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Joint CIA-Mossad Operation Takes Out Iran Nuclear Scientist Mostafa Roshan as Iran Refuses to Curtail Nuclear Related Activities With Military Groups.

Fox News, TEHRAN, Iran – Iran said Saturday it has evidence that the United States was behind the assassination of an Iranian nuclear scientist this week in Tehran, state media reported.

The Iranian nuclear scientist was killed Wednesday Jan. 11th, 2012, in an attack similar to those carried out on four other Iranian scientists. Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan is the fifth Iranian scientist to be killed in what obviously is a CIA operation.

The killing is the latest in a long list of CIA-Mossad covert operations in recent months to stall Iran’s nuclear weapons program, as well they should, see International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) information below.

International Atomic Energy Agency
IAEA .....The Agency (IAEA) is still awaiting a substantive response from Iran to Agency requests for further information in relation to announcements made by Iran concerning the construction of ten new uranium enrichment facilities, the sites for five of which, according to Iran, have been decided, and the construction of one of which was to have begun by the end of the last Iranian year (20 March 2011) or the start of this Iranian year.

IAEA Date: 24 May 2011.....Iran is obliged to suspend all enrichment related activities and heavy water related projects. Some of the activities carried out by Iran at UCF and the Fuel Manufacturing Plant (FMP) at Esfahan are in contravention of that obligation.

 IAEA Date: 23 November 2010...  Based on the Agency’s analysis of all the information available to it, the Agency remains concerned about the possible existence in Iran of past or current undisclosed nuclear related activities involving military related organizations, including activities related to the development of a nuclear payload for a missile.

In the past two years, four Iranian nuclear scientists have been the target of assassination attempts and three have been killed. The German weekly Spiegel recently published a report claiming that Daryoosh Rezainejad’s assassination was carried out by Mossad as part of an organized targeting of Iranian nuclear scientists.

The Spiegel report says the West believes targeting scientists is the best way to hamper the alleged Iranian program to build nuclear weapons. In December 2009, Massoud Ali Mohammadi was killed in a bomb explosion near his home.

In December 2010, Majid Shariyari and Fereydoon Abbasi Davani were targeted in separate attacks in Tehran. Abbasi Davani, who is currently the head of Iran’s Atomic Agency, escaped with injuries, but Shahriyari was killed.  In July 2011, Daryoosh Rezainejad, whom Iranian authorities had identified as a nuclear scientist, was shot and killed by an unidentified attacker in Tehran.

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U.S. War On Terror Focuses On New Battlefield: the Internet, I Have Been Shutting Down Jihad Websites Like alekhlaas.info Since 2008.

THE BALTIMORE SUN.....Weakened enemy going online to recruit homegrown terrorists.  A Woodlawn man watches online videos of Osama bin Laden, posts about jihad on his Facebook page, and — according to federal prosecutors — agrees to a plot to detonate a bomb at a military recruiting center in Catonsville MD. An Ellicott City MD teen is accused of using the Internet to solicit volunteers and money for a jihadist war in South Asia and Europe. A former Army private from Laurel MD comes across an Islamic website, becomes a Muslim and makes plans to join a State Department-designated terrorist group in Somalia so he can live under Sharia law.

That soldier, Craig Benedict Baxam, is the most recent Marylander accused of finding his way to Islamic extremism online. He was charged last week by federal authorities with attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization. A besieged al-Qaeda, weakened by 10 years of war, the killing of bin Laden and the removal of other top leaders, is now focusing much of its attention on inspiring recruits in the United States and elsewhere to carry out attacks that the terror group itself might no longer be capable of mounting.

The United States, meanwhile, is moving to counter the potential appeal of the jihadist pitch. The FBI is monitoring Islamist websites and chat rooms. The State Department is logging on to online forums, blogs and social-networking sites to rebut what officials call "the extremist narrative."
Investigators and analysts say the INTERNET radicalized fit no single profile. They have included young and old, men and women, natives and immigrants, rich and poor, college graduates and high school dropouts, lifelong Muslims and recent converts. Compounding the challenge for authorities, they are often isolated from their communities and work and plot alone. 

One common theme does emerge. While many are isolated within their communities, most are well-connected online, where al-Qaeda and its affiliates are expanding their activities. "Whereas the Internet was previously used to spread propaganda, it is now used in recruiting, radicalizing, training and inciting terrorism," Mark F. Giuliano, assistant director of the FBI Counterterrorism Division, said last year. "Thousands of extremist websites promote violence to a worldwide audience predisposed to the extremist message."

Begining in January 2008 I was involed in a full court press put on shutting down Al-Qaeda and assorted Jihad websites that are hosted by Web Companies in the USA with the aid of Newspapers and TV Stations that have put America's safety at the forefront.

The full court press on terror websites started with the aid of the Media in Tampa Fl and Howard Altman the "Courts and Cops" Team Leader Editor of The Tampa Tribune. Significant Jihad websites were shut down in 2008, 2009 and 2010 including the Somalia Al-Shabaab terror website in Vancouver WA and the pro Al-Qaeda Website of Samir Khan in Charlotte NC who was killed in Yemen by a CIA Drone attack along with Anwar Al-Awlaki last year.

Samir Khan and Anwar al-Awlaki were Al-Qaeda heads of Internet propaganda, see Two U.S.-Born Terrorists Killed in CIA-Led Drone Strike.  Samir Khan had posted articles and a video in an attempt to "Inspire" someone to kill me, private investigator Bill Warner, see "Return Of The Blog" VIDEO CLICK HERE.

Published: February 22, 2008.....Investigator Links 3rd Jihadist Web Site To Tampa Host, By HOWARD ALTMAN, The Tampa Tribune, Tampa continues to be the focus of an international game of Internet whack-a-mole between jihadists who put up Web sites and organizations and individuals who try to shut them down. For the third time in a month, Sarasota-based private investigator Bill Warner has tracked to a Tampa hosting company what investigators call a significant Web site used by jihadists for communications, recruitment and fundraising. The company is based in the same building as the U.S. Attorney's office.

Published Feb 26, 2008.....TAMPA (Bay News 9), Terrorist web sites are being hosted by U.S. companies There are radical Islamic web sites now being hosted by U.S. companies and possibly even in Tampa. Sarasota private investigator Bill Warner said last year he discovered what is known as one of the largest jihadist web sites currently online being hosted through a web company in Tampa.

Published Saturday, March 22, 2008.....Cyber Vigilantes Track Extremist Web Sites, Intelligence Experts Balk at Effort, By Carmen Gentile FOX News; Cyber vigilantes typically troll the Internet, searching message boards, Web sites and media sharing sites for incendiary postings from people with ties to terror groups like Al Qaeda. One of them is Bill Warner, a Sarasota, Fla.-based private investigator and a self-proclaimed cyber-crusader. In one month alone, Bill Warner was instrumental in helping shut down three Web sites hosted by a Tampa Internet service provider (ISP) that contained text, images and video related to attacks on U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Click here for more on Bill Warner. 

Published Tuesday, May 06, 2008...The Columbian Newspaper, DOTSTER UNDER FIRE FOR WEB CONTENT IN VANCOUVER WA ....A group of self-described anti-terrorist vigilantes has put the heat on Vancouver-based Dotster Inc for hosting an Arabic- and Somali- language Web site that frequently praises leaders in Somalia’s al-Qaeda organization.The site under fire http://www.kataaib.net/  is associated with the al Shabaab movement. Florida resident Bill Warner, who describes himself as an anti-terrorist vigilante, is among a collection of online activists who want to use public pressure on Dotster to get http://www.kataaib.net/  shut down...it was

Published Monday, January 26, 2009, Somalia Al-Shabaab (Al-Qaeda) terrorist website www.kataaib.net , Hosted by Dotster, is shut down, the Domain Pending Cancellation Per US Government Order on Jan 23 2009.

Published Jun 15, 2010 WBTV Charlotte NC News.VIDEO....Shut Down Violent Jihad Website of Samir Khan says PI Bill Warner, CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO.

Published Jun 15, 2010 Tampa News Video....Bill Warner Private Investigator Shuts Down Violent Jihad Websites. CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO.

Published Jul 16, 2010.... FOX NEWS VIDEO..Sarasota Private Investigator Bill Warner Shuts Down Al-Qaeda Websites, stops the information flow and recruitment of lone wolf terrorists, CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO.

Published...Thursday, January 12th, 2012.....Al-Qaeda Linked Ansar Al-Mujahideen website seeks support for Tampa terrorist Sami Osmakac, Ansar Al-Mujahideen is hosted by Dotster Inc in Vancouver WA, USA.  Online jihadist community is asking for support and prayers for Tampa terrorist Sami Osmakac via the “Ansar Al-Mujahideen website“, see link to terror website http://www.ansar1.info/  . The Al-Qaeda linked terror website, Ansar Al-Mujahideen is hosted by Dotster, Inc. in Vancouver WA, USA, see link http://www.whois.net/whois/ansar1.info .This is the same Dotster, Inc that hosted the Somalia Al-Shabaab terror website in 2008 and run by Daphne AL terrorist Omar Hammami.

Domain ID: D31419025-LRMS
Domain Name: http://www.ansar1.info/
Last Updated On: 12-Jan-2012 04:01:43 UTC
Expiration Date: 04-Feb-2014 16:49:41 UTC
Sponsoring Registrar: Dotster, Inc.
Registrant Organization:c/o http://www.ansar1.info/
Registrant Street1: P.O. Box 821650
Registrant City: Vancouver
Registrant State/Province: WA
Registrant Postal Code: 98682
Registrant Contry: US
Registrant Phone: 1-360-449-5933

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Cop Force On Panama City Beach Increased 65% For Spring Break 2012 as PCB Spends $100 Grand For Cops to Watch "Girls Gone Wild".

PANAMA CITY BEACH — First it was state troopers, then state beverage officers were added, and now county and Panama City law support will be attached to the beach to help police Spring Break. The city will spend almost $100,000 this year to bring in extra law enforcement for Spring Break, with the money going to officers from four additional state and local agencies.

Officers from the Bay County Sheriff’s Office and the Panama City Police Department will be added this year to the contingent of state troopers and state beverage control officers used last year. The extra help will mean the police presence along the beach will grow from 52 sworn Panama City Beach officers to a total of 86 officers from the state, county and both local cities during Spring Break 2012, MORE FROM THIS SOURCE...

The State Troopers, state beverage control officers and the local Panama City and Panama City Beach cops must be fighting one another to get this gig, have fun boys.

I wonder if the increased police presence on Panama City Beach will keep Casey Anthony from showing up, she sure would fit right in with the party time lifestyle.

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Tampa Cop Killer Dontae Morris' Cuz Alaina "Pooh" Riggins Gets 5 Years With Federal Armed Career Criminal Act, While Newtown Waits For "Change".

TAMPA TRIBUNE....Alaina "Pooh" Riggins gets 5 years on Federal gun charge, she is the cousin of the man accused of killing two Tampa police officers two years ago.  Alaina "Pooh" Riggins was arrested Jan. 23, 2011, after Tampa police stopped her for turning without signaling and found a .22-caliber gun, 72 rounds of ammunition, 8.8 grams of marijuana, 1.6 grams of crack cocaine and $245 in her vehicle. Alaina "Pooh" Riggins is the cousin of Dontae Morris, charged in the June 29, 2010, slayings of Tampa police Officers David Curtis and Jeffrey Kocab.

The Armed Career Criminal Act of 1984 (ACCA) is a United States federal law that provides sentence enhancements for felons who commit crimes with firearms, if convicted of certain crimes three or more times they can receive a maximum sentence of life imprisonment, Alaina "Pooh" Riggins, DOB 10/19/1984, resume in Tampa fits the criteria with 7 drug arrests since September 2004 and 3 times she was in possession of a firearm.

There are no records of  black thug Alaina "Pooh" Riggins doing any time in the State of Florida prison system, all her jail time appears to have been done in the Hillsborough County Jail, so now "Pooh" gets to skip State Prison and heads to the Federal Prison system for 5 years, LOL.

If a felon has been convicted more than twice of a “violent felony” or a “serious” drug crime, the Armed Career Criminal Act provides a minimum sentence of fifteen years, instead of the ten-year maximum prescribed under the Gun Control Act. The Armed Career Criminal Act provides for a maximum sentence of life imprisonment for 3 time violent offenders.
Reducing Newtown crime takes more than police, Sarasota officials say. There were eight murders in Sarasota last year, and all but one took place in the Newtown neighborhood. "There is a change coming and you are part of it," City Commissioner Willie Shaw told the crowd. Residents also say they are tired of the street crime, open-air drug markets and violence that plagues the community (NEWTOWN). The solution entails not just diligent police work but community support as well, two Sarasota officials told about 100 residents at a community forum Thursday night. City Commissioner Willie Shaw, whose district includes Newtown, said that crime fighting requires more than handcuffs. "You can't put everyone in jail and think you've solved all the problems," he said.

"Change" in Newtown will come with the application of the Armed Career Criminal Act of 1984 (ACCA) a US federal law that provides sentence enhancements for felons who commit crimes with firearms, if convicted of certain crimes three or more times, they can receive a maximum sentence of life imprisonment in the Federal prison system.....that will give you a "Change" in the Newtown section of Sarasota Fl

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Posting on Ansar Al-Mujahideen Website Vows Revenge For Deaths of Americans Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Khan, So Says Abu Yazeed

Recent postings, Jan 12th, 2012, on the Al-Qaeda linked Ansar Al-Mujahideen website http://www.ansar1.info/ indicate that the terror group Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) is planning new terror attacks in the USA to revenge the deaths of American citizens Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Khan. 

Samir Khan was the goofball from Charlotte NC who was incinerated by a US drone attack along with Anwar al-Awlaki. It also appears that another American citizen, Brother Abu Yazeed, is going to take over the role as chief of propaganda.

In late December 2011, Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) released a propaganda video celebrating the death of Anwar al-Awlaki whom the organization calls “The Martyr of Dawah”. In the video several Al-Qaida operatives are praising Awlaki´s legacy, vowing revenge for his assassination. 

Amongst those talking in the Jihadi documentary is AQAP´s spiritual leader Ibrahim al-Rubaish. “We all have to revenge for our Sheikh who sacrificed himself for the sake of his Ummah”, al-Rubaish says, highlighting Awlaki´s role as a role model of a Mujahid.

Besides Awlaki himself – who is seen in a video message that looks like a draft video released in 2010 – there is another English-speaking Jihadi featured in the new video.

This person named “Brother Abu Yazeed” for sure is of interest for Western intelligence agencies as he had not appeared in previous releases. The mysterious Al-Qaida operative, Brother Abu Yazeed, seems to speak with an American accent and is seen sitting in the dark, only revealing that he has a full grown beard and is wearing glasses, see photo above.

Abu Yazeed” talks about Anwar al-Awlaki as well as about American Samir Khan who died alongside the cleric and about Awlaki´s 16 year-old son Abdul Rahman who was killed in a different U.S. drone strike in Yemen. 

CNN.....The mystery man, Abu Yazeed, appears twice in the video. He is in shadow, peering off camera, and is wearing glasses and has a full beard. He is wearing what appears to be a black-and-white turban. He is identified as "Brother: Abu Yazeed."  In his second appearance, he eulogizes Samir Khan, the editor of AQAP's Inspire magazine, a publication aimed to appeal to Westerners.

The appearance of Abu Yazeed could be significant. The killings of al-Awlaki and Khan were considered a major blow to the terror group’s efforts to appeal to Westerners.

The Al-Qaeda linked terror website, Ansar Al-Mujahideen is hosted by Dotster, Inc. in Vancouver WA, USA, see link http://www.whois.net/whois/ansar1.info

Domain ID: D31419025-LRMS
Last Updated On: 12-Jan-2012 04:01:43 UTC
Expiration Date: 04-Feb-2014 16:49:41 UTC
Sponsoring Registrar: Dotster, Inc.
Registrant Organization:c/o http://www.ansar1.info/
Registrant Street1: P.O. Box 821650
Registrant City: Vancouver
Registrant State/Province: WA
Registrant Postal Code: 98682
Registrant Contry: US
Registrant Phone: 1-360-449-5933

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Department of Homeland Security Watches Twitter, Social Media and Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch, Right Wing Radicals Under the Microscope.

Department of Homeland Security puts Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch and his right wing radical lunatic fringe under the microscope, see photo above.

(Reuters) - The U.S. Department of Homeland Security's command center routinely monitors dozens of popular websites, including Facebook, Twitter, Hulu, WikiLeaks, JIHAD WATCH and news and gossip sites and Drudge Report, according to a government document.

A "privacy compliance review" issued by DHS last November says that since at least June 2010, its national operations center has been operating a "Social Networking/Media Capability" which involves regular monitoring of "publicly available online forums, blogs, public websites and message boards."

The purpose of the monitoring, says the government document, is to "collect information used in providing situational awareness and establishing a common operating picture." The document adds, using more plain language, that such monitoring is designed to help DHS and its numerous agencies, which include the U.S. Secret Service.  (The U.S. Secret Service monitors the internet for death threats posted about Pres. Barack Obama).

CONTROVERSIAL SITES;  On the list are Jihad Watch and Informed Comment, blogs that cover issues related to Islam through sharp political prisms, which have sometimes led critics to accuse the sites of political bias. MORE FROM THIS SOURCE

NY TIMES Published: July 24, 2011, Killings in Norway Spotlight Anti-Muslim Thought in U.S.. The man accused of the killing spree in Norway was deeply influenced by a small group of American bloggers and writers who have warned for years about the threat from Islam, lacing his 1,500-page manifesto with quotations from them, as well as copying multiple passages from the tract of the Unabomber.

Anders Behring Breivik, who is accused of bombing government buildings and killing scores of young people at a Labor Party camp. His manifesto, which denounced Norwegian politicians as failing to defend the country from Islamic influence, quoted Robert Spencer, who operates the Jihad Watch Web site, 64 times, and cited other Western writers who shared his view that Muslim immigrants pose a grave danger to Western culture. MORE FROM THIS SOURCE..

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Newtown Black Thug Ryan T. Russ Robs and Rapes Hooker Then Fled the Crime Scene on His Bicycle, Ryan T. Russ is an Ex-Con Drug Dealer.

HERALD TRIBUNE....Sarasota Police arrested Ryan T. Russ, of the 3000 block of McCloud Circle (NEWTOWN), this week on charges of sexual battery and robbery.  A prostitute told detectives that, in the 1800 block of North Tamiami Trail, she was approached by a bicyclist who offered her $40 for sex.

They went to the area of 18th Street and Cocoanut Avenue, where he started choking her and she went unconscious, she told police. When she regained consciousness, she said, the man started choking her again and said, “Did you die yet?”  A state crime lab analysis revealed that semen on the woman’s pants was that of Russ, a convicted felon, police say. The woman also identified Ryan T. Russ as the culprit in a photo line-up, MORE FROM THIS SOURCE..

Newtown Black Thug Ryan T. Russ, DOB 1/21/1983, was released from the Florida State prison system on July 10th, 2011, upon release he was listed at a Newtown address of 2324 24th St. Sarasota, FL 34234. Ryan T. Russ had been in prison on COCAINE POSSESSION and BURGLARY/DWELL/OCCUP. CONVEY convictions, he did 2/12 years in prison before Sarasota got him back.

Ryan T. Russ, DOB 1/21/1983, is 6' 4" tall and weighs over 270 lbs, he has an extensive arrest history in Sarasota County with charges for NARCOTIC EQUIP POSSESS, BURGLARY TOOLS POSSESSION, STOLEN PROP DEAL IN, DRUGS POSSESSION-CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION and on and on and on.

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Tampa Fl Center of Jihadist Activity Hosting Terror Websites and Sami Osmakac Bomb Plot.

TAMPA TRIBUNE....Sami Osmakac, the Pinellas Park man accused of plotting terror attacks against targets in Tampa, is apparently well-known to the online jihadist community, which is asking for support and prayers for Sami Osmakac, via the "Ansar Al-Mujahideen website", and dismayed that fellow Muslims helped turn him over to authorities, see link to terror website http://www.ansar1.info/

 TAMPA TRIBUNE...Investigator Bill Warner Links 3rd Jihadist Web Site To Tampa Host.  For the third time in a month, Sarasota-based private investigator Bill Warner has tracked to a Tampa hosting company what investigators call a significant Web site used by jihadists for communications, recruitment and fundraising. The company is based in the same building as the U.S. attorney’s office.  The site appears to show images of mujahedeen firing on U.S. troops in Afghanistan, among other images. The Web site was hosted by Noc4Hosts Inc. until it was taken down this month after a call from The Tampa Tribune. 

 Bill Warner says he goes after these sites, with the help of organizations such as the Middle East Media Research Institute, because “the propaganda war is being fought by al-Qaida and its affiliates on the Internet, and the USA hasn’t even stepped onto the court.” “Web sites such as http://www.alekhlaas.info/ provide inspiration and technical advice for would-be terrorists all over the world,” Bill Warner said.

Online jihadist community is asking for support and prayers for Tampa terrorist Sami Osmakac via the "Ansar Al-Mujahideen website",  see link to terror website http://www.ansar1.info/ .  The Al-Qaeda linked terror website, Ansar Al-Mujahideen is hosted by Dotster, Inc. in Vancouver WA, USA, see link http://www.whois.net/whois/ansar1.info. This is the same Dotster, Inc that hosted the Somalia Al-Shabaab terror website in 2008 and run by Daphne AL terrorist Omar Hammami.

Domain ID: D31419025-LRMS
Domain Name: http://www.ansar1.info/
Last Updated On: 12-Jan-2012 04:01:43 UTC
Expiration Date: 04-Feb-2014 16:49:41 UTC
Sponsoring Registrar: Dotster, Inc.
Registrant Organization:c/o http://www.ansar1.info/
Registrant Street1: P.O. Box 821650
Registrant City: Vancouver
Registrant State/Province: WA
Registrant Postal Code: 98682
Registrant Contry: US
Registrant Phone: 1-360-449-5933

  September 10, 2009.
P.I. Says U.S. company hosted web site used by group tied to suspected terrorist from Daphne AL. A Web site used by a Somali jihadist group that has been tied to a suspected terrorist from Daphne was hosted by an Internet company based in the United States, according to a private investigator.  Bill Warner, an investigator from Sarasota, Fla., who tried to shut down a number of Web sites linked to extremist groups, said he first targeted an al-Shabaab Web site in May 2008 after the U.S. government labeled it a terrorist organization.

Dotster Inc. of Vancouver, Wash., took the Web site down in January, Bill Warner said, after an order from the federal government.  Bill Warner said he has run a detective agency for 15 years and has been trying to shut down terrorist Web sites -- on his own time without pay -- since 2003. When watching an April 2007 al-Shabaab Web posting, he said, he was particularly intrigued by one of the men on the Web site, a fair-skinned man, who stood apart from the Somali fighters.  That man went by the name Abu Mansour al-Amriki. Fox News reported last week that his true identity is Omar Hammami and that he faces a secret indictment in Mobile's federal court on a charge of providing material support to terrorists. Hammami, 25, attended Daphne High School and the University of South Alabama, MORE FROM THIS SOURCE.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Newtown Black Thugs Deliver Drugs to South Gate Ridge Section of Sarasota Fl, I Know Who You Are.

On December 29th, 2011 and January 11th, 2012, I was made aware of a 1995 white Lincoln Town car with 3 black males coming into the South Gate Ridge section of Sarasota Fl with the intent to deliver drugs (COCAINE).  The driver and registered owner of the 1995 white Lincoln Town car is a known drug dealer in Newtown and he is currently on State of Florida felony probation for COCAINE POSSESSION. 

FYI, you are going down if you come back to the South Gate Ridge section of Sarasota Fl (Bee Ridge and Beneva area).  As of the census of 2010, there were 5,655 people, 2,473 households, and 1,607 families residing in the CDP of the South Gate Ridge section of Sarasota Fl. The population density was 3,122.5 people per square mile. There were 2,604 housing units at an average density of 1,437.8/sq mil. The racial makeup of the CDP of the South Gate Ridge section of Sarasota Fl was 94.54% White, 0.76% African American (Black), 0.27% Native American, 1.77% Asian, 0.05% Pacific Islander, 1.56% from other races.  

3 black males in a 17 year old piece of junk car with the stereo blasting away will have a hard time "blending" into the 94.54% White neighborhood of South Gate Ridge, inconspicuously, especially when they are delivery drugs in broad daylight, "it ain't gonna continue to happen bro".

Re: Citizens Arrest Sarasota Fl.
Citizens Arrest • Florida law does not have any specific statutes on citizen's arrest. This is because all relevant information on citizen's arrest law is placed under the concept of a police officer arresting someone outside of his jurisdiction. Under Florida law, this is the same as a "citizen's arrest." In the Florida Court of Appeals case "Ripley v. The State of Florida" (2005), it was made clear that the content of citizen's arrest law is identical to an officer arresting someone outside of their normal jurisdiction.

Jurisdiction • An officer arresting someone outside of the officer's normal jurisdiction is considered a "citizen's arrest." for example, if a Fort Lauderdale police officer, on vacation in Boca Raton, was to make an arrest, it is considered a "citizen's arrest" regardless of the fact that the person is actually a police officer. It makes no difference.

Arrest •When someone has the reasonable suspicion that a felony has been committed, a citizen's arrest might be made. The arrest is no different than any other police arrest. All relevant laws apply. Excessive force cannot be used, for example. But the general concept is that any citizen has the right to stop another who has committed a felony.

Local Enforcement •Once the arrest is made, the citizen must call the police chief of the locality in which the arrest was made. That officer then arrives at the scene--or sends a deputy--that will then read the Miranda rights and go through the other niceties of the arresting process. The local jurisdiction is responsible for any irregularities in the arresting process of the citizen in the later trial. This is to say that, a civilian, making an arrest, is treated by the courts like a trained police officer and is responsible or the same code of conduct. The implication of the law here is that all citizen's, when making an arrest under the proper circumstances of reasonable suspicion, have both the rights and duties of a police officer.

Trial • Both the arresting officer or civilian and the responding local officer then both must appear at the court trial of the defendant in the county within which the arrest was made. The judge, so it is implied, will then question the civilian on the nature of the arrest.

Read more: Florida Citizen's Arrest Laws

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Outrage Over Indian Islands 'Human Zoo' Video Showing JarAWA Tribal Women, Some of Them Naked, Being Lured to Dance For Food.

Rights campaigners and politicians Wednesday condemned a video showing women from a protected and primitive tribe dancing for tourists reportedly in exchange for food on India's Andaman Islands.

British newspaper The Observer released the undated video showing Jarawa tribal women -- some of them naked -- being lured to dance and sing after a bribe was allegedly paid to a policeman to produce them. Under Indian laws designed to protect ancient tribal groups susceptible to outside influence and disease, photographing or coming into contact with the Jarawa and some of the Andaman aborigines is banned.

The tribe, thought to have been among the first people to migrate successfully from Africa to Asia, lives a nomadic existence in the lush, tropical forests of the Andamans in the Indian Ocean. India's Tribal Affairs Minister V. Kishore Chandra Deo on Wednesday said an investigation had been ordered.

"An inquiry has been ordered and it is being headed by the chief secretary and director-general of police of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands," Deo told the Press Trust of India news agency. "It's deplorable. You cannot treat human beings like beasts for the sake of money. Whatever kind of tourism is that, I totally disapprove of that and it is being banned also," the minister added.

Survival International, which lobbies on behalf of tribal groups worldwide, said the video showed tourists apparently enjoying "human zoos." "Quite clearly, some people's attitudes towards tribal peoples haven't moved on a jot. The Jarawa are not circus ponies bound to dance at anyone's bidding," said Stephen Corry, the group's director, in a press release, MORE FROM THIS SOURCE..

The JarAWA tribal women, some of them naked, lured to dance for food, are not to be confused with the JAWA's seen dancing in the photo above.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

US Marshals Seek DNA From Relatives of Sex Offender James Gunterman, Does "Big Jim" Link to Karen Swift, Holly Bobo, Lauren Spierer, Paige Johnson and others?

Does Louisville KY sex offender James “Big Jim” Gunterman Jr. link directly to the Karen Swift and Holly Bobo cases in Northeast TN?  Does sex offender James Gunterman Jr. link to the abductions of Lauren Spierer in Bloomington IN, Paige Johnson in Florence KY, Crystal Hall in Pikeville KY and Kate Markham in Fairfield OH or any of the other missing petite females, Louisville KY is center to all the activity?

It has come to my attention that blood relatives of sex offender James “Big Jim” Gunterman Jr. have been asked by the US Marshals service for DNA samples.  Is the US Marshals service trying to match the DNA of James Gunterman to any number of missing and or murdered petite females in Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana?

James “Big Jim” Gunterman Jr. wanted for 19 COUNTS SEXUAL ABUSE 1ST DEGREE **SUBJECT IS NON-COMPLIANT, LAST REPORTED ADDRESS 3416 KRAMERS LANE APT #21 LOUISVILLE, KY 40216.  A person is guilty of sexual abuse in the first degree when he subjects another person to sexual contact by forcible compulsion.

UPDATE On Sex Offender James Gunterman Who Works As A Mechanic And Truck Driver Out of Louisville KY, US Marshals Are Looking for You.   It appears that sex offender James E. Gunterman Jr. aka “Big Jim” Gunterman travels the Quad State area of KY, TN, Ind and Ohio working as a car/truck mechanic, doing body work and painting cars/trucks, he also works as a truck driver. James Gunterman jr. is most likely is driving a van of some sort. James E. Gunterman jr. works for cash only, off the books, and does not use his social security number. James E. Gunterman Jr. aka “Big Jim” Gunterman flys under the cop’s radar with good reason.

Wanted sex offender JAMES EDMOND GUNTERMAN Jr., has tattoos of various skulls of different sizes on his left side, “Big Jim” on calf, Amber/Andrea flowers and ribbons with names inside, see photo above, this dirtbag ex-con Jimmy Gunterman has been on the loose in the Southern Midwest for at least 2 years.

WANTED by the Louisville Metro Police Department, Kentucky State Police and the U.S. Marshals Service for failure to register as a sex offender, James E. Gunterman Jr. aka “Big Jim” Gunterman is 5′ 11″ tall and weighs 220 to 250 lbs. A man the size of ”Big Jim” Gunterman would have had no problem in abducting any of he following petite women, Karen Swift, Holly Bobo, Lauren Spierer, Paige Johnson and Katelyn Markham. James E. Gunterman jr. is a match to the description of the man who kidnapped Holly Bobo in Darden TN.

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Monday, January 09, 2012

Tampa Muslim Terrorist Sami Osmakac Wanted To Take Out Bridges, Car Bomb the Cops and Attack a Nightclub and Take Hostages Mumbai Style

Tampa Fl has been a breeding ground for Muslim terrorists since way before convicted terrorist Sami al-Arain.  This goof Sami Osmakac, look at his photo above, is another Muslim terrorist in a long line of Muslim terrorists living in the Tampa bay area that coninue to plot to do you harm.  This ass-clown Sami Osmakac wanted to blow up the bridges that connect Tampa to St Pete and Clearwater while you were driving on them.

Sami Osmakac, DOB 12/28/1986, wanted to attack a Tampa nightclub with a suicide belt and AK-47's and take hostages and kill them one at a time, Mumbai style'Why not die the Islamic way, says dirtbag Muslim Sami Osmakac?': U.S. immigrant 'planned to cause havoc with car bomb, machine guns and explosives belt in Tampa Fl'.  Records indicate that Sami Osmakac, DOB 12/28/1986, had been living in the Tampa Bay area since at least 2006.

(CBS/AP) ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - A 25-year-old man from the former Yugoslavia was charged with plotting a radical Islamic attack on crowded locations around Tampa, including nightclubs and a sheriff's office, with a car bomb, assault rifle and other explosives, federal authorities said Monday.

The U.S. Department of Justice said Sami Osmakac, a naturalized American citizen born in Kosovo, recorded an eight minute video shortly before his arrest explaining why he wanted to bring terror to his "victims' hearts" in the Tampa Bay area.

In the video, according to the federal complaint, Osmakac is seen cross-legged on the floor with a pistol in his hand and an AK-47 behind him. Osmakac said in the video that Muslim blood was more valuable than that of people who do not believe in Islam, according to the complaint. He said he wanted "payback" for wrong that was done to Muslims, the complaint said.

There is no indication that Osmakac planned to attack the Republican National Convention, which will be held in Tampa in August, federal authorities said. Osmakac was arrested Saturday. His first appearance in federal court was scheduled for 2 p.m. Monday. Authorities say Osmakac, from Pinellas Park, Fla. — a small city west of Tampa — was charged with one count of attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction.

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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Bobby Joe Rogers Arrested in Pensacola Abortion Clinic fire, "Army of God" Violence Resurfaces in Florida

Bobby Joe Rogers, 41, his photo above, has been arrested on a federal charge of damaging a building by fire or explosive. He is accused of setting fire to the American Family Planning clinic, 6770 N. Ninth Ave., on Sunday. Investigators from a federal joint terrorism task force and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) have joined the investigation headed by the Florida state fire marshal.
Bobby Joe Rogers explained to investigators that he has a “strong disbelief in abortion,” according to the affidavit, frequently drank alcohol and supported the almost daily anti-abortion protests at the clinic. He said that disbelief was further fueled when he was at the clinic with anti-abortion protesters recently and saw a young woman go into the facility, according to the affidavit. Rogers is described as a transient who has been in this area two to three months. Bobby Joe Rogers has ties to Tuscaloosa, and Birmingham, Ala., and said that he traveled the country on freight trains.

The American Family Planning clinic, photo above, formerly known as The Ladies Center and as Community Healthcare Center, has been the target of violence over the years and has continued to be a target of abortion protests.
(AOG) ARMY OF GOD VIOLENCE...In 1984, Matthew Goldsby and James Simmons bombed the facility and two doctors' offices where abortions were provided. In 1994, AOG protester Paul Hill killed John Britton, a doctor who provided abortions, and James Barrett, a volunteer who escorted patients, as they arrived in the clinic parking lot. Barrett's wife, June, was wounded.
Pensacola Police Chief Chip Simmons said it was clear from the beginning there was something suspicious about Sunday's fire. "I think with the history of violence that we have had here in Pensacola, it was certainly a concern of ours to get to the bottom of it as quickly and effectively and efficiently as possible," Simmons said.
Bobby Joe Rogers, 41, has a criminal history that includes arrests in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Iowa, Florida and Missouri. He has felony burglary convictions in Alabama, Missouri and Tennessee and a felony grand larceny conviction in Mississippi.

Bobby Joe Rogers (Rodgers) was arrested for vehicle theft in Alachua County on Dec. 12, 2009 and offered only "some kind of prison release ID card," when he and another man were pulled over driving in the stolen car, the arresting officer wrote in his report. The officer also noted open containers of alcohol in the car and said the men had been drinking.

From 1993 to 1997, when I was working in Panama City Fl, I was directly involved in investigations of Army of God (AOG) abortion clinic violence in Pensacola and those who commited the crimes. My son was working at a booth for his company at the Centennial Olympic Park on July 27, 1996 in Atlanta, Georgia when AOG member Eric Robert Rudolph set off a duffle bag containing three pipe bombs surrounded by nails killing two people.

(AOG) ARMY OF GOD ABORTION CLINIC VIOLENCE....Dr. George Tiller Murdered by Army of God (AOG) Member, Shooting Suspect Scott P. Roeder Identified By Sheriff, AOG Alive And Well in Wichita Kansas.. Bill Warner Private Investigator, 31 May 2009. Web. 22 Nov 2009. http://www.billwarnerpi.com/2009/05/dr-george-tiller-murdered-by-army-of.html

Although Wichita police declined to name the suspect, Johnson County sheriff identified him as Scott P. Roeder, according to The Associated Press. Police said it appeared Roeder acted alone and that they are are investigating whether he had any connection to anti-abortion groups. This is the second time Dr. Tiller has been shot by anti-abortion whack jobs from the AOG.
AOG member Rachelle Ranae "Shelley" Shannon was a Christian Pro-life activist from Grants Pass, Oregon. She attempted to shoot and kill Dr. George Tiller outside his abortion clinic in Wichita, Kansas on August 19, 1993, shooting him in both arms. She is serving time in Federal Corectional Institute Dublin. Her projected release date is November 7, 2018.
At the time she attacked Tiller, Shannon had been a pro-life activist for five years (AOG) and had written letters of support to Michael Griffin (AOG), who murdered David Gunn in Florida. She called Griffin "the awesomest, greatest hero of our time." She traveled to the Wichita clinic, a site of frequent demonstrations by abortion-rights and pro-life activists, and shot Dr. Tiller with a semiautomatic pistol in 1993.
Army of God (AOG) is an extremist anti-abortion organization that sanctions the use of force to combat abortion in the United States. HBO produced a documentary on the Army Of God entitled "Soldiers In The Army Of God". Clayton Waagner's fake anthrax letters have resulted in their being mentioned among terrorist organizations at the FBI.

"We the undersigned, declare the justice of taking all Godly action necessary, including the use of force, to defend innocent human life (born and unborn). We proclaim that whatever force is legitimate to defend the life of a born child is legitimate to defend the life of an unborn child".

"We declare and affirm that if in fact Paul Hill did kill or wound abortionist John Britton, and accomplices James Barrett and Mrs. Barrett in Florida, his actions are morally justified if they were necessary for the purpose of defending innocent human life. Under these conditions, Paul Hill should be acquitted of all charges against him (Paul Hill September 2003 execution in Florida)".

Paul Hill was head of a precursor organization called Defensive Action, which issued signed statements to members of Congress in the early 1990s expressing similar sentiments about "killing the killers". In 2000, The Army of God has promoted an annual White Rose Banquet in Washington D.C. from 1991 through at least 2003, for supporters of the Defensive Action Statement.

In letters sent to the media, the Army of God claimed responsibility for the bombing of an abortion clinic and a gay bar in Atlanta, GA. Eric Robert Rudolph (AOG), his photo above, was on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List prior to his capture in May 2003. He pled guilty to these crimes.

Army of God member James Kopp, alias Atomic Dog (from Binghamton NY), was convicted for the fatal shooting of Dr. Barnett Slepian in 1998. Also thought to be linked to Kopp are shootings that injured Dr. Garson Romalis in Vancouver, BC, on November 8, 1994, Dr. Hugh Short in Ancaster, ON, on November 10, 1995 (Kopp is charged with this shooting), an unnamed physician in Rochester, NY, on October 28, 1997, and Dr. Jack Fainman in Winnipeg, MB, on November 11, 1997.

1). Michael Bray (AOG) - Bray, his photo above, has been called the Chaplain of the Army of God. He was the host of the annual White Rose Banquets. Bray is the author of a book called A Time to Kill, which attempts to give a biblical justification for the use of force against abortion providers. Bray frequently and publicly applauds the use of violence to stop abortion and has been jailed for bombing abortion clinics.

2). Neal Horsley (AOG) - Horsley was featured in the HBO movie "Soldiers in the Army of God," and hosts the Nuremberg Files website (http://www.christiangallery.com/ ), where he posts the names and personal information of abortion providers. The website has been called a "hit list." Another Horsley website (http://www.abortioncams.com/ ) posts photographs and video of patients, staff and physicians entering and exiting clinics.

3). Eric Robert Rudolph (AOG) - Rudolph pled guilty to the bombing and resulting murder of an off-duty police officer at an abortion clinic in Birmingham, AL, and for the bombing and resulting murder at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, as well as two other bombings. The Army of God was referenced in letters to the media after these incidents claiming credit for the bombings. Rudolph disappeared in 1998 and was captured in May 2003, he is currently in Federal Super Max prison.

4). Shelley Shannon (AOG) - Shannon is currently in prison for arson and the attempted murder of Dr. George Tiller (1993 version). After her arrest for the shooting, police searched her home and found the Army of God manual buried in her backyard. Shannon is also named in the "special thanks" section of the manual under her nickname, Shaggy West.
5). Donald Spitz (AOG) - Spitz hosts the Army of God website (http://www.armyofgod/  VERY GRAPHIC ), which mocks the murder of Dr. Slepian. Spitz also posted correspondence from Clayton Waagner that threatened abortion clinic staff on his website while Waagner was on the run from law enforcement officials. More recently he has posted writings from convicted bomber and murderer Eric Rudolph. He was the "spiritual advisor" to convicted murderer Paul Hill in the weeks before Hill's September 2003 execution.

6). Clayton Waagner (AOG) - Waagner was convicted in November 2003 for sending over 550 anthrax threat letters to clinics across the United States. Many of the threat letters referenced the Army of God. Waagner also posted on the Army of God website a threat to kill anyone working at an abortion clinic and claimed to have specific information targeting 42 clinic staff. Waagner led law enforcement officials on a nationwide, nearly year-long chase before being captured. He is currently in federal prison.

7). John Burt, Florida State prison (AOG) - -Michael Griffin fervently believed that an accidental encounter he had with abortion doctor David Gunn was a sign from God. On the morning of March 5,1993, Griffin, a 31-year-old factory worker in Pensacola, Florida, and a zealous follower of local anti-abortion Leader John Burt, pulled into a Pensacola Exxon station, and there was Gunn.

The doctor, well known to anti-abortion activists in the area, was sitting in his car drinking coffee and reading a newspaper before heading to work at The Ladies Center, the local clinic that had so often served as ground zero for the antiabortion movement in the South. Griffin fired three .38caliber bullets into Gunn's back as the doctor got out of his car in the parking lot (where John Burt owned some land) behind the offices of the city's other abortion clinic, Pensacola Women's Medical Services.

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