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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Goofballs At LEOAFFAIRS.COM Are Quoting A Blog Run By David Horowitz Who Financed Black Panthers And BLA Cop Killers, WTH?

Right wing blogger David Horowitz raised money for the 'Cop Killers' at the Black Panther Party and the Black Liberation Army up until early 1975 through the Panther “Learning Center,” his ex-bookeeper and friend Betty Van Patter was murdered by the Black Panthers on December 13, 1974 while working for the Panther “Learning Center.”

Right wing blogger David Horowitz also raised money for the phony group “Muslims Against Sharia” who post articles as 'Insane P.I.", on the donation page of their webiste they request you to send money to David Horowitz Freedom Center, P.O. Box 55089, Sherman Oaks, CA 91499-1964.

David Horowitz was a supporter of Huey P. Newton, and raised money for Black Panther Party 'Cop Killers' like Shuaib Raheem who was arrested Jan. 1973, see Shuaib Raheem’s NEW YORK CITY story click here.

David Horowitz has written that he recommended that the Black Panther Party hire a bookkeeper, Betty Van Patter, who was then working for David Horowitz at Ramparts. After serving as a bookkeeper for Ramparts magazine, Betty Van Patter became an aide to Panther leader Elaine Brown in 1974, after being introduced to the Black Panther Party by David Horowitz. Betty Van Patter (killed December 13, 1974) was a bookkeeper for the Black Panther Party, she was gang raped, beaten (stomped) and murdered, her killers were never 'arrested'.

It has come to my attention that some of the cowardly anonymous posters to the thread / blog called LEOAFFAIRS.COM are making claims that Kelly Osborn, the mother of murdered Sheena Morris, and myself are making anonymous posts defaming police officers, using a blog called 'Insane P.I.' as reference, all not true.

Insane P.I. is run by people directly linked to David horowitz who financed 'Cop Killers' at the Black Panthers and the BLA in the 1970's how do you like that LEOAFFAIRS.  David Horowitz currently backs racist bloggers Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller whose organizations have been listed as 'hate sites' by the Southern Poverty Law Center, see
PI Bill Warner says: I Do Not Post Anonymously To Any Website Or Blog Especially Some Goofball Blog Called LEOAFFAIRS.COM, if I post anything to any online newspaper article I always post using FACEBOOK which will generate a photo of myself along with my full name, unlike the cowardly weasels on LEOAFFAIRS.COM like “Crazy” and x15 Sig20 and PONY BOY and all the rest of the ilk.

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