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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jared Jenkins Arrested in Manatee Rape And Abduction Attempts Around Bayshore High School Bradenton.

Jared Jenkins, 23, was arrested in east Bradenton on a warrant charging him with false imprisonment in connection with a Nov. 29 incident involving a 15-year-old girl. He also faces a charge of attempted sexual battery in the case, Sheriff Brad Steube said during a late afternoon news conference.

"The (Bradenton) Police Department and the sheriff’s office received information earlier this week that Jenkins could possibly be involved in the attacks," a news release states. "Subsequent investigation led to a warrant being obtained," on Wednesday.

Jared Jenkins has admitted to raping a 15-year-old girl and and attacking two other girls in Bradenton, according to the Manatee County Sheriff's Office.  He has one prior arrest as a juvenile in Sarasota County, authorities said.

Manatee County Sheriff Brad Steube said a warrant for Jenkins arrest was issued Wednesday, and he was picked up Thursday at a home in Heritage Harbour in East Manatee County. Deputies also searched a home near where the attacks took place, where they found items that were used in one of the attacks.

The Bradenton Police Department was looking for a man in his 20s, about 6-foot tall with a thin build. The sheriff’s office was originally looking for someone in their 30s and 40s in the incident Thursday, but on Monday officials said it is possible the suspect is as young as 18. 

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Foreclosure King David J. Stern's DJSP Enterprises Fires 96 More Employees Only 50 Left They May Shut Down in 60 Days, Not Soon Enough !

Sun Sentinel Newspaper....5:59 p.m. EST, February 15, 2011.  Another 96 people who work for a company that provides paperwork services to the operations of mortgage foreclosure attorney David J. Stern in Plantation were laid off Tuesday, a company spokesman said. That was about two-thirds of the remaining work force at DJSP Enterprises, a publicly traded company that serves Stern's law firm, said DJSP spokesman Chris Simmons.

A notice of the layoffs filed with the state indicates that about 50 company employees remain.Approximately 1,000 DJSP employees have been laid off since last fall, Simmons said. Stern's law firm — once the largest foreclosure firm in Florida — has been rocked by reports of fraudulent court documents being filed in foreclosure cases, and it is one of seven foreclosure law firms being investigated by the Florida Attorney General's Office.

The company said in its state notice that more layoffs may be necessary in the next two months, and that the company may cease operations during that time;  "As we make this urgently needed workforce reduction, we also hereby provide conditional notification that further terminations may be necessary within the next sixty days and that the company may cease to operate within that timeframe, depending upon whether or not it enters into certain transactions and agreements," the company said in the notice, signed by DJSP chief executive Stephen Bernstein...Too Bad Soo Sad, NOT!

DJSP has struggled since Stern's major clients stopped using his firm. The company has sought waivers from current creditors to withhold payments to them through April 1, according to Securities and Exchange Commission filings.

Posted: December 29, 2010 by pibillwarner UPDATED Attorney for David J. Stern Law Firm Fumbles the Ball in $25 Million Dollar Lawsuit, The Stern “Motion to Dismiss” Denied by Sarasota Judge.   In what should have been a slam dunk for attorney Michelle Mason representing defendants David J. Stern, the Stern Law Firm and two additional Stern attorneys, a Sarasota Judge denied her Motion to Dismiss the $25 Million dollar lawsuit filed against them by Sarasota private investigator Bill Warner, see court records click here.

UP NEXT.. March 14th, 2011 at 9:30 AM there will be a second Motion to Dismiss hearing in Sarasota Court, this time brought by DEUTSCHE BANK and their attorney Kimberly Gustafson, they are being tried separately from Stern and the Stern Law firm clan of goons, I wonder if any of the Stern goons will show up?

Case Number 2010 CA 010482 NC
Uniform Case Number 582010CA0104820000NC
Filing Type Libel/Slander
Filing Date 10/6/2010


Plaintiff Information;
Plaintiff Name

Defendant Information;
Defendant Name ……….

COMPLAINT Defamation, Libel, Wrongful Foreclosure, Malicious Prosecution.
Comes now the
PLAINTIFF William “Bill” Warner who is seeking damages of $5,000,000 each DEFENDANT(S) and who respectfully requests this Court to find fault and liability on DEFENDANT(S) Attorney(s) and Law Office.

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Detectives Seek Clues on Suspect in Bradenton Child Assaults and Rape, Seeking Black Male Thin Build 6' 0" Tall 18 to 35 Years of Age See Photo.

MANATEE — Detectives from the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office and the Bradenton Police Department met at the sheriff’s office’s headquarters Monday to compare notes on three recent crimes involving assaults on young girls. The solving of these crimes has now become a top priority, said Deputy Chief Jeffrey Lewis of the Bradenton Police Department.

“All of our resources are being poured into it,” Lewis said Monday, just speaking of the Bradenton Police Department. “We have six detectives, two supervisors, our entire street crimes unit, all our patrol officers, in fact, everyone in our agency from our chief on down is concentrating on this,” Lewis said.

The meeting centered on two near sexual assaults — last Thursday and Nov. 29 — being investigated by the sheriff’s office, and the rape of a 15-year-old girl Jan. 31 being investigated by the Bradenton Police Department.

A $10,000 reward is being offered for help in finding a man believed to be responsible for attacking three girls in southwest Florida. The Gold Star Club of Manatee County, which raises reward money for serious crimes against children, announced the reward Saturday.

The Bradenton Police Department is looking for a man in his 20s, about 6-foot tall with a thin build. The sheriff’s office was originally looking for someone in their 30s and 40s in the incident Thursday, but on Monday officials said it is possible the suspect is as young as 18. Anyone with information is asked to call the Sheriff’s Office at 747-3011, Bradenton Police at 932-9300 or, to remain anonymous, Crime Stoppers at (866) 634-8477.

UPDATED Jared Jenkins Arrested in Manatee Rape And Abduction Attempts Around Bayshore High School Bradenton. Manatee County Sheriff Brad Steube said a warrant for Jenkins arrest was issued Wednesday, and he was picked up Thursday at a home in Heritage Harbour in East Manatee County. Deputies also searched a home near where the attacks took place, where they found items that were used in one of the attacks.

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

C.I.A. Agent Raymond Davis Shoots And Kills Two Pakistani ISI Intel Agents In Lahore, ISI Linked to LeT and Al-Qaeda, Too Bad he Got Caught.

LAHORE, Pakistan (AFP) – Pakistani police on Friday rejected the self-defence claim of a US official, Raymond Davis (his photo above) who shot dead two ISI men in broad daylight, accusing him of cold-blooded murder as a court extended his remand.

In a move likely to further inflame ties with Washington, which says the man has diplomatic immunity and should be released immediately, a judge in the eastern city of Lahore ordered Raymond Davis be held in prison for 14 days. On January 27 he shot two Pakistani men and after his arrest told police he acted in self-defence because he feared they were trying to rob him (they were armed Pakistani ISI Intel Agents, ISI is linked to LeT and al-Qaeda).

The CIA has accused Intel Agents of the ISI of "tipping off" militants (al-Qaeda and the Taliban) before the US launches missile strikes against them in the tribal areas.

The US consulate general in Lahore sent a vehicle to recover Davis, but it ran over and killed a third Pakistani man before fleeing the scene. US lawmakers have threatened to cut payments to Pakistan, the beneficiary of $7.5 billion dollars of aid and $2 billion in military aid, and Washington has warned that high-level dialogue is at risk unless Davis is freed.

ABC News claimed US National Security Adviser Tom Donilon had threatened to expel Pakistan's ambassador to Washington, shut US consulates and cancel a forthcoming visit by the Pakistani president if Davis is not released. But the US embassy and the Pakistani ambassador, Husain Haqqani, denied the report. Haqqani told AFP: "At no stage has any threat been made to me by any US official at any level and our dialogue continues."

The weak and unpopular Pakistani government is under enormous pressure at home to see Davis go on trial, in a country awash with anti-American sentiment. About 500 protesters on Friday demanded that Davis be hanged. "It has been proved that Raymond Davis committed murder," Lahore city police chief Aslam Tareen told a news conference, although he gave no motive.

Few in Pakistan believe the reported former US special forces soldier, who had a gun in his vehicle, is a conventional diplomat.  Media reports claim he is a private security contractor or undercover agent. The US government has refused to confirm his name or precise job, other than that he belonged to the embassy's "technical and administrative" staff, (NEWSFLASH HERE, Raymond Davis is a C.I.A. Agent just like what Matt Damon portrayed in the Jason Bourne Series, Raymond Davis is a hero).

ISLAMABAD: The government’s reluctance to free Raymond Davis is attributed to the fact that the two killed in the Lahore shooting were believed to be the intelligence operatives. “Yes, they belonged to the security establishment….they found the activities of the American official detrimental to our national security,” disclosed a security official.

He requested not to be identified since he was not authorised to speak to the media on record. The official confirmed that the president, the prime minister and the chief of army staff (COAS) had discussed the issue in a meeting last week. The three thought it was advisable to resist the US pressure on the Raymond Davis issue and believed the detained American national should not be released at this stage, he said.

He said the government’s tough stance on the controversy was also its reaction to the attempts by certain elements in Washington to implicate the Pakistani country’s top spy agency, the ISI, in the November 2008 Mumbai attacks.
The Pakistani ISI has long been linked to LeT and al-Qaeda,  The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) paper says Pakistan's intelligence service, ISI, indirectly backs terrorism by supporting religious parties in the country. In July 2008, American intelligence agencies said that ISI officers helped plan the 2008 Indian embassy bombing in Kabul. They said that the ISI officers had not been renegades, indicating that their actions might have been authorized by superiors.

BBC NEWS....The CIA has accused members of the ISI of "tipping off" militants before the US launches missile strikes against them in the tribal areas. This was told to the Pakistani Defence Minister Ahmad Mukhtar, who was speaking in Washington where he was accompanying Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani on his first visit to the United States.

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9/10 Memento Purchased by Taha "Saleh" Mutaher a 'Botched' Clue in 9/11 Terror Puzzle in New York City.

NY POST....Take a close look at the date on this unused ticket to the World Trade Center observation deck: Sept. 10, 2001. The macabre memento, purchased by Yemeni tobacco smuggler Taha "Saleh" Mutaher, a Yemeni national, less than 24 hours before the Twin Towers went down, suggests that the ex-con knew about the pending 9/11 strikes, former NYPD terrorism cops say.

But Mutaher, who kept the ticket folded in his wallet and had access to flight manuals owned by a relative with whom he lived in Brooklyn, was never charged with terrorist crimes or even grilled by the feds, the ex-cops say.  "We think he had information that could have been valuable," one said. "We'd like to believe that the feds scooped up guys like Mutaher and took appropriate action. Unfortunately, they didn't do a thing. They were not proactive. They were not even reactive."

The former terrorism investigators -- who busted Mutaher in 2003 but were forced to hand him off to federal ATF agents -- are asking what happened to the Bay Ridge resident in light of last week's news that the FBI has been hunting for three suspects who might have helped the 9/11 plotters but got away.

FBI launches manhunt for the 9/11 gang that got away MOHAMED ALI MOHAMED AL MANSOORI, MESHAL ALHAJRI, FAHAD ABDULLA, ALI ALFEHAIDThe FBI has launched a manhunt for a previously unknown team of men suspected to be part of the 9/11 attacks, the Daily Telegraph can disclose. Secret documents reveal that the three Qatari men, MESHAL ALHAJRI, FAHAD ABDULLA, ALI ALFEHAID conducted surveillance on the targets, provided “support” to the plotters and had tickets for a flight to Washington on the eve of the 9/11 atrocities. The suspected terrorists flew from London to New York on a British Airways flight three weeks before the attacks.

Investigators are also hunting a fourth man, Mohamed Al Mansoori, who they say supported the alleged terrorist cell while they were in the US. Mohamed Al Mansoori, who is from the United Arab Emirates, previously lived in Long Beach, Los Angeles. His current location is also unknown, and US officials recommended that he is put on an international terror watch list because he “may pose a threat to aviation in the US and abroad”. Mohamed Al Mansoori also had listed address’s in Irvine, La Mesa and Corona CA.

Taha Mutaher is not one of the three, but drew intense police scrutiny in the aftermath of the World Trade Center attacks. The 20-something Taha "Saleh" Mutaher, a Yemeni immigrant, was nabbed for running untaxed cigarettes to the city, pleaded guilty to contraband trafficking and did eight months in a federal prison in Virginia, see more info below.

Inmate records from the Federal Bureau of Prisons, (all Federal Prisons in the USA), have no record of Taha "Saleh" Mutaher, Taha Saleh or Taha Mutaher, see link click here, why did the Fed's scrub his prison record.
FOR RELEASE:  IMMEDIATE, Friday  May 2, 2003  New York State Tax and Finance Commissioner Arthur J. Roth today announced the arrest of 12 men on various criminal charges relating to a vast smuggling operation that provided counterfeit and bootleg cigarettes to the New York Metropolitan region.

Tax Enforcement Agents from the Department’s Petroleum, Alcohol and Tobacco Bureau initiated an investigation into the increase in out-of-state and counterfeit stamped cigarettes that were appearing in various retail locations in New York City. Acting on this information, the Tax Department moved from focusing on retail enforcement to wholesale enforcement.

By working with other law enforcement agencies; including the New York State Police, Federal Bureau of Investigation, United States Secret Service, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Internal Revenue Service, Immigration and Naturalization Service, Virginia’s Division of Alcohol Beverage Control, and US Attorney’s offices in New York and Virginia, Department of Taxation and Finance investigators were able to piece together an elaborate black market that moved millions of dollars of counterfeit tobacco products into the State of New York.

Posing as out-of-state wholesalers, Tax Department agents placed advertisements in New York area papers offering cheap cigarettes for sale outside the State of New York and waited for replies. In short order, Tax Department agents were contacted and were asked to supply shipments of cigarettes ranging in value from $70,000 to $350,000. All transactions were in excess of 300 cartons and were paid for in U.S. currency. A total of 71,467 cartons were purchased by the suspects for $2,167,640.00, with a resulting tax loss to New York State and New York City of approximately $2,452,000.00.

Buyers traveled to Virginia where they met with undercover agents and took delivery of the product, always paying cash. All transactions between the wholesale front and buyers were recorded with video and audio tape. The buyers then transported the product to New York State and sold them to retailers without appropriate New York State tax stamps or with counterfeit stamps. Bootleggers often buy their product in Virginia due to Virginia’s low 25 cent per carton tax.

Individuals arrested pursuant to this investigation are:
Aniboris Taveras of New York City
Yusef Rahman of New York City
Dahesh Hamad of Maryland
Amin Hamad of Maryland
Mofid Saleh of Virginia
Saleh Nagi of New York City
Hassan Harajli of New York City
Hamza Zabarah of Virginia
Talal Rafiek of New York City
Redwan Ali-Al Sulaiti of Virginia
Raul Mojica of Virginia.
Pres. George Bush Was the Target Of An Al-Qaeda Assassination Attempt On September 11th 2001 in Sarasota Florida. Pres. George Bush Was the Target Of An Al-Qaeda Assassination Attempt On September 11th 2001 in Sarasota Florida. see link

By now, most everyone knows President George W. Bush began that fateful day, Sept. 11, on Longboat Key Sarasota Fl, but the FBI is now investigating whether terrorists also began that fateful day here on the island.

At about 6 a.m. Sept. 11, Longboat Key Fire Marshall Carroll Mooneyhan was at the front desk of the Colony Beach & Tennis Resort as Bush prepared for his morning jog. From that vantage point, Mooneyhan overheard a strange exchange between a Colony receptionist and security guard.

A van occupied by men of Middle Eastern descent had pulled up to the Colony stating they had a “poolside” interview with the president, Mooneyhan said. The self-proclaimed reporters then asked for a Secret Service agent by name. Guards from security relayed the request to the receptionist, who had not heard of either the agent or plans for an interview, Mooneyhan said.

The receptionist gave the phone over to a nearby Secret Service agent, who said the same thing: no one knew of an agent by that name or of any poolside interview.  Zainelabdeen Ibrahim Omer called Sarasota police on Sept. 11 at 4:07 am, see police report, hours before Bush left town with concerns about 3 Sudaneese men in town led by “Ghandi” who had made violent threats.” see report

"Zainelabdeen Ibrahim Omer, DOB 1/17/1967, see Sarasota Police report above, was living on Parliament St in San Antonio Texas in June of 2001 and appears to have moved to 2566 Hunters Glen Sarasota Fl (apartment complex) sometime prior to the September 11th, 2001 terror attacks, from where he called the cops on his cell phone 941-365-5755".

Several hours before the alleged assassination attempt took place of President Bush on 9/11/01, Zaine labdeen Ibrahim Omer delivered his warning. Its right there in black and white in the police report, which was taken at 4.07 AM on the morning of September 11. see report

The Sarasota police immediately called in Secret Service agents guarding the President, who was spending the night at the Colony Beach & Tennis Resort, on Longboat Key, just off Sarasota.Within hours Secret Service agents were searching an apartment in Sarasota, where they took a number of Sudanese men into custody (see Sarasota Police report 9/11/01 above) . They arrested three occupants from Sudan; they were questioned for the next ten hours, according to one, Fathel Rahman Omer.
Two 9/11 hijackers on Longboat Key Sarasota Fl September 7th, 2001?  By Shay Sullivan, City Editor, Wednesday, November 21, 2001

If three eyewitnesses are correct, terrorist hijacker Mohamed Atta came to the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites-Longboat Key Sept. 7 — the day the media announced President George W. Bush would be coming to the area Sept. 11 to speak at a Sarasota school. Atta may have been there to meet a second hijacker, Marwan Al-Shehhi.

Local authorities became aware of the incident when Longboat Key resident Milton Stein told them of a strange conversation he had with a Holiday Inn bartender, Darlene Sievers.

Stein said when he sat down at the bar, Sievers told him he was sitting in the same seat Atta had used. The bartender then went on to help other customers and Stein could not question her further about what she meant.

After getting the report, police asked Sievers to what she was referring. Sievers told police Atta came to the bar and ordered a rum and Coke. She said she remembered his face because of the sizeable tip he left her. Atta gave her a $20 bill for a $4 drink and let her keep the change, Sievers said.

Atta left the bar after another Middle Eastern man arrived, Sievers said. When the FBI released Atta’s picture Sept. 27, Sievers called the FBI and told authorities what she saw, she told Longboat Key police. Local police left the investigation at that, but a waiter at the Holiday Inn said Atta did not go far from the bar. The waiter, Frank Boyal, said Atta and his companion had the hotel’s $18.95 “Surf and Turf” buffet on Sept. 7. “They were just here. I remember the face.”

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