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Saturday, October 09, 2010

British Aid Worker Linda Norgrove, 36, Murdered by Taliban during U.S. Special Forces Rescue Operation, She Had Been Kidnapped and Abused by The Taliban for Two Weeks.

A British aid worker has been killed by her Taliban kidnappers who blew up the room she was held in as US Special Forces ­tried to rescue her.  Linda Norgrove, 36, her photo above, died when an ­insurgent detonated a suicide vest in the mud-walled compound during a gun battle as the soldiers closed in.

The devoted charity worker was held in a remote mountain valley in the east of the country, after two weeks of being moved from village to village following her kidnap on September 26.

After pinpointing her location, crack US troops – backed by ­Afghan and coalition soldiers – stormed the compound. At least six insurgents were killed, but one ­exploded the suicide vest where Linda was being held.  

Linda, who worked for charity agency Development Alternatives Incorporated in Afghanistan, had been snatched with three Afghan colleagues from a two-car convoy as they travelled to watch the opening of a new canal they had helped to build.
Her colleagues were released last week, but Linda continued to be held as fears for her life grew.  Foreign Secretary William Hague added: “We decided that, given the danger she was facing, (abuse and rape), her best chance of safe release was to act on that information. Responsibility for this tragic outcome rests squarely with the hostage-takers.”

And International Security ­Assistance Force commander General David Petraeus said: “Linda was a courageous person with a passion to improve the lives of Afghan people, and lost her life in their service.”  Col Richard Kemp, ex-commander of British Forces in Afghanistan, said: “The mission would only have been authorised if intelligence showed she was about to be killed.” more form this source....
Linda Norgrove worked for Development Alternatives Inc., a global consulting company based in the Washington, D.C., area. "We are saddened beyond words by the death of a wonderful woman whose sole purpose in Afghanistan was to do good — to help the Afghan people achieve a measure of prosperity and stability in their everyday lives as they set about rebuilding their country," DAI President James Boomgard said.

Linda Norgrove managed a U.N. program that provides job training for ex-combatants and the rural poor in Afghanistan's poppy-growing areas. She was an aid worker in Laos before returning to Afghanistan. She joined DAI in January and was guiding a program, funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development, to create jobs, boost local economies and strengthen local Afghan leadership to reduce reliance on the cultivation of poppies, used in making opium, more from this source...

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Friday, October 08, 2010

UPDATE.. Fox News Reporter and Child Molester Charles Leaf Also Used The Name Eric Leaf, Charles Leaf fired by WPMI Mobile AL for attacking a Councilwoman.

The 40-year-old Leaf, who now works for Fox 5 News in New York, was arrested Thursday on on 3 counts of sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a child, according to the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office. Leaf was being held in Bergen County jail on $250,000 bail.

Charles Leaf
205 E. 67th Street
New York, NY 10065

Charles Eric Leaf came to Mobile to work for WPMI in May 1998 and soon after became known for an aggressive reporting style. He lost his job at WPMI in 1999, after he was accused of assaulting a Loxley councilwoman and a WPMI news photographer in separate incidents.

Criminal charges were not filed in either local case, but Wojciechowski sued Leaf and WPMI over the matter.  After leaving WPMI in Mobile, Leaf and a news photographer at Fox affiliate WJBK-TV2 in Detroit were accused of harassing and physically assaulting a gift store owner in 2001.

At that time Charles Leaf was going by the name Eric LeafSebastian Graham, 28, told the Press-Register that Leaf and WJBK photojournalist Marcus Dion Myers shouted homophobic epithets as they menaced him at the entrance of his Flying Dutchman gift shop and that the TV crew struck him in the face.

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Fox News 5 reporter Charles Leaf busted for Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child, I Told You this Dirtbag Charles Leaf Had Previously Assaulted a Councilwoman.

The 41-year-old newsman was being held on charges that include sexual assault and endangering the welfare of children, according to the Bergen County Sheriff's website.

UPDATE….Fox 5 Investigative Reporter Charles Leaf faces three sex crime charges in the alleged assault of a 4-year-old girl, sources told NBC NewYork.

Charles Leaf
205 E. 67th Street
New York, NY 10065

The married father of two began working for the station in 2006 and has won two Emmy awards, according to his resume on MYFOXNY.COM. 

"Fox 5 is aware of the situation and is looking into the matter," said a spokeswoman for the station.

During a stint at a station in Mobile, Alabama CHARLES LEAF was the focus of a 1999 lawsuit that impugned him for a “willful physical attack” against a local councilwoman; the case was eventually settled and Leaf was fired.

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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Attorney Miriam Mendieta at David J. Stern Law Office Headed Up Falsification of Documents and Sewer Service, David J. Stern Numerous Affairs with Female Employees.

Information source, Attorney Matt Weidner Blog.

12:11 p.m. - 1:58 p.m.
Office of the Attorney General
Southeast 6th Street, 10th Floor
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301

Testimony Exert....... COURT DOCUMENTS, ASSIGNMENTS, FORECLOSURE CASES AT DAVID J. STERN LAW OFFICE.  Assignments, we sent them out occasionally to be  recorded. It became a more stiffer practice after I guess there was a problem where the notary date didn't match the date of the assignment being initiated. There were basically three dates on there. The dates were all different.
Q ..Right.
A.. So at that point there was a huge meeting in the building by Beverly McComas and Miriam Mendieta who were the controlling attorneys there. Basically we were told if anyone sent out an assignment with the dates not being the same on them that they would be fired immediately.
Q.. Why would the dates on the other ones have been three different dates? What would cause that?
A.. Poor practice, not paying attention, not knowing that it was supposed to be that way from the initiation. Basically they didn't train us to do it. You have people just typing in. Their being honest and tying in this date as the date as being assigned but it was executed six months ago. The dates would be different for that. The issue became then the notary would sign it tomorrow and date it tomorrow.
Q.. So those attorneys knew this was going on?
A.. Yes.
Q ..Can you give me the names of the attorneys that knew?
A.. Every attorney in the firm.
Q.. What do you mean every attorney in the firm?
A ..Well, Beverly McComas.
Q.. Can you spell that, please.
A.. M-C-C-O-M-A-S, I believe and Miriam Mendieta were the controlling attorneys.
Q ..They were the controlling attorneys?
A.. Correct. They controlled the attorneys and Cheryl controlled the paralegals and anybody else.
Q.. Okay.
A.. So they would inform the attorneys what they wanted. They happened to be at the meeting for the assignments. They pulled us in by team since there were so many of us and told us this is what it needs to be. They got in trouble for it and this is what needs to be happening now. Make sure that the date that it was supposed to be executed is the same date that you're signing it even though it could have been six months ago and Cheryl Samons is signing it today.
Q.. But make the dates match?
A.. Correct.
Q.. Regardless of the date it is today?
A.. Correct.
Q.. Okay. And that's the same for the notary?
A.. Correct.
Q.. And the date printed on it?
A.. Correct.
Q.. And the date that's actually typed in?
A.. Correct.
Q.. Make sure they're all the same no matter what day it is?
A.. Correct.
Q.. The two lead lawyers, what was their title? Were they senior attorneys?
A.. No. They didn't really have a title. Most people were just afraid of them.
Q.. Why is that?
A.. Because they were mean and nasty. They were very mean.
Q.. In what way?
A.. They would demean you. They would yell and scream at you.
Q.. Condescending?
A.. Oh yeah. They would make you look like an ass in front of the entire firm.
Q.. What about the other lawyers that they  controlled?
A.. They were just there to get by on what they were doing.
Q.. The other lawyers?

Well, David Stern had quite a few little girl friends in the firm. David Vargas and Cheryl Samons were very involved.
Q.. Are you talking about romantically involved?
A.. Yeah. I believe there were people actually  fired for questioning it.
Q.. Who else was involved in those sort of relationships?
A.. There were boyfriends and girlfriends within the firm.

There was a few young girls that David J. Stern was very generous with and purchased properties, cars, jewelry. They would go in and out of his office, get roses, be in there for two hours. I would hear the conversations with him and David Vargas in reference to taking them on plane rides and he was going to get in trouble because he's married and things like that.
Q.. Who were those girls?
A ..Christina was one of them. I'm not sure of her last name because there were a few of them.
Q ..Which division did she work in?
A.. There was another girl named Christina Dispersio (ph). The first Christina worked in I want to say Countrywide side. She was a very very young girl. Very pretty girl. She had a four-year old daughter if I'm not mistaking. The second that the firm was aware of it because there were plenty of times when Cheryl would go storming in his door and screaming at him about the fraternizing going on and the whole firm knowns about it.  see
See prior post Written by BILLWARNER on Sep-2-10 3:46pm  “ANIMAL HOUSE” David J. Stern Law Firm Hires Former Stripper and Prostitute Kelly Holsopple and a Former Paralegal Sues David J. Stern for Sexual Harassment.  Former paralegal Bridgette Balboni sued David J. Stern personally for sexual harassment and won. The case details read like something out of Animal House: see complaint

Balboni said David J. Stern grabbed female employees from behind and faked sex with them, stuck his tongue in one woman’s ear, and joked that another woman used her pager as a vibrator and sat on it all day. Stern grabbed Balboni from Behind while she was on her knees reviewing files and was thrusting at her to simulate intercourse in the pressence of a male attorney.

David J. Stern inserted his fingers into the reams on pantyhose on the legs of female employees and tears them apart in the presence of other employees. Balboni, who settled for an undisclosed sum, declined to discuss the case. But five other women who have worked for Stern told me of similar behavior by the boss. Several used the word “pig” (Stern) in their descriptions.

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Banks Breaking Into Occupied Homes In Foreclosure To Change Locks Says Sarasota Herald Tribune, What's to Happen if Someone "Stands Their Ground" And Shoots the Bank Rep.

In their zeal to complete foreclosure proceedings, some banks send representatives to change the locks on properties in foreclosure, even as they remain occupied. The incidents of lock-changing pile further skepticism on a process recently plagued by scandal.

A contractor for JPMorgan Chase changed the front door lock on a woman's home in Orange County, Florida, as she hid out of fear in her bathroom, Eyewitness News reports. The woman, Nancy Jacobini, was reportedly three months behind on her mortgage and her home was reportedly in foreclosure, but, according to Eyewitness News, the bank isn't legally allowed to change the locks on an occupied home.

The lock-changing strategy is intended to protect a property's value, since owners experiencing foreclosure often abandon their homes, leaving them vulnerable, notes Sarasota's Herald Tribune. To Jacobini, the bank representative seemed like an intruder, and she called the police.

"I'm locked in my bathroom," she said on a 911 call. "Somebody broke into my house!"  UPDATE: Jacobini and her lawyer, Matthew Weidner, told MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan that Jacobini "is not in foreclosure at all." An earlier report from WFTV incorrectly stated that she was in foreclosure.

Sarasota's Herald Tribune reports similar cases: Renters in a Florida home apparently in foreclosure came home from the beach to find the locks changed -- and some of their possessions stolen. And a Sarasota landlord, the Herald Tribune reports, said Bank of America tried to change the locks on her condominium three times, even though she said the building wasn't even in foreclosure -- an often lengthy process that usually involves a default notice, a scheduled auction and, finally, a bank repossession.

As the Herald Tribune notes, "the legal action against lock-changers has been civil, not criminal, because lawyers cannot establish that the banks have criminal intent". Still, it appears that the banks' agents take illegal liberties: In the rented Florida home, lock-changers reportedly stole a laptop, an mp3 player and six bottles of wine.

Bank representatives sometimes change locks even before foreclosure proceedings begin, Florida's Sun-Sentinel reports. Since banks hire local companies to change locks, the paper notes, it's often difficult to figure out who has actually done the lock-changing and on whose authority.

As GMAC, JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America suspend foreclosure proceedings because of doubts about the legitimacy of some foreclosure documents, the nation's foreclosure process could face a massive stall, which in turn could further hinder a housing market recovery.

More Americans lost their homes to foreclosure in August than in any other month on record, as banks repossessed 25 percent more homes that month than in August of last year.
In Florida there is a "Stand Your Ground" law or Castle Law  in place that allows you to resort to deadly force if someone breaks into your home, condo, apartment or vehicle while your in it, or even a confrontation on the street were you perceive a deadly threat.

The Florida law is a self-defense, self-protection law. It has four key components:
1).  It establishes that law-abiding residents and visitors may legally presume the threat of bodily harm or death from anyone who breaks into a residence or occupied vehicle and may use defensive force, including deadly force, against the intruder.

2).  In any other place where a person “has a right to be,” that person has “no duty to retreat” if attacked and may “meet force with force, including deadly force if he or she reasonably believes it is necessary to do so to prevent death or great bodily harm to himself or herself or another to prevent the commission of a forcible felony.”

3).  In either case, a person using any force permitted by the law is immune from criminal prosecution or civil action and cannot be arrested unless a law enforcement agency determines there is probable cause that the force used was unlawful.

4). If a civil action is brought and the court finds the defendant to be immune based on the parameters of the law, the defendant will be awarded all costs of defense.

A Castle Doctrine (also known as a Castle Law or a Defense of Habitation Law) is an American legal doctrine claimed by advocates to arise from English Common Law  that designates one's place of residence (or, in some states, any place legally occupied, such as one's car or place of work) as a place in which one enjoys protection from illegal trespassing and violent attack.
Castle Doctrines are legislated by state, and not all states in the US have a Castle Doctrine. The term "Make My Day Law" comes from the landmark 1985 Colorado statute that protects people from any criminal charge or civil suit if they use force – including deadly force – against an invader of the home.  The law's nickname is a reference to the famous line uttered by Clint Eastwood's character Harry Callahan in the 1983 film Sudden Impact, "Go ahead, make my day."
The bank reps who break into occupied homes in foreclosure in Florida better invest in some bullet proof vests.
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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Witnesses in Defense Dept. Report Suggest Cover-Up of 9/11 Findings, Fifth Source Backs 'Able Danger' Claims That Mohamed Atta Was in the USA One Year Before The 9/11 Attacks.

FOX NEWS Published October 04, 2010. A document obtained and witnesses interviewed by Fox News raise new questions over whether there was an effort by the Defense Department to cover up a pre-9/11 military intelligence program known as "Able Danger."

At least five witnesses questioned by the Defense Department's Inspector General told Fox News that their statements were distorted by investigators in the final IG's report -- or it left out key information, backing up assertions that lead hijacker Mohammed Atta was identified a year before 9/11.

Mohamed Atta is believed to have been the ringleader of the Sept. 11 hijackers who piloted American Airlines Flight 11 into the World Trade Center. Claims about how early Atta first tripped the radar of the Department of Defense date back to 2005, but those claims never made it into the Inspector General's report. The report was completed in 2006 and, until now, has been available only in a version with the names of virtually all of the witnesses blacked out.

Fox News, as part of an ongoing investigation, exclusively obtained a clean copy of the report and spoke to several principal witnesses, including an intelligence and data collector who asked that she not be named.

The witness told Fox News she was interviewed twice by a Defense Department investigator. She said she told the investigator that it was highly likely a department database included the picture of Atta, whom she knew under an alias, Mohammed el-Sayed.

FOX NEWS...Sunday, August 28, 2005 WASHINGTON — A third person has now come forward to verify claims made by a military intelligence unit that a year before the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, it had information showing that lead hijacker Mohamed Atta and other terrorists were identified as being in the United States.


Lt. Colonel Anthony Shaffer and Navy Captain Scott Philpott have gone on the record, saying they were discouraged from looking further into MOHAMED Atta, and their attempts to share their information with the FBI were thwarted because Atta was a legal foreign visitor at the time.

Rep. Curt Weldon R-Pa., arranged the media roundtable, "This story needs to be told. The American people need to be told what could have been done to prevent 3,000 people from losing their lives," Weldon told FOX News this week.


Mohamad Atta and other members of the 9/11 Hijackers were living on W Laurel Rd, Nokomis, FL, just down the road and a 8 min ride to SARASOTA FL in June of 2000 until at least Feb. of 2001 with frequent trips back to the area up until the attack on the USA 9/11/2001.

Before December 26 2000: Atta applies for flight training at Eagle Jet International Sarasota Fl, Atta gives his contact address as W Laurel Rd, Nokomis, FL 34275. Phone number is 941-685-0468. Atta’s passport number is 1617066, issued 05/08/2000, expiration 05/07/2007, Credit card number taken is VISA 4011-8008-4050-7778, EXP 07/02. Mohamed Atta, 5/21/2001, Florida drivers license A300540683210.

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Monday, October 04, 2010

Sarasota Boat Captain Mark Ashmun Brown Arrested by FBI on Alleged Child Porn Charges on yacht "Aloan At Last" at marina.

For Immediate Release
October 4, 2010 FBI Tampa
Contact: Special Agent Dave Couvertier
(813) 253-1033

SARASOTA, FL—On Thursday, September 30, 2010, the Innocent Images Task Force (IITF), which consists of investigators from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Largo Police Department, and the FBI arrested Mark Ashmun Brown, age 52, without incident. The arrest occurred at Brown’s place of employment, 2 Marina Plaza, Slip D7, Sarasota, Florida. Brown resides at 5048 Vinson Way, Sarasota, Florida.

Mark Ashmun Brown's boat was listed at 2 Marina Plaza Sarasota Fl, which is Marina Jack 2 Marina Plaza, Sarasota, FL 34236.

Mark Ashmun Brown's alleged child porn activities involving the sexual exploitation of minors appear to have occured at his home and the boat.  Mark Ashmun Brown's home at 5048 Vinson Way is just up the road from the Brentwood Elementary School 2500 Vinson Ave, Sarasota, FL.

The premise of this arrest was based on activities involving the sexual exploitation of minors. According to the federal complaint, between approximately September, 2009 and September, 2010, Mark Brown, DOB 7/31/1958, using the alias "Saul Davis" and the online personas "Hardalone243", "Hardpedo" and "Hard_foryou68" has been transporting and distributing child pornography online, possessing child pornography and attempting to receive child pornography.

On September 30, 2010, a federal search warrant was executed at Brown's place of employment, a yacht named "Aloan At Last" which was moored at a marina in Sarasota, Florida and which Brown captained. During a Post Miranda interview confessed to using the alias "Saul Davis" and the online personas "Hardalone243", "Hardpedo" and "Hard_foryou68" and confessed to possessing and sending child pornography over the internet.

Significant investigative assistance was provided by the Central Florida ICAC Task Force, Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office, Sarasota Police Department, Boynton Beach Police Department, and the Suffolk County Police Department, New York.

Criminal prosecution of this matter will be addressed by the United States Attorney’s Office, Middle District of Florida.  The IITF is requesting anyone with information about this matter, including information regarding potential victims, to contact the FBI Tampa Office at 813/253-1000.

Bill Warner Private Investigator, SEX, CRIME, CHEATERS & TERRORISM.

Reveille Productions ramps Up it's Fall and Winter TV Realtiy Series Production Nation Wide, Talk of Bringing Back "Private Investigators" Angels Style.

Reveille Productions are the producers behind several hit television shows including Ugly Betty, The Office, The Biggest Loser, Family Guy, and Parental Control . Reveille Productions is an independently-owned television and motion picture studio and production company based in Los Angeles. The studio was founded by Ben Silverman in March 2002.

In February 2008, it was reported that Elisabeth Murdoch's Shine Productions has bought Reveille for $125 million. Also the same year, ShineReveille International has made a deal with Merv Griffin Entertainment to distribute all of MGE programming overseas.

L.A....Paula Abdul is teaming up with Reveille Productions to produce an ALL NEW dance show on CBS! We'll be searching across the country for dancers...Casting across the U.S. with auditions in NYC and L.A. Seeking—Dancers: males and female.

Columbus Ohio...A reality TV series to be shot at Riverside Methodist Hospital for the Lifetime television network, with an estimated budget of $400,000, the One Born Every Minute reality series to be filmed at Riverside can apply for tax credits signed into law in July 2009.  The reality show, produced by Los Angeles-based Reveille LLC, will focus on the daily drama at Riverside’s labor and delivery unit. It is expected to begin airing in February 2011.   State officials have said such productions boost employment and generate revenue for communities such as Columbus Ohio.

NEW YORK — Twitter, the Web site that asks what everybody's doing, says it wants to be doing a TV series.  The social-networking service said Monday it has teamed with Reveille productions and Brillstein Entertainment Partners to develop an unscripted series based on the site, which invites 140-character postings from members around the world. The show would harness Twitter to put players on the trail of celebrities in an interactive, competitive format. has learned that a major Hollywood production company, Reveille Productions, which has produced The Office, Biggest Loser, and Ugly Betty, pulled the plug on working on 16-year-old sailor Abby Sunderland’s reality show Adventures in Sunderland , even though they had network interest, because they feared her father Laurence was “cutting corners” and were concerned about Abby’s safety.

L.A.....REVEILLE PRODUCTIONS had in 2006 done a  nationwide search for the nation's finest private investigators for a new show on NBC. "Private Investigators" was to be a documentary-style reality program that will feature private investigators that travel across the country each week to solve America's Cases.  Our P.I.s, the best in their field, will help Americans most in need: we will offer free investigative assistance to average people who do not have the awareness or ability to hire a private investigator. REVEILLE PRODUCTIONS was going to take on large and small cases.

REVEILLE PRODUCTIONS WAS NOT GOING TO RECREATE ANY CASES. In documentary style, we will follow our private investigators and watch their cases unfold in real time. We will tell the story through their eyes, words, and actions. For many years, America's P.I.s have been misrepresented in the media. "Private Investigators" sought to debunk the myths and show the reality of the day-to-day life of a private investigator on a case: the challenges, the intrigue, the intelligence-gathering, the persistence that is required, and on occasion, the frustration. In many cases, we hope, success; but sometimes there is failure, too. The result will be a first-hand look into the important role that private investigation plays in our society, there is talk that Reveille Productions is planning to recast this reality show, "Angels Style".  

L.A......ASHANTI singer, song writer, Broadway’s The Wiz star, reality TV personality? The former Irv Gotti Princess will soon be trying on a new pair of pumps as executive producer of her very own music-based competition TV show.” This news surfaced months after she left her long time label Irv Gotti’s The Inc. Records. Sources behind the hit TV shows Ugly Betty and It’s On with Alexa Chung have said that Ashanti has signed a development deal with Reveille LLC for her own reality show.

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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Sarasota Judge "Hang 'Em High Harry Rapkin" Simplifies Foreclosure Cases, Law Firm of David J. Stern Takes Another Hit.

SARASOTA HERLAD TRIBUNE, SARASOTA COUNTY - Criminal defense attorneys used to call Judge Harry Rapkin "Hang 'Em High Harry" for his tough prison sentences, and his latest crackdown in foreclosure court might have home lenders trying to come up with a similar nickname.

Rapkin unleashed a new order last week, aimed at attorneys for lenders who are still making the kind of simple errors that would be considered ridiculous in any courtroom. A lot is at stake; Rapkin sees hundreds of cases where the lender is minutes away from taking someone's property.  Rapkin's new order completely dismisses foreclosure cases when they do not follow the simplest of rules.   "Judge Rapkin is now finally saying I can't trust these guys anymore, so here's what I'm going to do," said Sarasota attorney Michael Belle.

The most direct message gets sent right to the lenders' pocketbooks. The order dismisses the foreclosure, meaning the lender must pay a filing fee up to $1,900 again if it wants to try to foreclose on the property again.

Now, problems with paperwork have led some lenders to halt foreclosures in up to 23 states, and the Florida Attorney General's Office is investigating possible fraudulent documents (LAW FIRM OF DAVID J. STERN) being used to retake homes, MORE FROM THIS SOURCE.......

DAVID J. STERN MOTTO....The arrogant David J. Stern, at one time was going to name his 130'  foot boat, ‘Su Casa es Mi Casa,’ Your House Is My House, but his wife at the time nixed that idea.

The Florida attorney general is investigating three law firms for allegedly providing fraudulent affidavits that identify who holds the original mortgage note in foreclosure cases. In Florida and in other states, this document allows lenders to bypass a costly trial and proceed with a foreclosure.
Sarasota Fl Private Investigator Bill Warner’s Ongoing Criminal Investigation Into the David J. Stern Law Office and DJSP Enterprises.  Since Jan. 2009 I have published 25 articles to my website and to the interent concering the apparant criminal activity of the David J. Stern Law Office in Plantation Fl  and their involvment in forcing illegal foreclosures;

Two of the three firms being investigated — the Law Office of Marshall C. Watson and the Law Offices of David J. Stern PA — have represented GMAC in foreclosure proceedings. And the person who signed many of these allegedly false affidavits was an employee of GMAC.

Saturday, September 04, 2010, NY Times: High-Speed Courts Try to Rush Through Foreclosures, David J. Stern Law Office vs Sarasota Private Investigator Bill Warner. Doctored or dubious records presented in court as proof of a bank’s ownership have become such a problem that Bill McCollum, the Florida attorney general, announced last month that his office was investigating the state’s three largest foreclosure law firms representing lenders. Florida law requires that banks argue their cases before a judge if they want to recover property from borrowers in default, and 471,000 such cases were pending in Florida at the end of July, according to the Florida State Courts administration.

But some question the thoroughness of Sterns firm’s work. Bill Warner, a private investigator in Sarasota, said the Stern firm filed a foreclosure suit against him on behalf of Deutsche Bank Financial Trust in January 2009. But the bank did not own the property and the suit erred by including in its claims a federal tax lien on another person with the same name but a different Social Security number, Mr. Warner said.

Mr. Warner’s mortgage was actually owned by Countrywide, which had sold it to Wells Fargo. “I fought them myself for a year and a half,” he recalls. “In the meantime, we did a loan modification with Wells Fargo but Mr. Stern’s firm pursued the foreclosure on the property anyway.”

Last May, Mr. Warner filed a motion to dismiss the case, alleging submission of a fraudulent document because Deutsche Bank was not owner of the note. He filed another motion questioning the credibility of the Stern firm and the lawyer on the case, he said. On June 14, Deutsche Bank withdrew the case.

Bill Warner Private Investigator, SEX, CRIME, CHEATERS & TERRORISM