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Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Jihadist Next Door, New York Times Confirms Omar Hammami Computer Geek from Daphne Al Is The Webmaster for Al-Shabaab in Somalia, PI Bill Warner Exposed This Fact Last Year.

WEDNESDAY JAN 27, 2010, NEW YORK TIMES…..The Jihadist Next Door; When Omar Hammami joined the Al-Shabaab in late 2006 he had no known military training, but Omar Hammami caught the attention of his Al-Shabaab superiors. Omar Hammami brought an unusual skill set: he was articulate, computer savvy, well organized and fluent in Arabic, spent a year in Toronto where he married a Somalia woman, moved to Somalia and became Al-Shabaab’s webmaster.

TUESDAY JAN 26, 2010…CBC RADIO TORONTO CANADA, Anna Maria Tremonti , Jihadi Websites - Warner....We aired some music from an on-line video made by Al-Shabaab an Islamic insurgent group in Somalia. The video shows heavily armed fighters and people who have had their throats slit. Last year, the U.S. Government added Al-Shabaab to the list of groups it considers to be terrorist organizations. But despite that, Al-Shabaab still operates its website relatively unhindered. People who monitor the websites of violent extremist groups are split about what to do about that. Some say sites such as Al-Shabaab’s should be shut-down. Others say that would throw away one of the only tools that international intelligence agencies have for monitoring the groups behind the websites. Jihadi Websites, close them down now says PI Bill Warner……click here for radio program. Bill Warner is firmly in the “shut-them-down” camp. He’s a private investigator in Sarasota, Florida. And among other things, he spends his days shutting down terror sites  – 4 hours ago -

Omar Hammami had nothing to do with womenin Daphne AL. Much of the time, he and his friends were tormented by sexual frustrations, two of them recall. Hammami would stare at a woman on the street and then chastise himself for hours, Stewart says. He surfed Islamic Internet forums in search of a wife. His father promised to help him marry a Syrian woman provided that Hammami completed his degree in computer studies. But in December 2002, he dropped out of college, saying that he could no longer bear to be in the company of women.

Over the next few years, Hammami, Culveyhouse and the other Mobile Salafis traveled around the country attending Islamic conferences. With Sylvester, they opened a small Muslim bookstore in Mobile, opposite a storage lot. Hammami worked to master Arabic and talked of becoming an Islamic scholar. In the meantime, he had to earn a living, and few jobs meshed with his piety. He loaded trucks, cleaned carpets and sold light bulbs. 

I looked at Omar and said, ‘Man, we can’t do anything in life, can we?’ ” Culveyhouse recalls. They quit that day. Soon after, Culveyhouse left for the bustling Muslim crossroads of Toronto, where he had found a wife. The following year, Hammami joined him, hoping to do the same.

HAMMAMI FOUND TORONTO — with its labyrinth of mosques, Islamic bookstores and halal grocers — enthralling. He took an apartment near Culveyhouse in the western part of the city and found a job delivering milk to Somali housewives. Living in Canada, Hammami began to see his country through a new lens. The war in Iraq was deeply unpopular at the mosques and coffee shops he frequented. Being an American invited a stream of questions and commentary for which Hammami felt unprepared, Culveyhouse recalled.

For years, Hammami had tuned out current events, dismissing politics as dunya — a worldly distraction from his Islamic practice. One afternoon in April, he and Culveyhouse dropped by an Islamic bookstore. The owner, an Afghan, told them to “pray for the people of Fallujah.” Months earlier, the U.S. military had invaded the Iraqi city, an insurgency stronghold, for the second time.

Hammami concluded that his Salafi mentors had been “hiding many parts of the religion that have a direct relationship to jihad and politics,” he wrote. He began searching for guidance on the Internet, Culveyhouse says, discovering a documentary about the life of Amir Khattab, a legendary jihadist who fought in Chechnya. The documentary traces Khattab’s evolution as a promising Saudi student who gave up a life that “any young man would desire” to embrace a higher purpose. Hammami was mesmerized, Culveyhouse recalls. “Once you’ve made that step, it’s a gateway,” Culveyhouse says. “Once you’ve legitimized the jihad in Chechnya, you’re compelled to legitimize the jihad in other places as well.”

Besides, Hammami had more pressing matters at hand. He was desperate to marry. Culveyhouse arranged an introduction to his Somali sister-in-law, Sadiyo Mohamed Abdille. A tall, wisecracking 19-year-old who wore skinny jeans and played basketball, Sadiyo grew up in Toronto with Culveyhouse’s wife, Ayan, after their family fled Somalia’s internecine violence. Hammami found her amusing and eager to learn more about Islam, Ayan recalled. Within a matter of weeks, he persuaded her to socialize with only women and to wear the abaya, a cloaklike garment. In March 2005, just two months after their first meeting, they married in a small, spartan ceremony.

With limited prospects in Toronto, Hammami and Culveyhouse talked quixotically of making hijra — migration — to a Muslim land. Culveyhouse proposed Egypt, where they could study Islam at the revered Al-Azhar University in Cairo. In September, Hammami and his pregnant wife boarded an airplane with Culveyhouse’s family, including his formerly Harley-riding mother, who had also converted to Islam.

PI Bill Warner: U.S. company hosted web site used by Al-Shabaab group tied to suspected terrorist Omar Hammami aka Abu Mansour al-Amriki from Daphne Al, Omar Hammami was radicalized in Mississauga a suburb of Toronto.

The two families settled in Alexandria, Egypt, which they found disappointingly secular. When the applications to Al-Azhar fell through, Culveyhouse and his family returned to the United States. “I didn’t want to continue down this fool’s path,” he says. Hammami felt betrayed, Culveyhouse recalls, and they drifted apart.

Alone with his young wife and newborn daughter, Hammami seemed overwhelmed, Dena recalls. He found freelance work translating Islamic texts into English but had trouble supporting his family. In the December e-mail message, he wrote that he was yearning to live in a country “where Shariah was being implemented completely.”

In April 2006, Hammami joined an online discussion forum called Islamic Networking. Using the alias “al-Mizzi,” a relative recalls, Hammami began communicating with the administrator of the forum, an American convert who also happened to live in Egypt. The convert, Daniel Maldonado, was a 27-year-old from New Hampshire who moved there with his wife and children the previous year.

From Egypt, Hammami followed the events closely. He was convinced that “jihad had become an obligation upon me,” he wrote in his December e-mail message. He wanted to help his “captive brothers and sisters” while helping himself “obtain the highest rank available” as a Muslim. (Jihadists believe that the greatest rewards in the afterlife are granted to them.) On their Internet forum, Hammami and Maldonado made impassioned pleas for action without directly referring to Somalia.
“Where is the desire to do something amazing?” Hammami wrote on Aug. 7, 2006. “Where is the urge to get up and change yourself — not to mention the world and other issues further off?”  Without a word to his family, Hammami vanished. It is not clear who connected him to the Shabab, but in the December e-mail message, he wrote, “I made it my goal to find those guys should I make it to Somalia,” adding that he “signed up for training.” Meanwhile, his friend Maldonado, who had also enlisted with the Shabab, was picked up by a multinational counterterrorism team along the Somalia-Kenya border. He has since been convicted in the United States for receiving training from a foreign terrorist organization and is serving a 10-year sentence.
When Hammami joined the Shabaab in late 2006, he had no known military training. Like other foreign fighters, he quickly fell ill, probably with malaria, he told Dena in e-mail messages and phone calls. He started reaching out to her the following summer, after his wife in Toronto asked for a divorce. He never disclosed what he was doing, but he seemed to have little power: he had to ask permission to make phone calls, he told Dena.

But over time, Hammami caught the attention of his superiors. He brought an unusual skill set: he was articulate, computer savvy, well organized and fluent in Arabic (Webmaster). “He has that charisma,” says an American law-enforcement official. Hammami came to be seen as an asset by two Qaeda-linked militants, the official said: Fazul Abdullah Mohammed and Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan.

In October 2007 — less than a year after Hammami landed in Somalia — he made his public debut as Abu Mansoor Al-Amriki. In an interview with Al Jazeera, he stared confidently into the camera, a thin, green scarf concealing half of his face. “Oh, Muslims of America, take into consideration the situation in Somalia,” he began in English. “After 15 years of chaos and oppressive rule by the American-backed warlords, your brothers stood up and established peace and justice in this land.”

By the summer of 2008, Hammami was leading military strikes in the field — including a deadly ambush on Ethiopian troops that the Shabab captured on the video now popular on YouTube, American law-enforcement officials say. Among the fighters in the ambush were several of the Somali-Americans from Minneapolis, officials said, including Shirwa Ahmed, an aloof 26-year-old college dropout. Three months after the ambush, on Oct. 28, Ahmed blew himself up in northern Somalia, becoming the first known American suicide bomber. Senior American and Somali intelligence officials say that Hammami helped organize that attack — along with four others the same day that together left more than 20 dead.

Abu Mansur al-Meriki (Omar Hammami Daphne AL), a US citizen, was Saleh Nabhan’s Deputy in the Al-Muhajiroun chain of command in Somalia, private investigator Bill Warner profiled this traitor.

The Shabaab continued to lose support after Ethiopia withdrew from Somalia last January, and a new president — Sheik Sharif Ahmed, a former leader of the Islamist insurgency — began paving the way for a democratic Islamic state. Around that time, Hammami called Dena with a stunning announcement. “In the next video, I’m going to show my face,” he said. “It makes more of a statement if my face is uncovered.”

The 31-minute video, released by the Shabaab last March, is a veritable homage to Hammami. He is shown running in slow motion, a line of fighters behind him, as a jihadist rap song plays in the background. He reads to them from the Koran, moving in and out of Arabic while stroking his beard. He then lectures them in English, with what struck his old friend Bernie Culveyhouse as an “E.S.L. accent.”

The story finally broke on Sept. 4, 2009, with Fox News reporting that Hammami had been charged with terrorism offenses in a sealed federal indictment. Reporters descended on the Hammamis’ home and Shafik’s mosque. The local newspaper swiftly identified Shafik as a government employee. “Waterboard him!” one reader demanded on the paper’s Web site.

Bill Warner Director of CSPI..Covert Surveillance by Private Investigators at WBI Inc.

Should the U.S. Destroy Jihadist Websites, PI Bill Warner is firmly in the “shut-them-down” camp, it is time to view al-Qaeda's cyberspace as a battlefield as they own the internet.

The Internet has played a key role in radicalizing a number of key players in alleged terror plots last year. From Fort Hood accused shooter Nidal Hasan to the five young Americans detained in Pakistan this month allegedly en route to fight U.S. forces in Afghanistan, authorities claim the suspects needed no face-to-face contact with jihadist recruiters. Instead, the Internet is serving as an electronic funnel for extremists to infuse U.S.-based Muslims with a justification for jihad.

But wait a minute. The U.S. military invented the Internet 40 years ago. Why can't it simply hunt down and destroy the web sites that inspire murderous fanatics? While the Saudi government estimates there are 17,000 such websites, most experts say that only around a half-dozen of these generate original material. "

Most jihad cyber domains initiate very little, if any, original discussion, primarily reposting material from popular jihad forums," said a report earlier this month from MEMRI, the Middle East Media Research Institute, an organization that monitors and translates much jihadist material. "Hence, disabling the few prominent domains could seriously cripple Islamists' ability to conduct mass online discussions, and could also hamper the rapid spread of jihad material in cyberspace."

Last month the House Armed Services Committee held a hearing into the topic just as John Arquilla of the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey, California was arguing in a post on Foreign Affairs magazine's website that the time had come to view al-Qaeda's cyberspace as a battlefield. "Instead of thinking of cyberspace principally as a place to gather intelligence, we need to elevate it to the status of 'battlespace,'" he argued. "This means that we either want to exploit terrorists' use of the Web and Net unbeknownst to them, or we want to drive them from it." Arquilla tells TIME that al-Qaeda doesn't "put people on planes anymore because they know we're good at spotting them, and if we take away cyberspace we would achieve a crippling effect on the global terror network."

CBC RADIO ONE…..”The Current” with host Anna Maria Tremonti, TORONTO ONT.  JAN. 26th. 2010, 8:05 AM……Jihadi Websites, close them down now says PI Bill Warner……click here for radio program.
Anna Maria Tremonti ….We aired some music from an on-line video made by Al-Shabaab, an Islamic insurgent group in Somalia. The video shows heavily armed fighters and people who have had their throats slit. Last year, the U.S. Government added Al-Shabaab to the list of groups it considers to be terrorist organizations. But despite that, Al-Shabaab still operates its website relatively unhindered.

People who monitor the websites of violent extremist groups are split about what to do about that. Some say sites such as Al-Shabaab’s should be shut-down. Others say that would throw away one of the only tools that international intelligence agencies have for monitoring the groups behind the websites.

Bill Warner is firmly in the “shut-them-down” camp. He’s a private investigator in Sarasota, Florida. And among other things, he spends his days trying to shut-down websites belonging to radical Islamic groups. OR……Jihadi Websites, reason with them and try to convince them of the error of their ways, (what a load).
Jihadi Websites: Should they be shut down to pervent terrorist messages or used as surveillance?  Sarasota Private Investigator Bill Warner was on CBC Radio “The Current“, January 26th 2010, Tuesday 8:00 am EST, discussing the ever expanding “War On Terror” via Jihad Websites Hosted in the North America. “The Current” is broadcast out of Toronto, Ontario home to the suburb of Mississauga, “Terror Central in Canada“.

Private Investigator Bill Warner Quoted in Canadian Press Article on U.S. Terrorist Najibullah Zazi Trips to Mississauga Ont. Terror Central in Canada. Ottawa keeps mum on U.S. terror suspect’s reported Canadian connection. By Sunny Freeman, THE CANADIAN PRESS. Mississauga Home to Al-Qaeda in Canada, American Terrorists Such As Omar Hammami, Syed Haris Ahmed & Najibullah Zazi Continue To Meet Angry Individuals in “Terror Central.”
On Tuesday’s CBC Radio “The Current show private investigator Bill Warner exposed how al-Qaeda is winning the war of words on the internet, recruiting, solicitating and instructing would be suicide bombers on the who, what, where and how to join. Bill Warner has shut down numerous Al-Qaeda and Al-Qaeda linked websites, such as “Al-Qaida Web site was hosted in Phoenix” A Web site used by al-Qaida to recruit car bombers, encourage war on the West and provide a forum for Islamic militants went online from Phoenix.

Bill Warner a Sarasota Fla private investigator who has worked with federal agencies on terrorist-related issues, has been tracking terrorist-related Web sites for months.”The Web sites are a big part of the support network of terrorism financially,” he said. “They use the Web sites to request money from the U.S. and the U.K. They ask people to take money to Pakistan.” Warner said he blames Web-hosting companies for failing to monitor content. Instead, he said, they wait until the site is brought to their attention to take action. “All you’ve got to do is look,” Warner said, pointing to the Phoenix Web site as an example. “You are one click away. First, there is a very benign front page, but all of a sudden, you see tanks being blown up and Osama bin Laden and martyrs. It doesn’t matter that you can’t read Arabic.”
Bill Warner Director of CSPI..Covert Surveillance by Private Investigators at WBI Inc.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

12 Malaysia suspects linked to Detroit Christmas bomber one of the detainees is Aiman al-Dakkak, a 50-year-old Syrian religious teacher (Imam) at the terror linked International Islamic University in Kuala Lumpur

12 Malaysia suspects linked to Detroit Christmas bomber one of the detainees is Aiman al-Dakkak, a 50-year-old Syrian freelance religious teacher (Imam) at the terror linked International Islamic University in Kuala Lumpur.

January 28, 2010, TIMESONLINE....Malaysia terror arrests linked to Detroit bomb attempt, officials say; Twelve men arrested in Malaysia this month for alleged terrorist offences had connections to the Nigerian student accused of attempting to blow up a US passenger aircraft on Christmas Day, according to a report from Kuala Lumpur. 
Most are students at the International Islamic University in Gombak (links to terror groups).

Southeast Asia and the Brotherhood of Terrorism;  There was an indigenous effort to assemble various Islamic terrorist groups in the region. At the International Islamic University in Malaysia in 1999, Abu Bakar Bashir organized a meeting to establish the Mujahidin Coalition, which brought together the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and Jemaah Islamiyah (JI), as well as other groups from across the region. The Mujahidin Coalition has met at least three times since then and its existence is an indicator of the intimacy of the regional relationships.

Witness account;  Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh, the head of the Abolish ISA Movement that assists people held under the ISA, told reporters the men were among 50 people arrested last week.

The Malaysian Home Minister, Hishamuddin Hussein, refused to confirm the report in the New Straits Times, a newspaper which follows the lead of the Government.

He insisted however that the detained men, who were arrested eight days ago at a gathering of Muslims in Kuala Lumpur, were “a serious security threat to the country.

“We were working with other international anti-terrorism agencies and nabbed the ten suspects who are on the international wanted list,” he said. “If you are talking about international linkages, international terrorism, it cannot stop with just the people we apprehended because we don’t know who else is out there, more from this source...

The detentions may have been initiated in response to international pressure on terrorist threats in Malaysia ... but nothing can be confirmed," he said, urging the government to either charge the men in court or release them.

"They [police] asked what were our plans, what did he [Aiman] teach us".   Muhammad Yunus Zainal Abidin, who witnessed last week's arrests, identified one of the detainees as Aiman al-Dakkak, a 50-year-old Syrian freelance religious teacher who has been living in Malaysia since 2003.

Muhammad Yunus said he was with about 50 men at a religious talk by Aiman on January 21 at his home on the outskirts of the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, when police stormed the house.

He said the police, wearing bullet-proof vests and armed with machine guns, took all the men to a police training centre in the city. Muhammad Yunus said most of them at the talk were international students aged between 20 and 40, and comprising Malaysians, Nigerians, Eritreans, Syrians, Jordanians, a Saudi Arabian and an American.

He said police wanted to know if anyone in the group was from Yemen, Russia or Pakistan, and later separated them by nationalities for questioning.

"They asked what were our plans, what did he [Aiman] teach us," he said, adding that all of them were later released, except for a dozen men including Aiman, more from this source.............

Bill Warner Director of CSPI..Covert Surveillance by Private Investigators at WBI Inc.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nigerian National Chiemezie Asieru Sentenced to Over Eight Years for Role in Fraudulent Check Scam that Victimized Nearly 500 Individuals out of Toronto Canada that private investigator Bill Warner exposed back in December 2008.

Nigerian National Chiemezie Asieru Sentenced to Over Eight Years for Role in Fraudulent Check Scam that Victimized Nearly 500 Individuals out of Toronto Canada that private investigator Bill Warner exposed back in December 2008.

For Immediate Release
January 26, 2010


LOS ANGELES—A Nigerian national who operated a money-transfer business in Chino has been sentenced to 97 months in federal prison for his role in a scheme that bilked hundreds of victims out of more than $1.5 million in a scam that had schemers sending bogus checks to victims and falsely telling them they had won a sweepstakes or another lie to induce them to negotiate the fraudulent checks.

Alvin Chiemezie Asieru, 39, who resided in Chino prior to his arrests last March, was sentenced Monday by United States District Judge John F. Walter, who also ordered Asieru to pay full restitution to his victims.

Asieru pleaded guilty last year to one count of mail fraud, admitting that he participated in an international telemarketing scheme that defrauded almost 500 victims from across the United States. The scheme involving Asieru is a variation of a scam now commonly seen where fraudulent checks are sent to victims with false claims that they had for some reason received a windfall. Asieru’s scheme in particular involved sending bogus checks to victims, telling them that they had won a contest, had been chosen to participate in a promotion, or were being offered employment as “secret shoppers.”

The victims were instructed to deposit the checks, wire most of the funds through MoneyGram, and report the MoneyGram transaction number to someone associated with the scheme. Armed with the transaction number, Asieru was able to collect the proceeds of the wire transfer through a MoneyGram terminal at his Chino business, SABIC Group. Asieru then shared the proceeds with co-conspirators in TORONTO Ontario, Canada. Asieru also transferred over $680,000 of the proceeds to various banks in Nigeria. The victims later learned that the checks they had deposited into their bank accounts were fraudulent and that they were responsible for the money they had now lost.


The letter and the check seen here were received at my business PO Box in Sarasota Fl on 12/18/08 from Toronto Canada. Regions Bank check scam, the check is counterfeit, but with a good account number, and with cash in the bank lots of cash.
The company listed, CB Richard Ellis Corp. is Regions Bank's Maint. Co., this is/was an internal scam directed at Regions Bank. I could have collected the $3,535.00 today from Regions Bank, the check is good, and if I had done as requested by "Santa's Little Sweepstakes", next step would be to send them $1,800 via Western Union so that I could collect my "big check" for $69,400.

Instead, I went to the Regions Bank on Cattlemen Rd in Sarasota Fl on Thursday, 12/18/08 at 2:00 pm and told them I knew of the check fraud scam and I had a counterfeit check drawn on "their Regions business account" and that there were no stops on it, so you better get yourself in gear and shut this scam down right now because I am sure you are going to be flooded with counterfeit checks in the next few hours, it appears they did and they were.

Sweet deal for "Santa's Little Sweepstakes" and Nicolas Stern the listed Claims Director, they collect $1,800.00 from each person who follows their directions, the "patsy" keeps $1,7550.00 and Regions Bank would have paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars that is not going to be collectible.

Checks were sent out by "Santa's Little Sweepstakes" on 12/15/2008, I got mine in Sarasota Fl on 12/18/08 for $3,535.00, I have heard of one check received near Cleveland, Ohio for $3,5350.00 and another one in Fort Lauderdale Fl for the same amount of $3,535.00 and a $3,535.00 check was received in the mail today, 12/19/08, in California, all with different check numbers (this is the key). A person would only have to walk into the Regons Bank, present the check, show ID, the teller checks the account on the computer, Funds available, you get the cash.

Regions Bank would not have caught onto the scam until the following days when all the checks roll in from around the USA in the same amount, $3,535.00. You would think that Regions Bank would at least give me a "thank you" for saving them possibly hundreds of thousands of dollar, so far not a word from the Regions Big Wigs ?
Bill Warner private investigator
Sarasota, FloridaU.S.A.

As part of an investigation into MoneyGram transfers sent from United States consumers to Canada, Canadian authorities determined that the overwhelming majority of wire transactions involving more than $1,000 are the proceeds of fraud involving various scams and Internet purchases. The investigation identified several MoneyGram operators as being involving in a majority of the suspect transactions, including SABIC Group.

A number of Asieru’s victims learned that the MoneyGram transfers had been picked up in Chino, which prompted the Chino Police Department to open an investigation. In several instances involving bogus checks and wire transfers, MoneyGram advised the police that the money was picked up at SABIC Group within 30 minutes of the wire transfer.
The Chino Police also learned that MoneyGram received 53 complaints of fraud against SABIC Group in 2008, with losses totaling approximately $103,500.In sentencing papers, federal prosecutors argued that Asieru not only caused financial losses to his victims, but also caused law-abiding victims to be stigmatized with destroyed credit and what appeared to be criminal conduct. One victim discussed in prosecutors’ sentencing papers was arrested and spent a night in jail for passing the bad check sent as part of Asieru’s scam, an indignity that was noted by Judge Walter during yesterday’s sentencing hearing.

he case against Asieru was investigated by the Chino Police Department, the United States Postal Inspection Service, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Bill Warner Director of CSPI..Covert Surveillance by Private Investigators at WBI Inc.

Trial date set Nov. 8th 2010 for home invasion thug Delmer Smith, why has he not been charged with the murders of Georgeann Smith and Kathleen Briles whose murders are heading to the "cold case file".

Published: Thursday, January 7, 2010
UPDATED: Thursday, January 27, 2010

SARASOTA - The trial for a man accused of a series of violent home invasions last year, perpetrated mostly against women who were home alone, has been scheduled for November 8. Police arrested Delmer Smith, 38, in connection with four of 11 invasions from February to April in which a suspect entered on a ruse then attacked the residents.

Some victims, mostly older women, were tied up, gagged and beaten. A 37-year-old woman was killed in one attack in a home on Jo-An Drive. Smith was not charged in the killing. Smith remains in the Sarasota County Jail with no bond, more from this source...............

I have been in contact with relatives of the murdered women, GeorgeAnn Smith and Kathleen Briles, and from other information that was obtained during the home invasion crime spree in Sarasota and Manatee of Delmer Smith it has become fairly evident that the ex-con thug Delmer Smith was involved with their murders.

Who Killed Kathleen Briles in Her Terra Ceia Fl Home on August 3rd 2009, Take A hard Look At Delmer Smith III. Delmer Smith III is the ex-con dirtbag who has been raping and beating middle aged white women the Sarasota-Bradenton area since Feb. 22nd, somehow Delmer Smith always knew which house contained a middle aged white woman home alone, it is very possible that Delmer Smith was not working alone. The attacks in the Sarasota-Bradenton area appear to have lasted from Feb. 22nd to August 3rd, 2009.

Doctor’s Wife Murder Blunt Force Trauma Kathleen Briles Was Bound And Beaten To Death on Monday 8/03/09 She Was Home Alone Attack Mimics Sarasota Manatee Home Invasions. BRADENTON, FL — The wife of a Manatee County doctor was bound before she was killed by blunt force, around 3:00pm on Monday August 3rd 2009, according to Manatee Sheriff Brad Steube. The body of 48-year-old Kathleen Briles was found by her husband, Dr. James Briles, Monday night. She had been dead 4 – 5 hours, according to investigators. At a Thursday morning news conference, Sheriff Steube said investigators found sign of forced entry into the Bay Shore Drive home.

Sarasota Home invasion suspect Delmer Smith is still the leading candidate in the rape and murder of Georgeann Lee Smith, on Jo-An Drive Sarasota, who was beaten to death with a baseball bat, she had been bound and raped, she had been home alone. “His name is Delmer Smith III … did he rape and beat 4 other women in a similar manner as Georgann? Yes he did, but he didn’t use a baseball bat on his other victims. The police have DNA to link this creep to 4 women (Sarasota Fl), their homes were invaded & robbed by him, posted by the sister of Georgeann Smith.

Delmer Smith is also, in my estimation, the lead suspect in the murder of Kathleen Briles who was beaten to death by blunt force trauma. Delmer Smith spent 15 years in a Federal Prison for armed bank robbery, the Federal Prison system is run on the inside by the Aryan Brotherhood which is a white prison gang, the Aryan Brotherhood are concerned with white-supremacy, members will viciously beat to death “outsiders” using blunt force trauma.

Delmer Smith III, 38, was arrested Sept. 10 2009 on a federal warrant for a violation of probation after a bar fight in Venice. Sarasota home invasions suspect Delmer Smith was driving a 2000 Chevrolet SUV with Florida tag #M406CX, and he was subsequently linked to four home invasions:

Feb. 22 at 3534 Osage Terrace

March 7 at 1946 Bougainvillea Street

March 14 at 5240 Carmilfra Way

May 26 at 20 Whispering Sands Drive

Law enforcement in Manatee and in Sarasota have been working together to investigate a string of as many as 11 home invasions and other attacks. In most of the incidents, the victims were women.

Federal Bureau of Prisons Inmate Locator – Locate Federal inmate Delmer Smith III RELEASED 09-16-2008

Delmer Smith has a lengthy history of crime. He was released from federal prison in Michigan September 16, 2008 after being convicted of armed bank robbery. He served 15 years of a 54-year sentence, so how does and from whom does Delmer Smith obtain inside information on Where Middle Aged Women Home Alone are in the Sarasota-Manatee area?

Bill Warner Director of CSPI..Covert Surveillance by Private Investigators at WBI Inc.

In Whose Apartment were the Blueprints for Auschwitz found Why none other than the Muslim Grand Mufti Haj Amin el-Husseini who lived in Berlin courtesy of the Nazi Party

In his memoirs, Grand Mufti al-Husayni (el-Husseini) wrote :”Our fundamental condition for cooperating with Nazi Germany was a free hand to eradicate every last Jew from Palestine and the Arab world.” Grand Mufti al-Husayni asked Hitler for an explicit undertaking to allow us to solve the Jewish problem in a manner befitting our national and racial aspirations and according to the scientific methods innovated by Germany in the handling of the Jews. The answer Grand Mufti al-Husayni got was, “ The Jews are yours.” . (Dershowitz, The Case for Israel p.55)

The Mufti’s “hatred of Jews…was fathomless, and he gave full vent to it during his period of activity alongside the Nazis (October 1941-May 1945). His speeches on Berlin radio were anti-Semitic to the core: “Kill the Jews wherever you find them- this pleases God, history and religion.” (Elpeleg, The Grand Mufti, p. 100)

In Whose Apartment were the Blueprints for Auschwitz found Why none other than the Muslim Grand Mufti Haj Amin el-Husseini who lived in Berlin courtesy of the Nazi Party and Adolph Hitler for 4 years 1941 to 1945 during WWII.

1943, Amin Al-Husseini Visits Nazi Death Camp Aushwitz with Head of SS Heinrich Himmler. Did SS head Heinrich Himmler give Grand Mufti Amin Al-Husseini a autographed copy of the plans for Aushwitz. Amin Al Husseini Meets Chief Commander of Nazi SS: Heinrich Himmler.
The Grand Mufti Amin Al-Husseini plans construction of concentration camp in Nablus (Palestine) to implement the “final solution” in Palestine to exterminate the Jews there, as an extension of Hitler’s plan. Mufti becomes close friend of Heinrich Himmler, Head of SS (Nazi Officers). Amin Al-Husseini is given a private tour of Aushwitz death camp by Himmler, where he insists on seeing first-hand the murder of Europe’s Jews.

Jan 26th, 2010.....JERUSALEM – The neat lines and red rectangular sketches look like any typical architectural design. But the handwritten initials H.H. — belonging to the infamous Nazi SS chief Heinrich Himmler — indicate what the drawings represent: wooden barracks, gas chambers and crematoria. Just ahead of the 65th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, Israel’s Holocaust memorial Yad Vashem is displaying the blueprints of the notorious camp in Nazi-occupied Poland that has become a symbol of the Nazi genocide of European Jewry. It is the first time the plans will be on display for a wide audience.

Auschwitz was the largest of the Nazi camps where millions of Jews and other minorities were forced to work as slaves. Many died of starvation or exposure. Also, many Jews were herded on arrival into gas chambers, the bodies burned in crematoria and their ashes buried in pits. In all, about six million Jews were killed by the Nazis and their collaborators.

The plans of the death camp, which was built near Krakow, in Poland, were drawn by SS technicians and inmates, there has been no indication as to whose apartment in Berlin Germany the plans for Auschwitz were found, but the Muslim Grand Mufti, Haj Muhammed Amin al-Husseini was living in Berlin Germany during this time period. Throughout the remainder of World War II, al-Husayni repeatedly made requests in Berlin for “the German government to bomb Tel Aviv Israel.
The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism: Adolf Hitler and Haj Amin al-Husseini.

The Mufti’s sympathy and embracing of the philosophy and goals of the Third Reich is covered with reference to the meetings between al-Husseini and Nazi leaders such as Hitler himself, Adolf Eichman and von Ribbontrop.

Living in a Berlin throughout the Second World War (4 years), the book reveals how al-Husseini was allowed to live in the luxurious surroundings of a mansion confiscated from a wealthy Jew (in Berlin) and how he was set by the Nazis as a virtual head of a Nazi-Muslim government in exile. Access being granted to the Grand Mufti to the “sonderfund” which constituted property and money confiscated from European Jews en-route to the concentration camps.

Also documented is the role al-Husseini allegedly played in the recruiting/training of Muslim divisions in Nazi-occupied Yugoslavia, together with the Grand Mufti's cited radio transmissions to the Arab world which included some of the most “blood curdling anti-Jewish statements and propaganda in history”.

The study shows how Hitler allegedly promised al-Husseini, in explicit terms, that following the final solution of the Jews in Europe, the Nazi regime would assist Grand Mufti al-Husseini in implementing a final solution against the Jews of Palestine and eventually the entire Arab world itself.

Bill Warner Director of CSPI..Covert Surveillance by Private Investigators at WBI Inc.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jihadi Websites Close Them Down Now” says PI Bill Warner on CBC Radio One “The Current” in Toronto Canada.

CBC RADIO ONE, Canadian Broadcasting Centre …..”The Current” with host Anna Maria Tremonti for Tuesday January 26, 2010, TORONTO ONT.

JAN. 26th. 2010, 8:05 AM……Jihadi Websites, close them down now says PI Bill Warner……click here for the Canadian Broadcasting Centre radio program.

Anna Maria Tremonti ….We aired some music from an on-line video made by Al-Shabaab, an Islamic insurgent group in Somalia. The video shows heavily armed fighters and people who have had their throats slit. Last year, the U.S. Government added Al-Shabaab to the list of groups it considers to be terrorist organizations. But despite that, Al-Shabaab still operates its website relatively unhindered.

People who monitor the websites of violent extremist groups are split about what to do about that. Some say sites such as Al-Shabaab’s should be shut-down. Others say that would throw away one of the only tools that international intelligence agencies have for monitoring the groups behind the websites.
Bill Warner is firmly in the “shut-them-down” camp. He’s a private investigator in Sarasota, Florida. And among other things, he spends his days trying to shut-down websites belonging to radical Islamic groups.

OR……Jihadi Websites, reason with them and try to convince them of the error of their ways, (what a load).

Not everyone thinks that pulling the plug on radical Islamic websites is a good idea. Christopher Boucek is an associate with the Middle East Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Last month, he provided testimony about radical websites to The House Armed Services Subcommittee on Terrorism, Unconventional Threats and Capabilities. He was in Washington, DC.

Listen to Part Two of the Current: Jihadi Websites, close them down, click here, The current.  Canadian Broadcasting Centre Toronto Ont.

The 2006 Toronto terrorism case refers to a series of counter-terrorism raids in the Greater Toronto Area that resulted in the June 2, 2006, arrest of 18 people (dubbed the "Toronto 18") alleged to be members of an Islamic terrorist cell plotting a series of attacks against targets in Ontario, Canada.  They were accused of planning to detonate truck bombs, to open fire in a crowded area, and to storm the Canadian Broadcasting Centre, the Canadian Parliament building, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), and the Parliamentary Buildings' Peace Tower, to take hostages and to behead the Prime Minister and other leaders.
8:05 am January 25, 2010 CBC Radio “The Current” with host Anna Maria Tremonti.
Anna Maria Tremonti …..”That is online video music made by Al-Shabaab an Islamic insurgent group in Somalia, the video shows heavily armed fighters, it also shows people who have had their throats slit. Last year the US govt added Al-Shaaab to the list of groups it considers to be terrorist organizations, but despite that, Al Shabaab still operates its website relatively unhindered. People who monitor the websites of violent extremest groups are split about what to do about that, some say sites such as Al-Shabaab should be shut down., others say that would throw away one of the only tools that international intelligence agencies have for monitoring the groups behind the websites.

Bill Warner is firmly in the shut them down camp and is a private investigator in Sarasota, Fl. and among other things, he spends his days trying to shut down websites belonging to radical Islamic groups. Good morning Bill Warner.”
Bill Warner…..”Good morning.”

Can you describe some of the websites you have gone after?
“Well, the one you just spoke of uh, the Al-Shabaab website was hosted in Vancouver Washington from April2007 to January 2009, I spent all 2008 trying to get it shut down.. It was operated by Omar Hamammi who was out of Mobile, Alabama, spent almost a year in Toronto before he moved on to Somalia to be the media director for Al-Shabaab. So, yeah it is a big problem and during that time period numerous, numerous ah, Somalians from Minneapolis were recruited as suicide bombers on that website went to Somalia and completed their mission, it is A BIG JOKE, THEY NEED TO BE SHUT DOWN.”
You tried to shut them down and it didn’t work?

That was one ot the worst ones I had, most of the time I get cooperation from the news media people, tv and newspapers and they help me with ah, exposing these websites that are hosted in North America. The Al-Shabaab was a big problem in Vancouver because the local newspaper was staunchly against shutting it down speaking on freedom of speech.. Well, it turned out to be a big problem and they looked like a fool in the end because they were soliciting suicide bombers on that website.”
How do you go about investigating the sites you try to shut down?

“Well, first of all, errr, I find links to these websites and go to the actual websites, I either get on the websites with a phony ah, email address so I can communicate and find out what they are talking about, most of these websites now you can get a Google translation because most of them are in Arabic, but they have become basically mostly English orientated so it is very easy to find out what they are talking about and once I find out who they are and what they are all about, I find out where the website is based, what company is hosting that website in what city, and go to that web hosting company and complain that they are promoting Al-queda, promoting suicide bombers and recruiting suicide bombers. And they need to be shut down and these are designated terrorist organizations and you are supporting them. Which is against the law basically in North America. Ah, sometimes they refuse, in a couple of cases they have, then I go to the media and get with an investigative reporter and we dig into it, and then usually it gets shut down by the web hosting company when they realize what they are doing.”

If this is against the law, how come the authorities are not shutting them down?

“Well, ah, the problem is basically the FBI, the problem with the FBI it they are over-taxed and they just don’t have the personal to , there are thousands of these websites and the keep popping up left and right all over the place and you can shut some of them down permanetly, but then they will come back under a different name and a different webhosting company. It’s a very difficult process, and just it needs to go thru the web hosting companies who need to police themselves.”

Now how many websites are we talking about?

“Hundreds, hundreds, most of them really er… directly linked to Al-Qaeda maybe 10 or 15, and you have a lot of pro Al-Qaeda websites run by you know affiliates, people in the United States, People in Canada that you know promote the Al-Qaeda websites on their web hosting company.”
Why do you think it is important to shut them down?

“Communication. Communication is key. It is a worldwide problem ah..the recruitment goes into Pakistan and Somalia and a lot too lately and the only way to reach these people is thru the internet. There is no other source. The web hosting companies that allow this to happen, it is just a huge, huge problem.”

Then, how dangerous then do you think these sites can be?

“Hugely, hugely dangerous. That’s where the recruits are coming from is thru the internet. There is no other source for them at this point. You know the US military in Afghanastan, Pakistan, Somalia, somewhat, Somalia they shut down what they can, you know on the ground, but they keep flooding in, they come from the UK, they come from Toronto, they come from ah, Tampa, they come from everywhere.”

What, how do you respond to those who say we need to keep them up so we can monitor these groups?

“They’ve been monitoring these websites for years, the one we talked about initially, the Al-Shabaab, that was monitored by the FBI, they let all those people go from Minneapolis to Somalia to become suicide bombers, they completed missions, they did not do anything about it. SO HOW IS THAT DETERRING ANYTHING? What information have they got, what have they done to shut down the Al-Shabaab recruiting? NOTHING.”

So when you go on these sites, with a pseuo name, what do you do?

“Communicate, talk, see what is going on, see if it is really an Al-Qeada based website you get links from the people who ah, communicate on the chat rooms, go to their links, and see what they are doing and can find other websites., it is just ever expanding. EVER.

But, but they think you are one of them in other words?

“At times, usually they catch onto who I am and I get kicked off the website, that’s fine.”

Do they say it is Bill Warner in disguise, how do they know it is you?

“They eventually track down the email address and they know it is me, yeah”

Conceivably, couldn’t there be others on there like you on there, pretending to be somebody they are not. How do you figure that out?

“You kind of go thru that, you always have to go to the original source of that they talking about, everybody has a link to one website or another and I am more concerned about the websites than the people on the web, you know in the chat rooms. I’m looking for legitimate Al-Qeada based websites.”

Again, how can you tell that they are, legitimate Al-Qaeda websites?

“You will find a lot of productions by, mostly Adam Gadahn, he basically is the media director for As-Sahab which is the media production wing of Al-Qeada. He is out of Orange County, California. His handprints are over a lot of different things, you will find him on a lot of different things, You tube videos, and internet videos, he is the main guy.”

And again, so you are saying that these sites actually encourage and recruit.

“Constantly, they put up the martyrs pictures, they write a bio about the martyr, about what he has done where he is from, of course they promote it all the time.”

What about those listeners who might be thinking now why do you think you know more about handling this than the FBI?

“I don’t, I agree that the FBI is working on this, but they are just over taxed and sometime the FBI runs into a problem when we get back to freedom of speech, again, how do they determine exactly what is right and what is wrong, the FBI gets themselves into a big problem with that because of freedom of speech, in the United States, which Al-Qaeda and their media groups take advantage of.”

And you can work around that because you are not part of that, that is what you are saying?

“Yes, of course, yeah, I can just complain, investigate, and expose what is going on to the local area web hosting company and it is up to them to decide well, this is a bad website we shouldn’t have it at our company.”

People call you a cyber vigilante, is that fair?

“It doesn’t bother me. I just do what I have to do to keep this up. It’s just ongoing all the time 24/7 every day of the week and we are losing the war of words with Al-Qaeda on the internet, BIG TIME.”

Bill Warner, thanks for speaking with me.

That is Bill Warner, he is a private investigator in Sarasota, Fl.
Bill Warner Director of CSPI..Covert Surveillance by Private Investigators at WBI Inc.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


BBC NEWS JAN 18TH, 2010......Women in Syria enjoy a measure of freedom unlike women in many other Arab countries. Damascus is getting trendier these day. As Syria opens up, western-style cafes and restaurants are mushrooming. Men and women gather together, sipping coffee and smoking and in the evenings, bars are filled with liberal-minded Damascenes gathering over a bottle of wine or Arak, the local aniseed-flavoured spirit. Nights out may start with a lively debate about politics and end up on the dance floor.

Damascus is one liberal bubble in Syria, but even here women feel the traditional barriers around them. Almost every woman, once she steps out of her house, exposes herself to some degree of harassment. Whether covered or uncovered, women here are used to hearing foul language and sexual suggestions from frustrated teenagers, sometimes even from older men. Wandering hands....They are also used to seeing men look hungrily at them as they walk by in the street. Sometimes the men brush against them, touching parts of their body. This is strictly forbidden of course, but these incidents are rarely reported.
Syria's a changing. "When I went there a year ago, I was shocked when I stumbled accross hardcore porn DVDs being sold openly in a shop in the downtown flea market. It is all open - more open than here in Australia". Not what I expected to see in an Arab country.
November 2008... a slew of new strip clubs have also opened in Damascus where mostly Iraqi women perform: a phenomenon that aid workers sometimes refer to as the “survival” sex industry.

Washington Post May 29, 2007... For anyone living in Damascus these days, the fact that some Iraqi refugees are selling sex or working in sex clubs is difficult to ignore. Even in central Damascus, men freely talk of being approached by pimps trawling for customers outside juice shops and shawarma sandwich stalls, and of women walking up to passing men, an act unthinkable in Arab culture, and asking in Iraqi-accented Arabic if the men would like to "have a cup of tea."
Most of the semi-organized prostitution takes place on the outskirts of the capital, in nightclubs known as casinos a local euphemism (for strip clubs), because no gambling occurs. At Al Rawabi, an expensive nightclub in Al Hami, there is even a floor show with an Iraqi theme. A 10-piece band warmed up, and an M.C. gave the traditionally overwrought introduction in Arabic: "I give you the honey of all stages, the stealer of all hearts, the most golden throat, the glamorous artist: Maria!"
Maria, a buxom young woman, climbed onto the stage and began an anguished-sounding ballad. "After Iraq I have no homeland," she sang. "I'm ready to go crawling on my knees back to Iraq." Four other women, all wearing variations on leopard print, gyrated on stage, swinging their hair in wild circles. The stage lights had been fitted with colored gel filters that lent the women's skin a greenish cast. After the dancers filed offstage and scattered around the room to talk to customers, Sahar told a visitor she was from the Dora district of Baghdad but had left "because of the troubles." Now, she said she would leave the club with him for $200. Aid workers say $50 to $70 is considered a good night's wage for an Iraqi prostitute working in Damascus. And some of the Iraqi dancers (strippers) in the crowded casinos of Damascus suburbs earn much less.

Zafer, who spoke on condition that only his first name be used, refused to discuss specific women and girls at the club, but said that most of them did sell sexual favors. "They have an hourly rate," he said. "And they have regular customers." Inexpensive Iraqi prostitutes have helped to make Syria a popular destination for sex tourists from wealthier countries in the Middle East. In the club's parking lot, nearly half of the cars had Saudi license plates. From Damascus it is only about six hours by car, passing through Jordan, to the Saudi border. Syria, where it is relatively easy to buy alcohol and dance with women, is popular as a low-cost weekend destination for groups of Saudi men.
And though some women of other nationalities, including Russians and Moroccans, still work as prostitutes in Damascus, Abeer, a 23-year-old from Baghdad working at the same club as Hiba, explained that the arriving Iraqis had pushed many of them out of business. "From what I've seen, 70 percent to 80 percent of the girls working this business in Damascus today are Iraqis," she said. "The rents here in Syria are too expensive for their families. If they go back to Iraq they'll be slaughtered, and this is the only work available."

Jan 15th, 2010....Osama bin Laden's son Omar believes the al Qaeda leader has achieved his aim of humbling the United States but warns his death could unleash "very, very nasty" attacks by militants. In a rambling interview with Rolling Stone magazine conducted in part in a Damascus strip club, Les Caves de Boys, Omar bin Laden (and his wife Zaina her photo above) said that US President Barack Obama was making a mistake by scaling up the troop presence in Afghanistan.

"It is like adding water to sand, as we say in the Arab world -- it only makes the sand heavier," Rolling Stone quoted bin Laden as saying in the interview. "If I was in his position, the first thing I would do is make a truce. Then for six months or one year, no fighting, no soldiers. Afghanistan can never be won. It has nothing to do with my father. It is the Afghan people." He left his father in Afghanistan in 2001, several months before the September 11 attacks on the United States.

Bin Laden said his father was overjoyed when US voters elected George W. Bush in 2000, predicting that he was just the kind of president the United States needed -- "one who will attack and spend money and break the country". Despite the huge amount of money and effort spent hunting for bin Laden, believed by many intelligence analysts to be hiding in tribal areas on the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan, Omar bin Laden said he believed the United States was actually lucky that his father had not been killed.

STRIP CLUBS IN DAMASCUS SYRIA ; Meetings held by terror leader of the PIJ, Ramadan Abdullah Shallah (his photo above). The PIJ has a strong following in Gaza (some of the Tampa used car dealers are from Gaza) and the PIJ has it's "home office" in Damascus Syria with it's ex Tampa Fl and one of the FBI's most wanted terrorists, leader Ramadan Abdallah Shalah. Shallah was one of the founding members of the PIJ in the late 1970's, he was an operative for the PIJ when he lived in Tampa up to the Spring of 1995. In Tampa Fl the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) has a base of operations receiving counterfeit DVD's, CD's and Microsoft Vista programs which they sell in a variety of grocery stores and music stores across the greater Tampa area.

Bill Warner Director of CSPI..Covert Surveillance by Private Investigators at WBI Inc.