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Saturday, June 07, 2008


HOW SUNNI & SHIITE TERRORISTS SEND MONEY VIA THE USED CAR RACKET. For years al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations usch as the Palestinian Islamic Jiahd (PIJ) have sent vehicles purchased from the salvage auto auctions that are listed as Certificate of Destruction (CD) in the USA to Dubai UAE and Jeddah Saudi Arabia for resale (with minor repairs and paint jobs) at 2 to 3 times the going retail rate in the USA.

It all revolves around the used car racket, flood cars (and others) are listed as Certificate of Destruction (CD) cars, that need to be destroyed and yet such cars are sold every week at the Auto Salvage Sales and then shipped to Latin America or the Middle East for resale, big profits if you buy a 2007 BMW flood car for $2,500 ship by container for $1,200.00 clean it up and rewire it and then sell it for $48,000 or more.
ANOTHER TACTIC USED BY THE USED CAR DEALERS LINKED TO TERROISM IS SEEN IN THE FOLLOWING STORY; SCRAP-SALVAGED LEXUS SUV'S PURCHASED IN THE USA BY INTERNATIONAL CAR THEFT RING FOR THEIR VIN AND COMPUTER; Dubai Police have arrested three of a five-member high-tech gang of car thieves who stole 13 Lexus 4x4s, the men were purchasing similar vehicles from abroad (USA) that had been written off in accidents from on-line Auto Salvage Auctions, the USED Lexus RX 330 ACV price retail price prior to accident is about $35,000 in Dubai, SALVAGE AUTO AUCTION selling price will be around $3,000 plus $1,200 to ship to Dubai.

There was a Salvage Auto Auction, on-line, from South Tampa Friday 5/23/2008 with over 500 wrecked cars for sale, the buyers on-line were from the USA and Dubai UAE, Sharjah UAE, Jeddah SA, Nigeria and Karachi PK.
The Dubai car thieves IN THE STORY ABOVE brought the salvaged USA Lexus SUV's into the UAE, where they were taken to a scrap dealer. In Dubai the gang stole Luxury 4x4 Lexus cars which were broken into in a span of three to five minutes. The cars were taken away, and their personalised vehicle computers were replaced with the ones from the vehicles purchased from the USA Auto Salvage Auctuions.

"The chassis numbers were changed (VIN) and the car-model plate replaced. That gave the stolen cars a different identity (a "Black Car") - they now appeared to be legitimate vehicles purchased from abroad (USA).
More Information on stolen/used car racket funding terrorism;

Bill Warner
Private Investigator

Friday, June 06, 2008


UPDATE ON BOS SMITH AND HIS ESCAPE FROM A BROOKLYN MOSQUE FAIRY TALE. Masjid Al-Taqwa Mosque, Imam Siraj Wahaj "Nabbed and held captive by Brooklyn Jihadis" !

"By On The Web: BOS SMITH who holds a law degree from Wake Forest University can be hauled away by an angry group of angry Muslims in Islamic garb to the basement of a mosque where a group of 20 “security guards” in karate suits interrogated me, all for taking a photo, what about a tourist taking pictures for his travelogue? The working man’s lament, “It’s a free country, isn’t it?” doesn’t seem to work anymore".

In Mr. Bos Smith Brooklyn Mosque fairy tale he makes mention of 20 karate students who whisked him off the street into the Masjid Al-Taqwa Mosque on April 19th 2008 at 3:00pm on a Saturday afternoon, there are karate lessons held at the Mosque see here. Karate is instructed by Shihan Ali Abdul Karim at the Masjid At-Taqwa (where Bos Smith was "kidnapped" a serious Felony charge) in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, Ali Abdul Karim ALSO instructs cop classes in karate for the NYPD special weapons and tactics, see video

There were no Police reports filed with the NYPD in any of the Brooklyn Precincts as to a supposed kidnapping by Muslim members of the Masjid Al-Taqwa of a "white" guy (BOS SMITH) on any weekend Saturday & Sunday of 4/27 or Saturday & Sunday 4/19 or Saturday & Sunday 4/13 or Saturday & Sunday 4/06/2008, no Police reports. Mr. Bos Smith claims he was "hauled away by an angry group of angry Muslims in Islamic garb to the basement of a mosque where a group of 20 security guards (most of them children) interrogated me".

In New York State such a scenario as Mr. Bos Smith (who claims to hold a law degree) describes would be First Degree Kidnapping, 135.10 Unlawful imprisonment in the first degree. A person is guilty of unlawful imprisonment in the first degree when he restrains another person under circumstances which expose the latter to a risk of serious physical injury. Unlawful imprisonment in the first degree is a class E felony.

When I (Private Investigator Bill Warner) went to the Masjid al-Fatima in Queens NY with Richard Watson's BBC News Crew we were tracking a real terrosit, Mohammed Juanid Babar , and his associates of the al-Muhajiroun terror group, there were numerous news reports of this real Mosque adventure with a BBC News documentary video that was seen internationally, see here and here and here !

There is no record of any such kidnapping incident as happening at the Masjid al-Taqwa in Brooklyn NY but in the mind of Mr. Bos Smith. There were no Newspaper accounts in the NY Daily News Crime Page or the NY Post Police Blotter of any such abduction of a "white" guy by Muslims from a Brooklyn Mosque, "are you kidding me this would have been Page One if it actually happened".

There are CLOSED-CIRCUIT TELEVISION CAMERAS (CCTV) from the mosque and NYPD right where Bos Smith claims the incident occurred, so check the video tape.

There was no New York Post article on Monday April 20th 2008 or NYPD report, the reason that there was no media or cop report is that these people question both sides if such an incident took place and it appears the Muslim side of the story is much more credible (see Mosque reply below), the Karate Instructor at the Masjid Al-Taqwa has a cop witnesses, a retired NYPD detective was in the karate class on April 19th 2008 at 3:00pm on a Saturday afternoon.

Bos Smith did not actually go into the basement of the Masjid Al-Taqwa on Saturday April 19th 2008, Paul Williams did with another heavy set man, there was no abduction of Bos Smith, click here for audio of the karate instructor Ali Abdul-Kareem taken on May 17th 2008. There is also a very high concentration of NYPD officers in the area of the Masjid al-Taqwa due to the high crime rate, the area is crawling with cops, any abduction at the Mosque would have been noticed.
Following is exert of Mr. Bos Smith's Brooklyn Fairy Tale;

A tree grew in Brooklyn. No longer it has been uprooted by the Masjid Al-Taqwa and other radical mosques that have sprouted up like huge mechanical mushrooms throughout the borough. If you tarry in front of the Masjid Al-Taqwa in the Bedford-Stuyvesant district and dare to take a photo, you might get hauled away by a group of angry Muslims (this would be a kidnapping charge) in Islamic attire to the basement of the facility where a group of twenty “security guards” in karate suits will interrogate you. This sounds preposterous (BECAUSE IT IS). But it happened on a weekend in late April at 3:00 in the afternoon. Ali Kareem, the head of security for Siraj Wahaj’s mosque, conducted the grilling.

A small, muscular man with a wispy black beard that has been dyed red with henna, Kareem demanded to know the reason why a trio of kafirs had dared to photograph the building on a public street without securing his permission. He further insisted on securing our identities and obtaining our motives for such a violation of Islamic space. Being surrounded by a group of militant guards in a mosque basement from which there is no means of escape (held against his will) is not a comforting place to be for a Wall Street financier.

We tried to explain that we found the neighborhood with its halal meat vendors and food stores; Islamic dress shops, featuring the latest styles in burqas and hijabs; Muslim souvenir outlets, replete with bumper stickers stating “Don’t Be Caught Dead Without Islam”; and Middle Eastern restaurants offering a variety of goat dishes to be rather quaint and interesting.

This explanation was not sufficient. Kareem was impatient and did not want a detailed explanation of the reason for our excursion (simple sight-seeing) or a graphic account of the sights we had seen and photographed. “I ask the questions here,” he said, “and you provide the answers.” Realizing that we were in a bit of a pickle, my companion explained that we were interested in various religions and knew Siraj Wahaj, the imam of the mosque, was a prominent Muslim figure whom we would like to interview for a news outlet. This didn’t work too well since we could not produce a business card from a wacko blog, let alone credentials from a national publication (so what journalistic skills are at play here?). At last, we blurted out that we were admirers of Islam and the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him) and wanted to obtain information about conversion (what?).

We were even knowledgeable enough to blurt out “Salaam” and “Allahu akbar.” The last utterance seemed to be the “Open Sesame” that got us out of the basement and back to Bedford Street, where we managed to take a picture of the mosque before hailing a cab and making a getaway. The experience was disconcerting. Surely, anyone who takes a picture of St. Patrick’s Cathedral or the Riverside Church is not hauled off to a basement for questioning by a threatening figure in a karate uniform and a band of Ninjas. What is taking place within Masjid Al-Taqwa? And what about Siraj Wahaj, the celebrated imam of this mosque who claims to be a moderate? Masjid Al-Taqwa at 1226 Bedford Street was an abandoned clothing store, which Wahaj purchased at an auction in 1979 for $30,000 with cash from oil-rich Saudis. The research for this article was conducted in preparation of (A NEW BOOK)

Ali Abdul-Karim's account of Bos Smith's visit to the Brooklyn mosque, as posted to the web site of Americans Against Hate by Yusuf Abdul-Lateef

This is a full account of what happened when Bos Smith and his crew came to Masjid al-Taqwa to take photograph of masjid building. I was conducting my routine martial art classes on Saturday afternoon made mostly of 20 children and about 6 adults when one of the members of the masjid summoned me from my class. I went to see what he wanted and observed two Caucasian males with him.

Hear the Audio report disputing Bos Smith's report by Ali Abdul Karim the karate instructor at the Masjid Al-Taqwa, click here from May 17th 2008 Blog Radio program.

The brother explained that they were taking photograph of the masjid and he invited them to speak to someone in authority to see how we can best assist them in this endeavor which is our protocol when any media is interested in filming Masjidat Taqwah. There were no hostility toward the two men nor were they held under any duress, they had freedom of movement and they could leave at anytime.

The brother informed me that when he observed them taking photographs he inquired about nature of the photographs and when they informed him of the nature of the photograph thats when he invited them to speak to someone in authority and they complied to the invitation willingly without duress and without the present of force which is not masjid policy. I inquired about the nature of their business with Masjidat-Taqwah, Bos Smith informed us that he was doing a documentary on Muslim in America and he was going around to different masajid photographing them.

I never at time informed him that he could not take photographs of the masjid. I asked him who did he represent and did he have a business card, he replied he was a free lance reporter and he didn't have a business card. I than asked him did he have a contact number and he gave that to me willingly. I than proceeded to give Imam Siraj office number and informed Bos Smith that as it is our policy to accommodate all media in these type of endeavors the imam and the community would be more than happy to oblige him in this project and they left peacefully.

Note, Bos Smith says he has a law degree,why would he come to the basement without there being any presents of force or threat of force. This non incident happened in broad daylight with extreme level of pedestrian traffic and outstanding police present in our area,furthermore we understand people's first amendment rights and I am pretty sure that Bos Smith knows, so why didn't he ignore the request made to him, nor did he walk away or summoned the police for unlawful detention or restriction of movement. That is because it never happened the way he wrote the article, the article has an bias attempt to defame and discredit Imam Siraj, Masjidat-Taqwah community,Islam and the Muslims as a whole.

If you notice,the truth be known, Bos Smith wrote a book soon to be released called "Within the Belly of the Beast:Jihad in America",there is a chapter devoted to radical mosques. So he does have a hidden agenda that ALLAH(SWTA) has exposed through this event and ALLAH KNOWS BEST, also I would like to note, there are law enforcement persons who attend the martial art classes, on the day this non incident occurred, there was a NYPD RETIRED DETECTIVE PRESENT and he readily available for any comments concerning this issue.


SAMIR KHAN'S Muslim Extremist's Web Site Stirs Mixed Emotions in Charlotte, N.C. Friday, June 06, 2008 By Cristina Corbin FOX NEWS. CLICK ON HIS IMAGE FOR FOX VIDEO.

I (Sarasota PI Bill Warner) had extensive conversations with Cristina Corbin of Fox News as they tried to locate Samir Khan in Charlotte NC during the week of May 26th to May 29th 2008 with some of the Fox News reporters calling me as early as 7:58 am for help. Database search's were made for any and all locations of known relatives of Samir Khan and where they could be found in Charlotte NC.

UPDATE; 7/21/08, Samir Khan was employed at an Internet Call Center in Charlotte NC that has as one of it clients the US Government. Click for the video link here, to see the WBTV 3 story, and get an idea for what his website shows.

There are three Khan children of Zafar and Sarah Khan, the parents who allow Samir Khan to operate his radical website out of their upscale home that was built to Zafar Khan's unusual specifications with separate formal living rooms for the men and the women and extended exhaust systems for the kitchen area for the cooking of special Muslim meals.

Samir Khan has two sisters, one older and one younger, one is in the Education business in Charlotte North Carolina, there are three vehicles registered to the Kahn family at the Charlotte NC address, it appears that Samir Khan is chauffeured around by his mother, at least during the week of May 26th to May 29th 2008. A North Carolina Drivers License has not been found for Samir Z. Khan in Charlotte NC, at least not under that name. Samir Khan appears to have had a part time job selling specility knives ( somewhat of disturbing business for an Islamic Radical), but Samir Khan is now employed at a Internet Call Center which has a prestigious list of clients.

Mr. Khan has now moved his blog to a site called Muslimpad, whose American operators recently moved from Texas to Amman, Jordan. Their larger forum, Islamic Network, is the host of discussions among English-speaking Muslims. One of their former employees, Daniel Maldonado, was convicted this year in federal court of associating with terrorists at their training camps in Somalia (Al-Sahaab). Mr. Khan said that he had dreams about meeting Mr. bin Laden and that he would not rule out picking up a weapon himself one day. In a recent essay, he argued that jihad was mandatory for all Muslims, and he cited three ways to fulfill this obligation: join fighters in Iraq, Afghanistan or Algeria; send them money; or promote militant videos as part of the jihad media (YouTubes big problem)

The Fox news report follows; CHARLOTTE, N.C. 6/06/2008— In a quiet, upscale neighborhood in Charlotte, N.C., rows of custom-style homes and neatly landscaped lawns represent the American dream. But one local resident has shattered that image, calling for the death of American troops in Iraq and supporting Al Qaeda through his Web site, which he reportedly runs from his parents' home.

Samir Khan is the man behind — a radical Islamic site that praises Usama bin Laden and asks for Allah to “curse more American soldiers.” The site posts videos of U.S. Humvees being blown up by roadside bombs in Iraq. It aims to inspire young Muslims to wage war against the West.

Terrorism experts say the Web site, written in English, is one of the premiere sites for Western audiences to get access to radical Islamist propaganda. Khan, 22, declined requests for an interview, even when approached outside his home with cameras rolling. When asked if the messages on his site represent
Islam, Khan would say only that “they represent Muslims.”

Click here to view the full video report on Samir Khan.
In an e-mail sent to FOX News, Khan lashed out at the "arrogance" of the media, saying it should focus instead on converting to Islam. "When you go down in to the earth six feet deep, nothing will matter except what Religion you died upon," he wrote. Following a report last month profiling his Web site, Khan railed against "the Kuffaar" — non-believers — who wrote the article and affirmed his belief that jihad is "an Islaamic obligation" rooted in Muslim texts.
Words like those stir mixed emotions in Charlotte, among the general public and among the 8,000 Muslims who live there.

Imam Khalil Akbar, a religious leader in Charlotte, condemned Khan’s site, saying its views do not reflect “mainstream Islamic thinking” and do not represent the Muslim community at large. “I would reject categorically those kinds of encouragements to look up to people like bin Laden,” Akbar said.

Neighbors described Khan — who immigrated to the U.S. from

Saudi Arabia when he was 7 years old — as “friendly” and “reserved.” They said he launched his Web site while taking classes at Central Piedmont Community College and selling Cutco knives.

Abdullah Mahmud, an acquaintance of Khan’s who attends the same mosque, the Islamic Center of Greater Charlotte, defended Khan's viewpoints, saying his anger stems from the United States' foreign policy and occupation of Iraq. Mahmoud said the blood-drenched videos Khan shows of U.S. soldiers injured in combat “serve the purpose of making the reality of the Iraqi scene visible to people.”
“Those videos are not much different than videos involving American soldiers targeting Iraqi civilians,” he said. “You have to look at both sides here.”
One of Khan’s neighbors, Ron Williams, also defended Khan’s right to free speech.
“Our actions (in Iraq) were interpreted broadly in the Muslim world as an attack on Islam,” Williams said, “I defend his right to speak out.” But Jarret Brachman, director of research at West Point's Center for Combatting Terrorism, said Khan’s call for violence takes his anti-American views one step further. “To be unhappy with U.S. foreign policy is one thing, but to advocate violence by promoting Al Qaeda is another,” he said.

“This is the most sophisticated and aggressive Web site in English that really puts out bin Laden’s ideology and the message that’s promoted by Al Qaeda,” he added. Brachman said Khan's site "raises the threshold for what it means to be a good, pro-Al Qaeda Web site" and is "the best in English."

A graphic prominently displayed on the site shows a picture of Abu Yahya al-Libi, a prominent Al Qaeda spokesman whom Brachman calls “Bin Laden 2.0.”
“He’s the guy poised to take over the movement after bin Laden fades away,” Brachman said. “The fact that Khan would display him like he does means he’s trying not only to show he’s an insider, but also to model himself after him.”
The exact dangers his site poses are difficult to assess, experts said.

“It doesn’t necessarily move someone to action immediately, but it primes the pump,” Brachman said. “It gets somebody motivated to think more about Al Qaeda and so over the long term this is a very threatening message that he’s promoting.” The Pro Al-Qaeda Web site Run by a Charlotte Man Samir Khan, as per Cyber Vigilantes Track Extremist Web Sites Bill Warner

Click here to see more reactions from Charlotte's Muslim community.

Rep. Myrick Unveils “Wake Up America” Agenda(Washington, D.C.) –
Rep. Sue Myrick (NC-9) released her “Wake Up America” agenda. Rep. Myrick’s goal in releasing her agenda is to alert, and educate, Americans to terrorist threats here at home posed by radical Islamic extremists. This is her agenda, this is not the agenda of the Congressional Anti-Terrorism Caucus.This agenda is the start of Rep. Myrick’s work on these issues. As she moves forward on these points, she will update the public on her findings.

Her ten point agenda is below.
1). Will call for a government investigation of all U.S. military chaplains who were approved by Abdurahman Alamoudi.
2). Will call for a government investigation of all U.S. prison chaplains who were approved by Abdurahman Alamoudi.
3). Will call for the Government Accounting Office (GAO) to investigate the selection process of Arabic translators in the FBI and DoD.
4). Will call for the Internal Revenue Service to investigate the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ (CAIR) 501(c)(3) non-profit status which restricts “lobbying on behalf of a foreign government.”
5). Introduce a bill to make the preaching, publication, or distribution of materials that call for the death of American citizens, attacks on the United States Government or Armed Forces, or the financing of the means and/or operations to accomplish these acts, acts of sedition and/or solicitation of treason.
6). Will call on the Government Accountability Office to conduct an audit to verify the total sovereign wealth fund investment in the United States.
7). Will attempt to cancel scholarship student visa program with Saudi Arabia until they reform their textbooks.
8). Will introduce a bill to restrict R-1/R-2 religious visas for imams who come from countries that do not allow reciprocal visits by non-Muslim clergy.
9). Will introduce a bill to cancel contracts to train Saudi police and other security forces in US Counterterrorism tactics until the Saudi’s certify the prosecution of Al Qaeda financiers, like Yasin al-Kadi, and the detention of repatriated Guantanamo terrorists that keep being released into the general population after being “rehabilitated.”
10). Will introduce or sponsor a bill to block the sale of sensitive military munitions, especially Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAMs), to Saudi Arabia.

Bill Warner
Private Investigator
WBI Inc Private Detective Agency
Sarasota Fl


101 million smuggled cigarettes seized in Belgian raid......30 million smuggled cigarettes recovered in Dublin raid. IN BELGIUM Customs seized 101 million smuggled cigarettes destined for Britain yesterday in a raid that highlights the huge black market in contraband tobacco driven by the highest price of smoking in Europe. The cigarettes were recovered from three warehouses in Liège in eastern Belgium in a coup described as one of the largest in a single operation in the European Union.

It will, however, make only a small dent in the ten billion cigarettes estimated to be slipped into Britain every year, which Revenue & Customs believes cost the Treasury up to 2.5 billion annually in lost tax. “This is a record haul and a significant breakthrough,” said a spokesman for Belgian Customs. Five men were arrested in the raid. It was unclear last night whether the cigarettes had been bought cheaply in Eastern Europe or were counterfeit, in which case they would most likely have come from Russia, a big source of fakes found in Britain and a known source of overland smuggling via Belgium. The main origin of fake cigarettes in Britain is China, although the most likely route for Chinese tobacco products is by sea.

IN THE UK About 1.5m packets of contraband cigarettes have been seized in Counties Louth and Meath by Customs and gardaí. The international operation involved the PSNI and British customs authorities, as well as French police.
Four containers containing the cigarettes arrived in Dublin from Singapore on Wednesday, having come en route from France. Officers swooped on three premises in Meath and Louth on Thursday night, and seized the cigarettes worth 11m euros.

Customs sources said the cigarettes were driven in freight containers to various locations on four trucks, and across the border into Northern Ireland, by a gang seeking to check if they were under surveillance before delivering the contraband.
Several people are being questioned after arrests at four locations in the Republic of Ireland. It is thought the cigarettes were destined for both the Irish and UK black markets.


Bill Warner
Private Investigator
Sarasota Fl

Thursday, June 05, 2008


Thu Jun 5, 2008 2:11 AM ET LOS ANGELES (AFP) - Forty years ago, on June 5, 1968, Robert F. Kennedy was brimming with the confidence of a young, charismatic and liberal political star .
He had just won the California Democratic primary, giving him a strong chance to win the party's presidential nomination, rising out of the shadow of his brother John F. Kennedy, the president murdered less than five years before. And in a split second, its was all over: a deranged Palestinian Christian shot him dead in a Los Angeles hotel as he reveled in his victory. Bobby Kennedy had balls, he went up against the Mob in the USA he was taking down the Teamsters and Jimmy Hoffa.

Barack you ain't no Kennedy and you have not displayed any of the intestinal fortitude of that clan.

The assassination of Bobby Kennedy plunged the United States into deep trauma.
It came in the wake of the devastating Tet offensive against US and South Vietnamese troops in Vietnam, which showed the US was not winning the war and forced then-president Lyndon Johnson, also a Democrat, to concede that he was too weak to seek the White House in that November's election.

And it followed by two months the April 4 assassination of civil rights leader Martin Luther King in Memphis, Tennessee, which sparked riots across the country. Johnson's decision to bow out from the race opened the door to Kennedy to jump in the battle against liberal anti-war hero, senator Eugene McCarthy, and Johnson's more conservative vice president Hubert Humphrey that March.
But Kennedy, who also took a stance against the increasingly unpopular war, had the advantage of youth -- he was just 42, his powerful name, his experience as attorney general under his brother, and then nearly four years as senator from New York.

The primary in California, the country's most populous state, was key, and Kennedy came out of it with a big advance, putting him ahead of McCarthy and with the possibility of catching up with Humphrey. But what for many was the second Kennedy "dream" was again cut short. As he entered the kitchen of the Ambassador Hotel to thank supporters, Sirhan Sirhan pulled out a pistol and at close range shot Bobby several times, including once in the head.

Kennedy died the next day, leaving behind wife Ethel, 10 children and an 11th soon to be born, and a clan and the nation in shock at yet another Kennedy tragedy.

Sirhan Sirhan was born in Jerusalem to Christian Palestinian parents and was raised in the Maronite Church. In his adult life however, he made several religious conversions, joining Baptist and Seventh-day Adventist churches, and dabbled in the occult His family, which moved to the United States when Sirhan was 12, briefly lived in New York, and soon moved to California. He attended John Muir High School and Pasadena City College in Pasadena, California and was employed as a stable boy in 1965 at the Santa Anita Race Track in Arcadia, California.

Sirhan Sirhan, He (Sirhan) was born March 19, 1944 in the Armenian section of the old walled city of Jerusalem, then under Jordanian control. He was the fourth of five children born to Bishara and Mary Sirhan, who were Greek Orthodox Christians.” (Note the first name of his mother–there aren’t a lot of Muslim women running around with the first name of Mary!).

Later in the same article, the reporter states that he visited “the tiny Christian village of Teibeh in Israeli-occupied Jordan, where Sirhan grew up,” and where he went to school. While there, the reporter interviewed the director of Sirhan’s childhood school, who is described as “Salim Awad,” the principle of the village’s Lutheran school.”

Clearly, then, Sirhan was a Christian. He may have been a fanatic, but he was an Arab nationalist, not an Islamic fundamentalist (which wouldn’t be too surprsing since 1968 was still the height of pan-Arab Nasserism, with its emphasis on socialism and secular Arab identity, and its hostility towards Islam. In fact, Nasser, who was Sirhan’s hero, brutally crushed Islamists in his own country).

The photograph of a young assistant chef, holding up the candidate's bloodied head (RFK) as he lay on the floor, was seen around the world. Boris Yaro, then working for the Los Angeles Times, recalled in 1998 that he went not on assignment but as a fan to take pictures. "To me, Bobby represented what was left of the Camelot era of American politics, and I wanted him to win.

"I wanted a picture of him for my wall -- something that said a new era was aborning." But as his victory became apparent, suddenly "there were a couple of explosions that seemed to light up the entire room," Yaro recalled.

"The crowd around Bobby parted and there was a man with a contorted face and a revolver, and shots were still being fired." "I froze. 'No,' I said to myself. 'Not again. Not another Kennedy.'" In the struggle to subdue Sirhan, Yaro himself grabbed at the gun before someone else took it away. He took his pictures and went back to the newspaper.

"After all the questions were over in the newsroom, I walked back to my cubbyhole darkroom in the photo department and, out of sight of everybody, I cried hot tears of anger. "I cried for me and you and all the world. Bobby would cling to life for another day, but the truth was already there: Camelot was lost."
Forty years later, the desire for another "Camelot" has filled supporters of Illinois Senator Barack Obama, likened to the Kennedy brothers by some from the Massachusetts clan themselves (REALITY CHECK HERE, BARACK YOU JUST AIN'T NO KENNEDY, THE LACK OF CLASS, EXPERIENCE AND COMMITMENT TO THE USA IS LACKING).

In January both John F. Kennedy's brother Senator Edward Kennedy and the slain president's daughter Caroline suggested Obama was his spiritual heir.
But also, in what came to be seen as an ugly comparison, Obama's now-vanquished rival Hillary Clinton in May made reference to their close-quarters battle and the fact that the 1968 race changed radically when Bobby Kennedy was assassinated.

The reference provoked outrage that Clinton was suggesting something nefarious, and she quickly apologized. Sirhan, a Christian-born Palestinian who first said he killed Kennedy over his support for Israel, but whose sanity was later questioned (IT IS ALWAYS AN INSANE THING), was given a life sentence in a California prison, where he remains today.


GUANTANAMO BAY, Cuba (CNN) -- Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) wants to become a martyr for his role as mastermind of the September 11 attacks, he told a U.S. military judge Thursday. Mohammed's appearance has changed significantly since his capture in 2003 (SEE BOTH PHOTOS OF KSM, ONE WITHOUT BEARD FROM 2003 AND ONE WITH FOOT LONG BEARD, WHITE SKULL CAP AND WRAP AROUND GLASSES FROM TODAY).

Mohammed wishes to dismiss his lawyers, plead guilty and become a martyr, he said at his long-awaited arraignment at the U.S. military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The judge, Marine Col. Ralph Kohlmann, asked Mohammed numerous times if he understood that he faces the death penalty. Mohammed responded, "That is what I wish. I wish to be martyred." (FIRING SQUAD IS AVAILABLE BUT HANGING IS PREFERABLE)

He told Kohlmann he could not accept any attorney because he only believes in Sharia, or Islamic law. Mohammed and his four co-defendants, all suspected al Qaeda figures, are being arraigned on numerous charges for their alleged roles in the September 11, 2001, terror attacks on New York and Washington, which killed nearly 3,000 people.

It is the first time that reporters have been able to see the accused al Qaeda operatives, who were all in the same room for the first time since their arrests in 2002 and 2003.
Watch how the defendants surprised the judge »

The defendants were seated at separate tables. None stood when Kohlmann entered. They spoke freely among themselves throughout the proceeding, and Mohammed appeared to be instructing the others. Ramzi bin al-Shibh, who is accused of helping coordinate the attacks, was the only defendant in leg shackles. He entered the courtroom with a defiant swagger, laughing at media members who were straining to get a look at him. (THIS IS ALL DONE AS PER THE AL-QAEDA PLAYBOOK FOR ARRESTED AND JAILED "BROTHERS" THEY WILL MAKE A CIRCUS OUT OF THE COURT PROCEEDINGS).
Don't Miss
Attorneys: Terrorism trials rushed to influence election
Charges against accused 9/11 mastermind approved

In addition to Mohammed and bin al-Shibh, the defendants are Walid bin Attash, who is said to have helped train the hijackers; and Mustafa al Hawsawi and Ali Abdul Aziz Ali, both of whom are accused of arranging financing for the plot.
Attash also told the judge he wanted to dismiss his legal team and represent himself. Wearing a prison outfit and a foot-long gray beard,
Mohammed appeared much thinner than when he was captured five years ago.

When he was addressed by Kohlmann, he started singing a prayer in Arabic and then repeated it in English. The judge stopped him, saying, "I understand you have been held here for a long time and have some things to say." Mohammed asked to continue what he was saying, noting that he understood he could not talk about torture or the Quran. Kohlmann allowed it, and Mohammed started to talk about wishing to represent himself.

Mohammed's lawyer interjected, saying his client did not understand the importance of the arraignment, and the judge explained to Mohammed that it would not be a good idea to represent himself. Kohlmann announced at the start of the session that at least part of the detainees' statements would be classified and the judge would block out audio.

The defendants have been in U.S. government custody since 2002 and 2003, and they were transferred to the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay in September 2006. The charges against them include murder in violation of the law of war, various terrorism counts and intentionally causing bodily injury.

Learn more about the suspects »

In a written statement read at a March 2007 hearing, at which he was present, Mohammed said he was responsible for the attacks "from A to Z." Although Thursday's proceedings may not be complex, they follow years of struggles by the Bush administration to craft a process for bringing the detainees to trial, and officials involved in the military commissions know that the eyes of the world will be on them.

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Critics have called
Guantanamo Bay a legal "black hole" for detainees who the United States says are not protected as prisoners of war under the Geneva Conventions. Defense attorneys had asked for Thursday's proceedings to be delayed, arguing that they have not had enough time with their clients since the charges were announced in May.

Army Maj. Jon Jackson, al Hawsawi's lawyer, said that it's a good thing the cases are finally moving forward but that defense attorneys should have more time to discuss the cases with their clients. "We, the defense, should have been granted a reasonable delay in order to develop a relationship with these men, to talk with them about their case, to discuss strategies before we are rushed into the courtroom," Jackson said before heading to Guantanamo Bay.

Kohlmann denied the delay request. Defense lawyers also have accused senior Pentagon officials of pushing the cases forward "in order to influence the November elections," as Lt. Cmdr. Brian Mizer, who is defending Ali, put it last week. But officials at the Office of Military Commissions, the Pentagon unit that serves as the convening authority for the tribunal, deny that assertion and argue that defense lawyers will be given enough time to mount their cases.
"The fact they are just starting in that process isn't an indication they won't have time to prepare," said Air Force Brig. Gen. Thomas Hartmann, the legal adviser to the office.

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The actual charges against the men were only sworn against them May 9. And although prosecutors are pushing for a September trial, officials familiar with the process expect long delays and much legal fighting. They say a trial is probably at least many months away.

Another controversy concerns whether prosecutors will introduce information obtained as a result of coercive interrogation techniques used by the CIA, techniques critics say amount to torture.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


The Smith & Wesson Model 642 Centennial (AIRWEIGHT) is easily the most recommended variant of the J-frame line if the Internet counts for anything in gun selection.

Call me old school but any confrontation that you get into were you feel that your life is going to be in danger is probably going to occur within 3 feet of your space i.e. next to your drivers side window or right in front of your face.
I want a concealable weapon that can easily be produced, needs no on/off safety or slide action to engage, just pull and shoot and the weapon needs to be sturdy enough to pound nails into the coffin of your adversary after you dispose of him, it is just that simple. S&W 642 Airweight is perfect for pocket or purse with hollow point ammo, up close and personal.

In 2006, the best selling firearm offered by Smith & Wesson was the Model 642, the Airweight (about 20 ounces loaded) version of the 640. It is often called hammerless which is a misnomer of sorts because it actually does have a hammer; its just completely enclosed within the frame, making the revolver double action only (DAO). It is a smooth, snag-free design which makes it ideal for pocket carry. Jim Supica, author of The Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson, said of the 642 that it was possibly the finest pocket revolver ever made.

Caliber: .38 S&W Special +P

Capacity: 5 Rounds
Barrel Length: 1-7/8"
Front Sight: Serrated Ramp
Rear Sight: Fixed Notch
Firing System: N/A
Grip: Uncle Mike's
Boot Trigger: .312" Smooth Target
Hammer: Internal External
Safety: N/A
Frame: Small
Finish: Glass bead
Overall length: 6-5/16"
Material: Aluminum Alloy / Stainless Steel
Weight Empty: 15 ounces
Also available with Crimson Trace laser grips.


An Ohio man accused of plotting terrorist bombings against Americans overseas could have faced life in prison. Instead, a plea agreement offered Christopher Paul allows for a 20-year sentence.

Paul, 44, who grew up in the Columbus suburb of Worthington, was to be tried next year in federal court. But he plead guilty Tuesday to one count of conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction (WMD) specifically bombs in terrorist attacks, documents show.

The documents filed Monday note that Paul and the government have the right to withdraw from the agreement if U.S. District Court Judge Gregory Frost doesn't accept the sentencing recommendation of 20 years in prison. According to prosecutors, Paul, 44, worked with Iyman Faris and Nuradin Abdi, who plotted to help raise money and provide equipment for al-Qaida. Both Abdi and Faris pleaded guilty to the charges and are serving time in a federal prison. Paul, born Paul Kenyatta Laws, changed his name to Abdulmalek Kenyatta in 1989 and to Christopher Paul in 1994. He is said to have obtained passports in several names. An indictment filed in April 2007 alleged that Paul traveled to Pakistan and Afghanistan beginning in 1990 to meet members of al-Qaida and to attend terrorist training camps with a goal of carrying out holy war attacks.

The government said Paul was so devoted to the cause that he told an al-Qaida member he was angry the group would ever consider scaling back military operations. Paul said he was committed to such operations even if others were not, according to the government's indictment. Paul joined al-Qaida and traveled to Germany in 1999 to train coconspirators to use explosives, the indictment said. From 1993 through 1995 defendant, using various passports and aliases, returned to the Balkans area in Europe and fought jihad in conflict zones such as Bosnia establishing further contacts with the radical Islamic fundamentalist movement and creating a master list of contact numbers for senior al-Qaeda leadership and other radical Islamic fundamentalists and operatives world-wide. On this master list, investigators also found listings of component parts for bombs/detonation devices. Defendant’s master list of terrorist contacts and bomb-making information was seized by the Columbus JTTF in a search warrant at defendant’s residence.
He is accused of plotting to bomb government buildings overseas and European vacation spots frequented by American tourists. The indictment does not name specific resorts or buildings that might have been targeted, but gives U.S. embassies, military bases and consulates as examples. Paul is the last of three Columbus-area acquaintances charged with alleged terrorist activities after the FBI opened an investigation more than five years ago. The Justice Department has accused the three of discussing terrorist attacks during an August 2002 meeting at a coffee shop in suburban Columbus.

One of the men, Iyman Faris, a U.S. citizen originally from Pakistan, pleaded guilty in May 2003 to providing material support for terrorism and was sentenced to 20 years in prison. The other man, Somali immigrant Nuradin Abdi, pleaded guilty in July to conspiring to provide material support to terrorists. He is serving a 10-year sentence, after which he will be deported