St Brooklyn New York for short periods of time in 2001, 2005 and then again in 2007.

Those of you who may not remember, Mohammed Atta and two others who flew the planes that struck the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and crashed into a field in Pennsylvania, trained here in Sarasota County, Florida. Nine of the eleven hijackers were in Florida at one time or another.  Did Imam Muneer Arafat mentor Mohamed Atta, Atta arrived in the United States, together with Marwan al-Shehhi, in June 2000. Both ended up in south Florida at Huffman Aviation where they entered the Accelerated Pilot Program, Ziad Jarrah was also at  flight school in Venice Fl.

Ziyad Khaleel was/is a terrorist and he was communicating with agents of Osama Bin Laden from at least 1996 in Columbia MO and purchased communication equipment, (satellite phone) for Osama bin Laden which was used to co-ordinate the two 1998 US Embassy bombings in Africa, hundreds were killed. During this time period 1996 to 1998, future Sarasota Imam (in 2000) Muneer Arafat was in the same apartment were phone calls, e-mails and faxes are coming in from agents of Osama bin Laden planning mass bombings in Africa.

Ziyad Khaleel, also known as Khalil Ziyad, Ziyad Sadaqa, and Ziyad Abdulrahman, was a Palestinian-American al-Qaeda member, based in the United States, primarily in Colorado, Florida, Michigan and Missouri. He had been identified as a “procurement agent” for Osama bin Laden, arranging the purchase and delivery of “computers, satellite telephones, and covert surveillance equipment” for the leadership of al-Qaeda,as well as administering a number of radical Islamic websites as webmaster, including the website of the terrorist group Hamas.

The FBI investigated Anwar al-Awlaki, later linked to three of the 9/11 hijackers, the Fort Hood shooter, and the Christmas Day 2009 bomber, beginning in June 1999 through March 2000, after it learned he had been contacted by Ziyad Khaleel in Colorado.

Friday, February 04, 2011, Federal appeals court upholds terrorism conviction of Florida doctor  A three-judge panel of the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit [official website] on Friday voted 2-1 to uphold the conviction of a Florida doctor who offered to treat injured al Qaeda fighters so they could return to fighting Americans in Iraq, Petitioner Dr. Rafiq Sabir was convicted of attempting to provide material support to a designated terrorist organization, al-Qaeda.  Dr. Rafiq Sabir was a member of a Mosque run by Imam Muneer Arafat, Dr. Rafiq Sabir is currently serving a 25-year prison sentence.

Every place Muneer Arafat shows up so do Al-Qaeda agents, he was the roommate of Al-Qaeda agent Ziyad Khaleel in 1999, Mohammed Atta and the 9/11 terrorists followed him to the Sarasota/Venice area in 2000 and a member of the Mosque he ran in Boca Raton, Dr. Rafiq Sabir, joined Al-Qaeda and was arrested and convicted on terrorism charges.”

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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

'Killer Groupies' Obsessed With The Casey Anthony Case Come Crawling Out of The Woodwork as Casey's Trial Looms And Call Me, See Casey “Muffin" Anthony Photos.

I had wriiten extensively on the murder of Caylee Anthony, after going through all the police reports, and everything indicated that at the very least Casey Anthony was negligent, in most likely, leaving the child in a vehicle in the Florida heat for an extended period of time and the child died.

In the last several days I have received several phone calls from what could be termed 'Killer Groupies' Obsessed with the Casey Anthony case who have called me and solicited my opinion on the case, look, she did it, case closed.
Orlando Sentinel April 5th, 2011. Obsession with Casey Anthony case adds to circus atmosphere.   As Casey Anthony's murder trial approaches, a new level of weirdness has settled in around the case: A recent wave of obsessed court watchers and fanatics have tried to inject themselves into the story, only adding to the circus atmosphere.

The latest example is Michigan prison inmate Curtis Jackson, whose handwritten motion filed late Monday asked for defense attorney Jose Baez's withdrawal from the case. Jackson's claim— that there was "an attorney-client breakdown" between Baez and Anthony — caused a brief media frenzy. Baez quickly dispelled that notion during a lengthy interview on national television Tuesday, 4/05/2011.

"He writes all kinds of things from having knowledge about the case and having knowledge about what actually happened to Caylee," Baez told In Session, while explaining the parties in the case have heard from Jackson before. "There's absolutely no way he has any connection to this case, ever."

Like it or not, experts say, Casey Anthony has developed a certain "celebrity" thanks to the intense media coverage of her case and her relative attractiveness. And that status, in large part, helps draw admirers, unofficial advocates and trial groupies all looking to share the spotlight, MORE FROM THIS SOURCE...

Casey Anthony Used Chloroform To Knock Caylee Anthony Out And left Her In A Car While She Went Partying So Says Jailhouse Snitch Robyn Adams A Drug Dealer Whose Husband Was A Cop !

Did Casey Anthony tell a jailhouse friend a detail only her daughter’s killer would know? Not long after remains of 2-year-old Caylee were found in December 2008, Anthony told fellow inmate Robyn Adams that investigators found the bones in a black garbage bag with a baby blanket.

That last detail — the baby blanket — wasn’t public knowledge at the time. “Casey Anthony had knowledge of items only the suspect, certain law enforcement personnel and the certain medical examiner’s personnel knew,” an Orange County sheriff’s detective wrote in a report that was among more than 500 pages released Tuesday.

Among the documents were copies of dozens of jailhouse letters Anthony wrote Adams while the two were incarcerated in the Orange County Jail. They provide the first public insight into what Anthony has been doing, who she has been talking to and her state of mind in the months since her arrest in 2008.

Casey Anthony addressed Adams as “Cookie” and signed off with a nickname, “Muffin.” Her choice of topics, written in a tall, up-and-down script, range from the lighthearted to the serious:
•Planning an RV trip with Adams.
•Complaining about her mother not showing up to see her in court.
•Accusations of sexual abuse (by who ?).
•Her faith in God.
•Her desire to brush up on her Spanish (escape to Costa Rica).
•The struggles of being a single mother living at home with her parents (and nights out partying).

ROBYN ADAMS-White-F- Release Date 04-06-2017 -TALLAHASSEE Federal CI .

Casey Anthony told Robyn Adams, a drug dealer (her husband was a Florida cop) who is has now serving time in federal prison (TALLAHASSEE Federal CI), that she used to give Caylee something to help her sleep so Anthony could go out at night, according to investigators’ interview with Adams.

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Cult Leaders Rev Terry Jones and Pastor Wayne Sapp Need to be Charged with Inciting a Riot for Quran Burning (Afghanistan), FL Statute 870.01 Affrays and Riots.

Cult Leaders Rev Terry Jones and Pastor Wayne Sapp knew full well what would happen when they publicily burned a Quran in their Dove Outreach Center Church in Gainesville Fl on March 20th, 2011.

WASHINGTON POST... April 5th, 2011, When Jones first threatened last year to burn a Koran on the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, General David Petraeus was among several top U.S. officials who strongly urged against it and warned about the troubling consequences that could arise in Afghanistan. Jones eventually called off the event.

Then, in January 201, Jones announced that he was going to “put the Koran on trial.” He said he didn’t hear a single complaint. The “trial” was held March 20, and the holy text subsequently burned.

From Pres. Barack Obama to General David Petraeus had made public statements back prior to Sept. 11th, 2010 when Rev Terry Jones and Pastor Wayne Sapp had planed to pull thier publicity stunt of burning the Quran, to not to do so as it would endanger US citizens in the Middle East and our troops deployed in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.
Afghan President Hamid Karzai, whose comments about the Koran burning brought it to the attention of many Afghans, raised the issue again in a statement Sunday. He said that in a national security council meeting, he discussed the issue with U.S. officials and reiterated that “those people who are responsible for burning the holy Koran should be arrested soon.”

Cult Leaders Rev Terry Jones and Pastor Wayne Sapp are guility of  inciting or encouraging a riot, shall be guilty of a felony of the third degree, punishable by 5 years in state prison, see below;

Florida Laws: FL Statutes - Title XLVI Crimes Section 870.01 Affrays and Riots. All persons guilty of a riot, or of inciting or encouraging a riot, shall be guilty of a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in Fl Statute. 775.082, Fl Statute. 775.083, or Fl Statute. 775.084.  For a felony of the third degree, by a term of imprisonment not exceeding 5 years.
The State Attorneys Office and the Sheriff of Alachua Fl, (Gainesville) need to step up to the plate and charge and arrest these two goons, cult Leaders Rev Terry Jones and Pastor Wayne Sapp.

Sheriff of Alachua Fl
2621 Southeast Hawthorne Road,
Gainesville Fl
(352) 367-4000

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Monday, April 04, 2011

Far Right Blog "Jihad Watch" Condones Quran Burning by Cult Leader Rev. Terry Jones, "Suppress free speech in your country, because we can't (won't) control ourselves in ours".

Two more killed, dozens injured in third day of Afghan protests; Karzai calls for U.S. Congress to prevent future Qur'an burnings.

Somehow the far right blog "Jihad Watch" run by Robert Spencer (his photo above with beer bottle) sees the actions of cult leader Rev. Terry Jones Quran Burning as worthy to defend in a recent article written by something called Marisol on April 3, 2011 8:31 AM.

Marisol of Jihad Watch is upset that General David Petraeus made a statement over nut-job cult leader Rev. Terry Jones Quran Burning,  "We condemn, in particular, the action of an individual in the United States who recently burned the Holy Koran," Petraeus said in a statement, which was also signed by NATO's senior civilian representative, ambassador Mark Sedwill. "We also offer condolences to the families of all those injured and killed in violence which occurred in the wake of the burning of the Holy Koran," he said."

I guess Marisol of Jihad Watch would have preferred a much harder stance of General David Petraeus , possibly requesting that nut-job cult leader Rev. Terry Jones continue with his Quran Burning on a weekly basis, what a jerk this person Marisol of Jihad Watch is.

WASHINGTON POST..Pastor Terry Jones who ordered Koran burning has divided families, ex-church members say, It’s a cult. That’s the only word I can think of to describe it.”.

Congregants at the Dove World Outreach Center, who have dwindled to 30 or so in number, are required to vow allegiance to Rev Terry Jones — a pledge that places restrictions on their diets, their ability to hold jobs outside the church and their personal relationships.

For Chris Nassoiy, 25, and for most members, the last restriction is by far the most painful. He has seen his parents only once since they left the church in 2009, when he gathered his belongings from his childhood home.

“I had to tell them that we won’t be able to communicate until they apologize, until they accept the Gospel,” he said, his voice cracking. “It was a little bit wrenching.” For his mother, Sally Nassoiy, what started as heartbreak has evolved into anger at Jones and other church officials.

They take young people willing to devote themselves to God’s word, and they exploit them,” she said. “It’s a cult. That’s the only word I can think of to describe it.”  For most of the young congregants, membership requires participation in Jones’s three-year “academy,” which preaches discipline and adherence to the Bible. It also requires hours of work, almost all unpaid, in the Dove World Outreach Center’s used-furniture business, which is run out of the same building as the church.  The young members live in church-owned housing in one of Gainesville’s roughest neighborhoods.

Robert Spencer and Marisol of Jihad Watch would fit right in with Rev. Terry Jones and the other nut jobs at the Dove World Outreach Center.

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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Quran Burning Publicity Stunt by Rev. Terry Jones and Pastor Wayne Sapp Accounts For 30 People Dead in Afghan Riots, Charges Need to be Filed.

In what only could be called a stupid publicity stunt to garner media attention and new converts to his Dove World Outreach Center, Rev. Terry Dale Jones, 59, and Pastor Wayne Sapp, 42, put the "Koran" on trial and ultimely set it on fire inside their "church".

The Quran was burned Sunday March 20 by Rev. Terry Dale Jones, 59, and preacher Wayne Sapp, but many Afghans only found out about it when Afghan President Hamid Karzai condemned the desecration four days later. The burning took place at the Dove Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida, the same church where the Rev. Terry Jones had threatened to destroy a copy of the holy book last year but initially backed down.

KABUL, Afghanistan – Afghan protests against the burning of a Quran in Florida entered a third day with a demonstrations in the east Sunday, while the Taliban called on people to rise up, blaming government forces for any violence.

The desecration at a small U.S. church has outraged Muslims worldwide, and in Afghanistan many of the demonstrations have turned into deadly riots. Protests in the north and south in recent days have killed 20 people.

The protest in Jalalabad city was peaceful, with hundreds of people blocking a main highway for three hours, shouting for U.S. troops to leave and burning an effigy of President Barack Obama before dispersing, according to an Associated Press photographer at the scene, MORE FROM THIS SOURCE....

U.S. pastor says he will put Mohammed 'on trial' next as Koran burning sparks second day of violence.  Despite clear evidence that his actions have led to multiple murders and widespread violence in the Middle East, controversial Florida pastor Terry Jones has vowed to step up his provocative campaign against Islam.

The radical pastor Terry Dale Jones, 59, said that he was considering putting Islamic prophet Mohammed 'on trial' for his next 'day of judgement' publicity stunt.  His last, in which he oversaw the burning of a copy of the Koran after a six-hour mock trial, has been directly responsible for a wave of violence that began last night and has left 30 people dead and more than 150 injured.

The pastor Rev. Terry Jones, whose church membership at the Dove World Outreach Center has dwindled and who is a hate figure in his own community, is also near broke.  Mr Jones told the Times that, in recent weeks, he had received more than 300 death threats via phone and email, and had been told by the FBI that there was a $2.4 million contract on his life.

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