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Friday, May 14, 2010

Pakistani Taliban Say America Will "Burn" And NYC Is The Number One Target See Anwar Al-Awlaki's "End of Time".

Pakistani Taliban militants have warned America that it will soon "burn" while calling for Pakistan's rulers to be overthrown for following "America's agenda". The United States is convinced Pakistani Taliban militants allied with al Qaeda and operating out of northwestern Pakistani border regions were behind an attempted car-bomb attack in New York's Times Square on May 1.

The Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for the attempted bombing. If confirmed, it would be the first time their members were involved in an attempted attack in the West.  A Pakistani Taliban spokesman, in a video message obtained by Reuters, repeated a claim of responsibility, saying:
"The movement proved what America could not have even imagined ... It was just an explosive-laden vehicle which did not explode.  "But it (America) will see, all imperialist forces will see that it will explode also and America will also burn," said the spokesman, Azim Tariq, sitting cross-legged on the ground in front of a rock face and speaking in Urdu. America's allies would meet the same fate, he said.

"They can neither eliminate the mujahideen nor jihad, nor they can harm Islam," he said, referring to Muslim holy warriors and holy war.  "Instead, they will have to die themselves, they will be burned themselves, they will have to dig their own graves," said the spokesman, sporting a long black beard and turban, more from this source....

See also...Saturday, May 08, 2010, Times Square Car Bomber, Zazi NY Subway Plot and the Christmas Day Airline Bomber Signals of a New Terror Focus On a US City With a Combined Attack.  Al-Qaeda's Spectacular Event Planned For New York City This Summer. News reports indicate hat Al-Qeada has our Summer activities lined up for us, we just haven't been told eactly what those plans are yet, it appears Al-Qeada's trifecta for NYC is multiple car/truck bombs for Times Square, multiple suicide bombers in the NYC Subway System and multiple Planes blown up as they circle NYC for landing at JFK, all planned for the same Summer morning at the same time in one spectacular coordinated attack.

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Law Firm of David J. Stern (DJSP) Appears to Be Under State And Federal Investigation For Fraud, Stern Law Firm Even Has It's Own "Michael Clayton".

A subsidiary of a company that is a top provider of the documentation used by banks in the foreclosure process is under investigation by federal prosecutors. The prosecutors are "reviewing the business processes" of the subsidiary of Lender Processing Services Inc., (LPS) based in Jacksonville, Fla., according to the company's annual securities filing released in February. People familiar with the matter say the probe is criminal in nature.

Lender Processing Services Inc., (LPS) does work for the Law Firm of David J. Stern (DJSE) in Plantation Fl.  Michelle Kersch, an LPS spokeswoman, said the subsidiary being investigated is Docx LLC. Docx processes and sometimes produces documents needed by banks to prove they own the mortgages. LPS's annual report said that the processes under review have been "terminated," and that the company has expressed its willingness to cooperate. Ms. Kersch declined to comment further on the probe.

A spokesman for the U.S. attorney's office for the middle district of Florida, which the annual report says is handling the matter, declined to comment.  The case follows on the dismissal of numerous foreclosure cases in which judges across the U.S. have found that the materials banks had submitted to support their claims were wrong. Faulty bank paperwork has been an issue in foreclosure proceedings since the housing crisis took hold a few years ago. It is often difficult to pin down who the real owner of a mortgage is, thanks to the complexity of the mortgage market. LPS was recently referenced in a bankruptcy case involving Sylvia Nuer, a Bronx, N.Y., homeowner who had filed for protection from creditors in 2008.

Diana Adams, a U.S. government lawyer who monitors bankruptcy courts, argued in a brief filed earlier this year in the Nuer case that an LPS employee signed a document that wrongly said J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. had owned Ms. Nuer's loan.  Documents related to the loan were "patently false or misleading," according to Ms. Adams's court papers. J.P. Morgan Chase, which has withdrawn its request to foreclose, declined to comment.

A Florida state-court judge, in a rare ruling, said a major national bank perpetrated a "fraud" in a foreclosure lawsuit filed by the Law Firm of David J. Stern, raising questions about how banks are attempting to claim homes from borrowers in default.

The ruling, made last month in Pasco County, Fla., comes amid increased scrutiny of foreclosures by the prosecutors and judges in regions hurt by the recession. Judges have said in hearings they are increasingly concerned that banks are attempting to seize properties they don't own. 

The Florida case began in December 2007 when U.S. Bank N.A. sued a homeowner, Ernest E. Harpster, after he defaulted on a $190,000 loan he received in January of that year.  The Law Offices of David J. Stern, which represented the bank, prepared a document called an "assignment of mortgage" showing that the bank received ownership of the mortgage in December 2007. The document was dated December 2007.

But after investigating the matter, Circuit Court Judge Lynn Tepper ruled that the document couldn't have been prepared until 2008. Thus, she ruled, the bank couldn't prove it owned the mortgage at the time the suit was filed.  The document filed by the plaintiff (through the Law Firm of David J. Stern), Judge Tepper wrote last month, "did not exist at the time of the filing of this action…was subsequently created and…fraudulently backdated, in a purposeful, intentional effort to mislead." She dismissed the case.

Forrest McSurdy, a lawyer at the David Stern firm (McSurdy is General Councel for Stern law Firm) that handled the U.S. Bank case, said the mistake was due to "carelessness." The mortgage document was initially prepared and signed in 2007 but wasn't notarized until months later, he said. After discovering similar problems in other foreclosure cases, he said, the firm voluntarily withdrew the suits and later re-filed them using appropriate documents.

Foreclosure mill lawyer Forrest McSurdy calls truth a “technicality”.  Lawyers operating foreclosure mills often are paid based on the volume of cases they complete. Some receive $1,000 per case, court records show. Firms compete for business in part based on how quickly they can foreclose. The David Stern law firm had about 900 employees as of last year, court records show.

"The pure volume of foreclosures has a tendency perhaps to encourage sloppiness, boilerplate paperwork or a lack of thoroughness" by attorneys for banks, said Judge Tepper of Florida, in an interview. The deluge of foreclosures makes the process "fraught with potential for fraud," she said (Law Firm of the David J. Stern) .

At an unrelated hearing in a separate matter last week, Anthony Rondolino, a state-court judge in St. Petersburg, Fla., said that an affidavit submitted by the David Stern law firm on behalf of GMAC Mortgage LLC in a foreclosure case wasn't necessarily sufficient to establish that GMAC was the owner of the mortgage"I don't have any confidence that any of the documents the Court's receiving on these mass foreclosures are valid," the judge said at the hearing.

Forrest G. McSurdy of Stern & McSurdy, P.A. Incorporated by David J Stern, Forrest G McSurdy, Stern and McSurdy, P.A. is located at 801 S University Dr Ste 500 Plantation, FL 33324. Stern and McSurdy, P.A. was incorporated on Friday, October 08, 1999 in the State of FL and is currently active. David J Stern represents Stern and McSurdy, P.A. as their registered agent.Forrest McSurdy of the Law Firm of David J. Stern in Plantation Florida appears to show up everytime there is a legal mess to clean up for the Stern Law Office, McSurdy is Stern's fixer "Michael Clayton".   "Michael Clayton Movie" The Truth Can Be Adjusted Plot: A law firm brings in its "fixer" to remedy the situation after a lawyer has a breakdown while representing a chemical company that he knows is guilty in a multi-billion dollar class action suit.

Forrest McSurdy of the Law Firm of David J. Stern in Plantation Florida shows up as legal counsel for all of Stern's attorneys when there is a Florida Bar complaint filed agasint them.

Chardan 2008 China Acquisition Corp. (CACA, CACAW, CACAU) signed a definitive agreement for a business combination with DAL Group, LLC, a provider of processing services for mortgage lenders and servicers in Florida.   At the closing of the business combination with Chardan, DAL will own 100% of the business and operations of Default Servicing, Inc. and Professional Title & Abstract Company of Florida and the non-legal operations supporting the foreclosure and other legal proceedings handled by the Law Offices of David J. Stern, P.A., collectively known as the Company.  Default Servicing, Inc is now STERN HOLDING COMPANY - DS, INC see Florida Division of Corporations records click here.

Upon consummation of the transaction, Beijing, China-based Chardan will change its name to DJSP Enterprises, Inc. “DJSP” (David J. Stern Processing), and its stock is expected to trade on the Nasdaq under the symbols DJSP, DJSPU, and DJSPW. Assuming no redemptions by Chardan shareholders, the current owners of the company, the “Stern Parties” will receive approximately $111 million from DAL and the right to receive another $35 million in post-closing cash. In addition, “Stern Parties” will also hold equity interests. Kerry Propper, Chardan’s chief executive officer said, “The acquisition should generate significant value for our shareholders. David J. Stern, who will be DJSP’s CEO, has an impressive record building this business by continually strengthening the customer relationships on which it is based.”

Chardan 2008 China Acquisition was run by Kerry S. Propper he has had some problems with the SBA and the Department of Justice as did his father Dr. Richard D. Propper. Kerry S, Proper, Richard D. Propper and Royale Holdings own 1,151,128 shares of Chardan 2008 China Acquisition, they are the majority share holders of the company now directly linked to David J. Stern and DJSP Enterprises, Inc..

DAVID J. STERN LAW OFFICE is DJSP Enterprises on NASDAQ, Major Shareholders David J. Stern and Kerry S. Propper the Subject of Department of Justice Investigation And SBA Law Suit. 
1). Kerry S. Propper was the subject of 2003 Federal law suit filed in Conn. by the Small Business Administration one of his co-defendants was Acorn Ct Investments LP, they all ended up paying the SBA $1,764,333 in total see link  

2). Kerry S. Propper was/is under Dept of Justice investigation with his father Richard Propper. One of their partners was convicted of defrauding the SBA and sent to Federal prison for 70 months. SBA seeks to recover $96 million from Richard Propper and the rest of the crew in yet another SBA lawsuit, see info below……

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 29, 2006, U.S. Files Suit Against John Torkelsen, Richard Propper, Daniel Beharry, & Sovereign Bank Alleging Fraud of $32 Million Against the Small Business Administration.

WASHINGTON – The Justice Department announced today that it has filed a lawsuit accusing John Torkelsen, Richard Propper, Daniel Beharry, and Sovereign Bank of defrauding the Small Business Administration’s Small Business Investment Company (SBIC) program of $32 million. The suit was filed in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania under the False Claims Act, which allows the United States to recover up to three times the amount of its losses plus civil penalties.

The government’s complaint alleges that Torkelsen, Propper and Beharry violated the conflict of interest and management fee rules of the SBIC program by engaging in multiple secret transactions that funneled government money into companies controlled by Propper and Beharry or Torkelsen and his family. The SBIC program has rules designed to prevent the unauthorized investment of government funds in companies controlled by those who act as managers of the SBICs. The alleged fraud is believed to be the largest perpetrated upon the program to date.

The SBIC program, administered by the U.S. Small Business Administration, was created in 1958 to fill the gap between the availability of venture capital and the needs of small businesses in start-up and growth situations. The government, itself, does not make direct investments or target specific industries. Rather, the SBIC program is a “fund of funds” – meaning that portfolio management and investment decisions are left to qualified private fund managers. Small businesses which qualify for assistance from the program are able to receive equity capital, long-term loans and expert management assistance.

The investigation of the fraud allegations against the defendants was conducted by the U.S. Attorney’s office in Philadelphia, Pa.; the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Office of Inspector General and Office of General Counsel; the Federal Bureau of Investigation; and the Justice Department’s Civil Division. The United States has settled with, or reached settlement in principle with, a number of other individuals or entities involved in the alleged fraud.

David J Stern Attorney, Related People:

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•Forrest G McSurdy
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•Howard Bernstein
•James Rosen
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•Professional Title and Abstract Company of Florida
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•Sunset Servers of South Florida, Inc.
•The Harborage Association Inc.

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

FBI Targets Whitey Bulger's Girlfriend Catherine Greig in Plastic Surgery Newsletter Ad Around The World.

BOSTON (FOX 25 / - The FBI is hoping vanity could help them in their search for fugitive gangster James "Whitey" Bulger.
The agency took out a full-page ad in the April edition of Plastic Surgery News, featuring photos of Whitey Bulger's girlfriend, Catherine Greig. The FBI says the 59-year-old Greig had multiple cosmetic procedures before she allegedly went on the lam with Bulger in 1995, including breast implants, a nose job and a face lift.

The ad asks plastic surgeons, "Have you treated this woman?" The newsletter is circulated to more than 6,000 plastic surgeons around the world, more from this source........

FBI PROFILE ON CATHERINE GREIG...Just a quick note on Catherine Greig. We believe that Catherine Greig is currently traveling with him. She was charged with harboring a federal fugitive, and there is an active warrant for her arrest currently. We believe that she is still traveling with him, and I’ll get into her characteristics as we proceed here. 

CATHERINE GREIG background, quickly, is she’s a – she was born and raised in South Boston, lived in a place called Quincy, Massachusetts for a time. She has an affection for animals, very vain about her appearance, had had plastic surgery prior to flight. And she has a twin sister living in the Boston area currently. And again, she has – the aliases that you see are aliases that she has used in the past.

Regarding his international travel and regarding his, you know, modus operandi, as we call it, this slide, you know, shows Bulger’s extensive ability to hide money and to, you know, not so much buy assets as to plan for a life on the run, had, you know, multiple options available to him, but in essence, he would hide money in locations all over the world, some of which we have yet to find. As I’ll show you here, these are accounts that we’ve found, but there are numerous other accounts that we believe that we have not found.

This is a bank account in Montreal, Canada. I should note that Bulger conducted a lot of travel to Canada, was a Montreal Canadiens fan and traveled there extensively, also, as you see, was, you know, locating money there.

Barclays Bank in London – we conducted an investigation which found that account and a safe deposit box in true name, but a significant amount of money in those accounts which were uncovered by us, again, under true name.  Catherine Greig – extremely vain, as I mentioned, animal lover, you know, very – known to frequent, you know, beaches and long walks with Bulger, and was – and is compulsive about her teeth.


The FBI said today authorities circulated wanted posters of Bulger, 80, and his girlfriend, 59-year-old Catherine Greig, around the city of Victoria, British Columbia, last week as part of an ongoing worldwide campaign to locate the notorious South Boston gangster who fled just before he was indicted on federal racketeering charges in January 1995.

Jordan Minter of Russell Books in Victoria said three men from the FBI arrived at his store a week ago. They showed him a wanted poster for Bulger. “I got the impression they thought this person was in town and living among us,” Minter said. “They must have a tip that’s leading them.”

The recent reports that Bulger and Greig could be in the Victoria Island area are dead on with the “Snowbird” profile and the time of the year (Spring 2010) and also the abundance of RV parks in the area, see list at link, most are on the water-beach areas which Bulger and Greig seek, RV PARKS VICTORIA ISLAND

UPDATE #1 ; FBI searches for New England mob boss Whitey Bulger and Catherine Greig in Victoria Isle Canada, Bulger and Greig are “Snowbirds”.

UPDATE #2 ; Victoria Canada bookshops watch for ‘FBI Most Wanted’ mobster Whitey Bulger as “SNOWBIRDS” head North from Florida for the Spring/Summer Seasons in Canada. WHITEY BULGER HAS SPENT A LOT OF TIME IN CANADA.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New PM of England Conservative Party leader David Cameron has branded English Defence League (EDL) supporters as "dreadful people" (thugs) saying he will "ban them" once in power.


Wednesday 5th May 2010,   THE Conservative Party leader, David Cameron,  branded English Defence League supporters as "dreadful people", saying he could "ban them" if he was in power, (he is now, so bye bye EDL thugs) as he stopped off in Dudley during his 24 hour campaign for change.

David Cameron arrived at the West Midlands Ambulance Service station in Burton Road in his battle bus shortly before 12.30pm.  The Tory politician was met by a media scrum of TV cameras and camera flash bulbs as journalists from across the country fought to get a shot of Mr Cameron in the last day before the polls open.  Mr Cameron is currently touring the country in the final 24 hours before election day in his bid to be given the keys to 10 Downing Street.

During his whistle-stop visit to the ambulance station, Mr Cameron met with Steve Perry, West Midlands Ambulance Service Divisional Commander for the Black Country and Vickie Wharton, Group Station Manager for Dudley, before meeting paramedics and technicians.

During the short visit, which lasted around 20 minutes, Mr Cameron said the Black Country was a key area to Conservative success in tomorrow's election, and said he wanted to visit to show his support for the two Dudley candidates Graeme Brown and Chris Kelly.

He also said he thought the party had "fought the most energetic campaign, met more people, done more events, answered more questions and set out the most consistent case for change."

Speaking about the recent visits to the town by anti-mosque protestors the English Defence League, Mr Cameron said they were "dreadful people" (EDL Thugs), who would "always be under review" if he was in power, adding "and if I needed to ban them I will".  However one Dudley resident was left with questions unanswered after shouting for the Tory leader to hear him out as he arrived at the station. 

Mr Cameron said he would answer his question on his way out, but when the man approached him again as he left, the leader boarded the coach which was bound for Wales for the last few hours of the campaign.
Ex-Mob wife Pamela Geller, (see NY Post article Universal Auto scam and unsolved murder of Collin Thomas) and blogger Robert Spencer in the USA support the Nazi thugs of the EDL, what if any credabilty has Geller and Spencer left ?

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