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Friday, April 29, 2011

Al Qaeda Suicide Bomber Kills 15 At The Argana Cafe Marrakesh Morocco Including A 30-year-old Pregnant Israeli woman And Her Husband.

                       Argana Cafe Djemaa el-Fna main square of Marrakesh Morocco.

April 29th, 2011 AFP - The Al-Qaeda terror network is suspected of involvement in a bomb attack on a popular tourist spot, the Argana Cafe, that killed 15 people in the Moroccan city of Marrakesh, the government said on Friday.

The victims, mostly foreigners, died Thursday when a suspected suicide bomb exploded at a tourist cafe in Djemaa el-Fna, the main square of Marrakesh.A total of 23 others were badly injured, two of whom died overnight.
French intelligence and anti-terrorism experts will travel to Marrakesh on Friday to help in the probe, a Moroccan official source said, particularly the "identification of the bodies". International police agency Interpol condemned the attack and said it would ensure "the Moroccan authorities investigating this terrible attack have the full support of the global law enforcement community."

The blast was condemned as a terrorist attack by the Moroccan government, the European Union, the United States and France and a Moroccan official said it may have been the work of a suicide bomber. Authorities in France said at least six of the dead were French while the Netherlands said a Dutchman had also died.

Israeli media reported that a 30-year-old pregnant Israeli woman and her husband, who was originally from Morocco, were among those killed.  Rabat, Washington and Paris condemned a "terrorist" attack on the cafe, a favourite haunt for tourists in the city about 350 kilometres (220 miles) south of the capital.

Witnesses said the explosion happened on the terrace of the Argana cafe, (SEE WRECKED CAFE IN BACKGROUND OF PHOTO ABOVE)whose facade and first floor were severely damaged, with tables and chairs strewn around the terrace. Dutch tourist John Van Leeuwen said that he had looked the man believed responsible for the attack in the eyes moments before his bomb exploded.

"There were only tourists in the cafe, and three other Moroccans, and one guy that didn't initially look suspicious," Van Leeuwen told AFP by telephone as he waited to catch a flight home with Marjolein Appel, 39.

"But after we found out it wasn't a gas explosion, my girlfriend and I, we looked at each other, and said that must have been him."  "There was an Arab man in the cafe, carrying two huge bags, including a backpack, that was an unusual sight, because it was about a metre (yard) high, and a second sports bag, also a very large bag."

BBC NEWS..Morocco: Marrakesh bomb strikes Djemaa el-Fna square. Moroccan government spokesman Khalid Naciri told French television that Thursday's casualties involved a number of nationalities but he would not confirm any as yet.

The interior ministry discounted initial suggestions the blast could have been a gas explosion. "We worked... on the hypothesis that this could... be accidental. But initial results of the investigation confirm that we are confronted with a true criminal act," he said.

I believe the injured were mostly tourists, judging by what they were wearing”   Mr Naciri later said that "terrorists" were behind the attack but added that it was "too soon" to give more details.

Medical sources quoted by AFP said at least five of the foreigners killed were women, but this has not been independently confirmed.The office of French President Nicolas Sarkozy condemned the attack as "cruel and cowardly".  MORE FROM THIS SOURCE...

CASABLANCA BOMBNG MAY 2003......five bomb blasts killed 45 people.  Five explosions occurred within 30 minutes of each other. A Moroccan Government official said all the blasts were triggered by suicide bombers carrying explosives.  Spanish television says another powerful explosion was heard in the Jewish quarter of Casablanca on Saturday afternoon.  Spanish National Radio said 15 people died in the attack on the Casa de Espana restaurant, SEE PHOTO ABOVE, making it the worst of the five bombings.

Crackdown Against Islamist Opposition in Morocco Intensifies, Moroccan security forces intensified operations last week against al-Adl wa al-Ihsane (Justice and Spirituality Association—JSA), the country’s largest opposition group, arresting scores more of its members in the towns of Bouarfa, Oujda and Nador in northeast Morocco. Fathallah Arslane, Al Adl’s spokesman, told Reuters that 45 group activists were arrested in the town of Bouarfa in northeast Morocco.

January 27 2004, Morocco holds two ‘most wanted’. Two top terror suspects have been arrested during a raid on an Islamic militant cell, say Morocco’s police. A suspect and a policeman died when police conducted an operation near the town of Meknes which resulted in the arrest of 35 people. The Moroccan authorities have been on the hunt for Islamic fundamentalists since five bomb blasts killed 45 people last May in Casablanca. The raid is reported to have uncovered explosives and forgery equipment. Among those arrested were Mohcine Bouarfa age 34, and Tawfiq Hanouichi who followed Abdelwahab Raba of AddaĆ¢wa wal Jihad.

Mohcine Bouarfa was born on 11/01/1976 in Meknes, he is single, broker by profession, residing at 38, No. 27, Hay Atlas, owner of CIN No. D654536, he appears to have relatives in Tampa Fl.  Both Bouarfa and Hanouichi have been at the top of Morocco’s most wanted list, suspected of involvement in the Casablanca bombings. Mohcine Bouarfa had become radicalized to Islam while serving a 5 year prison term.

July 06, 2005, LA TIMES..2 Sentenced to Death in Morocco, Two men arrested in a sweep aimed at dismantling militant Islamic networks after suicide bombings in Casablanca have been sentenced to death, judicial officials said Tuesday. The Moroccan court that condemned Taoufik Hanouichi and Mohcine Bouarfa also jailed dozens of others in the trial of 46 suspected militants, but it is unlikely that Taoufik Hanouichi and Mohcine Bouarfa will be put to death.

March 12, 2010 Taoufik Hanouichi and Mohcine Bouarfa Prison Break Season II version Jihadi: The details of a botched escape, at least four who are former jihadis but still have blood on their hands: Tawfik El Hanouichi Abdelmalek Bouzekran Youssef Addad and Mohcine Bouarfa, wanted since 2003, following the terrorist attacks of 16 May for having committed the murders, the former “emirs of blood” will be captured in 2006, thanks to a heavy-handed police intervention when bullets were fired.

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BBC News.. Sarasota Mayor Kelly Kirschener Admits Release of Jailed Thug Shawn Tyson Was A Mistake One Day Prior to Murder of Brits James Cooper and James Kouzaris.

BBC News....Authorities in Florida have admitted they were wrong to release a 16-year-old boy hours before he allegedly shot and killed two British holidaymakers, James Kouzaris and James Cooper (seen in photo above). Shawn Tyson was held in Sarasota on 7 April after shots were fired at a car (by him).

A judge said he was concerned the boy posed a danger to the public but his warning was not passed on to a second judge who released him on 15 April. Hours later the boy was arrested over the murders of James Cooper and James Kouzaris (at 3:00am April 16th, 2011).

Mr Cooper, 25, of Warwick, and Mr Kouzaris, 24, of Northampton, were shot dead in a housing estate in the Newtown area of the city on 16 April. BBC North America correspondent Andy Gallacher said he understood the weapon used on 7 April  (a .38 caliber revolver) was also used to shoot dead the men (and has not been recovered).

Sarasota Mayor Kelly Kirschener (his photo above) appears to be blaming the State Prosecutor's Office in Sarasota for the death of James Cooper and James Kouzaris "The state prosecutor's office has already said that they will ensure nothing like that will ever happen again".

The Mayor of Sarasota, Kelly Kirschener, said: "Obviously there was a significant failure there (State Prosecutor's Office) and it is a conversation that they are having. "That's no consolation for the families and we accept that, but there was certainly a breakdown there as well." MORE FROM THIS SOURCE..

Sarasota; State Prosecutor's Office attorney blames his assistant for not putting a note an a official form requesting that a Sarasota Police Detective attend Shawn Tyson's hearing on April 15th.  The blame game continues......

SARASOTA HERALD TRIBUNE....British tourist murder case reveals prosecutor problems.    A misplaced note containing a judge's order was the first of several errors that helped free a 16-year-old boy just hours before police say he shot and killed two British tourists in Newtown.  A prosecutor scribbled the note to his assistant rather than putting it on an official form. She put it in the file but never followed through on the order that might have kept the teenager, Shawn Tyson, in jail the day before the April 16 shooting.

Beyond that, prosecutors swapped duties as part of a rotating work schedule. So a different prosecutor was sent to a hearing where Tyson was eventually was released to his mother's custody rather than be held in jail. (WHAT A JOKE THAT IS).  As a result, none of the judge's warnings about Tyson's increasing violence were raised before the boy, who faced charges from an incident preceding the Newtown shooting, was sent home.

In the wake of the Tyson matter, a State Attorney's Office supervisor did an internal review of the past nine months of juvenile cases, painting a picture of a department where loose adherence to policies made it easier for errors like those in Tyson's case to happen. MORE FROM THIS SOURCE...

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Best Home Defense Is 12 Gauge Shotgun With .000 Steel Buckshot One Round Is Equal To A Eight Round Burst From A Submachine Gun With Every Round Hitting.

When a burglar breaks into your home and he brings a knife or a handgun you respond with a 12 Gauge Riot Shotgun With .000 Steel Buckshot, case closed.

This is a guide to help you select the best ammunition for your defensive firearm. Most of these opinions are based upon the work of police officers who have extensively studied the issue of firearms, ammunition and stopping power. I refer all interested parties to the excellent book Self-Defense, 'Stressfire II: Advanced Combat Shotgun' and the comprehensive book 'Stopping Power' by Marshall and Sanow.

The shotgun is not a magic weapon that will slay all foes. Like all other guns, it must be aimed at a specific target. Buckshot loads will not "sweep" a room. "Close" still only counts in horseshoes. Aim your shotgun from the shoulder (like a rifle) if you intend to hit an aggressor.

I cannot stress too heavily that the primary determinant of stopping power is BULLET PLACEMENT. A cool, deliberate marksman with a little .32 Walther PPK will beat a panicky, inaccurate man with a .357 Magnum or $1200 customized .45 auto every time. Whatever firearm and caliber you select, you must practice firing hundreds of rounds in realistic defensive scenarios until you can confidently make disabling hits on your target. Tactics and marksmanship win gunfights - not having the latest 'wonder bullet' in your gun.

If you simply want to know the best defense load, go out and buy: 12 gauge 2 3/4" shell .000 buckshot. You shall live happily ever after, as this is the most effective man-stopping firearm cartridge yet devised by man. I recommend the Federal "Classic" (F127-00), Winchester Super-X (X12RB5) or Remington Buckshot (SP12BK-5PK00) as the best double-ought and triple-ought buckshot defense rounds. One of these rounds is virtually equal to a eight-round burst from a submachine gun, with every round hitting.

Read Ayoob's book 'Stressfire II: Advanced Combat Shotgun' for the low-down on good shotgun skills and then practice, practice, practice, .000 steel buck is superior, both in penetration and stopping power.  The number of pellets in 12 gauge "000 buck" buck-shot is eight .36" balls.
A note on shotgun spread: firing your shotgun does not create a diabolical cone of doom destroying all in its path. If you have a typical defense or "riot" gun with an 18"-20" open-choked "cylinder" barrel, the pellets will spread out about 1" for every yard of range. This means that the spread of pellets fired across a large room (18') will be 6" or so, a circle the size of a coffee cup saucer. At 50 feet, the spread will be the size of a large pizza (16").

Lock and load, be safe.

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Armed Robbery On Martin Luther King Jr. Way in Newtown, Armed Robbers Take Wallet From Stranded Driver.

SARASOTA HERALAD TRIBUNE Last Modified: Wednesday, April 27, 2011 at 7:26 a.m. Two robbers reportedly took advantage of a driver who ran out of gas this morning, authorities said. At about 12:30 a.m., the victim was waiting at Chilk Avenue and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Way in Sarasota (NEWTOWN see map above) for his son to arrive with a gas can. A woman with a handgun and a man got out of a stopped car and the man took the victim's wallet, MORE FROM THIS SOURCE.

April 23, 2011 Newtown Fights Back Against Negative Perceptions of Neighborhood. Following a Good Friday service at the Greater Hurst Chapel, Newtown leaders, city and county officials and members of the police department gathered at the front of the church to stand up for the image of Newtown.  Trevor Harvey, president of the Sarasota County NAACP, was the lone person to speak at the press conference. 

Harvey closed the conference by asking the press, the community and concerned parties to not portray the people of Newtown as “scoundrels, the ghetto, animals, gang ridden and all the other horrific names our community is being called. Instead, call us determined, call us over comers and call us people who are willing to turn our past struggles into tomorrows victories.”

Since the murder of British tourists James Cooper and James Kouzaris on Saturday, APRIL 16th in Newtown public housing, just 11 days ago, a car was hijacked at gunpoint by a fugative in Newtown, one man was shot in both legs on Martin Luther King Jr. Way in Newtown and now there was a armed robbery on Martin Luther King Jr. Way in Newtown.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

UPDATE Investigation of Brandi Meshad's Death Led Sarasota Detectives To Arrest Of Drug Dealer Aaron Stonebraker

SARASOTA HERALAD TRIBUNE April 26th, 2011.  Brandi Meshad's mother talks about drugs' terrible cost.  SARASOTA COUNTY - Brandi Meshad had a little trouble sleeping, and when a friend gave her oxycodone pills to help, the nightmare began. 

Brandi was found dead in her grandparents' Sarasota home March 8. While the Sarasota County medical examiner has not yet confirmed the cause of her death, the Meshad family believes Brandi accidentally overdosed from snorting oxycodone that day. Now, six weeks after Brandi's death, her mother is reaching out to share a warning about prescription drug addiction, MORE FROM THIS SOURCE....

Death investigation of Brandi Meshad led Sarasota detectives to drug suspect and arrest of Aaron Stonebraker whose criminal history includes aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

SARASOTA HERLAD TRIBUNE Wednesday, March 23, 2011 at 7:30 p.m. A Sarasota man arrested Friday on drug charges was investigated after detectives learned his name through interviews about the reported drug overdose death of teenager Brandi Meshad.

Aaron Stonebraker, 30, faces 15 felony charges that include selling oxycodone within 1,000 feet of a church and a convenience store, and fraud for witholding information from a doctor to get a prescribed controlled substance.
According to a Sarasota Sheriff’s report: Stonebraker sold oxycodone pills to an undercover detective in a Burger King parking lot on March 14 and outside his home in the 2200 block of Worrington Street on March 17.

Aaron Stonebraker has not been linked to the the March 8 death of Brandi Meshad, 18, as of this date, investigatiion continues.

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Sarasota Man, Raheem Maxwell, Shot in Both Legs on MLK Blvd in "No Go" Newtown, No Suspects-No Snitchin.

SARASOTA HERALD TRIBUNE Last Modified: Monday, April 25, 2011 at 11:42 a.m. . A 20-year-old man is recovering from being shot in both legs Sunday night.  At about 9 p.m., Sunday April 24th, police responded to a reported shooting at Martin Luther King Jr. Way and Dixie Avenue. Paramedics took Raheem Maxwell of Sarasota to Bayfront Medical Center in St. Petersburg.

Investigators said Maxwell’s injuries are not life threatening. They have no suspects. Anyone with information about the case is asked to call Sarasota Police at (941) 954-7070. 

Raheem Maxwell, age 20, appears to be a Newtown bad boy, he has local Sarasota charges for drug possession, agravated assault with intent to commit a felony, robbery with a firearm and robbery with a firearm again.   Gee, Raheem Maxwell, age 20, appears to be a gangbang gangsta, surprise, surprise.

1). RAHEEM E.  MAXWELL DOB 2/25/1991 Age 20

2). RAHEEM E.  MAXWELL DOB 2/25/1991 2010 CF 015432 NC 12/2/2010 Principal - AGGRAV ASSLT-WITH INTENT TO COMMIT A FELONY 1/12/2011 CLOSED (CRIMINAL)
3). RAHEEM E.  MAXWELL DOB 2/25/1991 2010 CF 016550 NC 12/30/2010 Principal - ROBBERY- WITH A FIREARM 3/7/2011 CLOSED (CRIMINAL)
4). RAHEEM E.  MAXWELL DOB 2/25/1991 2011 CF 000900 NC 1/21/2011 Principal - ROBBERY- WITH A FIREARM Principal - ROBBERY- WITH A FIREARM 3/25/2011 CLOSED (CRIMINAL)

4/20/2011ALERT ISSUED ORDER ARREST/COMMIT (CRIMINAL) issued on: 04/20/2011 For: MAXWELL, RAHEEM E Bond Amt: 0 Bond Type:

Just another normal day on MLK in Newtown with drug deals and shootings, but recent articles indicate that none of the activity I have detailed is really happening in Newtown.

Newtown Fights Back Against Negative Perceptions of NeighborhoodThe Newtown community had its first murder this year when two British tourists were killed in the neighborhood on April 16. Trevor Harvey, president of the Sarasota County NAACP, was the lone person to speak at a Friday press conference on MLK in Newtown.  Harvey closed the conference by asking the press, the community and concerned parties to not portray the people of Newtown as “scoundrels, the ghetto, animals, gang ridden and all the other horrific names our community is being called. Instead, call us determined, call us over comers and call us people who are willing to turn our past struggles into tomorrows victories.” OK, so when does that start ?

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"No Questions Asked" Sarasota Pawn Shop Businesses Charged in Sting Operation, Black-Market Fencing Easy Cash For Burglars & Armed Robbers.

SARASOTA April 25th, 2011....The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office recently conducted a county wide sting operation to determine levels of compliance within the Pawn Shop and Secondhand Dealer industries.

The Sarasota Police Department, Venice Police Department and North Port Police Department assisted with the undercover operation to sell gold jewelry to each business. Many were found to be in compliance. However, a number of businesses were operating under a “no questions asked” policy, making no attempt to properly document the seller information, record the items being purchased or obtain the seller’s fingerprint, all of which are state requirements.

To date, personnel from five local businesses were charged with violating Florida law, which requires a standardized report of their transactions. The businesses recently cited were:
1). World Coin and Jewelry, 1509 Main St., Sarasota Fl
2). Commodity Exchange, 1918 Bay Rd., Sarasota Fl
3). Kamax Corporation, 3434 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota Fl
4). K’s Jewelers, 4288 Bee Ridge Rd., Sarasota Fl
5). American Gold and Coin (Pawn Stars), 4241 Bee Ridge Rd., Sarasota Fl

Kamax Pawn Shop and SUN Check Cashers, gold and silver bought and sold, 3434 N Tamiami Trl, Sarasota, FL is at the west end of Newtown.

While these violations are misdemeanors under Florida law, investigators consider these bad practices to be serious because these businesses are essentially functioning as a black-market fencing operation by providing easy cash to burglars and thieves who are responsible for the increasing number of residential burglaries in Sarasota County.

British tourists James Cooper and James Kouzaris shot dead in Florida may have been lured into an ambush after being driven to the crime plagued area of Newtown for an attempted robbery, Sarasota police believe. James Cooper was wearing what looked like an expensive watch on Saturday April 16th, 2011.

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SARASOTA HERLAD TRIBUNE Last Modified: Monday, April 25, 2011 at 9:58 a.m. SARASOTA COUNTY - A driver who gave a man a ride to McDonald's found himself kidnapped at gunpoint, sheriff's deputies say.  Deputies arrested Michael Tyrone Donaldson, 20, of Fort Myers, this past weekend on charges of armed kidnapping, aggravated assault with a firearm, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and obstruction by giving false information.

On Saturday, APRIL 23rd, Mike Donaldson reportedly asked a man in the parking lot of the Siesta Inn on the North Tamiami Trail for a ride to the McDonald's near the Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport. While en route back to the motel, Donaldson pointed a gun at the driver, told him to drive east on University Parkway and to remove his pants, deputies reported. MORE FROM THIS SOURCE.....

MY FOX NEWS TAMPA...According to a Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office report Prince Singletary was in the parking lot of the Siesta Inn in the 4800 block of N. Tamiami Trail when the suspect approached him just before 11 am and offered him money for a ride to a nearby eating establishment.

Donaldson, who has an extensive criminal record in Lee County, was arrested and charged with one count of kidnapping, one count of aggravated assault and one count of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. At the time of this arrest Donaldson had not been living up to the requirements of his probation. MORE FROM THIS SOURCE..

The Siesta Inn on the North Tamiami Trail is just north of the Newtown area where black thug Shawn Tyson murdered two British Tourists James Cooper and James Kouzaris on Saturday, APRIL 16th in Newtown public housing just 7 days prior.

It is believed that Shawn Tyson may have not been the only one involved in the shooting of British Tourists James Cooper and James Kouzaris, why was Michael Tyrone Donaldson, 20, of Fort Myers hiding in the North Sarasota Fl area, who does he know in the Newtown area ?

Michael Tyrone Donaldson had a waarant issued for his arrest on 2/24/2011 in Fort Myers Fl, he has been on the run for 60 days and for some reason he ends up in Sarasota Fl and now he is hot to get out of the area, why?

NEWS-PRESS FORT MYERS FL April 25th, 2011...Fort Myers resident Michael Tyrone Donaldson arrested in Sarasota County kidnapping assault case.  According to the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office, Michael Tyrone Donaldson Jr., 20, approached the victim in the parking lot of the Siesta Inn at 4847 N. Tamiami Trail at about 11 a.m. and offered money in exchange for a ride to a local food establishment.

Once inside the vehicle, Donaldson threatened the victim with a firearm and instructed him to drive toward Interstate 75, according to deputies. When the vehicle got to the area of Interstate 75 and University Parkway, a struggled occurred between Donaldson and the victim, causing the car to stop in the median area. The two continued the physical altercation outside of the vehicle, at which point a passerby stopped to help the victim, detaining Donaldson until deputies arrived. MORE FROM THIS SOURCE..

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sarasota Private Investigator Bill Warner Quoted In Sunday Telegraph News and Sunday Express On Brits Murder Suspect Shawn Tyson's Link to Newtown Gang.

SUNDAY EXPRESS UK April 24th, 2010....IS THIS WHY THE FLORIDA BRITONS WERE KILLED? THE downtown area of Sarasota where James Cooper and James Kouzaris spent their final hours will be familiar to thousands of British holidaymakers. Above all it’s a safe district where the most police have to deal with is the occasional outbreak of rowdiness, fuelled by a few too many beers combined with the region’s legendary all-year-round sunshine. In 2010 Newtown accounted for 43 per cent of Sarasota’s armed robberies and 83 per cent of its murders. In these streets university pals Mr Cooper, 25, and Mr Kouzaris, 24, were gunned down after straying into the crime ridden public housing project. Apparently victims of a robbery, they died in a hail of bullets as they fled for their lives in the early hours of Saturday. Newtown is a district that one man in Sarasota knows better than most. Bill Warner is a veteran private investigator who has called this area his patch for almost 20 years.“It’s horrible,” he says. “At any time of day there are drug deals being done and guys acting as spotters on the look out for police. There is a lot of crime and it’s not a nice place to be. You don’t go there at night, period. If I have to do surveillance work in Newtown I always carry a weapon.” Bill Warner has his own theory, that the friends may have been the victims of a honey-trap, deliberately lured there by women. Police have traced two women seen on CCTV talking for 37 minutes to the Britons in Smokin’ Joe’s bar in the hours leading up to the shootings. Read more:

SUNDAY TELEGRAPH London April 24th, 2011. Florida murders: teenager accused of killing two Britons linked with feared street gang The teenage gunman, Shawn Tyson, charged with murdering two British tourists in Florida is linked to a notorious street gang that terrorized the Sarasota Newtown neighbourhood for two years. Now it has emerged that the tattoo, Young Savage, emblazoned on his chest links him to the feared "enforcer" of the Second Line gang, responsible for a string of robberies and murders in the Newtown district that includes The CourtsThe Sunday Telegraph has established that the same words,Young Savage, are inked on the forearm of DeAndre Tunstall, jailed for murder in November after a police crackdown on the gang's leadership. A police spokesman said that Tyson was a not a known gang member. But a veteran Sarasota private detective who has for years investigated fraud in Newtown said that Tyson was among young thugs coming to the fore since the arrest of Second Line leaders. "These tattoos are gang tags that identify these hoodlums when they are operating on the street and also when they inevitably end up in prison," Bill Warner said. "Tyson would never have had the nerve to tattoo 'Young Savage' across his chest, where everyone can see, if it he wasn't associated with the gang. The tattoo is a gang identification and it's a tribute to Tunstall. This kid had increasingly shown that he liked to fight and was willing to pull the trigger. He was showing how tough he was. He was graduating." Read more:

Let's get real here, "No One", say it again, "No One" operates on their own in the underworld of Newtown, you are either a part of a "group" or a gang or you end up dead. Shawn Tyson went after a "rival" on April 7th with his "friends" shooting at the rivals car and then ShawnTyson and his 'friends' beat up the rival. WWSB ABC TV NEWS Sarasota Fl...April 7, Sarasota Police responded to a shooting on Orange Avenue. The victim says he was driving his vehicle near Palmadelia Avenue and 22 Street (NEWTOWN), when shots were fired at his vehicle. One of the bullets hit his car. He then drove to his residence, where he was confronted by group of individuals (gang members) including Shawn Tyson. The victim says Shawn Tyson pulled out a revolver. The "group" then proceeded to beat the victim. Tyson then says he and some friends went to the victim’s house with the intent to fight him. He says he pulled out the revolver and fired into the air to scare the victim. Shawn Tyson then handed the gun to a friend and began fighting. Shawn Tyson says everyone ran when they heard police coming. He got the gun back from his "friend" and threw it into some bushes and ran home. On April 16, a pair of British tourists were shot down in Newtown, Fla. The next day, 16-year-old Shawn Tyson was arrested on murder charges. It was his second arrest this month. Read more

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