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Friday, January 28, 2011

Abdalaziz Hamayel and Co-Conspirator Yanny Aguila Urbay Guilty of Conspiracy to Possess Stolen Firearms Including Fully Automatic AK -47 Weapons and Grenades in Miami Fl for Hamas.

JANUARY 28th, 2011.....Wifredo A. Ferrer, United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, John V. Gillies, Special Agent in Charge, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Miami Field Office, and Hugo Barrera, Special Agent in Charge, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, announced that defendant Yanny Aguila Urbay, 24, of Hialeah, was found guilty today by a jury of conspiracy to possess stolen, fully automatic M-16s, AK-47s and silencers, and receiving grenades and improvised explosive devices (IEDs), in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 371. Sentencing is scheduled before U.S. District Court Judge Donald Middlebrooks on March 22, 2011. Urbay faces a possible statutory maximum sentence of five years in prison.

According to the evidence at trial, in April 2009, an FBI confidential source told agents that two individuals, Abdalaziz Hamayel and co-conspirator Yanny Aguila Urbay, wanted to purchase large quantities of automatic weapons. The confidential source then introduced an undercover law enforcement officer (UC) to Hamayel and Urbay as the purported supplier of fully automatic, stolen weapons. At their first meeting with the UC in May 2009, Hamayel and Urbay requested 200- 300 fully automatic assault rifles, grenades and homemade bombs with detonation capability from a distance.

On June 11, 2009, the UC met with Hamayel and showed him examples of the weapons he requested for purchase, specifically, an AK -47, two M-16s, two grenades, and two detonators for IEDs. The UC explained that he had an engineer who made the IEDs. On June 12, at Hamayel’s request, the UC provided a photo to Hamayel of what he had shown him the day before in order for Hamayel to show the buyers of the weapons.

On June 19, 2009, Hamayel left the country. When Hamayel returned to the United States on August 30, 2010, he was arrested by federal authorities. He pled guilty and is scheduled to be sentenced on February 22, 2011.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010...Terrorist Sting Nets NY City Teacher Theophilus Burroughs Who Wanted to Kill Cops and Jews, Burroughs links to Abdalaziz Hamayel and Yanny Urbay Arrested in Miami. "Palestinian" Charged in Conspiracy to Possess Stolen Firearms Including Fully Automatic Weapons in Miami, Abdalaziz Aziz Hamayel of West Bank Palestinian Authority & Yanny Aguila Urbay of Hialeah.

Two Charged in Conspiracy to Possess Stolen Firearms, Including Fully Automatic Weapons. Wifredo A. Ferrer, United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, and John V. Gillies, Special Agent in Charge, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Miami Field Office, announced today that defendants Abdalaziz Aziz Hamayel, 23, of West Bank Palestinian Authority, and Yanny Aguila Urbay, 24, of Hialeah, were charged by separate Complaints.

A former Stuyvesant HS teacher was busted last night for selling high-powered weapons to undercover operatives he thought were connected to Middle East terror organizations. Theophilus Burroughs wet his pants when he was slapped with cuffs at a Bronx warehouse, where he was arrested in a sting operation, law-enforcement sources said. The seats on a van waiting to transport him to the 49th Precinct had to be lined with plastic. The arrest caps a yearlong investigation, that began in early 2009, that saw Burroughs allegedly negotiate the sale of firearms — including AK-47s, assault rifles with scopes and .40-caliber guns — during “deals” with informants in which he praised Hamas and Hezbollah and suggested killing cops and Jews, sources said.

United States Attorney Wifredo Ferrer stated, “Individuals who seek to deal in illegal arms pose a danger to our national security and that of other nations. We will investigate and prosecute these cases vigorously." FBI Special Agent in Charge John V. Gillies stated, “This case shows the FBI's commitment to investigating those who conspire to traffic in illegal firearms that pose threats to US interests.” ATF Special Agent in Charge Hugo Barrera stated, “This case highlights the joint efforts of state local and federal law enforcement in combating the illicit trafficking of firearms to terrorist organizations.”

A copy of this press release may be found on the website of the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Florida at . Related court documents and information may be found on the website of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida at  or .

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Monday, January 24, 2011

St. Pete Stand-Off With Dirtbag Cop Killer Hydra Lacy Jr. Ends When Cops Bulldoze The House, Hydra Lacy Jr is Dead.

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - Police say a gunman suspected of killing two St. Petersburg police officers and wounding a U.S. marshal during a shootout has been found dead. St. Petersburg Police spokesman Michael Puetz says the suspect Hydra Lacy Jr. was discovered when officers went into the home Monday afternoon, about six hours after the shootout.

Puetz says officers originally went to the home to arrest 39-year-old Hydra Lacy, Jr. He says investigators believe Lacy is the person who opened fire from the attic, but they haven't confirmed that. Officials say the wounded marshal is in stable condition.

Court records show Lacy failed to appear for a scheduled November trial on an aggravated battery charge. State records show Hydra Lacy's record includes convictions for sexual battery and other violent crimes.

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'They're gonna kill people': Fears of new Mafia war after mob blames 'made men' for FBI undercover sting.  Mafia families ripped apart by 127 arrests in the biggest ever FBI undercover sting are expected to go to war with each other as they seek retribution.

Members of New York's five major organised crime families - Bonanno, Colombo, Gambino, Genovese and Luchese - were taken into custody last week, along with members of the DeCavalcante gang from New Jersey.

But while the FBI progresses its case against the mobsters, the Mafia families are thought to be busy conducting their own internal investigation to discover those who helped the FBI and there are fears it could result in a bloodbath. 'I think they’re going to kill people, because the guys running around making the tapes were made members of the family,' a senior source close to the investigation told The New York Post.

'I’ve heard that people are looking to retaliate.' Among those arrested were the entire management structure of the Colombo family - most notably its leader Andrew 'Mush' Russo — and senior figures in the Gambino organisation, two of the most powerful families in New York's mafia structure.  On the evidence of previous major undercover FBI operations, people who informed for the FBI (MOB RAT AND GAMBINO THUG JOHN ALITE) would be targeted first in reprisals, followed by the people who introduced and inducted those informants to the mafia family.

John Joseph Gotti (October 27, 1940–June 10, 2002) was the Boss of the New York City Gambino crime family after the murder of the previous boss, Paul Castellano. John Gotti was the most powerful crime boss during his era. He became widely known for his outspoken personality and flamboyant style, which eventually lead to his downfall and death in prison.

John Angelo Gotti III or "Junior" Gotti (born February 14, 1964) is a former New York City mobster who during much of the 1990s law enforcement claim led the Gambino crime family of Cosa Nostra for his imprisoned father John J. Gotti, who died in 2002.

Mafia Chief John ‘Junior’ Gotti Blasts Government Witness, John Alite Tampa Mob Rat, In ‘60 Minutes’ InterviewMELVILLE, N.Y. — John “Junior” Gotti, son of the late mob boss, does a bit of trash talking in a “60 Minutes” interview, blasting one of the government’s key witnesses against him in his most recent trial, old mob crony John Alite (Tampa Mob Rat).

Gotti, 46, is said to have been generally low key in the March 16 interview at his Oyster Bay Cove home on Long Island with correspondent Steve Kroft. But he became animated when the topic of john Alite came up. In November, Gotti and John Alite traded tough words in court after the witness finished testifying.“He got off the stand, walked towards me, and he smiled and laughed. And that’s when I called him a punk and a dog,”

Gotti tells Kroft in the 60 MINUTES interview. “He was always a punk and a dog. He was a junkie. He was all of those things. Miscreant. He was a trash pail then, he’s a trash pail now and he’ll always be a trash pail.”The U.S. attorney’s office in Manhattan used John Alite, now in the witness protection program, in its bid to make the racketeering case against Gotti. John Alite testified that Gotti approved three homicides, in which the witness, John Alite also played a role.

But after jurors failed to agree on a verdict, some told Newsday they questioned John Alite’s credibility and motives in testifying. Following the mistrial, Gotti’s fourth, prosecutors dropped the case.
 Tampa Mob Rat John Alite, Note Neck Tattoo's, Now In The Witness Protection Program, On Your Dime.  Tuesday, February 24, 2009, Former Gotti crony John Alite, who ran Tampa’s PRESTIGE VALET, claims affair with Victoria Gotti, Junior Gotti’s sister.  Before he became a mob rat, Gambino associate John Alite says he was a horndog who had a secret affair with Mafia princess Victoria Gotti. John Alite took center stage Monday in Brooklyn Federal Court in the murder trial of reputed hit man Charles Carneglia, but much of his testimony was about how close he, John Alite, was to John A. (Junior) Gotti – and the mob scion’s older sister.

August 05, 2008, ATTENTION TAMPA NIGHT CLUBBERS, YOU WERE GIVING YOUR CAR KEYS (AND HOUSE KEYS) TO THE MOB ! Co-owner of Prestige Valet in Tampa, John Alite aka John Alletto (photo), was the “wiseguy” who acted as the go between the New York Gotti Mob family and the Tampa Gotti underworld, this guy may have been in your car and had access to all of your keys, your name and home address info from the car registration, that is always in the glove box or visor. The former alleged boss of the Tampa Gotti Mob enterprise, John E. Alite, HAD BEEN awaiting trial in Tampa after being captured and extradited from Brazil. 

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Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi’s Foreclosure Investigation Zeros In On the David J. Stern Law Firm And His Title Companies.

Attorney General Pam Bondi’s office has expanded its investigation of foreclosure law firms beyond false court documents and the so-called “robo-signers” who were producing them in huge volumes. Spokeswoman Jennifer Davis said, in response to questions from the Sun Sentinel, that the investigation is also focusing on allegations of misconduct by attorneys steering business to title companies owned by the principals in their law firms (David J. Stern), in addition to others who worked at the large law firms that formerly handled most of Florida’s foreclosure cases.

The companies listed as Delaware Corporattions and DJSP ENTERPRISES, INC (except DAL Group LLC) above are all Florida Foreign Corporations linked directly to the David J. Stern Law Ofice in Plantation Fl.

DJS Processing, LLC, Professional Title and Abstract Company of Florida, LLC and Default Servicing, LLC to become DJSP Enterprises, Inc…… all of these companies are run by the Law Offices of David J. Stern, P.A in Plnatation Fl, see additional information below from the Florida Division of Corporations;
4). ATTORNEYS’ TITLE AGENCY, P.A. (shut down in Sept. 2010, why?)
Among the allegations she said the attorney general’s office is examining:
1). Law firms padding bills in order to get higher final judgments for lenders at foreclosure. The allegation is that bills submitted in court documents contained inflated fees for process serving -- the procedure for delivering legal notices to those involved in court cases -- that were higher than what the firms actually paid for this service.
2). Attorneys submitting blank bills in court documents that didn’t reveal the actual amount of their fees
3). Lawyers steering business to title companies owned by the principals in their law firms.
4). Law firms filing foreclosures before the lender or loan servicer shows that it has a legal interest in the mortgage.

Bondi’s predecessor Bill McCollum launched the investigation last year of four large foreclosure law firms – the law offices of David J. Stern, Shapiro & Fishman, Florida Default Law Group and the law offices of Marshall C. Watson.

David J. Stern’s Plantation-based law firm, which launched a publicly traded company to handle back-office functions for foreclosure cases, has come under additional pressure as its major clients Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac pulled their business. Stern’s business subsequently laid off hundreds of employees, MORE FROM THIS SOURCE....

The Law Office of David J. Stern in Plantation Fl through a interconnecting web of "Delaware" and "British Virgin Islands" corporations has set up several title companies in Florida, all run out of the same office and address, 900 SOUTH PINE ISLAND ROAD, SUITE 400 PLANTATION FL 33324, the address of the Law Office of David J. Stern.


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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Radical Blogger Pamela Geller's Co-Defendant John Stemberger in $10 Million Dollar Lawsuit Found At Fault by Florida Bar.

The Florida Bar on Tuesday January 4, 2011 said it filed a complaint with the Florida Supreme Court against attorney John Stemberger the group accuses of violating legal rules of conduct in his handling of the case of a Muslim teen who ran away to Florida from Ohio after converting to Christianity. The bar alleges that Orlando, Fla., attorney John Stemberger:
1—Went on Fox News four times and wrongly stated or implied in interviews that he was Rifqa Bary's attorney in the girl's Ohio custody case.
2—In national television interviews, accused Omar Tarazi, the attorney for Bary's parents, of being paid by organizations associated with terrorists based solely on a Facebook article and a blog posting.
3—Posted on his law firm's website a letter to the editor wrongly indicating that he was Bary's attorney.
4—Posted on his firm's website unredacted versions of documents in the confidential Florida custody case involving Rifqa Bary.

See Florida Bar, find a lawyer page click here.

Omar Tarazi, My Defamation Lawsuit against Pamela Geller and John Stemberger.  Bary-case lawyer files $10M defamation lawsuit, Omar Tarazi says he's been falsely linked to terrorism.  Ohio lawyer Omar Tarazi is suing a Florida attorney and a blogger he says defamed him in connection with the Rifqa Bary case.

In a civil suit filed in U.S. District Court in Columbus, Tarazi said that attorney John Stemberger and blogger Pamela G. Oshry (Geller) made statements on national television and on the Web that Tarazi was involved with terrorists. Tarazi was the attorney for Mohamed and Aysha Bary of the Northeast Side, the parents of Rifqa Bary.

From the Public records of the Florida Bar, it appears that the attorney Pamela Geller obtained to co-defend her in the Sarasota County Lawsuit filed by private investigator Bill Warner had a serious run-in with the Florida Bar over a check written from his Trust Account.

The new attorney for Pamela Geller in Sarasota County Fl, who appears to specialize in real estate law, had his license suspended for 10 days at the end of 2005 or the begining of 2006 as per the Florida Bar. The new attorney for Pamela Geller in Sarasota County Fl signed a Three Count CONDITIONAL GUILTY PLEA FOR CONSENT JUDGMENT in December 2005 agreeing to a 10 day suspension from the practice of law, agreeing to attended a Trust Accounting Workshop in January 2006 in Miami and agreeing to payment of costs totaling $9,622,46 as per The Supreme Court of Florida ruling…..MORE TO FOLLOW

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