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Saturday, February 11, 2012 Jihad Website Boss Jesse Curtis Morton aka Younus Abdullah Muhammed Guility on Solicitation of Murder Charge, He Will Get 5 Years.

Dirtbag Jesse Curtis Morton aka Younus Abdullah Muhammed gets what he deserves, prison time, for his years of using the terror linked website to threaten people in NYC and around the USA including me, next up Yousef Al-Khattab.

NY DAILY NEWS...Brooklyn jihadi threatened 'South Park' creators, Jesse Curtis Morton urged wackos to attack writers of cartoon.  A man from Brooklyn who founded a Muslim extremist website that drew NYPD scrutiny pleaded guilty Thursday to threatening the creators of the television show “South Park.”

Jesse Curtis Morton, also known as Younus Abdullah Mohammad, encouraged jihadists to attack the writers of “South Park” for an episode that featured the Prophet Muhammed in a bear suit, said prosecutors in Alexandria, Va.

Morton, 33, was also charged with soliciting the murder of an artist tied to the “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” movement in 2010. Morton pleaded guilty in Alexandria Federal Court to three conspiracy counts that each carry a maximum penalty of five years in prison.


Revolution Muslim was formed in early 2008 by Jesse Curtis Morton and Joseph Cohen, a/k/a “Yousef Al-Khattab,” with the publicly stated goals of establishing Islamic law in the U.S., destroying Israel, and taking al-Qaida’s messages to the masses.

The organization’s website , as well as Morton and Cohen, openly stated that Revolution Muslim derived spiritual inspiration from (ex-con) Sheikh Abdullah al-Faisal, a cleric now in Jamaica who preaches the necessity of violent jihad and the virtues of killing kuffars, as per Paula R. Menges a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”).

The Brooklyn Ink first broke the story of Revolution Muslim, the organization that has issued a threat against the creators of “South Park” for their depiction of the Prophet Muhummad. The story profiled the group’s founder, Yousef Al-Khattab who grew up as Joseph Cohen in Brooklyn. Al-Khattab, in a reader comment, said he left Revolution Muslim in December of 2009. The story appears below, as does a follow up on the shutting down of Revolution Muslim‘s website.

Bill Warner, a Private investigator in Sarasota Fl and cyber vigilante, who says he has helped shut down several jihadist websites across America by reporting them to their Internet service providers and the authorities, says people like Yousef Khattab incite others to commit violent acts, rather than doing them on their own. “Whatever problems there are in the Middle East, he brings them to Queens, New York,” he says. “He tries to get people to do things.

Sarasota Private Investigator Bill Warner says this image from one of the posts on Revolution Muslim poses a threat to Chabad Lubavitch, Yousef Al-Khattab says that claim is absurd. You decide. He points to a recent post on Revolution Muslim that had an image of the Chabad Lubavitch headquarters in Crown Heights, Brooklyn with captions pointing out where the main temple is, and noting that it is always full at prayer times; the post also identified a Jewish talis bag as a great place to store “Islamic info.” Bill Warner says this post presented a credible threat and it caused the NYPD to come in full force to protect the synagogue.

Bill Warner Sarasota Private Investigator, SEX, CRIME, CHEATERS & TERRORISM at

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Sarasota Used Car Dealer And Professional Auto Repair at "American European Auto" Is The Best Deal Around Says PI Bill Warner

I am a private investigator in Sarasota and I and other investigators run four vehicles seven days a week, 52 weeks a year from Fort Myers to Panama City Fl, sometimes sitting in the hot Florida sun for 12 to 14 hours at a time with the A/C running overtime.

I beat up and abuse vehicles with jack-rabbit starts and stops, following other vehicles on the interstate at high speeds from Sarasota to Tampa, accelerating and braking going from lane to lane and worse yet other people are also using the same vehicles. 

My vehicles need upkeep and repairs, so where do I go and where have I gone for the last 5 years to keep my vehicles on the road, "American European Auto" 2321 Bee Ridge Road Rd Sarasota, Florida 34239 Tel: 941-925-8863, open Monday - Saturday 9AM - 5 PM, see their website

It is essential for me to have my vehicles in tip-top condition, my business depends on it, I do not have time to mess around with delays in getting any of my vehicle back on the road so I take any of my vehicles to "American European Auto" tell Brian or David my problem, leave the vehicle, they call me back in 30 min, give me a solid price and have the job done the same day by 4:00 pm, what else do you need?

I also purchased a vehicle from the American European Auto used car lot and got a lot of use out of the vehicle running assignments from Fort Myers to Panama City Fl.  See map to the American European Auto Sarasota location CLICK HERE.

Is an 'Organized Sexual Psychopath" Linked to Missing, Kidnapped and Murdered Petite Blond Females Like Karen Swift in TN and others in KY, OH and IND?

Karen Swift, a petitie blond attractive female, went missing on October 30th 2011, her body was found on December 10th along side a dirt road leading up to an old Cemetery in Dyersburg TN.  There does not appear to be any suspects in the Karen Swift murder, nor has there been any "official" release of her cause of death, two months later. 

Saturday, February 4, 2012, Dyersburg State Gazette....The body of Karen Swift has been released from the Shelby County Medical Examiner's Office and Dyer County Sheriff's investigators are awaiting the coroner's final report.  Swift's body was released to her family and was taken to McNabb Funeral Home in Pocahontas, Ark., where Swift is originally from. The visitation will be Friday, Feb. 10, from 5 - 8 at the funeral home and the funeral service will be held at 1 p.m. at the Church of God in Pocahontas.

I'm not a homicide detective nor am I a medical examiner, I deal with missing person cases and have for the last 17 years, the Karen Swift murder investigation has gone 60 days without a cause of death, this is extreme.

The Organized Sexual Psychopath Serial Killer, his traits, antisocial personality, and sexual sadism as revealed by Vernon J. Geberth, M.S., M.P.S. Former Commander, Bronx Homicide, NYPD, New York NY.

The author, Vernon J. Geberth, compiled the most current listing of serial murderers within the United States using the following operational definition: three or more separate murder events with an emotional cooling-off period between the homicides. The base population was 387 serial murderers, who killed (under various motivations), three or more persons over a period of time with cooling-off periods between the events.

The author identified 232 male serial murderers who violated their victims sexually. The author employed a case history evaluation protocol based upon the DSM-IV criteria of Antisocial Personality Disorder (301.7) and Sexual Sadism (302.84) to examine the population of 232 serial killers, who had violated their victims sexually.

In the author's experience, most serial killers are classified as "organized offenders." The organized offender is usually above average in intelligence. He is methodical and cunning. His crime is well thought out and carefully planned. He is likely to own a car which is in good condition. The crime is usually committed away from his area of residence or work. He is mobile and travels many more miles than the average person.

Fantasy and ritual are important to the organized type offender. He selects a victim, which he considers the "right" type, (young petite blond females), someone he can control either through manipulation or strength, usually a stranger. "He could be a large man, 5"10" tall and 200 lbs and over, skilled in weapons and self defense like the martial arts."

Most of his victims will share specific traits, such as blond hair color, young age, light skin color and petite size. He is considered socially adept. He uses his verbal skills to manipulate his victims and gain control over them until he has them within his "comfort zone." The organized killer is fully cognizant of the criminality of his act and takes pride in his ability to thwart the police investigation.

February 2nd, 2012....Does Arrest of Mad Dog Rapist Terry L. Britt Link to the Murder of Karen Swift And The Kidnapping of Holly Bobo in Tennessee?  Terry Lee Britt DOB 1/26/1959, age 53, 5' 10 tall and 200 lbs, has been arrested in Parsons TN, Britt is currently in the Madison County Sheriff’s Department’s jail. Terry L. Britt prior arrests and convictions include a 07/29/1995 RAPE,  a 08/01/1986 SEXUAL BATTERY and a 06/30/1977 RAPE.  Britt is accused of picking up women in vans and taking them somewhere to assault them. Investigators believe Terry Britt was working with another person to assault women (who would that be). Terry Britt fits the profile of a Organized Sexual Psychopath.

The Organized Sexual Psychopath Serial Killeris likely to follow news reports of his crimes and will oftentimes take a "souvenir" from his victim as a reminder, that may be used to relive the event or augment the fantasy surrounding the killing. For the organized offender the souvenir constitutes a "trophy." He is excited by the cruelty of the act and may engage in torturing the victim. Sexual control of the victim plays an important part in this scenario.

The organized offender usually brings his own weapon to the crime scene and avoids leaving evidence behind. He is familiar with police procedures. The body is often removed from the crime scene, as in the Karen Swift case in Dyersburg TN. He may do this to "taunt" the police by leaving the corpse in plain public viewKaren Swift was left in a thicket of weeds along side a road that entered an old cemetery.

According to the DSM-IV, the essential feature of the antisocial personality disorder is to be found in patterns of irresponsible and antisocial behaviors beginning in childhood or early adolescence and continuing into adulthood. Lying, stealing, truancy, vandalism, initiating fights, running away from home, and physical cruelty (torture small animals) are typical childhood signs.

In adulthood the antisocial pattern continues and may include failure to honor financial obligations, maintain consistent employment, or plan ahead. These individuals fail to conform to social norms and repeatedly engage in antisocial behaviors that are grounds for arrest, such as destroying property, harassing others, and stealing. Often these antisocial acts are committed with no seeming necessity. People with antisocial personality disorder tend toward irritability and aggressivity, and often become involved in physical fights and assaults, including spouse and child beating.

Reckless behavior without regard for personal safety is common, as indicated by driving while intoxicated or getting numerous speeding tickets. Frequently these individuals are promiscuous, failing to sustain a monogamous relationship for more than one year (tend to have multiple marriages and divorces). They do not appear to learn from past experiences in that they tend to resume the same kinds of antisocial behaviors they were punishment for. Finally, they seem to lack feelings of remorse about the effects of their behavior on others. On the contrary, they may feel justified in having violated the rights of others.

Bill Warner Sarasota Private Investigator, SEX, CRIME, CHEATERS & TERRORISM at .

Treasure Hunters Claim They've Found $Billions in Ship Sunk By a Nazi U-Boat 62 Miles Off Cape Cod MA.

FOX NEWS..Modern-day treasure hunters say they've found a sunken ship off the coast of Cape Cod, Mass., holding one of the biggest fortunes ever discovered in the ocean depths.

"There's 71 tons of platinum, there's some gold ingots and there's also some uncut diamonds, industrial diamonds, that were on the Port Nicholson," said Capt. Gary Esper. He's one member of the team hoping to bring the goods to the surface. "I like to call us explorers rather than treasure hunters because treasure hunters have a bad name these days so we just went out there looking for the ship," said Esper.

The S.S. Port Nicholson was torpedoed by a German U-boat in 1942 during World War II. According to Esper, research shows the vessel drifted before finally sinking, plunging 700 feet into the depths of Georges Bank, a popular fishing channel littered with shipwrecks (sunk by Nazi U-boats) and known for strong currents and turbulent weather.

How did a Nazi U-Boat get that close to the USA in 1942, only 60 some miles from Cape Cod, where they also in Boston Harbor?  Admiral Karl Donitz, the commander of all Nazi U-boats based in France.  Donitz had two submarines capable of attacking the US: Type IXB and IXC.

When Donietz requested the use of 12 IX Type U-boats for his operation to attack the USA, he received a lukewarm response from Hitler, in fact, all of the available U-boats were already in use and on station—but for five, which happen to be the advanced IX Type! These were: U-123, U-130, U-66, U-109, and U-125. Two were IXB types, the remaining were IXC types. Their captains were briefed and told to not expose themselves unless the target was at least 10000 tons while in American waters. The fishing ground was from CapeHatteras to St. Lawerence. The U-boats secretly made their way across the Atlantic between Dec. 16-24.

Doneitz continued to add all available submarines and more began to arrive off of Florida or in the Caribbean to intercept vital oil pumped from Aruba. Replacing the first wave in February were: U-103, 106, 107, 108, all IX Type. Also arriving now were the lesser U-boats, VIIC Type: U-432, 564, 578, 653. These were positioned up and down the East Coast from Norfolk to Boston. Others like the U128 and 504 hunted off the Florida coast Appearing in the warm tropics near Aruba and Trinidad raomed U67, U129, U156, U161, U502- all IXC Type. Each of these subs could linger around for 2-3 weeks time before returning.

Georges Bank is a large elevated area of the sea floor which separates the Gulf of Maine from the Atlantic Ocean and is situated between Cape Cod, Massachusetts and Cape Sable Island, Nova Scotia.

Georges Bank is oval shaped and measures approximately 149 miles in length by 75 miles in width, making it larger in area than Massachusetts. Located 62 miles offshore of Cape Cod MA, Georges Bank is part of the continental shelf and during the Wisconsin glaciation was actually part of the North American mainland. Georges Bank is now submerged, and its depths range from several metres to several dozen metres, placing almost the entire bank fully 330 feet shallower than the Gulf of Maine to the north.

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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

40 States Agree to Foreclosure Abuse Settlement With Banks To Reduce Loans For Homeowners Who Owe More Than Home is Worth, Banks to Send $2,000.

FOX NEWS.....WASHINGTON – More than 40 U.S. states have agreed to a nationwide settlement over foreclosure abuses. The deal would force the five largest mortgage lenders to reduce loans for about 1 million households. And the remaining holdouts could sign onto a deal in the coming days.

Officials say that negotiators worked well into Monday night to persuade more states to join the settlement. There is growing optimism that California, Delaware, Nevada, New York and others will eventually sign on.

The reduced loans would benefit homeowners who are behind on their payments and owe more than their homes are worth. The lenders -- Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citigroup and Ally Financial -- would also send checks for about $2,000 to hundreds of thousands of people who lost homes to foreclosure. MORE FROM THIS SOURCE

ABC NEWS...."Federal and state officials, as well as representatives from the banks, continue to address matters that they must complete before finalizing any settlement," said Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller, who is leading the 50-state talks.  Homeowners in states that opt out of the deal wouldn't share in the settlement money. The money available to homeowners could run as high as $25 billion if all states approve the deal.

The five lenders — Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citigroup and Ally Financial — have already agreed to the settlement. In settling the charges, the states would agree not to pursue further investigations against the banks in civil court. The deal would not protect the banks from criminal investigations.

Under the deal, the mortgage principal for about 1 million homeowners would be written down by an average of $20,000. An additional 750,000 Americans — about half the households eligible for aid under the deal — would receive about $2,000. MORE FROM THIS SOURCE

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Monday, February 06, 2012


The SUN News....AL-QAEDA is trying to recruit WOMEN to carry out suicide bombings in the UK, MPs warn today. Al-Qaeda is using extremist websites to radicalise the angels of death, says their chilling report.

The Association of Chief Police Officers' Sir Norman Bettison told MPs the internet "seems to feature in most, if not all, of the routes of radicalisation", the web being increasingly used to brainwash supporters.

The Commons home affairs committee says it has heard evidence the terror group is "specifically launching and targeting women for violent acts".  It is already a deadly tactic in the Middle East, where growing numbers of Palestinian women are volunteering for suicide missions against Israel. The MPs' report comes days after four Islamic extremists admitted plotting to bomb the London Stock Exchange.

Woolwich Crown Court heard how the gang — who also had London mayor Boris Johnson on a hit list — had been brainwashed by the twisted ideology of Anwar al-Awlaki, an al-Qaeda leader until the US killed him in Yemen last year.  MORE FROM THIS SOURCE.

UPDATE…Monday Feb. 6th, 2012, Dotster Domain Registration and Website Hosting Company Continues to Promote Al-Qaeda Websites in the USA That Recruit Lone Wolf Terrorists and Suicide Bombers. Why isn’t the DHS monitoring these jihadist websites.

TERROR WEBSITE HOSTING IN THE USA; Dotster Domain Registration and Website Hosting in Vancouver WA, fronts for Al-Qaeda jihad website Ansar Al-Mujahideen that recruits lone wolf terrorists. The Ansar al-Mujahideen forum “is a popular, internationally-known, Islamic extremist web forum used by its members to translate, promote, and distribute jihadist propaganda, as well as a means to communicate with other like-minded extremists,” see their website 

Domain ID: D31419025-LRMS
Last Updated On: 12-Jan-2012 04:01:43 UTC
Expiration Date: 04-Feb-2014 16:49:41 UTC
Sponsoring Registrar: Dotster, Inc.
Registrant Organization:c/o
Registrant Street1: P.O. Box 821650
Registrant City: Vancouver
Registrant State/Province: WA
Registrant Postal Code: 98682
Registrant Contry: US
Registrant Phone: 1-360-449-5933
The Baltimore Sunday January 14th, 2012. U.S. War On Terror Focuses On New Battlefield: the Internet; A besieged al-Qaeda, weakened by 10 years of war, the killing of bin Laden and the removal of other top leaders, is now focusing much of its attention on inspiring recruits in the United States and elsewhere to carry out attacks that the terror group itself might no longer be capable of mounting.

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New Orleans Officials Consider Strict Youth Curfew To Combat 'Culture of Death', Newtown Section of Sarasota Fl Needs One Too.

NEW ORLEANS – Officials in New Orleans are considering tightening a youth curfew in the latest attempt to fight crime in a city with the nation's highest murder rate and what its mayor has called "a culture of death."

The city council is scheduled to vote later this month on whether to expand a recently strengthened curfew in the French Quarter and a nearby tourist area to the whole city. Mayor Mitch Landrieu, Police Superintendent Ronal Serpas and other community leaders back the plan.

Curfew rules in effect since mid-January in the French Quarter and nearby tourist district require all those 16 and under to be off the streets by 8:00pm every day rather than merely on school nights, as was previously required.

New Orleans' murder rate has citizens rattled. Last year, 199 people were killed in the city of 344,000 -- a 14 percent increase over the year before. That comes as the national murder rate continues to drop and puts the city's rate at 10 times the national average...MORE FROM THIS SOURCE
More Shootings In Newtown, Time for Sarasota To Impose a Curfew On Newtown Thugs Before We Have Dead Cops Laying In the Streets.  What has to happen before Sarasota city, county and/or state officals take action to curb gang violence in Newtown?

Does Sarasota need dead cops laying in the streets like in St Pete and Tampa murdered by black gang members, see link CLICK HERE, before someone gets off their butt and clamps down on all the illicit street activity in Newtown?

Since April 16th, 2011 when the two British Tourists were slaughterd in "The Courts" section of Newtown by what appears to be thug Shawn Tyson and one of his gang members, there has been drive by shootings with an AK-47, armed car jackings, armed robberies, drug dealers threatening residents with a shotgun (in broad daylight), nine dead bodies and during the reign of terror one Newtown resident answered his door and was shot by a man dressed all in black and "Nobody Knows Nuttin", No Snitchin in Newtown.

NEWTOWN NEEDS A CURFEW: A curfew is an order specifying a time after which certain regulations apply. An order by a government (SARASOTA) for certain persons to return home daily before a certain time, It can be imposed to maintain public order or suppress targeted groups (gangs), Newtown has become a shooting gallery.

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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Bloomington Ex-Con Sex Offender Preferred Young Petite Blond Females Like Lauren Spierer, Sex Offender Worked Next Door to Kilroy's Sports Bar.

From background information obtained today it appears that Bloomington registered sex offender Mark X, before he went off the deep end and before he was convicted of sex crimes, had always dated petite young white females with long blond hair who looked like Lauren Spierer.  It has also been revealed that Mark X had become increasingly violent with his blond girlfriends as his drinking escalated. Apparently Mark X, in his mid 50's, had attended Indiana Universtity in the mid 1970's and is very familiar with Bloomington.

I have no knowledge of any direct connections of sex offender Mark X to the disappearence of IU student Lauren Spierer, following are the facts of the Spierer case as reported by the Bloomington Police Department and information on Mark X as per the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department Sex Offender Database,, it is what it is.

Mark X has been described to me as a smooth talking womanizer with loads of girlfriends before he gained his prison pounds, Mark X went into the Indiana prison system on two occasions for sex related crimes. Mark X was working at  the Bloomington Taco Bell right next door to Kilroy’s Sports Bar where Lauren Spierer had been drinking in the early morn of June 3rd. The Taco Bell on N. Walnut St is a 3 min walk to Lauren Spierer's apartment complex, see map CLICK HERE.

Mark X went into the Indiana prison system on May 1st, 1999 he was finally released on January 17th, 2010, upon release he was working near the SMALLWODD PLAZA APARTMENTS at 455 N. College Ave (see map CLICK HERE) for almost 15 months before Lauren Spierer disappeared on June 3rd, 2011 at about 4:30 am.

As per the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department Sex Offender Database,, on June 3rd 2011 Mark X had been employed at the Taco Bell 309 North Walnut Street which is right next door to Kilroy’s Sports Bar 319 North Walnut Street.

Lauren Spierer had been drinking at Kilroy’s Sports Bar in the early morning hours of Friday June 3rd 2011, see map CLICK HERE.  Bloomington Police have said Lauren Spierer was intoxicated that morning of June 3rd.

The Taco Bell at 309 N. Walnut St Bloomington IN is open till 2:00 am on Thursdays and 4:00 am on Fridays, they cater to the late night IU college crowd, the Taco Bell was just closing down when Lauren Spierer came out of Kilroy's Sports bar next door at 2:27 am. 

Bloomington Police released the timeline of Lauren Spierer’s whereabouts from surveillance cameras early Friday morning June 3rd, 2011;
"At 1:46 am Lauren entered Kilroy's, exited at 2:27 am
"At 2:30 entered Smallwood, exited at 2:40 am"
"Lauren entered north/south alley at 2:48 am"
"Lauren exited the alley at 2:51 am"
"Lauren visited an apartment on W. 11th street (11th and Morton)."
"Lauren’s final location was seen at 11th and College at approx. 4:30 am", heading south on College Ave.

PERSON WHO KIDNAPPED LAUREN SPIERER KNEW WHERE SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS ARE LOCATED; The person who kidnapped Lauren Spierer would have had to been very familiar with where surveillance cameras are located in the area near Kilroy's Sports Bar and SMALLWODD PLAZA APARTMENTS at 455 N. College Ave.  About the only place where multiple surveillance cameras are not located is the corner sidewalk area and alley at 575 College Ave heading south about 1/2 block from Smallwood Apt.  

The alley, seen in photo above, is just south of E. 10th Street on College Ave, it is where Lauren Spierer's keys where found, see map CLICK HERE. The sidewalk area near the alley has large trees (in full bloom June 3rd) on College Ave that would block the view of cameras up the street, there is also a 6 foot privacy fence that runs the full lenght of the alley on the south side, this location would be the ideal "blind spot" to hide a car or van and snatch someone off the street as they walked by. The 24 hour Waffle House is directly across the street on the corner of E. 10th Street and College ave.

Sex Offender Mark X, age mid 50's, convictions and prison time.
1). Date of Sentence 05/14/1999
Term in Years / Months / Days.... 05 years
Type of Conviction- Felony Conviction
Indiana Citation Code 35-42-4-3
Cause Number 49G1-9708-CF-650
County of Conviction MARION
Projected Release Date 03/02/2004

2). Date of Sentence 09/29/2008
Term in Years / Months / Days ....04 years
Type of Conviction- Felony Conviction
Indiana Citation Code 11-8-8-17
Cause Number 53C02-083-FC-009
County of Conviction MONROE
Actual early release date 1/17/2010

There are no coincidences in kidnapping cases, it is what it is, kidnappers, especially sex offenders WHO ALWAYS RE-OFFEND, plan out their abductions, they do surveillance on their victims, they know their habits, they know where the victim lives, eats and drinks and when the time is right they strike.

There were also two ex-con registered sex offenders working at the  24 hour Waffle House on College Ave across the street from the SMALLWODD PLAZA APARTMENTS which would have been the only place open at 4:30 am on June 3rd, 2011. See Monroe County Sheriff’s Department Sex Offender Database for more info at this link

Last known address for sex offender Mark X is 4700 block of E. State Road 45 Bloomington IN.  The E. State Road 45 Bloomington address is an extension of E. 10th Street, you go from SMALLWODD PLAZA APARTMENTS at 455 N. College Ave around to Morton St (or from the alley) up to E. 10th Street turn right and continue on E. 10th Street until it becomes E State Road 45.  It is a 10 min drive from the SMALLWODD PLAZA APARTMENTS to the rural E State Rd 45 location.  Was the 4700 block of E. State Road 45 Bloomington one of the areas searched for Lauren Spierer. 

Let’s get real here, Lauren Spierer is a very, very young looking 21 year old with blond hair and blue eyes, at 4′ 11″ tall and 98 lbs she looks like a 13 year old or even younger and fits the profile for a sex offender who targets petite young females with blond hair and who just might be working in her neighborhood.

Bill Warner Sarasota Private Investigator, SEX, CRIME, CHEATERS & TERRORISM at