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Saturday, February 26, 2011

UHURUS aka BLACK PANTHERS Website That Advocates "Killing Cops" In St Pete Fl Needs To Be Shut Down, Now!

UHURUS.....Raise up Hydra Lacy! Raise up cop killer Hydra Lacy! Raise up resistance to colonial occupation!  See UHURU propaganda video with ex Black Panther Joe Waller, click here on their website . "On January 24, 2011, Hydra Lacy was killed as police came to his home to take him to join the more than one million African people held captive in U.S. prisons — but not before two St. Petersburg police lay dead and a U.S. marshal wounded. More than 100 police from various state and federal agencies were also held off outside his home for several hours."

In 1996 Omali Yeshitela’s office on the second floor of the Uhuru gym at 1245 18th Ave. S in St Pete Fl was lined with books — on black history, socialism, revolution.  One shelf contains a set of writings by Vladimir Lenin. On the wall hangs a framed, yellowing poster of Lenin in a dramatic pose with an exhortation in Slavic lettering below. On the right of Omali Yeshitela’s desk is a small, yellow square of paper imprinted with: “F— the Pigs.”

UHURU InPDUM Convention 2011, Shooting of police in Florida part of growing trend of African resistance to occupation, it's ok to kill cops.

UHURUS ..The African community in St. Petersburg, Florida is under siege after a cop in St. Petersburg, Florida was shot and killed on Monday, February 21.  Two cops, David Crawford and Donald Ziglar, reportedly came to 2nd Avenue South and 8th Street South at 10:30pm after allegedly getting a call that someone in the area had a brick.   According to the police, a few minutes later, shots rang out and Crawford was hit multiple times from close range (in the head). It’s not clear what the other cop did during the incident, but he was not injured. Cops have locked down the African community and are engaged in what can only be described as collective punishment.

Update: Since this story was initially published, police announced the "surrender" of a 16-year-old African youth, following an interrogation in which neither his parents nor a lawyer were present. For a full summation, tune-in to Sunday, Feb. 27 at 4pm Eastern for an open community meeting which will be videocast live.


UHURUS....Point Eight of the Working Platform of the African People’s Socialist Party explains this relationship the police have with the African community:  We want the immediate withdrawal of the U.S. police from our oppressed and exploited communities. We believe that the various U.S. police agencies, which occupy our communities, are arms of the U.S. colonialist state, which is responsible for keeping our people enslaved and terrorized. We believe that the U.S. police agencies do not serve us, but instead represent the first line of U.S. defense against the just struggle of our people for peace, dignity and a socialist democracy.

Therefore, we believe the U.S. police is an illegitimate standing army, a colonial army in the African community and must withdraw immediately from our community, (OR ELSE) to be replaced by our liberation forces whose struggles in defense of our community and against our oppression demonstrate their loyalty to our community and their willingness to serve in its interest.”

UHURUS aka BLACK PANTHERS Website That Advocates "Killing Cops" In St Pete Fl Needs To Be Shut Down, Now!
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"Discerning Software"
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"Discerning Software"
Mark D. Anderson email (
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Discerning Software
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CONTACT Mark D. Anderson's Home; PH.  415-626-0656.  I have spent most of my professional career consulting, although I did spend several years working at Pure Software/Atria/Rational. I was Principal Engineer there. As a consultant I have worked with dotcoms (eBay, Lycos, PlaceWare), large enterprise organizations (Kaiser Permanente), and venture firms (Foundation Capital).  Earlier, I obtained graduate degrees from Berkeley and MIT.  I live in San Francisco, and can be reached at:

Companies; •Discerning Software Corporation - The one-person corporation that I consult as. Some particular strengths are technical due diligence, load testing, web application architecture, and engineering tools and process.
Activism; These are organizations that I support (and in some cases help with hosting  ):
•Solidarity for Africa
•International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement

The Black Militant UHURU website that advocates the killing of cops and the destruction of the US Government is no different that radical militant Islamic websites hosted in the USA that also seek the destruction of the US Government.  I have been able to shut down radical militant Islamic websites hosted in Tampa, Phoenix, Boston  and New York City.

THE “POWER OF THE PRESS” HAS BEEN AIDING PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR BILL WARNER IN SHUTTING DOWN JIHAD TERROR WEBSITES HOSTED IN THE USA DURING 2008 & 2009 and 2010.  Investigator Links 3rd Jihadist Web Site To Tampa Host, By HOWARD ALTMAN, The Tampa Tribune, Published: February 22, 2008, Tampa continues to be the focus of an international game of Internet whack-a-mole between jihadists who put up Web sites and organizations and individuals who try to shut them down. For the third time in a month, Sarasota-based private investigator Bill Warner has tracked to a Tampa hosting company what investigators call a significant Web site used by jihadists for communications, recruitment and fundraising. The company is based in the same building as the U.S. attorney's office.

Cyber Vigilantes Track Extremist Web Sites, March 22, 2008, By Carmen Gentile FOX News; Cyber vigilantes typically troll the Internet, searching message boards, Web sites and media sharing sites for incendiary postings from people with ties to terror groups like Al Qaeda. One of them is Bill Warner, a Sarasota, Fla.-based private investigator and a self-proclaimed cyber-crusader. Just last month alone, Warner was instrumental in helping shut down three Web sites hosted by a Tampa Internet service provider (ISP) that contained text, images and video related to attacks on U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Bill Warner Private Investigator, SEX, CRIME, CHEATERS & TERRORISM.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another Scammer Lays Waste to Sarasota Fl, Sanborn Film Studios Has History Of Lawsuits and Jail Time For Fraud, County Gave Them $717,000 After Googling Them.

Sanborn Studios’ key players have rocky bios,  Behind Sanborn Studios, Kenneth Sanborn, Karinne Behr and her brother, Philippe Martinez, are multiple bankruptcy filings and huge flops in Hollywood, a string of high-profile lawsuits and one member with a criminal fraud conviction, are you kidding me and Sarasota County gave them $717,000 after Jeanne Corcoran, director of the Sarasota County Film & Entertainment Office, "Googled Them" as a background check, what a freakin idiot !

Jeanne Corcoran is not the first one in Sarasota to be scammed, other Sarasota scammers are Neil Husani, Daniel Prewitt and Art Nadel, no one bothered to check out their criminal backgrounds either, any private investigator could have done a background check for under $200 and discoverd all the dirt on these guys and saved everyone $$$$$Millions.  I have received phone calls from Lawyers in other states who wanted Kenneth Sanborn's cell phone number and a "good address".

Why Have So Many Scammers Like Daniel Prewett, Neil Husani, Art Nadel and Gary Brown Been Able to Steal Over $500 Million From Banks And Residents of Sarasota FL ? What is it, the high heat and humidity or the salt air from the Gulf of Mexico that makes normally sane individuals and banks in Sarasota turn over hundreds of thousands of dollars to men, some who have criminal records, to make investments without checking them out?

Kenneth Sanborn, the Sanborn studio’s chief executive officer; Behr, the studio’s president; and Martinez, executive producer of “Miami 24/7,” are not the only ones with a vested interest in the outcome. So do Sarasota County taxpayers, whose money has been pledged by local economic development officials to help launch Sanborn Studios.

Sanborn Studios’ genesis dates back to 1987, when Sanborn -- a former ABC cameraman in New York -- started a company in New Jersey called Aerial Films Inc. The company filmed commercials and special events using stabilized cameras mounted to helicopters.

But after filing for bankruptcy in 1999 and emerging from bankruptcy reorganization, Aerial Films relocated to Sarasota in 2000. Just three years later, the company was back in bankruptcy court. Shortly before seeking Chapter 11 reorganization a second time, Aerial sold most of its assets to a startup called Gyrocam Systems. One of Gyrocam’s owners was Sanborn, incorporation records show.

With few assets in Aerial’s name, the bankruptcy court converted the case to a Chapter 7 liquidation. Its long journey through the courts did not end until last July, when the trustee reported he had recovered just $224,000 for creditors who were owed millions.

Philippe Martinez surfaced in Los Angeles in the early 1990s, when he started Ulysse Entertainment, a film sales company. But its demise and an investor lawsuit led to a French court convicting him in absentia of fraud.

Philippe Martinez served six months in a French jail in 1999 after spending 14 months in a U.S. detention center for overstaying his visa, according to the Los Angeles Times and other media reports. It was around that time that his sister, Karinne Behr, became an officer at the newly formed B/M Studios (later renamed Bauer Martinez Studios). But the Tampa Bay area was not far from their minds.

In 2005, Martinez bought the rights to “Crash Bandits” from producers Dale Rosenbloom and Mark Yellen for $250,000, and assembled some A-list talent for it: “Die Hard” director John McTiernan, actor Hayden Christensen of Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader fame, and his brother, producer Tove Christensen. Then came the lawsuits.Rosenbloom and Yellen sued Martinez in 2006 in Los Angeles Superior Court, saying he still owed them $115,000. The case later was settled out of court.

The Christensens sued last year, accusing Martinez of fraudulently inducing them into several contracts with three of his companies, then breaking those contracts by not paying the brothers. The Christensens’ suit also claimed Martinez lied when he told them he had secured $250 million to finance, produce and distribute films.

The brothers said that, had they known otherwise, they would not have agreed to appear in and co-produce “Crash Bandits” or give Martinez first-look rights to finance, produce and distribute movies by their production company. The suit claimed Martinez owed the brothers more than $2.6 million but that they agreed to settle for $638,888, which Martinez did not pay.

Jeanne Corcoran, director of the Sarasota County Film & Entertainment Office, said her office researched Sanborn, Behr and Martinez’s backgrounds using Google, the Internet Movie Database ( and other sources before making an incentive offer. She said she has met Behr but doesn’t recall ever meeting Martinez.

Corcoran said her searches did not turn up a 2008 Entertainment Weekly story that noted Martinez’s fraud conviction and Bauer Martinez Studios having “racked up a $100 million debt.” Links to similar stories by other media outlets, including the Los Angeles Times, can be found via a cursory Google search.

Sanborn Studios LLC is currently being sued in Sarasota County Small Claims Court by ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS INC, they also filed a lien of the Sanborn Studios property in Lakewood Ranch;
Uniform Case Number 582011SC0001510000NC
Filing Type Small Claims Between $500.01-$2,500

Bill Warner Private Investigator, SEX, CRIME, CHEATERS & TERRORISM

Saudi National Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari Arrested in Texas on Charges of Attempted Use of Weapon of Mass Destruction To Kill Pres George Bush "it is time for Jihad", see photo.

WASHINGTON – Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari, 20, a citizen of Saudi Arabia and resident of Lubbock, Texas, was arrested late yesterday by FBI agents in Texas on a federal charge of attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction in connection with his alleged purchase of chemicals and equipment necessary to make an improvised explosive device (IED) and his research of potential U.S. targets.

The arrest and the criminal complaint, which was unsealed in the Northern District of Texas, were announced by David Kris, Assistant Attorney General for National Security; James T. Jacks, U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Texas; and Robert E. Casey Jr., Special Agent in Charge of the FBI Dallas Field Division.
Aldawsari is expected to make his initial appearance in federal court in Lubbock at 9:00 a.m. on Friday morning. Aldawsari, who was lawfully admitted into the United States in 2008 on a student visa and is enrolled at South Plains College near Lubbock, faces a maximum sentence of life in prison and a $250,000 fine if convicted of attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction.
According to the affidavit filed in support of the complaint, Aldawsari has been researching online how to construct an IED using several chemicals as ingredients. He has also acquired or taken a substantial step toward acquiring most of the ingredients and equipment necessary to construct an IED and he has conducted online research of several potential U.S. targets, the affidavit alleges. In addition, he has allegedly described his desire for violent jihad and martyrdom in blog postings and a personal journal.

"Yesterday's arrest demonstrates the need for and the importance of vigilance and the willingness of private individuals and companies to ask questions and contact the authorities when confronted with suspicious activities. Based upon reports from the public, Aldawsari's plot was uncovered and thwarted. We're confident we have neutralized the alleged threat posed by this defendant. Those reports resulted in the initiation of a complex and far-reaching investigation requiring almost around the clock work by hundreds of dedicated FBI agents, analysts, prosecutors and others. Their effort is another example of the work being done to protect our country and its citizens. These individuals are deserving of our respect and gratitude," said U.S. Attorney Jacks.

"This arrest and criminal charge is a result of the success of the FBI's counterterrorism strategy, which is to detect, penetrate, and disrupt terrorist plots in the United States and against U.S. interests abroad. In this case, FBI Agents and other FBI experts worked tirelessly to neutralize the imminent terrorist threat described in the criminal complaint. The public can be justifiably proud of the national security expertise shown by the FBI in this investigation," said Special Agent in Charge Casey.
Purchases of Chemical Ingredients and Other Equipment; The affidavit alleges that on Feb. 1, 2011, a chemical supplier reported to the FBI a suspicious attempted purchase of concentrated phenol by a man identifying himself as Khalid Aldawsari. According to the affidavit, phenol is a toxic chemical with legitimate uses, but can also be used to make the explosive trinitrophenol, also known as T.N.P., or picric acid. The affidavit alleges that other ingredients typically used with phenol to make picric acid, or T.N.P., are concentrated sulfuric and nitric acids.

Aldawsari allegedly attempted to have the phenol order shipped to a freight company so it could be held for him there, but the freight company returned the order to the supplier and called the police. Later, Aldawsari falsely told the supplier he was associated with a university and wanted the phenol for "off-campus, personal research." Frustrated by questions being asked over his phenol order, Aldawsari cancelled his order and later e-mailed himself instructions for producing phenol. The affidavit alleges that in December 2010, he successfully purchased concentrated nitric and sulfuric acids.
According to the affidavit, legally authorized electronic surveillance revealed that Aldawsari used various e-mail accounts in researching explosives and targets, and often sent emails to himself as part of this process. On Feb. 11, 2011, for instance, he allegedly e-mailed himself a recipe for picric acid, which the e-mail describes as a "military explosive." He also allegedly sent himself an e-mail on Oct. 19, 2010 that contained information on the material required for Nitro Urea, how to prepare it, and the advantages of using it.
The affidavit alleges that Aldawsari also e-mailed himself instructions on how to convert a cellular phone into a remote detonator and how to prepare a booby-trapped vehicle using items available in every home. One e-mail allegedly contained a message stating that "one operation in the land of the infidels is equal to ten operations against occupying forces in the land of the Muslims." During December 2010 and January 2011, Aldawsari allegedly purchased many other items, including a gas mask, a Hazmat suit, a soldering iron kit, glass beakers and flasks, wiring, a stun gun, clocks and a battery tester.
Searches of Aldawsari's Residence; Two legally authorized searches of Aldawsari's apartment conducted by the FBI in February 2011 indicated that the concentrated sulfuric and nitric acids; the beakers and flasks; wiring; Hazmat suit; and clocks were present in Aldawsari's residence.
FBI agents also found a notebook at Aldawsari's residence that appeared to be a diary or journal. According to the affidavit, excerpts from the journal indicate that Aldawsari had been planning to commit a terrorist attack in the United States for years. One entry describes how Aldawsari sought and obtained a particular scholarship because it allowed him to come directly to the United State and helped him financially, which he said "will help tremendously in providing me with the support I need for Jihad." The entry continues: "And now, after mastering the English language, learning how to build explosives and continuous planning to target the infidel Americans, it is time for Jihad."
In another entry, Aldawsari allegedly wrote that he was near to reaching his goal and near to getting weapons to use against infidels and their helpers. He also listed a "synopsis of important steps" that included obtaining a forged U.S. birth certificate; renting a car; using different driver's licenses for each car rented; putting bombs in cars and taking them to different places during rush hour; and leaving the city for a safe place.
Research on Potential Targets; According to the affidavit, Aldawsari conducted research on various targets and e-mailed himself information on these locations and people. One of the documents he sent himself, with the subject line listed as "Targets," allegedly contained the names and home addresses of three American citizens who had previously served in the U.S. military and had been stationed for a time at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.
In another e-mail titled "NICE TARGETS 01," Aldawsari allegedly sent himself the names of 12 reservoir dams in Colorado and California. In another e-mail to himself, titled "NICE TARGETS," he listed two categories of targets: hydroelectric dams and nuclear power plants. On Feb. 6, 2011, the affidavit alleges, Aldawsari sent himself an e-mail titled "Tyrant's House," in which he listed the Dallas address for former President George W. Bush. The affidavit also alleges that Aldawsari conducted research that could indicate his consideration of the use of infant dolls to conceal explosives and possible targeting of a nightclub with an explosive concealed in a backpack.
The affidavit also alleges that Aldawsari created a blog in which he posted extremist messages. In one posting, he expressed dissatisfaction with current conditions of Muslims and vowed jihad and martyrdom. "You who created mankind….grant me martyrdom for Your sake and make jihad easy for me only in Your path," he wrote.

This case was investigated by the FBI's Dallas Joint Terrorism Task Force, with assistance from the Lubbock Police Department. The prosecution is being handled by Assistant U.S. Attorneys Richard Baker and Denise Williams from the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Northern District of Texas, and Trial Attorney David Cora from the Counterterrorism Section of the Justice Department's National Security Division.


Bill Warner Private Investigator, SEX, CRIME, CHEATERS & TERRORISM

"I don't care if you're Lindsay Lohan" If you plead this stolen necklace case is in front of me you are going to jail says Judge, Lindsay Lohan had posed nude for NY Mag.

NY POST..Lindsay Lohan turned heads yesterday as she strutted into to court in a sexy, cleav age-baring Cha nel blouse -- only to hear a California judge tell her that her next fashion statement could be prison stripes.

Judge Keith Schwartz warned the frequently soused star he'd throw the book at her if she takes a plea bargain or pleads no contest to charges she ripped off a $2,500 necklace from a posh LA jewelry store last month.   "If you plead in front of me, if this case is resolved in front of me, you are going to jail -- period," Schwartz said.

"I don't care if you're Lindsay Lohan."  The troubled tartlet, 24, who served 13 days in jail last July, was called into LA Superior Court to be formally presented with a plea deal that would settle the felony grand-theft charges filed against her, MORE FROM THIS SOURCE...

TMZ....Lindsay Lohan: I'm Going to Trial! Lindsay Lohan told a confidant minutes ago after leaving the courtroom ... she will not cop a plea in her grand theft case, and she's going to trial ... TMZ has learned.  Lindsay said bluntly, "I didn't steal" and made it clear she will not accept a plea bargain that involves ANY jail time. Judge Schwartz made it clear ... Lindsay will do jail time if she she cops a plea.

May 2007 - Lindsay is arrested for DUI and cops find cocaine in her possession.
July 2007 - Just 10 days after leaving rehab, Lindsay is arrested again for DUI and driving on a suspended license. She is found with cocaine in her pockets and tries to convince cops that the pants weren't hers.
June 2009 - Rumors swirled that Lindsay allegedly stole $400,000 worth of Dior jewelry. She posed for Elle U.K. on June 6 and it was discovered that jewels from the photo shoot were missing.
May 2010 - When she failed to appear at a court hearing, a bench warrant was issued for Lindsay's arrest. She was partying it up at the Cannes Film Festival in France, claiming to be stuck there with her passport stolen.
June 2010 - Lindsay Lohan's SCRAM device was apparently set off while attending a 2010 MTV Movie Awards after party. Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel found Lindsay to be in violation of the original agreement and issued a warrant for her arrest and upped the bail to $200,000.
September 2010 - Just weeks after leaving rehab early, Lindsay failed a drug test mandated by the courts. She could face up to 30 days in jail.

Bill Warner Private Investigator, SEX, CRIME, CHEATERS & TERRORISM.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Radical NYC Blogger Pamela Geller Makes It 2 for 2 With Her FDI and SIOA Organizations Listed as "Hate Groups" On the Southern Poverty Law Center Report for 2010.

The Intelligence Report is the Southern Poverty Law Center's award-winning magazine. The quarterly publication provides comprehensive updates to law enforcement agencies, the media and the general public. It is the nation's preeminent periodical monitoring the radical right in the U.S.

Southern Poverty Law Center Report for 2010, Hate Map New York State;
1. Aryan Nations Neo-Nazi New York.

General Hate
...New York.

New York City.

4. Brotherhood of Klans Knights of the Ku Klux Klan...
Ku Klux Klan New York

5. Nation of Islam Black Separatist Brooklyn New York

6. Nation of Islam Black Separatist Harlem New York

7. Nation of Islam Black Separatist Rochester New York

FREEDOM DEFENSE INITIATIVE (FDI). Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller have joined forces to create a proactive, in your face organization that will get things done.  FDI acts against the treason being committed by national, state, and local government officials, the mainstream media, and others in their capitulation to the global jihad and Islamic supremacism, the ever-encroaching and unconstitutional power of the federal government, and the rapidly moving attempts to impose socialism and Marxism upon the American people, (Geller is nuts).

Bill Warner Private Investigator, SEX, CRIME, CHEATERS & TERRORISM

Hezbollah Working with Mexico Cartels Smuggling Stolen Cars Out and Drugs Into The USA, Moussa Ali Hamdan Was Running The Stolen Car Racket.

FOX NEWS..."Hezbollah are absolute masters at identifying existing smuggling infrastructures," says former DEA Chief of Operations Mike Braun, adding that the group "is developing relations with those responsible for operating those smuggling operations and then forming close relations with them, so that they can move anything they have an interest into virtually anywhere in the world." That comment comes from former DEA Chief of Operations Mike Braun. He goes on to tell me that the Middle East terror group is "rubbing shoulders" with drug cartels around the globe.

Mexican authorities busted a senior Hezbollah operative who employed Mexicans nationals with family ties to Lebanon to set up the network, designed to target Israel and the West, according to multiple reports. The man's name is Jameel Nasr and he was arrested after a Mexican surveillance operation revealed that he traveled frequently to Lebanon to receive information and instructions from Hezbollah commanders and he also spent several months in Venezuela working with the terror group and Hugo Chavez's people. American security contacts say the Mexican operation was impressive and they are seeing some increased pressure on the cartels from Mexican authorities and thus...their friends, MORE FROM THIS SOURCE....

Congresswoman: Hezbollah joining Mexican drug cartels. Sue Myrick demands Homeland Security probe of terror group's presence on US-Mexican border.  Fox News reported Myrick is arguing that the Lebanese militia would soon begin threatening the US as it does Israel. "It is vital we know what is happening on our border, especially as crime and violence continue to rise there and as terrorist plots and threats are increasing inside the US," she wrote.

Hezbollah has been known for years to operate drug trafficking rings in South America, especially on the Brazil-Argentina-Paraguay border, but recently claims have been surfacing that it has stepped into the Mexican drug trade as well.  Myrick said Hezbollah's drug agents undergo Spanish language lessons sponsored by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, after which they disguise themselves as Mexican civilians in order to obtain false US entry passes.
FBI breaks up $25 mill ‘car cloning’ ring, Capping “Operation Dual Identity,” arrest warrants for 17 people were executed in Tampa and Miami, Florida; Chicago, Illinois and in Mexico City and Guadalajara, Mexico. The suspects were accused of “cloning” vehicles, which is making stolen cars look like legal ones. The FBI says that the ring was operating in the U.S. for more than 20 years. More than 1,000 vehicles were stolen in Florida, with more than $25 million in losses to consumers and banks.

Suspected Hezbollah financier Moussa Ali Hamdan arrested in Paraguay.  Interpol said it has arrested a Lebanese national suspected of funneling money to the Shiite militant group Hezbollah in Paraguay in the tri-border area with Argentina and Brazil.  Moussa Ali Hamdan, 38, was arrested in Ciudad del Este, part of the Triple Frontier, a region the United States has repeatedly cited as being exploited by militant groups that "finance terrorist activities." Local media, citing local security officials, said Hamdan was financing Hezbollah, which fought a devastating 2006 war with Israel and is blacklisted as a terror group by Washington.

Four Men Part of NY Muslim Mafia Indicted for Conspiring to Support Hizballah, Hassan Hodroj, Dib Hani Harb, Moussa Ali Hamdan and Hasan Antar Karaki shipped stolen cars to the Middle East for resale, Moussa Ali Hamdan is from Brooklyn NY.  According to a related criminal complaint that was unsealed, Moussa Ali Hamdan began purchasing purportedly stolen cellular telephones from a cooperating witness acting as an agent of the government (hereinafter “the CW”) in or about late 2007. Over the next several months, Hamdan and other defendants — including Hamze El-Najjar, a/k/a “Hamze Al-Najjar,” Moustafa Habib Kassem, Latif Kamel Hazime, a/k/a “Adanan,” Alaa Allia Ahmed Mohamed, a.k.a. “Alaa Ahmed Mohamed Abouelnagaa,” Maoda Kane, and Michael Katz — participated in the purchase and transportation of purportedly stolen goods on numerous occasions. These stolen goods included cellular telephones, laptop computers, Sony Play Station 2 systems and stolen automobiles, which the conspirators caused to be transported to destinations outside Pennsylvania, including overseas.

Information regarding the defendants is below;
•Hassan Hodroj, of Beirut, Lebanon, date of birth unknown, faces a potential 15 years in prison if convicted.
•Dib Hani Harb, of Beirut, Lebanon, was born in 1978 and faces a potential 30 years in prison if convicted.
•Hasan Antar Karaki, of Beirut, Lebanon, was born in 1959 and faces a potential 15 years in prison if convicted.
•Moussa Ali Hamdan, of Brooklyn, New York, was born in 1972 and faces a potential 25 years in prison if convicted.
•Hassan El-Najjar, a.k.a "Hassan Al-Najjar," of Brooklyn, New York, was born in 1982 and faces a potential 10 years in prison if convicted.
•Moustafa Habib Kassem, of Staten Island, New York, was born in 1980 and faces a potential 10 years in prison if convicted.
•Latif Kamel Hazime, a.k.a "Adanan," of Margarita Island, Venezuela, and Dearborn, Mich., was born in 1980 and faces a potential five years in prison.
•Alaa Allia Ahmed Mohamed, a.k.a Alaa Ahmed Mohamed Abouelnagaa," of Brooklyn, New York, was born in 1966 and faces a potential five years in prison.
•Maodo Kane, of Bronx, N.Y., was born in 1971 and faces a potential five years in prison.
•Michael Katz, of Plainsboro, N.J., was born in 1942 and faces a potential five years in prison.

MOUSSA ALI HAMDAN as of Feb 5th, 2011 was awaiting extradition back to the USA from Paraguay.  Moussa Hamdan, a naturalized U.S. citizen, worked as a carpet installer in Cinnaminson PA in 2007 and 2008, and operated a low-end car dealership along Route 130. During that period, he bought more than $154,000 worth of what he thought were stolen electronics and cars from undercover agents, authorities said.

MOUSSA ALI HAMDAN shall forfeit to the United States of America all assets foreign and domestic, including, but not limited to:
(a) the sum of $5,000,000 U.S. currency (forfeiture money judgment);
(b) all accounts with TD Bank including, but not limited to, account #7857945989, and account #7856856740;
(c) real property located at 2828 Cornell Street, Dearborn, Michigan;
(d) all assets of MAH Auto, including, but not limited to, TD account #7857579069, and the inventory of vehicles (and keys) located at MAH Auto 1370 Richmond Avenue, Staten Island, New York City;
(e) a BMW X5 (and keys), VIN WBAFA53541LP26033, (Michigan license plate BTV4740);
(g) a Land Rover Range Rover Sport (and keys), VINSALMF11494A157946; and
(h) all accounts with Bank Audi, Beirut, Lebanon, including, but not limited to, account # 813364.

Bill Warner Private Investigator, SEX, CRIME, CHEATERS & TERRORISM

UHURUS aka BLACK PANTHERS Bring Back 1970's Cop Killing Reign of Terror to St Pete-Tampa Area, 5 Cops Killed in Last 8 Months.

Uhurus (Black Panthers) call for “Open Season” on Cops In the St Pete Tampa Fl area, five (5) Police officers have been killed by Black thugs.  During the 1960's and the 1970's the Black Panthers were responsible for killing at least 15 cops from Oakland CA to New York City, now they have brought it to the St Pete-Tampa Fl area in 2010-2011.

October 1966 Oakland California, Huey Newton and Bobby Seale founded the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense. The Panthers practiced militant self-defense of minority communities against the U.S. government and the Police. In October of 1967, the police arrest the Defense Minister of the Panthers, Huey Newton, for killing an Oakland cop.  FrontPageMag right wing radical David Horowitz alleged that "the Black Panthers " had killed more than a dozen people in the course of conducting extortion, prostitution and drug rackets in the Oakland ghetto, he should know, he worked for them.  David Horowitz was a supporter of Huey P. Newton, and raised money for Black Panther Party cop killers like Shuaib Raheem who was arrested Jan. 1973.

ST. PETERSBURG - The father of a 16-year-old boy arrested in the slaying of a St. Petersburg police officer apologized in court today for the shooting. Nicholas Lindsey Sr. and his son, Nicholas Lindsey Jr., both cried (too bad). The judge said the boy will be held without bail, a day after being arrested on a first-degree murder charge in the fatal shooting of Officer David Crawford.

Nicholas Lindsey, 16, turned himself into authorities last night. He gave police several stories, but ultimately admitted to shooting and killing Officer David Crawford. Nick Lindsey lived at Citrus Grove Apartments, 803 15th St. S St Pete Fl, where one of the people accused of killing 8-year-old Paris Whitehead Hamilton lived.  Nicholas Lindsey had two arrests in 2009 for grand theft auto and he was also a gang member who "always got into trouble."

UHURU NEWS...Point Eight of the Working Platform of the African People’s Socialist Party explains this relationship the police have with the African community:   “We want the immediate withdrawal of the U.S. police from our oppressed and exploited communities. We believe that the various U.S. police agencies, which occupy our communities, are arms of the U.S. colonialist state, which is responsible for keeping our people enslaved and terrorized. We believe that the U.S. police agencies do not serve us, but instead represent the first line of U.S. defense against the just struggle of our people for peace, dignity and a socialist democracy.

Therefore, we believe the U.S. police is an illegitimate standing army, a colonial army in the African community and must withdraw immediately from our community, to be replaced by our liberation forces whose struggles in defense of our community and against our oppression demonstrate their loyalty to our community and their willingness to serve in its interest.”

Resistance is the trend....This police shooting, seen by many in the African community as resistance to police colonial military occupation, comes right off the heels of the National Convention of the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement that was held under the slogan “Africans Have a Right to Resist! Freedom and Reparations Now!”

It marks the second time in less than a month that occupying cops were shot in the African community. The first happened shortly before the convention when two St. Pete Police and a U.S. Marshal went into Hydra Lacy’s home to capture him. In that incident, the two St. Pete Police were killed and the U.S. Marshal injured before he was killed by a barrage of gunfire by an array of cops that included participation by U.S. Homeland Security forces. The resistance in St. Petersburg is part of a larger trend of resistance. Just in the 24-hour period that the Hydra Lacy incident occurred, 11 cops were shot across the U.S. In the recent past, police have been shot in Miami, Detroit, Indianapolis, Oakland and Tampa, among other places.

Omali Yeshitela, his photo above with Black Panther Huey Newton, was born Joseph Waller, October 9, 1941, St. Petersburg, Florida, he is the founder of the Uhuru Movement, based in St. Petersburg Florida, which is a Black Panther offshoot.  In May 1972, after his release from prison, Omali Yeshitela founded the St. Petersburg-based African People’s Socialist Party (APSP), a political party founded on an ideology combining black nationalism and socialism called “African internationalism.”  Omali Yeshitela aka Joseph Waller founded the National People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) and the Junta of Militant Organizations (JOMO) and (SNCC) all similar in character to the Black Panther Party which was organized in Oakland, California, Omali Yeshitela aka Joseph Waller is /was a “Black Panther, HE SPENT SEVERAL YEARS IN PRISON AND HAS A LONG CRIMINAL HISTORY”.

Joseph Waller, aka Omal Yeshitela...A much longer piece on Waller was found in the "Information Digest" of March 9, 1984 in the section " "Burning Spear: African Peoples Socialist Party." It gave more information about his past ties to violence-advocacy groups, crime, domestic terrorist support groups and even foreign terrorist groups in Ireland (IRSP), Palestine (PFLP), South Africa (PAC), El Salvador (FMLN), and Nicaragua (FSLN). Domestic marxist and terrorist support groups included the mixed marxist Mass Party Organizing Committee, led by marxist attorney Arthur Kinoy (CPUSA fronts, NLG, CCR), which later became the National Coalition for Independent Political Action (NCIPA) and the Weather Underground Organization's Prairie Fire Organizing Committee (PFOC).
On June 8, 2010, Uhuru (Black Panthers) leader Omali Yeshitela's sons, Weusi Africa Waller, 29, and Mwamba Bandele Yeshitela, 26, were arrested with two other men during a raid at 2353 13th St. S. They face charges of felony possession of marijuana with intent to sell and operating a drug house, a misdemeanor. Police called the investigation that led to the raid routine, and said several undercover drug buys were made at the house. When police raided the house, they found two pounds of marijuana in different size packages and thousands of dollars in cash, according to police reports.

The other two men arrested were identified as Tyron Jaron Cummings, 27, and Wayne Wells, 29. Cummings was arrested nine days after he finished a 10-year prison stint for robbery and possession of cocaine, according to state records.  The connection among the four men and the house was unclear. None of the four arrested listed 2353 13th St. S as a home address. Cummings listed his address nearby at 2400 13th St. S. The home is owned by a Clearwater property company, records show.

An Uhuru spokeswoman did not return calls for comment on whether the men were affiliated with the group.
Tyron Jaron Cummings, of 2400 13th St. S, in Pinellas County Jail, lieu of $5,150 bail.
Weusi Africa Waller, of 1161 Williams Drive, was released on his own recognizane.
Wayne Wells, of 2005 20th St. S, was released on bail 3 a.m. Wednesday.
Mwamba Bandele Yeshitela, of 1161 Williams Drive, held in lieu of $5,150 bail.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Shooting of Police in Florida Part of Growing Trend of the African Right to Resistance to Occupation Says Uhuru (Black Panthers), Black Male Kills St Pete Officer David Crawford

Raise up Hydra Lacy! Raise up resistance to colonial occupation!  Hydra Lacy is the dead cop killer in St pete Fl, see Uhurus (Black Panthers) video click here.  "Watch this video about The International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (BLACK PANTHERS) annual Convention in Philadelphia February 19-21, 2011. Its theme is “Africans Have a Right to Resist: We Demand Freedom and Reparations Now!”  The brutality imposed on the African community is a regular feature of the police occupation of the African colony....WHAT THE HELL ARE THESE PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT?

Uhurus (Black Panthers) in St Pete Fl are spreading the news that is OK to shoot the cops, "Africans Have a Right to Resist The Police".  Uhurus (Black Panthers) call for “Open Season” on Cops In the St Pete- Tampa Fl area five (5) Police officers have been killed by Black thugs since Dontae Morris shot and killed two Tampa Police officers, Officers David Curtis and Jeffrey Kocab, on Tuesday June 29th, 2010 at about 2:15 a.m when Officers Kocab and Curtis pulled over a Red Toyota Camry without plates.

Omali Yeshitela  (born Joseph Waller, October 9, 1941, St. Petersburg, Florida) is the founder of the Uhuru Movement, based in St. Petersburg Florida, which is a Black Panther offshoot. In May 1972, after his release from prison, Yeshitela founded the St. Petersburg-based African People’s Socialist Party (APSP), a political party founded on an ideology combining black nationalism and socialism called “African internationalism.”  Omali Yeshitela aka Joseph Waller founded the National People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) and the Junta of Militant Organizations (JOMO) and (SNCC) all similar in character to the Black Panther Party which was organized in Oakland, California, Omali Yeshitela aka Joseph Waller is /was a “Black Panther, HE SPENT SEVERAL YEARS IN PRISON AND HAS A LONG CRIMINAL HISTORY”.

ST. PETERSBURG -- St. Petersburg police officers are mourning their third colleague slain in the line of duty in 30 days, but they have been forced to put their emotions on hold as they work overtime to search for the suspected killer, (BLACK MALE EARLY 20'S).

Officer David Crawford, his photo above, was shot Monday night investigating a report of a suspicious person in a neighborhood just south of Tropicana Field - where the Tampa Bay Rays play baseball.

"You have a job to do, you're a professional," said St. Petersburg Detective Mark Marland. "You kind of have to push a little bit of the somberness and the heavy heart to the back."

The FBI, the St. Petersburg Police and other groups also were offering a reward of $100,000 for information leading to the identification and arrest of the suspect.

Crawford, who was married, eligible for retirement and the father of an adult daughter, was pronounced dead at a hospital. Officers saluted the van that carried his body to the medical examiner's office Tuesday morning.

On Jan. 24, two St. Petersburg officers - Jeffrey A. Yaslowitz and Thomas Baitinger - were killed as they helped serve a warrant on a man with a long criminal history. Prior to that, the St. Petersburg Police department hadn't had an officer killed in the line of duty in more than 30 years.

"We're not even done healing from the first tragedy, then boom, we have a second one," said Marland, who is also the St. Petersburg police union president, MORE FROM THIS SOURCE...

Black Panthers Alive And Well in St Pete Fl, Uhuru Movement Claims “Shooting of Police in Florida Part of Growing Trend of African Resistance to Occupation”.
The Uhuru Movement (Black Panthers) in St Pete Florida speaks out on the shooting of St Pete Police officers Sgt. Thomas Baitinger and Officer Jeffrey Yaslowitz. ”Shooting of police in Florida part of growing trend of African resistance to occupation“, Uhuru News, Published Jan 28, 2011.

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida — The crisis of the U.S. State was exposed and deepened on Monday, January 24, 2011 as one African man killed two local police, wounded a U.S. marshal and held off more than 100 police from various state and federal police agencies for several hours. Earlier that morning, a U.S. marshal and two local police came to the home of 39-year-old Hydra Lacy to arrest him, and he apparently had determined that he was not going to join the more than one million African captives locked up in U.S. prisons that day. While imperialist media attempts to deal with this as an isolated incident, the fact is that there is a trend across the U.S. of growing resistance by African people to police occupation.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Muslim Cleric Anjem Choudary Plans White House Protest With Islamic Thinkers Society in Attempt to Spread Sharia Law in America, Anjem Choudary Links to al-Muhajiroun.

Muslim Cleric Plans White House Protest in Attempt to Spread Sharia Law in America;
Published February 20, 2011  A Muslim cleric who called Americans “the biggest criminals” during a recent interview has announced he will hold a protest outside the White House, according to the Daily Mail. Anjem Choudary, who once said “the flag of Islam will fly over the White House,” says he will lead a demonstration rallying Muslims to establish Sharia law across the United States.

Choudary, 43, called Americans “the biggest criminals in the world today” during an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity this month. Choudary, who is the former leader of the outlawed British-based group Islam4UK, says the March rally at the White House is being organized by the extremist group Islamic Thinkers Society, which is based in New York, READ MORE HERE.

Anjen Choudary's Islamist organization, Islam4UK, has been officially banned. On January 12, 2010 Home Secretary Alan Johnson announced: "I have today laid an order which will proscribe Al-Muhajiroun, Islam4UK, and a number of the other names the organization goes by.  Islam4UK and these other groups all derived from "Al-Muhajiroun," a group that was founded in February 1996 by Omar Bakri Mojammed.

In October 2004, Bakri officially disbanded Al-Muhajiroun, though its members continued to operate under other names. The Saviour Sect (later named the Saved Sect) and Al Ghurabaa (the Strangers) comprised the same members as Al-Muhajiroun. These groups were banned in the summer of 2006. Islam4UK came into existence with the same membership list, READ MORE HERE.

ISLAMIC THINKERS SOCIETY is a group of dirtbag terrorist wannabe's based in New York City they are directly linked to terrorism.


The group’s informal spokesman and the site’s most prolific poster, who goes by the name Mohammed Nussrah, has a personal page in which the group’s anti-violence motto was placed directly beneath a picture of the Koran beside an automatic weapon. After The Observer contacted the group, Mr. Nussrah’s picture of the Koran and the gun disappeared, as did the image of Osama bin Laden elsewhere on the site.
Mr. Nussrah, who is identified on the group’s videos as a tall, light-skinned man, has been identified by the Associated Press as a Brooklyn native, but could not be located under that name. Mr. Nussrah’s profile on the Islamic Thinkers site also links to a personal art site. There, at, are images of dead and grieving American soldiers with the caption: "Say to those who disbelieve, ‘You will be defeated and gathered together in Hell …. ’"

The site also features a map of North America with two guns crossed beneath it and, for good measure, an image with the caption "Shias Are Toilets." (The Islamic Thinkers are, according to discussions on their site, faithful to a strict Sunni tradition, said Michael Kern, an analyst at the SITE Institute.)

One image is a mock advertisement for an imaginary video game, "Mujahideen Strike II," which features an airplane crashing into the World Trade Center and an ax slicing the Statue of Liberty in half. (For good measure, the statue is placed atop a Star of David.)
A woman has led a controversial mixed-gender Islamic prayer service, with organisers of the event saying they are "ushering Islam into the 21st century". Amina Wadud, a professor of Islamic studies at Virginia Commonwealth University said the service she was leading was "only one aspect of emphasising the belief in the reality that women are equal" under Islam.
"This woman is tarnishing the whole Islamic faith," said Mohammed Nussrah, a Brooklyn native whose family originally hails from Algeria. He screamed that Wadud does not speak for pious, mainstream Muslims. Wadud's actions have drawn criticism from many Muslims. "All she is doing is twisting the interpretation of Islam to suit her needs. This is blasphemy, pure and simple," said Nussrah, a member of a local Muslim group named the Islamic Thinkers. "If this was an Islamic state, this woman would be hanged."
I was able to access the Forum Page on the ITS web site earlier this year, before it become password and "vouched" protected.

Updated 4-27-08 - The I.T.S. Forum is not accepting any new members. In order for you to become a member of this forum you would have to be "vouched". This means that you would have to be invited in by a current member of the forum. This is our rules. Please respect it.
Updated 4-27-08 - You must be active on the forum with posts. Any members with 0 posts for 30 days will have their account terminated. The Islamic Thinkers Society advocates violent Jihad in the USA on their "vouched" password protected Forum page.
Page 72 of the NYPD terror report. Al-Muhajiroun and Islamic Thinkers Society Al-Muhajiroun was founded by Syrian militant Omar Bakri as an affiliate of the local branch of the transnational Hizb-ut-Tahrir movement. Although al-Muhajiroun has since disbanded in the U.K., a number of offshoot organizations have emerged.

The Islamic Thinkers Society (ITS) is an organization primarily composed of 2nd and 3rd generation college-age Americans of South Asian and Middle Eastern descent and espouses the same extremist worldview as al-Muhajiroun.

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