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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Locals Protest Gaza Attacks, Six Nieces of Tampa Resident Yusuf Dabus Killed in Israeli Bombing of Hamas Target.

Locals Protest Gaza Attacks, By RAY REYES, Published: December 31, 2008 TAMPA;
The thought of his six young nieces keeps Yusuf Dabus awake. The girls, ages 3-7, lived in the Gaza Strip and were seeking shelter near the Jabaliya mosque (Hamas is known to stores rockets in Mosques) over the weekend as Israeli planes dropped bombs on Hamas targets.

His nieces died, Dabus said, casualties in the conflict between Israel and Hamas. "Basically that whole street was taken out," said Dabus, of Tampa. "My aunt's house and all. How can I sleep knowing my family will not be alright tomorrow?"

*Click here for photo of the rubble of destroyed houses and a mosque after they were hit by an Israeli missile strike that killed Jawaher Baalusha, 4, and her four sisters on December 29, 2008 in Jabaliya in the northern Gaza Strip. The mourners carried on their shoulders the five bodies wrapped in green Hamas flags, chanting slogans as they make their way to the burial ground. They ask for God's help against "Israel, America and all those who are conspiring against the people of Gaza."
In Jabaliya Gaza, the two-story Imad Aqil mosque, ( "mosque of martyrs") named after a deceased Hamas member, is regarded by Palestinians in the area as a "Hamas mosque" - that is, a place where the group's supporters gather for political meetings or to assemble for demonstrations, and where death notices of Hamas members are posted. There appears to have been rockets and ammunition stored in the two story HAMAS Imad Aqil Mosque, see video of seconday explosions, click here.

Israel killed a senior Hamas leader in an air attack on his home on Thursday, 1/01/09. Nizar Rayyan, a cleric widely regarded as one of Hamas's most hardline political leaders, had called for renewed suicide bombings inside Israel. Medical officials, confirming his death, said two of his four wives and seven of his children were killed in the bombing, in Jabaliya refugee camp. Hundreds of supporters scrambling over the concrete rubble vowed revenge as the mangled bodies, covered in blood and cement dust, were extracted from the wreckage.

"The blood of Sheikh Nizar Rayyan and the blood of other martyrs will never be wasted and the enemy will pay a heavy price for the crimes it has committed," Hamas official Ayman Taha said.

Black-bearded Rayyan, 49, was a preacher at Jabaliya's "mosque of martyrs" who mentored suicide bombers. With a cartridge belt around his stocky frame, he would sometimes patrol the streets of Gaza with Hamas fighters. Hamas Radio said he had ignored advice to leave his house as other Hamas leaders have done in anticipation of assassination attempts by Israeli forces, who confirmed the air strike. Israeli war planes had also bombed the Jabaliya mosque, Israeli security officials said it was a meeting place and command post for Hamas militants and the large number of secondary explosions after the strike indicated that rockets, missiles and other weapons had been stored there. Witnesses in Gaza said it was completely destroyed.

In Tampa, Dabus' story and news reports inspired University of South Florida sophomore Jehad Saleh, 19, to speak out. He started a group on the social networking site Facebook two days ago.

He encouraged local Palestinians and Palestinian-Americans to gather at West Spruce Street and North Dale Mabry Highway on Tuesday to protest the violence. "I've had cousins in the Gaza Strip who died. If their voice can't be heard, mine will," Saleh said. Demonstrators chanted "Free, free Palestine" and "Stop the killing." Signs encouraged passing motorists to "Honk 4 Peace."

Although generally a peaceful, if intense, protest, tensions flared when Benyamin Berke walked through the crowd draped in an Israeli flag. "I wouldn't call it provoking unless being Jewish in this area is a provocation," Berke said. "I wanted to let the people of Tampa know that there's people who support Israel."

The Israeli IDF and the Israeli Air Force are targeting Hamas and Islamic Jihad military sites in Gaza, the 6 young girls in the story that were killed is regrettable but they were in an area the Israeli Intel had specified as a legitimate target, (Mosques are housing rockets, weapons and Hamas terrorists).

Perhaps the parents of the 6 girls should have got their children out of a targeted terrorist military zone and away from stored Hamas weapons and rockets.

The Palestinian militant group Islamic Jihad (PIJ) took responsibility for the continued rocket fire from Gaza into Israel. Abu Ahmad, a spokesman for the group, said Israeli citizens would "not sleep peacefully as long as Gaza children are not enjoying water, electricity, medicine and peace."

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad, (see Sami al-Arian trial and his Federal conviction of support for the terrorist group PIJ) has a strong presence in the Tampa Fl area, such demonstrations as depicted above, are not surprising in support of Gaza terrorists.

December 31st, 2008. THE BOSTON GLOBE...Israel and Gaza...Back in June, 2008, Egypt helped broker a 6-month cease-fire agreement between Israel and Hamas, the ruling body in the Gaza Strip. Though the cease-fire was broken several times by both sides, it largely held.

Toward the end of the cease-fire in December, Israel, while closing Gaza's borders since November, indicated that it might extend the agreement, if Hamas ceased all Qassam rocket attacks. Qassam rockets are the crude but deadly homemade missiles often launched towards Israeli territory (over 3,000 times in 2008 alone).

Hamas leaders, angered by the blockade and seemingly little political headway made over the past 6 months, recently stepped up rocket attacks on Israel once again. Israel has now responded with five days (so far) of air attacks and Naval bombardment on Gaza, resulting in over 350 dead, nearly 1,500 wounded and countless buildings and smugglers' tunnels destroyed.

Hamas has threatened to increase the rocket attacks send suicide bombers into Israel in retaliation, and Israel is massing troops and tanks around Gaza for a possible ground assault. (click here for 37 photos total)

Bill Warner
Private investigator
Sarasota Fl

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


James "Whitey" Bulger has been on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list since 1999. According to the FBI, James "Whitey" Bulger is their second most-wanted man, second only to Usama bin Laden the head of Al-Qaeda.

They say Bulger is wanted for 19 murders, as well as for money laundering, extortion, and drug dealing. The FBI is offering a $2 million reward for information that leads to his arrest.

One of Bulger's favorite return spots has been Florida, time and time again he has been supposedly spotted in the Sun Shine State, Bulger had safe deposit boxes filled with cash ($100 bills) in Clearwater Fl.

Whitey Bulger has spent a lot of time in Florida over the years, he even killed a guy or two down here.

Supposedly Whitey Bulger is a fan of AM Talk Radio in Florida and has called into a popular daytime show in West Palm Beach Fl on a few occasions, not identifying himself but his voice is unmistakable when heard, listen here.

Whitey Bulger aka Thomas Baxter (NY drivers license) lactose intolerant, he has used Socail Security Number SSN 018-22-4149, DOB 9/03/1929, age 79 (very bad breath).

Now a septuagenarian (79), cops say Bulger ruled Boston's Irish mafia with an iron fist from the early 1970s to the mid 1990s. In 1995, shortly after he was indicted on federal racketeering charges, cops say Bulger went into hiding with his long-time girlfriend, Teresa Stanley.
After a month on the run, Teresa asked Bulger to bring her back home to Boston. Bulger did, then hit the road again -- this time with another girlfriend, Catherine Greig, and this time for good.

Bulger Likes large dark colored sedans (Mercury Marquis), Wears baseball caps & sunglasses, Likes to visit Indian Reservations, historical sites, libraries, Purchases in cash ($100 bills), Takes daily walks (5-6 mi), Bulger is an avid reader with an interest in history, Bulger's girlfriend, Catherine Greig loves animals and may frequent animal shelters, Bulger has been known to alter his appearance through the use of disguises, Is known to have carried a knife at all times.

Long time gal pal of Whitey Bulger is aging moll Catherine Elizabeth Greig. Catherine Elizabeth Greig, aka Carol Shapeton aka Helen Marshall has used Social Security Number SSN 030-40-4309, her DOB is 4/03/1951, age 57, she has worked as a dog groomer.

The FBI says Bulger should be considered armed and extremely dangerous. He uses cash for everything, and enjoys visiting libraries and historic sites. Bulger got his nickname, Whitey, from the platinum blond hair he had as a child, but he's now almost completely bald, and it's believed he's taking a heart medication called Atenolol.

The fugitive investigation of James “Whitey” Bulger is conducted by the Bulger Fugitive Task Force (BFTF). This is a multiagency task force comprised of the FBI, the Massachusetts Department of Correction, the Massachusetts State Police, and the United States Attorney Office—District of Massachusetts.

When Bulger and his girlfriend, Catherine Greig, went on the run together in 1995, the couple abandoned her two poodles, Niki and Gigi. After caring for the dogs for several years, Greig's sister, Margaret McCusker, of South Boston, had them euthanized in 1999, according to law enforcement officials, after McCusker was indicted on perjury charges for lying about telephone calls with her sister, who is wanted for allegedly harboring a fugitive. McCusker was sentenced to six months home confinement and probation (2004).

Catherine Greig is the key in capturing James Whitey Bulger, she keeps in contact with her relatives, Whitey may someday just have to kill Catherine Greig to protect himself from being caught, she is the weak link.

If you think you've spotted James J. "Whitey" Bulger or his girlfriend, Catherine Greig, call the AMW hotline right now at 1-800-CRIME-TV or the Boston FBI "Bulger" task force, The Boston FBI Office may be contacted 24 hours a day at telephone number 617-742-5533. The FBI is offering a $2,000,000 reward for information leading directly to the arrest of James J. "Whitey" Bulger.

Bill Warner
private investigator
Sarasota Fl

Abdul Tawala Ibn Ali Alishtari Arrested on Terror Finance Charge in 07, Scamed Scores with "FEDI" & Produced Movies at Universal Studios in Orlando FL

The FBI and NYPD arrested Abdul Tawala Ibn Ali Alishtari, a/k/a "Michael Mixon," on attempt charges of terrorism financing, material support of terrorism, and international money laundering, as well as additional charges of conspiracy and wire fraud in Feb 2007.

Alishtari, a 54-year-old resident of Ardsley, New York, facilitated the transfer of $152,000 with the intention that it be used in Afghanistan and Pakistan to help train terrorists.

Specifically, in the latter half of 2006, Alishtari accepted payment to discreetly transfer these funds, believing that they were earmarked for Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Alishtari believed that the funds were being sent abroad to support a terrorism training camp in Afghanistan by funding the purchase of equipment such as night vision goggles. One of these transfers, which is also the subject of the international money laundering charge in the Indictment, relates to Alishtari’s transfer of $25,000 from a bank account in New York to a bank account in Montreal, Canada, with the intent that the funds be used to provide material support to terrorists.

From approximately 1998 through 2004, Alishtari committed a massive fraud in which he stole millions of dollars from his victims through the operation of a loan investment program he called the "Flat Electronic Data Interchange" ("FEDI").

During the time frame of 2003 to 2007, Alishtari was producing movies at Universal Studios in Orlando FL under the name.... GLOBAL PEACE FILM FESTIVAL, INC.

Florida Non Profit Corporation: GLOBAL PEACE FILM FESTIVAL, INC.
Date Filed; 07/17/2003
State; FL
Status; ACTIVE
Principal Address; 1000 UNIVERSAL STUDIOS PLAZA

Director until 4/09/2007, arrest Feb. 2007...Abdul Taw'ala ibn-Ali Alishtari

Abdul Taw'ala ibn-Ali Alishtari and Canadian Brian Anderson were indicted and arrested for scaming scores of people out of millions of dollars with the pryamid scheme, "Flat Electronic Data Interchange" ("FEDI").

FEDI was purportedly a high-yield investment scheme, in which Alishtari falsely promised his investors that, in exchange for their investment, they would receive high, guaranteed rates of return, according to the indictment.

NYS Department of State..Division of Corporations
Selected Entity Name: FOREIGN OFFICE OF FEDI, INC.
Initial DOS Filing Date: JULY 05, 2000
County: BRONX
Jurisdiction: NEW YORK
Current Entity Status: ACTIVE
Address Information: GLOBALPROTECTOR.NET, INC.SUITE 311-313


Globalprotector.Net, Inc.; Florida Division of Corproations, Incorporated by Abdul-Raheem Sami, Abdul-Tawala I. Alishtari and Aqeel Khan. Globalprotector.Net, Inc.:1101 N Lake Destiny Rd Ste 125 Maitland, FL 32751. Globalprotector.Net, Inc. was incorporated on Tuesday, July 15, 2003 in the State of FL.

An archived Web site for one of Alishtari's companies,, claims it had demonstrated a "Web filter" technology for officials at the Department of Defense's Miami, Fla.-based Southern Command (SouthCom), which coordinates U.S. military operations in Central and South America and the Caribbean and oversees the controversial Guantanamo Bay detention facility.

SouthCom spokesman Steve Lucas would not confirm or deny any contacts between Alishtari and officials there. If any information on such a meeting did exist, he told ABC News, it would not be releasable because of the criminal investigation into Alishtari.

Aqueel Khan the president of the Islamic Center of Queens aka Masjid al-Fatima on 37th Ave Woodside Queens NY, is listed as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of at least one of the Florida corporations set up by Abdul Tawala Ibn Ali Alishtari (arrested 2/15/2007), aka Michael Mixon, bank underwriter and resident of Ardsley, New York, charged in Manhattan federal court with terrorism financing, material support of terrorism, and international money laundering, as well as additional charges of conspiracy and wire fraud.

Aqeel Khan of Queens NY, Abdul R. Sami and Abdul Tawala Ibn Ali Alishtari of Ardsley, N.Y are business partners in a Florida corporation, GLOBALPROTECTOR.NET, INC,(orginally set up in New York State Division of Corporations) which appears to be a front company to launder money for FEDI which was also set up in Florida as a Foreign Corp., Aqeel Khan handled the cash he was the CFO, he is liated as a CPA in the State of New York..

From June 2nd 2000 to October 10th 2005, there were radical Muslims meeting at the Islmaic Center of Queens aka Masjid al-Fatima Mosque of Aqeel Khan, with lectures given by Sajil Shahid (see Video) a recruiter for the terror group Al-Muhajiroun also present was American Al-Muhajiroun member Syed "Fahad" Hashmi, who was arrested at London's Heathrow airport on June 6th 2006 suspected of assisting an Al Qaeda terrorist plot, and assisting jihadists in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Bill Warner
Private investigator
Sarasota Fl

Monday, December 29, 2008

Florida Private Investigator James D. Hoover Says He Videotaped Area in November Where Caylee Was Later Found December 11th 2008, The Circus Continues

P.I. Says He Videotaped Area Where Caylee Was Later Found, Monday, December 29, 2008 – updated: 6:13 pm EST December 29, 2008

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- Deputies want know what a private investigator, Jim Hoover, was doing in the area where Caylee's body was found. They've been told he was videotaping the area a month before Caylee's body was discovered.

The private investigator, James D. Hoover, was apparently working with the Anthony family at the time. It raises questions about whether the Anthonys knew the remains were there a month before they were found.

The private investigator who works with the Anthonys told Eyewitness News he came to the area the month before Caylee's remains were found and videotaped the area. He says the tape shows Caylee's body was not there at that time, but now investigators want to know why he was there with a camera in mid-November.

Private investigator Jim Hoover says he recorded the wooded area where Caylee Marie Anthony's remains were found about a month before they were found. "We will definitely look into that, absolutely," said Carlos Padilla, Orange County Sheriff's Office.

Hoover briefly showed an Eyewitness News photographer a short clip of the videotape, which appeared to be authentic; the fence was recognizable.
"They know the existence of the tape and want to look at all evidence that's available," Padilla said.

Investigators also want to talk to the Anthonys' private investigator who works with Hoover, Dominic Casey. The defense wants to intervene, because Dominic Casey used to work for the defense and attorney Jose Baez doesn't want him to divulge privileged information.

Baez said investigators won't let him sit in on the questioning, so he's asking the judge to appoint a special master to protect defense secrets if the private eye agrees to talk. "Investigators have tried to make arrangements with Mr. Casey to speak to him and he's not responded," Padilla said.

The defense's spokesman said they don't want their former private eye to divulge privileged conversations they might have had about where Caylee's remains might be.

ATTORNEY MAY GIVE REWARD TO METER READER. Eyewitness News has learned that an Orlando attorney who resigned from representing George and Cindy Anthony is considering a $5,000 reward for the man who found two-year-old Caylee Anthony's remains.

Eyewitness news reported two weeks ago that Roy Kronk was not eligible for a Crime line reward, but attorney Mark Nejame said that Kronk, "Did something very good and it's only appropriate that something good be returned to him."

Bounty hunter Leonard Padilla also says he wants to give Kronk a reward for finding Caylee's remains.

Bill Warner
Private Investigator
Sarasota Fl

Sunday, December 28, 2008


CNN REPORTS...CAYLEE ANTHONY THE FIRST 24 HOURS MISSING, MONDAY JUNE 16TH, 2008, WHAT WAS TOT MOM CASEY ANTHONY DOING THAT DAY ? Casey Anthony gave birth to Caylee Anthony on August 9th, 2005, when Casey was 19.

Casey declined to put the father's name on the birth certificate. About a year later, he died in a car crash and was buried out of state. Casey Anthony did not attend the funeral, said her brother, Lee Anthony.

Family members say he never knew that he was the father. Mother and baby lived in Casey Anthony's childhood home east of Walt Disney World in suburban Orlando, in an ivory-colored ranch flanked by two palm trees with a basketball hoop in the driveway.

By all accounts, Cindy and George Anthony were more like parents than grandparents to Caylee, who loved SpongeBob SquarePants, swimming and her miniature tea set.

Casey Anthony had several (many) boyfriends and worked sporadically as a product promotion representative in bars, clubs and restaurants, sheappeared to be a good mother, friends and family say. Casey's job as a Product Pro Rep for Liquor and Beer companies is a cash "job" and required Casey Anthony to work odd hours (happy hour crowd late afternoons, still hot) at several different Orlando locations. Casey Anthony did Bud Select Beer and/or Captain Morgan Rum Promotional events in Orlando for multiple clubs and bars. Hand out give-aways, promote product, mingle with consumers, and convert people to the brands with specials and event pricing.


A high school dropout, Casey had no criminal record. Officials at Florida's child welfare agency said they were never called about possible abuse or neglect in the Anthony home.

CAYLEE ANTHONY had been safe and happy on Father's Day, SUNDAY June 15, 2008 when her grandmother, Cindy Anthony, took her to Mount Dora, an Orlando nursing home, to visit her great-grandfather Alex Plesea, Cindy's father.

DURING the visit, someone shot a video (CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO) of Caylee sitting at a table, trying to read out loud from a children's book. The video shows a cute, playful little girl in a blue dress, with her brown hair pulled into a ponytail. Next to the book sits a pink sippy cup. The images may well be the last ever taken of Caylee Anthony.

After leaving the nursing home, Cindy and Caylee also went to visit Cindy's mother, Shirley Plesea. They had dinner with her at her house. Later that night, Cindy and Caylee returned to the Anthony home on Hopespring Drive. According to Casey's parents, Casey and Caylee spent the night there, Sunday June 15th 2008.

The next afternoon Monday June 16th, 2008, at 12:50 p.m., Casey's father, George, saw Casey and Caylee leave for the day. He recalled Caylee wearing a denim skirt and a pink top, with white tennis shoes. She was carrying a little backpack with images of monkeys on it. She (Caylee) had on a pair of white-rimmed sunglasses and her hair was pulled into a ponytail. George told detectives he was sure of the time because he was watching one of his favorite programs on the Food Network.

Brother, Lee Anthony, said Casey left town with Caylee on Monday June 16th 2008 for work and vacation, she actually went to stay with her boyfriend, Tony Lazzaro, and showed up without Caylee. Almost five weeks later, Cindy Anthony dialed 911.

ORLANDO -- Surveillance pictures from a Florida Blockbuster Video store show Casey Anthony and someone in a basketball jersey walking through a the store on Monday June 16th 2008 at 8:00pm (where's Caylee), according to Orlando FOX affiliate WOFL. The date is significant because it was just one day after Casey Anthony's daughter was seen for the last time.

It appears that Caylee Anthony went missing and/or died on Monday June 16th 2008, somtime beteen 1:00 pm and 8:00 pm when Casey Anthony shows up at the Blockbuster store with her boyfriend and no Caylee, Caylee Anthony was never seen again after June 16th, 2008.

Cindy Anthony, the grandmother of three-year-old Caylee Marie Anthony, called 9-1-1 twice on July 15. During the first call she requested that police come to her home to arrest Casey, her daughter and the mother of Caylee, for car theft and for stealing money. Casey Anthony was first arrested on July 16th 2008 after she told detectives lies about her daughter's disappearance, according to police. She was charged with child neglect, making false official statements and obstructing a criminal investigation

Casey Anthony lived with her boyfriend Tony Lazzaro in his apartment until she was arrested, July 16th,2008, but Caylee wasn't there at any time from June 16th to July 16th 2008. In fact, from what I understand, June 13th 2008 was the last date that DJ, Tony's "other" roommate, saw Caylee. Did they ever ask, he or Tony Lazzaro, where Caylee was? Yes, on numerous occasions.

June 13, 2008 -- and they remember the day specifically because it was a Friday, and the Friday was the night that they did their club promotions and the pictures that we've seen. That Friday, Casey -- sorry, Caylee -- Casey had come to the home with Caylee. They played. It was in the afternoon. Casey had left and returned later that evening without Caylee, Friday June 13th 2008 ( Caylee is with grandmother Cindy Anthony).

Casey had changed her clothes, got ready for the club to go and meet Tony Lazzaro, who was at the club. DJ decided that evening to stay home and not to go to the club, so he remembers specifically that it was that night. He said Casey never had any friends with her. She was always there with Tony and Tony's friends.

They didn't meet at the club initialy. They met on May 24, 2008 and Casey started going to the club after she met Tony. So all these people that you see in the pictures are friends of Tony's and DJ's. None of these people are direct acquaintances of Casey, other than the recent relationship that she had developed with them through Tony and the other people she met at the club.

Did they ever meet Caylee's father, or did Casey ever explain who Caylee's father is? It's not Tony. No, it's not. And that's -- I wanted to make that clear. It's not Tony. The story that DJ related to me about what she had said about the father was she had said the father had had a horrible car accident.

Friends told Eyewitness News Casey celebrated Independence Day (July 4th 2008) with her boyfriend Tony Lazarro. She partied and cooked dinner for him and his roommate DJ.

Friends said Lazzaro believed she worked as an event planner at Universal Studios for the two months they were together. She told him her boss allowed her to work from her computer at his Winter Park apartment. They found out later from her family she wasn't earning the money she was spending. Instead, Casey was running up her mother's credit cards

Cindy Anthony...."I found out my granddaughter has been taken; she has been missing for a month; we're talking about a 3-year-old little girl. ... I need to find her," a frantic Cindy Anthony said in a call to 9-1-1. "I found my daughter's car today, and it smells like there's a dead body in the damn car."

Cindy Anthony said she hadn't seen the girl since mid-June 2008 (June 16th, 2008). The 9-1-1 dispatcher asked to speak to Casey Anthony. "Why are you calling now?" the dispatcher asked. "Why didn't you call 31 days ago?"

Her reply: "I've been looking for her and gone through other resources to find her. Which was stupid."Casey Anthony told Orange County sheriff's deputies she left her child in an apartment June 9 with a nanny (total lie).

But investigators say the apartment had been empty for several months. Other troubling details emerged: A neighbor told detectives Anthony had asked to borrow a shovel some time in June. Her father said she had stolen two gas cans from the garage and refused to let him get something from the trunk of her car. A boyfriend said she never told him in June that Caylee was missing.

Cadaver-sniffing dogs detected a scent in Casey's car, and hair, dirt and a strange stain were found in the trunk. Investigators are still awaiting FBI tests on evidence from the car (came back conclusive for human decomp).

Detectives are amazed that Casey has kept her composure under questioning, never crying or showing emotion. "Her demeanor has been, for lack of a better word, nonchalant," Deputy Chief Carlos Padilla said. "She's shown no remorse, no concern." (SOCIOPATH)

On the night she was arrested, a family friend asked, in a recorded jail call: "How come everybody's saying that you're not upset, that you're not crying, that you showed no emotion, no caring of where Caylee is at all?"

"Because I'm not sitting here f---ing crying every two seconds. Because I have to stay composed to talk to detectives, to make other phone calls, to do other things. I can't sit here and be crying every two seconds like I want to. I can't."

Bill Warner
Private investigator
Sarasota Fl

Abushabaab Al-ansaari radical Islamic blog is shut down, AbuShabaab Al-ansaari ran English Translations for the Al-shabaab terror website in somalia

Muslim blogger who supported terroist activity of the Al-Shabaab in Somalia is shut down , this guy, Abushabaab Al-ansaari , ran the translation page for Al-Shabaab website that is based out of Vancouver WA and hosted by the Dotster Web company, see Al-Shabaab site .

Abushabaab Al-ansaari ( terror website is shut down see Abushabaab's e-mail to Bill Warner just minutes ago, below.

----- Original Message -----
Abushabaab Al-ansaari
BW .........Bill WArner
Sent: Sunday, December 28, 08 11:28 am

Your efforts along with your other jewish friends paid off by the looks of it, I know you're probably Jewish with an Israeli passport probably, but insha'allah I will be back with another blog.

But I can take one thing from this as a conciliation, Al-shabaab are poised to take over Mogadishu soon!

Oh yes, you can share this message with your readers , especially its coming from a muslim". "ALLAH be praised! Abu ayyash Al ansaari".......

This blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service.

As far as when am I "going to stop" shutting down terror websites, the answer is NEVER !

Bill Warner
Private Investigator

Hamas's Leader Khaled Meshaal Urges New Intifada Against Israel With Suicide Missions, Meshaal hding in Damascus with PIJ's Ramadan Abdullah Shallah

DAMASCUS 12/28/2008...Exiled Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal called on Saturday, from Damascus, for Palestinians to wage a new intifada against Israel, including a return to suicide bombing missions.

In an interview on Al-Jazeera television, Meshaal said: "We called for a military intifada against the enemy. Resistance will continue through suicide missions."

Hamas has not carried out a suicide attack on Israel since January 2005.The first intifada, or uprising, broke out in 1988, and was followed by the 1993 Oslo peace accords, which led to a certain degree of Palestinian autonomy with the creation of the Palestinian Authority.A second intifada broke out in 2000 and eventually ran out of steam three years later.

Meshaal said Hamas had accepted "all the peaceful options, but without results." He said that for there to be any talks with the people of Gaza, "the blockade must be lifted and the crossings (from Israel) opened ... notably that in Rafah," which leads to Egypt.

Meshaal was referring to a blockade imposed on Gaza after Hamas seized control of the overcrowded, impoverished strip in from forces loyal to moderate Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas in June 2007.

Israel, the United States and other world powers consider Hamas to be a terrorist group.

Meshaal said he was open to reconciliation with Abbas, but demanded that the Palestinian president cease peace negotiations with Israel.
"Neither rockets nor suicide operations are absure, but negotiations are," he said.

Israel hammered Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip on Saturday, killing at least 225 people in retaliation for rocket fire, in one of the bloodiest days of the decades-long
Middle East conflict.

See my prior post on Ramadan Abdullah Shallah who is also hiding in Damascus Syria, Tuesday, June 24, 2008, FBI MOST WANTED TERRORIST RAMADAN SHALLAH HAS/HAD A WEBSITE HOSTED IN ASHBURN VIRGINIA JUST OUTSIDE WASHINGTON DC, TILL NOW.

Ramadan Abdullah Shallah, heads the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) from Damascus, he had his terrorist website hosted in Ashburn VA, outside Washington DC and FBI's HQ .

Ramadan Abdullah Shallah is on the
FBI's Most Wanted Terrorist list, see his wanted poster click here. Ramadan Abdullah Shallah spent quite a few years in Tampa Fl at USF, he lived for a while at 12402 Pampas PL Tampa Fl.

Ramadan Abdullah Shallah makes no secret of Iran's involvement in Islamic Jihad activities: "The Palestinian Islamic Jihad is another fruit of the Ayatollah Khomeini's fructuous tree," he said during a 2002 visit to Tehran.

Bill Warner
Private Investigator

Saturday, December 27, 2008

"The End of Time "Thurs. Jan.1st 2009, East London Mosque aka London Muslim Centre, 46 Whitechapel Rd, LONDON UK, This Is a Al-Muhajiroun Production !

Upcoming Event click here for video: "The End of Time" Date: Thurs Jan. 1st 2009. London Muslim Centre, 46 Whitechapel Rd London, E1 1JX, UK, Ph. +44-20-765-03000. Appears to be Al-Muhajiroun sponsored.

Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab went to the East London Mosque linked to al-Muhajiroun.
From the London Telegraph: "The End of Time" event at the" East London Mosque", which is being publicised on internet sites including Facebook, will feature a videotaped lecture from Anwar al-Awlaki, who is banned from entering the United States after allegedly acting as a spiritual adviser to three of the September 11 terrorists.

" Muslim groups 'linked to September 11 hijackers spark fury over conference'; Mr Awlaki, who lives in Yemen, has been described as "an al-Qaeda supporter" by the US Department of Homeland Security, which has accused him in recent months of using video lectures to "encourage terrorist attacks". He is due to deliver a video lecture at the mosque in Whitechapel on New Year's Day. Speeches will have titles such as The sound of the trumpet – the real terror starts.

The End of Time...A New Beginning Lecture

1. One Man to Unite Them All
2. Footsteps From The Past
3. Bringing Out The Dead
4. Your Just Reward
5. Are You Prepared

Anwar Al Awlaki.. live Q&A via phone link.
Uthman Lateef.
Suhaib Hasan (TO BE CONFIRMED).
Murtaza Khan.

The publicity material for the all-day event (11:00 am to 7:30 pm) appears to be a clear reference to the attacks on New York, and features meteors raining down on Manhattan, setting fire to the city and shattering the Statue of Liberty. [...]


Robin Simcox, of the Centre for Social Cohesion, said: "That these extremist speakers are being given a platform by such an allegedly mainstream mosque, in one of the most Muslim-populous areas in the country, should be cause for serious concern."

Tickets for the event are being sold on the internet by a little-known company called Noor Pro Media Events, based in East Ham in London.

Registrant: majid hussain
6 Thackeray road london,
london E6 3BW GB
Domain name: NOORPRO.COM
Administrative Contact: hussain, majid
6 Thackeray road london,
london E6 3BW GB

No one from the (Noor Productions) company was available for comment. A spokesman for the mosque said: "We didn't organise this event, they are just using our facilities.

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Other speakers will include Suhaib Hasan, who advocates implementing sharia in Britain, and Khalid Yasin, who has described the beliefs of Christians and Jews as "filth".

Friday, December 26, 2008

Radical Islamists, Al-Shabaab, linked to al-Qaeda set to take control of Somalia and they recruit worldwide from their website in Vancouver WA. 12/26/2008.... Hardline Islamists (Al-Shabaab) are poised to take control of large areas of southern Somalia, opening a possible new front in the war on terrorism as Al-Shabaab terrorists are driectly linked to Al-Qaeda.

The Dotster Web company in Vancouver WA has allowed the Al-Shabaab to operate and recruit on their website without any interruptions, way to go Dotster Web company.

Fears are growing that this lawless area, bordering Kenya and Ethiopia, could become a stronghold for terrorists with possible links to al-Qaeda. Somalia's weak official government, the 14th in the last 17 years, depends entirely on the presence of Ethiopian troops, who are deployed in and around the capital, Mogadishu.

They invaded in December 2006, mounting an American-supported operation which overthrew an earlier Islamist regime, styling itself the Islamic Courts Union. But Ethiopia has pledged to withdraw its troops at the end of December. When they leave, the official government is likely to fall or be forced to evacuate Mogadishu.

An armed group styling itself Al-Shebab aka Al-Shabaab is likely to take over. Already, its fighters are believed to control more than 80 per cent of southern Somalia. These radical Islamists believe in imposing Sharia law and they recently approved the stoning of a 13-year-old girl. See my report Sunday, November 02, 2008, AL-SHABAAB STONE TO DEATH 13 YEAR OLD SOMALI GIRL, AISHA DUHULOW, SHE WAS ALSO GANG RAPED, AL-SHABAAB'S WEBSITE IS HOSTED IN VANCOUVER WA, USA !

Al Shebab aka Al-Shabaab, the fanatical armed wing which broke from the Islamic Courts Union which ran Somalia for the second half of 2006, now holds more than 80 per cent of the country more territory than the Courts controlled during their reign.

There are those who predict al Shebab aka al-shabaab turning into some kind of Frankenstein's monster taken over by, or at least sympathetic to, foreign elements who have ambitions outside Somalia, to spread radical Islam or mount terror attacks, in northeastern Kenya or eastern Ethiopia."

The group, listed as a terrorist organisation by Washington, has been accused of sheltering the al-Qaeda cell which bombed the US embassies in Tanzania and Kenya in 1998 and blew up an Israeli-owned hotel on the Kenyan coast in 2002.
Last month, the US embassy in Nairobi warned that it continues to receive indications of potential terrorist threats aimed at American, Western, and Kenyan interests in Kenya including threats of "suicide operations, bombings, kidnappings, attacks on civil aviation, and attacks on maritime vessels".

There are fears that al Shebab aka Al-Shabaab, whose stronghold is the Somali port of Kismayo just north of the border with Kenya, could launch an attack on coastal resorts popular with Western tourists over the Christmas holidays.
The United Nations office in Nairobi has warned staff of a "heightened level of alert along the coast".

Al Shebab's aka al-Shabaab chief military commander, Muktar Robow, said earlier this year that he was ready "to take orders from Sheikh Osama bin Laden". See my report, Monday, August 25, 2008, Conditions may be ripe for Al Qaeda in Somalia, Al-Shabaab is now Al-Qaeda LA Times Reports, The Columbian Newspaper did not get the memo.

His forces were swelled by foreign fighters who answered a call to jihad when the Ethiopians invaded, in December 2006 (BROADCAST OVER THE AL-SHABAAB WEBSITE BASED IN VANCOUVER WA, USA), to crush the Islamic Courts Union.
That intervention, heavily encouraged by Washington, is widely seen to have prompted the radicalisation of Somalia's Islamist movement and to have launched its Iraq-style insurgency which has killed thousands of civilians and forced 1.1 million people into desperate squatter camps.

Two-thirds of the population of Mogadishu, the capital, have fled. This has created a humanitarian disaster where 3.2 million people, half the population, now needs handouts, but where international aid staff cannot work and food shipments must be shepherded by warships to ward off pirates.

"I think it is finally starting to sink-in in Washington, two years too late, that sending in the Ethiopians as a proxy force to deal with the Islamists was just madness," said Andrew McGregor, terrorism editor at the Jamestown Foundation, a right-wing think tank in Washington.

"Unless they can reach out and form some new alliances, which is not an easy thing to do among Somalia's clans, they will fail and we will see the start of yet another civil war," said Mr Abdi. "I'm not optimistic. The future looks bleak and is likely to be bloody."

Al-Shabaab in Somalia is Al-Qaeda, Al-Shabaab's website;
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Abdul Tawala Ibn Ali Alishtari New York Terror Finance Case, Abdul Alishtari links to Aqeel Khan in Orlando Fl and Masjid Al-Fatima in Queens NY

June 2nd to June 4th, 2000, there were radical Muslims meeting at the Islmaic Center of Queens aka Masjid al-Fatima Mosque, with lectures given by Sajil Shahid (see Video) a recruiter for the terror group Al-Muhajiroun also present was American Al-Muhajiroun member Syed "Fahad" Hashmi, who was arrested at London's Heathrow airport on June 6th 2006 suspected of assisting an Al Qaeda terrorist plot, and assisting jihadists in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Hashmi was a senior figure in Al Muhajiroun's US network. Investigations by private detective Bill Warner have been crucial in piecing together the links between the British membership of Al Muhajiroun with their counterparts in New York, and their combined links with terrorism.

The Operation Crevice terrorism trial, which concluded in London on April 30 had heard testimony from a former Al Muhajiroun member turned supergrass Mohamed Junaid Babar.

In 2005, Bill Warner took BBC journalist Richard Watson to the Masjid al-Fatima 57-16 37th Avenue, Woodside, which had been taken over by radicals from Hizb ut-Tahrir in the mid 1990s. Watson videotaped Bill Warner's interview with imam Aqeel Khan, who spoke of the problems of radicals at the mosque.

Mr Warner's sleuthing managed to show that Junaid Babar, who was an Al Muhajiroun member from Queens, had attended the Woodside mosque, and here in 1999 had first met Sajil Shahid. Shahid had founded the Al Muhajiroun office in Lahore in Pakistan, which became a center for ferrying British jihadists (including the five men convicted of the Operation Crevice plot, and also Mohammed Sidique Khan, leader of London's 7/7 bombers) from Lahore to the regions bordering with Afghanistan, where they met Taliban and Al Qaeda controllers.

Linked to the 57-16 37th Ave Woodside Queens NY 11377 address of the Islamic Center of Queens aka Masjid al-Fatima is PO Box 770218 Woodside NY 11377 of which at least 5 other business's use the same PO Box number, see below, the Mosque founder Aqeel Khan also shows up and it appears that he is a CPA and runs at least two accounting firms using PO Box 770218 Woodside NY 11377.

Aqueel Khan of the Islamic Center of Queens is also listed as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of at least one of the Florida corporations set up by
Abdul Tawala Ibn Ali Alishtari (arrested 2/15/2007), also known as Michael Mixon, a bank underwriter and resident of Ardsley, New York, charged in Manhattan federal court with terrorism financing, material support of terrorism, and international money laundering, as well as additional charges of conspiracy and wire fraud.

Aqeel Khan of Queens NY and Abdul Tawala Ibn Ali Alishtari of Ardsley, N.Y are business partners in a Florida corporation, GLOBALPROTECTOR.NET, INC,(orginally set up in New York State Division of Corporations) which appears to be a front company to launder money for FEDI which was also set up in Florida as a Foreign Corp., Aqeel Khan handled the cash he was the CFO.

Florida Foreign Profit Corporation.....
Date Filed...................................................07/15/2003
Principal Address..................... 1101 N. LAKE DESITINY RD MAITLAND FL
Officer/Director Detail, Title
Officer/Director Detail, Title

1). Tax Exempt/NonProfit Organization Information; Islamic Center of Queens NY Incorporated aka Masjid Al-Fatima 5716 37TH Ave Flushing (Woodside), Queens, NY 11377 alternate address PO BOX 770218 WOODSIDE, NY 11377. Mosque Founder..AQEEL KHAN 33 MACALISTER AVE.
2). Tax Exempt/NonProfit Organization Information; ISLAMIC PROPAGATION CENTRE INTERNATIONAL INC, PO BOX 770218 WOODSIDE, NY11377 S/S: CORPORATION 39-51 60TH STREET NEW YORK, NEW YORK, 11377 Registered Agent....NONE
3). Tax Exempt/NonProfit Organization Information; MASJID NUR AL-ISLAM INC. PO Box 770218Woodside, NY 11377
4). Recommended Tax Professionals; Online Payroll Management System, Inc. Aqeel Ahmed Khan, Acct. Po Box 770218 Woodside, NY 11377, is a recommended tax professional located in Woodside, NY. Online Payroll Management System, Inc. 37-28, 56th Street,Woodside, N.Y. 11377, USA. Chief Executive Officer; AQEEL KHAN 33 MCALESTER AVENUE HICKSVILLE, NEW YORK, 11801
5). Build your Career as an Accountant Job posted on: 20th April, 2008, Sana Tax & Bookkeeping Services at 718-898-1240 or mail at Online Payroll Management System, Inc. PO Box 770218, Woodside, NY 11377 URL: , NYS Department of State..Division of CorporationsSelected Entity Name: SANA TAX & BOOKKEEPING SERVICE INC. Chief Executive Officer; AQUEEL A KHAN 60-10 ROOSEVELT AVE WOODSIDE, NEW YORK, 11377


United States v. Abdul Tawala Ibn Ali Alishtari & Brian Anderson (New York terror financing case): Indictment In February 2007, federal prosecutors in New York arrested Alishtari on charges of terrorism financing, material support of terrorism, international money laundering, conspiracy and wire fraud.

According to DOJ, "ALISHTARI, a 54-year-old resident of Ardsley, New York, facilitated the transfer of $152,000 with the intention that it be used in Afghanistan and Pakistan to help train terrorists. Specifically, in the latter half of 2006, ALISHTARI accepted payment to discreetly transfer these funds, believing that they were earmarked for Pakistan and Afghanistan."

U.S. ARRESTS WESTCHESTER MAN FOR TERRORISM FINANCING AND PERPETRATING MASSIVE INVESTMENT FRAUD; From approximately 1998 through 2004, Abdul Alishtari committed a massive fraud in which he stole millions of dollars from his victims through the operation of a loan investment program he called the "Flat Electronic Data Interchange" ("FEDI").

On July 5th 2000, Abdul Alishtari set up "FOREIGN OFFICE OF FEDI, INC with the New York State Division of Corporations.

NYS Dept of State Div. of Corporations FOREIGN OFFICE OF FEDI, INC. Current Entity Name:.GLOBALPROTECTOR.NET, INC. Initial DOS Filing Date:..JULY 05,2000..Selected Entity Address Information; GLOBAL PROTECTOR.NET, INC. SUITE 311-313, 5676-78 RIVERDALE AVENUE BRONX, NEW YORK, 10471 Registered Agent......NONE

Florida Department of State Division of Corporations;
Florida Foreign Profit Corporation;

FOREIGN OFFICE OF FEDI, INC............Document Number...F03000000788
FEI Number..............134128715
Date Filed.................02/17/2003
Title CP......
FEDI was purportedly a high-yield investment scheme, in which Alishtari falsely promised his investors that, in exchange for their investment, they would receive high, guaranteed rates of return, according to the indictment.

British Columbia Securities Commission Report re: Brian Anderson (Added 7/30/08) This report summarizes how Anderson violated the Securities Act. Complaint re: Frontier Assets (Added 7/30/08) This FBI-authored complaint pertains to Anderson's involvement with Frontier Assets.

December 2003, GlobalProtector.Net’s Chief Executive Officer Mr. AT Alishtari authorized a new Boca Raton, Florida Office sales team of under a new Federal Sales EVP with web technical support from GlobalProtector.Net’s Chief Technical Group Director, Mr. Romel Roberts, to meet with the US Department of Defense covering web filter technology for various uses internally and those meetings were met favorably in general for the agenda set forth by the Department of Defense for those items.

AN AMERICAN al-Qaeda operative who was a close associate of the leader of the July 7 bombers was recruited at a Queens New York mosque that British militants helped to run. British radicals regularly travelled to the Masjid al- Fatima Islamic Centre, in Queens, to organise sending American volunteers to jihadi training camps in Pakistan.

Investigators reportedly found that Mohammad Sidique Khan had made calls to the Masjid al-Fatima mosque last year in the months before he led the terrorist attack on London that killed 52 innocent people....

The One Percent Doctrine, by Ron Suskind, claims that FBI and CIA agents discovered that Khan had made trips to the US and was in contact with American Muslim extremists on the East Coast in Queens NY.

Mohammad Junaid Babar, one recruit from the Masjid Fatima Islamic Centre, has told US intelligence officials that he met Khan in a jihadi training camp in Pakistan in July 2003. He claims that the pair became friends as they studied how to assemble explosive devices.

Babar, 31, a computer programmer, says that it was at the Masjid Fatima centre that he became a radical. He has admitted in a US court to supplying money and military materials to a high-ranking al-Qaeda official at the jihadi camp in South Waziristan, close to the Afghan border. Babar moved to Britain after his month at the camp. FBI agents who arrested him in Queens in April 2004 say that he had been under surveillance “for some time” but so far they have not revealed all that Babar told them about Khan.

Bill Warner
private investigator
Sarasota Fl