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Saturday, March 28, 2009

SARASOTA COUNTY - The bug spray bandits are back.

March 28th, 2009. The duo -- known across the region for posing as pest control workers and spraying victims with a liquid before making off with jewelry -- struck again in Sarasota in what is believed to be the fifth attack since February.

A man and woman approached the woman at about 12:30 p.m. and told her that they were hired by the apartment complex to spray for bugs.

The crooks walked into her apartment and sprayed her with liquid. They then told her to quickly wash her hands. When she did, the duo ripped off a ring and ran.

Friday, February 20, 2009 SUN CITY CENTER — Authorities are searching for a rogue pest control worker who walked into at least four homes, sprayed the residents with a liquid and took off with thousands of dollars of cash and jewelry.

In all the cases, which started Feb. 3, a man pulled up in front of the house in a small tan sedan, walked into the open garage or carport and entered the home through an unlocked door, he said.

In a prior Sarasota incident in March 2009 they drove off in a dark blue Infiniti, the man is in his late 30s or early 40s, with curly black hair, the woman is about 18 years old, and has black hair, both are Latino, two vehicles are being used.

The "bug spray bandits" are setting themselves up in nearby shopping centers and doing "surveillance" of women shoppers who they determine to be vulnerable, they follow the women home to their residence to pull off the robberies.

Bill Warner
private investigator

Friday, March 27, 2009

Black Panthers (Uhuru’s) Alive and Well in Oalkand, Lovelle Mixon Kills Four Cops

Friday March 27th 2009. OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) - The shootings of four Oakland police officers on a single day by Lovelle Mixon slain in a gunfight with police, was remarkable not just for its death toll, but for the years of law enforcement experience Mark Dunakin, John Hege, Ervin Romans and Daniel Sakai had racked up between them.

Sakai, 35, the youngest of the 4 officers killed Saturday by the parolee with two guns, had been working to protect people since his days in college. Like 40-year-old Dunakin, a 17-year veteran who investigated homicides, he married a fellow officer.

Romans, 43, put in time as a Marine and an officer with Oakland's public housing authority before he pinned a city police badge to his chest. Hege, 41, who was declared brain dead Sunday but remained on life support, worked as a physical education teacher and a volunteer reserve officer before he fulfilled a dream and joined the force a decade ago.

Police said all four officers were shot by Lovelle Mixon, 26, of Oakland, a parolee who fled after shooting the first two officers after a traffic stop, then shot two more after a SWAT team entered an apartment in which he was hiding. Mixon was also killed by officers, police said.

Relatives and co-workers of the four officers requested privacy as they absorbed the enormity of the deaths. Oakland had never lost even two officers on the same day, never mind having twice that many mortally wounded.

03-25) 20:36 PDT Oakland -- About 60 people marched and rallied in Oakland on Wednesday to condemn the police and honor Lovelle Mixon, who was killed by Oakland police after he fatally shot four officers Saturday. The protest was organized by the Oakland branch of the Uhuru Movement (Black Panthers), whose flyers for the march declared, "Stop Police Terror."

Mixon's uncle, 38-year-old Curtis Mixon of Fremont, said his nephew had become depressed because he could not find work as a convicted felon. His nephew expected authorities to issue an arrest warrant for missing parole meetings, even though the he felt he was not to blame, he said. LaTasha Mixon, 28, of Sacramento said Sunday her cousin was "not a monster."

Mixon had previously served six years in state prison for assault with a firearm during an armed robbery in San Francisco, the family said. Yeah just your normal "Black Panther" offshoot, growing up in Oakland "hatin" the cops.

8 arrested in 1971 SF cop killing tied to Black Panthers; By MARCUS WOHLSEN, Associated Press Writer Wednesday, January 24, 2007. The hunt for the killers of Sgt. John V. Young seemed plagued by stops and starts before authorities arrested eight men with ties to a militant black power group nearly 36 years after the slaying.

On Aug. 29, 1971, two members of the group, armed with guns and dynamite, stormed a police station in San Francisco's Ingleside neighborhood and fired a shotgun through a hole in the lobby's bulletproof glass, killing Young, 51, and wounding a civilian clerk.

Authorities said the killing was one in a series of attacks by BLA members on law enforcement officials on both coasts. Carried out between 1968 and 1973, the campaign also included the bombing of a police funeral at a San Francisco church and the slayings of the two New York police officers, as well as three armed bank robberies that helped fund their operations, police said.

Seven suspected former BLA members were charged with murder and conspiracy. They are Bell, 59, and Anthony Bottom, 55, both currently incarcerated in New York state; Ray Michael Boudreaux, 64, of Altadena; Richard Brown, 65, of San Francisco; Henry Watson Jones, 71, of Altadena; Francisco Torres, 58, of Queens, New York; and Harold Taylor, 58, of Panama City, Fla.

Lolo Darnell, one of Lovelle Mixon's cousins at the Uhuru Movement (Black Panthers) demonstration in Oakland on Wednesday 3/25/09, said, "He (Lovelle Mixon) needs sympathy too. If he's a criminal, everybody's a criminal." He is what he is !

This is a list of members of the Black Panther Party, including those famous for being Panthers as well as former Panthers who became famous for other reasons. This list does not include outside supporters, sympathisers, or allies, some are now elected officals;

Mumia Abu-Jamal, Lieutenant Minister of Information, Philadelphia chapter. Currently serving life imprisonment for the murder of police officer Daniel Faulkner.

Richard Aoki, Field Marshall

Charles Barron former member Harlem chapter, community activist and Democratic New York City Councilmember

William Lee Brant, hijacked a plane to Cuba in 1968, lived in exile there until his death in 2006

Elaine Brown, Chairwoman, Minister of Defense (mid 1970s), for a time was a 2008 Green Party Presidential candidate.

H. Rap Brown, Justice Minister, currently serving life sentence in Georgia for impersonating a police officer and murdering a black Sheriff's Deputy and wounding others with a machine gun.

Stokely Carmichael, Honorary Prime Minister

Bunchy Carter, Deputy Minister of Defense, Southern California chapter

Mark Clark, Defense Captain, Illinois chapter

Eldridge Cleaver, Minister of Information

James "Jim" Coleman, Peoria, Arizona physical education instructor

Angela Y. Davis, Professor at UCLA, and lecturer at Harvard University and San Francisco State University, currently teaching at UC Santa Cruz. Acquitted of providing weapons during murder trial in infamous court shoot-out case.

Aaron Dixon, community activist, former captain of the Seattle chapter of the Party. Ran with the Green Party for U.S. Senate on his opposition to the Iraq War
Lorenzo Komboa Ervin

Larry J.Gaiters, Sr, One of the founding members of the Columbus, Ohio Chapter - Now a Christian Minister

Steve Green, founder of the Louisiana Chapter

Jon Gwara, Corporal Minister of Arms, Former Senate Member of Connecticut

Fred Hampton, Deputy Chairman, Illinois chapter; shot to death in police raid by Chicago police and the FBI after refusing to surrender after shooting an FBI agent.

Bobby Hutton, Treasurer; fatally wounded in shoot-out with Oakland police after he shot officer knocking on his door.

George Jackson, killed in California prison.

Jamal Joseph, Writer, director, producer, poet, activist, and educator.

Timothy Lewis, Rapper, alive & well living in Brooklyn NY

David Lemieux, actor (The Spook Who Sat By The Door), retired Chicago Police Detective

Chaka Khan, Singer.

Owen Midgley, Political adviser, Brooklyn NY

Huey P. Newton, Minister of Defense, co-founder

Pete O'Neal, Chairman, Kansas City chapter

Geronimo Pratt, Deputy Minister of Defense

Malik Rahim, early New Orleans chapter organizer, currently a co-founder of Common Ground Collective, a post Hurricane Katrina relief organization.

Nile Rodgers, music producer

Bobby Rush, Deputy Minister of Defense, Illinois chapter, Democratic Congressman Ist Congressional District, Chicago, Illinois

Victor Cumberbatch, Sergeant at arms. Brooklyn NY

Kyle Sanders, Founder of the Florida chapter of the Bloods

Bobby Seale, Chairman and co-founder of the Black Panthers

Afeni Shakur, mother of rapper Tupac Shakur

Mutulu Shakur, Brother of Assata Shakur and Stepfather of Tupac Shakur.

Billy Garland, Biological Father of Tupac Shakur

Robert Trivers, evolutionary biologist

Betty Van Patter Bookkeeper, died under suspicious circumstances.

Dwight York, founder of Nuwaubian Nation of Moors, in prison serving 135 years for more than 100 counts of child molestation.

Tim Hayes, founder Atlanta chapter

Bill Warner
private investigator

Cigarette Smugglers in St. Louis, New York City, Charlotte and Tampa Funnel Money to Terror Groups like Hezbollah.

Cigarette smuggling is generating millions of dollars every year that can be reaching terrorist groups, including Hezbollah, Hamas and Al Qaeda, according to law enforcement sources. In a single case, $100,000 was sent to Hezbollah. The first large-scale cigarette trafficking case tied to terrorism was prosecuted in North Carolina in 2002.

A federal jury in Charlotte convicted Mohamad Hammoud, 28, of violating a ban on providing material support to a terrorist group by funneling profits from a multimillion-dollar cigarette-smuggling operation to Hezbollah. The jury also found Hammoud, whom prosecutors described as the leader of a terrorist cell, and his brother guilty of cigarette smuggling, racketeering and money laundering. The two men, natives of Lebanon, were accused of smuggling at least $7.9 million worth of cigarettes out of North Carolina and selling them in Michigan. Hammoud was sentenced to 155 years in prison.
According to a Federal 2008 report , citing federal and New York state law enforcement sources, nearly 70 percent of all convenience retail outlets in New York City are now Arab-owned, primarily families of Lebanese, Yemeni, Jordanian and Palestinian descent.  Cigarette trafficking is difficult to stop, partly because tobacco is a legal commodity.

Smuggling cigarettes becomes a federal crime only when more than 60,000 cigarettes, or 300 cartons, are purchased to avoid payment of state tax, said Jerry Bowerman, chief of the ATF alcohol and tobacco enforcement branch. New York law enforcement authorities announced the arrest of Queens resident Rafea al-Nablisi for smuggling 12,000 cartons of cigarettes a week. It was not the first such arrest, and thanks to New York's latest cigarette tax hike, it will not be the last.

UPDATE.....Thursday, April 02, 2009, ATF Arrests $3 Million Dollar Chinese Cigarette Smugglers In Queens NY, Guang Ming Wang and his son, Feishan Wang  As the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms said in September 2002 of New York's cigarette smuggling, "Traditional organized crime is involved, terrorist groups are involved, and street gangs are involved." Rivalry among these groups has resulted in numerous shootings and homicides.
The connection to terrorism is no exaggeration. When New York police cracked another smuggling ring in 2005, they uncovered a multimillion dollar flow of funds from New York City to unknown individuals in the Middle East. Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly gave voice to the obvious conclusion: Terrorists probably got the money.
According to the St Pete Times In February 2004, the Tampa Bay RDSTF received information from the Jacksonville RDSTF that a Tampa resident, Adil Abdel Hader, 58, was allegedly involved in an organized criminal enterprise that purchased stolen cigarettes derived from "smash and grab" burglaries throughout Central Florida.

According to Lance Newman, Florida Department of Law Enforcement special agent in charge and, Hillsborough County Sheriff David Gee, RDSTF co-chairs, intelligence collected by law enforcement agencies throughout the United States indicated that the proceeds from the sale of stolen property, particularly SMUGGLED CIGARETTES and BABY FORMULA in convenience stores, have allegedly been forwarded to foreign groups associated with funding terrorist organizations (like Hezbollah and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad which has numerous links in Tampa).

TAMPA SMUGGLED CIGARETTE SCHEME UP IN SMOKE, ARRESTED ARE KHALDOUN "TONY" KHAWAJA AND 5 OTHERS, A SEARCH WARRANT WAS SERVED AT THE MAIN STREET GROCERY..TAMPA, FL--A scheme to facilitate the theft and resale of smuggled cigarettes has been uncovered as the result of an ongoing criminal investigation run by the Tampa Bay Regional Domestic Security Task Force (RDSTF).

Just a few weeks before that 2005 bust, Buffalo-area businessman Aref Ahmed had been sentenced to three years and a month for cigarette smuggling. The feds said he'd used the racket to fund "scholarships" at terrorist training camps in Afghanistan during the spring of 2001. Going back to 1993, counterfeit cigarette stamps were found in the apartment of the first World Trade Center bombers.

Through a series of undercover operations, agents identified suspects, including Hader, who purchased stolen cigarettes at prices well below wholesale value and resold them through convenience stores whom Hader either controlled or with whom he was associated. Smuggled Cigarettes totaling approximately $45,000 in value were purchased by suspects who were told they had been stolen.


A list of suspects arrested and charges follows (these men pled out and were put on Florida State felony probation):
Abil Abdel Hader DOB 08/19/47 Commit Sexual Battery Dealing in Stolen Property.Khaldoun Khalil "Tony" Khawaja DOB 03/28/64 Stolen Property Racketeering.
Salim Yousef Suleiman DOB 01/14/62 Dealing in Stolen Property Racketeering.
Said Ibrahim DOB 11/24/55 Dealing in Stolen Property Racketeering.
Tariq Hammad DOB 01/01/87 Dealing in Stolen Property Racketeering.
Victor Javier Reyes DOB 11/02/77 Dealing in Stolen Property Racketeering.

SAC Newman stated that "while we are not accusing anyone of terrorist activity, we want to send a clear message that the RDSTF is proactively looking at people and businesses that engage in activities that have historically supported groups sympathetic to terrorist organizations."

Bill Warner
private investigator

Thursday, March 26, 2009

FBI Breaks Up $25 Mill Tampa Car Clone Ring Arrests Street Soldiers, Private Investigator Bill Warner Wants to Know When Are Used Car Dealers Arrested

FBI breaks up $25 mill 'car cloning' ring, arrests street dealers, Private Investigator Bill Warner wants to know when are the Used Car dealers arrested ?

TAMPA, Florida (CNN) -- There's probably no way to describe the feeling. One moment,
Guiseppe "Joe" Pirrone was on a long weekend at the beach.

The next moment, he found out the pickup that he bought a year ago is stolen, and he is still on the hook for the $27,000 loan. Stories like Pirrone's are scattered across the country, and Tuesday the FBI announced that it has broken up one of the largest auto theft cases in the U.S. Capping "Operation Dual Identity," arrest warrants for 17 people were executed in Tampa and Miami, Florida; Chicago, Illinois; and in Mexico City and Guadalajara, Mexico. The suspects were accused of "cloning" vehicles, which is making stolen cars look like legal ones.

The FBI says that the ring was operating in the U.S. for more than 20 years. More than 1,000 vehicles were stolen in Florida, with more than $25 million in losses to consumers and banks. Car theft rings clone vehicles by taking license plates, vehicle identification numbers (VIN), and other tags and stickers from a legal car and putting them on a stolen vehicle of similar make and model.

Pirrone has hired an attorney, and he is considering filing a lawsuit against the dealership to get the bank's money back. Pirrone said he was advised by his lawyer not to name the used car lot.

There is now way that the 17 goons arrested in Tampa Fl were able to re-register the 1000+ stolen high end vehicles without the aid of a local Used Car Dealer or Dealers, who work with immunity as they are never listed as the registered owner of the vehicles, and they are able to expedite the falsified registrations at the local County Tag Office, so who is kidding who here, none of the arrested appear to be used car dealers !

Law enforcement hopes that this is the beginning of the end of the "car cloning" scam. The National Motor Vehicle Information system (NMVTIS) database was implemented in January. It allows state DMVs to share title and registration information.

Cloned vehicles were moved and sold to buyers in 20 states and several countries, often for less than market value, the FBI said. Many of the vehicles were exchanged for drugs, according to the bureau. The FBI says that people need to be careful when buying a car independently.

"Folks should be educated enough so that they don't buy a car from a stranger, on the street, or in a back alley somewhere," said the FBI's Dave Couvertier. "And if you're getting it for too good a deal, it should be raising flags."

Private Investigator Bill Warner has written extensively on the used car scam, stolen cars VIN's switched and sold to unsuspecting customers in the USA and abroad. The VIN switch scam needs a used car dealer to be able to re-register vehicles with false ID and switched VIN's, the FBI got the street hustlers and the movers and shakers of the operation but did not arrest the real kingpins of the operation, the used car dealers who handle all the paper work.

One of the arrested in the FBI bust in Tampa was Frank Samuel Ferrera, DOB 06/04/79 arrested on 3/24/2009 and 5 previous times in the Tampa area, he appears to have possible links to an auto parts business in Tampa that could have helped in changing out auto registrations.

There were two glaring examples of auto registration fraud by a Used Car dealer in Sarasota and Miami Fl during 2008, see Thursday, December 11, 2008, FLORIDA USED CAR DEALERS ARRESTED, SERGIY ZHELEZNYAK IN SARASOTA AND ALI HASSAN HAMMOUD IN MIAMI, STOLEN CARS TO RUSSIA AND MIDDLE EAST, VIN SWITCHING.

VIN Switching: The Ultimate Alias for Auto Theft. Sarasota used car dealer Sergiy Zheleznyak had obtained 36 phony car titles for nonexistent vehicles, late model vehicles such as six 2009 Mercedes Benz sedans, two 2008 BMW's, and an assortment of 2008 and 2009 Honda Accords, Accra's and Toyota's.

Sergiy Zheleznyak runs MS Auto a small used car/body shop in North Port Fl, there is no possible way he could have actually paid cash for almost $1 Million in late model luxury vehicles.

Sergiy Zheleznyak was obtaining the phony titles on the non-existent vehicles from the Sarasota County Tag office for his associate Alexksandr Mikhaylov in New York City. "Auto Body Repairs and Painting" MS Auto is also listed as body shop repairs and painting in local phone listings.

Sergiy Zheleznyak, as MS Auto, was going to receive $100 each for the phony titles from Alexksandr Mikhaylov in New York City as Mr. Mikhaylov needed the new titles to ship vehicles matching the description (stolen possibly) to Russia.

All of the supposed 36 vehicles that Sergiy Zheleznyak registered in Sarasota were new, full size sedans, SUV's and pick-up trucks with 5 to 50 miles listed on the odometer, with no lien holders, free and clear, but of course they did not ever exist in Sarasota, on paper only, but in New York City that is a different story.

Hammoud, a native of Lebanon who lives in Miramar, was arrested Friday July 24th 2008 at Miami International Airport by FBI agents arrest as he was attempting to fly to Beirut. Muslim used car dealer Ali Hassan Hammoud was able to steal $5.7 Million from the State of Florida and wire transferred at least $3 Million to Beirut Lebanon (can you say "Hezbollah").

The State sent money intended for Anderson Columbia Co. Inc. to an account Hammoud had opened at Regions Bank in Miami in the name of the Lake City-based contractor, FBI Special Agent Zachary Coates wrote in a sworn statement. The State made four electronic cash transfers totaling about $5.7 million to the bogus account July 21-22, according to statements.

About $3.8 million was transferred to a second Regions account Hammoud opened in the name of Zamaiss Import Export Inc. (used car export) and then withdrawn through a variety of means including international wire transfers, all during the same two days. That left a negative balance of $1,405 in the Zamaiss account.

Hezbollah has been involved in the stolen car racket to support terrorism for years, Hezbollah theft rings have stolen luxury cars in Canada and sent them to Lebanon for use by senior Hezbollah officials. Ali Hassan Hammoud was more than likely sending stolen vehicles out of the country after switching the VIN's from the Copart auction cars to the stolen cars and then via the Port of Miami to the Middle East through his Zamaiss Import Export company.

Bill Warner
private investigator

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Private Investigator Bill Warner, Tips On How to Spot Car Cloning And a List of International Used Car Scammers.

03/24/09. VIN cloning: stealing the identity of a legitimately-owned vehicle and slapping it onto a stolen car.
It’s a serious crime problem that’s being aggressively investigated by law enforcement, Federal, State and Local.

For example: today in Tampa 17 major players in a long-running car cloning criminal enterprise have been indicted by a federal grand jury. FBI Indicts 17 In Tampa-Based VIN-Cloning Theft Ring, PI Bill Warner Told You About this Tampa Car Scam Three Years Ago !

The good news is that in the not-too-distance future, a new national database may help make car cloning a thing of the past.

How does car cloning work? Like the Tampa case, it begins with a stolen vehicle—usually a luxury car or fully-loaded SUV.

Then, the vehicle is “cloned”—its manufacturer-installed Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) plate is pried off and replaced with another one. This second VIN plate actually holds a legitimate number that came from a vehicle of a similar make and model in a different state.

See my prior post, Tuesday, May 13, 2008,

Other phony ownership documents complete the cloning. At that point it can be easily registered with a motor vehicle agency in another state.

Once the stolen vehicle is registered anew, it can be sold. In the Tampa case, more than 1,000 cloned cars were sold to witting and unwitting buyers in 20 states and several countries, with estimated losses of more than $25 million to consumers, auto insurers, and other victims.

So how big is the possible impact of cloning on consumers? Huge. If you buy a cloned vehicle and its true pedigree is discovered, the car will be confiscated, and you’ll still be responsible for any outstanding loans.

The short list of Car Cloners, arrested and or convicted or on the run International Car Importers & Exporters, VIN CLONING

Abdurahman Alamoundi.... Shirlington Auto Mart, Arlington VA USA.
Camil Assaf & Nizzam Darwish......Tampa Fl USA
Abdalla Deiab..................Tampa Fl USA
Sheik Abbas Harake........Beirut used car dealer
6). & 7). In Tampa are still under Federal Investigation.
Adnan El Shukrijumah ....Miramar Fl USA.
Pierre Robert........ a used car dealer in Tangier Morocco.
10). Restricted informattion on Tampa Fl.
11). Khalid
Abu-al-Dahab...... Silicon Valley CA USA
Mohammed Ramez Sultan...Munich Germany.
Abu>Salem and Dawood> Ibrahim, Kings of Cars, Dubai UAE.
Imad Yarkas, a Syrian-born used car dealer (importer) linked to 9/11.
Mohamad Reda Tabbara Export of Stolen Vehicles, "Black Cars" to Dubai.
Hossein Esfahani operated three ChicagoWest Side auto dealerships
MOHAMED YOUSEF AL-NAGHI, exclusive BMW importer Jeddah SA.
ABDULRAHMAN HASSAN SHARBATLY, dealer Ferrari, Porshe Jeddah SA
SharifF Omar Cottonwood Heights Utah, links to brother in Iraq & al-Qaeda.
Ashraf Seleman of NJ vehicles shipped to Dubai and Africa.
Universal Auto World Long Island New York
Ali Hassan Hammoud Miami Fl

If your vehicle is the victim of car cloning, you could be accused of a variety of offenses—from parking tickets or cutting somebody off in serious criminal activity like organized crime. And you could spend a great deal of time and money trying to prove that it wasn’t you or your car after all.

NMVTIS, or the
National Motor Vehicle Title Information System. This Department of Justice database, operated by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators, is an electronic system that links state motor vehicle departments together…and once fully operational should go a long way towards shutting down car cloning activities.

If a car is titled in one state, a criminal should not be able to steal its VIN and use it on another vehicle in another state—the database will spit out a hit showing that the number is already in use.

So far, 37 states participate or are in the process of participating in the system. A federal law mandated the creation of the database and the participation of all 50 states by next year.
Tips on how to steer clear of VIN cloning:1). If you think your car was cloned (for instance, you receive notice of unpaid parking tickets that aren't yours), contact your local police.
2). If you’re car shopping, beware of a car being sold for substantially less than comparable makes and models.
3). Get a copy of the car’s vehicle history report.
4). Check out the VIN plate on the dashboard for any evidence of tampering (scratches, etc.).
5). Look for incorrect spellings on paperwork, like vehicle titles.
6). Trust your intuition—if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Bill Warner
private investigator

FBI Indicts 17 In Tampa-Based Car-Cloning Theft Ring, PI Bill Warner Told You About This Tampa Car Scam Three Years Ago !

FBI Indicts 17 In Tampa-Based Car-Cloning Theft Ring, PI Bill Warner Told You About this Tampa Car Scam Three Years Ago !

TAMPA - Federal indictments made public today charged 17 people with being part of a Tampa-based international car-cloning ring, laying open what had been a new and improved style of thievery that until recently went almost undetectable.

Operation Dual Identity, said to be one of the largest car theft cases mounted by the FBI, began more than two years ago and ended today with warrants issued for individuals in Tampa, Miami, Chicago, Mexico City and Guadalajara, Mexico, according to the FBI. Fourteen of the 17 named in the indictment have been taken into custody, officials said.

Over the course of the three-year probe, almost 50 people have been arrested by the task force, which is comprised of about 50 law enforcement agencies and private companies, mostly insurance corporations.

Tampa U.S. Attorney A. Brian Albritton said the investigation resulted in "two significant indictments" against the cell that used Tampa as its home base and reached as far as Mexico, Chicago and New York. Lee County Sheriff’s Office was part of the “core investigative team” that helped bust the ring. Forty-nine law enforcement agencies assisting included the National Insurance Crime Bureau, Miami-Dade Auto Theft Task Force, Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, Manatee County Sheriff’s Office, Tampa Police Department and agencies from Illinois, Ohio, Texas, California, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, New York, Connecticut and several federal law enforcement agencies, (ICE the FBI and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection).

I, PI bill Warner, have posted numerous articles about how stolen vehicles are smuggled out of the USa via the Ports in Tampa, Miami and New York city see the short list of articles about the various ethnic groups linked to the Tampa-Based Car-Cloning Theft Ring.

Thursday, December 11, 2008, FLORIDA USED CAR DEALERS ARRESTED, SERGIY ZHELEZNYAK IN SARASOTA AND ALI HASSAN HAMMOUD IN MIAMI, STOLEN CARS TO RUSSIA AND MIDDLE EAST, VIN SWITCHING. Sarasota used car dealer Sergiy Zheleznyak had obtained 36 phony car titles for nonexistant vehicles, late model vehicles such as six 2009 Mercedes Benz sedans, two 2008 BMW's, and an assortment of 2008 and 2009 Honda Accords, Accra's and Toyota's. In Miami Fl, we have used car dealer Ali Hassan Hammoud, who was arrested in July 2008 for attempting to steal $5.7 Million from the State of Florida. Ali Hassan Hammoud operated his chop shop under the name of Germanco Auto Parts, also as Germanco Parts Depot Inc, and as Germanco Auto Sales Inc, all linked to the 9741 NW 27th Ave address of "Zamaiss Import Export Inc." as seen in the story below. Ali Hassan Hammoud also appears to be linked to a second Florida car business that appears to have been exporting stolen used cars to Africa and selling the vehicles with altered VIN's.

August 2008, U.S.-Based Stolen Car Rings Fund, Supply Terrorists, Bill Warner, the boss of WBI Inc. Private Detective Agency in Sarasota, Fl., Warner himself came upon the ring by discovering a car dealer on the west coast of Florida using tags that did not belong to him, at which point he tracked the shipment of cars to Dubai. Used car dealers who were exporting vehicles, operated out of the Port of Tampa and the Port of Savannah, [and] vehicles were purchased at salvaged auto actions and/or from street hustlers of recent stolen vehicles,” Warner explained.“Stolen vehicles were disassembled, the engine and transmission taken out and then shipped with the hull of the vehicle packed in shipping containers [labeled] as auto parts and sent to Dubai, UAE,” he said. The disassembled vehicles get through U.S. ports because Vehicle Identification Numbers are not checked unless the car is fully assembled.Upon arrival, they were reassembled and sold at two to three times the price of what they’d be sold for in the United States.

Monday, August 25, 2008 ALBANIAN MUSLIM MAFIA RUNS INTL STOLEN CAR RING TO FUND JIHAD OUT OF NEW YORK CITY, UPDATED BY PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR BILL WARNER Muslim Albanian gangs, are replacing the Italian mafia as the organized crime outfit in the US, shipping stolen cars from the docks of NY to Dubai UAE in support of terrorism, run by Daut Kadriovski.

Bill Warner
private investigator

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch says Islamberg, N.Y “furthers the cause of global Islamic Jihad”, ‘Blogger Spencer” has no proof to back up his claims.

Quiet Muslim-Only Town in N.Y. Founded by Alleged Terrorist
FOX NEWS. Monday, March 23, 2009 HANCOCK, N.Y. If you didn't know where to look, you'd probably never find Islamberg, a private Muslim community in the woods of the western Catskills, 150 miles northwest of New York City (about 45 miles East of Binghamton off of Route 17).

The town, sitting on a quiet dirt road past a gate marked with No Trespassing signs, is home to an estimated 100 residents. There are small houses and other buildings visible from the outside, but it is what can't be seen from beyond the gate that has some watchers worried.

Islamberg was founded in 1980 by Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani, a Pakistani cleric who purchased a 70-acre plot and invited followers, mostly Muslim converts living in New York City, to settle there.

The town has its own mosque, grocery store and schoolhouse. It also reportedly has a firing range where residents take regular target practice. Gilani established similar rural enclaves across the country — at least six, including the Red House community in southern Virginia — though some believe there are dozens of them, all operating under the umbrella of the "Muslims of the Americas" group founded by Gilani.

Federal authorities say Gilani was also one of the founders of Jamaat al-Fuqra, a terrorist organization believed responsible for dozens of bombings and murders across the U.S. and abroad. The group was linked to the planning of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, and 10 years earlier a member was arrested and later convicted for bombing a hotel in Portland, Ore
FOX News attempted to visit Islamberg after earlier efforts to set up on-camera interviews were rebuffed. A spokesman said by phone that residents typically shy away from interviews since they worry their words will be manipulated and turned against them.

Local police told FOX News there has been plenty of rumor and innuendo over the years but very little trouble. The FBI's Albany Division said the agency has an open discourse with the residents of Islamberg. They've visited the compound but won't discuss whether there are any ongoing investigations.
"Blogger" Robert Spencer, says the group is making a concerted public relations effort to present a benign face and hide its violent past.

"I think we need to be very much on guard about every member of these compounds," he said. Though Spencer admits there is nothing inherently wrong with living in isolation, he stressed that "they're not at all open to visitors, they're not at all open to scrutiny and there's an abundance of evidence of sinister goings-on." "Blogger" Spencer offered no evidence to back his misgivings.

Perhaps "Blogger" Robert Spencer should do some actual investigation of the Islamberg compond before he makes statements to the media he can not back up.

I, Private Investigator Bill Warner, grew up in Binghamton NY about 45 miles from the Muslims of the Americas compund and have written extensively on the links to terrorisim and the radical teaching at the compound, I have proof.

The "Muslims of the Americas" in New York State (they have several around the USA) property is near the Cannonsville Reservoir and Watershed Area, one of several water supply sources servicing New York City and adjacent areas.

MOA Cop Killer On Trial in Fresno California Ramadan Abdur-Rauf Abdullah is from Binghamton NY and was/is a member of the "Muslims of the Americas", the same group that had a parade permit in Binghamton NY for Saturday 4/05/2008. Finally facing justice for his crime, Ramadan Abdur-Rauf Abdullah, 26, in Fresno County, California for killing Deputy Sheriff Erik Telen in 2001, (he was convicted).

He is pleading insanity in his defense, the usual lone Muslim gunman terror defence. SEE POLICE BACKGROUND INFO ON ABDULLAH HERE

Abdullah was a member of the Muslims of the Americas (MOA) in Binghamton/Hancock NY, he moved to Fresno CA and joined the MOA there. I find it ludicrous that the Binghamton Police Department had to provide security for the MOA parade in Binghamton NY!

See My Prior Post; Saturday, May 03, 2008, MUSLIMS OF THE AMERICAS IN BINGHAMTON NY, by PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR BILL WARNER...MOA Cop Killer Ramadan Abdullah on trial, MOA Parade in Binghamton NY "I PULLED THE TRIGGER WHILE I WAS IN PRAYER" Ramadan Abdur-Rauf Abdullah, a member of Jamaat ul-Fuqra aka Muslims of the Americas, Judge to decide trial this week in California for the 2001 murder of a sheriff’s deputy. Ramadan Abdur Abdullah received firearm training at the the "Muslims of Americas " compound 45 miles East of Binghamton NY (in Hancock NY) whose overall leader is Sheikh Giliani.

MOA has camps in Fresno CA: Hancock NY: Red House VA: Hyattsville, Maryland; Macon, Georgia; York, South Carolina; Dover, Tennessee; Buena Vista, Colorado; Talihina, Oklahoma; Commerce, California; and Onalaska, Washington. The Red House compound cropped up in 1993. Others are under construction, including an expansive facility in Sherman, Pennsylvania and the world wide HQ is in Lahore PK wirh founder Pakistani cleric Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani.

bill Warner
private investigator

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Radio News Anchor George Weber of Curtis & Kuby Murdered in Brooklyn, Reporter Murdered in Berkly CA Last Year, Chauncy Bailly, By Black Muslims.

George Weber, who would have turned 48 tomorrow, was discovered in his bed shortly before 10 a.m. inside his Carroll Gardens with multiple stab wounds to his neck after his bosses, concerned that he hadn't shown up for work, called cops.

Police sources said they believed Weber, who was a regular on the popular Curtis & Kuby program, had been murdered some time on Friday evening.

There were no signs of forced entry at Weber's Henry Street apart, police source said the bathtub spigot was running and the apartment had been ransacked.

One source described the home as, "a bloody mess." "George lived his whole life as a high-profile newsman, and to the best of my knowledge never made a single enemy," said lawyer Ron Kuby, one of the cancelled show's co-hosts.

"Everybody liked George. That's what's so stunning. He was kind, and he was decent, and gentle and honest and generous. He was a very gentle spirit in a very tough business." Weber began at WABC in 1996, joining Kuby and co-host Curtis Sliwa when their show debuted in 2000.

An investigation has been launched by NYPD and we have been assisting them. Our condolences and prayers go out to George's family and friends at this very difficult time."

Friends said Weber enjoyed hitting the bars in his Carroll Gardens neighborhood, and staff and customers at one of his favorite watering holes Angry Wade's were in tears yesterday.

"He knew everybody and he was well-liked by everybody," said former Angry Wade's bartender Rebecca Spiro.

Do reporters (or private investigators) have to be concerned about extremist Muslims and exposing there crimes ? Insult Islam you die.

Comments; A reporter was murdered in Berkly Ca last year by the name of Chauncy Bailly by a group of black muslims for reporting there criminal activity, I hope that is not the case here where reporters have to fear for there lives from Muslims ! RIP

Bill Warner
private investigator