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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Sofia Vergara's Personal Cell Phone Photos Taken on The Set of The Hit ABC TV Series "Modern Family" With Her Lady Friend.

ABC's Modern Family is Wednesday's #1 Scripted TV Show.

Modern Family employs an ensemble cast. The show revolves around three families that are interrelated through Jay Pritchett and his children, Claire Dunphy and Mitchell Pritchett. Jay Pritchett (Ed O'Neill), the patriarch, is currently in a May–December marriage with Gloria (SofĂ­a Vergara), a passionate mother, who with help from Jay raise her son, Manny (Rico Rodriguez II).

Claire (Julie Bowen) is a homemaker mom married to Phil (Ty Burrell) a real estate agent and self-professed cool dad; they have three children: Haley, the stereotypical teenager, Alex, the smart middle child and Luke, the offbeat only son.  Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and his partner Cameron (Eric Stonestreet) have adopted a Vietnamese baby, Lily.

And then there is a series of photos with Sofia Vergara and her lady friend, see below;

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Afghan Rage Over Quran Burning Spreads as 5 More Killed, Gainesville Pastor Wayne Sapp Did Not Regret His Actions

Rev. Terry Jones (L) and preacher Wayne Sapp (R) who burned Quran, photo above.

Afghan rage over Quran burning spreads, the desecration of the Muslim holy book at a Florida church fuels a second day of deadly protests in Afghanistan. 

The Quran was burned Sunday March 20 by Rev. Terry Jones and preacher Wayne Sapp, but many Afghans only found out about it when Afghan President Hamid Karzai condemned the desecration four days later. The burning took place at the Dove Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida, the same church where the Rev. Terry Jones had threatened to destroy a copy of the holy book last year but initially backed down.

During Dove World Outreach Center's Sunday service, without any publicity and under the supervision of Rev. Jones, Pastor Wayne Sapp soaked a Quran in kerosene for an hour, held an event he said was a "trial" for the Muslim holy book, and after the book was found guilty, Sapp set the Quran on fire using a barbecue lighter. The AFP reports that the book burned for about 10 minutes, while some onlookers took pictures.

The actions of one church in Florida do not represent the vast majority of Christians, who desire to live in peace with their neighbors,” said Leith Anderson, president of the National Association of Evangelicals. “But violence against other human beings is never an appropriate response.”Violent demonstrations in Afghanistan were sparked by the March 20 burning of Islam’s holy book.

Pastor Terry Jones of Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Fla., oversaw the Quran burning, with the assistance of preacher Wayne Sapp, after staging a mock trial that found the Muslim holy book “guilty of causing murder, rape and terrorism.” Jones said a jury of “individuals mainly from around Florida” determined the verdict, according to ABC News.

The church's desecration of the Quran nearly two weeks ago has outraged millions of Muslims and others worldwide, fueling anti-American sentiment that is further straining ties between the Afghan government and the West.

The top U.N. envoy in Afghanistan, Staffan de Mistura, said the organization had no plans to evacuate. It would, however, temporarily redeploy 11 staff members from Maraz-i-Sharif to Kabul.

The uproar even brought violence to the normally peaceful northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif on Friday, when a crowd of protesters — apparently infiltrated by insurgents — stormed a U.N. compound in an outpouring that left four Afghan protesters and seven foreign U.N. employees dead, three were identified by officials in their home countries as: Joakim Dungel, a 33-year-old Swede; Lt. Col. Siri Skare, a 53-year-old female pilot from Norway; and Filaret Motco, a 43-year-old Romanian who worked in the political section of the U.N..

In Florida, Wayne Sapp, a pastor at the church, called the events "tragic," but said he did not regret his actions at his church. "I in no way feel like our church is responsible for what happened," Sapp said in a telephone interview on Friday.

Gainesville Fl Pastor Wayne Sapp is responsible for the deaths of Joakim Dungel, a 33-year-old Swede; Lt. Col. Siri Skare, a 53-year-old female pilot from Norway; and Filaret Motco, a 43-year-old Romanian.

Rev. Terry Jones manages TS & Company LLC with his wife, Sylvia, and assistant pastor Marvin Wayne Sapp, according to state corporate records.  The company and the Jones’ purchased six duplexes in Gainesville, beginning in 2006 – buildings the Gainesville Sun reported sometimes housed people who volunteered to work for TS & Company’s eBay-based furniture shipping business.

Citing the use of church property to run that for-profit company, the Alachua County property appraiser recently revoked a portion of the church’s tax-exempt status. The church corporation, Dove Charismatic Ministries Inc., must now pay property taxes on about 8 percent of the property’s $1.6 million assessed value. That resulted in a $3,233 tax bill this year, according to property appraiser records.
Pastor Wayne Sapp aka Marvin Wayne Sapp, 42, his SSN issued in Florida, is using the Dove World Outreach Center's address, 5805 37th St, GAINESVILLE, FL 32653.
Site Address: 5805 37th St, Gainesville FL 32653; No Date Rptd
Owner Address: 5805 37th St, Gainesville FL 32653
APN: 06015008000
Assessed Value: $1,651,200.00
Date Rptd: 01/10/2009
Phone: (352) 376-4293

Alachua County Clerk of Courts Gainesville Fl.

SAPP, MARVIN WAYNE..01 1997 CT 000539 A


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Friday, April 01, 2011

Afghans Angry Over Florida Koran Burning By Pastor Terry Jones Kil at Least 12 UN Staff Members, Hate Mongers Terry Jones and Pamela Geller Have Blood On Their Hands.

In Mazar-i-Sharif on Friday, Afghans chanted anti-American slogans during a demonstration to condemn the burning of a copy of the Muslim holy book by an American pastor. By ENAYAT NAJAFIZADA and ROD NORDLAND...Published: April 1, 2011. 

At least 12 people, including seven foreigners, were killed in the storming of the U.N. compound in the northern Afghanistan city of Mazar-i-Sharif. Two of the foreigners were beheaded, Reuters reported.

The demonstration in Mazar-i-Sharif turned violent when some protesters grabbed weapons from the U.N. guards and opened fire, then mobbed buildings and set fires on the compound, officials said. Demonstrators also massed in Kabul and the western city of Herat for peaceful demonstrations.

Afghan authorities announced the arrest of more than 20 people, including a militant from Kapisa province who they suspect was the ringleader of the assault, said Rawof Taj, deputy provincial police chief. Futher information about the suspects wasn't immediately available.

The topic of Koran burning stirred outrage among millions of Muslims and others worldwide after the Rev. Terry Jones' small church, Dove Outreach Center, threatened to destroy a copy of the holy book last September. The Florida pastor had backed down but the church claimed that it went through with the burning last month.

Man Burns Koran Pages Near Pamela Geller SIOA Ground Zero Mosque Protest Another Man Carrying a Koran Toting a Sign Declaring, “Quran toilet paper.”

NY Post…Some in the emotional, highly charged 9/11 Mosque protest crowd milling around him shouted down the mystery man, who said little as police escorted him to safety a few blocks away. The man refused to identify himself.
But on the southwest corner of Church and Park, Pamela Geller and her SIOA anti-mosque demonstrators behind metal barriers have already gathered for their rally, at about 1:15 PM.
Some of the would-be protesters mistakenly fell for stereotypes. On Church Street, Kamal, a dark-skinned Muslim born in Guyana and now living in Queens, drew jeers and cat-calls for his clothing: an all-white long robe and white skull cap. “Islam is a religion of hate,” screamed one woman at him. 

“The message is more important than the name,” was all he would say. The fiery political statement recalled the condemnations of Florida Pastor Terry Jones, who for days said he planned to burn the Koran on 9/11 but today recanted that.
The mystery man’s actions brought only more confusion and angry passion to the protests consuming the area near the site of a proposed Islamic center just blocks from Ground Zero proper, READ MORE.....

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Northwestern Univ Catalyst For Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) Anti-American Violence in 1960's Led by Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, In 2011 Bernardine Dohrn is a Professor of Law at Northwestern Univ.

It is very bizare that 69-year-old Bernardine Dohrn, DOB Jan 12, 1942 (SEE FEDERAL BUREAU OF PRISONS RECORD) was once branded a dangerous woman. Former member of the Weather Underground, poster girl for militant, revolution-spouting anarchy of the SDS, that she is now a professor of law at Northwestern University in Chicago.

In 1970 Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers went underground for 11 years on the run from the FBI.  They took aliases (Dohrn was Rose Bridges, Ayers became Joe Brown); concocted ways to obtain false identity papers; grew beards or dyed their hair; moved frequently; and developed a secret code or "Weatherese" to avoid suspicion.  Dohrn acknowledges that she and the Underground "made a lot of mistakes," but neither she nor Ayers would admit regret about the violent actions the group committed, like killing cops.
Northwestern Univ student protests against the Vietnam War had their roots in 1965, when students organized a chapter of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) led by Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn . With chapters at colleges and universities nationwide, the SDS was pivotal to student activism and violence at the time.

Anti-War Demonstrations; Northwestern's first massive anti-war rally was a teach-in held in April 1967. That same month, a student rally was held on the steps of the administration building. The rally started as a demand for a voice in academic issues and financial aid decisions, but it turned into an anti-war protest when students asked to discontinue the National Reserve Training Officer program, which had existed on campus since 1926.

The tempo of protests took a more radical turn in 1969. In May, demonstrators tried to block the entrance to the ROTC Review at McGaw Hall. In the fall of that year, Chancellor J. Roscoe Miller issued a statement that the University would not countenance any disruptions. A month later the SDS students stepped up their demands and tried to force their way in to see the Chancellor. Forced back by security, the students staged a sit-in at the NROTC headquarters in Lunt Hall.

Escalation in Violence; In February 1970 William Kunstler, defense lawyer for the Chicago Seven on trial for disruption during the 1968 Democratic Convention, was invited to speak on the campus by the Northwestern Faculty Action Committee. After the lecture, some people went on a rampage in downtown Evanston, smashing windows and causing several thousands of dollars in damage.

Violence broke out again in April 1970 at Northwestern Univ, when an arson fire caused extensive damage to the Linguistics building. Arsonists also burned down the Traffic Institute building at Hinman and Clark, and a group of SDS protestors tore up the NROTC offices...MORE FROM THIS SOURCE...

A founder of the Weatherman group, Bernardine Dohrn was a member of the “Weather Bureau”. Larry Grathwohl, an FBI informant who was with the Weatherman from 1969 through 1970, considered Dohrn one of the two top leaders of the organization, along with Bill Ayers.

FOX NEWS, Report: Police Union Accuses Ayers in Deadly 1970 San Francisco Bombing.  A San Francisco police union has accused former domestic terrorist William Ayers, co-founder of the Weather Underground, and his wife Bernardine Dohrn in a 1970 bombing that killed one sergeant, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

The union, in a letter to a conservative organization lobbying for arrests in the case, accused Ayers and wife Bernardine Dohrn of bombing a city police station. On Feb. 16, 1970, a bomb placed on a window ledge of Park Station killed Sgt. Brian McDonnell and injured eight other officers, the Chronicle reported.

IN 1970, Bill Ayers and other members of the Weather Underground group set up a bomb factory in an apartment on Pine St. in San Francisco CA. Bill Ayers’ fingerprints were found in the San Francisco apartment when the Weather Underground bombers fled California, the apartment was rented from April 1970 to March 1971.

Bernardine Dohrn was a principal signatory on the group’s “Declaration of a State of War” in 1970 that formally declared “war” on the U.S. Government, and completed the group’s transformation from political advocacy to violent action. Dohrn also co-wrote and published the subversive manifesto Prairie Fire in 1974, Dohrn clearly stated support for Communist ideology, In the late 1970s, the Weatherman group split into two factions — the “May 19 Coalition” and the “Prairie Fire Collective” — with Dohrn and Ayers in the latter. Once a “Commie’ always a “Commie”.

U.S. FEDERAL BUREAU OF PRISONS RECORDS; BERNARDINE DOHRN age now 69, White F , RELEASED 12-23-1982.   In 1982 Dohrn did eight months in a Federal prison for refusing to testify before a grand jury about the 1981 Brink’s robbery ($1.6 Mill) that involved David Gilbert (doing life) and Kathy Boudin (granted parole on August 20, 2003) that resulted in the shooting death of two Nyack NY cops and a security guard.

On Oct. 20, 1981, Sgt. Edward O’Grady, Patrolman Waverly Brown and Brinks guard Peter Paige were gunned down in Rockland County, N.Y. by heavily armed terrorists. The half dozen gunmen — all Americans — were members of the Weather Underground, a faction of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and the Black Liberation Army, formed from members of the Black Panther Party and the Republic of New Afrika.

Ayers said in his book that he participated in the bombing of New York City police headquarters in 1970, the U.S. Capitol in 1971, and the Pentagon in 1972. In September 2001, the New York Times quoted him as saying, “I don’t regret setting bombs . . . I feel we didn’t do enough.” Ayers’ wife, Bernardine Dohrn, was sent to prison for failing to cooperate in solving the robbery of a Brink’s armored car in which two police officers were killed. Charges against Ayers were dropped because the FBI used so-called national security wiretaps that could not be used legally in criminal cases.
Bernardine Dohrn Northwestern University
Clinical Associate Professor of Law. Director.
Children and Family Justice Center
Phone: (312) 503-0396
Curriculum Vitae (pdf) 1991 TO 2011 Northwestern Univ.

Bernardine Dohrn, Clinical Associate Professor of Law and Director and founder of the Children and Family Justice Center, is a child advocate who teaches, lectures and writes about children’s law, juvenile justice, the needs and rights of youth, and international human rights, MORE FROM THIS SOURCE...

Bernardine Dohrn described by former FBI director J. Edgar Hoover as "La Pasionara of the lunatic left," now pretends that her widely publicized support for the Manson Family killings in the '70s was a joke (Charles Manson his photo above). "We were mocking violence in America," she has said. Yet she does not deny her leadership of the terrorist cult the Weather Underground, and none of her comrades thought the lovely Bernardine Dohrn was joking.

Bernardine Dohrn, was sent to Federal prison in 1981 for failing to cooperate in solving the robbery of a Brink’s armored car in which two police officers were killed, now she is a professor of law at Northwestern Univ.

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Tampa Bay Rays 3rd Baseman Evan Longoria's AK-47 Assault Rifle and $56,000 Worth of Items Swiped During Florida Break-In, Gang Members Using Assault Rifles to Battle Cops.

On Saturday March 26th, 2011, someone broke into a Port Charlotte house rented by Tampa Bay Rays players Evan Longoria, David Price and Reid Brignac. Longoria's AK-47 was among the $56,000 worth of items swiped.

The All-Star third baseman Evan Longoria declined to discuss the rifle other than to call it a "personal item." "A lot of people own them," said Hillsborough County sheriff's Col. Greg Brown. "There are literally thousands of them in the United States." Brown said there's no more reason to worry about AK-47s than any other guns. "If you're looking down the barrel of any gun, it's dangerous," he said.

"The gun isn't what's dangerous – it's the person that's holding it." It's not clear how many people own AK-47s statewide – Florida law generally prohibits government agencies or private entities from keeping a registry of privately owned firearms or their owners. Mark Serbu, president of Serbu Firearms in Tampa, said the AK-47 "has gotten a bad name because you see it on TV." But for some, he said, the weapon is "kind of a collectible. They're clever; they're neat; they're nice machines." (they're a nice cop killing machine).  Former Tampa police Officer Kevin Howell said the AK-47 is "designed for warfare – not to be out and shooting squirrels." MORE FROM THIS SOURCE...

News came Monday that burglars down in Port Charlotte had entered through an "unlocked window" the spring training rental home of Longoria and teammates David Price and Reid Brignac. The list of stolen items included iPads, expensive watches, a huge-screen television, and then Longoria's gun. It's not illegal. It's just unexpected.

The AK-47 is durable and reliable. It's easy to carry and easy to use. It's the gun of choice of Somali pirates, urban gangs and Osama bin Laden. Last year, in his book The Gun, former Marine and New York Times foreign correspondent C.J. Chivers called it "a device that allowed ordinary men to kill other men without extensive training or undue complications."

On Monday, in Tampa, Longoria called it "a personal item." "I don't have a problem with people being legal gun owners," said Rays fan Tom Topping, 43, of Clearwater. "But the AK-47 just comes with such a malicious reputation." MORE FROM THIS SOURCE...
1). Recent Posting on L.E.O. Web Page..We (LAPD) have had an increase of shootings with either SKS or AK-47's as the primary weapon. Recently two guys in our gang unit were in pursuit of two gang members, when the passenger leaned out the window and starting firing on them with an assault rifle. Both were caught by K-9 after they bailed from the vehicle. Just wondering if any of you guys (Cops) on the East Coast are seeing a lot of shootings with these weapons? Be safe.

2). Palm Springs Police On Lookout For Gang Member Armed With AK-47.  Police arrived in the Desert Highland and Gateway Estates area around 8 a.m. responding to a report from a resident of a man with a rifle.  A plain-clothed police officer saw a car matching the description given by the resident on the 300 block of Palm Vista Dr., said Officer Rhonda Long. The suspect got out of the car, saw the officer, and ran into the home, leaving a teenager behind along with a loaded, illegal assault rifle on the driver's seat, she said. The teen was later released to his parents. Police surrounded the house and eventually searched it for the suspect, but believe he ran out the back door before police could surround the house. The detectives recovered the rifle and identified the suspect as a known gang member from the "Gateway Posse Crips" criminal street gang.

3). Chop shop operator, outlaw motorcycle gang member arrested illegal possession of assault rifles.  Officers from the Riverside County Regional Gang Task Force and the West County Narcotics Task Force arrested Todd Payne on suspicion of possession of methamphetamine, possession of stolen firearms, illegal possession of assault rifles and operating a chop shop after the 7:40 a.m. search warrant in the 24000 block of El Baquero Road, in an unincorporated area of Perris, Sgt. Sean Brown said in a news release. Officers found multiple stolen motorcycle parts, gang paraphernalia and a total of 16 firearms, including one that was reported stolen ( assault rifle) during a residential burglary in December, Brown said.

4). Police: assault rifles, grenades seized from biker gang members; LINCOLN, Calif. - Roseville police Thursday seized eight assault rifles, several thousand rounds of ammunition, and three hand grenades during an investigation of alleged drug trafficking by associates of the Vagos motorcycle gang, authorities said.

One more AK-47 on the streets for use in the next robbery or cop killing, nice going All-Star third baseman Evan Longoria.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Where's Whitey", FBI Top 10 Most Wanted James Whitey Bulger Sightings Continue In Florida.

MAFIA TODAY MARCH 28TH, 2011....More than 100 former FBI agents, including the one whose undercover work inspired the movie “Donnie Brasco,” are fighting for the release of a colleague convicted of corruption and of helping Boston’s Irish-American mob murder a South Florida gambling executive.

It’s a long shot, and maybe the last shot, for 70-year-old John Connolly, who will spend the rest of his life in prison, barring a successful appeal. The former G-men, who provided documents relating to the case to The Associated Press, say Connolly was prosecuted for essentially doing what his Justice Department superiors wanted: to secretly use mob bosses James “Whitey” Bulger and Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi as informants against Italian-American gangsters in New England.

The retired agents have filed two petitions with Attorney General Eric Holder demanding appointment of a special counsel to investigate Connolly’s prosecution, raising a grab-bag of claims spanning many years, some of which have been previously rejected by courts and aired in congressional hearings. They include allegations of questionable tactics by prosecutors, evidence that a key witness lied during Connolly’s 2002 federal corruption trial and contentions there was a rigged result in his 2008 Florida murder case.

“I’ve never seen them go after a gangster like they have John,” said former agent Joseph Pistone, whose infiltration of New York’s Bonanno and Colombo crime families as “Donnie Brasco” in the late 1970s was made into the 1997 film starring Johnny Depp and Al Pacino. “He was dedicated as an FBI agent. He got all kinds of commendations. All of a sudden he goes wrong? That’s kind of hard to believe.”

Connolly’s own saga also made its way to the big screen: It formed the blueprint for the 2006 Academy Award-winning film “The Departed.” Prosecutors say Connolly permitted Flemmi and Bulger, who ran the notorious Winter Hill Gang, to commit crimes, accepted tens of thousands of dollars and other favors from them, tipped them about a pending indictment and, most seriously, passed them sensitive information about snitches in gang ranks that led to several murders. Connolly was convicted of racketeering and obstruction of justice and handed a 10-year federal prison sentence, MORE FROM THIS SOURCE..

FBI agent Richard Teahan, coordinator of the Bulger Task Force, said that agents received 50 to 100 leads after placing ads last Spring in Plastic Surgery News and the American Dental Association's newsletter with photos of Whitey Bulger and Catherine Greig, urging anyone who treated the fugitive couple to call the FBI.

The last confirmed sighting of Bulger was in London in 2002, according to the FBI. Teahan said the FBI believes Bulger is still alive and traveling with Greig, a dental hygienist from South Boston and Quincy. He said the Bulger Task Force, which is assigned full-time to tracking Bulger, averaged three to five tips a week over the past year. In October 2010, deputy US marshals joined the task force, which also comprises FBI agents, State Police, and investigators from the Massachusetts Department of Correction.
"Nobody outside of Boston really knows who Whitey Bulger is or cares who Whitey Bulger is,'' said Kevin Weeks (ex-mobster), who has co-authored a fictional book, "Where's Whitey?" which is due out in June 2011. "Everyone is worried about terrorism. No one is worried about an aging criminal from America.''
But FBI agent Teahan said the task force won't rule out the possibility that Bulger has received help while on the run and that part of the ongoing investigation is to locate anyone who may be harboring him. He said the manhunt remains worldwide and continues to focus on areas where Bulger has been, including Florida, New York, California, Chicago, London, and Paris. "There continues to be multiple sightings coming out of Florida,'' said Teahan, adding that Bulger could be anywhere, MORE FROM THIS SOURCE.

Where’s Whitey Bulger? FBI Looks to Florida West Coast as Prime Hunting Area. If, after 16 years on the run, James “Whitey” Bulger’s moll Catherine Greig (DOB 4/03/1951) reconsiders standing by her man, the FBI will leave a light on.The charge of harboring a federal fugitive awaits Greig, 59, in Boston.

But Richard Teahan, supervisory special agent in charge of the Bulger Task Force, said investigators are open to negotiating with the bottle-blond, plastic-surgery obsessed dental assistant and her family.“We’d welcome it,” Teahan said matter-of-factly.

Whitey Bulger, DOB 9/03/1929, the FBI’s great white whale wanted for the serial murders of 19 men and women, turns 82 on Sept. 3, 2011. Despite a $2 million bounty on his head, the brother of former Senate President William Bulger has been an FBI Top 10 Most Wanted fugitive for the past decade. The last confirmed witness sighting of the gangster who inspired the Academy Award-winning Best Picture “The Departed” was in September 2002 at London’s Piccadilly Square.
“We’ve got some things going on right now that look good,” Teahan said, declining to elaborate. Teahan said this year has brought an “uptick” in suspected sightings of Whitey Bulger in Florida.

Teahan said the FBI receives approximately 30 tips a week on Bulger’s whereabouts. And while potential leads have come in from Jacksonville, Kissimmee and Clearwater, Fla. – the latter where Bulger had a vacation condo until the feds seized it. Bulger has passed himself off on foreign soil as a realtor. “He planned to flee and he planned for this.”

He stashed money all over the world, and he leaves no paper trail, paying only in cash. Based on intelligence, we (FBI) have a strong picture of Bulger’s personality:
1). He is an avid reader who frequents libraries, an animal lover, and a fitness nut who takes long walks.
2). He is a history buff with a compulsive urge for collecting videotapes and books about World War II and Adolf Hitler.
3). He loves to travel, frequently visiting historic landmarks and museums, and has traveled widely in France, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Spain, and Canada.
4). He is said to always carry a knife.

Bill Warner Private Investigator, SEX, CRIME, CHEATERS & TERRORISM

Monday, March 28, 2011

Florida Beauty Queen Meghan Brown Kills Home Invasion Thug Albert Hill With Pink Gun, Albert Hill Tried to Kill A Sarasota Undercover Detective in 95.

Much is being said about how Meghan Brown killed "unarmed intruder Albert Hill" in the TIERRA VERDE Florida house she shares with her fiance Bobby Planthaber, Meghan even had the nerve to shoot Albert Hill 4 times as he pounded Bobby Planthaber's head into the marble floor.  Albert Hill was 5' 10" tall and weighed 250 lbs and looked like a Sumo Wrestler, Meghan Brown weighs 110 lbs soaking wet.

Let's get real here, "Home Invasion Thug Albert  Hill" was a career criminal who did four tours in the Florida State Prison System.  Albert Hill was a strong arm robbery type of guy who never used a weapon during his robberies, the weapon was Albert Hill's strength, his fists and his "show no fear attitude".

I went down to the Sarasota Sheriff's office today to pull one of Albert Hill's "sheets", the one where he tried to kill a Sarasota Sheriff's Undercover Detective.

At 1:30 AM on 3/22/1995 the Sarasota Sheriff's Undercover Detective was in a unmarked Van doing surveillance in a mall parking lot  watching out for commercial "smash and grab guys" when up rolls Albert Hill as the passenger in a Brown Toyota, Hill gets out of the vehicle, smashes out the front glass door of a beauty shop, enters the shop grabs the bank bag and returns to the passenger side of the Toyota.

The Sarasota Sheriff's Undercover Detective who was observing all this approaches Albert Hill on foot, identifies himself as a Police Officer, draws his weapon and tells Albert Hill to get on the ground "now"!  The driver of the Toyota gets out of the vehicle and runs down the street.

Albert Hill (unarmed) throws the bank bag in the Toyota looks at the Sarasota Sheriff's Undercover Detective and tells him "Fxxx You" and rushes straight up to the Sarasota Sheriff's Undercover Detective and punches him in the face, the cop has his drawn gun on Hill.

Albert Hill and the Sarasota Sheriff's Undercover Detective become embroiled in a life or death battle that finds Hill getting back into the Toyota and dragging the Sarasota Sheriff's Undercover Detective right along with him.  Hill is able to get the vehicle started and continues fighting with the Sarasota Sheriff's Undercover Detective as he is reaching into the vehicle trying to turn the vehicle off, Hill slams the car into drive and heads down the street with the Sarasota Sheriff's Undercover Detective hanging half in and half out of the vehicle, the Sarasota Sheriff's Undercover Detective writes in his report that at this point "I was fearing for my life". 

The struggle between Hill and the Sarasota Sheriff's Undercover Detective contiued until Hill slammed the vehicle into  the corner of a nearby house and additional Sheriff Deputies arrived and put a beat down on Hill and placed him into cuffs.

Albert Hill went away for 10 years for this one, while in lock down Hill did not become a reformed type of guy, he honed his skills in prison, Hill went away at 220 lbs and came out at 250 lbs, all the while lifting weights and getting in fights.

Soooo,  would Albert Hill have stopped beating Bobby Planthaber's head into the marble floor if Meghan Brown had just pointed the gun at Albert Hill and demanded he stop and get on the ground "Now" as the Sarasota Sheriff's Undercover Detective had tried to do years ago, not freaking likely!

"There is only one way to deal with and stop thugs like Albert Hill who want to kill cops and hero beauty queen Meghan Brown did it with four slugs, deal with it."

Bill Warner Private Investigator, SEX, CRIME, CHEATERS & TERRORISM

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sarasota Real Estate Scammer Neil Mohamed Husani Living Large in the Zarqa Trade Free Zone Jordan, See His Photo and Passport.

Neil Mohamed Husani whose real name according to his passport (see below) is Nail Mohamed Husani, he is currently using the name Nael Al Husseini in the Zarqa Trade Free Zone Jordan where he owns several companies. Nail Mohamed Husani was able to purchase these companies in the Zarqa Trade Free Zone Jordan with cash he scammed out of several Sarasota Fl banks. According to a 44-page Federal indictment, between May 2004 and June 2006, Neil Mohamed Husani defrauded Orion Bank, Mercantile Bank, Bank Atlantic, Coast Bank, Fifth/Third Bank, Wachovia Bank and First State Bank out of $82.8 Million.

Florida's Gulf Coast was crawling with shady real estate investors like Neil Husani during this decade's housing boom. According to the U.S. Attorney's office in Tampa, Husani and three co-conspirators working with his Sarasota-based Capital Force, Inc., ran a mortgage fraud scheme. The Capital Force, Inc group bought up dozens of properties, used false information to secure mortgages far in excess of the actual property values, then pocketed the difference, which amounted to more than $40 million. The properties went into foreclosure and the banks, as well as the surrounding communities, were left holding the bag. Two of Husani's partners recently pleaded guilty to the conspiracy; another was convicted, Husani is living large in Jordan.

Sarasota Flipper Neil Husani arrested and relesed on bond in Amman Jordan “skipped” and is now a wanted fugitive“. Neil Husani was last known to be in Amman, Jordan where he was arrested and released on bail in early 2009, it was heard to be a $50,000 bail bond.  Neil Husani aka Nail Hussani obtained a duplicate Venezula passport at the Venezula Embassy in Amman Jordan in 2008, see above,, the passport photo shows Neil Hasani wearing glasses, wonder who he knows in the Venezula Embassy, the FBI was looking for Husanin in 2008. On one of the first Neil Mohamed Husani arrest records on 12/10/1990 in Manatee County FL, he was correctly listed as Nail Mohamed Husani DOB 11/20/1970, this is a match for his current Venezula passport, see above, see Manatee County court records  DRIVING WHILE LICENSE SUSPENDED click here. Information in this report has been forwarded to the Tampa FBI office. The Az Zarqa Free Zone lies 45 miles northeast of Amman Jordan, along a route which connects Jordan with neighboring countries of Syria and Iraq. It covers 6 million square miles and houses about 65 licensed industrial companies and more than 175 warehouses.

Foreign and local companies established in free zones enjoy the following incentives and exemptions:
1). The profits of projects operating in the free zones are exempt from income and social affairs taxes for a period of 12 years.
2). Salaries and bonuses of non-Jordanian employees (Nail Husani) working in the free zones are exempt from income and social affairs taxes.
3). All commodities imported or exported through the free zones and bound for external markets are exempt from customs, imports and all other taxes and fees.
4). Constructions erected in the free zones are exempt from license fees, and land is exempt from property taxes.
5). The transfer of capital invested in the free zones and the profits accrued from them is permitted to anywhere outside Jordan, without any constraints or restrictions.
7).The products of free zone industries are exempt from customs fees in the case of offering them for consumption in the local market, limited by the cost of the local material and the expenses which go into their manufacture.

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