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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Online Dating Goes for the Younger Crowd, 'Matchmaking' in Middle School Angers Parents of 11 Year Old Girl.

Matchmaking Web sites have become immensely popular on the dating scene for young adults, but how would you feel if your elementary school-age child was participating in surveys to find their ‘love connection?’

The Elwood Community School drama club in Elwood, Ind., is using their own matchmaking Web site for fundraising. The Web site was created by the school, and students in grades six through 10 can pay to find a compatible boyfriend or girlfriend, WISH-TV reported.

Parent Michelle Everett found out about the fundraiser when she found a match survey in her 11-year-old daughter’s book bag. The fundraiser takes place without parental consent slips, like most other school fundraising campaigns.
"I don't believe that at 11 years old a school should be promoting opposite sex matching," Everett said. "A tenth-grader matched with a sixth-grader? And the school is promoting it, and it's inappropriate."

Everett saw red flags when she read the survey that said it listed all the compatible matches of the opposite sex. Despite Everett’s alleged phone calls to the school, the superintendent said he has not received any official complaints from parents. He claimed the survey is harmless, and has been raising money for the school for the past 15 years, more from this source......
The dangerous side of online dating, by Gretchen Peters, Foreign Correspondent, The National Dubai UAE.“When we pushed for more stringent background checks on online dating sites, one company told us the idea of asking for disclosure was creepy,” said Bill Noble, the director of the Safer Online Dating Alliance. “But what is actually creepy is having these creeps on your site.”

PANAMA CITY BEACH, FLORIDA // With as many as 40 million single Americans using online dating services or web-networking sites such as MySpace to look for love, it would seem that there has never been an easier time to find a soulmate online.

But experts, law enforcement officials and private investigators warn that the world of internet romance is fraught with peril, ranging from liars to sexual predators and even murderers, who hide their motives behind seemingly innocuous virtual identities.

The numbers are worrisome – and horror stories abound. In February, MySpace was forced to cancel 90,000 accounts on its site that authorities revealed were linked to registered sex offenders. It was a fraction of the 130 million users of the site, but a significant percentage of the more than one million registered sex offenders in the United States.

In April a Boston medical student, Philip Markoff, dubbed the “Craigslist killer” by the media, was arrested and changed with murdering a masseuse who advertised on the popular website’s erotic services section.

Two months later Craigslist was hit with another scandal when it emerged that a North Carolina man used the site to hire a man to rape his wife while the husband watched.

Bill Warner, a Florida private investigator who offers on his website to “sort out the winners from the losers” for a flat fee of US$169 (Dh620), says running background checks on potential internet dates now constitutes more than 50 per cent of his business.

“Usually the problem is that the man is married or he turns out to be one of these crazy stalker people that follows a woman for months,” he said in a telephone interview.

In many cases, Mr Warner said he would discover that men had joined a site using a false name, a prepaid, throwaway cell phone and a phoney e-mail address from free services such as Yahoo or Hotmail.

“There are a lot of people out there who get jazzed up by disguising themselves,” he said, adding that nearly 100 per cent of his cases involved women being victimised by men.

Industry experts say the website is unique in the field for warning on its home page that criminals and married men who come hunting “will be sorry if they do”.

Industry experts say the website is unique in the field for warning on its home page that criminals and married men who come hunting “will be sorry if they do”.  The site recently sued a convicted sex offender in California who tried to register himself as an eligible bachelor.

In some instances, the first date ends in violence. Last October, for example, police in Minnesota charged a 39-year-old man with raping a woman he met through the internet, after he slipped drugs into her drink that caused her to pass out, more from this source..........

Bill Warner Director of CSPI..Covert Surveillance by Private Investigators at WBI Inc.

Al-Qaeda in Pakistan Top Militant Commander Mati-ur Rehman Has a Network of Suicide Bombers Ready For New Attacks In the UK and USA, Links to Najibullah Zazi.

MATI-UR REHMAN, 33, PAKISTANI MUSLIM TERRORIST PLOTS NEW ATTACKS IN THE UK and USA.  The Karachi Pakistani Muslim Who Is Planning the Next Attack on America; U.S. law enforcement officials claim there has been great concern about a "Pakistani" network that could attempt multiple international attacks. Name: Mati-ur-Rehman, Other Name(s): Abdul Samad, Ustaad Talha, Rafique.

Mati-ur Rehman,33, along with his deputy, another Pakistani named Qari Hassan, are believed to be keepers of the "Directory of Jihad," which officials say contains "thousands of names" of young suicidial militants who trained at al Qaeda camps and have since dispersed around the world.
One such young suicidial militant who trained at an al Qaeda camp is the Christmas Day Bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, his photo above, who trained in the al-Qaeda camp in Yemen. Abdulmutallab has provided information about his contacts in Yemen, where an al-Qaeda branch has claimed responsibility for the failed attack.
Another Mati-ur Rehman suicide bomber wanna-be is NY subway bomb plotter Najibullah Zazi, his photo above, a 25-year-old former Denver airport shuttle driver — who receiving explosives training in an Al Qaeda terrorism camp in Pakistan — told prosecutors that he was armed with bomb-making components while en route to New York City last year, but flushed them down the toilet in a New York City apartment after getting spooked by a traffic stop on the George Washington Bridge while entering the city, the people said, more from this source….

See my prior post and subway photos…Sunday, September 20, 2009, Najibullah Zazi, Mohammed Wali Zazi and Ahmad Wais Afzali the Imam of Masjid Gazrati Abu Bakr Mosque Arrested in New York City Subway Bomb Plot, They Link To Al-Qaeda

Mati-ur Rehman is one of Al-Qaeda's Top Militant Commander and leader of a Network of Suicide Bombers ;  "Born in 1977, Mati-ur Rehman, aka Samad Sial, chief operational commander of the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi. He is a Pakistani national, but identified as Al-Qaeda's planning director, wanted by both the FBI and FIA of Pakistan. Mati-ur Rehman, had links with Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, a Pakistani Sunni Muslim sectarian militant group allied to al Qaeda, and is wanted for his role in an assassination attempt on President Pervez Musharraf.

Mati-ur Rehman is known as an extremely fine bomb-maker, he comes from Bahawalpur district of Pakistan's Punjab province and carries a bounty of 10 million Pakistani Rupees, as announced by the Pakistan government. He was linked with the August 2006 transatlantic plot to destroy U.S.-bound British aircraft with liquid bombs.

Suspected for his involvement in the September 2008 Marriot Hotel suicide bombing in Islamabad, Mati-ur Rehman is described as extremely dangerous because of his role as the liaison between Al-Qaeda and the Pakistani jihadi community."

Bill Warner Director of CSPI..Covert Surveillance by Private Investigators at WBI Inc.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Yousef Al-Khattab's Internet War With CNN and Journalist Paul Cruickshank.

Jewish "converts" lead Muslim extremist "RevolutionMuslim" in New York City.

Peaceful preaching inside, violent message outside a New York mosque - CNN headline,

CNN Reports on Jewish Radical Extremist dressed as a Muslim,  

"Revolution Muslim" is the extremist organization (& website) in New York City run by Yousef al-Khattab (Khatab) (was Joey Cohen - Joseph Leonard Cohen), a Jew who lived in Israel and abruptly converted to Islam, (see his photo above), and Younes Abdullah Mohammed, also a convert, they link to the Islamic Thinkers Society (ITS):
Younes Abdullah Mohammed: "We're commanded to terrorize the disbelievers ... the Koran says very clearly ...'terrorize them' ... it's a command from Allah."  Josef al Qatar: "I love Osama bin Laden ... I would like to see Israel wiped off the map: I would like to see a mushroom cloud over it"

Backgrounder: Revolution Muslim, Updated: February 12, 2010Revolution Muslim (RM) is a fringe anti-Semitic Muslim organization that justifies terrorist attacks and other forms of violence against non-Muslims and seeks "the dismantlement of western, secular dominance across the world," according to its Web site. It is mostly active in New York.

While the group is not known (yet) to be involved in any terrorist activity, its statements include implicit, if not explicit, threats of violence and its radical ideology is rooted in the propagation of violence. For example, on October 7, 2009, RM posted to its Web site a poem asking God to "kill the Jews" and listing ways Jews could be hurt, including by burning "their flammable sukkos while they sleep" and throwing "liquid drain cleaner in their faces."

Reply to CNN-By Younes Abdullah Muhammad (RM).'s youtube account featured on CNN; yet again, the "intellectuals" at the propaganda agency CNN, a mouthpiece for globalist corporatism, have spewed direct assaults against our organization claiming that we deliberately strive to incite terrorism.

These increasingly frequent attacks by CNN are but an effort to utilize our organization to create poplar support for continued war and aggression against Islam and to encumber an already ignorant American public with more deception. The reasons for these attacks are multifaceted. Firstly, the tyrant media outlet CNN was confronted and disgruntled by our response to the interview they did with us where we called them out for being no different than Fox News and where we openly challenged Anderson Cooper to debate after he claimed we were "morons." (which they are).

Secondly, the alleged academic journalist Paul Cruickshank who appears in the video, has an agenda of securing additional funding for his work at NYU as he is deployed (albeit probably unknowingly) as an agent (RM thinks he is CIA what a moron) that may permanently alter the interpretation of freedom of expression in the United States. He is busy trying to confirm and document deliberately twisted interpretations of the process of what they term "radicalization."

Thus, he and others like him are presently analyzing the process of radicalization and seeking to elaborate on a report issued by the NYPD in August 2007 entitled, Radicalization in the West: The Homegrown Threat.

The NYPD Report featured the Islamic Thinkers Society (ITS) as a terror threat, ITS links to Yousef al-Khattab, Younes Abdullah Muhammad and

NYPD Report; Radicalization in the West: The Homegrown Threat (ITS);
The Al-Muhajiroun Two (ITS). Although this case did not involve any direct threat to New York City or to the U.S. homeland, it clearly involved the radicalization aspect of the homegrown phenomena. Both terrorists were homegrown in New York City. That is, both became radicalized in New York City to the point of being prepared to commit jihad.

New York City residents, Syed Hashmi and Mohammed Junaid Babar, both members of the New York City chapter of the extremist group al-Muhajiroun (ITS), traveled to the UK and joined-up with elements of al-Qaeda. Both became involved in terrorist activities overseas. 

The Herald Square Plot and The Al-Muhajiroun Two;

The Environment. New York City has a diverse Muslim population of between 600,000 and 750,000 within a population of about 8 ½ million--about 40% of whom are foreign-born. Unfortunately, the City’s Muslim communities have been permeated by extremists who have and continue to sow the seeds of radicalization Muslim communities are often more vulnerable to the radicals’ agenda—an agenda that uses Islam as the center stage for spreading and justifying extremist views.

Radicalization is indiscriminate and those attracted to it include New York City citizens from all walks of life, ranging from university students, engineers, business owners, teachers, lawyers, cab drivers (yousef al-khattab) to construction workers.

The Candidates; Similar to the members of both the overseas and domestic case studies, the New York City extremists were male Muslims approximately between 20-30 years old.
Shahawar Matin Siraj was a 23 year-old Pakistani illegal immigrant at the time of his arrest. He was member of the Ismaili sect of Islam, a persecuted minority in Pakistan, prior to coming to the United States a teenager with his family in 1999. Siraj described himself as having attended Christian schools in Pakistan and having little interest in religion.

James Elshafay was a troubled young man who was looking for direction in life. He was the 19 year-old son of an Egyptian father and Irish Catholic mother. He converted to Islam at around age 12, at his Egyptian father’s insistence and dropped out of school after failing three times to complete the ninth grade. Elshafay spent his teen years drinking and taking drugs.
Twenty-six year-old Pakistani-born Syed Hashmi attended Robert Wagner High School in Long Island City and graduated from Brooklyn College in 2003 with a degree in political science. He had been described by those who knew him as a quiet, bright, and caring young man whose devotion to Islam was passionate but not overzealous.
Muhammad Junaid Babar was a 29 year-old, Pakistani-born man, whose family moved to the United States when he was two years-old. Babar spent most of his formative years in Queens  (ITS).

Babar attended La Salle Military Academy, an all-boy military boarding school in Oakdale, Long Island and graduated with the rank of Second Lieutenant in 1994. He studied pharmacy at St. John's University in New York but dropped out prior to completing the curriculum.

At Brooklyn College, in 2002, Hashmi was introduced to the views of al-Muhahjiroun, an extremist organization. There he became a different person and by the time he graduated in 2003 with a degree in political science, Hashmi had become something of a magnet and powerhouse recruiter for al-Muhajiroun.

The Internet appears to have had the most significant effect on Mohammed Junaid Babar. Once he began his journey exploring Salafi ideology, Babar dropped out of St. John’s University pharmacology program and took on odd jobs, such as valet parking, with no specific career goals. The Internet introduced him to al-Muhajiroun, which, just like Hashmi, became his ideological incubator.
According to Babar, during the 1990’s "they (al-Muhajiroun) had representatives in New York. I was able to meet them on the internet. We spoke numerous times over the phone and there was also a lot of literature available on the internet I was able to see." As a result of this interaction, he became increasingly politicized and began seeking unity for the Muslim world. 

Al-Muhajiroun and Islamic Thinkers Society;

Al-Muhajiroun was founded by Syrian militant Omar Bakri as an affiliate of the local branch of the transnational Hizb-ut-Tahrir movement..

The Islamic Thinkers Society (ITS) is an organization primarily composed of 2nd and 3rd generation college-age Americans of South Asian and Middle Eastern descent and espouses the same extremist worldview as al-Muhajiroun. Their ideology is underpinned by a politicized Salafi outlook that describes the United States as a nation of kuffars, or unbelievers.

They do not respect U.S. “manmade laws” but rather seek to implement sharia and restore the Caliphate.  Islamic Thinkers Society claims that the worldwide Muslim community is under attack by a hostile West. It alleges that the West’s strategy to undermine Islam combines social, cultural, political, economic, and military aspects. In an effort to support its arguments, ITS posts regular statements on its website about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Kashmir, and other global issues typically important to Muslims worldwide.

In this regard, the group’s call to jihad represents a justified resistance in defense of the worldwide Muslim community. However, ITS is careful not to explicitly call for violence (as does

The group (ITS) has a Wahhabi orientation and is quick to impart “takfir” upon other Muslims who they consider apostates. ITS looks to the writings of influential Muslim ideologue Sheikh Ibn Taymiyyah, who inspired leading Islamist thinkers such as Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab and Sayyid Qutb, among others.

Imam Shamsi Ali, Deputy Imam of the Islamic Cultural Center of New York and director of the Jamaica Muslim Center in Queens, cited the Islamic Thinkers Society as a “small organization based in Queens which routinely chooses anger over constructive action.” In March 2006 their intolerance was on full display as they disrupted an annual religious Shi'a Ashura procession on Park Avenue in Manhattan.

“The mischief mongers manhandled a religious scholar, calling him an infidel, and spread materials mocking Islamic jurists they consider too moderate.” Moreover, the small knot of angry young men waved placards which read. "Shia are NOT Muslims!" and "Shia is made of superstitious elements of Judaism."
ITS and other similar organizations ( serve as indoctrination accelerants due to their ability to act as both incubators and proliferators of radicalization. Their use of the English language as well as the internet amplifies their message and specifically resonates with 2nd and 3rd generation Muslims in the West, many of whom speak or read little, if any Arabic. Thus, even in the virtual world, this organization (ITS) successfully recruits, indoctrinates, and trains aspiring extremists.

More info to come from CNN and Paul Cruickshank on Islaimc Thinkers Society (ITS), Yousef al-Khattab, Younes Abdullah Muhammad and  .

Bill Warner Director of CSPI..Covert Surveillance by Private Investigators at WBI Inc.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force Hosts Mortgage Fraud Summit in Miami,The Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach metropolitan area is ranked first in the nation for the number of local subjects named in Suspicious Activity Reports.

For Immediate Release, February 24, 2010, U.S. Department of Justice, Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force, Office of Public Affairs, (202) 514-2007

Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force Hosts Mortgage Fraud Summit in Miami.

WASHINGTON—Representatives of the Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force met in Miami today for the first of a series of Mortgage Fraud Summits. The task force, established by President Barack Obama in November 2009 to wage an aggressive, coordinated, and proactive effort to investigate and prosecute financial crimes, is composed of representatives from a broad range of federal agencies, regulatory authorities, inspectors general, and state and local law enforcement.

The first summit was held in Miami because of the high rate of mortgage fraud in the region. The Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach metropolitan area is ranked first in the nation for the number of local subjects named in Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) filed by depository institutions concerning suspected mortgage fraud, according to a recent Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) study. And according to FinCEN data, Florida has consistently ranked second in the nation for mortgage fraud SARs, only behind California.

Lyons: Bogus foreclosure claim not isolated in Sarasota, Florida Foreclosure Mill of David J. Stern Law Office Plantation Fl Has Continued To Obtain Homes With Sewer Service And Bid Rigging.   A ex-employee of the Law Offices of David J. Stern of Plantation has contacted me, Bill Warner, in response to the article I posted on Monday, May 18, 2009, that followed up on the Tampa Tribune article of April 2008, (see above), it appears that what I had claimed about “sewer service” by Pro Vest LLC in Tampa Fl (working for the Stern law office) is just the tip of the iceberg.

It appears from this ex-employee of the Law Offices of David J. Stern of Plantation that Pro Vest, the process service company in Tampa, also had an office in the same building as the Law Offices of David J. Stern in Plantation and that “sewer service’ was done all the time and if needed Provest would pre-date the service of summons to make it appear that you had already been served and allow Stern to put your foreclosure case on a “rocket docket’ to get the house up for sale on the Court House steps (David J. Stern Law Office appears to have severed ties to Pro Vest).

Then the sales girls in the Stern office (a lot of the associate attorneys at the Stern Law firm have real estate licenses) would contact outside buyers and inform them of the exact time and date of the “court house steps sale” and tell the outside buyers what the correct amount to bid that would be approved by the bank and the court,(this is ”bid rigging”).

Today, the task force members met with Miami community members, banking, mortgage, and real estate industry representatives and law enforcement officials to discuss the problem of mortgage fraud from a national, state and local perspective. In the morning, attendees participated in panels on the community impact of mortgage fraud and the evolution of the crisis. In the afternoon, task force representatives will meet privately with law enforcement officials involved in the investigation of mortgage fraud.

“This task force has a straightforward mission: To protect families against financial fraud and restore the confidence of consumers in our markets,” said Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Division Tony West. “We will hold accountable not just those responsible for the corporate fraud that created our current financial crisis, but those responsible for the financial fraud that affects too many working families, like mortgage fraud and lending discrimination. And by holding these people accountable, we will seek to prevent another meltdown from happening again.”

“The mortgage fraud crisis cannot be ignored. Mortgage fraud puts lenders at risk, and forces homeowners to confront the real possibility of foreclosures, or worse, the loss of their homes,” said U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida Jeffrey H. Sloman. “Nowhere is the problem more serious than here in Florida. Since September 2007, our mortgage fraud initiative has resulted in the prosecution of 282 individuals at all levels of the mortgage process, resulting in more than $343,669,434 in fraudulent mortgage loans. We will continue to do our part to investigate and prosecute these fraudsters, in the hopes of stemming the tide of fraud that has swept the mortgage industry.”

“Different parts of the country experience mortgage fraud in different ways. We are here in Miami, in part, to learn about the nature of the problem and the enforcement efforts to date in this region, so that we can determine how best to facilitate enforcement efforts nationally,” said U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of California Benjamin B. Wagner. “This summit is the first of at least three similar summits that the Mortgage Fraud Working Group will be holding around the country. We hope to gather more information about the nature of the problem in different regions and help coordinate an effective law enforcement response.”

“The HUD OIG helped craft into legislation last year a penalty of up to 30 years in prison and $1 million in fines for committing FHA fraud,” said Inspector General of the Department of Housing and Urban Development Kenneth M. Donohue. “The OIG, working with U.S. Attorneys across the country, will endeavor to use these new penalties to prevent and confront fraudulent activities. We will use any means at our disposal, whether criminal, civil, or administrative, to stop those who are impacting the soundness of HUD’s FHA program at such a critical time.”

“The mortgage fraud crisis in Florida is similar to a state of emergency, and Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum knows we have to take an all-hands-on-deck approach to effectively address our citizens' concerns. The Florida Attorney General's Office will continue working with its federal, state, and local partners to protect homeowners from mortgage fraud and foreclosure rescue and loan modification scams. Everyone must work together if we are going to make a difference,” said Regional Deputy Attorney General Cynthia Guerra.

As long as criminals are out to make a quick buck by preying on homeowners and lenders, we will continue to work side-by-side with our partners to protect the American dream for years to come and ensure that criminals who try to enrich themselves through mortgage fraud schemes are brought to justice,” said FBI Deputy Assistant Director for the Criminal Investigative Division Karen Spangenberg.

Also participating in the summit were the Executive Director of the Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force Robb Adkins, FinCEN Director James H. Freisa, Jr., and representatives from the U.S. Secret Service, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and the Miami-Dade Police Department. The Miami summit is the first in a series of meetings to occur in the coming months, with additional dates and locations to be announced.

Mortgage fraud is a key focus of the Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force’s efforts. The task force is working to improve efforts across the federal executive branch, and with state and local partners, to investigate and prosecute significant financial crimes, ensure just and effective punishment for those who perpetrate financial crimes, combat discrimination in the lending and financial markets, and recover proceeds for victims of financial crimes.

Bill Warner Director of CSPI..Covert Surveillance by Private Investigators at WBI Inc.

Phuong Thi Tran Mississauga Canada Ringleader of International Drug Trafficking Ring Pleads Guilty, Mississauga Canada Terror Central.

Ringleader of International Drug Trafficking Ring Pleads Guilty for Role in Smuggling Illegal Drugs from Canada to the United States;

Phuong Thi Tran, 39, of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, pleaded guilty today for her role in two drug trafficking conspiracies, announced Assistant Attorney General Lanny A. Breuer of the Criminal Division; Michael L. Levy, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania; Barbara L. McQuade, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan; and Assistant Secretary John Morton of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

According to court documents, Tran was the ringleader of an international drug trafficking organization that smuggled millions of ecstasy pills and other drugs from Canada into the United States from 2002 until Tran’s arrest in April 2008. The drugs were manufactured in Canada by various Asian organized crime groups and were distributed to drug dealers across the United States. According to court documents, Tran and her associates often smuggled 100,000 ecstasy pills per week into the United States.

According to court papers, Tran’s role in this drug smuggling conspiracy was discovered during the course of an investigation by ICE special agents in Detroit after they had seized several drug shipments that Tran had arranged to smuggle into the United States. In October 2006, a grand jury in the Eastern District of Michigan indicted Tran for conspiring to distribute ecstasy pills.

At the same time, ICE special agents in Philadelphia were conducting a separate but related investigation. As uncovered during that investigation, in September 2007, Tran and her associates sent two couriers to deliver 100,000 ecstasy pills to customers in Philadelphia and Boston. Unbeknownst to Tran and her associates, ICE special agents learned of this shipment and, with the assistance of the Philadelphia Police Department, stopped the couriers’ vehicle and seized the drugs. In December 2009, Tran was charged by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania with conspiracy to distribute ecstasy pills. The charges from Detroit were then transferred to Philadelphia.

Tran pleaded guilty today before U.S. District Court Judge Petrese B. Tucker to one count of conspiracy to distribute ecstasy and methamphetamine and one count of conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute ecstasy. At sentencing, Tran faces a maximum punishment of life in prison, a 10-year mandatory minimum prison term and a $5 million fine. Sentencing is scheduled for June 2, 2010.

The case was prosecuted in Detroit by Assistant U.S. Attorney Kathryn McCarthy. The case was prosecuted in Philadelphia by OCRS Trial Attorney Robert Livermore. The case was investigated by ICE, with the assistance of the DEA; the Philadelphia Police Department; Pennsylvania State Police; U.S. Customs and Border Protection; the Royal Canadian Mounted Police; the Ontario Provincial Police Department; and the Toronto Metropolitan Police Department.

Bill Warner Director of CSPI..Covert Surveillance by Private Investigators at WBI Inc.
For the past several years, the Criminal Division’s Organized Crime & Racketeering Section (OCRS), in conjunction with U.S. Attorneys’ Offices, have been working closely with ICE, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and various Canadian law enforcement agencies, to crack down on Asian organized crime groups that law enforcement officials estimate smuggle billions of dollars worth of drugs into the United States from Canada each year.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Why Was FSU Hall Of Fame Football Player And Ex NY Giant Vic Prinzi The Coach For The Florida Industrial School for Boys at Marianna State Prison in 1961, The First Longest Yard.

FDLE reviewed and analyzed the following documentation to identify the Florida Industrial School for Boys at Marianna State Prison deceased: School ledgers, student record books, the School’s publication of The Yellow Jacket, local and national newspapers, the Florida Department of State Library and Archives, and the Florida Department of Health Division of Vital Statistics.  Photographs were taken of the ledger entries and The Yellow Jacket newspaper articles due to their delicate condition and photocopies were made of all other documents. 


Yellow Jacket football player Edgar Elton, pictured above on June 24th, 1961, died just 16 days after the photo was taken during a during a very fast paced passing session practice, it appears he had asthma, see more info below. Why was the Dozier School For Boys State Prison football team practicing in full pads in the blistering Florida summer heat in June of 1961, which is strictly prohibited for all school teams in the State of Florida (no Summer practice for high school age).

Vic Prinzi Florida State University Football Quaterback 1954 to 1958, NY Giants 1958 to 1960, Coach Florida Industrial School for Boys at Marianna State Prison 1961, what ? During his playing days as a starting quarterback and defensive back, Vic Prinzi embodied the early days of Florida State football. Prinzi began his career as a freshman in 1954, grabbing national headlines for his three touchdown performance against VMI as a fifth-string quarterback. He was joined in the backfield that year by long-time friend Burt Reynolds.  As a senior co-captain of the 1958 team, Prinzi helped guide the Seminoles to a 7-4 record and a berth in the Bluegrass Bowl while leading the team in passing.  Vic Prinzi FSU Hall of Fame Class:1988 (Football)

Prinzi played briefly with the New York Giants and the Denver Broncos before joining the high school and college coaching ranks for 12 seasons. He later was the color analysts on FSU radio broadcasts.  Why was Vic Prinzi coaching the Coach Dozier School For Boys State Prison football team in 1961 ? 

Vic Prinzi (quarterback) and Burt Reynolds (running back) were football teammates at Florida State University and then long time friends. Vic Prinzi, quarterback, played pro football with the NY Ginats from 1958 to 1960 and then ends up as the football coach for the Dozier School For Boys Florida State Prison football team in 1961, (who are a travel team and play teams in Georgia and Alabama), were the games were heavily bet on by State Prison officals.
Burt Reynolds when onto movie stardom and in 1974 has the lead role in "the Longest Yard" as an ex-pro footbal quarterback sent to a Florida State Prison where he coach's the convicts to play the guards (who have a travel team and play for money).

Burt Reynolds kept numerous friends in Tampa over the years, among them photographer Simon Rose; auto dealer Ernie Haire; former football teammate and stockbroker Victor Prinzi; businesswoman Woodward; restaurateur Malio Iavarrone; real estate developer George Courtner; and WTVT sports director Andy Hardy.

Reynolds always reciprocated good deeds and did TV commercials for the Haire auto dealership after Ernie Haire lent him his helicopter for several emergencies. He named Dom DeLuise's character in 1981's big screen hit "The Cannonball Run" after his college buddy Victor Prinzi. Wanting to be near Pam Seales, a good friend and head cocktail waitress at Malio's Restaurant who had been introduced to him by Vic Prinzi, Reynolds insisted that Universal Pictures make "Cop and a Half" in Tampa and it was done. Ironically, Vic Prinzi had been best man at Reynolds wedding to Loni Anderson.

Jerry Arthur Cooper-A Whitehouse Boy and the star quarteback on the 1961 Florida Industrial School for Boys at Marianna State Prison football team has provided the details and goes onto to claim that one of the football players on the team, Edgar Elton, was murdered boy the one armed man "Troy Tidwell" at what is now the Dozier School for boys.  The Florida Department of Agriculture which ran the boys prison in 1961 has a lot of explaining to do.

"There is no doubt that many deaths (killings) occurred at the Florida Industrial School for Boys at Marianna. Most will be denied by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement as well as the Department of Juvenile Justice. It appears that even the deaths that can be substantiated will be covered up and considered as nothing more than a “normal passing.”

Below is an article which appeared in the Florida School for Boys Yellow Jacket Newspaper on July 10, 1961 as well as a picture of Edgar Elton, a sixteen year old boy, who was unnecessarily murdered during an illegal football practice in the school gymnasium ( see Edgar Elton in the football photo above taken in June 1961).

This is the truth how Edgar Elton died on July 10th 1961. The Yellow Jacket football team was in a practice session in the gym that day. It was not a physical fitness class as reported by the Yellow Jacket Newspaper which I just saw for the first time today Feb.18, 2010 which I received from Roger Kiser. The whole Yellow Jacket article is a complete and total Lie.

I was the second player in line behind Edgar during a very fast pace passing session. It was extremely fast and very exhausting, and it was very difficult for every team member to keep pace. Edgar went into an asthma attack and fell to his knees. Gasping for air, he told me he couldn’t breath and that he had a letter given to the school (by parents and his private doctor) that he was not suppose to be playing any form of sports.

I told him to go to Troy Tidwell and Mr. Hatton who were both present in the gym. As he climbed to his feet and stumbled toward them; he was met by Tidwell about half-court. Tidwell screamed “get your ass back in line.” When I broke line to tell them he was having a breathing attack; Hatton reached up to his side and placed his hand on his pistol, which he carried under the gray jacket he always wore. Tidwell turned toward me and then he began screaming calling me a “xxxxxxxx”. The next run Edgar made would be his last. He collapsed and died within a minute. He was not rushed to the hospital as stated in the article. Dr. Wexler showed up ten or fifteen minutes later and pronounced him dead. His lifeless body was lying on the floor. No other Doctor was involved, whatsoever.

Portions of Troy Tidwell deposition-The beater of thousands of young boys, click here for VIDEO.

The Dozier School for Boys State Prison had hired a professional football player/coach Vic Prinzi  who had been an all-star quarterback for the Florida State University, who went on to play quarterback position for Denver Bronco’s and the New York Giants.  Formally he had been injured and had his spleen removed. We had a coach who was a permanent employee on staff. Why was such an important coach necessary, like Vic Prinzi, to coach us? He never actually showed up at any of our games, only during practice sessions.

Football was very important to Mr. Dozier, school superintendent, as well as too many of the other staff. I really think that Vic Prinzi may have been privately compensated by Mr. Dozier and other staff members as he was not on the Florida state payroll.  Arthur Dozier and many other staff members were placing large financial bets on the outcome of the game(s). That was the advantage of us having a pro player coach and practicing illegally ( not within season regulations) while holding our training exercises hidden inside the gym and then later on hiding our practice sessions behind the baseball field, located behind the large school house.

Poor review for Marianna's Dozier School for Boys; Report notes various other problems at the school that serves Northeast Florida By Jim Schoettler Story updated at 11:24 PM on Thursday, Dec. 31, 2009.

Breakdowns in security and inadequate medical treatment for students at a troubled high-risk reform school in Marianna are among the many criticisms leveled against the state-run facility in an annual assessment of the program.

The report, known as a quality assurance review, describes chaotic conditions at the Dozier School for Boys, including reports of gang fights, students being allowed by staff to punish other youths and a lack of medical attention for the ill. A majority of youth surveys reviewed for the assessment said students didn't feel safe because of threats from other youths and staff.

At least nine students were hospitalized in the past six months because of brawls at the school, the report said. The review, done in October, indicated that several staff members were caught sleeping or falsifying logs used to check on youths. Seven have either resigned, been fired or face termination, more from this source......

Bill Warner Director of CSPI..Covert Surveillance by Private Investigators at WBI Inc.

Michelle Malkin: John McCain, 'Radical Progressive'

/SPAN/A/SPANMichelle Malkin: John McCain, 'Radical Progressive'

Yesterday the always dependably rage-filled Michelle Malkin went off on Bill Bennett — and actually called John McCain a “radical progressive.”
The Republican party “lost its way” on core limited government principles because of McCain’s radical progressive agenda.

She up and died and my heart is breaking, Katie my dog died.

She up and died and my heart is breaking, Katie my dog died on Sunday 2/21/2010, she was 15.  I suppose AJC columnist Lewis Grizzard said it best about "Good dogs don't love bad people" in his his article that he wrote when his beloved dog Catfish, the black Lab, died, see below.

Even his doctors. They recounted Sunday that in a tense moment last week, after they had explained to Grizzard that he had less than a 50-50 chance of surviving his fourth open-heart surgery, he responded:"When's the next bus to Albuquerque?"

Grizzard, whose thrice-weekly syndicated humor column made hundreds of thousands of readers laugh, died at Emory University Hospital in an intensive care unit after a life-support system was removed. He was 47.

Originally published November 28, 1993 in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Reprinted Monday, March 21, 1994November 28, 1993, Catfish, the black Lab, has up and died and my heart is breaking, By Lewis Grizzard who died on Monday, March 21, 1994

My dog Catfish, the black Lab, died Thanksgiving night.  The vet said his heart gave out.  Down in the country, they would have said, "Lewis's dog up and died." He would have been 12 had he lived until January.

Catfish had a good life. He slept indoors. Mostly he ate what I ate. We shared our last meal Tuesday evening in our living room in front of the television.

We had a Wendy's double cheeseburger and some chili.  Catfish was a gift from my friends Barbara and Vince Dooley. Vince, of course, is the athletic director at the University of Georgia. Barbara is a noted speaker and author.

I named him driving back to Atlanta from Athens where I had picked him up at the Dooleys' home. I don't know why I named him what I named him. He was all curled up in a blanket on my back seat. And I looked at him and it just came out. I called him: "Catfish."

I swear he raised up from the blanket and acknowledged. Then he severely fouled the blanket and my back seat.  A powerful set of jaws, He was a most destructive animal the first three years of his life.

He chewed things. He chewed books. He chewed shoes.  "I said to Catfish, 'Heel,' " I used to offer from behind the dais, "and he went to my closet and chewed up my best pair of Guccis."

Catfish chewed television remote control devices. Batteries and all. He chewed my glasses. Five pairs of them.  One day, when he was still a puppy, he got out of the house without my knowledge. The doorbell rang. It was a young man who said, "I hit your dog with my car, but I think he's OK."

He was. He had a small cut on his head and he was frightened, but he was otherwise unhurt. "I came around the corner," the young man explained, "and he was in the road chewing on something. I hit my brakes the second I saw him." "Could you tell what he was chewing on?" I asked.  "I know this sounds crazy," the young man answered, "but I think it was a beer bottle."  Catfish stopped chewing while I still had a house. Barely.

Known far and wide, He was a celebrity, Catfish. I spoke recently in Michigan. Afterwards a lady came up to me and said, "I was real disappointed with your speech. You didn't mention Catfish."

Catfish used to get his own mail. Just the other day the manufacturer of a new brand of dog food called "Country Gold," with none other than George Jones's picture on the package, sent Catfish a sample of its new product. For the record, he stil preferred cheeseburgers and chili.

Catfish was once grand marshal of the Scottsboro, Ala., annual Catfish Festival. He was on television and got to ride in the front seat of a police car with its siren on.

He was a patient, good-natured dog, too. Jordan, who is 5, has been pulling his ears since she was 2. She even tried to ride him at times. He abided with nary a growl.

Oh, that face and those eyes. What he could do to me with that face and those eyes. He would perch himself next to me on the sofa in the living room and look at me.  And love and loyalty would pour out with that look, and as long as I had that, there was very little the human race could do to harm my self- esteem.

Good dogs don't love bad people.  He was smart. He was fun. And he loved to ride in cars. There were times he was all that I had.  And now he has up and died. My own heart, or what is left of it, is breaking.

Lyons: Bogus foreclosure claim not isolated in Sarasota, Florida Foreclosure Mill of David J. Stern Law Office Has Continued To Obtain Homes With Sewer Service And Bid Rigging.

SARASOTA HERLAD TRIBUNE, Published: Tuesday, February 23, 2010 at 1:00 a.m..

"The way a Sarasota man almost lost his home after bogus claims by out-of-town foreclosure attorneys made a good front-page story (2/22/2010). But some aspects of William Berta's story are not all that unusual".

"It may be rare that Berta got a judge to overturn a foreclosure sale on his Sarasota homestead by asserting he was never served with foreclosure papers. As you may have read in Monday's Herald-Tribune, the foreclosure attorney claimed Berta could not be found and therefore his house was abandoned. That despite the fact Berta is a local business owner who was easily findable".

"Still, if that were an isolated glitch, I might not be doing a column. But there's much evidence, as the Florida Bar has confirmed, that some bulk-rate foreclosure firms are seriously cutting corners. And why not? They can usually file sloppy documents with unverified and false claims and get away with it, because most foreclosures are not contested. Usually, nobody even skims through the documents".

"A recent court ruling says judges don't need to. The checking is up to homeowners. That has led to filings so ridiculous that I thought anti-foreclosure lawyer April Charney was kidding when she e-mailed a recent find from Lee County", MORE FROM THIS SOURCE............

I have been made aware of the Florida Foreclosure Mill of David J. Stern Law Office and his Continued effort To Obtain Florida Homes With Sewer Service And Bid Rigging since April of 2008, see Tampa Tribune article click here..

David J. Stern Law Offices “CASH IN ON FORECLOSURES” With Sewer Service and Bid Rigging on Homes Sold on The Court House Steps, FBI Needs to Investigate.

To determine which law firms are filing the most foreclosures, the Tampa Tribune analyzed 1,734 lis pendens documents filed in Hillsborough County’s circuit civil and county civil court divisions.The Law Offices of Daniel J. Stern of Plantation filed at least 263 foreclosure suits in Tampa, a lawyer in Stern’s office declined comment, saying the firm’s financial service clients (Deutsche Bank ) request that Stern not speak with the media.

Daniel J. Stern has reason to not speak to the Media, a search of Public Records in the Broward County Clerk’s Office located several cases were David J. Stern or his law offices is listed as the Defendant in Lawsuits;LAW OFFICES OF DAVID J. STERN and DAVID J. STERN as an individual. Filing Date: 08/15/2008, Broward County Case Number: CACE 08 038170 CONTRACT INDEBTEDNESSSECURITY NATIONAL SERVICING CORP vs LAW OFFICE OF DAVID J. STERN 4th DCA CASE NO.: 4D04-776 Legal malpractice action against the Law Offices of David J. Stern (“Stern”).

A ex-employee of the Law Offices of David J. Stern of Plantation has contacted me, Bill Warner, in response to the article I posted on Monday, May 18, 2009, that followed up on the Tampa Tribune article of April 2008, (see above), it appears that what I had claimed about “sewer service” by Pro Vest LLC in Tampa Fl (working for the Stern law office) is just the tip of the iceberg.

It appears from this ex-employee of the Law Offices of David J. Stern of Plantation that Pro Vest, the process service company in Tampa, also had an office in the same building as the Law Offices of David J. Stern in Plantation and that “sewer service’ was done all the time and if needed Provest would pre-date the service of summons to make it appear that you had already been served and allow Stern to put your foreclosure case on a “rocket docket’ to get the house up for sale on the Court House steps (David J. Stern Law Office appears to have severed ties to Pro Vest).

Then the sales girls in the Stern office (a lot of the associate attorneys at the Stern Law firm have real estate licenses) would contact outside buyers and inform them of the exact time and date of the “court house steps sale” and tell the outside buyers what the correct amount to bid that would be approved by the bank and the court,(this is ”bid rigging”).
A recent hire by the Law office of David J. Stern is Attorney Vivien Lurlene who also has a Real Estate Sales License in the State of Florida, I have no knowledge of Attorney Vivien Lurlene involvement in the ”bid rigging”or any other illegal activity at the Law Office of David J. Stern, but for some reason she changed her name in April of 2001 before moving to Florida.

These outside buyers contacted by the sales girls at the Stern Law office would resell these super low bargain houses purchaed on the Court House Steps for a profit and pay off the sales girls in the Stern Law office for the tip.
It appears from this ex-employee of the Law Offices of David J. Stern of Plantation that she was told to make up false documents for Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae when they came around to check their Foreclosure files, she was also instructed to lie to the banks when they requested a chronology report which is the foreclosure time-line on a file, there appears to be Federal violations that would necessitate an FBI investigation, the ex-employee is afraid to talk.

The federal takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac refers to the placing into conservatorship of government sponsored enterprises Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac by the U.S. Treasury in September 2008. It was one financial event among many in the ongoing subprime mortgage crisis.

Allegations of False “Sewer Service” Filed in Foreclosure of John J. Krondes by Law Firm of David J. Stern & Provest LLC of Tampa, FBI Needs to Investigate. The forever pile of complaints, lawsuits and legal malpractice cases just seems to have no end with the Law Firm of David J. Stern. The lawsuit of Connecticut man John J. Krondes filed on May 5th 2009, sheds light on a practice of falsifying “served papers” by the process servers linked to the David J. Stern Law Firm, this really puts the foreclosure complaint on a ‘Rocket Docket” with super speed to closing the case without the knowledge of the home owner.

Mr. Krondes alleges in his lawsuit that the Law Firm of David J. Stern Plantation Fl and ProVest LLC (provides service of legal process) Tampa Fl conspired to file fraudulent documentation of untrue “Affidavits of Service” a misrepresentation that John J. Kondres had been served in the Foreclosure Complaint of the Law firm of David J. Stern with the intent to deceive and mislead the Civil Court in Port St Lucie Fl where Mr. Kondres has/had his condo.

This is not the first time I have heard of home owners in Florida becoming aware of a Foreclosure Complaint filed on their property that has already gone before the Judge, without their knowledge, and the Law firm of David J. Stern has obtained a judgment against them and their home, usually it is a condo with an out of state owner, just like Mr. Kondres’s case.
Mr. Krondes, in FLORIDA, is seeking from the Law Firm of David J. Stern and Attorney Karina Musella and others “money damages”, the Value of the condo $400,000, Interest, Punitive Damages, Emotional Damages, Attorney fees and on and on, 16 money items in all.

Bill Warner Director of CSPI..Covert Surveillance by Private Investigators at WBI Inc.