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Saturday, May 03, 2008


Stolen U.S. vehicles end up as bombs in Iraq, FBI says. WASHINGTON: Fifteen years after U.S. states were directed to share motor vehicle information in a national database, only nine states have done so, making it nearly impossible to identify hundreds of thousands of stolen vehicles - including a small but steady number that end up as car bombs in Iraq.

Los Angeles that is believed to have shipped stolen vehicles to the breakaway Russian region of Chechnya, a hotbed of Muslim extremist activity.Toole, the FBI agent, said stolen American vehicles continue to show up in the hands of Iraqi insurgents.
FBI officials said they believe the database could help break up far-flung terrorist networks, which are using vehicles stolen and smuggled from the United States. Bought and sold on the international black market, cars and trucks help fund criminal operations and can be turned into the terrorist weapon of choice against U.S. troops and Iraqi civilians: vehicles packed with explosives.

The FBI declined to estimate how many stolen U.S. cars have turned up as car bombs in Iraq but said the number is believed to be at least in the dozens.The National Motor Vehicle Title Information System was created in 1992 to thwart motor vehicle thefts, but it remains a patchwork repository at best.

Authorities say the system, which has the potential to track every car or truck in the country by its vehicle identification number, has languished because of years of local government inattention, a lack of urgency among state motor vehicle departments, and inconsistent federal funding." A car bomb is the absolute favorite delivery method of terrorists," said Special Agent Ryan Toole of the FBI's Major Theft Unit in Washington, who is working to get the database completed.

"Tracing that VIN is very, very important" to identifying where the vehicle originated or determining how it ended up in terrorist hands.Toole said American-made vehicles are particularly attractive to terrorists in places such as Iraq. Forensics specialists there have identified some bomb-rigged cars as vehicles that were swiped off American streets and sold overseas by criminal gangs and organized crime syndicates.

Terrorists desire a "vehicle like a Suburban because it can hold a lot but it also blends in," said Toole, who is leading the FBI's efforts to complete the database.That particular Chevrolet SUV model is popular, he said, because "it looks like an American security vehicle" in Iraq and "they can get closer to their target than if it was a beat-up old Toyota."

The Justice Department is now mounting a campaign to get the database fully online. It is urging insurance companies, auto manufacturers, and others to report relevant information and is also offering federal grants to motor vehicle departments - up to $50,000 each - to help defray their start-up costs.Authorities estimate that more than one million vehicles are stolen each year in the United States, yet only 35 percent of them are ever recovered.

VIN CLONING, Theft rings are also using sophisticated tactics to avoid detection. One method is known as "cloning," in which thieves replace the 17-character VIN number - fastened beneath the windshield by the car's manufacturer - with the VIN number illegally lifted from another, legally registered vehicle of the same make, model, and year. Smugglers holding a stolen car with a cloned VIN number can command a premium for it on the international black market, while other stolen vehicles net just pennies on the dollar. Vehicle identification has also proven valuable in terrorism-related investigations in recent years.

In 1993, when a truck packed with explosives detonated in a parking garage beneath the World Trade Center in New York, authorities cracked the case by tracing the VIN number of the vehicle to the Muslim extremists charged with the deadly attack. More recently, the case against the suspected terrorist cell that allegedly plotted to blow up John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York includes evidence of falsified vehicle registration documents.

Meanwhile, law enforcement officials have uncovered a crime syndicate in

VIN CLONING, "There is a very strong link to terrorism," said Jerry Cox, an attorney for the National Insurance Crime Bureau, which fights insurance fraud and vehicle theft on behalf of more than 1,000 insurance providers and members of the automotive industry."The people who profit are not just joy riders down the street," Cox said. "They are gangs. Some of those gangs are just thugs and some of them are terrorists. "Yet without a national database, most law enforcement agencies and customs officials have little chance of effectively intercepting stolen vehicles, which on first inspection can appear to be properly documented.


World wide stolen car racket out of control..sales support terrorism, see video here from Sydney Australia with News article here, the cars are cut apart with acetylene torches packed into containers and shipped to Dubai for reassembly and then re-sale at 2 to 3 times the retail in Australia (same deal in the United States), big profits for the support of terrorism.

On video police intercepts of phone conversations between used car dealer George el-Farr in Jordan and his son in Sydney, they discuss stealing a car to "order", certain color etc.

Many stolen cars sold overseas ...By EMILY WATT The Dominion Post Newspaper. Stolen cars are being stripped and shipped overseas in smuggling rings which are almost impossible to prevent, police say. The cars are often stripped down and smuggled in shipping containers bound for the Middle East. Others are sent whole to the Pacific Islands.

When concealed among legitimate car exports, they are extremely difficult to intercept, police and customs say.Twenty two thousand cars -- about one every 25 minutes -- are stolen each year, costing the insurance industry $120 million. Police say 4000 are never recovered, and many end up either overseas or are sold here with false registration plates.

Authorities hope Government plans to "microdot" all imported cars and parts by next year will reduce such smuggling.Senior Constable Jeff Haynes, a specialist car theft investigator at Henderson police, said the thieves were making big money. "If you get (the car) for nothing, it's pure profit. And it's not taxed either, so you're 33 to 39 per cent better off."

A large number of stolen cars were also "ringed" -- sold back onto New Zealand roads with false registration plates. Haynes said Toyota Hiace vans were regularly stolen, and many were almost certainly destined for Middle East markets.Australian police report a huge market there for Commodores and Camrys, which were being shipped to the clogged streets of Lebanon, Jordan and Saudi Arabia for taxis.Haynes visited Auckland ports in 2006 and found eight stolen cars destined for the Pacific Islands in one month.

The next month there were four, then two, then one. He could no longer patrol the ports because of other commitments, and said "no-one's checking them".Police efforts to prosecute those caught were often stymied by the lack of support from overseas agencies, Haynes said.Police intercepted a shipment of 10 stolen brand-new Toyota Land Cruisers -- worth $80,000 to $100,000 each -- but were unable to prosecute the Japanese-based former New Zealand car dealer behind the shipment due to lack of co-operation from Japanese authorities.

Customs trade and marine group manager Phil Chitty said Customs X-rayed or physically inspected only a small proportion of the thousands of incoming and outgoing shipping containers each year. Officers usually relied on police or other outside information to intercept stolen property.Insurance Council chief executive Chris Ryan said he was aware of the overseas smuggling racket, but the ringing of stolen cars for local roads was a bigger concern.

From next year, the Government will require all imported cars to be sprayed with tiny scannable microdots, giving each a unique, traceable identity.Police and the insurance industry have supported the move, saying it would make it easier to identify stolen parts and harder for thieves to change a vehicle's identity. --Dominion Post.

Bill Warner, Private Investigator


Md. Raids a Part Of International Car Theft Bust, 9 Arrested in Connection With Alleged Export Ring.

72 stolen vehicles worth about $2.7 million were recovered by police in New Jersey last week. Authorities staged three raids in suburban Maryland in an effort to break up a major East Coast car-theft ring that allegedly stole more than 1,000 luxury vehicles in the past year and shipped them to West Africa and the Middle East.

Mercedes with high-end stereos, BMWs with slick leather interiors, Hummers with shiny rims -- all were taken from dealerships and suburban driveways, carjacked off the street or stolen by other means in the Washington area, New York and New Jersey. They were packed onto container ships docked at New Jersey ports and shipped abroad, authorities said.

The investigation led to the arrest last week of Upper Marlboro resident Solomon O. Asare, 31, a native of Ghana who is described by authorities as a ringleader. Eight others have also been arrested, including a Gaithersburg man who was taken into custody Friday at Dulles International Airport. They were detained on a variety of charges linking them to the alleged conspiracy with tendrils in Prince George's, Howard and Montgomery counties and Northern Virginia.

"This is the largest auto-theft fencing ring I've seen since I've been on the force," said Lt. Rick Nuel, a 22-year veteran and chief of the auto unit with the New Jersey State Police, one of 16 agencies involved in the probe. "When you're looking at the amount of cars going out and the amount of contacts they had, it's huge.

"In West Africa, where luxury cars are scarce and import taxes are high, the vehicles are resold for up to twice their retail value, netting members of the elaborate theft-for-export ring millions of dollars. In some instances, authorities said, the stolen vehicles have wound up in the hands of power elites in Ghana and elsewhere."Sometimes, it's almost chic," said Ben Jillett, a car-theft investigator with the Insurance Bureau of Canada, who has worked with federal and local authorities in the United States to track similar rings.

"It's in vogue to run around in these countries with a license plate on that says Maryland on it or Florida on it."The alleged ring was first detected by Prince George's investigators about a year ago, according to a law enforcement source who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing. The county has for years ranked among the top jurisdictions in the nation for car theft, and it accounts for more than half the vehicle thefts in the state each year.In some respects, the alleged ring embodied the hierarchy of a large, legitimate business. Middlemen known as fences acted as brokers between the car thieves and ringleaders.

The ringleaders arranged large-scale shipments to ports in Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt and several other countries, authorities said. Last week, New Jersey authorities arrested Asare and another man in a stolen car on the New Jersey Turnpike, police said. Investigators have alleged that Asare used his connections in New York, New Jersey and abroad to arrange shipments of stolen cars and to smooth the way for sales abroad by bribing customs officials in Africa. Investigators found $11,000 in the car, money that they believe was to be used to purchase stolen vehicles, according to New Jersey State Police.

Asare was charged in New Jersey with trafficking, fencing and receiving stolen property and could face charges in Maryland, Nuel said."If you have the contacts, there's a lot of money to be made, and he seemed to have a lot of contacts in Africa," Nuel said.About 6:30 a.m. yesterday, a team of Maryland State Police and at least one federal agent with Immigration and Customs Enforcement descended on Asare's well-kept brick colonial home in the 10600 block of Birdie Lane in Upper Marlboro.

The normal calm and quiet of the solidly middle-class suburban subdivision was broken by the sound of two officers pounding on Asare's door.Hearing no answer, officers in flak jackets slipped past a shiny black 2005 Nissan Maxima parked in the driveway. They pried open the home's garage door, entering with their guns drawn. An officer at the scene said they expected to spend several hours collecting evidence.

Investigators also raided a commercial lot and an unknown location in Howard County. Investigators are reluctant to estimate how long the ring operated or how many luxury cars allegedly passed through Asare's network to ports in Africa. But Nuel said 72 stolen vehicles worth about $2.7 million were recovered by police in New Jersey last week -- including several stolen from Maryland. Investigators believe, however, that that number represents only a fraction of the car ring's actual take."The [car] fencing operation is becoming a huge issue in the African countries," said Greg Terp, commander of the Miami-Dade police auto-theft unit. "It's a lucrative business. And, according to some of the information we've learned, you have a number of people in the various governments there driving BMWs and Mercedes that are stolen and shipped out of the Port of Elizabeth and Newark.

"Investigators believe Asare traveled with at least two other men from the Washington area to West Africa on errands for the ring, the law enforcement source said. One of the men, Vincent Robinson, is allegedly linked to the theft of more than 30 brand-new, high-end vehicles from dealerships in Fairfax, Montgomery and Baltimore counties, the source said. Fairfax Detective John Carney declined to discuss details of Robinson's case or his possible connections to the ring. But he confirmed that Robinson allegedly gained access to keys to the cars after he was hired at several local dealerships, including at least one in Fairfax.

Police there took Robinson into custody June 1 on charges of auto theft, Carney said. On Friday, authorities also arrested Macki Tall of Gaithersburg at Dulles International Airport after he returned from Switzerland. Like Asare, Tall, 27, allegedly used connections in Africa to arrange the shipment and sale of stolen cars, Nuel said. Tall is believed to have purchased many of the stolen vehicles in East Orange, N.J.Nuel said more arrests are expected in the Washington area and elsewhere.


Group stole luxury cars to order then shipped to Dubai

Five men have admitted recruiting thieves from across the UK to steal 142 high-performance cars worth £6m. Mohammed Ilyas, 43, Majid Ghouse, 34, Naveed Parvez, 28, Mansha Khan, 34, Mohammed Dita, 34.

The cars were being stolen to order for an international crime ring, Manchester Crown Court was told. A list of specific cars was drawn up by the men, from Manchester, London and Essex, for export to the Middle East. The men ran the operation for more than a year and although a lengthy police investigation was carried out only 65 of the cars have since been recovered.

Kent Constabulary, Essex, Merseyside and Greater Manchester Police, were all involved in the investigation. Thieves stole mostly Mercedes and BMWs, valued at between £20,000 and £80,000, and also a top-of-the-range Maserati Italian Sports Coupe.

It is estimated that in the operation, which began in June 2002, the gang made about £10,000 profit on each car, with an overall take of £1.5m. They were arrested after detectives from Greater Manchester Police's vehicle fraud unit carried out a 14-month undercover operation codenamed Barton.The thieves stole vehicles from across the UK and exported them via shipping containers to destinations including Sharja in the United Arab Emirates.

Legitimate shipping agents were duped into believing the containers held legitimate cargo to be exported via Dubai and Singapore. Sentenced later; Mohammed Ilyas, 43, of Albert Road, Ilford, Essex; Majid Ghouse, 34, of Strone Road in Forest Gate, London; Naveed Parvez, 28, of Able Street in Burnley, Lancashire; Mansha Khan, 34, of Slade Grove in Longsight, Manchester; Mohammed Dita, 34, of Great Western Street in Moss Side, Manchester all pleaded guilty to conspiracy to handling stolen cars. Ilyas was remanded in custody and the other men were released on bail to return to Manchester Crown Court for sentencing on 21 July.

VIN cloning Sarasota used car dealer Sergiy Zheleznyak had obtained 36 phony car titles ... In Miami Fl used car dealer Ali Hassan Hammoud who was arrested car theft and VIN cloning.


E-Sleuthing the E-Jihad Private investigator Bill Warner in Sarasota Florida, has been e-sleuthing and getting Islamic websites, the new enormous, wide open battlefield for the global jihad, taken down and removed.

Ordinary "Joe's" are tracking down U.S. Web sites used by al Qaeda and jihadi sympathizers and then using the Internet (Newspaper Reporters) to persuade the service providers (Hosting companies) to snuff out the sites and it is working.

PI Fron Page Magazine News;, Bill Warner Director of CSPI..Covert Surveillance by Private Investigators at WBI Inc featured in the following News articles;  One site hosted in Phoenix and shut down on February 1st 2008 was which was one of six previously hosted in Tampa, said Paul Henry, an Internet security specialist.

It was Henry who uncovered a new al-Qaida encryption program hosted at, the web site taken down in Tampa on Monday Jan 28th 2008.

The Arizona Republic story is available here.......The latest set of al-Qaida supported websites  fell today, February 19th 2008 in Tampa Fla.

Not one of the al-Qaida websites is back up and running. This is the third major al-Qaida website that Sarasota Private Investigator Bill Warner, Howard Altman Tampa Tribune and Robert Anglin Arizona Republic have shut down since Jan 28th 2008 . The site, is now shut down, off the internet, no more Jihad propoaganda (for now) for Palestinians to kill the Jews and Americans.

Al-Qaida Supporters' Web Site Hosted By Tampa Company
By HOWARD ALTMAN, The Tampa TribuneTAMPA -
One of al-Qaida supporters' oldest and most stable Web sites is being hosted in Tampa and contains a 21-minute audio clip calling for Palestinians to attack Jews and the United States, according to organizations that track jihadists online.

The site,, is the "principal and largest jihadi forum of supporters of al-Qaida and global jihad, and the oldest existing forums," said Reuven Paz, director of the Jerusalem-based Project for the Research of Islamist Movements. "However, it is much more than just a forum and includes many other functions of very comprehensive and thorough indoctrination, guidance, recruitment for support, virtual military training and creation of global Islamic solidarity."

In the recording, he "urges the Palestinians to participate in the war against 'the unbelievers, headed by the U.S., Europe and Iran' who are attacking Islam. He stresses that they must begin by fighting the Jews, who are their nearest enemies," according to MEMRI.

Rep. Myrick Unveils “Wake Up America” Agenda(Washington, D.C.) –
Rep. Sue Myrick (NC-9) released her “Wake Up America” agenda. Rep. Myrick’s goal in releasing her agenda is to alert, and educate, Americans to terrorist threats here at home posed by radical Islamic extremists. This is her agenda, this is not the agenda of the Congressional Anti-Terrorism Caucus.This agenda is the start of Rep. Myrick’s work on these issues. As she moves forward on these points, she will update the public on her findings.

Her ten point agenda is below.
1). Will call for a government investigation of all U.S. military chaplains who were approved by Abdurahman Alamoudi.
2). Will call for a government investigation of all U.S. prison chaplains who were approved by Abdurahman Alamoudi.
3). Will call for the Government Accounting Office (GAO) to investigate the selection process of Arabic translators in the FBI and DoD.
4). Will call for the Internal Revenue Service to investigate the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ (CAIR) 501(c)(3) non-profit status which restricts “lobbying on behalf of a foreign government.”
Introduce a bill to make the preaching, publication, or distribution of materials that call for the death of American citizens, attacks on the United States Government or Armed Forces, or the financing of the means and/or operations to accomplish these acts, acts of sedition and/or solicitation of treason.
6). Will call on the Government Accountability Office to conduct an audit to verify the total sovereign wealth fund investment in the United States.
7). Will attempt to cancel scholarship student visa program with Saudi Arabia until they reform their textbooks.
8). Will introduce a bill to restrict R-1/R-2 religious visas for imams who come from countries that do not allow reciprocal visits by non-Muslim clergy.
Will introduce a bill to cancel contracts to train Saudi police and other security forces in US Counterterrorism tactics until the Saudi’s certify the prosecution of Al Qaeda financiers, like Yasin al-Kadi, and the detention of repatriated Guantanamo terrorists that keep being released into the general population after being “rehabilitated.”
10). Will introduce or sponsor a bill to block the sale of sensitive military munitions, especially Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAMs), to Saudi Arabia.

Bill Warner.....private investigator
Sarasota Fl.....e mail


SHIITE CAR DEALERS STOLEN/ USED CAR SCAM AND THE TERRORIST GROUP, THE PALESTINIAN ISLAMIC JIHAD (PIJ), IN TAMPA FLORIDA In Tampa Fl the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) has a base of operations receiving counterfeit DVD's, CD's and Microsoft Vista programs which they sell in a variety of grocery stores and music stores across the greater Tampa area.

The cash profits from these illegal counterfeit sales are used to purchase vehicles at auction (or from car thieves) by Tampa used car dealers linked to the
PIJ and then shipped to Dubai UAE for re-export and for resale in Sharjah UAE (largest used car outlet in the Middle East) at up to 3 times the retail prices in the USA.

VIN cloning Sarasota used car dealer Sergiy Zheleznyak had obtained 36 phony car titles ... In Miami Fl used car dealer Ali Hassan Hammoud who was arrested car theft and VIN cloning.

The cash proceeds from the Dubai/Sharjah used car sales are then in turn deposited in the
Arab Bank which has branch's in Dubai UAE, Sharjah UAE, Amman Jordan, Gaza and the West Bank. The PIJ has a strong following in Gaza (some of the Tampa used car dealers are from Gaza) and the PIJ has it's "home office" in Damascus Syria with it's ex-Tampa Fl and one of the FBI's most wanted terrorists, leader Ramadan Abdallah Shalah.

Shallah was one of the founding members of the PIJ in the late 1970's, he was an operative for the PIJ when he lived in Tampa up to the Spring of 1995.(CBS/AP) Families of U.S. citizens killed or hurt in terrorist attacks in Israel have filed an $875 million lawsuit against Arab Bank, accusing it of channeling money to Palestinian terrorist groups and making insurance payments to beneficiaries of suicide bombers (Gaza Branch & ATM)"

Arab bank has been distributing monies to suicide bombers or the families of suicide bombers," said Israeli-American Rabbi Seth Mandel, whose teenage son was killed by Palestinian militants (PIJ). The lawsuit, filed Friday in federal court in the Eastern District of New York, claims the bank's New York branch laundered Saudi aid to terrorists. The branch first converted the money into dollars and then sent it to local branches in the West Bank and Gaza Strip where it was paid out to terrorists and terrorist organizations, the suit alleges.
Recent history has demonstrated that there are few religious-ideological barriers in the world of international terrorism. The secular Ba'athist regime in Syria works closely with Hizballah, as a secular Ba'athist regime in Iraq has developed ties to al-Qaeda.It would be a mistake to assume that Islamist international terror groups are driven primarily by the religious associations with radical Sunni or radical Shiite Islam. These groups have their own geopolitical interests in bridging this great Islamic divide - particularly their antipathy for the United States and its allies.
Bill Warner

Private Investigator
WBi Inc Private detective Agecny
Sarasota Fl


TAMPA, laundering money from smuggled cigarettes and used cars sent to Iraq. Money laundering plan targets trade-based used cars

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Federal agencies announced a anti-money laundering strategy on combating trade-based activities as traditional bank transfer avenues are shut down they also will investigate how free-trade zones affect illicit imports and exports (USED CARS).

Washington Post article, money from the sale of used cars at the al-Nahar car delaership in Mosul, supports Al-Qaeda's terrorist attacks, official DOD document.

Following is some further information concerning the
used car dealers in Tampa that appear to link to the financial support of terrorism with "Black Cars" shipped to Dubai for resale.
PALESTINIAN ISLAMIC JIHAD (PIJ) Muslim terrorist group with ties to al Qaeda Also known as Islamic Jihad. Supported Saddam Hussein in 2003 Iraq war against U.S. Shortly after the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003, PIJ announced that it was backing Saddam Hussein -- inreciprocity for Saddam's support for Palestinian terroristsin Israel (he had given more than $35 million in cash awards to the families of suicide bombers who had attacked Israeli targets -- mostly civilians).

PIJ showed Saddam its appreciation by staging a March 30, 2003 suicide bombing at a crowded pedestrian mall in the Israeli costal town of Netanya, and proclaiming the act "agift to the heroic people of Iraq.

In 2003 Palestinian Islamic Jihad announced that it was sending suicide bombers to Iraq to help fight what it called the "American invasion" there. According to Nafez Azzam, the PIJ leader in Gaza and the West Bank, "The Islamic Jihad movement is interested in intensifying attacks in this phase to make it clear to Arabs, Muslims,and the whole world that what is going on here in Palestine is the same as what is happening in Iraq.

A notable PIJ member was Sami Al-Arian, who headed the organization's North American operations while he worked as a professor at the University of South Floridain Tampa Fl. FBI officials said they believe a nationwide database could help break up far-flung terrorist networks, which are using vehicles stolen and smuggled from the United States.

Bought and sold on the international black market, cars and trucks help fund criminal operations and can be turned into the terrorist weapon of choice against US troops and Iraqi civilians: vehicles packed withexplosives.

The FBI declined to estimate how many stolen US cars have turned up as car bombs in Iraq but said the number is believed to be at least in the dozens (if not hundreds).

VIN cloning Sarasota used car dealer Sergiy Zheleznyak had obtained 36 phony car titles ... In Miami Fl used car dealer Ali Hassan Hammoud who was arrested car theft and VIN cloning.

Bill Warner
Private Investigator
WBI Inc Private Detective Agency
Sarasota Fl


Tampa Sunni & Shiite used car exporters linked to terrorism; Stolen cars linked to terror attacks . A report that says stolen cars from Canada and the U.S. are turning up in the hands of terrorists overseas is raising new questions about security at Canada's ports. Tens of millions of dollars in stolen cars, head out of Canada's ports and overseas every year.With one car stolen every three minutes in Canada, the cost for all Canadians who pay insurance premiums is more than a billion dollars."You've got twenty to thirty-thousand higher-end stolen vehicles leaving Canada every year and they are worth $50,000 each," Richard Dubin, vice-president of investigative services of the Insurance Bureau of Canada, told CTV News. Recent history has demonstrated that there are few religious-ideological barriers in the world of international terrorism. The secular Ba'athist regime in Syria works closely with Hizballah, as a secular Ba'athist regime in Iraq has developed ties to al-Qaeda. It would be a mistake to assume that Islamist international terror groups are driven primarily by the religious associations with radical Sunni or radical Shiite Islam. These groups have their own geopolitical interests in bridging this great Islamic divide - particularly their antipathy for the United States and its allies.

Mohammad Amawi, 28, Marwan El-Hindi, 45, and Wassim Mazloum, 27, face maximum sentences of life in prison. Prosecutors said the 3 Ohio men were learning to shoot guns and make explosives while raising money to fund their plans to wage a holy war against U.S. troops. Wassim Mazloum was going to use his business as cover for his ventures into Iroq, Mr. Mazloum was a used car importer/exporter,

Cops Bust Huge GTA-Based Auto Theft Rings Thursday Staff. There are 19 of them, from various parts of Ontario. And if what police say they did is true, they've been very, very busy. The Provincial Auto Theft Team (PATT), an Ontario-wide task force that includes members from Toronto, York and Durham cops as well as the OPP, have broken up five huge auto and fraud theft rings that targeted high end luxury vehicles and other property.Authorities claim the men involved in the ring wound up hauling in more $1.5 million worth of merchandise. And the ill gotten goods they recovered span a remarkably wide spectrum. In addition to expensive automobiles like Lincolns, BMWs, Hummers, Cadillac Escalades and Mini Coopers, cops discovered 6 boats, 9 all-terrain vehicles, 5 commercial lawn mowers, some riding lawn tractors, a few washers and dryers, 9 weapons, $55,000 in cash, and more than $800,000 in drugs.

They allege the suspects also had a large amount of false Ontario drivers' licenses, Canadian Citizenship cards and a host of bogus Social Insurance numbers with them.It took authorities five months to bring the gangs down, led by undercover officers who managed to gain the trust of those believed to have led the groups. Cops posed as purchasers, exporters and receivers of the goods, as they gathered evidence to close in on the men in a project they dubbed X5. "This was not random or petty car theft," declares Det. Staff Sgt. Scott Mills. The groups involved were well organized. The cars and the SUVs were destined for West Africa and the Middle East. Many of those accused are from Toronto, while others hail from Brampton, Mississauga, Markham and Vaughan.

Car parts smuggled from Israel to Iraq By YAAKOV KATZ AND JPOST STAFF Stolen car parts are being smuggled out of Israel into Jordan, and from there are shipped to Iraq, the police's anti-car theft unit Etgar has discovered. Etgar recently cracked one of the car parts smuggling rings and stopped five shipments on their way to Jordan. Following the discovery, security forces decided to put an end to the transfer of replacement car part via border crossings, Army Radio reported. In December, citing a drastic increase in car thefts, Internal Security Minister Gideon Ezra announced the reestablishment of the Etgar unit. Etgar was initially established in 1998 but was dismantled at the beginning of 2004, due to cuts in the police's operational budget, after police succeeded in lowering the number of car thefts from 40,000 to 25,000.Ezra said that there was a connection between the lull in terror attacks and the recent increase in car thefts. The Trans-Israel highway or Road 6, Ezra added, assists car thieves in quickly transporting stolen cars from one part of the country to another part. 'Once the car is stolen in the North it can be found within less than an hour in a chop shop in the South,' he said. 

AL-QAEDA IN IRAQ HEAD GUY IS CAR-TRUCK BOMB EXPERT /BOSTON GLOBE ABU AYYUB al-MASRI. THE AL-QAEDA HEAD GUY IN IRAQ IS A CAR/TRUCK BOMB EXPERT, PRIOR TO ASCENDING TO HIS NEW POSITION IN JUNE 2006, HE WAS IN CHARGE OF OPERATIONS IN SOUTHERN IRAQ TO THE SAUDI ARABIAN BORDER, HE HAS EXTENSIVE KNOWLEDGE OF THE WORKINGS OF ALL KINDS OF CARS, TRUCKS AND TANKERS. He has been a terrorist since 1982, when he joined Ayman al-Zawahri's Egyptian Islamic Jihad. AL-MASRI IS LINKED FROM 2004-2005 TO SALEH AL-OUFI THE USED CAR DEALER AND HEAD OF AL-QAEDA IN SAUDI ARABIA. Saudi analysts say SALEH AL-OUFI has been a formidable foe, he has been a key figure in Al-Qaeda since 1985.The Texas SUV found in Falluja Nov. 18 2004 was one of al-Masri's truck bombs, the vehicle came from Houston TX via Dubai UAE to iraq, the used car company that sent the vehicle is based in Houston and Tampa Fl. Investigators said they are comparing several other cases where vehicles evidently stolen in the United States wound up in Syria or other Middle East countries and ultimately into the hands of Iraqi insurgent groups -- including Al Qaeda in Iraq.

Inspector John E. Lewis, deputy assistant director of the FBI for counterterrorism said the origins of the vehicles in question were unearthed by tracing the vehicle identification numbers, or VINs. Some of the automobiles can be easily identified, specialists said, while others have had their VINs ground down or have been fitted with fake ones. Investigators believe the cars were stolen by local car thieves in US cities, then smuggled to waiting ships at ports in Los Angeles, Seattle, and Houston, among other cities (Tampa). QUOTE FROM CNN ARTICLE, "al-Masri began to work with al-Zarqawi in Falluja, "then he later became, we think, basically the Emir of Southern Iraq" for the group, Major General William Caldwell said".

ABDURAHMAN ALAMOUDI USED CAR DEALER ALSO FUNDING TERRORISM/NY SUN ABDURAHMAN ALAMOUDI GETS 23 YEARS OF JAIL TIME IN TERRORISM FINANCING CASE; HE WAS THE FOUNDER OF THE ISLAMIC SOCIETY OF BOSTON, HE ALSO WAS THE OWNER OF SHIRLINGTON AUTO MART-USED CAR LOT IN ARLINGTON VA. The founder of the Islamic Society of Boston (ISB), Abdurahman Alamoudi, currently serving a 23-year sentence in a U.S. prison for illegal financial transactions and for his involvement in a scheme to assassinate Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, he was caught with $340,000 in cash, 34 bundles of sequentially numbered $100 bills (money indirectly from the same Jeddah Saudi individuals linked in the Iraq Study Report) to be used to pay terrorists to kill the Saudi Crown Prince.

SCRAP-SALVAGE CARS PURCHASED IN THE USA BY INTERNATIONAL CAR THEFT RING/GULF NEWS; SCRAP-SALVAGED LEXUS SUV'S PURCHASED IN THE USA BY INTERNATIONAL CAR THEFT RING FOR THEIR VIN AND COMPUTER; Dubai Police have arrested three of a five-member high-tech gang of car thieves who stole 13 Lexus 4x4s, the men were purchasing similar vehicles from abroad (USA) that had been written off in accidents from on-line Auto Salvage Auctions as seen below, the Lexus RX 330, ACV price is the retail price prior to accident, selling price will be around $3,000 plus $1,200 to ship to Dubai.

There was a Salvage Auto Auction, on-line, from South Tampa Friday 11/17/2006 with over 500 wrecked cars for sale, the buyers on-line were from the USA and Dubai UAE, Sharjah UAE, Jeddah SA, Nigeria and Karachi PK. The Dubai car thieves brought the salvaged USA Lexus SUV's into the UAE, where they were taken to a scrap dealer. In Dubai the gang stole Luxury 4x4 Lexus cars which were broken into in a span of three to five minutes. The cars were taken away, and their personalised vehicle computers were replaced with the ones from the vehicles purchased from the USA Auto Salvage Auctuions. "The chassis numbers were changed (VIN) and the car-model plate replaced. That gave the stolen cars a different identity (a "Black Car") - they now appeared to be legitimate vehicles purchased from abroad (USA).


TAMPA/CLEARWATER USED CAR DEALER LINKED TO TERROR GROUP/ST PETERSBURG TIMES TAMPA/CLEARWATER USED CAR DEALER, ABDALLA DEIAB, LINKED TO TERROR GROUP. "Upon running the used car dealer, Abdalla, for wants and drivers license information from Police Dept communications center, it was revealed that Abdalla Deiab was a know(n) affiliate of a terrorist organization and should be approached with caution." Abdalla Deiab was buying used cars, vans and ambulances at Auctions all over the State of Florida, he used at least 4 Social Security Numbers.

AL-QAEDA IN IRAQ IS FINANCED FROM PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS IN SAUDI ARABIA AND THE GULF STATES (DUBAI) AL-QAEDA IN IRAQ FINANCED BY "CAR DEALERS" IN SAUDI ARABIA; The U.S. Iraq Study Group report said Saudis are a source of funding for Sunni Arab insurgents (Al-Qaeda). Several truck drivers interviewed by The Associated Press described carrying boxes of cash from (Jeddah) Saudi Arabia into Iraq, money they said was headed for insurgents. In one recent case, an Iraqi official said $25 million in Saudi money went to a top Iraqi Sunni cleric and was used to buy weapons, including Strela, a Russian shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missile. The missiles were purchased from someone in Romania. One of the major terrorist financier's in Iraq is Mohamed Yousef Al-Naghi the exclusive BMW and Rolls Royce car dealer in Jeddah Saudi Arabia.

1). ABDULRAHMAN HASSAN SHARBATLY, CEO SAMACO GROUPS and SAMACO AUTOMOTIVE Jeddah SA, exclusive car dealer for AUDI, FERRARI, PORSCHE and VOLKSWAGEN autos. Founder and Board of Directors Riyad Bank Jeddah SA, 7th largest Saudi company and 2nd largest Saudi commercial bank
2). MOHAMED YOUSEF AL-NAGHI, Al Naghi Brothers Co., Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Motors, exclusive BMW importer and Rolls Royce in the Kingdom, Jeddah Saudi Arabia.
3). ABDEL QADER BAKRI (ABDULKADER [AL] BAKRI) CEO, Al Bakri International Power Co. Ltd (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia), CEO-Al-Bakri Shipping Group (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia), CEO-Alkhomasia Shipping and Maintenance Company Ltd (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)
4). SALEH KAMEL (SALEH ABDULLAH KAMEL) CEO, Dallah Al Baraka (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) - 3rd largest Saudi company Chairman Arab Radio & Television (ART). Partner in Tamlik Company Ltd (with Mohamed Bin-laden, Saleh Bin-Laden)
5). ABDEL QADER FAQEEH (aka ADEL FAQIH and ADEL FAKIEH ) Board member--Ibn Baz Foundation, Chairman-Bank Al Jazira Jeddah SA, Current Mayor of Jeddah, Chairman & CEO of the SAVOLA Group of Companies in Jeddah.....And many, many more supporters of terrorism.

BERIUT USED CAR DEALER IS ALSO MILITARY COMMANDER FOR HEZBOLLAH/ FOX NEWS ....Beirut used car dealer, Sheik Abbas Harake, is also, according to the U.S. government, a military commander for Hezbollah in Beirut; Ussd car dealer/ Hezbollah military commander Harake, received $3,500 from Dearborn's Mohammad Hammoud in one documented transaction. Harake was the alleged conduit connecting the Charlotte NC cell to the military wing of Hezbollah. Hammoud's attorney Cohen argued that Harake was just a used car salesman, who ran a humanitarian aid group for Hezbollah.

BALI BOMBER WAS USED CAR DEALER, STILL ON THE RUN/WORLD DAILY $13M REWARD FOR USED CAR DEALER, "DULMATIN". BALI, Indonesia, - Indonesian police investigating the Bali blasts named a man they say detonated the bombs that killed nearly 200 people on the resort island. “Dulmatin is from Central Java...he is a second-hand car dealer, an electronics expert and his role was to detonate the bombs by cellular phone,” Major-General I Made Mangku Pastika, head of a multinational team searching for the bombers, told a news conference in Bali. “We know the bombs were operated through a cellular phone, the one who...exploded them is him (Dulmatin)".

Japan's Al-Qaeda Terror Threat; What was French terrorist Lionel Dumont a suspect on an international wanted list doing in Japan? Working with Pakistani colleagues, Lionel Dumont sold and exported used cars to Dubai (Jebel Ali), through Bussan/Pussan South Korea during his stay in Niigata Japan, the Asahi Shimbun newspaper said. Living with his German wife in Niigata, north-west of Tokyo, from July 2002 until September 2003, Dumont's friends were mostly Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and Africans. Regional intelligence officials said they suspected that Dumont was based in Japan by al-Qaeda and given the task of delivering equipment and funds to terrorists.


TERROR SUSPECT SOLD USED CARS IN MIRAMAR FL/ST PETE TIMES TERROR SUSPECT ADNAN EL-SHUKRIJUMAH SOLD USED CARS WHILE IN MIRAMAR FL, NOW WANTED BY THE FBI; Adnan El Shukrijumah meet with Queens NY, Al-Muhajiroun organizer, Mohammed Junaid Babar and Dhiren Barot in March of 2004. Adnan Gulshair el-Shukrijumah, still on the run, his SSN is 109-84-0648.

MOROCCO MUSLIM CAR DEALER GETS LIFE IN BOMBING TRIAL/MOROCCO NEWS Pierre Robert, a French convert to Islam, was sentencanced to life in prison for his part in the Casablancca Bombings of May 2003. Pierre Robert was a used car dealer in Tangier Morocco. Pierre Robert plotted the Cassablanca bombing of May 2003.

SAN FRANCISCO MUSLIM USED CAR DEALER RECRUITED TERRORISTS/SF GATE NEWS Khalid Abu-al-Dahab, Used Car Dealer & Bin Laden's Bay Area recruiter, signed up American Muslims to be terrorists; A confessed operative of a Silicon Valley terrorist cell says he recruited 10 U.S. citizens into Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda organization during his 12-year residence in California, according to a new account of his statements to an Egyptian military court. Bin Laden personally congratulated Khalid Abu-al-Dahab, 37, an Egyptian- born U.S. citizen, Silicon Valley car salesman and confessed member of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad terrorist organization, for recruiting Islamic Americans into al Qaeda, Dahab told investigators after his 1998 arrest in Cairo on terrorism charges. Dahab confessed his involvement with al Qaeda and was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

MUNICH GR USED CAR DEALER ARRESTED, HE SENT CARS TO JEDDAH SA/ MUNICH GR, MUSLIM USED CAR DEALER ARRESTED, AL-QAEDA LINKS ! Mohammed Ramez Sultan, 41, a dual Lebanese-Australian citizen who ran a used car lot in Munich, was incarcerated in Beirut's maximum-security Roumieh prison on terrorism charges. The devout Sunni Muslim, father of eight and second-hand car dealer left Bankstown, Sydney, with his family for Lebanon in 1998. But he was accused by the Military Court's Chief Investigating Magistrate Riad Talih on October 22 of trying to assemble young Muslims and train them militarily to form an al-Qaeda cell "in order to harm people and undermine the security of the state". Sultan's used car lot in Munich Germany, shipped cars for reasle to Jeddah Saudi Arabia via Hamburg GR to the Port of Jeddah, see shipping route on map.

MUSLIM TERRORIST WAS A DUBAI USED CAR DEALER/Pakistan News MUSLIM TERRORIST, ABU SALEM WAS A USED CAR DEALER IN DUBAI UAE, HE RAN "KINGS OF CAR TRADING". Abu Salem was involved in the 1993 Mumbai Train Bombings with Dawood Ibrahim. Abu Salem and Dawood Ibrahim (both Indian Muslims), are accused by U.S. officials of having al-Qaida ties. Salem, was extradited in Nov. 2005 from Portugal to India after more than a decade on the run, Abu Salem had numerous real estate holdings in New Jersey, he was arrested in Lisbon upon his arrival from a New Jersey airport along with his girl friend Actress Monica Bedi. Kings Of Car Trading Dubai UAE.

INTERNATIONAL GROUP OF USED CAR DEALERS LINKED TO 9/11 TERRORISM by BILL WARNER, INTERNATIONAL GROUP OF USED CAR DEALERS LINKED TO FUNDING 9/11 ATTACK ON THE USA. STOLEN VEHICLES WERE IMPORTED INTO MADRID, HAMBURG, JEDDAH SA AND DUBAI UAE (Jebel Ali) FROM AROUND THE WORLD. The Spanish cell's alleged mastermind was 40-year-old Imad Yarkas, a Syrian-born used car dealer (importer) with a Spanish wife and five children. He was jailed in Madrid in November 2001, one of about 40 alleged Islamic extremists arrested in Spain since the 9/11 attacks. Yarkas was convicted and sent to prison in Nov 2006 for 27 years.

MOHAMED ATTA WAS A USED CAR DEALER IN HAMBURG By Peter Finn Washington Post Foreign Service Saturday, September 15, 2001; Page A15... At the university and in his work as a car dealer, 9/11 bosss Mohamed Atta gave no indication to casual acquaintances of having extremist beliefs. "He made such a friendly impression," said Abdullah Bozkurt, 59, a dealer who knew Atta from the open-air car market on Hamburg's Feld Street, where both traded. The cell's financier, was another native Syrian, Muhammed Galeb Kalaje Zouaydi. He ran construction and real estate companies in Madrid as fronts to receive and funnel money to pay for al-Qaida operations. Some $3.1 million entrusted to Zouaydi by "Islamic investors" inside and outside Spain is unaccounted for, the indictment charged, see BBC News link.

TORONTO MUSLIM SCHOOL PRINCIPAL SHIPS USED CARS TO IRAQ/DIVERSITY WATCH EX-PRINCIPAL OF THE TERRORIST LINKED SCARBOROUGH SALAHEDDIN ISLAMIC SCHOOL IN TORONTO, WAS A USED CAR DEALER WHO SHIPPED VEHICLES TO IRAQ. In January 2001,Muayyed Nureddin started working at the Salaheddin Islamic School as the Prinicipal, the school is affiliated with the Salaheddin Mosque where terror suspects such as Ahmed Khadr worshipped. He quit in June 2003 and started buying old cars to export to Iraq


INTERNATIONAL EXPORT OF STOLEN VEHICLES/ICE, US FEDERAL AGENCY WANTED ON AN INTERNATIONAL WARRANT BY I.C.E. OUT OF LOS ANGELES CA. Mohamad Reda Tabbara International Export of Stolen Vehicles ("Black Cars") to Dubai; U.S. Customs agents learned that Tabbara was attempting to ship stolen automobiles from California to the United Arab Emirates to be sold on the "Black Market". U.S. Customs also intercepted stolen automobiles shipped by Tabbara to Singapore, with Jordan the final destination. Mohamad Tabbara is a Lebanese National (Hezbollah), Tabbara has operated the following businesses in the Los Angeles area: the A-Z Trading Company; A-Z International; A-Z Wholesale; and A-Z Export/Import. He is also known as Mike Tabbara and has many connections in Dubai.

CHICAGO MUSLIM USED CAR DEALER SENDS $4 MILLION TO IRAN/ NEWS FROM LAW FIRM JUNE 1ST 2006.....MUSLIM USED CAR DEALER IN CHICAGO PLEADS GUILITY TO CAR SCAM AND SENDING ALMOST $4 MIL TO DUBAI UAE MONEY EXCHANGE AND THEN INTO IRAN; Hossein Esfahani operated three West Side auto dealerships -- American Car Exchange, SHO Auto Credit and Amer Leasing Sales -- were Federal agents seized nearly 100 luxury vehicles. The money exchange run by Esfahani was Esfahani Exchange from his Lincolnwood home and transmitted almost $4 million to at least three money exchange businesses in the Dubai, U.A.E. Trade Free Zone.

During the training of the 9/11 terrorists in the USA, funds were deposited to their Sun Trust ATM accounts via wire transfers from Banking houses/Money exchanges in the Dubai Trade Free Zone. Hossein Esfahani, 45, was indicted on 193 counts in June 2005 for operating a Hawala and illegally transmitting $3,918,000 to Iran between 2001 and 2005, which violated the Presidential orders issued under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act. This plea resulted from a joint U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and FBI investigation.

LUXURY CARS STOLEN IN LONDON SHIPPED TO DUBAI/BBC NEWS LONDON CAR THEFT RING OF PAKISTANI MUSLIMS BUSTED; STOLEN LUXURY CARS WERE SHIPPED TO DUBAI BY PAKISTANI CAR THIEVES IN LONDON FOR AN INTERNATIONAL CAR THEFT RING; The gang stole mostly Mercedes and BMWs, valued at between £20,000 and £80,000, and also a top-of-the-range Maserati Italian Sports Coupe. SENT TO PRISON ARE.... MANSHA KHAN, MOHAMMED DITA, NAVEED PARVEZ, MOHAMMED ILYAS AND MAJID GHOUSE.The thieves stole vehicles from across the UK and exported them via shipping containers to destinations including Sharja in the United Arab Emirates. Legitimate shipping agents were duped into believing the containers held legitimate cargo to be exported via Dubai and Singapore. THE LUXURY CARS WERE SHIPPED FROM SOUTHAMPTON UK TO DUBAI (Jebel Ali Port) ON A SHIPPING LINE FOR REBIRTHING IN THE TRADE FREE ZONE, CARS OWNERSHIP WAS SWITCHED AND UNTRACEABLE "BLACK CARS" ARE BORN.Used Car Exporters from Tampa link to the International stolen car racket and the Support of Terrorism;

Private Investigator
Bill Warner
Sarasota Fl


MOA Cop Killer Ramadan Abdullah on trial, MOA Parade in Binghamton NY "I PULLED THE TRIGGER WHILE I WAS IN PRAYER" Ramadan Abdur-Rauf Abdullah, a member of Jamaat ul-Fuqra aka Muslims of the Americas, is on trial this week in California for the 2001 murder of a sheriff’s deputy. A local news report gives an account of testimony heard by jurors, including a tape of Abdullah’s questioning by detectives after the murder. Al-Fuqra Exposed is a website dedicated to monitoring and reporting on the activities of Jamaat ul-Fuqra and the Muslims of the Americas trial of Ramadan Abdullah:Finally facing justice for his crime, Ramadan Abdur-Rauf Abdullah, now 26, went on trial this week in Fresno County, California for killing Deputy Sheriff Erik Telen in 2001.

 He is pleading insanity in his defense. Abdullah is originally from Binghamton, NY and was a member of the Muslims of the Americas (MOA). Spread throughout the country, the MOA, made up of primarily African-Americans, are a cult-like offshoot sect of Sufi Muslims who follow Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani of Pakistan. The organization serves as a religious front for a radical militant group known as Jamaat ul-Fuqra (JuF), a secretive network also headed by Gilani. For all practical purposes, the groups are one and the same, though members’ knowledge of and/or involvement in illicit activity varies.

If it were a fundamentalist Christian group organizing the event, dozens of reporters and photographers would be wearing out shoe leather to dig up as much damaging material as possible But MOA gets a pass. “Muslims of the Americas was formed in the 1980s when several families migrated from ghetto properties in New York City to Hancock to make a new start on their own property in a clean, rural environment. ”Muslims of America also spent the 1980s firebombing Hindu temples, murdering rivals, stockpiling automatic weapons, and committing welfare fraud. But there’s no need to dredge up all that old stuff — it’s ancient history. Time to put it all behind us and — to coin a phrase — move on.
The same group, the Muslims of America, has organized a parade this Saturday in downtown Binghamton, New York, to celebrate Mohammed’s birthday. They're coming over from their nearby national headquarters to engage in some multicultural festivities.When you read the press reports about the upcoming parade, there’s no investigative effort by the media to report on MOA’s background. Saturday’s parade — which will involve the closure of several streets and the assistance of police — had to be approved by Binghamton’s mayor, Matt Ryan. If you look at the website for the mayor’s office, you’ll see that the Executive Assistant to the Mayor is named Tarik Abdelazim. And who’s responsible is issuing permits for public events in the city of Binghamton? Here’s what it says at City Hall’s FAQ page: How do I go about arranging a public event at City Hall or in the Community? Contact Tarik Abdelazim, Executive Assistant to the Mayor Matt Ryan, at (607) 772-7001. Note: MOA variously calls itself “the Muslims of America” and “Muslims of the Americas”, so the difference in titles in this article is not a typo.



Most affairs start out at work place given that we spend a good deal of our time in the office especially if your work is project base. If you regularly meet up with your spouse's co-workers and one day if you find that the friendly camaraderie that exists between you suddenly turns uncomfortable.

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Spending hours on end in front of the computer long after you are in bed, giving the excuse that work is piling up and when you check their mailbox, it is surprisingly empty.If your spouse suddenly shows extreme interest in a certain activity which he or she has absolutely no interest in till recently, you need not take a second guess that something is amiss.

This new interest is usually followed up by a preoccupation with their appearance; such as a new hair style, going on a shopping spree to replenish the wardrobe with the latest fashionable clothes.If that is not enough to arouse your suspicions, then the frequent phone calls where conversations are carried out in a low voice or barely audible whispers should sound the alarm in your head. The next time you see your spouse receiving such calls, walk up to him or her, chances are the conversation will end before you are within earshot, and if you happen to pick up your spouse's call, the caller would immediately hang up.

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