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Friday, July 17, 2015

Cops Guard Muslim Mosque in Sarasota After Muslim Terrorist 'Mook' Muhammad Abdulazeez Kills 4 of Our Marines in Chattanooga, Ironic Eh.

Cops Guard Muslim Mosque in Sarasota After Muslim Terrorist 'Mook' Muhammad Abdulazeez Kills 4 of Our Marines in Chattanooga, Ironic Eh. My private detective office is on Desoto Rd in Sarasota Fl just above the Sarasota Mosque on Lockwood Ridge Rd, I travel up and down Lockwood Ridge Rd daily and noticed the law enforcement presence today and the large crowd. ISIS inspired terrorist 'mook' Muhammad Abdulazeez a Kuwaiti of Palestinian descent grew up in Jordan

ISIS inspired ‘Mook’ Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, 24, was born in Kuwait but grew up in Jordan which means he is a Palestinian, Abdulazeez had two long guns and one handgun used in the Chattanooga terror attack. In 1991 after the first Gulf War, when Iraq invaded Kuwait, Kuwait expelled all 400,000 Palestinians from Kuwait to Jordan due to Palestinian Yasser Arafat and his PLO support of Saddam Hussein in Iraq. The Kuwaitis had financed a massive media campaign which called Arafat a traitor for supporting Saddam.  MUHAMMAD Abdulazeez was born in Kuwait in September 1990, during the Iraqi invasion of that country, Kuwait’s Interior Ministry said. The ministry didn’t explain how MUHAMMAD Abdulazeez came to be born there but said he holds Jordanian citizenship. Jordanian sources, however, denied that he was a Jordanian citizen, but rather a Palestinian who carried a Jordanian travel document. The sources said he was born Mohammad Youssuf Saeed Hajj Ali on September 5, 1990, but that his father changed his name that year to Abdulazeez.

SARASOTA MOSQUE: Documents obtained by from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement stated that a now imprisoned terrorist figure, Wissam Hammoud, told the FBI in 2004 that Sarasota Saudi Abdulazizal-Hijji was an acolyte of Osama bin Laden who prior to 9/11 had introduced him to Al-Qaeda terrorist Adnanel-Shukrijumah at a soccer game at the Sarasota mosque, Islamic Society of Sarasota Bradenton 4350 N. Lockwood Ridge Rd, where Wissam Hammoud, Al-Qaeda terrorist Adnanel-Shukrijumah and Abdulazizal-Hijji all appear to have frequented. Oh by the way, the Mosques Holy Man at the time was Al-Qaeda linked Muneer Arafat, small world, eh?

This is the same Muslim Mosque in Sarasota that hired Al-Qaeda linked  Imam Muneer Arafat out of St Louis MO in March of 2000 where he was preaching Jihad.  Al-Qaeda linked Imam Munneer Arafat shows up in Sarasota in March of 2000 his roommate in the St Louis area was Al-Qaeda procurement agent Ziyad Khaleel who purchased computers and satellite phones for Osama bin-Laden.
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NEWSFLASH: This ain't no case of “domestic terrorism” as ISIS Inspired 
Palestinian 'Mook' Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez was a true American 
hater. PHOTO: Muslim 'Mook' Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, left, opened 
fire at two military  facilities in Chattanooga, Tennessee, killing four Marines 
and wounding  three others before he was killed. At right is the recruiting 
center’s front door, which was pierced by bullets. (Facebook).

Murdering Psychopaths of the Islamic State (ISIS) which is a Sunni 
Muslim ‘Mook’ extremist group plans terror attacks in USA by end of 
Ramadan Friday July 17, 2015. (Mook..Coined in the Scorsese film 
‘Mean Streets’ Mook means a arsehole or loser). ISIS Inspired ‘Mook’ 
Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez Murders 4 Unarmed US Marines 
On Our Turf In Chattanooga Tn what now Mr. Obama ?

“A sheikh named Muneer Arafat came to St. Louis talking all that jihad talk prior to the September 11th, 2001 terror attacks”. In St. Louis, from 1996 to 2000, Imam Muneer Arafat became a well-known lecturer at different Masjids and built up quite a following. He gave lectures at local mosques that almost exclusively focused on jihad week in and week out and this got him into trouble with Sheikh Muhammad Nur of the Islamic Foundation of Greater St. Louis who at one point banned him from giving lectures at the Gateway Masjid, he then shows up at the Sarasota Mosque in March of 2000 just prior to the 9/11 hijackers showing up in Sarasota county in June of 2000. Imam Muneer Arafat quotes “I’m not opposed to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s goal of destroying Israel and replacing it with an Islamic state”. “Muslims need to stay unified, and they should support the Palestinian uprising known as the intifada”.

Article from: St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO) January 20, 2003
By: Karen Branch-Brioso, Peter Shinkle Of The Post-Dispatch;
A wide-ranging federal grand jury investigation in St. Louis is looking into possible terrorist connections in the Muslim community here, according to people familiar with the inquiry. Among the subjects of the investigation are two small mosques, Muslim businessmen and fund-raising efforts for Palestinian groups. Prosecutors also have asked grand jury witnesses about Ziyad Sadaqa aka Ziyad Khaleel, a former resident of Columbia, Mo., and the St. Louis area who bought the satellite telephone that al-Qaida leader Osama bin-Laden used to plot the 1998 U.S. Embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania. Prosecutors have asked at least two Grand Jury witnesses about their involvement with Ziyad Sadaqa in St Louis. One of the men questioned was Muneer Arafat who formerly lived with Ziyad Sadaqa in Manchester and moved in 2000 to Sarasota Fla, where he became Imam of the Sarasota Mosque. A Kuwaiti of Palestinian descent who lived in Jordan for a period of time, Muneer Arafat was arrested November 22nd 2002 in Sarasota Fla for overstaying his visa.

Every person linked to the Islamic Society of Sarasota Bradenton 4350 N. Lockwood Ridge Rd Sarasota Fl during the time frame of March 2000 to August 2001 needs to be thoroughly investigated by the FBI, also the source of the funds for their new multi-million dollar mega Mosque at 4350 N. Lockwood Ridge Rd Sarasota Fl needs to be thoroughly investigated.

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