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Friday, March 25, 2011

Florida Default Law Group To Be Subject To A Massive Counterfeit Check Scam In The Next Few Days, Hundreds of Counterfeit Bank Checks Sent Out Nationwide For $1,990.00

Florida Default Law Group To Be Subject To A Massive Counterfeit Check Scam In The Next Few Days, Hundreds of Counterfeit Bank Checks Sent Out Nationwide For $1,990.00, this is the old email scam whereby you are contacted by an unknown source, in this case to work at home and make $650.00 a week all you have to do is deposit the check for $1,990 from the Florida Default Law Group and in the next day or so when the check clears take out your $650 and send the difference, $1,340, Western Union using a specific code, do this and you will receive another check next week. 

The Florida Default Law Group checks were sent Fed-Ex overnight on Thursday 3/24/2011 to hundreds of unsuspecting victims so that everyone received the checks on the same day, Friday 3/25/2011.

I received a series of calls on Friday evening from people all over the USA asking me if this was a scam as I had wriiten about just such a check scam a few years ago when "they" targetted me, and the "they" were Nigerian Bank Fraud scammers working out of Canada and California, see below;

Nigerian National Chiemezie Asieru Sentenced to Over Eight Years for Role in Fraudulent Check Scam that Victimized Nearly 500 Individuals out of Toronto Canada that private investigator Bill Warner exposed back in December 2008.


LOS ANGELES—A Nigerian national who operated a money-transfer business in Chino has been sentenced to 97 months in federal prison for his role in a scheme that bilked hundreds of victims out of more than $1.5 million in a scam that had schemers sending bogus checks to victims and falsely telling them they had won a sweepstakes or another lie to induce them to negotiate the fraudulent checks.

Alvin Chiemezie Asieru, 39, who resided in Chino prior to his arrests last March, was sentenced Monday by United States District Judge John F. Walter, who also ordered Asieru to pay full restitution to his victims.

Asieru pleaded guilty last year to one count of mail fraud, admitting that he participated in an international telemarketing scheme that defrauded almost 500 victims from across the United States. The scheme involving Asieru is a variation of a scam now commonly seen where fraudulent checks are sent to victims with false claims that they had for some reason received a windfall. Asieru’s scheme in particular involved sending bogus checks to victims, telling them that they had won a contest, had been chosen to participate in a promotion, or were being offered employment as “secret shoppers.”

The victims were instructed to deposit the checks, wire most of the funds through MoneyGram, and report the MoneyGram transaction number to someone associated with the scheme. Armed with the transaction number, Asieru was able to collect the proceeds of the wire transfer through a MoneyGram terminal at his Chino business, SABIC Group. Asieru then shared the proceeds with co-conspirators in Toronto Ontario, Canada. Asieru also transferred over $680,000 of the proceeds to various banks in Nigeria. The victims later learned that the checks they had deposited into their bank accounts were fraudulent and that they were responsible for the money they had now lost.

Bill Warner Private Investigator, SEX, CRIME, CHEATERS & TERRORISM

"The Daily" Online Rag Runs Attack Piece On Beauty Queen Meghan Brown The Victim of a Home Invasion and Attempted Rape, Meghan Shot The Ex-Con Intruder Dead, See Photo.

I had a phone conversation with so-called ace reporter Kayleen Schaefer  (212-462-5346) of "The Daily" an oscure online publication, on Wednesday March 23rd at 6:09 PM concerning beauty Queen Meghan Brown.

 Kayleen Schaefer  (212-462-5346) of "The Daily", was seeking information of the shooting of ex-con dirtbag Albert Hill by Meghan Brown, I provided "Kayleen" with extenisve information concerning the dangerous criminal Albert Brown, 42, his lenghty violent criminal history in 3 Florida counties and his extensive stay (15 years) in the Florida Prison System, over 1/3 of his life in a cage.
So what does the vapid former "Beauty BloggerKayleen Schaefer do, she attacks the victim Meghan Brown and her pro-gun stance and calls her Trigger Happy, gee Kayleen what would you do if a 250 lb man broke into your sqalid apartment and dragged you off to the bedroom at 3:00 AM, offer him beauty tips ???   "The Daily" will have a very short shelf life with dolts like Kayleen Schaefer working the keyboard.

"Just days after Meghan Brown, 25, used a pink .38-caliber pistol to fatally shoot a burly ex-convict who barged into her Florida home, she tried to cash in on the incident by posing for steamy lingerie photos. Brown modeled thigh-high stockings and a black corset laced up with a hot pink ribbon — all while aiming a shiny pistol. She even used Photoshop to replicate the pink gun now in the possession of police, though The Daily obtained an untouched image to go with this story."

The professional pinup pictures were taken in hopes of capitalizing on her gun-wielding ways, preferably in the form of a sponsorship deal with Smith & Wesson or the National Rifle Association.  Early the morning of March 12, Brown pumped four bullets into Albert F. Hill, 43, who she said forced himself into the home she shares with her fiancé of three years, Bobby Planthaber. Before she started shooting, Brown said, there was a scuffle during which Hill demanded money and repeatedly punched Planthaber, 43, in the face.

At 3 on the morning of the shooting incident, Hill, wearing a bandanna around the lower half of his face and a baseball cap pulled low, knocked on the door, Brown said. “I grabbed my gun and waited,” she said. “To be honest with you I’m not really that great of a shot, and he was on top of my fiancé. It was pretty nerve-racking.” Before she killed Hill, Brown had fired the gun only once. That happened in January, when Planthaber took her to shooting range.  “I thought it would be a hobby of ours to go down to the shooting range,” Brown said. “I never thought I would need the gun.”

Bill Warner Private Investigator, SEX, CRIME, CHEATERS & TERRORISM

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bobby Planthaber Confident That Beauty Queen Meghan Brown Will Be Cleared in Shooting of Home Invasion Thug Albert F. Hill in Tierra Verde Fl, They Have it All on Tape.

Bobby Planthaber and Meghan Brown in Tierra Verde Fl have a tape of the whole shooting incident involving ex-con Albert F. Hill from when he shows up at the front door putting on his bandana to the fight on the floor between ex-con Albert F. Hill and Bobby Planthaber to the finish when Meghan Brown pumps four bullets into Albert F. Hill with her pink .38.

DAILY MAIL UK March 23rd, 2011..The fight between the two men broke the dining room table and chairs but, as they tussled, Miss Brown produced her pink gun from her bedside table.

'I had my gun drawn, focused in on him - as he moved, my gun moved. I waited for my shot and when I saw an opening, I fired,' she said. Miss Brown said she was 'glad' it had been her, because not everybody else would have been as prepared as she was.

'The way I see it is, the guy was a really bad guy and if it wasn't my bullets, it probably would have been the police officer's bullets,' she said. 'It's not like he was going to turn his life around.'

The Pinellas County Sheriff's Office reportedly said the incident is still under investigation.  Bobby Planthaber is confident that Beauty Queen Meghan Brown will be cleared in the shooting of home invasion thug Albert F. Hill in Tierra Verde Fl, they have it all on tape.

Bill Warner Private Investigator, SEX, CRIME, CHEATERS & TERRORISM

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Former Miss Tierra Verde Meghan Brown Shoots Dead Home Invasion Ex-Con, We Needed a Meghan Brown In Sarasota When Ex-Con Delmer Smith Was "Robbing and Raping"

Former Miss Tierra Verde Meghan Brown Shoots Dead Home Invasion Ex-Con, We Needed a Meghan Brown In Sarasota When Ex-Con Delmer Smith Was "Robbing and Raping", Meghan Brown is a hero..............

DAILY MAIL UK NEWS....Meghan Brown opened door to intruder at 3am in Tierra Verde Florida thinking he was a friendBut she claims the 42-year-old, 200lb man named Albert Hill (ex-con) grabbed her from behind and covered her nose and mouth with his hand, before heading straight to the bedroom.

As she screamed, her fiancé emerged, later telling the St Petersburg Times: 'My number one objective is to get this guy off my fiancée.' Detectives said the intruder then ordered him to give him money.

The fight between the two men broke the dining room table and chairs but, as they tussled, Miss Brown produced her pink gun from her bedside table. 'I had my gun drawn, focused in on him - as he moved, my gun moved. I waited for my shot and when I saw an opening, I fired,' she told the newspaper.  Miss Brown said she was 'glad' it had been her, because not everybody else would have been as prepared as she was, MORE FROM THIS SOURCE....
Meghan Brown and Bobby Planthaber Jr., in photo above, note bruises on his face..
TIERRA VERDE — Meghan Brown had fired her pink .38-caliber handgun only inside a shooting range. Even there, she said, she wasn’t very good. The 2009 Miss Tierra Verde, 25 and a slender brunet, had trouble pulling back the trigger. When she did manage, she said she almost never hit the target. That Saturday was different.

A man barged into her home, attacking her and beating her fiance. Adrenaline pumping, she fetched the gun from her bedroom. She trained it on the man, following his movements as he tussled with her fiance.  She saw an opening. She pulled the trigger. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop.  Albert F. Hill, 42, never got up. “I’m glad it was me,” Brown said. “Not everybody else is that prepared, you know what I mean. Not everybody else is walking around with a loaded .38.”  MORE FROM THIS SOURCE…. 
Ex-Con Albert F. Hill, his photo above, was a career criminal his arrests and convictions include, Cocaine Sales-Dealing, Burglary, Resisting Arrest, Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer for which he got 10 years in prison and Grand Theft.

The short list of Sarasota Crimes include;
Assault BATTERY-ON OFFICER 8/31/1995 Guilty
Principal RESIST OFFICER-WITH VIOLENCE 8/31/1995 Guilty
Principal BURGL TOOLS POSSESS 8/31/1995 Guilty

Offense Date Offense Sentence Date County Case No. Prison Sentence Length
10/08/1986 BURG/DWELL/OCCUP.CONVEY 07/10/1987 SARASOTA 8603159 2Y 6M
04/05/1987 BURG/DWELL/OCCUP.CONVEY 07/10/1987 SARASOTA 8700803 2Y 6M
04/05/1987 BURG/DWELL/OCCUP.CONVEY 07/10/1987 SARASOTA 8701070 2Y 6M 
04/05/1987 BURGUNOCCSTRUC/CV OR ATT. 07/10/1987 SARASOTA 8701070 2Y 6M
03/21/1995 GRAND THEFT,300 L/5,000 08/31/1995 SARASOTA 9500767 10Y 0M
03/22/1995 BURGUNOCCSTRUC/CV OR ATT. 08/31/1995 SARASOTA 9500768 10Y 0M
03/22/1995 BATT.LEO/FIRFGT/EMS/ETC. 08/31/1995 SARASOTA 9500768 10Y 0M
03/22/1995 RESISTING OFFICER W/VIOLEN. 08/31/1995 SARASOTA 9500768 10Y 0M
03/22/1995 BURGLARY TOOLS-POSSESS 08/31/1995 SARASOTA 9500768 10Y 0M 0D
03/21/1995 BURGUNOCCSTRUC/CV OR ATT. 08/31/1995 SARASOTA 9500979 10Y 0M
02/26/2007 COCAINE – POSSESSION 07/31/2007 PINELLAS 0704204 2Y 3M 2D
Justice for Georgann Lee Smith in Sarasota Fl, Ex-Con Delmer Smith III Raped And Beat Georgann Lee Smith To Death With A Baseball Bat, Delmer Smith Is A Serial Rapist and currently in the Sarasota County jail waiting trial on numerous violent charges.

Ex-Con Albert F. Hill was working his way up to "Robbing and Raping" just like Delmer Smith did in Sarasota Fl until Meghan Brown took him out with four slugs to the chest, Meghan Brown is a hero..............

Monday, October 05, 2009, Ex-con Delmer Smith III Arrested in Sarasota Home Invasions, But There Is A Missing Link, How Did He Know Homes Contained Middle Aged Women Living Alone North of Clark Rd and South of Webber?  It has been confirmed that a serial attacker of women was at large in the Sarasota Bradenton area who brutalizes and rapes his female victims. 

Bill Warner Private Investigator, SEX, CRIME, CHEATERS & TERRORISM.

Tampa Police Not Giving Cortnee Brantley Car Used in Officers Slaying Until She Answers 29 Questions About Cop Killer Dontae Morris, No Snitchin Girl.

The Tampa Tribune Published: March 21, 2011, TAMPA - Fine – keep it.  That's what Cortnee Brantley is saying with a recent court filing in which she has withdrawn interest in getting the car she was driving back from police.

Police say Brantley was driving a 1994 Toyota Camry when it was pulled over by Officers David Curtis and Jeffrey Kocab in East Tampa on June 29, 2010; Dontae Morris was her passenger.  Morris, 25, is charged with first-degree murder in the officers' deaths and three others. Police seized the Camry that Brantley was driving. Brantley left the scene in the car; investigators later seized it. She had sought to get it back, but authorities said she'd have to answer some questions — answers that could incriminate her.

Police wanted sworn to and signed answers from Brantley on a series of 29 questions, including whether she was the wheel woman for Morris in a series of alleged robberies or helped him fence the stolen items. They also wanted to know whether she helped Morris elude capture and whether she met with him while he was on the lam.


Tampa Cop Killer Dante Morris’s gal pal Cortnee Brantley has a history of lying to the cops, in 2006 she was charged with a felony for giving the false name of Mary Mitchell to a Law Enforcement Officer (LEO). Cortneee Brantley is no naive scared little girl she knows the drill with the cops.
Cortnee Brantley Prior Felony and Misdemenor Arrests And Use of Aliases;
Aliases…………………………… Date OF Birth
BRANTLEY,CORTNEE N ………..…02/15/1988
MITCHELL,MARY A ……………...….02/16/1988
MITCHELL,MARY A ………………....10/04/1987

Bill Warner Private Investigator, SEX, CRIME, CHEATERS & TERRORISM.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Uhuru Black Power News Tries to Spin the "Offical State Attorney's Report" on Putting Down Mad Dog Cop Killer Hyda Lacy in His Attic by SWAT Team.

On Monday March 21st, 2011 the Uhuru News- The Burning Spear website tried to Spin the "Offical State Attorney's Report" on Putting Down Mad Dog Cop Killer Hyda Lacy in His Attic by SWAT Team, see part of the UHURU fantasy article below;

UhuruNews Published Mar 21, 2011; "State Attorney’s report on killings of Hydra Lacy and cops continues cover up in war on African communityLike all the previous “reports” from McCabe, which have always found cops “justified” whenever they murder African people, this report was nothing but another cover up!  Vague and contradictory, McCabe’s latest report is no different than the previous lying reports on the police murders of 18-year-old Tyron Lewis in 1996, 17-year-old Marquell McCullough in 2004, 19-year-old Jarrell Walker in 2005 and 17-year-old Javon Dawson in 2008.  All of these reports covered over the reality that unarmed young black men were gunned down in unprovoked attacks by the police who walked away without paying any consequence while the murdered teenager was portrayed as a criminal.   An article on February 24 in the St. Petersburg Times on the Lacy report reveals that the state attorney is now contradicting earlier media and police accounts that never mentioned that Lacy had been tasered repeatedly by police as he was complying with police demands and being handcuffed before any cops were killed.

State Attorney's report on Hydra Lacy shooting clears officers; praises their heroism. ST PETE TIMES  Friday, February 25, 2011.  A St. Petersburg police officer killed in a shoot-out with a wanted man hiding in an attic. Another killed trying to rescue the first. A wounded deputy marshal who survived the siege that ended with the death of Hydra Lacy Jr. and the razing of the bright orange house where it all happened.

The report from Pinellas-Pasco State Attorney Bernie McCabe concluded that the 10 officers who fired at Lacy were justified in shooting and killing him. The report, along with hundreds of pages of interview transcripts of officers at the scene and the suspect's friends and family, creates the most complete and riveting account of that day's confusion, deception, terror and sacrifice.

The day began at 7 a.m., when Deputy U.S. Marshal Scott Ley, a St. Petersburg detective and a Pinellas County sheriff's detective went to 3734 28th Ave. S to question Christine Lacy about her husband's whereabouts. Such teams are often used to hunt dangerous fugitives. Hydra Lacy Jr., 39, had already served two stints in prison and had failed to show up for court on aggravated battery charges. He was on the lam and telling people he would not go back to prison.

The team had questioned Christine Lacy before and found she could be evasive. This time they piled on more intimidation, wearing bullet-resistant vests "so it would clearly be obvious to her that there were different stakes on the table this time around,'' Ley told state attorney's investigators. "Our hope was to ramp up her anxiety a little." The St. Petersburg detective, who is not being named because he works undercover, knocked on the door and some windows while the other two took position at corners of the house.

It took three to four minutes for Christine Lacy, her photo above, to come to the door then she refused to let the officers inside get a warrant she said. Ley, who by prior agreement was playing bad cop, said they didn't need a warrant. "Don't make me go back to my car and get a sledge hammer and tear this storm door down,'' he said.  At that point, Christine Lacy started falling apart. She acknowledged her husband was there, had been with her in bed when the knock came, but was now in the attic.

She whispered: "Can you make it look like you're really searching the house so he don't know I told on him? 'Cause he gets out of this, I'll be dead, you know." They pressed her about whether Lacy was armed. She acknowledged that guns were in the house but didn't know if he had one. The St. Petersburg detective called for backup: Hydra Lacy was possibly in the attic, possibly armed. "Step it up.''

Ley and the St. Petersburg detective quickly searched the ground floor, room by room. Yaslowitz, a K-9 officer, arrived and joined them with his dog Ace, who barked frenetically as the Lacys' three Rottweilers responded in kind from the back yard. After searching the house, Yaslowitz returned Ace to his vehicle.

The attic opening was small, with no pull rope to get access. There weren't any marks on the wall to indicate someone had hastily scrambled up. Several voiced doubts that a guy as big as Lacy, 6-foot-4 and 284 pounds, could even fit through the hole.

Still, they slid the access panel aside, pounded on the ceiling and yelled that they knew he was up there, to come down. "Why don't you thump on the ceiling twice, let us know you hear us,'' Ley said. Someone else threatened to send Ace up. Ley found a two-step ladder in the kitchen and ran an extension mirror with a light through the access opening. He could see boxes and duct work and an air handler. Yaslowitz took a look with the same result.

Then Yaslowitz suddenly hoisted himself into the attic, Ley said. He was "very fit, very agile, very capable officer, just boosted himself up in there.''  Ley followed. Both officers searched with lights but saw nothing. Ley returned down the ladder and discussed searching the ground floor again. Then they heard two voices from the attic. Yaslowitz said: "Let me see your hands now.''

Lacy: "I can't show you my hands and crawl at the same time.''  Yaslowitz: "Well you better figure out how to do it anyway.'' Ley climbed back up, with a push from the rear by the St. Petersburg detective when Ley's gear became stuck in the opening. Yaslowitz was a few feet inside the attic with his Glock pointed at Lacy, who was spread-eagle on the attic rafters about 10 to 15 feet away, wearing only boxer shorts (he had been in the house prior to being in the attic).

On Yaslowitz's orders, Lacy was slowly backing toward the officers. "He's got Lacy clearly illuminated with his weapon light,'' Ley said. "He was confident. He was in control, and Lacy for the most part was being compliant.'' Seeing that, Ley holstered his gun and pointed a Taser at Lacy as backup.

Yaslowitz moved in to handcuff Lacy, bending over him. "I heard the cuffs ratchet (on one wrist) . . . I saw his light come off of Lacy. So it went dark,'' said Ley, whose Taser light was weaker. Then, Lacy began to roll over, his left arm coming up (the one not handcuffed). As he and Yaslowitz begin to struggle, Ley shot his Taser into Lacy's shoulder and chest and applied the electric charge twice.

"You got me,'' Lacy said. "Stop it.'' Then Ley heard a shot and Tasered Lacy again. Then more shots. Ley continued to Taser Lacy and saw Yaslowitz roll to the side (Lacy had shot Yaslowitz). "I'm now in a gunfight with a Taser in my hand,'' Ley said. He dropped his light-mounted Taser, and the attic went dark as he reached for his gun.

A muzzle flashed and a slug hit his vest, another his groin (fired by Lacy in the attic). He lost balance and fell out of the attic and onto the undercover St. Petersburg detective. That detective, along with the sheriff's detective who also works undercover, started yelling for Yaslowitz, but every time they made noise, Lacy would shoot through the ceiling toward their voices.

Piece of popcorn ceiling flew everywhere. "I was watching the pops on the tile'' as Lacy's bullets struck, the deputy said. They stopped talking to make themselves a less obvious target. Groin wounds are dangerous because of arteries and Ley, lying on the hallway floor, began to wonder if he was going to die. He desperately wanted to return fire. "I wanted to do something to end it so badly at that point,'' Ley said. "But out of respect for any chance we could save Yaz I didn't want to do anything to further jeopardize him.''

The two undercover deputies kept their guns aimed at the attic opening, hoping they could provide cover for their comrade if he tried to get down. "We didn't want Yaz to have enough strength to pull himself down and not be there for him,'' the undercover deputy said.

Sgt. Baitinger, who had arrived as backup, organized a rescue team along with Sgt. Karl Lounge, Officer Max McDonald and Officer Douglas Weaver. Carrying a ballistic shield over his head, Baitinger began searching for the bathroom, passing below the attic opening.

From the bathroom, McClintick saw a flashlight beaming down from the attic but didn't know if Baitinger saw it. As Baitinger entered the doorway of the bedroom, more shots rained down.  "I actually see him take a round,'' McClintick said. "It was like in his lower right back." Baitinger made a sound like "oh," and the bullet spun him around. He dropped his shield and backed into the bedroom, facing the hallway and the attic access.

More shots. "I see him take another round high up in his torso,'' McClintick said. "It was almost like in his chest area." Weaver could see smoke from the attic and returned fire through the ceiling. He yelled to Baitinger to escape through a bedroom window. But Baitinger, shot twice, would not leave.  "No. I see Yaz," he said. "I see his boot.''  Weaver climbed the step-ladder and reached for Yaslowitz's leg.

"I'm yelling at Yaz, 'Yaz, man, you need to help me. Back up. Give me your other boot. Give me your other boot. Give me your foot." 'Crawl back to me.' '' But Yaslowitz didn't move.  Then Lacy fired 10 to 15 rounds, and Weaver lost his footing. He fell to the hallway. Then he joined Ley and McClintick in the bathroom, where they broke out a window and escaped. READ THE REST OF WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED, MORE FROM THE SOURCE...

Bill Warner Private Investigator, SEX, CRIME, CHEATERS & TERRORISM.

Residents say Sarasota Intersection of Ashton Rd and S. Lockwood Ridge Rd Hazardous As "Stop Sign Runners" Continue.

SARASOTA HERALD TRIBUNE-SARASOTA COUNTY March 21st, 2011 - The intersection of Ashton Road and Lockwood Ridge Road is a four-way stop, but residents in the area say many drivers treat it as if the stop signs do not exist.  And they have the videos to prove it. (Glen McParland and Cindy Duckworth video of four-way stop intersection of Ashton Road and Lockwood Ridge Road in Sarasota CLICK HERE).

Residents around the south Sarasota crossing say drivers who take a short cut through their neighborhood frequently ignore the stop signs – often at speeds in excess of the 30 mph limit on Lockwood Ridge and the 25 mph limit on Ashton. One neighbor set up a video camera that shows numerous vehicles running the stop signs, including a school bus, sheriff's patrol car and a fire department truck.

They say they have complained repeatedly to county officials, asking for speed bumps or other traffic calming measures – with no success. "It's going to take someone getting killed – and, by then, it's too late," resident Joyce Conroy said.  This afternoon, they will take their case to the county's Traffic Advisory Council.

"We've given them documented evidence of the issue," resident Cindy Duckworth said. "You can't say that it is not a serious problem. It's a public safety issue." On their website,, they posted the videos of rolling stops, MORE FROM THIS SOURCE...

TO see first hand of what is going on at the intersection of Ashton Road and Lockwood Ridge Road I drove over there this morning to obtain surveillance photos of any vehicles that might blow through the stop signs.

Just before reaching the intersection of Ashton Road and Lockwood Ridge Road I observed (and phtographed see above) a woman in her 70's driving a silver Lexus coming East on Ashton Rd, (from where the Post Office is located), and blowing through the intersection of Ashton Road and Lockwood Ridge Road without even looking or slowing down, enough said.

Bill Warner Private Investigator, SEX, CRIME, CHEATERS & TERRORISM.