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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

David Scott Jones aka Abdullah Ali Jones, American Traitor and All Around Deviant Now Living in Boston MA.

Abdullah as-Sayf Jones aka David Scott Jones, a convert to Islam from Florida, became the second amir (leader) of Revolution Muslim (RM) in December 2009 after RM’s founding leader, Yousef al-Khattab announced that he would be leaving the U.S. to Morocco. According to al-Khattab, Jones was only 19 years old at the time.

Now the Palm Bay Fl boy with multiple names is going by Abdullah Ali Jones and claims to be living in Boston MA after leaving the violent Revolution Muslim group in New York City.

The Revolution Muslim group supports violence in order to create a global Islamic state. On several occasions, Yousef al-Khattab, or Revolution Muslim under his leadership, posted online statements that included implicit, if not explicit, threats, particularly against religious Jews. For example, on October 7, 2009, RM posted to its Web site a poem by al-Khattab in which he asked God to “kill the Jews.” In the poem, which coincided with the Jewish holiday of Sukkoth, al-Khattab listed ways Jews could be hurt, including by burning “their flammable sukkos while they sleep” and throwing “liquid drain cleaner in their faces.”

Based on a video posted to youtube, Abdullah Ali Jones  became a Muslim when he was 16 and his main influences were Sayd Qutb, the late Muslim Brotherhood ideologue; terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki, a U.S. born Muslim cleric living in Yemen who has influenced American Muslim extremists; terrorist Abu Hamza al-Masri, a radical Islamic cleric in Britain who is serving a seven-year sentence for incitement to murder; and terrorist and ex-con Abdullah al-Faisal.  David Scott Jones calls Abdullah al-Faisal “my sheik now” and says that his “lectures helped me learn the true message of Islam.”

Abdullah al-Faisal, a Jamaica-born Muslim preacher who served four years in a British prison for urging his followers to kill non-Muslims, including Americans, Hindus and Jews, is the “imam and spiritual advisor” of Revolution Muslim (RM) and David Scott Jones calls Abdullah al-Faisal “my sheik now”.  In his UK sermons prior to his arrest, al-Faisal encouraged Muslims 15 and older to get weapon training during school vacations and to assume a “jihad mentality.” In his speeches he said that non-Muslims, including Hindus and Jews, should be killed like “cockroaches.”

David Scott Jones aka Abdullah Ali Jones claims on his website; Early on I had become involved with a ultra-orthodox movement within Islam often referred to as ‘the Wahabis’. Though they refer to themselves as the ‘Salafis’, ‘Dawaat us Salafiyyah’, etc. I spent most of my early years, the first 2 or 3, within this particular group though often switching between the movements many genres and subgroups.  I had started off a foot licker of the Saudi government and its scholars and ended with being a blood thirsty Jihadist out to devour the souls of the infidels who dared oppose us. My time spent within this movement lead me to become a complete and total asshole.

I hope the FBI and the Boston Police have an eye on this nut job David Scott Jones aka Abdullah Ali Jones, his rambling essays and internet video and Facebook photo postings are very reminiscent of the mass murderer in Tucson AZ,  Jared Loughner.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Inspire's American Editor Samir Khan Gives Blueprint for Destroying Buildings Using Gas Lines And Info On The AK-47 In 4th Edition See Photos, Samir Khan Needs To Be Terminated.

NEW YORK) -- The latest edition of al Qaeda's English-language web magazine offers readers a new fatwa from American-born jihadi leader Anwar al-Awlaki, instructions on how to destroy buildings using gas lines, and a primer on the AK-47 rifle, in what is Inspire's slickest production to date.
The fourth issue of Inspire, a publication of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), the terror organization's Yemeni branch, follows three previous installments in the past year that gave instructions on the killing American civilians, and boasted about the failed "printer bomb" cargo plane plot that originated in Yemen. A young American citizen from North Carolina named Samir Khan apparently began editing and publishing the on-line magazine after relocating to Yemen in late 2009.

In this edition, Yemeni-American radical cleric Awlaki issues a religious justification for taking money and property from Americans and citizens of other Western nations. Awlaki is at the top of the U.S. government's "kill list" because of his operational involvement in AQAP.

"Some Muslims today might feel uncomfortable consuming money that was seized by force from the disbelievers and would feel that income they receive as a salary or from business is a better form of income," Awlaki writes. "That is not true. The best and purest form of income is booty." 


Intelligence analysts are also keying in on the magazine’s emphasis on the recruitment of women as suicide bombers. One analyst who gathers intelligence from publicly available sources told Fox News that the online magazine dovetails with a new Web video where the al-Awlaki’s lectures are used to voice over still pictures of women preparing for battle.

Some of the 4th edition of Inspire magazine articles are;
"Know That Jihad is Your Duty" by Adam Gadahn.

INSPIRE FEEDBACK "With the current media under control of the Jews, it is a great change to have news that are from the ummah to the ummah".

I remember those days when I would research works from Islamic scholars, thinkers, community activists and the likes, whom would give their two cents on why terrorism (i.e. jihad) is flawed. They would in unison touch on issues such as hijacking, kidnapping, 'suicide' bombings, killing of non-combatants and such in order to prove that al Qaeda's jihad against America is defective from a theologically based standpoint. What I felt was that the central issue - what actually makes a jihadi into what he is - was never brought into light whether it be in the mosque study circles or political discussions on live television.

This central issue, as I like to call it, is the pivot of what makes a Muslim begin his journey as a jihadi. No, it is not the mass slaughter of the Palestinians by the Israeli's nor the atrocious actions of America towards the Muslim world. It is not the jihadi anāshīd nor the jihadi films. It is not what you think because the central issue's makeup is entirely theological and fiqh based. The central issue is that jihad is individually obligatory (farđ 'ayn) on all Muslims from East to West until all of our lands are freed. 

But when jihad turned against America for its crimes against the Muslim world, the Saudi’s chose to align themselves with the Crusader’s using flimsy excuses like ‘we have a covenant with them’, ‘they are our strategic and political allies’, ‘they are helping us in this and this, and Islam doesn’t allow us to be ingrates’ and the likes. The jihad against the Soviets, in the eyes of the Saudi’s, was a jihad for the sake of Allah. The jihad against the Americans, in the eyes of the Saudi’s, is a jihad that is ‘corrupt’. We disbelieve in those who believe in jihad for the sake of America.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Mother of Ex-Revolution Muslim Dirtbag Member Abdullah as-Sayf Jones aka David Scott Jones Speaks Out, Sorta.

Yesterday I received a email from a woman named Theresa S. who lives in Palm Bay Fl, (Brevard county) who claims to be the mother of Ex-Revolution Muslim Dirtbag Member Abdullah as-Sayf Jones aka David Scott Jones.  Theresa S. is about 40 years old and lives in the area of Florida where Ex-Revolution Muslim Dirtbag Member Abdullah as-Sayf Jones aka David Scott Jones is supposed to have come out of, he moved to New York City at the end of 2009 and became involved in Revolution Muslim activity there, .

I'm not sure if Theresa S. who lives in Palm Bay Fl, (Brevard county) is really the mother of  Ex-Revolution Muslim Dirtbag Member Abdullah as-Sayf Jones aka David Scott Jones so I will not post her full name, email address or where she lives and who she works for, yet.

Theresa S. who lives in Palm Bay Fl goes on to berate me for disclosing information about her wonderful son, David Scott Jones, Theresa S. says;
Mr. Warner,
I am David Jones' (Abdullah) mother and I am writing you in response to an "article" on your website. I will begin by telling you that I love my son very much and I support him completely. You leave no place for comments on your "true crime" blog--guess being called out on your own B.S. on your own blog wouldn't be good for business.  Unlike you, I have done the research. I have met with FBI agents and followed up on ALL of my son's activities. Mr. Warner, you don't know him. You don't know where he lives. You don't know if he does or does not write for any publication. You don't know what he thinks. You know very little about the now defunct "Revolution Muslim" or his role in that organization, and on and on blah, blah, blah, the rants of a mother of a "Jew Hating" terrorist wannabe David Scotty Jones.

The article I posted about Ex-Revolution Muslim Dirtbag Member Abdullah as-Sayf Jones aka David Scotty Jones is...UPDATE is Abdullah as-Sayf Jones aka David Scott Jones once head of Revolution Muslim Website now writing for terrorist Samir Khan and the Al-Qaeda “Inspire Magazine” In Yemen?

Theresa S. in Palm Bay Fl, your son David Scott Jones sure has this "Jared Lougner" look going on, wonder what his plans are for upcoming events?

Theresa S. in Palm Bay Fl, for you information, just last month I had two interviews with NYPD detectives who are working on bringing charges against Yousef al-Khattab, Younes Abdullah Muhammad and your son Abdullah as-Sayf Jones aka David Scott Jones.

Theresa S. in Palm Bay Fl, following is a profile compiled by the Anti-Defamation League, one of those "Jewish Groups" your son David Scott Jones and his pals so hate that details his activites, you sure did a great job bringing up your son in Palm Bay Fl!

Anti-Defamation League

Backgrounder: Revolution Muslim Abdullah as-Sayf Jones

Posted: June 30, 2010;
Younes Abdullah Muhammad
Abdullah al-Faisal
Yousef al-Khattab (currently in Tetouan Morocco, click here)
Abdullah as-Sayf Jones aka David Scott Jones
Zachary Chesser (currently in prison)

Abdullah as-Sayf Jones, a convert to Islam from Florida, became the second amir (leader) of Revolution Muslim (RM) in December 2009 after RM's founding leader, Yousef al-Khattab, his photo above, announced that he would be leaving the U.S. to Morocco. According to al-Khattab, Jones was only 19 years old at the time.

Four months later, David Scott Jones, who by then had adopted the name Abdullah al-Amin, resigned from the group over an apparent disagreement over theological issues. He was denounced in online posts by other RM members, including Zachary Chesser (currently in prison) and Younes Abdullah Muhammad as an "innovator," meaning someone who adopted doctrines that diverge from the Prophet's teachings. Jones later rejected "the methodology of Revolution Muslim" on his blog.

David Scott Jones, who has described himself as a "revolutionary in pursuit of Allah's pleasure and jannah [paradise]," was RM's representative in Florida before assuming leadership of the organization. While not much is known about his activity in Florida, videos on the RM Web site show Jones distributing literature outside what appears to be a mosque in Florida during two Fridays in summer 2009. Jones moved to New York at the end of 2009 and became involved in RM activity there.

For example, during a November 6, 2009, speech outside a midtown Manhattan mosque, a day after the shooting at Fort Hood in Texas which left 12 soldiers and one civilian dead and 32 others injured, David Scott Jones stated: "the greatest way to strike terror into the hearts of America is to hit them right in the heart, here in the heartland and soil." Jones has also been active in New York since assuming leadership of the group. On December 20, 2009, David Scott Jones confronted demonstrators from the extremist Jewish Defense Organization outside of Yousef al-Khattab's former Woodside, New York residence.

In addition to participating in RM street activity, David Scott Jones has posted material to the group's Web site that echoes the group's radical ideology. A January 18, 2010 posting, titled "Smack The Donkeys Out Of Al-Aqsa," includes a video from Al Rahma TV, an Egyptian religious television channel that often broadcasts anti-Semitic content. In it, commentator Sheik Hazem Shoman compared Jews to donkeys, declaring that "Jihad is the only answer" and calling on Muslims to "kick the Jews out of Palestine." In a September 2009 post, Jones described the U.S. led military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan as "a war against Islam to control the land and the resources of the believers."

In a three-part video titled "My Journey to Islam" that was posted on RM's YouTube channel in August 2009, Jones informed viewers that he grew up in Brevard County in Florida and was known as David Scott Jones. Based on his account in the video, he became a Muslim when he was 16 and his main influences were Sayd Qutb, the late Muslim Brotherhood ideologue; Anwar al-Awlaki, a U.S. born Muslim cleric living in Yemen who has influenced American Muslim extremists; Abu Hamza al-Masri, a radical Islamic cleric in Britain who is currently serving a seven-year sentence for incitement to murder; and Abdullah al-Faisal. Jones calls al-Faisal "my sheik now" and says that his "lectures helped me learn the true message of Islam."

In addition to his involvement with RM, Jones has contributed to several extremist Web sites and publications, including Samir Khan's Revolution blog and Jihad Recollections, an English language online publication put out by Al-Fursan Media. The magazine, which purports to be "the first English Jihad magazine," openly supports Al Qaeda. He also maintains a YouTube channel and a blog.

While Jones has parted ways from RM and denounced its confrontational methods, he emphasized in an April 7, 2010, post to his blog, that he remained committed to the cause of an "Islamic Revolution and the political revival of Islam." In another post he denounced the U.S. as the new Pharaoh.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ground Zero Mosque Imam Abdallah Adhami links to Anti-American Imam Al-Hajj Talib Abdur-Rashid and Terror Supporter Imam Siraj Wahhaj.

Imam Abdallah Adhami voluntarily undertook to design the Masjid At-Taqwa where terror supporter Imam Siraj Wahhaj is the Imam.  Ground Zero Mosque Imam Abdallah Adhami links to terror supporter Siraj Wahhaj.

Imam Abdallah Adhami, 44, links to a series of prior address’s in the USA such as Rego Park NY near Queens Blvd., Santa Ana CA, Englewood NJ, Teaneck NJ and East Northport NY on Long Island, there is also another name linked to his Social Security Number which was issued in New York State in 1983 (appears he changed his name). There are also some legal problems Imam Abdallah Adhami encountered while in Orange County CA. From a background check of Imam Abdallah Adhami there is a phone number linked to his name that appears to be the phone number for the Queens College Muslim Students Association (MSA), see MCN Community Directory – Mosques and Islamic Centers - Jan 14 : 718-592-8126. Queens College MSA. Student Union. 65-30 Kissena Blvd. Flushing , NY 11367.

See NY Post article of Saturday 1/15/2011…Tim Brown a retired firefighter who responded to the 9/11 attacks said “Siraj Wahhaj is as radical as you can get.”

Siraj Wahhaj was an unindicted co conspirator in the 1993 WTC bombings and Imam of Al Taqwa mosque in New York.  He is the imam of the al-Taqwa mosque in Brooklyn, where he provided a platform for convicted terrorist Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman. He later served as a defense witness for the Sheik in the World Trade Center bombing trial.
NY Post article;Thursday, November 19, 2009, Queens MSA features Brooklyn imam Siraj Wahhaj speaking on “How Islam Perfected Thanksgiving” but MSA member says kill all the Jews.  Controversial imam Siraj Wahhaj  who authorities have called an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing is scheduled to speak tonight to a Muslim student group at Queens College on the subject “How Islam Perfected Thanksgiving.”  

Professor Tim Rosen said that at a screening of the anti-radical Muslim film “Fitna” two weeks ago, a MSA member was “laughing” and muttered “good” during footage showing American businessman Nicholas Berg being beheaded by terrorists in Iraq, and that the student was “giggling and saying ‘good’ ” during footage of planes hitting the Twin Towers.  At a raucous post-screening debate with Queens College Republicans, who hosted the film, an MSA member said, “If I had enough money I would be part of the jihad army, I would kill all the Jews,” recalled College Republicans treasurer Eli Karl.

See following letter from Imam Al-Hajj Talib Abdur-Rashid defending Siraj Wahhaj.

Letter About Imam Siraj Wahhaj Testimony on Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman 
November 16,2009
Maha Akhta
Muslim Students Association
Queens College
New York City, NY

I was contacted by brother Adem Carroll of MCN regarding the invitation extended to Imam Siraj to speak to the Queens College MSA this Thursday, November 19, 2009 ,"so-called Thanksgiving", and the last minute call you received questioning the appropriateness of the Imam as an invitee. The questioner identified Imam Siraj Wahhaj as a "character witness for Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, a 9/11 conspirator" and questioned as to whether or not Imam Siraj is the type of speaker that the MSA would want to invite. Unfortunately it seems that whoever posed that question is a victim of media mis-information.
Yours in Islam,
Imam Al-Hajj Talib 'Abdur-Rashid
Deputy Amir
The Islamic Leadership Council of NY (Majlis ASh-Shura)

Al-Hajj Talib Abdur-Rashid has been the imam of the Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood, a Sunni house of worship in Harlem, New York, since 1989. The mosque’s congregation was founded in the 1960s by followers of Malcolm X.  

Born a Baptist in Greensboro, North Carolina in 1951, Abdur-Rashid was raised in the South Bronx during the social tumult and racial tensions of the 1960s. “I was heavily influenced by pan-Africanism, by black nationalism, by the antiwar movement, all of it,” he says. “And then, I became a Muslim at age 20. And it played a great role in my grasp of the social-justice dimension of Islam.”

In addition to his work with the Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood, Abdur-Rashid is also the Amir (leader) of the Harlem Shura, a coalition of seven Harlem mosques; he serves as a chaplain to incarcerated Muslims in the city and state prisons of New York.
Strongly opposed to America's post-9/11 invasion of Afghanistan, Abdur-Rashid helped organize a September 22, 2001 anti-war demonstration in Times Square. On several other occasions, he galvanized members of his congregation for anti-war rallies against the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq as well, coordinating his protests with Al Sharpton’s National Action Network. Condemning what he calls the recent "anti-Muslim backlash" in the United States, Abdur-Rashid is a member of the National Committee to Free Imam Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin (the former 1960s radical, H. Rap Brown).
Charging further that America has robbed native Africans and Muslims of their heritage, Abdur-Rashid writes: "Many of the people kidnapped to this country and sold into slavery were already Muslims. Because he views the United States as a nation infested with all manner of injustice, Abdur-Rashid derides Americans’ annual celebration of “so-called Thanksgiving.”

NY University; Recently, The Narcicyst released an Official Music Video entitled "Hamdulillah" featuring Shaykh Abdallah Adhami and Imam Al-Hajj Talib ‘Abdur-Rashid.  it appears that Shaykh Abdallah Adhami's son produces such propaganda videos in New York City.

"Brother Dash" is one of the most popular and well known Muslim poets in the world. Born in Brooklyn, NY and currently residing in New Jersey, "Brother Dash" has performed on both sides of the Atlantic and has the distinction of having performed in front of over 100,000 people and has been seen in over 2 million households globally in the past 18 months alone.  He has also shared the stage with scholars and lecturers such as, Sheikh Abdallah Adhami, Imam Siraj Wahhaj, Imam Johari Abdul Malik and Sheikh Hamza Yusuf, and Dr. Umar Abdul Faruq Abdullah.

Imam Talib Abdur-Rashid has apparently gotten his back up over our recent revelation that the organization he represents, MANA, lost over $100,000 on its last two annual conferences.  His response is the sort of  typical spin usually offered up whenever unpleasant truths about their program come to light.

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