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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Herald Tribune 'Communist' Reporter Tom Lyons Throws House of Reps Member Joe Gruters Under the Bus for Taking Over Vacated and Jailed CPA Clients of Brian Strand in Sarasota.

Herald Tribune 'Communist' Reporter Tom Lyons Throws House of Reps Member Joe Gruters Under the Bus for Taking Over Vacated and Jailed CPA Clients of Brian Strand in Sarasota. What the hell is far left liberal 'communist' reporter Tom Lyons trying to pull here, Florida House of Reps members Joe Gruters sends out mailer to CPA clients of jailed CPA Brian Strand offering to handle their accounts as Mr. Strand is in prison and no longer able to service the accounts and Mr. Gruters is buying the business, Lyons is a clown at best. CPA Joe Gruters has no prior connection to CPA Brian Strand, there are no business connections, no shared offices, no shared Sarasota County business records, no Limited Liability Companies, no shared Fictitious Name Businesses, no Florida Corporation records of any business dealing at all between Joe Gruters and Brian Strand, ever, and yet this bottom feeder Tom Lyons at the Herald Tribune is somehow making it look like some sort of shady deal is going down. CPA Joe Gruters is buying the old CPA business of Brian Strand through a Broker, nothing more! Joe Gruters needs to file a Slander/Defamation Lawsuit on the Sarasota Herald Tribune and BOZO Tom Lyons.
CPA Brian Strand is a bad dude, he stole $195,592.72 from one elderly client over the course of about 4 years, mostly ATM withdraws at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Tampa, high roller with someones cash, but there is no indication, according to the Sarasota County Sheriff report that any of the many other clients of CPA Brian Strand were effected. Brian Strand is currently in the Central Florida Reception Center (prison) 7000 H C Kelley Rd Orlando, FL. Brian Strand lost his CPA license in July 2016, Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation (DBPR) records.

License Relinquished
07/19/2016 - Voluntary Relinquishment
Closed Final Order 07/19/2016

03/13/2015 - Emergency Suspension Order

Lyons: Rep. Gruters announces “merger,” omits key details:

When he got two unexpected letters in the same envelope last month, one from his Sarasota accountant and the other from another CPA firm he had never dealt with, Sandy Fishbein could have recognized the name of the guy who signed the second letter. But he didn’t. He was more focused on what the heck was going on with his accountant, Brian Strand, who he says was “my trusted CPA” for well over a decade. The letters both said Strand’s firm was merging with one owned by certified public accountant Joe Gruters. Strand’s letter said Gruters “shares my values,” and Gruters’ letter said “I’m deeply honored and proud to serve you in both my CPA role and my other job as an elected member of the Florida House of Representatives.” Fishbein, now more concerned, eventually got Gruters on the phone. He says Gruters kept giving him reassuring but vague statements and calling Strand a nice guy. Feeling both mistrustful and frustrated, Fishbein pushed and pushed for more information about Strand. Finally, he says, Gruters just said it. Strand was on his way to prison, actually, to serve a three-year sentence. No reasonable estimate has him getting out for well over two years. Strand had kept it pretty quiet, it seems, but he lost his CPA status in 2015 when he was charged with exploiting the elderly by taking more than $100,000 from the trust accounts of a client in her 90s. The case progressed slowly. Last month, Strand pleaded no contest to that charge after he had finally paid the money back into the pilfered trust fund as part of the plea deal. The victim never knew about that payback. She died before the plea deal was done. Strand admitted to having a gambling problem, a police arrest report says. I doubt anything else could explain such a sloppy series of “misappropriations” by a CPA. How sloppy? Much of the money was taken via ATM withdrawals at various casinos. “He’s in jail.”

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Friday, June 23, 2017

Business Owners Seek Revenge for Fake Negative Reviews on Yelp Extortion Web Page by Filing Slander-Defamation Lawsuits Against the Bogus Yelper Posters.

'YELPERS BEWARE'...Business Owners Seek Revenge for Fake Negative Reviews on Yelp Extortion Web Page by Filing Slander-Defamation Lawsuits Against the Bogus Yelper Posters. A Virginia court has ruled that the identities of seven anonymous reviewers who criticized a local carpet cleaning business must be revealed. In a decision that will strike fear in the hearts of all anonymous online trolls, an Alexandria judge ruled that Yelp must comply with the demand of Joe Hadeed's attorneys and hand over the names of the reviewers. Alexandria-based Hadeed Carpet Cleaning was the subject of several negative reviews on the site by anonymous authors - who Hadeed claims were not real customers of his business (THIS HAPPENS ALL TIME ON YELP). The case began in 2012 when several negative reviews were left on Hadeed Carpet's Yelp page, some claiming the company swindled customers, overcharging hundreds of dollars above the quoted price, while others said their carpets ended up looking worse than before they were cleaned. Yelp's Terms of Service requires that reviewers must have been a customer of a business to leave a review. Yelp does not require users to register with their full name or address, but does record the IP address of each review posted, big deal, phony Yelp scam.
SAN FRANCISCO — is warning that a California lawsuit targeting critical posts about a law firm could lead to the removal of negative reviews. Lawyer Dawn Hassell said the business review website is exaggerating the stakes of her legal effort, which aims only to remove from Yelp lies, not just negative statements, that damaged the reputation of her law firm. A San Francisco judge determined the YELP posts were defamatory and ordered the company to remove them two years ago, which a second judge and a state appeals court upheld. Yelp is asking the state Supreme Court to overturn the order. The high court faces an Oct. 14 deadline to decide whether to hear the case or let the lower-court ruling stand.

How businesses are seeking revenge against negative Yelp reviews with lawsuits. Yelp reviews can quickly backfire for companies or professionals who become the target of negative online reviews, and a New York dentist is fighting back. Nima Dayani has sued five patients for their negative internet postings since 2012. He has accused them of defaming him and hurting his future business by posting negative reviews. He’s asking for damages ranging from $50,000 to $100,000. The only defense for business owners or professionals who feel they have been the target of false and damaging allegations on Yelp, Facebook, Angie’s List or other social media sites is to go to court and present their evidence to a judge. 
SCAM ALERT: Fake Negative Reviews on YELP Hurt Local Business's as YELP Ignores Requests For HELP But Takes Down Fake Negative Stuff for a Price YELP is a Scam. Beware of Yelp! suppressing good reviews and depriving businesses from positive reviews being shown to the general public. The motive behind this practice appears to be financial for YELP. It's a disservice to the both the business who are victims of Yelp's practice and to consumers seeking honest real reviews from members of the public. EAST BAY EXPRESS: The phone calls came almost daily. It started to get creepy. "Hi, this is Mike from Yelp," the voice would say. "You've had three hundred visitors to your site this month. You've had a really good response. But you have a few bad ones at the top, which Yelp put there. I could do something about those." This wasn't your average sales pitch. At least, not the kind that John, an East Bay restaurateur, was used to. He was familiar with, the popular San Francisco-based web site in which any person can write a review about nearly any business. John's restaurant has more than one hundred reviews, and averages a healthy 3.5-star rating. But when John asked Mike from Yelp what he could do about the fake bad reviews, he recalls the Yelp sales rep responding: "We can move them. Well, for $299 a month." John couldn't believe what the Yelp guy was offering. It seemed wrong, it is it's called extortion, see more at

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

President D. J. Trump Lifestyle is Mirror Image of President Kennedy Prior to His Assassination, Will History Repeat Itself?

President D. J. Trump most likely to be assassinated, that's a fact jack. Whatever assassinated President John F. Kennedy did, so does/did President D. J. Trump, same guys just different era's. Prior to his presidency, many of D. J. Trump's political colleagues considered him merely a playboy whose wealthy father Fred Trump had bankrolled him and his projects, just like JFK's father Joe Kennedy did. Many critics see recklessness, impatience, impetuosity in POTUS D. J. Trump, just like critics saw in JFK. POTUS D. J. Trump has a beautiful fashionable wife and a highly photographic family, so did JFK. POTUS D. J. Trump was/is known as a womanizer, so was JFK. President D. J. Trump takes power in a violently divided USA, so did JFK. On June 18, 2016, an attempt was made to assassinate Donald J. Trump while Trump was speaking at a rally in Las Vegas, Nevada, Briton Michael Steven Sandford attempted to seize the sidearm of a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officer providing security for the event before being subdued. Sandford stated that he had wished to kill Trump to prevent him from becoming President.
Trump Haters Call for Presidential Assassination. No facet of the First Amendment shields those who promote the murder of the president of the United States. People are casually and cavalierly advocating the murder of the president of the United States Donald J. Trump. Trump haters are eager to make assassination great again. Such comments are not just muttered by demented vagrants as they relax on subway grates. Those who say such things too often are prominent, powerful people with platforms from which they publically spew their potentially lethal venom. Calvin Broadus, Jr., alias Snoop Dogg, recently released a music video for a rap song called “Lavender” in which he aims a handgun right at the skull of a clown dressed as President Donald J. Trump and pulls the trigger. Lee Harvey Oswald murdered President John Fitzgerald Kennedy from a distance with a long gun and scope in Dallas Texas. How many more "Lee Harvey Oswald's" will be out there during Trump's presidency?
Left wing zealots find it OK to call for murder of President Donald J. Trump. Kathy Griffin Becomes Cover Girl For ISIS Terrorist Recruiting Efforts, Kathy Griffin Number 1 with ISIS Terrorists. You can count on it in the next issue of the ISIS recruiting magazine 'Dabiq' or Al-Qaeda's 'Inspire' magazine Kathy Griffin and her bloody Trump head will grace the front cover, way to go Kathy G. ISIS or Al-Qaeda can do a side by side photo layout piece with now dead terrorist Mohamed Elomar, who became famous for holding the heads of decapitated men for the camera, in fact it looks like Kathy G. was mimicking terrorist Mohamed Elomar for her photo shoot. Your Fired Kathy G. “I’m not good at being appropriate,” Griffen said. “I’m only good at doing comedy one way. It’s in your face. I’m going to make fun of the president (Trump). And I’m going to do it more now.”
President Kennedy spent less than three years in the White House. His first year was a disaster, as he himself acknowledged. The Bay of Pigs invasion of Communist Cuba was only the first in a series of failed efforts to undo Fidel Castro’s regime. His 1961 summit meeting in Vienna with the Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev was a humiliating experience. Most of his legislative proposals died on Capitol Hill. Yet he was also responsible for some extraordinary accomplishments. The most important, and most famous, was his adept management of the Cuban missile crisis in 1962, widely considered the most perilous moment since World War II.
A series of articles in USA Today failed to mention that John F. Kennedy was possibly the most morally corrupt and reckless president in American history, who came tragically close to bringing about a “nuclear winter” that might have destroyed the United States and other parts of the world. Also, he plunged America into the Vietnam war. USA Today’s entire series would fall like a “house of cards” if the truth about Kennedy and his family had been told, instead of repeating the factual distortions that have been spun since he was assassinated in Dallas.
In shaping his legend, Kennedy’s personal charm helped. A witty and articulate speaker, he seemed built for the age of television. He was wealthy. He had a captivating wife and children, a photogenic family, just like President Donald Trump has now. The Kennedy legacy has a darker side as well. Prior to his presidency, many of JFK’s political colleagues considered him merely a playboy whose wealthy father had bankrolled his campaigns, just like President Donald Trump's dad did. Many critics saw recklessness, impatience, impetuosity in JFK just like many see in President Donald Trump.
Much has been written about Kennedy’s covert private life. Like his father, he was obsessed with the ritual of sexual conquest—before and during his marriage, before and during his presidency. While he was alive, the many women, the Secret Service agents, and the others who knew of his philandering kept it a secret. Donald J. Trump's womanizing became an issue during his campaign. President John F. Kennedy’s writings do not reveal whether he was influenced by his anti-Semitic, pro-Nazi father Joseph Kennedy, who was US ambassador to London in the late 1930s and regarded by the Nazis as “Germany’s best friend in London”. President Roosevelt sacked Joe Kennedy in 1940 after he remarked during the Battle of Britain that “democracy is finished in England” and sought to negotiate with Hitler to prevent America entering the Second World War. Both of President Donald J. Trump's grandparents were born in Germany and German citizens and his father Fred Trump had been conceived in Germany but born in the Bronx NY in 1905 as the grandparents had immigrated to New York City.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017


ABC-7 NEWS ALAN COHN SHOW TONIGHT SUBJECT UNSOLVED MURDERS IN PALMETTO FL LIKE CLUB ELITE AK-47 MASSACRE. Two people were killed and at least 22 were wounded during mass shooting with AK-47 At Club Elite in Palmetto Fl. On September 11th, 2011 Twenty four people were shot a the Club Elite in Palmetto Fl, two died including drug dealer Trayon Goff who appears to have been the target of the massacre, there were at least 160 people inside and outside the club when the shooting started, to this day no one has come forward to help Police ID the shooters, “NO SNITCHIN”. Police records show the club at 704 10th St. W. had been the scene of several other violent incidents before at least two gunmen opened fire on a crowd there Saturday September 11th, 2011 with a AK-47.
7.62x39mm Cartridge used by AK-47 and the SKS assault rifle. Witnesses say two men trained their fire on 25-year-old Trayon Goff as he stood near Club Elite’s front doors. But bullets struck others outside or pierced the doors and walls to ricochet through the cramped bar (high powered Ak-47 rounds aired out Club Elite). Inside, people had nowhere to go. Some dove to the ground or hid behind the bar or each other as bullets whizzed past, said Chip ‘Blu Chip’ Hunt, a promoter who works with the club management. “You just hit the ground and hope that it doesn’t hit you,” he said. “You only get a split second to think. You’re in survival mode.” Sarasota resident Latoya Wright, 34, said people began running and screaming as shooting began. “I hadn’t been there any more than 15 or 20 minutes, and then shots rang out,” Wright said. “When the screaming was done, everybody was all laid out and two of them were dead.”

REWARD for information about who carried out the mass shooting at Club Elite has grown to $20,000. TRAYON GOFF AND HIS BROTHER LOUIS GOOF Jr APPEAR TO BE VIOLENT DRUG DEALERS…POLICE Investigators are trying to determine whether there may be a connection with a shooting in the parking of Groover’s Market in Palmetto on Jan. 15 2011 to the attempted massacre at Club Elite. Trayon’s brother, Louis Goff Jr., 21, was charged with attempted murder in that case at Grover’s Market. Prosecutors later dropped the charge, however, because some witnesses changed or recanted their accounts of what happened (NO SNITCHIN) and because of concerns that the wounded man may have fired a weapon first. 

In April 2011, after the attempted murder charge was dropped, Louis Goff Jr. was shot in the head on the DeSoto Bridge over the Manatee River. He recovered. Police are uncertain whether that shooting may have been linked to what happened at Groover’s Market. No one has been arrested in the April shooting, see

If you don’t want to be shot you just might want to stay away from violent hip-hop clubs in the Sarasot-Bradenton-Palmettod Fl area, stay out of violent Hip Hop Clubs like Club Elite, you could better off spend your time helping the Police ID the shooters at Club Elite on September 11th, 2011. The Club Elite massacre made news even in New York City due to the extreme violence and use of a AK-47 and no witnesses have ever came forward to name the shooters, “NO SNITCHIN”.
NY DAILY NEWS…….Two people were killed and at least 22 were wounded when two gunmen opened fire outside a Florida nightclub early Saturday morning, police said. Trayon Goff, 25, of Palmetto, was killed while he was sitting against a wall outside, police said. Palmetto police said the shooters were outside Club Elite in Palmetto, Fla., but some of the bullets pierced the front door, hitting party goers inside. Six people who were seriously injured were flown to a hospital in St. Petersburg, and two were reported to be in critical condition. The other 16 wounded were taken to a local hospital for treatment, police said. Fifteen were released on Saturday and one victim was admitted with non-life threatening injuries, according to the Tampa Tribune. Police have visited the club dozens of times this year, the Tribune said.

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Photo of FBI Most Wanted Honor Killer 'Yaser Abdel Said' Surfaces on Facebook in Cairo Egypt.

FBI Most Wanted honor Killer Yaser Said always wears sunglasses, he always wears a watch on his left wrist and he chain smokes Marlboro Lights 100’s and always wears soft shell sneakers. Photo of FBI Most Wanted Honor Killer ‘Yaser Abdel Said’ Surfaces on Facebook in Cairo Egypt, see photo above retrieved from the Facebook Page of Yaser Said’s nephew, Yousef, in Cairo Egypt. Yousef is the direct blood relative (nephew) of ‘Honor Killer’ Yaser Said, he is the young man in the middle with the American flag shirt. ‘Honor Killer’ Yaser Said is 6′ 2″ tall (74 inches), so are the other two men in the photo above. The car in the photo above appears to be a late model Nissan Altima silver coupe, they have a curb height of 55 inches, the three men in the photo are all 74 inches tall or taller.

SOCIAL MEDIA JACKPOT: CNN Report, A recent survey found that Facebook is the most fruitful social network for law enforcement investigations. Due to the brilliant and diligent investigative work of a woman I will call ‘Sabrina’ it appears that she has located the once kidnapped nephew of Yaser Said,  Yousef, in Cairo Egypt through his (and others) postings on Facebook. Sabrina contacted the Euless Police Department at 817-685-1526 in Texas. I followed up and called the Tampa FBI and spoke in length with a woman who took the full report. The sister of Honor Killer Yaser Said, Ghada Said, kidnapped her own children during a custody battle with her husband in Euless Texas and took them to Cairo Egypt in 1999. 
FBI Most Wanted Honor Killer Yaser Said is an Egyptian national, Yaser Said always wears sunglasses, he always wears a watch on his left wrist and he chain smokes Marlboro Lights 100's. Yaser Said always wears sneakers or soft shell canvas shoes, he always stands the same way for photographs and hold his hands and arms the same way, see comparison photos above. The black shoes that the Unsub is wearing in the photo above appear to be Nike SB Portmore Canvas Skate Shoes, FBI Top Ten Most Wanted Yaser Said always wears sneakers or soft shell canvas shoes. 
Yaser Said told daughters Aminia, 18, and Sarah, 17, he was taking them to get something to eat before he shot and killed them on January 1st, 2008. On January 2nd, 2008, a warrant was issued for the arrest of Yaser Abdel Said, in Dallas County, Dallas, Texas, on charges of Capital Murder-Multiple. On August 21, 2008, a federal Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution warrant was issued by the United States District Court, Northern District of Texas, Dallas, Texas. Uncovered cellphone records showed Yaser Said making multiple calls to family members (his brothers) immediately before and after his daughters’ deaths. Then he disappeared.
FBI Most Wanted Honor Killer Yaser Said loves dogs, especially tan- and black-colored German Shepherds, he always has a tan- and black-colored German Shepherd dog with him. Yaser Said is known to carry a weapon at all times.

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Friday, June 16, 2017

This is Why You Need to Own and Have Self Defense Training With a Gun in Sarasota Fl Video Captures Armed Robbery

SHOOT FIRST ASK QUESTIONS LATER IT'S YOU OR THEM. The Sarasota County Sheriff's Office arrested five men from South Florida in connection with an Armed Robbery that occurred early Thursday morning in Sarasota. Just after 4:45 a.m., June 15, 2017, the Public Safety Communications Center received a report of a suspicious person armed with a rifle, at a home in the 2100 block of Dodge Avenue Sarasota Fl. As deputies were responding, more information was gathered indicating that the homeowner disarmed the suspect and was holding him until law enforcement arrived. As calltakers gathered details and deputies began to arrive, the victim advised that two more suspects were involved and fled prior to law enforcement arrival. Based on a description of the suspect's vehicle, deputies were able to quickly locate it at a gas station in the 5600 block of Fruitville Road. Four men wearing dark clothing were found inside the car, one of whom was carrying several zip ties.
All five men were interviewed by detectives and two of them admitted to committing the robbery. As detectives continued to gather evidence, they recovered surveillance video from the victim's home which captured the entire incident. Video shows Alen Beltran-Vazquez, Angel Cabrera-Basulto and Ronier Jauregui-Lorente enter the victim's porch armed with a shotgun, machete and crowbar, in an attempt to rob the victim. Cabrera-Basulto and Jauregui-Lorente are seen fleeing the home while the victim arms himself with a machete and holds Beltran-Vazquez until deputies arrive. Detectives identified Jorge Valido-Leyva and Roberto Salcedo-Balanza as the other men in the vehicle and through interviews, learned that they helped coordinate and plan the robbery. All five men are in custody at the Sarasota County Jail without bond. Beltran-Vazquez is charged with two counts of Armed Robbery and Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon. Jauregui-Lorente and Cabrera-Basulto are each charged with two counts of Armed Robbery. Valido-Leyva and Salcedo-Balanza face two counts each of Principal to Armed Robbery.
12 Gauge Riot Shotgun Loaded With .000 Steel Buckshot Best Home Invasion Protection For Sarasota And Bradenton Fl. When a burglar breaks into your home and he brings a knife or a handgun you respond with a 12 Gauge Riot Shotgun Loaded With .000 Steel Buckshot. One Round Is Equal To A Eight Round Burst From A Sub-machine Gun With Every Round Hitting, That Is What I Use, case closed.

This is a guide to help you select the best ammunition for your defensive firearm. Most of these opinions are based upon the work of police officers who have extensively studied the issue of firearms, ammunition and stopping power. I refer all interested parties to the excellent book Self-Defense, ‘Stressfire II: Advanced Combat Shotgun’ and the comprehensive book ‘Stopping Power’ by Marshall and Sanow.


The shotgun is not a magic weapon that will slay all foes. Like all other guns, it must be aimed at a specific target. Buckshot loads will not “sweep” a room. “Close” still only counts in horseshoes. Aim your shotgun from the shoulder (like a rifle) if you intend to hit an aggressor.

I cannot stress too heavily that the primary determinant of stopping power is BULLET PLACEMENT. A cool, deliberate marksman with a little .380 Ruger LCP will beat a panicky, inaccurate man with a .357 Magnum or $1200 customized .45 auto every time. Whatever firearm and caliber you select, you must practice firing hundreds of rounds in realistic defensive scenarios until you can confidently make disabling hits on your target. Tactics and marksmanship win gunfights – not having the latest ‘wonder bullet’ in your gun.

For too long, women were told that if they wanted to carry a sidearm they needed a “ladies’ gun,” usually a tiny .22 or .25 automatic with so little power it might or might not stop a charging gerbil. Then the trend moved toward the small .38 Special revolver. The snub-nose .38 became a classic gun for modem times.

Smith & Wesson’s first “Lady-Smith” since the 19th century became a roaring success in the 20th century based on the Chief Special, 2-inch barrel, five-shot, .32-frame revolver. There would be other Lady Smiths, including the neat little 3913 LS compact 9mm auto pistol.

 If you simply want to know the best defense load, go out and buy: 12 gauge 2 3/4″ shell .000 buckshot. You shall live happily ever after, as this is the most effective man-stopping firearm cartridge yet devised by man. I recommend the Federal “Classic” (F127-00), Winchester Super-X (X12RB5) or Remington Buckshot (SP12BK-5PK00) as the best double-ought and triple-ought buckshot defense rounds.
 nra derek

Read Ayoob’s book ‘Stressfire II: Advanced Combat Shotgun’ for the low-down on good shotgun skills and then practice, practice, practice, .000 steel buck is superior, both in penetration and stopping power.  The number of pellets in 12 gauge “000 buck” buck-shot is eight .36″ balls.

A note on shotgun spread: firing your shotgun does not create a diabolical cone of doom destroying all in its path. If you have a typical defense or “riot” gun with an 18″-20″ open-choked “cylinder” barrel, the pellets will spread out about 1″ for every yard of range. This means that the spread of pellets fired across a large room (18′) will be 6″ or so, a circle the size of a coffee cup saucer. At 50 feet, the spread will be the size of a large pizza (16″). Lock and load, be safe.

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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Don't water down the facts and scrub history Pulse Nightclub mass shooting was ISIS inspired Muslim terror attack by Muslim Omar Mateen

One year later, don't water down the facts and scrub history, the Pulse Nightclub mass shooting that killed 49 in Orlando was an ISIS inspired Muslim terror attack carried out by Muslim scumbag Omar Mateen.

Orlando, Florida (CNN) June 12th, 2016 An American-born man who'd pledged allegiance to ISIS gunned down 49 people early Sunday at the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando, the deadliest mass shooting in the United States and the nation's worst terror attack since 9/11, authorities said. The gunman, Omar Mateen, 29, of Fort Pierce, Florida, was interviewed by the FBI in 2013 and 2014 but was not found to be a threat, the FBI said. Omar Mateen called 911 during the attack to pledge allegiance to ISIS and mentioned the Boston Marathon bombers, according to a U.S. official. Orlando police shot and killed Omar Mateen.

ISIS claims responsibility for Pulse Orlando terror attack The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has claimed responsibility for the attack early Sunday morning at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida that left at least 49 dead and 53 injured. The group's official radio station, al-Bayan, said Monday morning that, "Over 100 Crusaders killed and injured after an attack on their gathering at a night club in America." "We begin from America, where Allah has enabled brother Omar Mateen, one of the soldiers of the Caliphate in America, to carry out a raid where he was able to infiltrate a Crusaders' gathering at a gay night club in Orlando, Florida."
 "Allah enabled Omar Mateen to inflict heavy casualties amongst the filthy Crusaders. He killed and injured over a hundred of them. This is the biggest raid to be carried in America after the raid of Manhattan 16 years ago. All praise to Allah." The fact that this shooting took place during Ramadan, 6/12/2016, and that ISIS leadership in Raqqa has been urging attacks during this time, that the target was an LGBT night club during Pride, and according to local law enforcement the shooter declared his allegiance to ISIS, indicates an ISIS-inspired act of terrorism.

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Friday, June 09, 2017

Sarasota Private Investigator Bill Warner Exposes Muslim Cleric Muneer Arafat the Roommate of Al-Qaeda Agent Ziyad Khaleel aka Ziyad Abdel Rahman.

Sarasota Private Investigator Bill Warner Exposes Muslim Cleric Muneer Arafat the Roommate of Al-Qaeda Agent Ziyad Khaleel aka Ziyad Abdel Rahman. Sarasota Imam Muneer Arafat was roommate of Al-Qaeda procurement agent Ziyad Khaleel aka Ziyad Abdel Rahman. Ziyad Khaleel aka Ziyad Abdel Rahman links to Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman (a/k/a the “Blind Sheikh”) who was convicted of masterminding several terror plots in Metro New York City in 1996. The FBI began investigating Anwar al-Awlaki in 1999 and 2000 after he was visited by and linked to Ziyad Khaleel aka Ziyad Abdel Rahman, Muneer Arafat's roommate. Ziyad Khaleel aka Ziyad Abdel Rahman worked for both Osama bin-Laden's Al-Qaeda and Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman's Egyptian Islamic Jihad. 

Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, who is considered the spiritual leader of the militant Egyptian movement Al-Gama’a al-Islamiya, was also behind various violent attacks in Egypt. He issued a fatwa that resulted in the assassination of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat in 1981 by Egyptian Islamic Jihad. Imam Anwar al-Awlaki was linked to 3 of the 9/11 hijackers in San Diego and Falls Church VA in 2000 and 2001. One of the 9/11 hijackers worked for on the run fugitive Osama Sam Mustafa at a San Diego area gas station in 2000. Ziyad Khaleel aka Ziyad Abdel Rahmanalso known as Khalil Ziyad, Ziyad Sadaqa, and Ziyad Abdulrahman, was a Palestinian-American al-Qaeda member, based in the United States, he roomed with soon to be Sarasota Imam Muneer Arafat. All this occurred before Al-Qaeda Imam Muneer Arafat shows up in Sarasota Fl in March of 2000 just prior to Al-Qaeda terrorists Mohamed Atta and two other 9/11 hijack pilots in June of 2000. 

In early 2000 the FBI is aware when Anwar al-Awlaki is visited by an unnamed close associate of Sheikh Omar Abdul-Rahman, that would be Ziyad Khaleel aka Ziyad Abdel Rahman. Anwar al-Awlaki serves as vice president of the Charitable Society for Social Welfare (CSSW), the US branch of a Yemeni charity founded by Sheikh Abdul Majeed al-Zindani, a Yemeni imam who the US will officially designate a terrorist in 2004. CSSW also has ties to the Islamic Cultural Institute in Milan, Italy, considered one of the centers of al-Qaeda activity in Europe. The FBI begins investigating CSSW in 1999 after a Yemeni politician visits the US to solicit donations for the charity, and then visits Mahmoud Es Sayed, a known al-Qaeda figure at the Islamic Cultural Institute, on the same trip. Furthermore, Ziyad Khaleel is working for the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP), a Hamas-linked organization cofounded by Mousa Abu Marzook.
In January 2003 St Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Karen Branch-Brioso interviewed the then acting Imam at the Islamic Society of Sarasota and Bradenton to obtain information about Imam Muneer Arafat for her article “U.S. Looks For Local Terror Ties, Sources Say“, this is where she obtained the timeline of Muneer Arafat coming to Sarasota Fl from the St Louis area in March of 2000: U.S. LOOKS FOR LOCAL TERROR TIES, SOURCES SAY; 2 MOSQUES, FUND RAISING DRAW  SCRUTINY OF FEDERAL GRAND JURY.(NEWS)..Article from: St Louis  Post-Dispatch (MO) | January 20, 2003 | Branch-Brioso,  Karen; Shinkle  St. Louis Post-Dispatch…Byline: Karen Branch-Brioso, And Peter Shinkle Of The Post-Dispatch   A wide-ranging federal grand jury investigation in St. Louis is looking into  possible terrorist connections in the Muslim community here, according to people  familiar with the inquiry. Among the subjects of the investigation are two small mosques, Muslim businessmen and fund-raising efforts for Palestinian groups. Prosecutors also have asked grand jury witnesses about Ziyad Sadaqa aka Ziyad Khaleel, a former resident of Columbia, Mo., and the St. Louis area who bought the satellite telephone that al-Qaida leaders used to plot the 1998 U.S. Embassy bombings in  Kenya and Tanzania. Sadaqa aka Khaleel, who was never charged in the bombings, raised money  here for Palestinian groups. He reportedly was killed in an auto accident in  Saudi Arabia last year, but federal authorities apparently suspect he may still  be alive. “The feds thought that this Ziyad guy faked his death at hajj (the pilgrimage  to Mecca) to get out of legal trouble,” said a source familiar with the  prosecutors’ questioning.  Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Fagan, who heads the St. Louis anti-terrorism  task force formed after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, would not discuss or  even confirm the existence of the investigation. One of the witnesses was Imam Muneer Arafat, who formerly lived in Manchester IL...Muneer Arafat is a Kuwaiti of Palestinian descent, Arafat was arrested in November 2002 in Sarasota Fl for overstaying his visa…a Mosque official Husni Albarguthi filling in as Imam at the Sarasota Mosque in Arafat’s absence said Muneer Arafat came to the Sarasota Fl Mosque in March of 2000 from the St Louis area and moved into a apartment complex at Central Sarasota Pkwy unit #1813, Sarasota, FL 34238 on 02/25/2000.
Omar Abdel-Rahman, the fiery blind cleric who masterminded the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, died February 17 2017 in a North Carolina federal prison hospital where he was serving a life sentence for plotting terror. The 78-year-old Islamist militant’s death was announced by his son and daughter in his native Egypt, and confirmed by spokesman Greg Norton at the Butner federal prison complex. He was convicted in 1996 of planning “a war of urban terrorism,” targeting city landmarks including the Holland and Lincoln tunnels, the United Nations, the George Washington Bridge and FBI headquarters in Manhattan.

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Trump's Pick for New FBI Boss is Christopher Wray a Key Player in 9/11 Investigation For DOJ Now Open Books on Secret Sarasota Saudi Investigation

Trump's Pick for New FBI Boss is Christopher Wray a Key Player in 9/11 Investigation For DOJ Now Open Books on Secret Sarasota Saudi Investigation. FROM Christopher Wray's Bio at King & Spalding Law Firm: Christopher Wray is a litigation partner in the firm’s Washington, D.C., and Atlanta offices. Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Wray served from 2003 to 2005 as the Assistant Attorney General in charge of the U.S. Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Criminal Division, having been nominated by the President and confirmed by the U.S. Senate’s unanimous consent for that position. Mr. Wray helped lead the Department’s efforts to address the wave of corporate fraud scandals and restore integrity to U.S. financial markets. He served on the President’s Corporate Fraud Task Force and oversaw the Enron Task Force and other major fraud investigations, both around the country and internationally.
As the (DOJ) Criminal Division’s head, Christopher Wray led investigations, prosecutions, and policy development in nearly all areas of federal criminal law, including securities fraud, healthcare fraud, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and trade sanctions violations, bank secrecy and money laundering offenses, public corruption, intellectual property piracy and cybercrime, and RICO. Mr. Wray was also integral to the DOJ’s response to the 9/11 attacks and played a key role in the oversight of legal and operational actions in the continuing war on terrorism. Mr. Wray first joined the DOJ’s leadership as Associate Deputy Attorney General in May 2001 and was soon appointed the Principal Associate Deputy Attorney General in September of the same year, with oversight responsibilities spanning the full Department. From 1997 to 2001, Mr. Wray served as an Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia. As a prosecutor in Atlanta, he handled a wide variety of federal jury trials, grand jury investigations and appeals as lead counsel.
VIDEO: "Secret" FBI Sarasota Saudi 9/11 Investigation Exposed in BBC Documentary Featuring Private Investigator Bill Warner. President Trump and New FBI Boss is Christopher Wray Need to Intercede In Florida Bulldog vs DOJ & FBI Lawsuit and Order Judge Fort Lauderdale U.S. District Judge William J. Zloch to Open Files of Secret Sarasota 9/11 Investigation. The Sarasota Herald Tribune and the Miami Herald joined the Florida Bulldog in the Federal Lawsuit against the Department of Justice and the FBI concerning the 2002 Secret Sarasota Saudi investigation which compiled in excess of 80,000 pages.
My segment in the "Secret" FBI Sarasota Saudi 9/11 Investigation that is Exposed in the BBC Documentary that is entitled "9/11: Truth Lies and Conspiracies" comes in at 26:30 of the 60 minute documentary. The documentary 9/11: Truth Lies and Conspiracies Video Delves Into Activity at Party House of Saudi Abdulaziz al-Hijji 4224 Escondito Cir Sarasota Fl Where Atta and Al-Shehhi Hung Out. The chilling program features the accounts of victims’ relatives, a senior politician and people working inside the intelligence agencies at the time of 9/11 – a series of four co-ordinated terrorist attacks by the terrorist group al-Qaeda on the US.
In the Secret Sarasota 9/11 Investigation FOIA Broward Bulldog v US Department of Justice and FBI, the top guy, the boss, the US Attorney Southern District Fl has been replaced Replaced by President Trump. Big shakeup at the US Attorney's Office in Miami Fl that oversees the Secret Sarasota 9/11 Investigation FOIA Broward Bulldog v US Department of Justice and FBI, it appears the President Trump had requested that the US Attorney leave his post. MIAMI (CBS Miami) – United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, Wifredo Ferrer, announced on February 15th, 2017 that he has resigned his post. The move will take place on March 3rd, 2017. No reason was given for the sudden decision. Ferrer tendered his resignation to President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Now new eyes of a new US Attorney appointed by President Trump will be looking at the FBI's Secret Sarasota 9/11 Investigation that has been held back from the public since April of 2002.
On Monday, January 30, 2017 I posted to my blog that President Trump Needs to Intercede In Florida Bulldog vs DOJ & FBI Lawsuit and Order Judge Zloch to Open Files of Secret Sarasota 9/11 InvestigationThe Sarasota Herald Tribune and the Miami Herald joined the Florida Bulldog in the Federal Lawsuit against the Department of Justice and the FBI concerning the 2002 Secret Sarasota Saudi investigation which compiled in excess of 80,000 pages. Back on April 30th 2014 the FBI has identified four more boxes of “classified” 9/11 documents held by its Tampa field office. The government, however, has yet to comply with a federal judge’s orders that it turn over, it took 2 years for FBI to give up the info what the hell? 
BROWARD BULLDOG: March 1st, 2017 A Miami federal judge excoriated the FBI for what she called its “shameful” delays in making public certain records about the bureau’s 9/11 Review Commission. “It is distressing to see the length to which a private citizen must go” to obtain records under the Freedom of Information Act [FOIA],” said U.S. District Judge Cecilia Altonaga. “It’s quite shocking frankly.” The ruling put off for now an unusual FOIA trial that had been scheduled to begin next week, March 6th. “The judge has done an excellent job moving this difficult case forward irrespective of the FBI’s stall tactics,” said attorney Thomas Julin, a partner in the Miami office of the Gunster law firm who represents Florida Bulldog (Broward Bulldog). “This short delay will not put the Bulldog off the scent.” Assistant U .S. Attorney Carlos Raurell represents the government. He declined to comment.

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