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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Cops focus on two in murder of Mark Ruffalos brother, Scott Ruffalo, including Saudi Princess Shaha Adham.

Cops are closing in on the person they believe shot actor Mark Ruffalo’s brother, Scott. “We will be able to make an arrest,” Sgt. Michael Publicker, who is heading the investigation in Beverly Hills, told The News.

Publicker wouldn’t say when the arrest might come but confirmed that detectives are focusing on two people who were at Scott’s apartment on Dec. 1 when a bullet entered his brain.

Still considered “persons of interest,” according to Publicker, are Shaha Mishaal Adham, 27, and Kristian Muradaz (a man), 29. Adham, the daughter of a wealthy Saudi businessman, has told police that Scott, 39, shot himself in a game of Russian roulette while high on cocaine.

But L.A.’s coroner later ruled the shooting a homicide — noting that the gun was fired at a 45-degree angle from above and in front of his head (at least 4 feet away). The autopsy report also noted there was no gunpowder residue or “stippling” of the flesh around the wound (powder burns), both of which often accompany a self-inflicted shot. Kristian Muradaz is a man. Kristian and Shaha were in the room at the time of Scott Ruffalo being shot and Shaha's boyfriend, Brian Scofield, came after Shaha called him informing him of the so called self inflicted shooting.

Beverly Hills police initially arrested Shaha Mishaal Adham, 26, before Ruffalo died on an attempted murder warrant. Police knew to question Adham because she was on surveillance video at Ruffalo’s condominium along with Brian Scofield, 29. Adham was the one who told police Ruffalo shot himself with his left hand to the left side of the head, during a game of Russian roulette while he was high on cocaine.

A second witness 29-year-old Kristian Muradaz (a man), corroborated Adham’s testimony. Both Shaha Adham and Kristian Muradez now have the same high priced criminal defense Attorney Ron Richards . Lawyer Ron Richards has been the defense lawyer in a lot of drug cases and won.

Once the coroner ruled the gun was fired from above and in front of Ruffalo’s head at a 45-degree angle and without any gunpowder residue, Adham’s claims were dismissed. If the above parties are arrested in this case it sounds like it’s going to be quite the murder trial. One might speculate that the police perhaps now have a motive for the alleged murder to go with the forensic evidence.

Based on what is revealed in the autopsy report, someone else had to have shot Scott Ruffalo, it was not possible for him to hold the .38 at least 4 feet from the top of his head and shoot down at himself at a 45 degree angle. That said, it appears that there were a total of 3 people in the room including Scott Ruffalo, he ends up dead, no powder burns on his skin from the gun shot, someone shot him, which leads me or anyone to believe that one of the other 2 people in the room shot him, Shaha Mishaal Adham, 27, or Kristian Muradaz, 29

Shaha Adham’s lawyer Ronald Richards gave the following claim (fairy tale):
'We expect the coroners report to show the shooting was a result of the victim’s chronic playing of Russian Roulette and his dangerous playing with firearms while under the use of controlled substances.” “My client (Adham) was a good friend of the victim and is very sad for the loss of his family. However, she played no role whatsoever in his accidental death,” Richards said. “I can confirm that my client was present when Mr. Ruffalo shot himself,” Richards said Tuesday. “She was picking up some keys.” He said the gun belonged to Ruffalo and that Ruffalo was a known cocaine user who had used drugs and played with guns in the past in front of numerous witnesses (blah, blah, blah).

Ruffalo’s stepfather, Jerry Hull, was delighted when told that cops intended to make an arrest.“That’s wonderful,” said Hull. “I just want to see someone brought to justice. We’re going to be sad about this the rest of our lives. We want the perpetrator properly punished.”A rep for Mark Ruffalo, who has starred in “You Can Count on Me” and “Zodiac,” had no comment.

Bill Warner
private invesitgator

Cyber terrorism on rise in Southeast Asia, internet used to share know-how on bomb-making.

Singapore, Saturday Mar 7th 2009 : Extremists in Southeast Asia are turning to internet to share know-how on hacking into websites, bomb-making and use of fire-arms, according to a study by Singaporean and Australian researchers.

Study noted a hike in the use of internet by the radicals as they find it hard to operate in the open. They used to celebrate online terrorist victories and spread materials from Al-Qaeda as well as J I.

TERRORISTS have now have increased the use and also won sympathisers who are also making use of social networking sites like Friendster and Multiply by posting exclusive news reports and videos, the study says.

But regional governments and law enforcement agencies have done little to stop the rise of online radicalisation, according to the study ''Countering Internet Radicalisation In Southeast Asia''. ''Some governments don’t want to appear un-Islamic by coming down hard on Islamist groups, and some don’t want to appear undemocratic by seeming to rein in freedom of expressions in cyberspace,'' the Straits Times today quoted the study as saying.

The Malay and Indonesian language websites typically justify radical ideology and terror acts as divinely-sanctioned, and draw on Iraq, Afghanistan and Arab-Israeli conflicts to incite hostility against the West, according to the 24-page study.

The study found that the number of sites operated by the radicals, extremists and their sympathizers had increased to 31 last year from 13 in 2007. It also found 82 individual blogs and social networking internet accounts last year which were sympathetic to the radicals while there was no such site in 2007.

''This shows that a growing number of individuals, encouraged by propaganda material like the recently-posted will of Bali bomber Imam Samudra, are lending support to or sympathizing with radical and extremist groups,'' said the study.

Some 90 per cent of the visitors to 10 particular sites were from Indonesia, said the study by Ms Sulastri Osman and Ms Nur Azlin Mohamed Yasin of Singapore’s S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies and Dr Anthony Bergin and Dr Carl Ungerer of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute in Canberra.

See my prior post on how to shut down these terror websites, Friday, November 07, 2008, THE "POWER OF THE PRESS" HAS BEEN AIDING IN SHUTTING DOWN JIHAD TERROR WEBSITES HOSTED IN THE USA DURING 2008, SOME NOT SO MUCH.

Bill Warner
private investigator

Friday, March 06, 2009

Internet Seen as a Growing Weapon in Muslim Radicalization it crosses national borders requires international response, PI Bill Warner does his part..

Internet seen a growing weapon in Asian radicalization (Reuters) Posted on Friday Mar 6, 2009 SYDNEY (Reuters) - Extremist groups in Southeast Asia are increasingly using the internet and social networking to radicalize the youth of the region, said a new security report released Friday.

Internet usage in Southeast Asia has exploded since 2000 and extremist groups have developed a sophisticated online presence, including professional media units. "For extremist groups in our region, the internet is an increasingly important tool for recruitment to violence," said the report by the Australian Strategic Policy Inst and S. Rajaratnam School of Inter Studies in Singapore.

"Importantly, they aren't attacking only the West, but are drawing on their narrative to attack the governance arrangements of regional states," said the report titled "Countering internet radicalization in Southeast Asia"
The number of radical and extremist websites in Bahasa and Malay rose from 15 in 2007 to 117 in 2008. Of those, sympathetic websites rose from 10 to 16 and sympathetic blogs and social networking rose from zero to 82.

Between 2006 and July 2007, radical regional websites have disseminated al-Qaeda and Southeast Asian militant group Jemaah Islamiah propaganda videos, pictures and statements, it said. In Indonesia, which has battled extremist Muslim groups responsible for bombings, internet usage rose from 2 million in 2000 to 20 million in January 2008.

In 2008 the region's first sophisticated bomb-making manual and bomb-making video were posted on the Forum Al-Tawbah, which is registered in Shah Alam, Selangor and Malaysia, said the report.

Militant groups have also become internet media savvy. The Mujahidin Syura Council, an extremist group that claims to operate in southern Thailand, launched an official media wing in July 2008 as a blog on Google, said the report.

Another group, Hizb-ut Tahrir Indonesia, often produces high-quality videos of its activities and uploads them onto YouTube. Many of the videos focus on the failings of the Indonesian government and the need to implement sharia law and establish an Islamic caliphate, said the report.

"Extremist groups without access to mainstream media place great value on having online media units to boost their reputations and recruit people via the internet," it said. The report said that regional governments had done little to stop the rise of online radicalization, partly because attempts to regulate cyberspace have been a political minefield.

It said while websites inciting violence are subject to criminal laws in some countries, there are often no specific regulations covering the internet. "Some governments don't want to appear un-Islamic by coming down hard on Islamist groups, and some don't want to appear undemocratic by seeming to rein in freedom of expression in cyberspace," it said. "The problem of online radicalization crosses national borders and will require a concerted international response."
Al-Qaida Web site was hosted in Phoenix exposed by Bill Warner private investigator.
Robert AnglenThe Arizona Republic NewspaperFeb. 1, 2008 12:00 AM
A Web site used by al-Qaida to recruit car bombers, encourage war on the West and provide a forum for Islamic militants went online from Phoenix this week,
It moved from Tampa just a week ago to Arizona . The Web site, , facilitates discussions on weapons, explosives and propaganda and often serves as a question-and-answer center for terrorists, a review of the Web site shows. The site, a well-known and popular forum for Islamic terrorists and their sympathizers, was the first to report the death of senior al-Qaida leader Abu Laith al-Libi in Pakistan this week. The north Phoenix company hosting the site took it down Wednesday, just hours after being contacted by The Arizona Republic. Bill Warner, a Sarasota, Fla., private investigator who has worked with federal agencies on terrorist-related issues, has been tracking terrorist-related Web sites for months. "The Web sites are a big part of the support network of terrorism financially," he said. "They use the Web sites to request money from the U.S. and the U.K. They ask people to take money to Pakistan." Warner said he blames Web-hosting companies for failing to monitor content. Instead, he said, they wait until the site is brought to their attention to take action. "All you've got to do is look," Warner said, pointing to the Phoenix Web site
as an example. "You are one click away. First, there is a very benign front page, but all of a sudden, you see tanks being blown up and Osama bin Laden and martyrs. It doesn't matter that you can't read Arabic."

THE “POWER OF THE PRESS” HAS BEEN AIDING PI BILL WARNER IN SHUTTING DOWN JIHAD TERROR WEBSITES HOSTED IN THE USA DURING 2008, SOME NOT SO MUCH. Begining with January 2008, there has been a full court press put on shutting down Al-Qaeda and assorted Jihad websites that are/were hosted by Web Companies in the USA with the aid of Newspapers and TV Stations that have put America’s safety at the forefront (some Left Wing Media Newspapers #12 refuse to help).

The full court Press attack on terror websites started this year with the aid of the Media in Tampa Fl and Howard Altman the “Courts and Cops” Team Leader/Editor of The Tampa Tribune. See Michelle Malkin’s 2006 article on Howard Altman at the Tampa Tribune, “he has another informative follow-up on Cyberjihad”.

1). Local Firm Removes Jihadi Web Site By HOWARD ALTMAN The Tampa Tribune Published: January 28, 200..TAMPA - A Tampa Web-hosting company has taken down a Web site used by al-Qaida for communicating in secret and hiding files from investigators. The company, Noc4Hosts, took the action Monday after it was informed about the site by The Tampa Tribune. Noc4Hosts, at 400 N. Tampa St., is in an office building that also rents space to the Tampa district of the U.S. attorney’s office.
Al-Qaida Web Site’s Phoenix Hosts Follow Actions Taken In Tampa, By HOWARD ALTMAN, The Tampa Tribune, Published: February 2, 2008..For the second time this week, a Web site described as key to al-Qaida communications has been taken down by a hosting company after a call from a reporter. On Wednesday, the site was removed by a company in Phoenix after a call from the Arizona Republic newspaper. On Monday, a Web hosting company in Tampa removed a related site after a call from The Tampa Tribune. The site hosted in Phoenix - - was one of six related al-Qaida sites previously hosted in Tampa, said Paul Henry an Internet security specialist.
Jihadist Web Site Taken Down, By HOWARD ALTMAN, The Tampa TribunePublished: February 19, 2008 TAMPA — One of al-Qaida supporters’ oldest and most stable Web sites apparently was taken down this morning. It contained a 21-minute audio clip calling for Palestinians to attack Jews and the United States, according to organizations that track jihadists online. The site was taken down after a call from the Tribune to the host company, which operates in Tampa. Steve Eschweiler, general manager of Noc4Hosts Inc., could not immediately be reached for comment. The site — http://www.alhesbah/ .net/v/ — is the “principal and largest jihadi forum of supporters of al-Qaida and global jihad, and the oldest existing forums,” said Reuven Paz, director of the Jerusalem-based Project for the Research of Islamist Movements.
Investigator Links 3rd Jihadist Web Site To Tampa Host, By HOWARD ALTMAN, The Tampa Tribune, Published: February 22, 2008, Tampa continues to be the focus of an international game of Internet whack-a-mole between jihadists who put up Web sites and organizations and individuals who try to shut them down. For the third time in a month, Sarasota-based private investigator Bill Warner has tracked to a Tampa hosting company what investigators call a significant Web site used by jihadists for communications, recruitment and fundraising. The company is based in the same building as the U.S. attorney’s office.
TAMPA (Bay News 9), Feb 26, 2008, Terrorist web sites are being hosted by U.S. companies There are radical Islamic web sites now being hosted by U.S. companies and possibly even in Tampa. Sarasota private investigator Bill Warner said last year he discovered what is known as one of the largest jihadist web sites currently online being hosted through a web company in Tampa.
Cyber Vigilantes Track Extremist Web Sites, Intelligence Experts Balk at Effort Saturday, March 22, 2008, By Carmen Gentile FOX News; Cyber vigilantes typically troll the Internet, searching message boards, Web sites and media sharing sites for incendiary postings from people with ties to terror groups like Al Qaeda. Using Arabic translation software, they monitor postings and even assume fake identities to join online conversations. One of them is Bill Warner, a Sarasota, Fla.-based private investigator and a self-proclaimed cyber-crusader. Just last month alone, Warner was instrumental in helping shut down three Web sites hosted by a Tampa Internet service provider (ISP) that contained text, images and video related to attacks on U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Unwittingly hosting terror, Islamists use US Web firms for recruiting; Agencies mine sites for data. By Bryan Bender Globe Staff / March 27, 2008. For more than a year, a Burlington-based Internet company hosted a website that taught its members how to outfit a suicide bomber, aired Al Qaeda propaganda videos, and offered an “exclusive” Taliban video showing the beheadings of three “spies,” according to computer records. The English-language website,, was taken down earlier this month - but not in a counterterrorism crackdown, government officials said. Instead, the Web server, Endurance International Corp. Inc., shut it down after Internet watchdogs made repeated demands to remove the terrorist material.
MSM Notices We PWND Lee Media, March 27, 2008 JAWA REPORT, We’ve graduated from the New York Times characterization as ‘internet vigilantes’ to the Boston Globe’s ‘internet watchdogs’. While the latter is preferable to the former, it kinda lacks, I dunno, pizzaz. The article is pretty fair but does cite sources within the intel community who think there is no real connection between online jihadis and actual jihadis–a claim we’ve debunked here dozens of times. No connection? Let’s just look at the connection between Lee Media and actual terrorists: Thanks to Bill Warner who helped pass news of the Lee Media project on to the Globe.
Terror on the Internet: A Complex Issue, and Getting Harder, Greg Goth, MARCH 2008, IEEE DS Online Exclusive Content. The fight against terror on the on the World Wide Web, chat rooms, and forums tends to take a maddeningly circular route. Politicians demand a crackdown on the terrorist presence on the Web, calling on ISPs to develop new technologies that will block access to terrorist sites or to detect their origin and shut them down. Just as quickly, the sites’ operators relaunch from another host. Courts have found numerous efforts to thwart terror to be an abridgment of users’ rights of free speech.
U.S.-Based ISPs Count Known Terror Groups as Clients, By Brian Krebs, The Washington Post March 27, 2008 Herndon, Va.-based Network Solutions said Wednesday that it suspended, an official site of Hezbollah, a Lebanese political and paramilitary group. Turns out, Network Solutions, which was one of the original firms in the domain registration business, was accepting payment for the domain in violation of a U.S. law that bars American companies from doing business with organizations listed by Uncle Sam as terrorist groups.
The Columbian Newspaper, Tuesday, May 06, 2008, DOTSTER UNDER FIRE FOR WEB CONTENT IN VANCOUVER WA ….A group of self-described anti-terrorist vigilantes has put the heat on Vancouver-based Dotster Inc (see Jawa Report) for hosting an Arabic- and Somali- language Web site that frequently praises leaders in Somalia’s al-Qaida organization. Dotster officials said they pass along all complaints to law enforcement agencies, but unless required by law, the company does not remove its customers’ content from the Internet.The site under fire, , is associated with the al Shabaab movement in war- and genocide-torn Somalia, according to reports from the BBC and Reuters. In addition to praising Islamist militants, the site lists news about battles and bombings in Somalia. “Kataaib” is Arabic for “Brigades.”Florida resident Bill Warner, who describes himself as an anti-terrorist vigilante, is among a collection of online activists who want to use public pressure on Dotster to get shut down. Dotster, a Web registration and hosting company, generates revenue by hosting Web sites.
In our view: Internet Censor (Bill Warner) Wednesday, May 7 1:00 a.m.COLUMBIAN EDITORIAL STAFF; A Florida man’s heart might be in the right place, but he is misguided in his bid to get a Vancouver Internet service company to drop a Somali-language Web site.Bill Warner, a Sarasota private investigator ( ), wants Dotster Inc. of Vancouver to refuse service to . Warner, who has launched similar purge efforts in other cities with other Internet companies, says supports an al-Qaida organization in Somalia, where war and genocide are tragic facts of daily life.”There are groups like this one that associate with al-Qaida through Web sites that help promote the ideology, help find new recruits and help the effort to support terrorism,” Warner said in a Tuesday Columbian story by Courtney Sherwood. “It’s not freedom of speech. This site should not be hosted in Vancouver.”
13). Do Cybersleuths Fight Terrorism or Cause Trouble?, Jun 19th 2008, By Howard Altman. In late May, Sen. Joseph Lieberman (D-Conn) called for Google to take down videos that include incendiary speeches by al-Qaida leadership. Working as a private investigator in Sarasota, Fla., Bill Warner spends part of his day chasing errant spouses and the rest of his time tracking down jihadis. Playing a game of Internet Whack-a-Mole, Warner has helped take down nine jihadi Web sites in the past six months, including one of the most important, Alhesbah, a principal forum for supporters of al-Qaida.
FBI MOST WANTED TERRORIST RAMADAN SHALLAH HAS/HAD A WEBSITE HOSTED IN ASHBURN VIRGINIA JUST OUTSIDE WASHINGTON DC, TILL NOW. Tuesday, June 24, 2008. RAMADAN ABDULLAH SHALLAH’S TERROR WEBSITE was FIRST shut down on May 22ND 2008 in Dallas TX at Softlayer Tech by Sarasota Private Investigator Bill Warner but had resurfaced in Ashburn VA at Defender Technologies Group LLC… .
Pro Al-Qaeda Web site Run by a Charlotte Man Posted: WBTV 3..July 21, 2008 11:23 PM EDT. WBTV is investigating a 22-year old running a pro-Al-Qaeda website out of his parent’s home in north Charlotte. “It’s not a game,” says WBTV Anchor Molly Grantham who is working these reports. Private investigator Bill Warner is in Florida studying Jihad-ist websites across the world. WBTV traveled to Sarasota to interview him because he says Charlotteans need to recognize someone in their backyard is helping the enemy.
Mainstream US Islamic Websites — and Terror By PatrickPoole Monday, September 29, 2008; More recently, the media has focused on the case of Charlotte, North Carolina resident, Samir Khan. Fox News recently reported that Khan’s website, inshallahshahid, features videos of terrorists bombing US military vehicles, provides links to the writings of Al-Qaeda chiefs Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri, and praises “martyrdom bombers” who sacrifice their lives “for the sake of Islam”. Having just passed the seventh anniversary of 9/11, those who promote Islamic terrorism are moving their online recruiting and instruction operations to the US where they can operate free from any fear of legal repercussions.
Al-Qaeda propaganda websites close fuelling speculation of cyber attack on ‘war of terror’ by American Cyber Vigilantes Who Track Extremist Web Sites Thursday, October 23, 2008…..Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday, Evening Standard & Metro Media Group. Al-Qaeda propaganda websites close fuelling speculation of cyber attack on ‘war of terror’ by American Cyber Vigilantes Who Track Extremist Web Sites. Websites being used to distribute al-Qaeda propaganda have been disabled for more than a month after being attacked by hackers the day before the 9/11 anniversary.

Bill Warner
private investigator

Sarasota Statue "The Kiss" Photo Shown in Todays London Times Newspaper But Listed as in San Diego CA.

LONDON TIMES March 04, 2009 Picture of the Day "THE KISS" A sculpture by J. Seward Johnson in San Diego, California.

The 25ft sculpture is based on the famous picture by Alfred Eisenstaedt, the German-American photographer.

"The Kiss" sculpture of a sailor kissing a nurse in Times Square, New York, while celebrating the end of the Second World War.

The Kiss photo is shown on the same page as the Al-Qaeda attack in Pakistan story, click here to see and then click on the "Times slide show" link to see the listing of "The Kiss" as in San Diego CA..

Pakistan has identified the gunmen who attacked Sri Lanka's cricket team in Lahore and arrested some key suspects, including the brother of the suspected mastermind, according to several officials. Most of the two dozen detainees belonged to Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ), the outlawed militant groups with close links to Al-Qaeda, security officials have told The Times.

LONDON TIMES...on the same page, see here, as the article about the Al-Qaeda gunmen attack in Pakistan is a photo of the Sarasota statue, "The Kiss", only problem is the LONDON TIMES indicates the statue is still in San Diego CA.

Bill Warner
private investigator

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Fake Military Twist On Vehicle Sale Scams Online Says FBI, Check out Your Ebay Car Seller with PI Bill Warner

Intelligence Note...Prepared by the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)
March 5, 2009 , Fake Military Twist On Vehicle Sale Scams Online

The FBI continues to receive reports of individuals victimized while attempting to purchase vehicles via the Internet. Victims find attractively priced vehicles advertised at different Internet classified ad sites. Most of the scams include some type of third-party vehicle protection program to ensure a safe transaction.

After receiving convincing e-mails from the phony vehicle protection program, the victims are directed to send either the full payment, or a percentage of the payment, to the third-party agent via a wire payment service. No vehicles are delivered to the victims.

In a new twist, scammers are posing as members of the United States military. The fictitious military personnel in the scam have either been sent to a foreign country to improve military relations, or they need to sell a vehicle quickly and cheaply because of their upcoming deployment to either Iraq or Afghanistan.

Consumers are advised to do as much due diligence as possible before engaging in transactions to purchase vehicles advertised online. Consumers are also cautioned to be aware of the rules of or warnings posted by the Internet sites they visit. If someone is asking a consumer to break or avoid the rules of the Web site, it is possible that person is trying to scam you.

If you have fallen victim to this type of scam, please notify the IC3 (FBI CYBER UNIT) by filing a complaint at

Private Investigator Bill Warner has written extensively on the used car scams online run in the USA with some of the scammers sending profits to the Middle East to support terrorism.

See my prior post, Wednesday, March 04, 2009, Salvage Auto Sales from Wreck to Cream Puff Shipped Overseas in Financial Support of Terrorism, CARS WERE SOLD ONLINE

See my prior post, Friday, February 06, 2009, Aussie Car Rebirthing Scam Busted, Faisal Soueid Sold Wrecked Cars From Salvage Yards Repaired With Stolen Parts, Sold Cars Online.

See my prior post, Used Car Dealers Abdel "Fred" Baset Jawad, Abdul "Manny" Muniem Mohamad Jawad, Najeh "Alex" Kamal Jawad and Armando Fathic Abdallah Arrested by FBI THEY SOLD CARS ONLINE.


Bill Warner
private investigator

CAIR Complains American Muslims have "anger and mistrust” as FBI Plants Spy in Irvine Mosque, PI Bill Warner explains in two words "Qader Qudus"

SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) - The revelation that the FBI planted a spy in a Southern California mosque was explosive news in a Muslim community that has long suspected the government of even broader surveillance.

Muslim-American group (CAIR) demanded an inquiry, the news has rattled their faith in American democracy. Former FBI agents and federal prosecutors say spying on mosques is still one of the government's best weapons to thwart terrorists and that the benefit to national security far outweighs any embarrassment to the agency.

"What matters to the FBI is preventing a massive attack that might be planned by some people ... using the mosque or church as a shield because they believe they're safe there," said Robert Blitzer, the FBI's former counterterrorism chief

One of the most-heralded U.S. terrorism convictions, for example, grew out of the work of an informant who spent months inside a New Jersey mosque and derailed a plan to blow up New York City landmarks. Radical Egyptian cleric Omar Abdel Rahman was sentenced to life in prison in 1995. He was also the spiritual leader for the men convicted in the 1993 bombing at the World Trade Center.

"A lot of what happened was planned in the mosque," said Andy McCarthy, who was lead prosecutor on the case. "The recruiting went on in the mosque, a lot of the instruction went on in the mosque, we even had gun transactions in there."
In the California case, information about the informant who spied on the Islamic Center of Irvine came out last week at a detention hearing for a brother-in-law of Osama bin Laden's bodyguard, an Afghan native and naturalized U.S. citizen named Ahmadullah Niazi.

FBI Special Agent Thomas J. Ropel III testified at the hearing that an FBI informant infiltrated Niazi's mosque and several others in Orange County and befriended Niazi. Ropel said the informant recorded Niazi on multiple occasions talking about blowing up buildings, acquiring weapons and sending money to the Afghan mujahadeen.

Ahmadullah Sais Niazi who was Arrested in Tustin CA ran a Hawala (money transfer) with Qader Qudus who was Convicted of Money Laundering Heroin Trafficking Profits From Pakistan.

The FBI in Santa Ana had a very good reason for going after Ahmadullah Sais Niazi by planting a spy in the Islamic Center of Irvine, California, Niazi had formed alliances with a man with known links to the Afghan heroin trade (Taliban) and ran a "Hawala" transferring money to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Ahmadullah Sais Niazi in Tustin CA was working his Hawala with Qader Qudus and ZSQ Exchange in Freemont CA, Qader Qudus was convicted on money laundering charges linked to heroin trafficking in 2004.

A search warrant unsealed last week alleges that Niazi and his wife, according to documents seized, used a "hawala," an unlicensed money transfer system often used by people from Afghanistan and Pakistan to transfer money from one country to another. The FBI had actually raided Niazi's house twice, once previous in June of 2008.

See page 9 of the 53 page Search Warrant for Qader Qudus from June of 2008 and Feb. 2009 (two raids) Read: Ahmadullah Sais Niazi Search Warrant (PDF)

The majority of the Hawala Receipts from 1999 to 2004 by Ahmadullah Sais Niazi (approx. $16,000) were directed to H. Qadar Qudus aka Qader Qudas and ZSQ Exchange in Fremont CA. ZSQ had started as a small business, but had begun transferring more than $600,000 a month in the wake of the September 11 attacks and the resulting US military campaign in Afghanistan.

'Hawala' nets Fremont man 27 months Saturday, June 05, 2004 - OAKLAND . Although he went into court facing 46 to 57 months in federal prison, Qader Qudus, 45, ultimately was sentenced to 27 months for his conviction on two counts of operating an unlicensed money transmitting business.

Qader Qudas pleaded guilty to a money-laundering count in a
separate case in Maryland, a crime punishable by 30 to 37 months in prison, for which he was sentenced in December. But federal prosecutors have agreed to recommend that sentence run concurrently with the one handed down Wednesday by U.S. District Judge Saundra Brown Armstrong of Oakland.

Name....................Age.....Race.... Sex......Release Date........Location
QADER QUDUS .....51.....White.....M.........11-22-2005 ........RELEASED

Qader Qudus was indicted in September 2003 in
Maryland along with 11 other men in connection with what prosecutors say was an international heroin trafficking conspiracy. He pleaded guilty in January to a single count of money laundering, admitting his money exchange business, or "hawala," moved $30,000 the government says was linked to drug sales.

The charges, which stem from an indictment filed in the U.S. District Court of Maryland, followed a two-year undercover investigation that targeted heroin trafficking in Pakistan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, London and Maryland, according to court documents. See Robert Spencer's two-bit theory on the "Spys in the Mosques" written from his slanted point of view, Spencer: CAIR’s Curious Complaint. Spencer never actully investigates an incident by going to a Mosque or getting a police report or activly shutting down jihad websites or actually doing anything, just posting his 'theory", no guts no glory Robert.

The FBI had probable grounds to plant the "spy" (Confidential Informant CI) in the Irvine Mosque to obtain information on Ahmadullah Niazi and his links to money laundering, the terrorists links came out of the initial money laundering investigation.

Bill Warner
private investigator

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

FBI Watching Somali Muslims In Minneapolis, Recruited on Al-Shabaab Somali Jihad Website Hosted by Dotster Web Co in Vancouver WA, USA.

(CBS) March 3, 2009 On election night last November, the outcome was wildly celebrated by Somalis living in Minneapolis, 70,000-strong, mostly refugees from their war-torn country. It is the largest Somali community in the United States.

But the evening was noteworthy for something else, too. That night, the latest in a line of young Somalis who grew up here, departed unannounced for Somalia itself, joining a civil war in a country few had ever seen and causing concern in the United States.

Hussein Samatar's 17-year old nephew left without a word to his family. "He was an A student," says Samatar. "He has everything to hope for to attend any Ivy League school that he wanted to. Why he would do it is a mystery to us." Some 20 vanished last year - all American citizens - an exodus the FBI has noticed for a troubling reason. "A man from Minneapolis became what we believe to be the first U.S. citizen to carry out a terrorist suicide bombing," said agency director Robert Mueller.

The October attack by 27-year-old Shirwa Ahmed killed 30 near Mogadishu, and there is alarm that the skills acquired abroad could be brought back to America. "He could have done it here."

The Al-Shabbab terror group in Somalia has recruited young Somalia men in the USA on their website from April 2007 to January 23rd 2009, they even had a special page for their "shadid's" that appeared to grow almost daily.

Al Shabaab terrorists in Somalia had thier website spewing out propaganda on a website hosted by the Dotster Co. in Vancouver, Washington, USA. Al Shabaab is listed as a terrorist organization by US State Dept, Al Shabaab is an Islamic terrorist group linked to Al-Qaeda that operates/controls southern Somalia and in Mogadishu.

The Columbian Newspaper Vancouver WA; In our view: Internet censor (Bill Warner)Wednesday, May 07, 2008; A Florida man’s heart might be in the right place, but he is misguided in his bid to get a Vancouver Internet service company to drop a Somali-language Web site (Al-shabaab terrorists).

Bill Warner, a Sarasota private investigator ( ), wants Dotster Inc. of Vancouver to refuse service to . Warner, who has launched similar purge efforts in other cities with other Internet companies, says supports an al-Qaida organization in Somalia, where war and genocide are tragic facts of daily life (THEY ARE AN aL-QAIDA ORGANIZATION SEE LA TIMES ARTICLE).

“There are groups like this one that associate with al-Qaida through Web sites that help promote the ideology, help find new recruits and help the effort to support terrorism,” Warner said in a Tuesday Columbian story by Courtney Sherwood. “It’s not freedom of speech. This site should not be hosted in Vancouver WA, USA".

Recently Al-Shabaab made international headlines for a threat made against Barack Obama's inauguration, see my prior post, Tuesday, January 20, 2009, U.S. Probes Potential Obama Inauguration Threat From Al-Shabaab Terror Group Who Run a Website out of Vancouver WAAl-Shabaab had been using the Vancouver WA website to recruit suicide bombers for Somalia from the United States, see arrests made in Somalia of 11 Americans on the same day the Al-Shabaab website was shut down, "Domain pending cancelation per government order, Jan 23rd 2009."

MOGADISHU, Friday Jan. 23rd 2009..... Security forces in the self-declared republic of Somaliland in northwestern Somalia on Friday seized nearly 10 small one-time use anti-aircraft missile launchers and arrested two suspects in connection with the illegal weapons in Hargeisa, capital of the state, reports reaching here said.

Abdullahi Ismail Irro, the interior minister of Somaliland which declared its independence from the rest of Somalia in 1991, said the missile launchers were originally from Eritrea and were transported through the central Somali region of Galgadud before they were stored in a house in Hargeisa.

Eleven youths suspected of being trained with the hardline Islamist group of Al-Shabaab in the south-central Somalia were arrested. The youths reportedly arrived from Mogadishu to Hargeisaand had lived in the United States.

The suicide bombers were Somali youths allegedly recruited on and trained by Al-Shabaab movement to carry out the attacks in Hargeisa.

Dotster Web Co in Vancouver WA, USA had refused to shut down the Al-Shabaab site for free speech reasons. Dotster said they would only shut down the site if the government would order them to do so.

Vancouver WA, Friday Jan 23rd 2009...Well looks like the government has finally gotten around to order Dotster to shut down !

Bill WArner
private investigator

Geert Wilders leads in Dutch Polls "I will be the next premier", Wilders "Hitler Module" Gains Speed as Apartheid Heads to Holland.

"As far as I am concerned, elections can be held tomorrow, then I will be the next premier", so say the pompas bigot Geert Wilders who has been following Adolph Hitler's political game plan. New opinion polling now puts Mr Wilders ahead of the Christian Democrats, who lead a coalition government in Holland.

How to end 'Apartheid' in Dutch Schools, The Dutch cabinet wants this country's primary schools to be more integrated, The Socialist Party even talks about a system of apartheid in the Dutch schools, and wants the national government to do more to force integration. On the other hand, the Christian parties are concerned that the pilot projects the government has proposed impinge on the identity of parochial schools.

The lead in the Dutch polls would put Mr Wilders in the position of being a power broker and prime minister in a traditionally complicated Dutch multi-party coalition. Bans and the threat of prosecution have been the making of Mr Wilders and his Freedom Party.

Wilders faces arrest by Jordan over Fitna; The Court in Amman Jordan has issued an arrest warrant for Geert Wilders and passed same onto INTERPOL.

The Dutch MP, who has compared the Koran to Hitler's Mein Kampf, began to see a rise in his popularity after an Amsterdam appeals court decided to try him for anti-Muslim comments in January.

He then became an international celebrity after he was refused permission to enter Britain on public order grounds in February. In contrast, the United States last week decided not to ban Mr Wilders after he arrived to show his anti-Muslim film on Capitol Hill at the invitation of the Republican Senator Jon Kyl.

According to the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad, only 40 people turned up to see the 15-minute film in Washington DC, which compares Islam to Nazism.

Behind the film from Dutch politician Geert Wilders lies a system that has let racism into the mainstream; Wilders heads the Party For Freedom (PVV), a single-issue organisation dedicated to sowing hatred against Islam and Muslims.

So the rest of the world see's Geert Wilders as a pompas bigot who needs to be put in prison, but the Dutch in Holland revere him, this is the same Dutch in Holland who held the blacks under apartheid in South Africa.

Polling by Maurice de Hond has predicted that the Dutch Freedom Party or PVV would take 18 per cent of the vote to win 27 seats in the 150-seat Dutch parliament. This would put Mr Wilders in the position of being a power broker and prime minister in a traditionally complicated Dutch multi-party coalition.

Geert Wilders has more than once said he would deport Muslims when he is in charge in Holland (Prime Minister). He will also close the borders so that Muslims will be able to enter Holland. Wilders will take away the Dutch passports of Muslims who have already become Dutch. Wilders would restrict freedom of speech, religion and education in Holland, all this is of course an echo not only of the Nazi era of Adolph Hitler (Danish commentator said "Fitna" was the same as the famous Nazi antisemite hate-propaganda movie "Der Ewige Jude" THE ETERNAL JEW) but also of the Apartheid era of the Blacks in South Africa.

White South Africans who created Apartheid rule were of course descendants from Dutch colonists who had taken over South Africa from the Blacks, Apartheid is a Dutch word, Afrikaans which is spoken in South Africa is a form of the Dutch language.

Apartheid Heads to Holland !

Bill Warner
private investigator

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

DVD piracy linked to terrorism, Tampa laundering money from stolen cigarettes and counterfeit DVD's and CD's.

WASHINGTON, March 3 (UPI) -- Organized criminal groups are increasingly pirating movies (DVD's) and using the funds to support terrorism.

The U.S.-based think tank Rand Corp. a non-profit policy-analysis organization released a report Tuesday suggesting that organized criminal groups are increasingly turning to the lucrative and largely unprosecuted street sales of pirated movies (DVD's) as a new revenue source, Rand reported.

The research, supported by a grant from the Motion Picture Association, involved interviews with more than 120 law enforcement and intelligence officials and a review of 2,000 pages of documents.

From the Jawa Report, Out: Heroin Funding for Jihad ...In: DVD Piracy Funding Jihad?

See my prior post, Saturday, May 24, 2008, Knock Offs Knock thousands of $ dollars off Sarasota-Tampa Economy with Counterfeit DVD's and Computer Software.

IN TAMPA, laundering money from stolen cigarettes, counterfeit CD's and DVD's and used cars sent to Iraq. Money laundering plan targets trade-based used cars

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Federal agencies announced a anti-money laundering strategy on combating trade-based activities as traditional bank transfer avenues are shut down they also will investigate how free-trade zones affect illicit imports and exports (USED CARS).

Washington Post article, money from the sale of used cars at the al-Nahar car dealership in Mosul, supports Al-Qaeda's terrorist attacks, official DOD document.

HOW THE TAMPA USED CAR SCAM WORKS IN TRADE BASED TAMPA MONEY LAUNDERING, THOUSANDS OF COUNTERFEIT CD'S, DVD'S AND MICROSOFT VISTA PROGRAMS ARE SHIPPED FROM EGYPT TO THE PORT OF TAMPA EVERY MONTH which are picked up by a local truck driver and then delivered to a variety of ethnic Tampa grocery stores in the greater Tampa area then sold at full price resulting in huge profits, convicted terrorist supporter Sami al-Arian had been involved with this network.

In Feb 2007 over 150 shipments of counterfeit CD's and DVD's were received at
the Port of Tampa from Cairo Egypt resulting in over $1 Million in sales at retail in the Tampa grocery stores. Such shipments of counterfeit merchandise result in high profits used to support terrorism. The $1 Mill in sales form the counterfeit CD's, cost of goods should be $300,000 with a profit of $700,000 , so how do you launder the $700,000 ?

Terror cell in Tampa, You can not show this much profit in the Tampa grocery stores,you can not put this money in a bank or wire transfer such large amounts without calling attention to yourself from the FBI, so what do you do ? Buy cars, with multiple associates in the used car business in the Tampa from the auto auctions with your $700,000.00, deliver the vehicles to a central warehouse storage lot near the port of Tampa and ship the vehicles to Dubai in containers for resale.

Dubai is the largest used car connection in the world , the Tampa cars are re-sold at 2 to 3 times in Dubai what you could get at retail in Tampa, a late model Lexus SUV purchased at the Tampa Auto Auction for $15,000 shippped to Dubai for $1,200 will sell for $42,000 in the Middle East with the cash profits going to support terrorism, see Washington Post article 2/10/08.

Tampa's Muslim Mafia linked to funding terrorism with the sale of stolen cigarettes, counterfeit DVD's and CD's and the ongoing money laundering arrests and convictions of at least 5 Tampa grocery store owners (Saad Saad, Samer Saleh and Hasan Qasem) since March of 2004.


In 2003, Saad Saad was convicted of 15 felonies including a RICO charge for the selling of stolen baby formula at "Mikes Food Store" where Sami al-Arian owned the property. The stolen infant formula scam is part of a nationwide Muslim scam that dupes the Federally Funded WIC program for huge profits that in turn are wired to the Middle East to support terrorism.

Saad Saad had been on probation since Jan 2004, in March of 2006 he is nailed again for dealing in stolen property, 5 counts. Now fast forward to Nov. 2006 and Saad Saad is arrested once again, this time by the US Marshals for Money Laundering.

Saad Saad was booked into the Hillsborough County Jail on Nov. 1st 2006, but then released to Federal custody on Nov. 6th 2006 and has since disappeared in to the Federal Jail system with no bond.

In October 2007 a secret Sealed Federal Indictment was opened on Saad Saad, Samer Saleh and Marlon Mejia. It appears that the trio were into narcotic sales and were sending the profits, more than $100,000 in a twelve month period, via money orders purchased at Sadd Saad's SNAX Food Stores in Tampa, to London, Samer Saleh ran the Diamond Supermarket in Tampa.

Samer Saleh is currently in Coleman Correctional Federal prison with a listed release date of 2/15/2011, Saad Saad does not appear on the Federal Bureau of prisons website , nor is he still listed on the Florida State probation website were he had been listed since 2003. Also in Tampa arrested on terror related charges are Tampa USF students Megahed & Mohamed, linked to pipe bombs, Tampa terror central.

Bill Warner
private investigator

Sunday, March 01, 2009


Was CPAC an Epic Fail? March 1, 2009 by Patrick Poole. "What should have been one of the most important events of this year’s CPAC, the appearance by Dutch parliamentarian and anti-jihad activist Geert Wilders, was relegated to the opposite side of the hotel, divorced from all of the other conference proceedings".


"There were no official announcements that this event would even be taking place , none that I heard at least, and when trying to locate the room in which it would be held, not a single CPAC staffer could tell me where. And this event only happened because (ULTRA FAR RIGHT BLOGGERS) David Horowitz, Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, and Andy Bostom personally shelled out the money to make it happen (SUCKERS)".

"Now CPAC organizers would no doubt respond that they could not fit Wilders into the schedule on such short notice. But I have no doubt that if Bristol Palin had suddenly come available to address CPAC on the virtues of teen pregnancy, David Keene and the American Conservative Union would no doubt have moved heaven and earth to make room in the schedule for her. But they could not accommodate a man who lives under constant death threats by a long list of Islamic terrorist organizations".

"Honestly, I (Patrick Poole) don’t know much about Geert Wilders’ politics (OBVIOUSLY). I only met the man briefly, and I heard his stump speech twice on Friday. But anyone who has a stack of fatwas calling for his death because of his willingness to speak out against the global jihad is going to receive my support, regardless of any politically incorrect view he may or may not hold".

Rush Limbaugh, the Conservative Talk Show Host, was the big hit of CPAC with his inspiring America First speech. Rush Limbaugh brought a cheering crowd to its feet several times Saturday at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington as he called on fellow conservatives to take back the country. "We want every American to be the best he or she chooses to be. We recognize that we are all individuals. We love and revere our founding documents, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence


The new face of European politics is Geert Wilders 1998 - 2009, which is much like the old face of European politics in Adolph Hitler during the 1930's-1940's. Geert Wilders is following Adolph Hitler's game plan.

Geert Wilders has gained support by promoting nationalism, anti-islamism and anti-communism, (if you want to compare Islam to anything compare it to communism) all with charismatic oratory and propaganda (internet-media), he has become a passionate Dutch patriot.

"Dutch PM Geert Wilders to Ally With Vlaams Belang", Racist Geert Wilders Admits his Links to Filip Dewinter and Neo Nazi Vlaams Belang Party . Dutch legislator Geert Wilders told Haaretz yesterday in an interview, that he is considering forming an alliance with Belgium's far-right Vlaams Belang party, which he has hitherto shunned. Belgian Jews have also shunned Vlaams Belang which is linked to Neo Nazi groups and white supremacists.

Adolf Hitler was an Austrian-born politician and the leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party, also called the Nazi Party. Hitler was a decorated veteran of World War I who led the Nazi Party in Weimar Germany, he gained support by promoting nationalism, aryan supremacy, anti-semitism and anti-communism all with charismatic oratory and propaganda (media-movies), he had become a passionate German patriot.

Geert Wilders is anti-immigration, wants closed borders and blames the economic problems of the country on minorities, i.e. Muslims, for now who will be next?

Adolph Hitler stressed anti-immigration, a pure race, wanted and got closed borders and blamed the economic problems of the country on minorities, i.e Jews. German society had rallied behind Adolph Hitler: the judicial, the educational, the industrial and the economic establishments gave him their support. Hitler was beloved by his people, it was idolatry on a national scale.

Geert Wilders, 'There is no moderate Islam,' says the far-right Dutch legislator, and it is time for the West to realize it is "in a conflict with the Muslim faith at large.

Adolph Hitler's Nazi Propaganda Minister, Joseph Goebbels made his own film against the Jews, called Jud Suss (Jew Suss) 1940. It showed a Jew in 18th century Wurttemberg holding prisoner and torturing the husband of a blonde wholesome German/Aryan woman, played by Kristina Soderbaum, whom he rapes. It was a huge success, and Nazi research showed that the audience made the connection between 18th century Wurttemberg and 20th century Germany. The movie helped the audience feel that the removal of Jews from their homes was justified.

Geert Wilders made his own Islamic propaganda movie called FITNA directed against Muslims. The film shows a selection of Suras from the Qur'an, interspersed with media clips and newspaper clippings showing or describing acts of violence and/or hatred by Muslims. Consequently, the film argues, Islam encourages, among others, acts of terrorism, antisemitism, violence against women, and Islamic universalism. A large part of the movie deals with the influence of Islam on the Netherlands.

I, Bill Warner, am totally against radical Islam as depicted in FITNA and have shut down numerous Jihad websites around the world and have received death threats from radical Muslims, but Wilders is a snake in the grass with an agenda.

[Jewish TV producer Harry De Winter:] “We Jews know better than anyone else what this sort of discrimination can lead to. Wilders claims that the Muslims must be dealt with and that the Koran is a fascist book. That’s how the persecution of Jews once started, by generalization (Adolph Hitler). Therefore, it is time for a sharper criticism from the Jewish community. Anti-religious prejudice whether Islamophobia or anti-Semitism is never OK, especially coming from an elected offical, like Geert Wilders !

Bill Warner
private investigator